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Class of 1993
“Off to university”
9th Feb 2013
Alumni &
Class of 2008
invite to
President’s 2
“Off to
News From 3
the School
& Deaths
Welcome to the Autumn
Term ASA Newsletter. I do
hope you enjoyed reading
the recently published
School Magazine, and that
this Newsletter gives you
more news from our members and of forthcoming
events. The ASA Committee meets with Marcus and
Fiona from the Alumni and
Development Office at least
once a term and are in regular contact by phone and
email, but we still rely on all
our Members to keep us up
to date with news, change
of address and email details, so please do keep in
contact via development
The website is updated
weekly by Fiona so please
have a look as there will be
additional information on
there which is not published in the Newsletters or
The School Magazine.
The AGM next year has
been moved to the 9th February due to half term, and I
hope as many of you as
possible will attend. This is
your opportunity to meet
the Committee, and see the
School. Please don't avoid
the AGM just because you
think you will be roped into
Committee work! However
new Committee members
are always welcome. Do get
in touch with me if you
would like further information on what we do!
With best wishes for a very
happy Christmas and a
peaceful New Year.
Sarah Dean
Alumni News
Bomber Command memorial
Val Arends (née Davies,
class of 1954) was fortunate enough to be invited
to the Bomber Command
Dedication in
J u n e o f t h is y e a r .
Her father, Flt. Lt. Richard
Davies, was killed when his
Lancaster bomber crashed
after returning from a raid
over Berlin in September
1943. The RAF Benevolent
Fund paid for her school
fees for Ashford as her
mother was a war widow
with 2 tiny children.
Val’s eldest son Andrew
accompanied her to the
ceremony. Eight Royals
attended, including the
Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. Val was delighted
that The Earl of Wessex
(Prince Edward) came and
spoke to her. “The ceremony was very moving, particularly when the Lancaster
flew overhead dropping
Lunch at Quaglino’s
Among the diners in a private room at Quaglino's
were six girls (class of
1977) who celebrated 35
years since leaving Ashford
School. Tricia Timbers (who
kindly got the group together) was joined by Lyn Otun,
Diana Webb, Jenny Smith,
Barbara Kenney, and Anne
Bond. Also present were
Carolyn Chamberlain (ASA
President), Jo-an Baxter,
Sue Coldrey, Rae Sasson,
Alison Stowers and Gill Williams. The same room is
booked for next year
(Saturday 9th November
2013) so please reserve
your place as soon as possible. New “lunchers” welcome! Email:
[email protected]
New ASA President’s letter
I cannot believe I am now
the President of the Ashford School Association!
Everything comes to
those who wait. It only
seems a trice ago that I
was knitting doubledusters in the junior
com having accumulated a record-breaking 23
stripes in one term!! Nor
does it seem that long
ago that Mary Reader
met me in the Chequers
in Loose, soon after our
moving there from Sussex, and, after no time at
all, gleefully saw me as a
possible replacement for
her as Hon Secretary!
This eventually took place
when Mary's last daughter, Vicky, left Ashford and
my own daughter, Alexandra, joined the Junior School - then
located in my old
house, Nightingale.
I am still following in
and would like to
take this opportunity
to thank her very
much for all she has
done for us over the
past 35 years as
Hon. Secretary, Chairman
and, more recently, President. You will have seen
her photos in the latest
Lunchers outside
Opening of the
Simpson Gallery
School magazine under
the Alumni section, opening the Simpson Art Gallery, named in her honour.
This is the first year for
many that I am not having
to snug up with Howard
the printer for two or
three days in November
to produce your magazine. We are once again
an integral part of the
School magazine that
now goes out in September. Next year I will get all
relevant copy to the Editor by June, so if you
would like to make a contribution please get in
touch with me in the
Spring. I apologise for the
lack of the usual ASA information this year. We
are trying to make up for
this in the current Newsletter.
I would also like to thank
here our archivist, Sandra
Noel, who found some
gems to put in the Alumni
section. Please send her
anything you feel should
not be lost to memory.
She can be contacted at
[email protected] She will give you
information of where to
send things.
And last but not least, as
Editor for so many years, I
would like to say how
splendid I found the
School magazine this
year. I know first-hand
how much effort went into
producing it, and I congratulate Liz Leonard, the
unsung hero of the production team, (I couldn't
find any mention of her
name in the magazine!).
If I were a parent looking
for a good school for my
child, I think this magazine could help me decide.... It does a splendid
job of illustrating Ashford
School's positive approach to education as a
I hope all of you reading
this will have an excellent
Christmas, and we hope
to see as many of you as
possible at School next
year on 9th February.
Carolyn Chamberlain
“Off to University” Breakfast 2012
Class of
Bacon buns in the Atrium
A good number of the
class of 2012 returned
to school for the annual
“Off to University” breakfast. They gathered in the
Atrium for bacon buns,
tea and coffee and plenty
of chatter. The event is
going to be renamed the
“Back to University”
breakfast, so that it is
open to all ASA members
who are currently studying at university or college. Many of the ASA
members who came to
this year’s event promised to come back next
year, so it will get bigger
and better each year!
Photographs by Ashford School
The ASA AGM, Saturday 9th
February 2013, 10.00am1.00pm, Ashford School.
Please come along if you can.
Decisions about the Association cannot be made by themselves and it is important that
the committee reflects the
wishes and suggestions of
the members. Please contact
the Alumni & Development
office ([email protected] if you are
thinking of coming (we need
to know lunch-numbers, apart
from anything else).
Class of 1993 20th anniversary Reunion, summer 2013.
The date of the event has not
been confirmed yet, but the
reunion is for the class of
1993. If you were in the Upper Sixth in the summer of
1993 or are a contemporary
who left at the end of year
11 (5th Form) in the summer
of 1991 we would love to
hear from you!
Please email: development
Class of 2008 5th anniversary.
If you were a member of
the Upper Sixth who left in
2008 you may remember
that the head of Sixth, Miss
Semple, gave you all a
piece of a jigsaw of Ashford
School. You are all warmly
invited to return on Founders’
Day to meet fellow alumni and
current staff and pupils.
Please email the A&D office if
you intend to come. (Bringing
your jigsaw piece is purely optional!)
News from the school
Caroline Welling (Class of
2011) talk
Caroline Welling, Former
School Captain, returned to
school to tell students about
her experience of working on
the Obama campaign during
her gap year in the US. Caroline did many other things on
her gap year including campaigning for human rights and
even working on a food truck.
She is now starting a Law
course at Bristol University.
A celebration of the Piano
On the 27th of September
pianists from both Ashford
Senior and Ashford Friars Prep School celebrated the gift of a
splendid new grand
piano with a concert of
sparkling piano music.
This included a celebrity
performance by upcoming recital pianist, and
Ashford School alumna, Jane Wisely
Jane Wisely.
Births, Marriages & Deaths
Caroline Riddel
We are very sad
to announce the
death of Mrs
Caroline Riddel,
much loved and admired English teacher for over twenty
years. She was a wonderful
inspiration to her pupils with
her enthusiasm for her subject, her wide knowledge and
her dramatic personality,
qualities she combined with a
real concern for their welfare.
Two of the many tributes
posted on the Ashford School
Facebook page seem to sum
up what we all felt about her:
‘I have lovely memories of
being taught Shakespeare by
her in summer 1999, in the
garden of her pink house,
surrounded by pink geraniums, while she was invariably
wearing pink. What a wonderful inspirational teacher!’
‘Mrs Riddel will be remembered for her ability to inspire,
her sharp wit and her scholarly talent. They don’t make
teachers like her anymore.’
A memorial service was held
in September attended by
large numbers of family,
friends and former students.
More about this and the ad-
dresses given in tribute to Mrs
Riddel can be found on the
Alumni link to the school website.
Gordon Reynolds. We were
saddened to hear that Gordon
passed away at home this summer. Gordon, who was head of
Art, joined the school in 1990
and retired in 2008. He was an
accomplished artist himself as
well as an inspirational teacher
who built up the department
into the very successful faculty
that it is today. The exam results were always first class
and the end of year exhibition
Caroline Riddel
of work was always one of the
highlights of Founders’ Day. He
introduced many new ideas to the
department including life drawing
and painting trips abroad. As well
as teaching he also helped with
marketing, attending many events
and designing eye-catching advertisements to showcase Ashford
School in the press. The ASA (then
the OGA) had good reason to be
very grateful to Gordon as he secured an on-site office for us in
Refuge when he was head of the
Art Department situated at that
time in Refuge. This is something
we had been wanting for a long
time and it made everything much
easier for us at the time. Gordon
was a dedicated and enthusiastic
Art teacher. We all send our condolences to his family.
We were also saddened to hear of
the passing away of two other former Ashford pupils, Jane Verity
Neilson, née Shephard, a 1950’s
leaver and Julia Tibber, née
Bunge, class of 1972. Our condo-
Alumni & Development Office
Ashford School
East Hill
TN24 8PB
Phone: +44 (0)1233 625171 x 388
E-mail: [email protected]
And Finally …...More Reunions !!!
Ladies from the
class of
1954 meet for lunch
Hilary Haxworth (Cranmer), Val
Davies, Celia Perham and Bettina (Boo) Dicks, all Nightingale
1954 met up at Val's home in
London earlier this month. They
had a wonderful time catching
up with each other’s news.
Dinner in Bristol.
In October Miss Semple (head
of Sixth Form) met up with 3
ASA members who are all studying in Bristol.
More university events are being planned around the country. If you want to be involved,
or, maybe organise your own
local event, please get in touch.
We will be able to help you
identify fellow Alumni who are
studying at a university in your
Editor’s note:
Please let us know if your contact details change so we can
keep our records up-to-date. If
you do meet up with fellow ASA
members, we would love to
have a photo!
L-R Hilary, Val, Celia & Bettina (Boo)
Suggestions for the Newsletter?
News for us? Any questions?
[email protected]
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