Monthly Newsletter

1st Tuesday Readers Club
January 6th, 1:00
(in the Lounge)
The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters
Ladies’ Section Meeting
January 13th, 11:00
Ladies’ Luncheon and Loonie Bingo
January 27th
11:00 Social Hour
12:00 Lunch
Homemade Lasagna Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread
Warm Gingerbread Cake with Fresh Whipped Cream
Valentine’s Day Dinner
February 14th
6:30 Cocktails
7:30 Dinner
Lobster-stuffed Mushroom Cap
Strawberry Spinach Salad with Candied Pecans
Salmon Wellington with Basmati Rice
Baked Asparagus
Balsamic Butter Sauce
Mini Chocolate Cake with Strawberries and Fresh Whipped Cream
Coffee and Tea
Prices are subject to tax and gratuity.
Please call for reservations.
Union Club Merchandise
Lapel Pins
Approximately 1” by 3/4”, polished stainless
steel with the Club’s logo inset in blue.
Equally suitable for ladies and gentlemen.
100 per cent silk, blue with the Club’s logo
and diagonal stripes in red.
Note Pads
81/2” x 51/2”, 50 sheets, high-quality bond
with the Club’s logo.
At the Fredericton Garrison Club
Club Luncheons
January 7th and 23rd, 12:00
Brewbakers, King Street
A Taste of Scotland
January 24th, 7:30
Filliter Residence, 26 Apledoorn Lane
Come join Barbara Baird and George Filliter at
their home on January 24, 2015 for a taste of
Scotland. In the past members of the Garrison
Club have been treated to their hospitality and
those of you who have attended know the
presentations are very well received.
Union Club
The Union Club is pleased to offer a variety
of useful and fashionable items with the
Club’s logo:
Please call the Fredericton Garrison Club at (506) 454-6744 for reservations.
Annual General Meeting Update
January 2015
you were unable to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday, November 27 ,
allow me to provide you with an update. Aside from the usual formalities, as a Board
we provided an update regarding our special members’ meetings in September and October to
discuss solutions to our financial situation. Our intent was to ask for a vote regarding the
proposed members’ assessment phased over three years we had discussed in October. On
November 24th, however, we received an offer to purchase our building with a leaseback
provision; a “game changer” to put it mildly.
We decided to defer a member vote on the full assessment and form a committee to evaluate the
offer in light of the ongoing viability of the Union Club, asking for volunteers. The committee
consists of yours truly, Sheila Fitzpatrick, Tom O’Neil, Doug Reevey, Gord Mouland, Elspeth
Williams, and Peter Josselyn. We will be drawing on the expertise of both our sitting Board and
past presidents. Since the AGM we’ve drafted terms of reference for the committee, had these
approved by the Board, and conducted our first meeting in which roles and responsibilities were
agreed upon and enough work was assigned to take us through till early 2015. We plan to hold
a special members meeting in late January to communicate the results of the committee’s work
and present a recommendation for the future of the Club.
As a temporary measure until we fully analyze the offer, we are going ahead with a $100
member assessment. You will find this listed on your December statement from the Club, along
with quarterly dues, delivered in January. There is of course the option to contribute this
assessment beforehand (my chosen approach) in cash or cheque by visiting the office on our
second floor. This commitment to the Club is appreciated.
As 2014 winds down and we look forward to 2015 I would like to thank you our members for
your continued support of the venerable institution that remains the Union Club, outgoing
directors William McKenna, Elspeth Williams and Julie Fitzpatrick for their service to the club,
and President Andrew Green for his contributions well beyond the expected. And finally, I
know your thoughts are with General Manager May as she recuperates at home. I speak with
her every few days and we look forward to seeing her around the club again soon.
Tim Ellis
Well, is it even possible Christmas has come and gone and we are into a
New Year? Thank you to all our members for their support over the past
We have had the pleasure of some new faces for some of our Christmas
parties this year. It is always nice to have some new awe when people
walk into the Club. It is unique, and we tend to forget sometimes what we
actually have in the Union Club.
Our bookings are coming in for some special events, starting in January
and into August — we just need to keep things rolling. Please recommend
the Club for any functions, business luncheons, anniversaries, birthday
celebrations, or company get-togethers. Let us know your needs so we can
fit your event.
I would like to thank you for all the get-well wishes, cards, fruit baskets,
and flowers during my recovery. Thanks also to the staff, full time and part
time, who have had to pick up some of the extra duties in my absence. The
Club is unique as is the staff. Let us not forget how they step up when
Just a reminder to keep all accounts current so we may do the same. All
overdue accounts will now go to the Board in the New Year. Just as all
businesses try and stay on top of things so as not to fall behind in any areas,
we must do the same.
In the near future we will be using Chimp mail to track how many people
are reading and getting our emails. If you have a new email address please
send it along as I know over time some do get changed. It is a fresher and
more professional look. Mr. Fanelli has offered to help me navigate through
until I get it perfected. Thank you for your patience.
Thank you to the outgoing Board and welcome to the incoming. I'm ready
for another exciting year at the Union Club. Come and join us — let's
keep it busy.
Happy New Year
May Spavold
General Manager
Lockers in the Speakeasy are still available for rental by members at $30
a year. Once you’ve rented your locker you may order any NB Liquor
product through the Club at a 100% markup — significantly less than
the markup in the bar for spirits and similar to the markup for wines.
Enjoy the special pleasure of inviting your guests to our smallest lounge,
sinking into the leather armchairs, and opening a bottle of well-aged
single-malt scotch or cognac. Or keep your favourite wines ready to
enjoy at lunch or dinner.
125 Germain Street
PO Box 7030, Station A
Saint John NB E2L 4S4
Tel (506) 634-6184
fax (506) 642-5469
[email protected]
Twitter: @unionclubsj
Facebook: Union Club
Tim Ellis
Vice President
Jamie Grant
Past President
Tim Ellis
Janice Waldschutz
Peter Josselyn
Board Members
Nick Fanelli
William Kean
Robert McVicar
Secretary Emerita
Shirley Buckley
President, Ladies’ Section
Barbara Kelly
Past President, Ladies’ Section
Elspeth WIlliams
Vice President, Ladies’ Section
Magdi Nyers
Secretary-Treasurer, Ladies’ Section
Isabel Quayle
General Manager
May Spavold
Ladies, this is my first attempt for the
monthly newsletter and I was pleased to
find out,quite by chance, how great the
Ladies’ Section members are when help
is needed. I wish to thank Janice
Waldschutz, Sheila Fitzpatrick, and
Stevie Peikarski for manning the
reception desk for the Ladies’ Coffee
Party. Sheila put together a beautiful
basket of Christmas goodies which
created a brisk sale of tickets; and thank
you, Linda, for the basket.
The Christmas Coffee Party was a great
success and the Christmas Cocktail
Party and Dinner was a huge success.
We expect 39 guests for the New Year’s
Eve Party to welcome in 2015. I am
looking forward to participating in the
Ladies’ Section and being on the Board.
There are many great ideas being put
forward for the coming months. It is an
exciting time for the Club and its
All the best in the new year.
Barbara Kelly
I hope everyone had a great holiday season and enjoyed
some good times, good food, and good friends at the Club.
We want to make 2015 a very busy and prosperous New
Year. I am looking for some suggestions from you for our
special table menu. It is easier to please when we know your
likes and dislikes.
Let us start the year off right by keeping Dorothy and me
busy. Bring your friends for lunch or perhaps join the round
table. Possibly book a special event, maybe a business
meeting and luncheon in one of our private rooms. We are
here to please.
My special tip for this month is: Always have towels and
oven mitts at the ready, but make sure they are dry. Wet
mitts conduct heat right to your hands.
I'm ready for another exciting year at the Union Club. Come
and join us! Let's keep it busy.
Chef Don
Members’ Art Gallery
Room One, 2nd Floor
Featured artist: David McKay, RCA
20% of sale price will be donated to the Club
[email protected]
• Members should advise their guests of the dress code in advance of their visit to the Union Club.
• Business casual attire is acceptable throughout the Club. During evening functions, business
attire is preferred. Denim and athletic wear are inappropriate at any time in the Club except in
privately rented rooms.
• Cellphone ringers should be silent in the Club. Members and guests are asked not to make or
answer calls in the Lounge or Dining Room, but are welcome to do so elsewhere in the building,
ideally in a location where they will not bother others.
• Other functions of personal electronic devices such as Internet access or calendars may be used
in all areas.
• The complete House Rules can be found on the bulletin board in the front hall.