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1 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Global leaders in sleep and respiratory medicine
What treatment does it provide?
• Type of therapy
CPAP and bilevel pressure support.
Therapy mode
2 – 25 cmH2O* **
2 – 25 cmH2O*
* 4 – 20 cmH2O in CPAP mode
** 4 – 25 cmH2O in German VPAP IV 26013
• Type of patients
– Respiratory Insufficiency and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
– Patients in the hospital and home
2 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Trusted VPAP performance now in Easy-Breath Technology platform
• Half the size, light and compact
• Whisper-quiet performance
• Faster rise time, enhanced new Vsync
• ResScan data card, Reminders, Review menu
3 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Compact, powerful and comfortable
– Popular S8 design
– Powerful: More than 140 L/min flow at 25 cmH2O
– Easy-Breath Technology
 Whisper-quiet
 High performance motor
– ResScan data card
– New Vsync algorithm
– Safer with supplemental oxygen
– Fine tuning with TiControl and 5 levels of
trigger and cycling sensitivities
4 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
S8 design - half the size
of VPAP III series
• From 2.3 kg to 1.3 kg
• Popular and compact S8 form – common look and feel
• Pressure range 2 – 25 cm H2O
• Better pneumatic performance (more flow, faster rise time)
5 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Compatible with leading ResMed masks
Nasal Masks
Mirage Micro™
Ultra Mirage™, Ultra Mirage™ II
Mirage Activa™
Mirage Vista™
Nasal Pillows
– Mirage Swift™, Mirage Swift™ II
Full Face Masks
– Mirage Liberty™
– Mirage Quattro™
– Ultra Mirage
6 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Using humidifiers
• The heated humidifier H4i™ attaches to
the front of the VPAP device.
• VPAP automatically detects the H4i,
and no menu changes are required.
• The H4i seamlessly integrates with the
VPAP for superior humidity
• 30% more humidification (compared with H3i)
• Choices of cleanable water chambers
(standard) and disposable (accessory) water chambers
7 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Adding oxygen
• Oxygen can be added at the
ResMed oxygen connector port
• Validated up to 15 L/min O2
• FiO2 will vary, depending on the
pressures, patient breathing
pattern, mask (exhaust vent flow)
and the leak
8 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Safer supplemental oxygen
• Safer therapy with oxygen up to
15 L/min
• Proprietary design (patent
pending) maximises oxygen
flow to the patient and
enhances safety by reducing
the chance of oxygen flowing
back to the device.
• VPAP IV and VPAP IV ST have
improved sealing air path.
9 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
AB filter and battery
• Antibacterial filters can be used
• Low impedance filters (e.g. less
than 2 cmH2O at 60 L/min) are
• Triggering and cycling may be
affected due to the increased
resistance in the air circuit
• The VPAP can be powered by
a battery using an inverter or
ResMed DC 24V converter
• DC 24V converter should not
be connected to the VPAP
when the it is connected to AC
power supply. This may
generate electrical interference
• If, by accident, AC and DC are
connected simultaneously,
VPAP runs from AC power and
automatically switches to DC
when AC power is lost
10 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
VPAP keypad and LCD
11 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Delivering therapy
• Without Smart Start/Stop
• With Smart Start/Stop*
1.Connect the power cord
(no power switch on the
1.Turn the power on (No
power switch on the
2.Fit the mask
2.Fit the mask
3.Press Start/Stop key
3.Breathe into the mask to
4.Remove the mask to stop
Selecting Full Face Mask and
Leak Alert automatically disables
the Smart Start/Stop (see Notes)
12 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Ramp and H4i Warm-up
• Ramp or Settling time allows
VPAP to slowly increase the
pressure over the selected time
• Warm-up feature allows the
water in the humidifier to warm
up prior to starting treatment
• When selected, Ramp or
Settling appears after the
Welcome screen
• When the H4i is attached and
the VPAP is powered, a display
of warm up will appear
13 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Mask-fitting feature
• The mask-fitting feature helps the patient adjust the mask to
effectively minimise leak
• While checking mask fit, VPAP delivers pressure similar to
therapy pressure (IPAP) for three minutes
Hold down for 3 seconds
14 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
The mask fit has a star rating up to five
stars. Achieving a rating of three stars is
Note: VPAP copes well with leak so please
DO NOT tighten the mask headgear
VPAP S & ST benefits for patient
• Enhanced comfort, compliance and convenience:
– Compact and convenient S8 form
– Easy-Breathe Technology:
 Whisper-quiet motor
 Fast rise time and quick response
Reminders (eg., to change mask, air filter)
Better adherence with ResScan data card
Comfort and effective humidification with H4i
Selection of simplified and advanced Patient menu
Synchronization with TiControl and 5 sensitivities
15 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
VPAP S & ST benefits for clinicians
– Data Card for simple efficacy data & settings transfer
– Patient reminders (e.g. change mask) to ensure long term
– Easy set-up by two layers of Clinical settings menus
– Treatment screens for real time therapy information
– SpO2 and HR on LCD by Reslink and oximeter
– High resolution Flow data on ResScan
– Adequate humidification by H4i
– Reliable Vsync technology
– Fine tuning by TiControl and 5 sensitivities
16 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Leak management - Vsync
Essential for successful NPPV therapy
Vsync monitors and compensates for leak by continuously and
automatically adjusting the baseline flow therapy maintaining reliable
triggering and cycling.
17 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Ti Control
Inspiratory time control (S and ST mode)
• Ti Control provides minimum
and maximum inspiratory time
• The minimum and maximum
time limits are set at either side
of the patient’s ideal
spontaneous inspiratory time,
providing a ‘window of
opportunity’ for the patient to
spontaneously cycle to EPAP.
18 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Wide Trigger sensitivity
Breath detection sensitivity to initiate IPAP is broadened from
3 to 5 levels. More fine tuning to suite individuals.
5 Trigger sensitivities
Very High
Very Low
Very High
Quick to trigger
4 L/min
6 L/min
Less sensitive
10 L/min
Very Low
Slow to trigger
15 L/min
(Design specification)
19 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Wide Cycle sensitivity
Breath detection sensitivity to cycle down to EPAP is broadened
from 3 to 5 levels. More effective cycling for restrictive lungs.
5 Cycle sensitivities
Very High
Very Low
50 % of
Very High
Quick to cycle
Less sensitive
Very Low
Slow to cycle
peak flow
(Design specification)
20 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Patient menu
simplified Standard menu or Advanced menu
Standard Menu
21 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Advanced Menu
Clinical menu
Settings and Advanced Settings
Therapy Set-Up
Fine-tuning Therapy
22 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
ResScan Data Card
Standard accessory for easy two-way data transfer
The ResScan Data Card enables to
(1)gain remote access to the data
stored in the VPAP device
(2)update therapy settings.
The S8 Data Card stores:
– Device settings
– 180 Summary Sessions of
patient’s data
– 2 Detailed Sessions of
patient’s data
23 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
Patient Reminder
• Recurring reminders allow the clinician to set reminders to
alert the patient to specific event at set time intervals.
• Reminders are;
– Replace mask
– Replace filter
– Service Due
– Call provider
– Insert Card
– Customized message (up to 16 characters)
• In 7-day increments for a recurrence period of 1 - 24
24 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
S8 ResLink
Optional detailed monitoring
VPAP on-board data storage:
– 5 detailed sessions
– 365 summary sessions
Increase data storage and get SpO2
with S8 ResLink:
– 30 detailed sessions
– 365 summary session
– High resolution (25Hz) Flow data
SpO2 and HR on VPAP LCD via
ResLink and oximetry
25 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
High res FLOW data
26 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed
New carry bag
More premium, professional look and feel
27 VPAP IV/ST June 08 © ResMed