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aughan Cycling
Summit Success
Shawn Smith headed the November
19, 2014, Regional Municipality of
York hosted Summit at Vaughan
City Hall attracting 150 delegates. It
included: inspiring speakers, Leslie
Phemister from Chicago; panel discussions on municipal experiences
and encouraging active lifestyles;
breakout sessions on infrastructure,
encouragement, education, community engagement, tourism, and complete streets; 13 exhibitor booths;
and interactive activities such as an
ideas wall; and bicycle awards.
Odette McIntyre
spoke about the
Vaughan Bicycle User Group,
while Selma
Hubjer from the
City of Vaughan
spoke about the
challenges the
City has faced on
their recent bike lane projects. You
can view presentations at:
January 2015
ajor Mackenzie
Bike Lanes
2015 Project Priorities
Urbanization and road widening from 2 to 6 lanes, including
Transit-HOV lanes and off-street
cycling facilities.
The City of Vaughan would benefit
by a sub-committee from which
the needs of the community can be
expressed to Council.
To expand the transportation
system to accommodate growth
in travel demand resulting from
Celebrate Bike Lanes
Pine Valley Drive to Weston
Current Status:
Detailed design is currently 90
per cent completed. Construction
tender will be released in January
Next Month
Watch for next newsletter:
Celebrating Bike Lanes Event;
June is Bike Month
Cycling / Pedestrian SubCommittee
The new Bike Lanes on Peter Rupert
and Napa Valley will be celebrated
on June 4, 2015, during Bike Month.
Watch for details to come.
Grow Membership
Vaughan BUG continues to be THE
advocate for the cycling public.
Who should be involved:
- cycling clubs + recreation cyclists
- Commuter & Utilitarian Cyclists
- cycle shops
- businesses catering to cyclists
Islington Avenue Bike Lanes
Islington Avenue, Kleinburg is about
to change with help from Marilyn
Iafrate. Recreation is a part of the
changes and bike lanes are being
encouraged by the community.