Volume 32 Fall 2004
a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization
Amy Milner’s Search for Marrow Donor Results in More Than
200 Pints of Blood; 300 New Marrow Donors
transplant. She is currently undergoing intense chemotherapy
and requires blood transfusions as part of her treatment.
Since no one in Amy’s family is a matching marrow
donor, the Milner family has supported a number of blood and
marrow drives throughout Southern California. As a result,
more than 200 pints of blood and more than 300 new potential
bone marrow donors have been added to the National Marrow
Donor Program’s registry.
Martin Milner (left) was joined by former “Adam 12” co-star
Kent McCord at several blood/bone marrow drives held in
the name of Martin’s daughter Amy and other leukemia
patients, who are searching for matching marrow donors as
the only hope for a cure.
Amy Milner, the daughter of actor Martin Milner of
“Adam 12” and “Route 66” fame, is battling acute leukemia
and doctors say her only chance for a cure is a bone marrow
“...if we don’t find a match for Amy,
the people who join the bone marrow registry
and donate blood could potentially save
someone else’s life…and that’s important.”
“Finding a matching bone marrow donor for our daughter
is my top priority,” said Milner, who has attended all of the
drives held on his daughter’s behalf. “But, even if we don’t
find a match for Amy, the people who join the bone marrow
registry and donate blood could potentially save someone
else’s life…and that’s important.”
San Diego Blood Bank Welcomes New Medical Director
David Oh, M.D., was named the San Diego Blood Bank’s
new Medical Director in late June. Previously, Ann Secord,
M.D., held this position but she decided to take a well-deserved
break from her medical career to spend more time with her family.
Dr. Oh brings a wealth of experience in transfusion
medicine. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, he is
board certified in Clinical Pathology with subspecialty
board certification in Transfusion Medicine/Blood Banking.
Dr. Oh received his M.D. at the University of Wisconsin
Medical School and completed his Anatomic and Clinical
Pathology residency at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation.
Prior to joining the San Diego Blood Bank, Dr. Oh was
the Associate Medical Director of Blood Services at the
American Red Cross Western Lake Erie Region in Toledo,
Ohio. In that role, he also served as Medical Director at
the Blood Bank for Flower Hospital and Assistant Medical
Director at the Blood Bank for The Toledo Hospital. He
was also the Program Manager for the National Marrow
Donor Program in Toledo, Ohio.
As the blood bank’s Medical
Director, Dr. Oh serves as the main
resource of information regarding
blood donation, processing and
transfusion medicine. He works
directly with local hospital physicians
to make sure their patients are
receiving the most effective blood
David Oh, M.D.,
products for their specific needs.
San Diego Blood
Dr. Oh is also available to field
Bank Medical Director
medical questions regarding donor
requirements and test results.
“I’m here to educate people about the importance of
blood donation and transfusion medicine and to make sure
the San Diego Blood Bank is providing the community with
the highest quality blood products available,” said Dr. Oh.
If you’d like to ask Dr. Oh a question, simply go to
www.sandiegobloodbank.org, click on the ‘Contact Us’
section and scroll down to Medical Director.
1-800-4MY-SDBB www.sandiegobloodbank.org 440 Upas Street, San Diego, CA 92103-4900
Time Warner Cable and Evans Tire Help San Diego Blood Bank
Avoid Critical Summer Blood Shortage
The San Diego Blood Bank is extending a special thank you to Time Warner Cable and Evans Tire for their generous
contributions during a severe summer blood shortage.
Throughout the month of July, Time Warner aired a Public Service Announcement that was specially produced to urge
San Diegans to donate blood. The :30 spot that featured Time Warner “Cable Guys” visiting the blood bank aired on various
Time Warner stations throughout the month of July. Evans Tire offered their support by awarding blood donors at all San
Diego Blood Bank donor centers a voucher for a free oil change.
The community’s blood supply often drops to dangerously low levels during the month of July when many people take
vacations. Thanks in large part to Time Warner Cable and Evans Tire, the blood bank was able to maintain a two-day blood
supply for most of July, collecting a total of 4,131 pints of blood at its five donor centers.
“The San Diego Blood Bank sincerely appreciates the support of Time Warner Cable and Evans Tire during this critical
time, “ said Ramona Walker, San Diego Blood Bank CEO. “We depend on media partners like Time Warner Cable and
businesses like Evans Tire to step up to the plate to help make sure blood is available for local hospital patients.”
Four Caring Companies Hold Series
of Blood Drives: Best Buy, Coffee Bean
& Tea Leaf, Einstein Bros. Bagels
and Pat & Oscar’s
What do a home electronics store, a coffee and tea cafe,
a bagel shop and a restaurant all have in common? If you
are describing Best Buy, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Einstein
Bros. Bagels and Pat & Oscar’s Restaurant, then the common
thread in all four is a sincere effort to give back to their
community through a series of successful blood drives.
Beginning in February, Pat & Oscar’s scheduled a
weeklong series of blood drives at 10 of their restaurants
resulting in 273 pints donated.
Also in February, Einstein Bros. Bagels showed their
lifesaving spirit by giving heart-shaped bagels to donors at
blood drives during Valentine’s week. Then, in March,
Einstein Bros. chose 10 of their locations for a one-week
series of blood drives resulting in 217 pints donated.
Next, Best Buy stepped up to schedule seven blood
drives during one week in June. A total of 211 donations
resulted from that effort.
Finally, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf took on the challenge
by scheduling two weeks worth of blood drives at seven
locations, culminating with their support of the Annual
NBC 7/39 Summer Blood Drive where Coffee Bean staff
served a free Ice Blended® beverage to the nearly 200
participants. The overall total for these delicious drives
was 297.
The San Diego Blood Bank salutes all of these caring
community partners for making a life-saving difference
for our hospital patients.
A Note From Milton’s Restaurant,
Proud Partner of the
San Diego Blood Bank
Barry Robbins and David Levy, owners of Milton’s
Restaurant as well as Milton’s Baking Company, are
longtime advocates of the San Diego Blood Bank. In fact,
their support of the blood bank began prior to Milton’s
when they owned and operated Chicago Brothers, a frozen
foods manufacturer. After selling the company, the San
Diego Blood Bank remained one of Barry and David’s
favorite charities.
Giving back to the community has always been a
priority for these two gentlemen. The blood bank is one
of many organizations that Milton’s has continued to
partner with over the years. Giving blood, the gift of life,
is such an amazing gesture from donors. Milton’s enjoys
recognizing that special gift by giving Milton’s Dollars
and/or loaves of bread to donors as a thank you.
Milton’s restaurant in Del Mar hosts a San Diego
Blood Bank bloodmobile quarterly and has done so for
the past eight years. Milton’s Baking Company has
participated in the Chargers Blood Drive for the past five
years, awarding donors a free loaf of bread and their
famous peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Milton’s
Restaurant also takes part in the Chargers Drive, providing
beautifully catered food to the V I P Room.
“We absolutely enjoy it; it is our favorite event,” said
Barry Robbins. “It’s such a wonderful feeling to see not
only us, but other companies at this annual event, giving
back to the community.”
“That’s what it should be about,” said David Levy.
“We are proud to have the opportunity to partner with
such an amazing organization.”
Sharp’s Blood Donations
Help More Than 2,000
East County Donor Center Expands Hours
In order to meet the ever-growing demand for blood in
San Diego, the East County Donor Center has expanded
its hours. The center is now open Monday through
Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm for whole blood and
apheresis donations. Previously, the center was closed
on Mondays. To make blood donation more convenient
for East County donors, the center is also open from
8 am to 4 pm on Friday and Saturday.
Local NASCAR Driver and Family
Helps Fund Bloodmobile
Mike Murphy, President and CEO of Sharp
HealthCare accepts a plaque recognizing
the continued success of Sharp Hospitals’
blood drives from San Diego Blood Bank
CEO Ramona Walker.
Sharp HealthCare, like other health-care providers,
needs blood and uses it daily to save and extend the lives
of San Diegans. But Sharp’s commitment and dedication
“...nearly 700 pints of blood
were donated by Sharp...”
to those it serves goes one step further. Not only does
Sharp use blood, it also helps collect it – by hosting quarterly
blood drives with the San Diego Blood Bank.
“In 2003, nearly 700 pints of blood were donated by
Sharp, a 70 percent higher participation rate over other
local health-care providers,” said Ramona Walker, San
Diego Blood Bank Chief Executive Officer.
To say thank you, the San Diego Blood Bank presented
Sharp HealthCare with a special plaque to recognize the
employees’ contribution in late June.
Many of Sharp’s drives take place during times
when the community’s blood supply is particularly low,
specifically the summer months and the holidays.
“Sharp’s employees are extraordinary in responding to
our blood drives and supporting our community,” said
Mike Murphy, president and CEO of Sharp HealthCare.
The blood bank hopes other health-care organizations
will follow Sharp’s example and start organizing and
promoting more blood drives at their locations.
For more information on hosting blood drives, please
call 1-800-4MY-SDBB, ext. 8237.
The San Diego Blood Bank plans to unveil a colorful
new NASCAR themed bloodmobile that will soon join
the San Diego Blood Bank’s fleet of lifesaving vehicles.
This new bloodmobile was funded through the efforts
of Toyota All-Star Showdown Champion and 1998
Winston West Rookie-of-the-Year Austin Cameron,
along with his family and friends. Austin was diagnosed
with non-H o d g k i n ’s lymphoblastic lymphoma in April
2003. Since then he’s been undergoing treatment and, this
year, was able to return to his winning ways on the track.
The new bloodmobile will travel throughout the county
helping to collect over 6,000 pints of blood each year for
our community. Austin will christen the bloodmobile on
NBC 7/39’s News in the Morning later this fall.
Following the christening, the first blood drive will be at
TC Construction, the Cameron family business, in East
County in early November.
“My family and I are proud to be able to give back to
the community that has supported my auto racing and my
battle with cancer,” said Austin Cameron. “The success
of the Ten Gallon Gala was a huge win … it funded the
NASCAR-themed bloodmobile and this year we want
to keep the momentum going with another win … the
racing-themed Life in the Fast Lane gala this winter.
Hope to see you all there.”
For more information on Life in the Fast Lane check
the Blood Bank’s Web site at www.sandiegobloodbank.org.
Top Blood Donors Honored at Gallon Club Event
Many of the Blood Bank’s top donors dusted off
their ten gallon hats and got into the spirit of the Wild
West at the Top Gallon Club Appreciation Party.
More than 600 people attended the western-themed
party Sunday, August 15, at the Blood Bank’s Upas
Street Donor Center in Hillcrest. The event honors
those donors who continue to donate on a regular basis
and have reached the impressive benchmark of 10
gallons or more…in some cases, much more!
Their names are featured on the Donor Wall of
Honor located in the canteen at the Upas Street donor
center. The wall includes the names of more than 2,000
donors, and represents just over 33,000 gallons of blood.
The person at the top of the list is donor Ronald
Fisher who has 98 gallons to his credit. He was awarded
the titles of Top Overall Male Super Donor and Top
Male Donor at the Upas Street Donor Center. Awards
were also given to the Top Whole Blood Donors as well
as the Top Donors at each of the blood bank’s donation
centers (see full list of recipients at bottom).
All of those who attended received a special thank
you from the family of Angelina Gomez, a two-year-old
girl who recently lost her battle with DiGeorge
Syndrome, a congenital heart disorder. More than
2,000 pints were donated in Angelina’s name. Her
parents, John Gomez and Ana Rodriguez, were given
a special award from the Blood Bank for raising
awareness about the need for blood donation.
In another touching tribute, the Volunteer of the
Top Overall Female Whole Blood Donor Barbara Fish (right)
received her award from Ramona Walker, San Diego Blood
Bank CEO, at the recent Top Gallon Blood Donor barbeque
held at the main location of the San Diego Blood Bank.
Year was awarded posthumously to Joe La Chuisa. He
volunteered at the Blood Bank for more than a decade
and was also a regular donor, giving almost 21 gallons.
Joe’s wife, Bette, accepted the honor on his behalf.
The Blood Bank would like to extend a special
thank you to NBC 7/39 Weather Anchor Whitney
Southwick who served as Master of Ceremonies.
Several local businesses also contributed to the
success of the event, including San Diego Catering
Concepts, Events Extravaganza and the Brigantine
Family of Restaurants which provided dinner gift
certificates for award recipients and the raffle.
Top Overall Male
Whole Blood Donor,
Romeo Marcon
Top Male Donor,
Upas Street Donor Center
Ronald Fisher
Top Male Donor,
North County Donor Center
Richard Hyde
Top Male Donor,
South Bay Donor Center
Miguel Rodriguez
Top Overall Female
Whole Blood Donor,
Barbara Fish
Top Female Donor,
Upas Street Donor Center
Lillian Sumpter
Top Female Donor,
North County Donor Center
Miracle Kelly
Top Male Donor,
Imperial Valley Donor Center
Eric Rice
Top Overall Male
Super Donor,
Ronald Fisher
Top Male Donor,
East County Donor Center
Raymond Wood
Top Male Donor,
North Coastal Donor Center
Ralph Vaughan
Top Female Donor,
Imperial Valley Donor Center
Trish Burich-McNeece
Top Overall
Female Super Donor,
Lillian Sumpter
Top Female Donor,
East County Donor Center
Sonya Provaznik
Top Female Donor,
North Coastal Conor Center
Francine Silver
Top Male Donor,
Orange County Blood Services
Robert Hutchinson
Top Female Donor,
Orange County Blood Services
Arlene Wofford
A Sister's Story...In Her Own Words
Bone marrow donor and phlebotomist Jeana Davis with
her brother Eric Cortinas one year after successfully
donating her bone marrow to him.
My name is Jeana Davis and I owe so much to the
San Diego Blood Bank. In 1994, I was notified that my
brother had leukemia. Doctors said his best chance at
survival was a bone marrow transplant and they wanted
me to be tested to see if I was a match.
Keep in mind, I lived in Nevada and my brother was
here in San Diego County. Still, the San Diego Blood
Bank and the blood bank in Nevada said it was not a
problem. My blood was drawn in Nevada and sent via air
to San Diego the evening of the testing to determine if
I could donate my bone marrow to my brother. The
service was completely free; I never paid a dime.
The results came back and I was the match they were
looking for. On February 15, 1994, I became a bone
marrow donor for my brother. I spent the next three
months at the City of Hope Center assisting my brother.
My interest grew each day as the technicians did various
blood tests on him. I became so intrigued that I began
an internship and became a licensed phlebotomist for the
state of Nevada.
In the meantime, my brother made a full recovery and
is now completely cured. This experience has made us
both realize the critical role blood banks around the
country play in patient's lives. My brother and I now
donate our time speaking to groups about the importance
of donating blood and bone marrow. We feel we shouldn't
wait until we need blood to get involved.
My brother is leading a healthy normal life as a
Produce Manager in North County and I continue in the
hospital setting as a Benefits Administrator at University
Community Medical Center in San Diego.
Indeed, lives are saved and lives are changed by
donating blood. We are living proof.
Grossmont Healthcare District Newest Year-Round Sponsor
Grossmont Healthcare District,
“We are thrilled to have been able
a long time supporter of the lifeto provide this contribution and know
saving programs
that it will be utilized to address some
of the San Diego
of the San Diego Blood Bank’s greatest
Blood Bank, has
needs throughout the comm u n i t y,”
agreed to become the third of four
said Deborah McElravy, R.PH, a
Year-Round Sponsors of the Blood
Grossmont Healthcare District Board
Bank. Their $37,000 gift will help
support programs and services as
“We are so grateful to Grossmont
well as the purchase of Donor
Healthcare District. The Year Round
Screening Systems (DDS) for the Grossmont Healthcare District Board President Robert P. Sponsorship Campaign provides four
San Diego and East County Donor Yarris (third from left) presents the check to San Diego
Blood Bank Foundation Executive Director Jackie Vella companies the opportunity to help
Centers. DDS provides a touch
strengthen the Blood Bank’s ability
(third from right). From left, Grossmont Healthcare
screen system that ensures
District Directors are: Jim Stieringer, Gloria Chadwick, to save lives, as well as participate in
completion of surveys, enhances Dr. Jack Hardebeck and Deborah McElravy, RPh. charting the future of our local blood
accuracy, and virtually eliminates (Photo by Bob Battenfield)
supply,” said Jackie Vella, Executive
costly variance analysis reporting.
Director of the San Diego Blood Bank Foundation.
In addition, the Year-Round Sponsorship will support
For more information on becoming a Year-Round
the Blood Bank’s Donor Centers’ blood collection
Sponsor of the San Diego Blood Bank, call
campaign for the month of October.
Jackie Vella at 619-400-8188.
NBC Hosts Blood Drive of
“Olympic Proportion”
During Critical Summer Shortage
NBC 7/39 News in the Morning Weather Anchor Whitney
Southwick proudly shows off his bandage after donating
blood at the NBC 7/39 Summer Blood Drive.
NBC 7/39, a longtime partner of the San Diego Blood
Bank, hosted its 16th station blood drive in July during a
critical summer shortage. Since NBC is San Diego’s
official Olympics station, the theme of this summer’s blood
drive was “Heroes of Olympic Proportion.”
Tonie Campbell, a 1988 Olympic medalist in the
hurdles, shared his Olympic experiences with donors
and future Olympic hopefuls from the Cameron Family
YMCA gymnastics team showed off their skills during
a live demonstration.
Donors were treated to hot, fresh Claudia’s Cinnamon
Rolls in the morning and City Pizzeria provided delicious
New York style pizza in the afternoon. Pepsi provided a
variety of refreshing sodas and the Double Tree Hotel in
Mission Valley donated their famous chocolate chip
cookies and some cold bottled water to wash them down.
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf capped off a week-long,
multi-location blood drive at the NBC 7/39 Summer Blood
Drive by providing donors hot coffee in the early morning
hours and refreshing Iced Blendeds in the afternoon.
Although it was a hot and steamy day on Horton
Square, more than 200 people took time out of their
busy summer schedules to visit the drive, garnering 144
pints of life saving blood.
Two-Year-Old Escondido Girl Who
Inspired Thousands of Blood
Donations Loses Battle With
Congenital Heart Disease
Inspiration comes in
many different forms, but
none is as moving as a
young child fighting for
her life. Angelina Gomez
was born with DiGeorge
Syndrome, a disease that
causes severe heart defects.
She spent most of her
young life in Children’s Two-year-old Angelina, pictured
Hospital undergoing
here with her father John Gomez
during her lengthy stay at
several risky operations.
Children’s Hospital, inspired more
During this time,
than 2,000 people to donate blood.
Angelina required
multiple blood transfusions and her parents, John and Ana,
became increasingly concerned that enough blood would
be available for their daughter.
“We kept hearing about this critical blood shortage on
the news,” said John Gomez. “All of a sudden it dawned
on us; Angelina might not get the blood she needs.”
In late November of last year, the Gomez family
generously offered to share their story in order to
encourage others to donate for patients like Angelina
whose lives depend on volunteer blood donors.
Hundreds responded to their plea.
Unfortunately, Angelina’s condition continued to
deteriorate. In early June, she underwent a 16-hour
heart surgery. Afterwards, she required the assistance
of a heart-lung machine and needed several pints of
blood every day.
As a result, her parents once again issued an urgent
plea for blood donors and more than 1,000 people
responded by donating at the San Diego Blood Bank.
But, by this time, Angelina’s tiny body had simply run
out of strength. She lost her long battle on June 21,
with her parents at her side.
"I am so thankful that so many people gave blood
on Angelina’s behalf,” said John Gomez. “She was a
strong little girl and she fought until the end. I hope
people will continue to give blood so other patients can
continue their fight.”
The Gomez family continues to support the San
Diego Blood Bank by sharing their story. They say
they want Angelina’s legacy to remind people how
important it is to donate blood.
Whether you make a financial contribution or literally give your life’s blood, you play an indispensable
role in the San Diego Blood Bank’s mission.
Thank you to the following contributors to the San Diego Blood Bank Foundation during the period of
July 2003 – June 2004. Your support allowed us to maintain and enhance our lifesaving programs and services.
$50,000 - $99,999.99
Cox Communications
San Diego County Credit Union
The San Diego Foundation – San
Diego Fire Relief Fund
Wells Fargo Bank
$25,000 - $49,999.99
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Olney M. Patterson
United Way Campaigns
$10,000 - $24,999.99
Callaway Golf Company Foundation
County of San Diego
Issa Family Foundation
Las Patronas
Metabolife Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Gaughan
Mr. Terry Cameron
Ms. Jessie Sodos
Pfizer La Jolla
Progress Construction
TC Construction Company, Inc.
Union Bank of California
$5,000 - $9,999.99
Astec Power
Body Beautiful Car Wash & Auto
D. A. V. Industries
Enterprise Car Sales
Granite Hills High School
Hitachi Home Electronics
Hunter Industries
John Stacy Lyons
Memorial Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. John Cameron
Mr. Dan Wimsatt
Mr. Ron W. Ferguson
Mr. Steven A. Lyman
Ms. Joyce Holley
Ms. Waneta F. Cameron
Naked Food-Juice
National Electric Works, Inc.
Nice Guys
Signs & Pinnick, Inc.
Tenet Healthcare Foundation
The Corky McMillin Companies
The Ralphs Food 4 Less Foundation
Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Group
Western Referral, Inc.
$2,500 - $4,999.99
Barney & Barney
Brookfield Homes San Diego, Inc.
Cubic Corporation
Imperial Capital Bank
Installation Technology
KTA Construction, Inc.
La Mesa RV
Mesa Park Land Company
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Rowsell
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Dini
Mr. and Mrs. John Arrieta
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Traylor
Mr. Jud Buechler
Mr. Mike Thweatt
NEAL Electric
NEAL Leasing Company, LLC
Patricia R. Noll
Penasquitos Lutheran Church
San Diego City Fire Fighters Local 145
Visual Media Group
$1,000 - $2,499.99
Associated General Contractors
of America
B&W Precast Construction, Inc.
Ben & Mildred Hunter
Endowment Fund
Beyster Family Foundation
BFG Rohr Employee's Will-Share
Busch Entertainment Corp.
California Bank & Trust
Casper Company
Cement Cutting, Inc.
Clairemont Equipment Rentals, Inc.
Connie Garrison
Cox Construction Co.
Dave & Buster's
Donald and Darlene Shiley
Dr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Howard S. Robin
Dr. and Mrs. Roy A. Kaplan
Ecology Auto Parts
First Republic Bank
Friends of the Poor III
Gen-Probe, Inc.
Genzyme Corporation
Hawthorne Machinery Co.
Hazard Construction Company
I. B. E. W. Local 569
Inland Federal Credit Union
Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
J & M Associates
J.R. Filanc Construction Co., Inc.
Jack in the Box Foundation
Merrily A. McLellan
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Marsch
Mr. and Mrs. David Karlman
Mr. and Mrs. David Norvell
Mr. and Mrs. David Wax
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Manchester
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Feuerstein
Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. George K. Tomlanovich
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Dort
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Starck
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Pynoos
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Erley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bowery
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Langley
Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Godshalk
Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Andersen
Mr. Anthony R. Carr
Mr. Donald D. Woolley and
Mrs. Kathryn Rudlin
Mr. James McLain
Mr. Michael A. Adam
Mr. Randi Hosking
Mr. Richard H. Hyde
Mr. Robert Goldsmith
Mr. Roi Ewell
Mr. Stephen Massman
Mr. Walter R. Panowitz
Mrs. Jeanne L. Frost
Ms. Ferne E. Cruse
Ms. Marcia K. Hall
Ms. Shirley M. Davis
Ms. Tracy B. Shaw
Ms. Tracy Lange
OliverMcMillan LLC
Pardee Homes
Puma North America
Ramona L. Walker
RCP Block & Brick, Inc.
Rock Electric, Inc.
San Diego Business Journal
San Diego City Schools
Santana High School
SBC Employee Giving
United Way Campaign
Scribe Communications
Solana Beach Chamber
of Commerce
Synergy Electric
The Alphonse A. Burnand Medical
& Education Fund
The Ruth Lane Charitable
The Sundt Foundation
Thomas A. Joas, M.D.
TriWest Healthcare Alliance
USA Federal Credit Union
UTE City Charitable Trust
Valley Independent Bank
WD-40 Company
Westland Insurance Brokers
$500 - $999.99
Advanced Boring & Microtunnelling
Albertsons #6741
Arrieta Construction, Inc.
Art D. Nielsen Painting, Inc.
Biosite Diagnostics, Inc.
Cabrillo Credit Union
Dr. Charles C. & Sue K. Edwards
Dr. Christopher Glazener
Dr. Gary J. Wilcox
Elaine Hanson, M.D.
Ficore Funding, Inc.
First Future Credit Union
John Howard
Johnson Barnes & Finch, Inc.
Kiwanis Club of Hidden Valley
Lakeside Land Company, Inc.
Members Loan Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Auggie Vidovich
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Dineen, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Rutter
Mr. and Mrs. David Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Stockham
Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Dunlap
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Lazard
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Nordstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Norm Pressley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Helmstetter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Chappelle
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Prast
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Brehm
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne K. Frater
Mr. Bill Cavanaugh
Mr. David Begent
Mr. David T. Dickson
Mr. James L. Lyons
Mr. John K. Wingfield
Mr. John L. Baird
Mr. Leonard Amato
Mr. Richard Ho
Mr. Russell L. Schnapp and
Mrs. Brigid Hom-Schnapp
Mr. Theodore D. Viola
Mr. Todd Jones
Mr. Vince Petrucci
Mr. Willmore Holbrow
Mrs. Ann Secord and Mr. Peter Linz
Ms. Anna Andrus Kelly
Ms. Barbara A. Lentz
Ms. Catherine W. Hyndman
Ms. Ilana Brown
Ms. Irene Shinsato
Ms. Jean Colarusso
Ms. Joan M. Musser
Ms. Kimberly Stewart
Ms. Kristina Scanlan
Ms. L L. Finegold
Ms. Lavon E. Brueckner
Ms. Martha A. Pattillo
Ms. Mary A. Crowley
Ms. Michelle Nguyen
Ms. Palmyra Ragio
Ms. Patricia McQuade
Ms. Shirlyn P. Daddario
North Island Financial Credit Union
Paul and Joyce Brooks
Rainbow Valley Grange No. 689
Reno Contracting, Inc.
Reynolds Communities
Rozendal Associates, Inc.
San Diego National Bank
The Stopper Group
Toyota Carlsbad/Lexus Carlsbad
Waddell & Reed
Western Trucking
8th Annual Padres Blood Drive
Breaks Record at New Downtown Location
The San Diego Padres are playing with renewed vigor now that
they’ve moved downtown to Petco Park. Their annual blood drive
this past June seemed revitalized as well, attracting nearly 400
participants to the Omni Hotel and collecting 344 pints of blood –
a new record for the Padres.
The Omni Hotel, which is connected by skybridge to the stadium,
graciously donated a large portion of its Grand Ballroom for the blood
drive. The Mighty 1090 AM joined the fun this year by broadcasting
live throughout the day. Afternoon host, John Fricke even donated a
pint himself. KPLN, the Planet, and XEMO, La Poderosa, were also
on hand to give away prizes to donors. Oggi’s provided delicious
pizza and the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Naked Juice and Vitamin
Padres pitchers Jake Peavy and Scott Linebrink
Water offered a variety of refreshing beverages.
signed autographs for John and Ana Gomez, the
Donors were thrilled with the amazing memorabilia the Padres
parents of two-year-old Angelina Gomez, the focus
away including Dave Winfield and Randy Jones bobblehead
patient for the 8th Annual Padres Blood Drive.
dolls. The real-life Randy Jones was even on the scene pulling
double duty with Mighty 1090 and signing autographs for the veteran Padres fans.
Current Padres pitching stars Jake Peavy, Scott Linebrink and Brian Lawrence also stopped by to
thank donors and sign autographs.
In the past eight years, the Padres have helped collect nearly 1,700 pints of blood for area hospital
patients…a true Grand Slam for our community!
Chargers Blood Drive XXVI Set
for Tuesday, November 23
Mark your calendar for the 26th Annual Chargers
Blood Drive presented by the San Diego County Credit
Union on Tuesday, November 23. This
larger-than-life blood drive is always
held from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Town
and Country Convention Center on
the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.
Charger players, the Charger Girls,
great refreshments, long-sleeve T-shirts
and continuous entertainment are all part of the annual
tradition. In addition, The Chargers Family Fashion Show
will be staged by Gretchen Productions early that evening.
Once again, former kicker Rolf Benirschke, whose
need for blood prompted the first Chargers Blood Drive
in 1979, will be on hand to greet donors and thank them
for giving the “Gift of Life.”
The following sponsors are also contributing to
this year’s Chargers Blood Drive; the Issa Family
Foundation, New York Life and PennySaver.
Thanks to the San Diego County Ford Dealers, one
participant at the event will also have the opportunity
to drive home in a Ford 2005 Mustang (see entry form
on page 5).
Internationally Acclaimed
Cartoonist Donates Proceeds
to San Diego Blood Bank
Sherman Goodrich, a professional cartoonist who lends
his skills to several Nikolodeon cartoons, is sharing the
proceeds from the sale of his personal artwork with the San
Diego Blood Bank.
In addition to developing animations for popular
cartoons like “Rugrats” and “Wild Thornberrys,” Goodrich
is also an abstract artist. His unique designs may be
purchased on the art gallery Web site, www.yessy.com.
Goodrich is generously donating half the proceeds from
each sale to the lifesaving programs and services of the San
Diego Blood Bank.
“I’ve supported the San Diego Blood Bank for years
and, as an artist, this is my way to give back to the
community,” said Goodrich.
Four years ago when hospitalized for kidney failure,
Goodrich learned the importance of volunteer blood
donation first hand.
“I’m really thankful that blood was available when I
needed it. This is my way of helping to make sure the blood
bank will be there for other patients when they’re in need.”
To view Sherman Goodrich’s artwork, please visit
Naked Juice 5K/10K Walk/Run
Reveals Philanthropic Side of San
The Third Annual Naked
Juice 5K/10K Walk/Run was
an incredible success for the
San Diego Blood Bank. This
year the community wide
fundraiser attracted more than
1,300 participants and raised
an impressive $120,000. Both figures doubled last year’s
numbers making it the blood bank’s most successful race to
date. All the proceeds will go to the life saving programs of
More than 1,300 walkers and runners crowded around the
starting line awaiting the bullhorn to kickoff the Naked
Juice 5K/10K Walk/Run on June 12.
the San Diego Blood Bank.
Naked Juice, a sponsor of last year’s event, stepped up
and assumed the role of Presenting Sponsor, offering not
only its unique name but also its delicious juices to all the
participants. Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill was the food
sponsor, providing a tasty lunch of their famous Street
Tacos to everyone who took part in the event.
Other sponsors included Union Bank of California,
The Ralphs/Food-4-Less Foundation, Hunter Industries,
ClearChannel Radio, NBC 7/39, Wells Fargo, Cox
Communications, PennySaver, San Diego Firefighters
Local 145, Imperial Capital Bank, La Mesa RV, Dave &
Buster’s, Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza, Pacific Rim
Pathology, IBEW Local 569, Goodrich/Rohr Employee
Will-Share Club, WD-40, Hitachi Home Electronics,
Ficore Funding, Archcad Group, Lexus Carlsbad and
Toyota Carlsbad, Waddell & Reed, The Brigantine Family
of Restaurants, Body Beautiful Car Wash and PUMA.
To view all the results and a photo scrapbook of the
Naked Juice 5K/10K Walk/Run, visit the San Diego Blood
Bank website at: www.sandiegobloodbank.org and search
Walk/Run Top Fundraiser Shares
Personal Motivation
Jeremy Glaser, a partner at
the Law Offices of Cooley
Godward, had a very personal
reason for entering the blood
bank’s Walk/Run for the past
two years.
His son Robert was
diagnosed with cancer in
April of 2003. He was only
11-years-old and about to
embark on a very challenging
year of grueling chemotherapy,
radiation and surgery. During
that time, Robert required
regular transfusions
of red blood cells.
Naked Juice Walk/Run
“For the first time in my
top fundraiser Jeremy
life, I realized how much we
Glaser poses with
take our blood supply for
son Robert who used
granted,” said Jeremy Glaser.
blood during a battle
“We simply assume the blood with cancer.
will be there when you need it.
But when the time comes, and it’s someone you love, you
start worrying about whether there’s going to be enough.”
“It really hit me,” said Glaser. “I needed to take
an active role in maintaining our community’s blood
supply. That’s why I entered last year’s San Diego
Blood Bank Walk/Run.
“We simply assume the blood will
be there when you need it. ...”
Glaser ran last year’s 5K race and decided to participate
in this year’s 10K run, taking an even more active role.
He began raising pledges from friends and family. He
set up his own Web site through Active.com and began
soliciting via email.
Glaser’s efforts paid off. He was this year’s top
fundraiser with $1,420. After the event, Glaser received
the news he’d been praying for. Robert was given a
clean bill of health. Doctors will continue to monitor him
for the next three years and if he stays in remission, his
chances for a complete and total recovery are excellent.
Congratulations and Thank You to the entire
Glaser Family!
Corporations Lend Year-Round
Community Support
San Diego Blood Bank Issues
Challenge to Local High Schools
The San Diego corporate community has supported the
San Diego Blood Bank for more than 52 years, helping the
Blood Bank fulfill its mission to save lives with
donated blood.
Through a new Year-Round Sponsorship
Program, corporations may now lend their
financial support to the San Diego Blood Bank all year
long in a variety of ways.
Every day of every year, emergencies take place.
Some we can anticipate: random accidents, surgeries
and chronic diseases. Others, are more unpredictable:
the massive fires in San Diego, the war
in Iraq and the events of September 11,
2001. These realities of life impacted
tens of thousands of San Diegans,
many of whom responded by donating blood.
Without the support of our financial donors, the San
Diego Blood Bank would not be able to accommodate the
large number of donors who open their hearts and roll up
their sleeves on the heels of a tragedy.
“I can’t overemphasize how important philanthropy has
become and our Year-Round Sponsors are taking the lead
in helping the Blood Bank provide blood to over 100,000
patients every year,” said San Diego
Blood Bank Foundation Executive
Director Jackie Vella. “Their major
financial contributions are literally saving lives. When
people see the Wells Fargo, Cox Communications and
Grossmont Healthcare Foundation logos proudly
displayed on our bloodmobile, they should know how
thankful we are that these corporations are paving the way
for other Year-Round partners.”
The San Diego Blood Bank is implementing a new
program to attract blood donors at area high schools
called the San Diego Blood Bank High School Challenge.
Participating high schools will hold blood drives
with the San Diego Blood Bank during the school year,
much like they do now. However, the stakes will be
raised as each high school is encouraged to compete
against the other for the number of blood donations
they collect over the year.
The schools will have the ability to track their
progress on-line at SanDiegoBloodBank.org. Students
will also be able to monitor other schools’ blood drive
activities to see how they’re measuring up. If two
schools find themselves “neck and neck,” they can issue
a special “SDBB Blood Drive Challenge” – provided
they both meet a prior success rate. Under the challenge,
both schools would receive double points for each pint of
blood that is collected at their next blood drive.
At the end of the year, winners in several categories
(including highest number of donations for the entire
year; greatest percentage increase in donations and the
highest percentage of first time donors) will be
announced on the Web site as well as in local newspapers,
on radio and television stations. A “traveling” award
will be presented to the winning school during an
assembly in the fall. The school gets to keep the award
for as many years as it wins the category.
Studies show that people who begin donating blood
at a young age are more likely to continue giving blood
throughout their adult lives. The goal of the San Diego
Blood Bank High School Challenge is to spark the
interest of those young donors with the hope of
maintaining that commitment for years to come.
If you’d like to host a blood drive at your
school, please call the San Diego Blood Bank at
1-800-4MY-SDBB, ext. 8147.
The Donor newsletter is published by the
Community Relations Department for donors and
friends of the San Diego Blood Bank.
Lynn Stedd, Community Relations Director
Mary Walter Brown, Public Affairs Manager
Therese Mitchell, Graphic Designer
SDBB E-Mail: [email protected]
Duplicate Newsletter Hotline Call 1-800-4MY-SDBB
Call Toll Free Today!
(800) 4MY-SDBB ext. 8176
AMCC Holds Record Breaking Blood Drive and
Challenges Other Businesses To Do The Same
A record blood drive
of Human Resources and
was held in July by locallyCommunity Relations. “Here
founded computer company
at AMCC, Shirley contributed
AMCC, which provides
to the success of this drive by
transportation, switching,
personally speaking with
routing and storage of
the majority of employees
information worldwide. For
at AMCC San Diego to
the first time at AMCC, 35%
encourage them to give the
of the employees signed up to
‘Gift of Life.” In addition,
give the “Gift of Life” at the
Shirley also reached out to
biannual event. The drive,
other companies in the
held during a time when the
blood supply is critically low,
AMCC’s commitment to
was organized by Shirley
improving the quality of life
AMCC employees Candace Kilburn and Shirley Kraft
Kraft and Candace Kilburn.
in our community resulted in
strategically placed signs to promote their record breaking
“A 35% participation level
a company record of 73 pints
blood drive in July.
is exceptional and a very rare
of blood donated – potentially
occurrence when only 5% of the community donates
saving 210 lives in our community.
blood,” said Lynn Stedd, Community Relations Director of
For more information about AMCC, please visit
the San Diego Blood Bank. “We salute AMCC for their
their website at www.amcc.com.
most successful blood drive ever.”
Any company or organization that is willing to
“AMCC challenges other businesses to make the
sponsor a blood drive should contact the San Diego
commitment to hold regular successful blood drives,”
Blood Bank at 1-800-4MY-SDBB.
said Candace Kilburn, who is Senior Vice President
Time Warner, Karl Strauss Brewing
and KOGO’s Roger Hedgecock Set New
Record for St. Pat’s Day Blood Drive
The luck of the Irish was with Time Warner Cable as it
sponsored its Second Annual St. Patrick’s Day Blood
Drive last March 17, along with NewsRadio 600 KOGO’s
Roger Hedgecock and Karl Strauss Brewing Co.
A new St. Patrick’s Day record of 189 pints of blood
were donated at three Karl Strauss locations, Downtown,
La Jolla and Sorrento Mesa, and Time Warner’s
headquarters in Miramar.
A live broadcast of the Roger Hedgecock Show took
place at the Karl Strauss location in Sorrento Mesa, where
donors joined the audience before and after giving blood.
Time Warner thanked donors with a coupon for a free
iCONTROL movie and a chance to win a year of free
Roger Hedgecock, center, posed in his green St. Patrick’s Day
hat, with aplastic anemia patient Angie Freeman (left) and her
husband Gus after Angie shared her need for regular blood
transfusions on NewsRadio 600 KOGO’s Roger Hedgecock
Show during the second annual Time Warner St. Patrick’s
Day blood drive at Karl Strauss Brewing Company in Sorrento
In Memory Of Eileen Goldman,
Founder Of Fallbrook Community Blood Drive Program
The San Diego Blood Bank bid farewell to long-time
blood drive organizer Eileen Goldman in February. Eileen
established the Fallbrook Community Blood Drives in the
late 1970s and quickly built them into the most successful
community blood drives in the county.
She also worked tirelessly to motivate high school
students to become blood donors and was instrumental
in the establishment of the Fallbrook High School
blood drives.
“Delightful, fun and dedicated, are the best words
to describe Eileen,” said Lynn Stedd, San Diego Blood
Bank Community Relations Director. “She will be
missed as much for her passion to make a difference
in her community as for her unique charm.”
M a k e y o u r n e x t a p p o i n t m e n t o n l i n e : w w w. s a n d i e g o b l o o d b a n k . o r g
440 Upas Street
San Diego, California 92103-4900