Auditor Training - Codes

TQCSI Auditor Training
• MM 3.2 refers
• ISO 22003:2013 Annex C - Required FSMS
• WI 90 F Codes
• TQCSIF-43C (F Code Justification).
TQCSI Auditor Training
F Codes
• based on ISO 22003:2013, Annex A
• demonstrate competency within food chain
sectors (subcategories).
TQCSI Auditor Training
F Code Allocations
• auditor application on TQCSIF-43C
• F Code categories & subcategories have
changed significantly with ISO 22003:2013
(Overview WI 90 Appendix A)
• F Code = F prefix + sub-code
(eg processing of meat = F3A).
TQCSI Auditor Training
F Codes
• auditors mapped from previous F Codes to new
auditor applications likely to be needed in some
cases for current clients
• office reviewing clients F codes prior to audit
need auditors to verify at next upcoming audit
correct codes have been allocated.
TQCSI Auditor Training
F Codes
Requirements for F Code competence has
increased and TQCSIF-43C includes:
• employment or consultancy or auditing
• typical PRPs expected to apply
• identify major food safety hazards (physical,
chemical, biological) and control mechanisms.
TQCSI Auditor Training
F Codes
• typical allergens and controls
• any specific food safety labelling requirements
• reference to the legal requirements, codes &
TQCSI Auditor Training
TQCSIF-43C Information
• for relevant employment, consultancy or
auditing - record dates, name of companies,
product or service, types of duties, type of
consultancy, audit types.
TQCSI Auditor Training
F Codes Issues
• information relevant to employment,
consultancy, auditing not recorded
• insufficient detail to demonstrate competence
• information detailed not specific to the F Code
applied for
• applying for numerous F Codes using the same
• return of application to HO not timely.
TQCSI Auditor Training
F Codes
• information must provide confidence in
understanding of food chain subcategory
TQCSI Auditor Training
Thank you!
TQCSI Auditor Training