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April 2013—Page 4
Music Theatre of Wenatchee
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Wenatchee WA 98807-3042
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Inside this issue:
Apple Blossom Musical Happy
And Then There Were None
Playhouse News
Playhouse Lobby Update
Volunteers Needed
2014 Apple Blossom Musical
Children of Eden
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Secretary: Sue Lawson
Treasurer: Colleen Bowen
Past-President: John Merritt
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Cynthia Brown
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Melissa Carlson
Arlene Jones
Mike Magnotti
Tiffany Mausser
Nita Paine
Daina Toevs
Steve Zimmerman
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Script Notes
The A13 Musica
Happy Days
Please join
us for the
2013 Apple
Days, A
New Musical".
Based on
the hit TV
Book by
Garry Marshall, Music &
Lyrics by Paul Williams
and directed by Daina
A New Musical reintroduces one of America’s
best loved families, the
Cunninghams: Howard,
Marion and Joanie are
Tickets are on sale now at here too!
the PAC! $20 regular
price, $17 seniors, and
This show is a perfect way
$10 for students (students
to return to the days of
must have ID and be pur1959 Milwaukee complete
chased at the door on the
night of the show). Tickets with varsity sweaters,
hula hoops, yo-yo’s, and
are available at the PAC
Box Office, 663-ARTS or jukebox sock-hoppin’ fun.
This perfect
friendly musical will have
you rocking all week long!
Performances are at the
Riverside Playhouse,
April 25, 26, 27, and May Come check out the
2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 @ 7:30pm show!
May 5, 11, 12 @ 2:00pm. You'll see some of the
best actors in town:
Goodbye gray skies, hello Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzablue! Happy days are
relli -Jared Morgan;
here again with
Pinky Tuscadero-Tiffany
Ritchie, Potsie, Ralph
Mausser; Howard CunMalph, and the unforget- ningham-Jason Rolfs;
table Arthur “The Fonz”
Marion CunninghamFonzarelli. Based on the
Christy Shearer; Ritchie
hit Paramount Pictures
TV series, Happy Days,
Stewart; Joanie Cunning-
Directed by
Daina Toevs
Ralph MalphJacob Scott;
“Postie” Webber-Josh
Rico; Charles
“Chachi” Arcola-Zach
Savage; Arnold Delvecchio-John
Schulz; Count
Leopard-Justin Valdez;
Jumpy Malachi/Leopard/
Nerd-Stephen Paxton; Pinkette/Car Hop/Calendar
Pflueger; Pinkette/Car
Hop/Calendar Girl/ Ensemble-Allison Drescher;
Lori Beth Allen/Calendar
Girl-Kylie Thatcher; Manny
Moon/Leopard-John Merritt; Mrs. Bea Moon-Sheryl
Sutherland; Mac Gates/
“Andy” Anderson; Mrs.
Lois Gates/Car Hop/
Calendar Girl-Dani Schafer
-Cloke; James Dean/Bully/
Ensemble-Andrew Sprint;
Car Hop/Calendar Girl/
Ensemble-Chalese Merritt.
And special thanks to the
Wenatchee Valley Medical
Center for their generous
You won't want to miss this
fun and fantastic show!
Hope to see you there!!!
Music Theatre of
Wenatchee, Inc.
Volume 33 Issue 2
April 2013 Page 1
Inside this issue:
Apple Blossom Musical
Happy Days
MTW News
And Then There Were
Happy Days Rehearsal
Volunteers Needed
Playhouse News
Children of Eden
Board Members
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April 2013—Page 2
April 2013—Page 3
Volunteers Needed!
Coming this fall!
Ten guilty strangers are
trapped on an island. One by
one they are accused of murder; one by one they start to
die. In this superlative mystery
comedy, statuettes of little soldier boys on the mantel of a
house on an island off the
coast of Devon fall to the floor
and break one by one as those
in the house succumb to a diabolical avenger.
A nursery
rhyme tells how each of the ten
“soldiers” met his death until
there were none. Eight guests
who have never met each other
or their apparently absent host
and hostess are lured to the
island and, along with the two
house servants, marooned. A mysterious voice accuses each of hav-
and nine to go! The excitement
never lets up in this ideal thriller.
The cast consists of 8 men and 3
women, although some male
roles may be cast as female
roles, with a possibility of 5 men
and 5 women. Auditions will be
held in late August at the Riverside Playhouse.
ing gotten away with murder and then
one drops dead – poisoned. One down
About the Author: Agatha
Christie (1890-1976) is the author not only of The Mousetrap,
the longest running stage production in history, but also Witness for the Prosecution and And
Then There Were None to name
but a few of her greatest stage
successes. Her novels have sold
more than 2 billion copies around the
world, and she is only outsold by the
Bible and Shakespeare.
Happy Days Rehearsal Photos!
MTW is always looking for people to be involved in
our organization. There are a variety of opportunities
to be involved with that vary in length. There are numerous ways to help with no previous experience. We
are looking for people to help usher, sell the wine and
beer, work our concession stand and help with selling
raffle tickets. If you have a night to give to your favorite local theatre, give us a call. We would love to have
you be a part of this grand company of theatre lovers.
If you want to be a part of a show, please come to our
auditions. There is always something for everyone; if
you want to act, work backstage, help with advertising, promotion, props, costumes, and many other
things. Take that first step and let us know how you
want to help. If there is something else that you want
to do, we are happy to hear your ideas.
Please contact us at (509) 662-7814 or on-line at Just give us your time and you can get
many rewards. New friends, new skills and the satisfaction of helping your community theatre.
The Playhouse Facelift
The upgrading of the lobby has started. When you
come to see Happy Days, you will see the new
look. The design concepts from Mark Wavra and
Terry Valdez are a wonderful balance of elegance
and functionality.
We will be having wineries come in for the shows
to provide a great wine to go with wonderful entertainment.
We have added lots of new things. We hope you
enjoy what we have done. This is will be a continuing process.
MTW is working to provide a great live theatre
experience for the entire community. Please come
early when you see Happy Days, and look at the
new look of the lobby!
Riverside Playhouse
Announcing the 2014 Apple Blossom Musical
Children of Eden
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, Book by John Caird
Father-daughter directing team John
Mausser and Tiffany Mausser are
thrilled to bring the musical Children
of Eden to the Riverside Playhouse as
the 2014 Apple Blossom musical.
Music and lyrics for the show are
written by Stephen Schwartz who also
wrote Godspell, Pippin, and the smash
hit Wicked. Schwartz has six Tony
nominations and three Oscar wins for
his musical work. The book for Children of Eden was written by John
Caird who has won two Tony awards,
including one for directing Les
Misérables. The original production
of Children of Eden was mounted in
1991 at London’s West End where it
was directed by John Caird. Unfortunately, although it was well-received
by audiences, the production was cut
short due to the outbreak of the First
Gulf War. Children of Eden debuted
in the US at the prestigious Paper Mill
Playhouse in New Jersey in 1997.
Children of Eden is based on the first
8½ chapters of the Book of Genesis
from The Bible, spanning everything
from The Father creating the universe
and his children, Adam and Eve, to Cain
killing his brother Abel, then jumping
over many generations to Noah and his
family on the ark. The authors maintain
the spirit of these chapters, but also take
some creative liberties with the text by
inventing plot extensions and expanding
on characters’ motivations in order to
increase the dramatic effect of the story
and enhance the depth of the characters.
The result is a beautifully written, uplifting exploration of significant themes:
the complex relationships between parents and children, the search for knowledge, and the implications of free will
and personal responsibility. Schwartz
himself states, “I think the work of
which I am most proud is Children of
Children of Eden is a truly unique and
outstanding show due in large part to
Schwartz’s varied and complex score
that artfully encompasses a range of
musical styles from beautiful choral
numbers to inspired power ballads,
and even a toe-tapping gospel number. But more than that, the show also
has a great message about how people, regardless of their beliefs, should
lead their lives. The soaring final
number of the show, “In The Beginning”, challenges the audience to
choose to make the world a better
place for everyone because “it’s in our
hands.” In the end, it is a story of
hope that will leave everyone feeling