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Notes from the Director on Casting Parts to be cast in CPT’s Production of Children of Eden are as follows and as intended by the author, Stephen Schwartz. STORYTELLERS -­‐ These actor/singer/dancers play a large role in the storytelling element of this show. These parts are unique to this script, requiring a triple threat performer to adequately fulfill all their written material. As a production team we are looking for performers that are proficient in part singing, movement and dance, and have good acting instincts. Many solo's will be assigned to this group. The Storytellers will be onstage much of the show. Performers of ALL ages will be considered. SOLOs for several Storytellers are included in the following songs Wasteland Generations A Piece of Eight There are 11 additional actor/singers who will be asked to dance; their parts in the two acts of the show are doubled as indicated: Father Aphra Adam/Noah Aysha Eve/Mama Noah Yonah Abel/Ham Young Cain Cain/Japheth Young Abel Seth/Shem The production team is looking specifically for performers that have the ability to "experiment" with character through vocals, dance and acting. Actors who are free to change interpretation at a moment's notice, take direction quickly and fully and have a vivid imagination will be most strongly considered. A strong group/cast dynamic is essential to a quality experience for the actor and good final production. An actor's ability to "play" with the group will be an integral part to the casting process in addition to strong vocals, dancing and acting. Actors ages are of no real significance. Actors will be cast by relative age of characters required in the script but how that plays out will depend on who auditions. Children of Eden was written by Stephen Schwartz, author of other popular shows like Godspell, Pippin, Baker's Wife, Working, Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Prince of Egypt, and Wicked.