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School of Education
Education Services Center
For students currently enrolled in the
Preliminary Add-On Credential Program:
This Presentation will provide
Information on how to apply for your
Preliminary Education Specialist Credential
Spring 2014
School of Education
Education Services Center
University Hall, Suite 221
(760) 750-4277
*Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
*Drop Box also located outside of our office area
Credential Packet
Please return credential application packet to:
California State University San Marcos
School of Education
Education Services Center
University Hall, Suite 221
San Marcos, CA 92096-0001
Credential Application Packet
Credential Evaluation Request Form – Application for Recommendation
Credential Evaluation Fee – Credential Evaluation Fee Payment Form
Credential Application Packet
All received Packets will be evaluated and granted an email
This update will advise you of any requirements needed before
recommendation of your credential.
Although you may turn in your packets at any time, sooner is
always better than later. Grades will OFFICIALLY post
during the first part of June. Recommendations will begin
after official grades are posted.
Credential Application Process
Electronic recommendations will begin when
grades are posted – mid-June, 2014.
Credential Application Process
Step 1
Complete and submit the application for
recommendation evaluation request, and the
recommendation fee to the Education Services
Credential Application Process
Step 2
Your file will be reviewed to make sure all requirements have been
After final grades are posted in mid-June, and we verify that you
have successfully completed all program requirements, an Analyst
will recommend you for a credential via the CTC website.
We anticipate the recommendation process will be complete by
mid-July for those students who have met all requirements and
submitted applications prior to June 1st.
All applications are processed on a date-order basis.
Credential Application Process
Step 3
CTC will email you a notification of recommendation for your
credential. This notification will provide a link that instructs you
to complete your credential application process. The initial email
may not list all authorizations for your credential. However, this
email will serve as verification of program completion and
credential application for a prospective employer.
You will also pay credential fees. Payment by MasterCard, VISA,
ATM debit/credit card, or a one-time credit card (available at most
grocery stores) is the only option for payment of the on-line
The credential fee is $72.50 or less depending on available credit
you may have on file with the CTC. If this is the case, you may be
directed to submit a different fee amount.
Credential Application Process
Step 4
Your Credential is issued by CTC on-line ONLY; a paper document is
no longer issued .
You may verify issuance of your credential at:
Click on the orange rectangle box that says “Online Services for
On the page that opens, click on the LARGE orange rectangle box that
The page that opens will ask for SSN and DoB. Follow “next”
prompts on following pages to see your credential information.
Helpful Hints
All correspondence from CTC will be via email. Please make
sure to use a current, regularly checked email address.
Past experience suggests that you should us a Hotmail, Yahoo,
or Gmail account for your correspondence with CTC. District
email addresses generally have many firewalls and emails
from CTC are often returned or sent directly to your junk
When completing your portion of the online recommendation
process for your credential, you may need to use a PC; Mac
users may experience system glitches.
Please Pay Me!
When your receive notification of final document receipt, be sure to
register your credential in your county of employment.
San Diego County:
Credentials Division
San Diego County Office of Educ
6401 Linda Vista Road, #404A
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 292-3581
San Diego Unified School District:
Personnel Administration
San Diego Unified School District
4100 Normal Street
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 293-8150
Riverside County:
Credentials & Certification Services
Riverside County Office of Educ
P. O. Box 868
Riverside, CA 92502-0868
(951) 788-6669
Orange County:
Credentials Division
Orange County Department of Educ
200 Kalmus Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92628-9050
(714) 966-4236
Important Dates And Information
These dates will be helpful when completing
resumes and job applications:
Credential Effective Date:
May 22nd, 2014
Credential Expiration Date:
June 1st, 201
Additional Requirements
for Obtaining
Preliminary Education Specialist Credential
Health Education
 CPR Certification: Infant, Child, & Adult – Current
 TB Clearance – Current
 Technology Course: EDST 630, EDUC 422, or
approved equivalent
Health Education - Options
CSU San Marcos – one of the following:
 EDUC 571 – 2 units (includes CPR)
 PE 203 – 3 units
 PE 201 – 4 units
 Mira Costa College
 Health Education 101 – 3 units
 Palomar College
 Health Education 100 – 3 units
 Mesa College
 Health Education 190 – 1 unit
 (on-line classes available)
Health Education
Additional Information
If you are in the process of completing the health requirement,
you will need to provide an official transcript with the course
and grade posted.
The best way to do this is to have an Official transcript mailed
to your home and Do Not Open the transcript upon receipt.
Either put the unopened envelope into a larger envelope and
mail it to our Education Services Center or hand-deliver the
sealed transcript to our Education Services Center for your
CPR – Options
Must Cover Infant, Child and Adult
Phone / Email
American Red Cross-Escondido
(760) 745-3221
Pomerado Hospital-Poway
(858) 485-4175
American Red Cross-Oceanside
(760) 757-5403
A-B-Cpr On-Line
CPR Today
(760) 434-7756
 (858) 693-3304
Grading Policies
Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) is given for student
teaching/clinical practice. The minimum acceptable
final grade for the course work in the professional
education sequence is C+ (2.3), but a B (3.0) average
must be maintained.
The ELA authorizes the educator to provide services in:
ELD – Instruction for English Language Development
SDAIE – Specially Designed Academic Instruction delivered
in English
Special Education Credential Authorizations
Mild/Moderate Disabilities (M/M) – Includes specific learning disabilities;
mild to moderate mental retardation; other health impairments; serious
emotional disturbance; and authorizes service in grades K-12 and in classes
organized primarily for adults through age 22.
Moderate/Severe Disabilities (M/S) – Includes autism; deaf-blindness;
moderate to severe mental retardation; multiple disabilities; serious
emotional disturbance; and authorizes service in grades K-12 and in classes
organized primarily for adults through age 22.
Autism Spectrum Disorders – Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) content
is included in the Preliminary Education Specialist Instruction Teaching
Credential programs for all specialty areas. The preliminary and clear
credential authorizes the holder to provide autism instructional services to
students within the specialty area(s) of their credential. The ASD
authorization appears as a separate authorization on the Education
Specialist Instruction Credential.
Clearing Your Credential
Clear Education Specialist Credential:
 Complete a Clear Credential program through a Commissionapproved Induction program. The Induction program must be
approved specifically for Special Education. Please consult
your employer’s Certification Specialist.
Commencement Ceremony
School of Education Credential students are invited to
participate in the Spring 2014 Commencement
You are not required to apply to graduate if you are
only receiving your credential. However, you will be
responsible for checking the website for graduation
Master of Arts in Education
(requires a separate application process)
The School of Education Masters Program allows for greater
student choice and subject/course availability by offering the
following Options for a breadth of study:
Special Education
 General Education
(Literacy Education Option
within General Education)
 Education Administration
Employment Information
CSUSM Career Center or (760)750-4893
CAEE – California Association for Employment in Education
For state-wide job openings see CTC and click on “Related Links” EDJOIN Teach California
Out of State Credentials
Transferring California Certification to Another State
Request a list of credential requirements and necessary application
forms from the State Department of Education in the state where
you wish to obtain certification.
Information for State Departments of Education are found at:
Click on: Related Links
Click on: Educational Organizations in Other States
The CSUSM Students Services Center processes the forms verifying
completion of a California Credential to another state.
The End
Spring Semester 2014