H13332 EMC Transitional Residency for VMAX Cloud Edition

Accelerating the return on your VMAX investment
With EMC Transitional Residency
for VMAX CE, you can:
Accelerate adoption of, and ROI
from, EMC VMAX CE technology
Benefit from knowledge
transfer as you fill staff, skill,
and experience gaps
As new technologies continue to be introduced, IT staffs are challenged as the influx
of new products and platforms can make it difficult to keep their skills up to date. To
compound this, IT departments are not only asked to integrate these new platforms
into the infrastructure, but also ensure that the business can achieve an accelerated
return on investment from the advanced features of the new technology.
Bringing in new technologies can help, but it is difficult for current IT staffs to take on
new implementations and learn new technologies while still meeting all their day-today operational responsibilities and providing the required level of service to their
business users. Furthermore, there are skill gaps that can occur when new technology
is introduced. Such skillfalls may be short-term (while your own staff gets trained on
Ease integration of advanced
the new technology)—or they may be longer, if your staff never learns to take full
VMAX CE technology into your
advantage of all the new features available. In either case, this problem will prove to
evolving data center
be costly if not addressed.
EMC® Transitional Residency for VMAX® Cloud Edition (CE) can help you mitigate
these issues. We have transitional residents to help you through the introduction of
new technology who can manage day-to-day operations in your VMAX environment.
The experts we put in place will help you realize the benefits of the technology more
quickly, implement operational best practices, and transfer knowledge to your own IT
staff in the process.
EMC Transitional Residency for VMAX CE is available as a 30- or 90-day transitional
residency or as a custom residency engagement. This service provides an EMC Senior
Delivery Specialist resident on-site to the customer to answer post-implementation
questions, demonstrate the use of VMAX CE to the customer’s personnel, and ensure
that the solution and its value are properly integrated with the customer’s storage
EMC’s trained and experienced personnel provide the customer with ongoing process
recommendations and apply best practices for the customer’s environment, as defined
by EMC standards. Leveraging technology-specific knowledge and experience, the
resident provides day-to-day support for VMAX CE as well as:
Meets with the customer to verify specific hardware, software and process
transitions that are to be addressed during 30-day transition
Conducts a basic overview to familiarize the customer with the value of the EMC
Transitional Residency for VMAX CE
Plans and estimates the schedule for the VMAX CE transitional tasks for the
Manages the day-to-day transitional management and administration of the VMAX
CE environment for 30 days
Performs necessary VMAX CE support in accordance with EMC best practices
EMC Transitional Residency for VMAX CE provides focused expertise to help you more
quickly and efficiently introduce VMAX technology into your data center. Our residency
professionals deploy their knowledge and specialized skills against your specific
requirements, leveraging EMC’s best practices and the extensive VMAX expertise
needed to realize full value from the investment you have made. With EMC
Transitional Residency for VMAX CE, you’ll be able to:
Accelerate adoption of VMAX technology in your production environment
Migrate data seamlessly to the new VMAX infrastructure
Get the expert help you need to realize immediate value from your VMAX CE
technology investment
Leverage platform-specific VMAX expertise that your current staff lacks
Gain knowledge of VMAX best practices to optimize operations and improve
service levels
Enable your own staff to take on other projects while your resident proactively
manages your VMAX environment
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EMC technology investments—with an unending commitment to an exceptional total
customer experience through service excellence.
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