Invisible Children Headquarters, San Diego, CA
Dear Intern Applicants,
All of us want to make a difference, to count for something, to be a part of a movement larger
than ourselves. If you’ve downloaded this packet, I’m sure you are seeking a way to contribute to
a larger movement, and I am glad you are considering Invisible Children’s Internship Program as
the movement you want to contribute to.
These competitive internships are designed to be an incredible learning opportunity for those
interested in pursuing careers in various aspects of non-profit organizations. But this program is
truly unique because it is more than an internship - it is one of the most tangible ways to help end
Africa’s longest running war. By utilizing your specific skills and talents, you will be contributing to
a very real need within our organization. At the end of each day, you will know that you have done
something that mattered.
By being in the office, our interns become a vital part of the IC team. You will have the opportunity
to be trained by and work alongside staff members who are committed to helping you
professionally develop as you tackle real goals and offer insight and creativity to your position.
You will grow professionally in your specific role, but you will also get a glimpse of what it takes
to run current initiatives and develop new projects. You will learn about effective international
aid and development, political advocacy and lobbying, grass roots movements, and non-profit
Most of all, you will become a part of a unique family. Our interns leave here with a love for this
community. There is a saying around these walls that people “come for the cause and stay for the
community.” As you live and work with like-minded and dedicated individuals, you will find your
best friends, be stretched and challenged, and ultimately changed.
As you work through your application, I know you may have lots of questions. We have compiled
this document to give you answers and to try to describe this unique experience. During the
interview process, we will explain the position and our expectations in more depth, but if you still
have questions after reading through this packet, please do not hesitate to contact us.
On behalf of our staff, I can confidently say that we are so excited to meet our next class of
interns who will become a part of our family to help bring about peace in Central Africa.
Tiffany Keesey
HR/Recruiting Director
Invisible Children, Inc.
About Invisible Children’s
2012 Spring Intern Program
Internships are available during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. All interns will
be expected to work 40 hours a week and attend any additional trainings or events
that are required. Below are the general timelines for each season:
Fall: Internships begin early August and last through mid-December.
Spring: Internships start early January and last through the middle of May.
Summer: Internships start early June and last through late July.
Please Note: These are the dates for the majority of the internships; however, some
internships will vary. To find exact dates, please look at individual job descriptions online.
Housing / Transportation / Cost
All internships are unpaid, and we suggest that interns raise $1,500 for food and living
expenses for your time here. Invisible Children provides housing, as well as transportation to and
from work. We do recommend that interns have alternate modes of transportation for non-work
related activities. Please keep in mind that parking for personal vehicles is extremely limited near
the intern house. With that said, the house is conveniently located near a San Diego Trolley Stop
that gives access to Downtown (15 minutes away), as well as other parts of the city.
Your extended time here will allow you and your housemates to explore this amazing
city and discover its vibrant culture.
Internships Offered
We offer internships in several areas. Possible positions are listed below, but details, job
responsibilities and qualifications can be found at Note that these
positions may change depending on the needs of our individual departments. Please read through
the descriptions posted online, and apply for the one(s) you are most interested in.
Accounting & Development Internship (1 Opening)
Business Operations Internship (1 Opening)
Corporate Fundraising Internship (1 Opening)
Customer Service Internship (1 Opening)
Development Communications Internship (1 Opening)
Mission and Development Internship (1 Opening)
Film / Editing Internship (1-2 Openings)
Film / Motion Internship (1 Opening)
Graphic Design Internship (1-2 Openings)
Human Resources/ Recruiting Internship (1 Opening)
Original Content / Journalism Internship (1-2 Openings)
Book Drive Internship (1 Opening)
Legal Internship (1 Opening)
Media Marketing Internship (1-2 Openings)
Donor Relations Internship (1 Opening)
Office Management Internship (1 Opening)
Production Assistant Internship (1 Opening)
Recurring Donations Internship (1 Opening)
Shipping and Fulfillment Internship (1 Opening)
Wed Design & Analytics Internship (1 Opening)
Movement Internship (2-10 Openings)
Roadie Internship (See Roadie Packet)
Internship Credit &
Experience Gained
The Invisible Children Internship Program is an incredible opportunity to complement your
studies and gain invaluable work experience; and it may also count for internship credit at
your college or university. To obtain credit, first you will need to inquire with your academic
advisor, and then you will set up a time to go over the requirements and paperwork with our
Human Resources staff.
Because you gain such vast experience in this program, our internships can fit with a
wide range of requirements for different majors. Our interns are crucial to the success and
operations of Invisible Children. Because we have a small staff, our interns take on a lot of
responsibility. Skills gained during your time at Invisible Children will not only be a result of
the specific internship you complete, but will also come from the dynamic environment you
will be a part of.
In addition to the experience from your specific job, you will also gain experience in areas
such as: organizing, volunteer coordinating, database systems (specifically Salesforce),
sales, customer service, mentoring and cross-cultural communication. You will also develop
your communication, leadership, teamwork, and conflict resolution skills. You will learn all
about effective international aid and development, political advocacy and lobbying, grass
roots movements, and non-profit management. Additionally, as a part of this beautiful
community of like-minded people from diverse backgrounds, you will be personally
challenged and grow more than you thought possible.
Past Intern Testimonials
What our interns have said about their experience with IC
“Working at IC was very formative for me as a person and really made me question how I
was living out the values that are important to me. Because Invisible Children is so dynamic,
there are always conversations happening about the world, how we live, how our lifestyles
affect the world around us... Dialogue and creativity are the heartbeat of this place, and I can
honestly say that because of IC, I live differently now. Working here is kind of like a perspective-widener, and you honestly don’t realize you’re being so affected because you’re too busy
laughing. […] Working towards something that is not just about you alongside others who are
choosing to do the very same thing is powerful. Working at IC has fueled my passion and
inspired me to dream creatively and to take risks in ideas for the future.”
Rebekah Karrenbrock (Communications Intern, Summer 2010)
“Friendships that form between people dedicating their time, money and effort to a similar
cause creates an indescribable bond. As an intern in the spring of 2010, I lived with 14 of
the most amazing people I have ever met, and through this experience the relationships I
had with each of them shifted from friendship to family. Together we set out on adventures
throughout the city, planned weekend expeditions out of town, laughed too much, danced
too much, broke promises to get into shape, and in doing so learned what it truly means to
love those around you.”
Kelsey Corbin (Movement Intern, Spring 2010)
“Interning with IC has been hugely instrumental in helping me push forward my expectations
for my own future. I’ve learned that nothing should hinder you from pursuing the things in life
that will inspire you, give you true happiness, and allow you to help others. Specifically for
me, the decision to intern here the first time gave me the strength and will to make the hard
decision to postpone my education for a time to pursue what was in my best interests for my
career (in returning a second time), even though it was outside the social norms of “the right
move”. I look forward to the potential of working full time for a non-profit or a socially conscious for-profit organization someday doing graphic design and/or art direction. I don’t know
what the future holds, but I’m excited.”
Steve Witmer (Graphic Design Intern, Spring and Fall, 2010)
Internship Application Requirements
Before You Apply
To apply, you must have a high school degree and be at least 18 years of age. Additional
qualifications are listed with the position descriptions.
Application Deadlines
Exact application and internship dates and deadlines will be posted on our jobs page found below. It is a rolling application process, so those that apply early will be given priority in the hiring
process and will be notified of decisions early.
Application instructions
Please go to and follow the link to the job board to view position descriptions and qualifications. When you decide to apply, your application will automatically
save after submitting a resume. Following this step, you will then be asked to answer a series of
questions. If you are applying for more than one position, please enter your written answers each
time, because our system only saves the newest information you submit for that section. Once
you have opened the application, you will be asked to submit the following information:
1. A cover letter.
2. Your resume, including your education history and work/volunteer experience.
3. Names and contact information for three references.
4. Names and contact information for your three most recent employers.
5. Answers to the set of written questions (listed below).
6. Answers to the personality profile questions (listed below).
7. Roadie Positions Only – a short video (please see Roadie packet for instructions).
You must submit all items to be considered for employment. Several positions require sending in
samples of work, so please pay attention to additional application requirements listed
on each position’s description.
Written Application Questions
1. Describe yourself (including your strengths, weaknesses, talents, hobbies, etc).
2. How did you become familiar with Invisible Children, and what has your previous involvement
with Invisible Children been?
3. When did social justice become a priority for you?
4. Explain why you are applying for this position, and what makes you a good fit.
5. If you are accepted, what will your personal goals be during your time here?
Personality Profile Questions
1. Please list two or three of your favorite websites.
2. What is the last book that you read and enjoyed? And the last book you read and didn’t enjoy?
3. What is the most recent piece of literature/media/art/music that impacted you?
4. Please list several bands/artists that you are currently listening to.
5. Please list your top three favorite movies.
If you have questions or need assistance filling out the application, please contact us at [email protected]
Thank you again. We look forward to receiving your application!
Note: We will be viewing your networking pages or web pages in conjunction with your application.
If your profile is set to private, please accept our friend request.