Supporting You to Help Others Grant 2015 Guidance notes

Supporting You to Help Others Grant 2015
Guidance notes
Aim of the grants programme
The aim of the Supporting You to Help Others Grant Programme is to provide
people affected by cancer with opportunities to use their experiences to support
others, while also receiving support themselves. We especially welcome applications that
contribute to achieving Macmillan’s Inclusion vision of a health and social care system where
equal access to, and delivery of the best cancer services are available to everyone living with
and beyond cancer.
Last year we helped to fund 50 new self help and support groups across the UK, as well as
awarded grants to over 150 organisations and groups to develop their activities and extend
their reach.
Who can apply
Grants are awarded to projects and activities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern
Ireland. We welcome applications from:
Individuals or groups of people affected by cancer
Organisations and professionals working in partnership with people affected by
The type of grants we offer
Start up funds
to support the start up of a new self help and support project for people affected by cancer.
Development funds
to support the ongoing activities and development of self help and support projects for
people affected by cancer
User Involvement Grants
to encourage the involvement of people affected by cancer in the design and improvement
of cancer services
Individual Development Grants
to enable people affected by cancer to develop their skills and use their cancer experience to
help support others affected by cancer
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What we fund
Below are some examples of the type of projects we would consider for funding. This list is
by no means exhaustive as we want to encourage projects to be creative and to meet local
Start up funding for a new self help and support group, to cover costs such as room
hire, refreshments, equipment, and other general running costs.
IT equipment and computer/website software to fund a project to develop and
extend its reach through publicity
An annual social activity or event for an established group of regular support group
attendees (with or without transport)
An activity based support programme for an established group formed around a
shared interest or hobby, e.g. art, gardening or a sport
Events that aim to engage members of the community that are hard to reach
Conference attendance and overnight accommodation (up to 2 people per
application) to increase awareness, understanding and skills relating to self help and
Production of a monthly newsletter for members who cannot travel to face to face
A meeting between local health professionals and people affected by cancer, to raise
awareness of their particular needs and barriers to accessing support
We appreciate that costs for some goods and services may vary in different parts of the
country so we will consider each application on its own merit. However we reserve the right
to refuse to fund items or services that we consider to be excessively priced. Wherever
possible, we ask that you demonstrate good value for money and that you try to secure the
best price/discount for any goods or services listed in your application.
What we will not fund
Any costs for activities already undertaken (retrospective funding)
Any applications without a clear breakdown of costs
Any honoraria (payment/gift made to a person for their services in a volunteer
capacity or for services for which fees are not traditionally required)
Activities that are focused solely on fundraising
Any activity proposed outside the UK
Repeat funding for a project or activity from the same organisation or group
Running and maintenance costs, e.g. rent, utilities, insurance
Furniture, fixtures and fittings
Repairs to buildings
General entertainment or holidays
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Salaries for permanent or full time, fixed term posts
Activities that the Government has a legal obligation to provide e.g. patient and carer
involvement by health or social care professionals to monitor the quality of the
services they provide
Events or activities which are intended only to raise awareness of the signs of cancer
How much you can apply for
A maximum of £500 for projects that have been running for less than 12 months
A maximum of £3000 for projects that have been in existence for more than 12
Individual development - The actual cost of the activity (or the requested level of
contribution to it), plus associated costs such as travel, accommodation, for a
maximum of two people per group (if applicable).
The application process
You must contact your local Macmillan Involvement Co-ordinator to discuss your
application. Ideally, your MIC should sign your form to confirm that they have
seen it, however we appreciate that this is not always practical. However at a
minimum you should confirm that your application has been discussed/signed off
by your local MIC in Section Five of your application. Applications that have not
been discussed/signed off by your MIC will not be accepted.
There are four funding rounds in 2015, and you may only submit one application
per calendar year (unless unsuccessful, and therefore re-submissions are
The dates for 2015 are set out below. Signed and completed forms should be sent to the
address at the back of the application by the deadline date. Unfortunately due to the
number of applications received, we are unable to accept forms after the deadline.
Application deadline
Grant panel meeting
Decision issued
Round One
13th March 2015
28th April 2015
1st May 2015
Round Two
15th May 2015
30th June 2015
3rd July 2015
Round Three
24th July 2015
22nd September 2015
25th September 2015
Round Four
16th October 2015
1st December 2015
4th December 2015
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Applications are assessed by a small Grants Panel consisting of Macmillan Head
Office Staff, Regional Staff and independent people who have been affected by
Once a decision has been reached, you will be informed in writing. Letters will be
sent out by post (refer to dates above).
Grant conditions
These grant conditions, together with the grant award letter, set out the terms on which the
grant is awarded to the applicant by Macmillan Cancer Support. Please note that having
considered your application, we reserve the right to add further conditions which are specific
to your funded project.
Your grant must not be used for any purpose other than that stated on your
application form, unless subsequently agreed in writing with Macmillan Cancer
In order to receive a grant you must have a bank or building society account in the
name of your organisation or group. The account must require that at least two
authorised people to sign each cheque or withdrawal. Alternatively if this is not
possible you may appoint a host organisation to hold the funds on your behalf.
Grants will be paid by BACS within 28 working days of your grant award letter
(providing no information is outstanding). If we have not paid you before, you will
need to provide evidence of your bank account with the application, e.g. bank
statement, letter from bank.
Grants must be spent within 12 months of the date received and applicants must (by
request only) be able to provide a detailed list of expenditures or receipts at the end
of the grant period. Records must be kept for a period of 3 years after the grant has
been awarded. Any underspend must be returned to Macmillan Cancer Support.
The grant can only be used to fund a UK-based project or activity.
If your organisation or group uses the grant to fund a project or activity that involves
(or might reasonably involve) children, young people or vulnerable adults, you must
ensure that proper safeguards are in place to protect their welfare.
Your organisation or group is responsible for assessing the risks associated with each
funded project or activity and ensuring that all activities are appropriate for your
intended participants.
Your organisation or group is responsible for ensuring that effective health and safety
procedures are in place to safeguard your participants.
Your organisation or group is responsible for ensuring that public liability and
personal accident insurance cover is in place to mitigate the impact of claims arising
from your funded project or activity.
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You will need to complete basic monitoring information for the duration of the
project followed by an End of Year Report which will be provided to you by
Macmillan Cancer Support if you are awarded funding. This is to help us gain a
better insight about the people who have been involved and benefitted from your
Where possible, applicants should acknowledge the grant from Macmillan through its
publicity and advertising materials. Further information can be found at
Applications that meet our criteria as a new self help and support group must allow
their details to be published on the Macmillan Online Directory to help improve
access to support groups for people affected by cancer.
The information provided in the grant application form in connection with your
involvement with Macmillan Cancer Support and any of its trading companies will be:
added to the information Macmillan currently holds about you; and/or
used by Macmillan (and any third parties acting on its behalf) for the purposes set
out in this application form, administration of Macmillan grants, Macmillan
campaigning, fundraising and services, and for education and training purposes.
Macmillan agrees not to share this information with any unconnected third parties. If
you have any queries about this data protection statement, please contact the
Company Secretary on 020 7840 7833 or [email protected]
Where to go for further help
Your application must be discussed and signed off by your local Macmillan Involvement Coordinator prior to submission.
Please allow plenty of time before the application deadline to contact your MIC. Their
contact details can be found via our website at or by contacting your
regional office below:
England - 01904 756 405
Scotland – 0131 260 3720
Wales – 01656 867 960
Northern Ireland – 02890 708 610
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Completing the application form
Only applications on the standard application form will be considered. This form can be
found at or requested via email at
[email protected]
Please do not enclose any other documents with the application form (apart from group
bank details if you have these to hand when applying) - if we need more information we will
contact you.
Once you have completed the application form in full please send the form to:
[email protected]
By post:
Inclusion Admin and Project Support Officer
Macmillan Cancer Support
89 Albert Embankment
By fax:
0207 091 2187 (for the attention of the Admin and Project Support Officer)
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