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JAN 24 - JAN 30, 2015
With new excise rules in place, the liquor shops and bars have new
timings, but will it check the increasing liquor black market?
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traffic volunteers’ woes
GMDA fails to Deliver
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G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
Lead Story
New excise rules
may boost liquor
black market
ith the new amended Assam Excise (Amendment)
Rules, 2014 coming into
force across the state, apprehensions
are now rift among the public and
the administration about the possible
rise in liquor black market.
The new rules, which are already
being implemented, has made some
sweeping changes in the sale and distribution of liquor across the state.
The rules were notified and issued to
the excise department through The
Assam Gazette on 30 December 2014.
G Plus takes a look at the new rules
and analyse whether it will help the
public in any way.
The new rules
According to the new rules, the
most fundamental change which
took place is the timing of sale and
purchase of liquor throughout the
state. The wine shops can only open
now at 2 pm and it will remain open
till 10 pm., whereas previously, the
timing was from 10 am to 10 pm. The
bars and clubs can serve liquor from 1
pm to 10 pm, and such premises may
be kept open upto 12 midnight under
a separate late closing licence on payment of a fee of Rs 75,000 per annum
issued by the collector of the district
with previous approval of government in the Excise Department.
According to the new rules, some
days will be considered as dry days
throughout the state. The first and
last day of every month, except 31st
December of every year will be dry
days and no sale and purchase of liquor can be done on these days. 26th
January of every year, 15th August
and 2nd October of every year will be
considered as dry days.
According to the district excise
department officials, they received
the new rules on January 13th and it
is being implemented across the city
from January 17, 2015. All the bars
and wine stores have been informed
about the new rules and strict action would be taken against the bar
and wine shop owners who do not
abide by the new implemented rules.
But the rationale behind the government’s change in the timings and announcement of dry days every month
remains to be seen.
Liquor shops
2 pm to 10 pm
1 pm to 10 pm
Dry days
First & last day of
every month except
31st December
26 January
15 August
2 October
The thought
In 2012, a Gauhati High Court
order resulted in the closure of almost all the 300 liquor shops and 128
bars in the city and stopped the daily
revenue collection of around Rs 36
lakh by the Kamrup district excise
department for few days. Dispur then
considered amending sections of the
Assam Excise Rule, 1945, which was
earlier amended in 2005, following
an interim order of Gauhati High
Court, resulting in the closure of liquor shops and bars within 500-metre
radius of educational and religious
The first and the last days of the month usually are the days when
generally people get their monthly wages, so, if the bars and wine
shops are closed on those particular days, the alcoholics will not
get an opportunity to buy alcohol and the entire monthly salary
will reach home unspent. The other dry days are in keeping with
the tradition of maintaining alcohol-free days to show respect to
the country and the father of the nation.
institutions, hospitals, dispensaries
and courts in the city. The infamous
GS Road molestation case was also
blamed to be the result of alcoholism
and with various NGOs narrating the
ill effect of alcoholism, the authorities
formed panels to come up with some
solutions and finally amended the
According to highly placed
sources in the excise department,
the changes in timing may have been
implemented with the thought of discauraging youths from buying liquor
in the morning hours and bunking
their daily work schedule which in
the long run affects their career, diverting them from their goals and
ruining their futures.
Again, the first and the last
days of the month usually are the
days when generally people get their
monthly wages, so, if the bars and
wine shops are closed on those particular days, the alcoholics will not
get an opportunity to buy alcohol
and the entire monthly salary will
reach home unspent. The other dry
days are in keeping with the tradition
of maintaining alcohol-free days to
show respect to the country and the
father of the nation.
The law states that people below
21 years of age cannot buy liquor,
and selling liquor to them is an offense, but one often wonders whether
the proof of age of all consumers is
verified before the sale of liquor from
wine shops and bars. Even during the
previous rule it was observed during many excise department raids,
that people sell liquor even after 10
pm and on dry days in the black. The
question, therefore remains, will not
the new rules give rise to the black
The black market
A wine shop manager in GS
Road said, “We have to follow the
excise norms, and as informed we
open our shops at 2 pm and keep it
open till 10 pm. But, the new rules
will increase the business of the
dhabas located on the highway as
there are many such places which
sell liquor without any license after
10 pm and also whole day.”
A city based marketing professional who comes home late said, “It
is very easy to get alcohol after 10
pm and during dry days from the
dhabas at Lokhra, as they sell liquor
24/7. We just have to pay Rs 20 extra
for every bottle we purchase.” Similarly, there are some wine shops and
dhabas at Paltan Bazaar also which
sells liquor 24/7 at a higher price.
A dhaba owner at Lokhara who
do not have a liquor license but sells
it without impunity, said on the
condition of anonymity, “We have
to pay the local police and the excise
department officials every month to
do business. Sometimes when there
is strict vigilance, the local police
informs us to stop selling for few
days and then start again after the
situation improves.”
Authorities might brainstorm
and come up with new rules, but,
the law breakers will keep breaking
the rules and in between black marketers and some corrupt officials
will keep making money uninterrupted.
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G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
In The News
Cops pull up socks
for Republic Day
fter the recent NDFB(S) violence in
the state and with the Assam Police
nabbing jehadi motivators one after
another from across the state, all eyes are
now set on the Republic Day celebrations.
Inpite of no specific threat, the city of
Guwahati has always been targeted by insurgent groups, especially during the Republic
and the Independence Day. With the newly
formed police commissionerate in the city,
the police is confident of tackling any kind of
situation and are leaving no stone unturned
to ensure people can come out on 26th January and participate in the celebrations of the
day. G Plus takes a look at the security strategy and all those participating in the function
to be held in Khanapara Veterinary Field.
Police preparedness
“I request the common people to participate in the Republic Day celebration without
any fear”, said DCP East Hemanta Kumar
Das, who heads the East District of newly
formed police commissionerate. The Veterinary Field falls under East Police District.
One platoon of armed Assam Police force is
deployed at the field at present guarding the
venue. Two sections of CRPF jawans are deployed outside the venue doing peripheral
patrolling. Eight company of CRPF jawans
have been deployed across the city checking
various movements. Thana wise checking
has also been intensified by respective police
stations, checking all movements under their
respective areas. One company of Assam Police commandos are deployed across the city
for surveillance. Police is also doing regular river patrolling. Village Defence Parties
and Nagrik Committees are keeping a close
watch on the railway tracks and the oil pipe
lines. According to police, there is no specific
threat for the Republic Day but there are general threats from extremist groups who are
calling for a boycott to the celebrations.
On the day of the celebration, three
platoons of Assam Police personnel will be
deployed at the venue and three platoons of
CRPF jawans will be deployed in and around
the venue. There will be around 50 unarmed
police personnel, 50 plain cloth police personnel at the venue and anti-sabotage checking will be done by Army Bomb Disposal
Squad. CRPF will provide sniffer dogs which
will be in surveillance in and
around the venue. At present
one platoon of Assam Police
commandos are doing door
to door checking in the hilly
area surrounding the venue.
The entire venue will be under
CCTV surveillance and there
are also sufficient lightings
which is helping the police
to keep a check on the venue
during the night. So, the police are confident of providing
full proof security to Guwahatians for Republic Day celebrations.
Eight company of CRPF
jawans are deployed across
the city checking various
movements. Thana wise
checking is also intensified
by respective police stations
checking all movements under
their respective areas. One
company of Assam Police
commandos are deployed
across the city for surveillance.
There will be 20 contingents participating in the Republic Day parade including SSB,
CRPF, BSF, APBn, district police, traffic police,
women police, ex-army personnel, NCC and
scouts & guides. There will be altogether 600
participants in the march past and the parade
will be commanded by Probationer DSP Pallabi
Mazumdar. The newly appointed Commissioner of Police Jyotirmay Chakravarty is seen
guiding the police contingents during rehearsals at the venue to practice to perfection. Assam Governor PB Acharya will hoist the flag
on 26th January and the chief minister Tarun
Gogoi will be present during the occasion with
his newly formed cabinet ministers.
As with last year’s Independence Day celebrations, it seems like people are now gradually coming out of their homes to celebrate
such days, and with the police claiming to be
prepared for any kind of situation, the Republic
Day celebrations are expected to be celebrated
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G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
In The News
GMC denies
shut down reportS
Mrinmoyee Hazarika
xpressing displeasure over
the misleading news of shutting down of GMC (Guwahati
Municipal Corporation) office last
Wednesday (21st January), as reported by some sections of the media,
concerned officials have requested
not to influence the judiciary by
flashing such news.
Addressing the media on Thursday, a day after publication of the
‘false news’, GMC Commissioner, S.
Viswanathan stated that there was a
money execution case going on between the GMC and three companies, which were chosen by GMC to
carry out one of its water supply projects way back in 1989-90.
“After granting the water supply
project, which includes lying of pipelines to three different companies, we
have asked them to stop their work
because of charges of corruption
against them. After such charges, the
Bureau of Investigation of Economic
Offences (BIEO) have come in to look
into the matter and their investigation is still going on. Hence, the payment of the work, estimated around
Rs 2 crore remains pending till today
and we can take a decision only after
the BIEO’s investigation ends,” said
Terming it as a routine case of
legal issue, Viswanathan also stated,
“It is just a money execution case and
anyone can file it. Since the matter is
(L to R) GMC Commissioner S Viswanathan, Mayor Abir Patra & Addl. Commissioner D Rajbongshi
still subjudice, we cannot take any
decision on it. The day to day activities of GMC has not been hampered
by the issue and we are working as
per the government norms and flashing such false news might influence
the system of judiciary”.
The three companies, International Construction Limited, SPM
Engineers Limited and Zoom Industrial Services, which were given the
contract to carry out water supply
project of GMC, went to the Court in
order to recover the expenses of the
project from GMC, following which
an arbitrator had been appointed and
GMC was asked to give the necessary
payment to the three companies with
an interest rate of 18 percent.
“But, in the meantime, the investigation of BIEO has not been
completed yet and we could not
take any decision in the matter. The
three companies involved have again
moved the District and Session Court
and the Court passed an order to ban
transaction of three bank accounts of
GMC until further notice,” said Ad-
ditional Commissioner of GMC Dayaram Rajbongshi in this regard.
The Court notice came on November 25 of the last year which directed GMC to pay 20 percent of the
decretal amount within a period of
six weeks from the issue of the Court
order. The balance amount has to be
paid within six months time.
“The six weeks time as given by
the Session Court to make payment
has come to an end and it is true
that transaction of three of GMC’s
account has been banned. There are
91 bank accounts opened under the
name of GMC and closure of only
three accounts will not affect the developmental activities of the corporation,” Rajbongshi added.
He also said, “We will wait for
completion of investigation being
undertaken by BIEO and accordingly
take decision on the basis of the final
judgement to be given by the Court.
But, until then, all other official
works of GMC will not be affected.”
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EX-bosconians wallow in nostalgia at
bosco euphoria 2015
s part of the ongoing bi-centenary celebrations of St. John
Bosco and as a tribute to this
‘friend of youth’, the BOSCO EUPHORIA 2015 was organized by the Don
Bosco Alumni, Guwahati Unit, at the
school campus on Sunday, 18th January 2015.
In spite of the cold inclement
weather, a large number of senior citizens (65+) turned up to attend the early
morning inaugural ceremony. Chief
Guest Reverend Father V.M.Thomas,
sdb Provincial of Guwahati hosted
the Alumni Flag. The School Anthem
was sung by all the assembled Alumni
members. The Sacred Lamp was lit by
Fr. V.M.Thomas, Fr. J.M.Thelekkatt, Fr.
Sebastian Mathew, Fr. Xavier Beck and
Akdas Ali Mir (1952 batch). Floral tributes were offered to the portrait of St
John Bosco by all present on the occassion. The alumni prayer was led by Fr.
Sebastian. Unit Delegate Fr.Sebastian
Mathew formally welcomed the gathering and hoped that the Bosco Euphoria will provide ample opportunities
to the Bosconians of yester years to
redeem their respect, love and affection
to the founder of their Alma mater, besides building bridges of friendship and
fellowship between the old and the new
The Alumni members felicitated
the senior Bosconians by offering a
Pholam Gamocha to each one of them:
namely Akdas Ali Mir, Wing Commander Shyamangadhar Rajkhowa,
Mirel Quddus, Jyoti Prasad Saikia,
IAS Retd, Er.Pradip Lahkar, Mrinal
Baishya, Brojen Kataki, Surajit Barua,
Dulu Zamal, Mrinal Baishya, Dilp Sarma, Monmoth Choudhury, Syed Iqbal
Quddus, Syed Moidul Quddus, Prabir
Kumar Das, Arup Kr. Das,Jayanta Dutta, Fr.J.M.Thelekkatt, Promode Moral
and Dr. Dipul Choudhury among others.
Delivering the Inaugural speech,
Fr. V.M.Thomas recalled the Assembly
times in the school and asked the assembled Alumni members to join him
in saying the universal prayer “Our Father, who art in heaven..” He then went
on to relate one very emotional and
impressive incident that occurred at
the Don Bosco Matunga, Mumbai. The
Chief Guest of the programme, Piyush
Goyal, Union Minister of State with Independent Charge for Power, Coal and
New & Renewable Energy in the Government of India in his speech said, it
not been for the discipline imparted in
the school, he would never have been
able to rise so high in life.” He was in
full praise of the Don Bosco’s System
of Education and said that the same is
very relevant even today.
Fr. Thelekkatt and Surajit Barua
also addressed the gathering and spoke
of their memorable times spent at Don
Bosco Guwahati. Dilip Sarma entertained the gathering with a song.
Alumni members also actively
took part in day-long various lightning
competitions and keenly contested for
the top honours in Extempore Speech,
Debate, Quiz, Arm-Wrestling, Chess,
Carrom, Badminton, Basketball, Football and Band.
Finally in the evening, Provincial
Fr. V.M.Thomas and Vice Provincial
Fr.Thomas Lakra gave away the awards,
medals and certificates to all the champions, runner-up and third position
A live band enlivened the spirit
of the gathering and the Bosco Euphoria came to a close with the Voteof-Thanks delivered by Unit Delegate
G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
In The News
CID eyes illegal SIGNAGES
15 days deadline to tobacco companies
Neelakshi BordoloI
aking stern action against
rampant violation of tobacco
advertisement norms, the
Criminal Investigation Department
(CID) of the Assam Police has recently issued directives to tobacco
companies operating in the State asking them to remove all illegal tobacco
hoarding in fifteen days time.
Through a letter issued by the
Special Superintendent of Police
(SSP), CID, the copy of which is available with this newspaper, the investigating agency has drawn attention of
the tobacco companies on violation
of section 5 of the Cigarette and Other Tobacco Product Act (COTPA),
2003 which prohibits any direct and
indirect form of advertisements of
tobacco products.
The letter, which was issued to
the regional managers of ITC Ltd and
VST Industries on January 9 last also
mentioned that violation of Section 5
of COTPA is liable for penalty upto
Rs 1,000 or two years jail for first time
violation and fine of Rs 5,000 and five
years jail for subsequent violation.
“We have successfully implemented the section 5 of COTPA in
the districts of Kamrup (M) and
Jorhat and repeatedly requested the
police to implement the same in
other parts of the state too. We have
also organized meeting with the city
police officials to create awareness on
implementing sections 4, 5, 6 and 7
of COTPA. We have welcomed the
recent move of CID issuing directives to tobacco companies to remove
all illegal tobacco hoardings soon,”
said District Nodal Officer, Tobacco
Control Cell, Kamrup (M) Samiran
The ITC Ltd is one of the major
cigarette manufacturers of the world
which owns popular cigarette brands
like Wills Navy Cut, Gold Flake, Indian Kings, Classic and others. The
VST Industries manufactures and
distributes brands like Charminar,
Chams, Moments and others.
It was clearly mentioned in the
letter that companies are requested to
remove all illegal tobacco advertisement from the State of Assam if any,
within 15 days time or else necessary
legal action shall be initiated as per
the relevant legal provisions.
It may be mentioned that violation of section 5 of COTPA is rampant in Assam despite creating much
awareness among law enforcers on its
proper enforcement by State Health
As per the amendment rule of
the section 5 of the COTPA, tobacco
products can be advertised in the
package containing tobacco products, on the entrance and inside a
warehouse storing tobacco products
and at the point of sale (tobacco product selling shop) or distribution only.
But presence of hoardings advertising tobacco products, larger
than prescribed (60cm x 45 cm) at
the point of sale and more than two
boards at one point of sale are regarded as violation of the section 5.
Illuminated or backlit boards at
the point of sale, open display of tobacco products by a shop owner for
sale, indirect/surrogate advertisement of tobacco production in any
form such as in apparel, sports gear,
accessories and others are also not allowed.
Infringement of the section 5 is
going on in almost all the localities of
major towns of Assam like Guwahati,
Dibrugarh, Silchar, Tezpur, Tinsukia
and others with the tobacco companies pushing that extra hard to promote their brands.
The cigarette companies have
also compelled most of the pan shops
owners to display the cigarette products openly by signing a deal where
they (the companies) will renovate
the shops with preconditions of proper display of the cigarette brands,
sources said.
“If the shop is in prime location
and have a good sell of their products-mainly cigarette, companies
like ITC renovate our shops by fixing
glow sign boards of their products for
proper display,” said a pan shop owner of Chandmari, Guwahati.
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G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
traffic volunteers’ woes
GMDA fails to Deliver
Mrinmoyee Hazarika
eeping up with its longstanding ‘reputation’ of non-delivery or late delivery of services,
the GMDA (Guwahati Metropolitan
Development Authority) has once
again failed to realise the dreams of
sections of enthusiastic city youths.
And this time, the victims are an
odd number of 200 youths who have
been deployed on the city roads to
manage the traffic during the month
of October last year. They were being inducted as ‘traffic volunteers’ in
the department of city traffic police,
Kamrup (M) by GMDA and being
trained up by traffic officials for the
But the traffic volunteers, who
received much laud and appreciation
while managing traffic during last
Durga puja, when the road congestion was almost in a non-manageable
state, were suddenly asked to discontinue their service from this month
“When we came to attened our
duty like any other day on January 15, we were told that our service
would no longer be required. At first
we were unable to comprehend what
was going on. But later, the officials
of traffic department told us that we
were asked to discontinue our jobs,
since GMDA had expressed its inability to pay our monthly remunerations,” Riaj Ali, one of the volunteers
inducted for the job told G Plus.
Ali, who used to assist his mother
at her small paan shop before accepting the job, also stated that though
the traffic volunteers were hired on
temporary basis, the advertisement
published for hiring the volunteers
did not mention any specific time
frame or duration.
“Even after joining, we were never told that our job would last only for
three months or so. If we knew about
it before or at the time of joining, we
would never have joined in the job.
Moreover, the concerned department
has not even served us a notice before
asking us to discontinue our jobs,”
Ali said.
Even after
joining, we
were never
told that our
job would
last only for
three months
or so...”
Riaj Ali,
one of the
volunteers inducted
for the job
Sajid Ali, another colleague of Riaj
Ali, too feels the same way, “We do not
belong to well to do families and it was
a relief for us when we got the job of
traffic volunteers. Many of us have even
gotten engaged and dreamt of starting
a new life. Besides, we have been told
that our monthly remuneration of Rs
6000 would be revised from the New
Year. But, instead, we were asked to
leave our job from the New Year.”
The volunteers have staged a dharna on 16th of January and met the additional commissioner of police for
discussing the matter.
“We tried to meet the police commissioner, but due to his busy schedule
we were unable to meet him. But we
have met the additional commissioner
of police and he asked us to wait until
January 26,” Riaj Ali said.
He also added that if the concerned
authority would not take any step to reinstall the volunteers after January 26,
they would move the Court.
“Now we feel cheated. The amount,
which we were getting at the end of the
month for performing a rigorous
eight hour long job everyday was
not sufficient enough. Though, we
were happy to do it. But, now if the
authority does not listen to us, we
will move the Court,” an enraged
Riaj Ali said.
While asking the about the fate
of the traffic volunteers, DCP traffic, Pranab Jyoti Goswami told, “We
are still in favour of keeping the job
of traffic volunteers. We have been
suffering from manpower shortage for a long time and need more
people to manage the ever increasing
congestion on the city roads. But, we
do not have any budget of our own
and we have to depend on GMDA for
the necessary budget required for the
traffic volunteers.”
The DCP, Traffic also stated that
the matter would be sorted out only
after the meeting among the GMDA,
traffic department, traffic volunteers
and other concerned departments
which is scheduled to be held after
26th January.
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Weather report for the week
24 January
25 January
26 January
27 January
28 January
29 January
30 January
12 / 26 °C
10 / 25 °C
10 / 26 °C
9 / 26 °C
10 / 26 °C
11 / 26 °C
9 / 22 °C
G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
electricity from liquid waste
gmc Plans new initiative
Mrinmoyee Hazarika
f everything goes well according
to plan, dark city areas will soon
be illuminated at night with electricity produced out of liquid waste.
In order to make it possible, the
Guwahati Municipal Corporation
(GMC) has taken up an ambitious
project of setting up two Bio methylation cum energy generation plants at
two different places in the city. These
plants will generate electricity from
liquid wastes and GMC has already
contacted several hotels in the city for
ready supply of raw materials.
“We have taken a project of generating electricity from liquid or wet
waste, which will benefit the community at large. At first, we are planning to light up street lights near Borsola and Sorusola beel where one Bio
methylation plant would be set up.
The place for setting up the second
plant would be finalised within a day
or two,” additional commissioner,
GMC, Dayaram Rajbongshi told G
Rajbongshi also mentioned that
the hotel industry of the city had
agreed to provide the liquid waste
produced at its kitchen every day to
GMC and a pre-bid meeting for setting up both the plants was recently
held at the office of GMC.
“The hotels have agreed to segregate both the solid and liquid wastes
produced at their kitchens and provide it free of cost to the NGOs which
are currently engaged in collecting
wastes. After collecting the wastes,
the solid wastes will be deposited at
the solid waste management centre
situated at Boragaon and the liquid
wastes will be transported to the
Bio-methylation plants for producing
electricity,” stated Rajbongshi.
The capacity of the plant, to be
located at Borsola and Sorusola beel
will be 5 TPD and the second plant
would be set up with a capacity of 10
“We have already called for bids
to set up the plants and we are hopeful to complete the work within a
period of three months. As soon as
the construction ends, the plants will
able to generate electricity,” added
The state government has released an amount of Rs 6 crore for
solid waste management of the city
and the cost of construction of both
the plants is estimated at around Rs
2 crore each.
Highlighting the idea behind
taking up the project, Rajbongshi
said, “It will serve the dual purpose
of managing waste as well as reducing the problem of shortage of electricity in the city. The plan has been a
success in other cities of the country
like Pune and Ahmadabad. A group
of 24 councillors from Guwahati visited Pune to look into the project and
proposed to establish similar project
in their own city too.”
He also said the project is not a
major one and requires simple technology to operate and generate electricity. “With the help of this project,
for now, we will be able to light the
community based street lights only.
In future, we will try to decentralise
the project in other parts of the city
and cover larger areas,” he said.
In the meantime, the GMC has
received another amount of Rs 25
crore to carry out the project of installing street lights in different localities of the city.
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G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
city treats its differently
abled unfairly
award winning para athlete express displeasure
nternational medal winning para
athlete Suvarna Raj who was in
the city to take part in the National Youth Festival, has expressed
displeasure at the lack of facility for
the differently-abled persons in the
Raj who was honoured with National Youth Award, however, expressed her hope that the scenario
will be better when she visits the
city next time. But she felt the city
still has a long way to go in terms of
accessibility for persons with disabilities. Recalling her experience
during the youth festival, she said,
“I am a wheelchair user and the organizers were aware of it, still there
wasn’t any provision of a ramp to the
stage. I had to be literally carried up
to the stage before the prize distribution started and was made to sit
behind the row of dignitaries before
the commencement of the ceremony.
This was really upsetting for me”.
She was sharing her experience
during her visit to city based NGO,
Shishu Sarothi which work with the
differently abled persons.
Urging on the need to work by
the government for making the cities
of the country friendly for the differently abled persons, she said that
they should get their basic rights.
“I really appreciate the work of
Shishu Sarothi but then such efforts
are a drop in the ocean unless con-
Raj was honoured
with National
Youth Award,
expressed her hope
that scenario will
be better.
certed efforts are made by the government to ensure a disabled friendly environment in all public places. I
hope the next time I visit the city, I
wouldn’t face the problems which I
faced this time,” she said.
Suvarna who was on her maiden visit, has vowed to come back to
guwahati again. Other than being a
table tennis player of international
standards, she also runs an NGO
in New Delhi which works for the
cause of differently-abled people.
“I have been working for the
cause of differently abled people for
the past 10 years, and I am work-
ing towards creating a better life for
them and making them independent
enough and also hone their skills
and make them self-sufficient,” she
said. In 2013, Suvarna won two medals at the Para Table Tennis Thailand
Open in Bangkok, including the first
gold for India at the event.
B Borooah Chemistry department
celebrates golden jubilee
he Chemistry Department of
B Borooah College celebrated
its Golden Jubilee on Wednesday with a host of programmes. A
host of school and college students
of the city and other places took part
in the exhibition, arts and quiz competition which were organized to
mark the auspicious occasion in the
college premises.
“We tried to involve the students
of different colleges and schools from
the city on the occasion to mark our
50 years of existence. This will also
perk the students' interest towards
science. We are overwhelmed at the
response of the students,” Diganta
Choudhury, head of the department
of Chemistry told G Plus.
Altogether students from 32 city
schools and colleges have taken part
in exhibition. There were five themes
– clean air/ clean water, renewable
energy, sustainable industrial process, environment – deny plastic and
Indian 2050—on which the students
displayed different models during
the exhibition.
Though B Borooah College began with the Arts stream in 1943, the
Chemistry department was created
in 1964. “In the beginning we did
not have full time lecturer. Shortly
afterwards T Thakuria joined as the
head of the department. Renowned
educationists KK Bora and MC
Bhuyan, who were both lecturers of
Cotton College gave their valuable
services in the incubation period,”
Choudhury said.
The honours course was started
in 1974. After that in 1993 another
millstone was created with the setting up of the post-graduation
course of Chemistry.
“The introduction of the PG department, which is self-sustaining,
was a bold initiative as it entailed lot
of perseverance and sacrifice. The
PG section was a result of a desire to
go for higher studies coupled with
a statistical assessment that many
graduates of this region were unable
to go for higher studies merely because of lack of adequate number of
seats,” he added.
The department has also received funds from department of
biotechnology of union ministry of
science and technology.
Choudhury who is also an
alumni of the department has also
thanked all its former and present
students for making the event a success.
G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
Gogoi’s new
team takes oath
State Level
on educational, administration planning held at
two day state level conference was organize
by the State Council
of Educational Research and
Training (SCERT), Assam in
collaboration with the National University of Educational
Planning and Administration,
New Delhi at the conference
hall at Srimanta Shankardev
Kalakhetra on 21st & 22nd of
January. The meeting was organized with the objective of
making familiar the changing
role in current day context in
the educational policy, planning and administration to the
skill leaders.
The meeting will provide a
platform for the professionals
working in the grass root and
the state & district level in the
educational field to share their
experiences and discuss the
recent trends in educational
development. Vice Chancellor,
NUEPA, Proffessor R Govinda
including faculty members
from NUEPA and other national and state experts would
be present as the resource persons in the event.
ith rounds of brainstorming sessions about who
will be and who won’t be,
finally Assam chief minister Tarun
Gogoi’s cabinet with several new
faces took oath on Friday at Raj Bhawan. Assam Governor Padmanabha
Balakrishna Acharya administered
the oath of office and secrecy to the
new ministers at the Darbar Hall of
the Raj Bhawan at 10.30 am. The new
council of ministers took oath three
days after all 14 ministers of the state
government resigned from their respective positions. Former Health
Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma led
Congress state dissident group was
cornered and the new Cabinet inducted mostly MLAs from the Gogoi camp.
The new faces
Eight new members, Khumtai
legislator Bismita Gogoi, Dholai
MLA Girindra Mallick, Abhayapuri
South legislator Chandan Kr Sarkar,
Barkhetry MLA Bhumidhar Barman, Dhemaji MLA Sumitra Doley
Patir, Tingkhong MLA Atuwa Munda, Sonari legislator Sarat Borkataky
and Chenga legislator Sukur Ali
Ahmed took oath as ministers. Besides, six ministers of the previous
ministry, Ajanta Neog, Rockybul
Hussain, Khor Singh Engti, Nazrul
Islam, Ajit Singh and Basanta Das
were retained in the ministry and
they too took oath along with the
new faces.
APCC president Anjan Dutta
said that there is no dissatisfaction
over the reshuffle and ministers who
are dropped are also not unhappy
with the reshuffle. But contrary to
his assertion, there were many previous ministers who did not attend
the oath taking ceremony which
somehow reflected their discontent.
Former ministers Pranati Phukon,
Akon Bora, Rajiv Luchan Pegu,
Gautam Roy and former APCC
president Bhubaneshwar Kalita were
conspicuous by their absence during
the oath taking ceremony. Sources
said that during the ceremony, dissidence group leader Himanta Biswa
Sarma with his gang of six remaining MLAs was brainstorming their
future move at his residence.
Who will get what?
Though the portfolios were
not announced on Friday, highly
placed sources in the Congress party said that there are speculations
that Tarun Gogoi will keep several
portfolios including Home, Political, Finance, Personnel, Forest and
Environment, Power and Industry
and Commerce with himself. Bhumidhar Barman might get Health
and Assam Accord, Education will
go to Sarat Barkataky, Ajanta Neog
might get PWD, Guwahati Development Department and Information and Public Relations, Nazrul
Islam can get Food and Civil Supply, Rockybul Hussain will get Agriculture and Rural Development,
Chandan Sarkar might get Irrigation, Hills Development and Veterinary might go to Khor Singh Engti,
Sukur Ali will get PHE and Minority Development, Ajit Singh will get
Transport and Sports and Youth
Welfare, Basanta Das to get Fishery,
Atuwa Munda will likely get Labour
Department, Sumitra Doley Patir
might get Social Welfare, Girindra
Mallick will get Excise and Bismita
Gogoi might get Cultural Affairs.
Four other ministers will be inducted in the ministry between February
15 and February 20.
The political twist
Gogoi might be trying his best
with the high command to come up
with strategies to retain his chair
post 2016, and this reshuffle may be
a part of the game plan but, for the
time being the CM is the winner as
Sarma and gang have been entirely
sidelined by the new ministry formation. Interestingly once portrayed as Himanta loyalist and later
proven as a member of the Gogoi
camp, Gautam Roy was not retained
in the ministry creating tremors in
the Barak Valley Congress politics
as Roy is considered a heavy weight
there and it seems he left the Himanta camp previously only to retain
his berth in the cabinet. Dholai MLA
Girendra Mallick considers Roy as
his idol, and with his induction in
the ministry Roy is discontent with
the whole calculation. Meanwhile
speculations are rift whether he
again joins Sarma, or will there be
another option of following a different political party, as there are
rumours that even Himanta is planning to join the saffron party. Only
time can tell how this ministry work
and who will rule Assam after 2016
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train from
Kamakhya to
orth East Frontier
Railways have come
up with a superfast
special train from Kamakhya
to Howrah stations in order
to meet the demands of additional passengers. The train
was flagged off on January 23.
With six general second
class coaches, nine sleeper
class coaches, four AC 3 tier
coaches and one AC 2 tier
coaches, the train 03058 Kamakhya-Howrah special was
scheduled to leave Kamakhya
at 8:30 pm and arrive Howrah
at 12:20 pm next, said a NF
Railway release.
The special train will
have stoppages at New Bongaigaon, New Jalpaiguri and
Malda town only. Fare for the
train will be that of Mail/Express (Superfast) trains and
the booking of tickets have already started.
G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
Ugratara Temple
gratara temple is an important Shakti shrine, located
at Lamb Road, Uzan Bazaar
in Guwahati. The temple serves as
an important pilgrimage center and
over the years has become a significant tourist attraction from far and
wide. The temple is also connected
to Buddhism and related to Eka Jata
and Tiksna Kanta of the Buddhist
pantheon. The temple has idols of
three different lords Dakhina Kali,
Chamundini and Nil Saraswati. Unlike other Hindu temples, Ugratara
doesn’t have any idol or image of the
deity. Inside the temple’s sanctum
sanctorium, there is a small pit filled
with water, which is considered as
The wife of Swargadev Shiv Singh, an Ahom king named Phuleshwari Deori constructed the temple.
It’s history goes beyond thousands
of years, to the early part of the 17th
century. He also excavated a lake,
known as Jorepukhuri, in the east
of the temple. However, the present
temple has undergone renovations
and modifications by Raibahadur
Bhuban Ram Das, after it was destroyed by a devastating earthquake
in the year 1889.
The residing deity of the Ugratara
Temple is Goddess Ugra Tara, who
is considered to be another form of
Goddess Parvati. Legend has it that
the temple was constructed on the
very spot where the naval of Sati fell
on the earth, after her death.
Goddess Sati, the incarnation of
Parvati, immolated herself when her
a brief history
The residing
deity of the
Ugratara Temple
is Goddess Ugra
Tara, who is
considered to be
another form of
Goddess Parvati.
The legend has it
that the temple
was constructed
on the very spot
where the naval
of Sati fell on the
earth, after her
father Daksha performed a yagna but
didn’t invite her and husband Lord
Siva. Lord Siva, enraged with grief
and anger, started dancing with the
remains of Sati’s body, destructing
the whole universe. The other gods
intervened to stop this dance, and
Lord Vishnu’s weapon, the Sudarshana Chakra, cut through the corpse of
Sati. The various parts of the body fell
at several spots all through the Indian subcontinent and formed sites,
which are known as Shakti Peeths
(holy places of cosmic power) are
places of worship consecrated to the
goddess Sati today.
Ugratara temple is believed to
be the place where Sati’s naval fell.
Hence, the place is considered to be
an important Shakti shrine in India
and is regarded as very sacred by the
thousands of devotees who come to
visit the place every year.
It is also said that Guru Basishta
who meditated in the Kamakhya temple for ten thousand years to be blessed
with the goddess as his daughter and
was later guided by the goddess to the
particular spot where the Peeth was
In the year 1930 TS case number
12, a scheme was made as per directive
of the Calcutta High Court through the
Assam valley court the election system
was started. As per the scheme, a Doloi
will be elected for a tenure of ten years,
which will be decided through a secret
ballot system by the managing committee. A secretary will also be elected
through a similar procedure or by the
District and Session Judge, Kamrup.
The history of the election of the
trustee goes back to the year 1044
when the Baxottoria Brahmin Pariyal (Sandilya Gothra) was given the
responsibility of establishment of
the Ugratara Temple by the king of
the Pal dynasty who then ruled the
Kamrup region. In the year 1289 another brahmin family namely Pathilya Gotra was chosen to shoulder
the responsibility of the temple by
the reigning Ahom king and from
the past 971 years the prayers and
worshipping of the goddess is initiated half yearly according to Assamese calendar years (from Bohag
to Ahin by the Sandilya Gothra and
from Kati to Sout) by the brahmins
of the two different gothras.
The main festivals celebrated
in Ugratara temple are Durga Puja,
Shivratri, Baxonti puja and the Nagpanchami puja are being initiated
for over past forty years. During the
celebration of Durga puja devotees
from far and wide come to offer
their prayers and seek blessings of
the goddess. Besides the sashti and
the dashami, all other days are celebrated. An important ritual observed
during the festival is the sacrifice of
animals, like bulls, buffaloes, goats
etc. However, an interesting fact is
that, generally, the females of all the
species are exempted from sacrifice.
Apart from the daily prayers,
special prayers are also offered to the
Goddess every Friday.
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G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
Ward number 21
Ward Watch
Population 48000 (approx) | Voters 28000 (approx)
among the victims of GMDA-JICA pipeline project
Sub-division- 21 (a)
Councilor- Shashanka Jyoti Deka
Phone number- 9864217101
Area sabha member
Gajen Chandra Deka
Phone number
Concentrated area
Government press road
Police Station
Broken road, Leakage of water
pipeline, Street lights, Water logging,
Drainage system
espite being surrounded by
and being the location of
several government and private organisations such as the Government Press, Office of the director
of PHE, Guwahati Transport Association, Pollution Control Board, etc.,
the Government Press Road lacks
in proper development. Situated at
Bamunimaidam, the same road has
also recently been the victim of the
GMDA’s water supply project that
has been carried out in association
with Gammon and JICA which has
demolished most parts of the road.
Like most streets of the city, one
side of the entire road was dug out
in order to install water pipeline but
the previously constructed road remained unrestored after carrying
out of the project, which has turned
certain corners of the road to become
prone to accidents. At such turns, it
becomes impossible for more than
one vehicle to pass by at a time.
“The particular turn has been
flooded with water leaking from
the water pipeline for the past two
to three months. In the after hours,
it becomes very difficult to drive by
and since there are no street lights
installed added to the poor road
condition, it makes it very risky for
one to drive through this road. Even
in day light, the vehicles, in order to
pass by, have to affect an entrance
into the premise of the houses to
the other through”, asserted Ullash
Dutta, an employee of Design Space,
located in Government Press Road.
Bhabendra Nath Bhattarcharya,
Treasurer, Guwahati Transport
Councilor’s speak
“A major drawback
in the delay and
results in the
projects is that
most projects
are handed over
to ineligible
and blacklisted
contractors. The
authorities, while
giving away the
should cross check
the background
along with man
power of every
Shashanka Jyoti Deka
Association mentioned, “Not just
the by lanes but most of the major
roads of the city are in bad condition,
mostly due to lack of water reservoirs.
This particular road suffers several
problems including flood, which is
caused due to improper drainage
system. In monsoon the road gets
flooded within half an hour of rain
creating a lot of inconvenience for
the people of the area. Mostly, the
employees that have to come to their
offices face major inconveniences.”
“After the carrying out of the
pipeline project, the condition of
the road has worsened. Though the
problem of water logging has always
been there but after the pipeline
project was carried out over a year
ago, the road has been tempered
with and has not been restored yet.
It should be the responsibility of
the authorities to ensure that if a
particular road has been damaged
while carrying out any project, they
should take the responsibility of
restoring the road to its previous
condition as well. The reason behind
such inconveniences is the variance
and miscommunication among the
different departments”, Bhattacharya
Among other problems, the
particular turn, which also has an
establishment of a private residence
has been conflicted among the people
of being faulty construction. The
house, which is currently abandoned,
was previously owned by one Bolin
Sharma but was later sold to someone
“The abandoned house that was
previously owned by Bolin Sharma
was inadequately constructed in the
first place and the absence of street
lights adds to the chances of causing
accidents. Being situated at the turn
it makes it difficult for vehicles as
well as pedestrians to pass by even
during daylight”, asserted a resident
of Government press road.
“The road has been handed over
to FDR (Flood Disaster Relief)
with a sanctioned amount
of Rs 40 lacs. Though during
monsoon the water doesn’t log
for much long but the problem
of the initial flood can only be
resolved by timely and regular
cleaning of the drains including
the water reservoirs. It is only
if the reservoirs are cleaned
regularly that will allow the
logged water to pass through
quickly. Also the responsibility
of installation of street lights in
the entire Guwahati city has been
transferred from PWD to GMC.
Though the process is slow and
unsatisfactory, but in the recent
times, many areas which did
not have street lights have been
provided with the same, mostly
the main roads of the city”,
asserted the councilor.
Regarding the tempering
of roads while carrying out the
pipeline project by the GMDA,
Shashanka Jyoti Deka added,
“The testing of the road has been
done and also the soiling will
be constituted very soon but the
black topping (pitching) might
require more time.”
“A major drawback in the
delay and unsatisfactory results in
the projects is that most projects
are handed over to ineligible
and blacklisted contractors. The
authorities, while giving away
the responsibilities should cross
check the background along with
man power of every particular
contractor”, Deka added further.
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G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
In Conversation
Household waste management is
the only way out, not community
waste management”
Dr Amarjyoti Kashyap
Mrinmoyee Hazarika
n what could be termed as a futuristic approach to keep the city
clean and healthy, Dr Amarjyoti
Kashyap, a city based environment
activist has come forward with a new
category of movement for effective
waste management.
In his effort to do this, Kashyap,
one of the few persons relentlessly
working for creating a healthy and
clean environment has invented a
new technology to recycle bio-degradable wastes at the household level.
In an exclusive talk with G Plus,
Kashyap who is the president of Environ, a city-based voluntary organisation related to the field of waste management shares his invention and
the actions which are necessary for
tackling the problem of waste management of the city.
About the new initiative
taken to deal with
the problem of waste
management -
All of us have been talking a
lot about the increasing problem of
proper disposal of garbage. People
have a wrong conception about banning of polythene bags. Because, the
kind of polythene carry
bags which we use in our
the city
daily life can be recycled
and it consists of only
produced 5000
15% of the polythene
waste we produce in our
kg of plastic
day to day life.
waste in the
On the other hand,
year 2004 and
the kind of plastic wraps
after a decade,
used to pack different
kinds of food items like
today the city
chocolate, potato chips,
is producing
– ‘Clean neighbourbiscuit, tetra packs etc
times more hood movement’ and
cannot be recycled and
waste plastics invented a ‘waste asthe volume of such waste
amounts to 75 per cent
than before. similator’ for the purpose.
of the plastics which we
throw away everyday.
These plastic waste are creating problems of water logging etc and people
know very less about it.
In my own estimate, the city of
A standard household usually
Guwahati produced 5000 kg of plas- produce 80 per cent bio-degradable
tic waste in the year 2004 and after waste everyday and it would be much
a decade, today the city is producing easier for us if we can manage this
two times more waste plastics than amount of waste on our own.
before. Therefore, these non-biodeBesides, in order to manage the
gradable plastics wastages have been waste, it is very important to segrecausing a great damage to the envi- gate the bio-degradable from the non
ronment and we have to find a way bio-degradable wastes before recyto manage those wastages. The bio- cling. Therefore, at first I have created
degradable wastages are very easy to small bamboo baskets to hold nonrecycle and one can dispose it in their recyclable as well as recyclable plastic
own household.
waste, which can be used for making
Keeping this in mind, I have different items like cushion stuffing,
recently launched a new initiative garlands etc.
How the ‘waste
assimilator’ works?
Your view on GMC’s
waste management
Then, in order to manage the
bio-degradable waste, after doing
a research for the last five years, I
have created a simple and compact
device where people can just throw
the waste. I have also developed a hybrid earthworm which will consume
the waste along with the microbes.
The remaining excreta will produce
vermin compost and the liquid produced by the earthworm can be used
as a bio pesticide.
It is a very simple method of
managing household waste and I
have received a provisional patent
on it. If we can adopt it in our own
households, we do not have to wait
for the GMC or any other concerned
authority to manage our daily waste.
So far, I have created 200 ‘waste
assimilators’ and around fifty households of the city have started using it.
The cost of a unit of ‘waste assimilator’ comes at Rs 1000.
The GMC is putting thrust on
door-to door collection of wastes,
but I oppose the idea. Because if the
door-to-door collection of waste continues, then there will be no segregation of bio-degradable and non biodegradable form of waste. As a result,
management of wastes will never be
Therefore if we can manage
the huge amount of bio-degradable
wastes (about 80 per cent) at our own
houses, then it would be easier for the
government to manage the remaining amount of non bio-degradable
wastes (about 20 per cent).
If we want a success in waste
management system, then household
management of waste is a must. Even,
the big apartment buildings will have
to concentrate on household waste
management system. Because no one
will take responsibility in community waste management system and
if plastic is being mixed with the biodegradable waste, then there will be
no management of waste.
Because of neglecting these facts,
many of the GMC’s waste management plans have failed in the past.
I will always encourage household waste management.
Plan to sustain the
The plastic waste has become a
major hindrance in waste management system and In order to sustain
the ‘Clean neighbourhood movement’, we have to focus on these nonrecyclable plastic waste.
Apart from the system of bio-degradable waste management system,
I have also concentrated on managing the non bio-degradable wastes at
the household level.
Few years back, I have developed
a system of collecting non bio-degradable waste from the households
along with the GMC. As part of the
initiative, I have designed two vehicles – ‘Seuj Bahon’ to collect nonrecyclable plastic waste from the
households of the city for and people
cooperated with us. But, later, GMC
decided to pull off the vehicles.
Now, I am going to revive the system again on my own and craft various household products out of the
non bio-degradable plastic wastes.
[email protected]
G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
saving tips
for 20-somethings
If you’re a 20-something, you may think financial planning at this stage in your life is
a waste of time, if not completely pointless. But by starting off now, you are allowing
yourself to build on a solid foundation.
Independent Financial Advisor
Time is on your side
This is your biggest asset right
Let’s say that you start saving
at the age of 25 with the purpose of
accumulating Rs. 1 crore by 65. For
ease of understanding, let’s assume
the rate of return as 9%. To amass this
corpus, one would need to invest Rs.
2,140 on a monthly basis for the next
40 years.
Delay this exercise by just 5 years.
If one starts investing at the age of 30,
acquiring the same corpus would
require an investment of Rs. 5,460
every month. If one starts investing
by 50, they would have to shell out
Rs. 51,700 every month for the next
10 ten years to reach the target of Rs.
1 crore.
The sooner you start, the lesser
the amount you will have to tuck
away. So however small the amount,
start saving right now. Even if it is just
Rs. 1,000 month, don’t delay.
Do not ignore equity
Over the past few years, India
has been battling with inflation.
According to data released by the
Statistics Ministry in New Delhi,
the Consumer Price Index, or CPI,
rose 7.31% in June and 8.28% in
May 2014. In September it was down
to 6.46%. But the point remains –
inflation erodes the returns. It is the
silent killer where your savings are
Take the most popular savings
avenue – a fixed deposit. An
investment in a fixed deposit assures
you of a definite and assured return,
let’s say it is between 8-9% for a 1-year
deposit. Now take tax and inflation
into account, and your investment
would have defeated its purpose.
Equity is one asset class that
manages to outperform inflation over
time. And, it does have a tax break in
the sense that the tax on long-term
capital gains is zero, which means
you pay no tax on the return you
earn from your investments if you
hold it for at least a year. In the long
run, this amounts to a huge savings.
In fact, stocks and equity-backed
investments (equity mutual funds
and equity oriented balanced funds)
are the only asset classes which are
completely exempt from tax on longterm gains.
So earning an annualised return
Make it automatic
The investing must be simple.
If not, it can be a major deterrent.
The best way a young individual can
participate in stocks is by investing
in an equity mutual fund. Select a
diversified equity fund to enter the
stock market. Avoid thematic and
sector funds when you are starting to
build your portfolio.
Now that you have narrowed
down on the exact fund, invest via a
systematic investment plan, or SIP.
Once you put an SIP in place, the
amount that you decide to invest
will automatically be deducted from
your bank account and invested at
the date pre-selected by you. With no
effort on your part, your savings will
be channelised into the fund of your
Start a PPF account
The Public Provident Fund, or
PPF, is the only exempt-exemptexempt, or EEE, scheme available in
India. This indicates that it is exempt
from tax all the way. When you
deposit money in the account, you get
a tax exemption under Section 80C.
The interest earned is also tax free.
On maturity, the lump sum (interest
Programme on Thai tourism
held in city
ith an objective to
promote the tourism
potential, the Tourism
Authority of Thailand organized
a programme on Wednesday
with the theme ‘Amazing
Thailand 2015’. Looking at the
increasing number of tourists
from India and this part of the
country to Thailand in the last
few years the Tourism Authority
of Thailand (TAT) organized the
special programme to attract
more tourists. The programme
displayed seven important aspects
of Thai tourism.
The event highlighted the
culture, cuisine, spa and well,
Thai fun, Thai way of life, Thai
kick boxing and Thai beach
activities and theme park etc.
TAT official said, “Thailand
is one of the favorite holiday
destinations for Indians. We are
focusing on Northeast and trying
to find out ways to make Thai
tourism popular in this part of
the country.”
36th Jyotirupa North east
drama contest from 27th
he 36th Jyotirupa NE drama
contest is going to start
from 27th January to 31st
January at Rabindra Bhawan from
4pm in the evening. Several plays
are scheduled for the 5 days long
contest. Some of the plays that are
going to be staged on the contest
are Rong Kiniba Kone (Rongshala,
Raha), Nata Pretra Sabha
(Samanway Kshetra, Nalbari),
Sonar Sojar Pokhila ( D Sarma
Cultural Academy, Guwahati) ,
Take the most popular
savings avenue – a
fixed deposit. An
investment in a
fixed deposit
assures you of
a definite and
assured return,
let’s say it is
between 8-9% for a
1-year deposit.
of around 15% from a diversified
equity fund over a decade and paying
no tax is definitely a smarter way to
build wealth.
Siyaleeye Nahibi Rati (Kenduguri
Natya Samiti, Baihata Chariali),
Astitwa (Abhinoy Natyagosthi,
Guwahati), Prajanma (Nepathya,
Jorhat), Boba Nishar Katha (Dibya
Kalaendra, Duliajan), Parinam
(Rakhal Kala Kristi Sangha,
The closing ceremony will be
held on January 31st , where a
prize distribution ceremony and
also a cultural ceremony will be
Symposium on Climate Change
held on 22nd January
earned + principal invested) is not
Being backed by the government,
complete safety of the product is
assured. Use it to fund your longterm goals such as buying a home or
The return is fixed every financial
year and is currently 8.7% per annum.
This is an excellent long-term savings
vehicle which has an assured return,
complete safety, and a tax break.
Avoid unnecessary
Just because you are earning,
don’t use it as an excuse to go on
periodic spending sprees with your
credit card to aid you. There is no free
lunch with a credit card.
Sure, if you spend beyond your
repaying capacity, you can roll over
the debt and pay a minimum amount
every month. However, it does not
come free. Credit cards charge
prohibitively high interest rates in
the range of 30% to 45% per annum
if the outstanding credit card bill is
not paid.
This interest is levied not only
on outstanding dues but even fresh
payments. Spend within your means
and pay off your credit card dues
on time. You get into the debt trap
now, not only will it eat away into
your limited savings, but sets a bad
foundation for you to build upon.
symposium on climate
change solutions in the
tea sector was organized
at NEDFi House conference hall
on 22nd January by the Assam
Branch Indian Tea Association
(ABITA). Gauhati University,
Kumar Hazarika anchored the
symposium which was attended
by two eminent faculty from Pune
and Bengaluru.
To find a way and direction on
the adverse climate change that the
tea industry has been experiencing
over the years this discussion was
held among the senior planters
and company representatives.
Representatives from the Tea
Research Association and Jorhat
Agricultural University also
attended the symposium.
City gets new hygienic fish cart
ma Sarma Gramya Vikash Kendra (USGRAVIKA) launched
a hygienic fish cart in collaboration with National Institute of
Designing (NID) on Wednesday for hygienic and quality fish
door to door delivery. The newly innovated cart was inaugurated at
the Uzan Bazar fish market by NID project head Sashank Mehta. This
hygienic fish cart is going to replace the system of ferrying fish in large
containers in bicycle door to door.
The fishing cart have eight chambers, out of which four are meant to
be used for keeping fish in water to keep them alive and two for keeping
the dead fish. The cart also has a separate chamber for keeping fish waste
such as scales and elementary canals etc.
G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
hrashing its way through to the
quarter finals of the 69th Santosh Trophy, Assam defeated
Manipur 2-0 in the 7th match of the
Northeast zone. Striker Suraj Mandal,
shined again as a star by scoring both
the goals in the 50th minute and converting a penalty in the 65th minute of
the game. Assam has been consistent
with their performance with a hattrick by Suraj Mandal in the opening
match, catching the attention of the
supporters of the home team.
The home team went into the field
with an advantage of goal difference,
standing ahead of Manipur and required only a draw to earn a berth in
the quarter final. On the other hand,
Manipur required to win in order to
qualify for the last four stage.
Dominating most part of the first
half, Manipur started the game well
but failed to capitalize. However, in
the second half, Assam came back
strong and pumped in two goals within a span of 15 minutes. Meanwhile,
in the last game of North East leg,
Mizoram defeated Meghalaya 3-0 to
assure its berth in the quarter finals.
“The team has performed magnificently and after a long term of eight
years the team has made its way into
the finals of the championship. I am
also hopeful that the team will keep
performing consistently and make its
way to the final of the championship”,
asserted Ankur Dutta, honorary secretary, Assam Football Association
congratulating the team for its excellent performance.
Previously, Assam took on
Arunachal Pradesh in their first game
of 69th National Football Championship for Santosh Trophy (NE Leg) following the match between Manipur
and Nagaland held at Khirod Baruah Stadium, Morigaon on Sunday,
January 18. The championship was
inaugurated by State Sports Minister
Ajit Singh with guests Dr. Nazrul Islam, Food and Civil Supply minister
and Ankur Dutta, secretary, Assam
Football Association in an opening
ceremony following which, the team
pleased the home crowd with a clinical 4-0 win over Arunachal Pradesh.
Along with the early 1-0 lead by
Midfielder Mintu Boro in the 20th
minute that put Assam ahead in
game, the highlight of the match was
the afore mentioned hat trick by Suraj
Mandal who scored in the 32nd minute, added time in the first half and
the 60th minute.
Assam also thrashed Nagaland
5-0 in the one-sided match of the
Championship in Group A encounter,
Northeast Zone round at Moraigon
on Tuesday, January 20. In the second
game for Assam the team kept Na-
galand under pressure from kick off
itself. It only took eleven minutes for
the home team to score the first goal
by Mintu Boro. However, the second
goal had to wait till the 40th minute
when Suraj Mandal hit the target.
In the 63rd minute, a header by
Mintu Boro went into the goal touching an opponent player, increasing
the margin of Assam. In the 84th
minute Mendela Rangmei made it 4-0
while the final nail in the coffin was
added by F Wary.
Altogether participated by seven
teams in this championship in the
North East zone, Assam are placed
in group ‘A’ along with Arunachal
Pradesh, Manipur and Nagaland. The
group ‘B’ had three teams–Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram.
The 20-member Assam team,
which was announced on January 17,
prior to the opening match against
Arunachal Paradesh included BIplab
Sonowal, Daoga Brahma, Sudipto
Banerjee, Samar Singh Brahma,
Sishuram Chutia, Biplab Kundu, N.
Bikash Singh, Biswajit Karmakar,
Suraj Mandal of Assam in action during a group match against Arunachal Pradesh
North East Zone Match Schedule and Results
of 2015 Santosh Trophy Football
Group A : Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Nagaland
Group B : Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura
18 January 2015
Manipur VS Nagaland
Khirod Baruah Stadium, Marigaon
18 January 2015
Arunachal Pradesh Vs Assam
Khirod Baruah Stadium, Marigaon
19 January 2015
Mizoram Vs Tripura
Khirod Baruah Stadium, Marigaon
20 January 2015
Nagaland Vs Assam
Khirod Baruah Stadium, Marigaon
20 January 2015
Arunachal Pradesh Vs Manipur
Khirod Baruah Stadium, Marigaon
21 January 2015
Meghalaya Vs Tripura
Khirod Baruah Stadium, Marigaon
22 January 2015
Assam Vs Manipur
Khirod Baruah Stadium, Marigaon
22 January 2015
Nagaland Vs Arunachal Pradesh
Khirod Baruah Stadium, Marigaon
23 January 2015
Meghalaya Vs Mizoram
Khirod Baruah Stadium, Marigaon
The Zonal groups of the AIFF 69th Santosh Trophy
North Zone: Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarkhand,
South Zone: Karnataka, Kerela, Tamil Nadu, Andaman & Nicobar, Services, Andhra Pradesh
West Zone: Maharashtra, Goa, Gujrat, Daman & Diu, Madhya Pradesh
East Zone: West Bengal, Odisha, Railways, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Sikkim
North East Zone: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura
Bulnehril Saarai, Tridip Hazarika,
Sanjay Boro, F. Wary, Mintu Boro,
Mendela Rangmei, Lucky Imran,
Deepak Roy, Suraj Mondol, Shankar
Shil, William Gangte and Manash
Pratim Chutia. The team lead by
defender Biplob Sonowal has spent
nearly 15 days at the venue for its final preparation, which definitely provided fruitful results in its glorious
venture in the Norteast zone.
Divided into five zones namely
East Zone, North Zone, North East
Zone, South Zone and West Zone, 33
teams participated in 2015 Santosh
Trophy for which the qualifier matches kicked off on January 10. The final
round of the tournament will have entries of the top two teams from each
Five teams namely Kerala, Punjab, Delhi, West Bengal, Railways and
Goa have made it to the final Round
of the 69th Santosh Trophy from their
respective zones so with Assam being
the latest addition.
Santosh Trophy tournament was
started in the year 1941 and is one of
the most popular Football tournaments in India. The average participating team in the championship is
31 with West Bengal being the most
successful team in the championship
and also the first winner. This year’s
defending champion is Mizoram who
named the 68th Santosh Trophy Football Tournament against Railways.
Whereas, last time the team played in
the quarter final was in 2005 that was
held at Kozikode.
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G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
e have always had a tradition of conducting things
in a more informal manner rather than being formal. This is
what satsang is all about also. There
are no formalities to be followed in
satsang; we all sit together freely with
each other.
Today we are celebrating a
festival to honor and commemorate the tradition of Ayurveda.
Until recent times, the science of
Ayurveda progressed quite slowly in
our country, as if it were on a bullock
cart. But recently, our Prime Minister
has elevated it and given it speed, and
now it is on a jet plane! (Laughter)
He has raised Ayurveda to the high
pedestal of an expert science, which
Ayurveda truly deserves. One of
our very own devotees is closely
involved in steering this mission
with the Government. I am sure
now there can be no stopping of the
growth and popularity of Ayurveda.
Ayurveda is truly on the fast track
towards progress and popularity in
the country, and it will be able to
reach many more people everywhere.
Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish (Indian
Astrology) are all practical sciences.
In earlier days when we used
to conduct meditation workshops,
one of our devotees always used to
owever, around the same
time, two more songs were
being composed. One was
the Jana Gana Mana, which is the
National Anthem of India. Written in highly Sanskritised (Tatsama) Bengali, the first of the five
stanzas of a Brahmo hymn composed and scored by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.
Lyrics and Music
Rabindranath Tagore, 1911
Adopted: 24 January 1950
jana-gaNa-manaadhinAyaka, jaya he’
vindhya himAchala
yamunA gangA
uchchala jaladhi tarangA
tava Subha nAme’ jAge’
tava Subha ASisha mAge’
gAhe’ tava jaya-gAthA
jana-gaNamangaLadAyaka, jaya he’
jaya he’, jaya he’, jaya he’,
jaya jaya jaya, jaya he’ |
English translation
Thou art the ruler of the
minds of all people,
Dispenser of India’s
Thy name rouses the hearts
Ayurveda: Healthier Than
Ever Before
insist that we should start an Ayurveda workshop as well. At that time
my focus was on meditation and
I had no strong intention of going
into Ayurveda. But today, look at the
high national ranking that the Sri Sri
Ayurveda College has secured in the
country. This also shows the deep
faith that our Ayurveda teachers
have in this science.
In South India, there is a saying
that every Guru desires a disciple
who can truly surpass him in knowledge. The job of a Guru is to teach and
impart knowledge, and then forget it
all as well. There can be no liberation
if you keep hanging onto knowledge.
For liberation, one also has to forget
everything learnt after some time. A Guru always wants his disciples to
make great progress so that they may
surpass and defeat the Guru himself
one day. Then a Guru’s job is done.
Today, as you all graduate from
this College as Ayurvedic doctors,
I urge you to work hard so that
your teachers here can one day say
proudly, ‘My own student has ex-
celled and surpassed even me’. Otherwise, if students come to teachers
and learn nothing, and the teachers forget nothing, then the teachers have not done their job well.
All the students here have secured
100% marks and have received First
Class in their studies. The credit for
such great performance goes to our
teachers here.
A teacher must always have the
willingness to share his knowledge,
and a student must always have the
thirst for knowledge. Through meditation, we can enhance our skill
and capacity to receive knowledge.
And when we lead such a good life,
then we become useful for ourselves
and also for everyone around us.
Life, when nourished by knowledge
becomes helpful, both to oneself and
to others around.
To celebrate this occasion, the
students have lit so many lamps here
today. We have to light the lamp of
health and knowledge in every home.
It is our sacred duty and responsibility. Just having a healthy body
alone is not considered to be a sign
of complete health or well-being. A
person who is truly healthy is one
who has an unfading smile on his
face. A healthy person is one who has
a smile on his face, love in his heart,
and strength and vitality in the body.
Medicines alone cannot help one to
achieve this state. Along with medicines and food, one must also focus
on sadhana (spiritual practices) also.
Along with knowledge, one must
also have the attitude and willingness towards service. If all the Ayurveda doctors imbibe a sense of selfless service, then they will become
great healers. One of our Vaidji (a
name given to an Ayurveda doctor)
has been going to a remote village
every day for so many years to meet
and serve the needy people there. No
matter what the conditions or the
weather may be, he has always been
committed to go meet the people of
the village and help them in every
way he can. Such is his dedication.
I once again congratulate all the
students, teachers and the manage-
ment of the Sri Sri Ayurveda College for working tirelessly for the
progress of Ayurveda. I urge you to
continue to work with the same spirit
and commitment, because this entire
world belongs to us. There is no one
who is a stranger to us. Until and
unless everyone lives in harmony
with each other and there is an atmosphere of peace and love everywhere, our work here is not finished.
I am glad to know that our devotee
– Shripad Ji has been chosen by the
Prime Minister for promoting the
cause of Ayurveda. I have always
seen him smiling in every situation,
and he works with complete dedication in everything that he does. I
congratulate him and pray to God
to bless him with strength so that
he can continue his work at a much
faster pace and that he gets great success in his activities.
His Holiness
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji
I pledge my
allegiance to thee
of Punjab, Sind, Gujarat and
Of the Dravida and Orissa
and Bengal;
It echoes in the hills of the
Vindhyas and Himalayas,
Mingles in the music of
Yamuna and Ganga and is
chanted by
The waves of the Indian Sea.
They pray for thy blessings
and sing thy praise.
The saving of all people waits
in thy hand,
Thou dispenser of India’s
Victory, victory, victory to
I have been singing the National
Anthem since I was in school, maybe
more like a parrot, understanding
though much later that the Northeast of India is nowhere in the lines
of the anthem, which otherwise has
words of praise for every other corner of India. Did that make me feel
deprived and neglected? Yes, it did!
If I look at it from an angle of my
people screaming “step-motherly”
treatment from mainland India,
then surely I have every reason to demand why Northeast India has not
been featured in the anthem? Some
young Assamese boys took the pain
to rewrite the anthem and include
the Northeast region. Has that made
a difference? No it hasn’t ‘cause we
are not singing their anthem but the
National Anthem sans the mention
of Northeast India.
The official duration of the National Anthem of India is 52 seconds.
Incidentally, controversy shadowed Jana Gana Mana from the day
of its first rendition in 1911 at the
Congress session in Calcutta. King
George V was scheduled to arrive in
the city on 30 December. The poet
laureate, Rabindranath Tagore was
asked to compose a poem-song for
the arrival of the monarch. And he
composed this song. A section of
the Anglo-Indian English press in
Calcutta thought and duly reported
that Tagore’s hymn was homage to
the emperor.
However, much later in 1939,
the poet claimed in a letter that it
was absolutely wrong to think that
he would have composed Jana Gana
Mana for the arrival of King George
“I should only insult myself if I
cared to answer those who consider
me capable of such unbounded stupidity.” In another letter to Pulin
Behari Sen, Tagore later wrote, “A
certain high official in His Majesty’s
service, who was also my friend, had
requested that I write a song of felicitation towards the Emperor. The
request simply amazed me. It caused
a great stir in my heart. In response
to that great mental turmoil, I pronounced the victory in Jana Gana
Mana of that Bhagya Vidhata (ed.
God of Destiny) of India who has
from age after age held steadfast the
reins of India’s chariot through rise
and fall, through the straight path
and the curved. That Lord of Destiny, that Reader of the Collective
Mind of India, that Perennial Guide,
could never be George V, George VI,
or any other George. Even my official friend understood this about the
song. After all, even if his admiration for the crown was excessive, he
was not lacking in simple common
But I wonder what took the poet,
Rabindranath Tagore so long to react to the controversy? From 1911
when the controversy about the anthem started to 1939, to when Tagore
tried to clarify his stand, it was a
good 28 years. Wasn’t it a little too
late? Why didn’t the poet come up
with a clarification straight away in
1911 during the British regime? Did
he somehow harbour fears of being
derided? Haven’t we thought of one
grave aberration in our anthem as to
why the word “adhinayak” is still in
(part 2)
use? Are we still under the British
regime and is George V still the
destiny of Indians? During a visit
to Assam in 2014, Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi was a
speaker at the Platinum Jubilee
Celebrations of the English daily,
The Assam Tribune, where I was
an anchor. As the programme
ended, everyone expected that
I would announce all present in
the hall to rise for the National
Anthem. But little did they know
that the SPG group in strict directives from the PMO told me at
the beginning of the programme
that there will be no National Anthem at the end of the event. So,
there was absolutely no question
of me announcing about it. But
why didn’t we have the National
Anthem at a programme where
the Prime Minister was present?
Is Shri Narendra Modi trying to
avoid taking part in the National
Anthem? Does he know about the
controversies surrounding this
anthem? Many questions, many
answers too but all muffled!
G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
Now you can read your doctor’s prescription
Dr. Bikash Rai Das,
Consultant Heart Surgeon,
GNRC Hospital
“Bad writing is more like bad manners than bad features,
it is unpleasant to the beholder, like an ugly face, but, unlike it, is easily corrigible.”
- E.W. Playfair
edicines can do a lot of good but they also have the potential to cause harm. Medication errors are one of the most common causes of patient
harm. A doctor’s illegible handwriting may be a standing joke, but for some people it may actually be life threatening. In a 1998 study from
the British Medical Journal, researchers determined that compared to other healthcare professionals and administrators, physicians had
the worst handwriting of all. A misread prescription can lead to wrong treatment and cause death. It has been estimated that 1–2% of US patients are
harmed by medication errors, majority of which are errors in prescribing. The number may certainly be very high in India. Illegible handwriting in
medical records can have adverse medico-legal implications too.
A prescription
Prescription is a written order
by doctor to the pharmacist to make
and dispense medicines for a patient. The prescription has details of
the prescriber, patient and signature
of the prescriber. The superscription
symbol Rx in a prescription is a Latin abbreviation of the word ‘Recipe’
meaning “you take”. Prescriptions
are given the status of legal document and are to be preserved by the
dispenser and also stamp the dispensed prescription as dispensed in
order to avoid re-dispensing. The repeat dispensing is illegal and hence
each prescription can be dispensed
only once and after that it becomes
Drawbacks of
a conventional
hand written
The hand written prescriptions
are criticised for being poorly legible
and error prone. The doctors earlier used to write prescriptions in a
sign language so that patients could
not get familiar with the medicines’
name and treatment details just to
avoid self-medication. But, there are
serious implications arising due to
illegible prescriptions including unintended omissions, failure to stop a
drug timely, dose error, dosage form
Legal aspects of
Medicines are classified as prescription-only medicines (POM)
and non-prescription drugs. Nonprescription drugs are over the
counter medicines, which are usually for symptomatic relief and can
be used by informed self-medication
given by registered pharmacist. The
POMs are further classified into
medicines to be dispensed on a prescription of a registered medical
practitioner (Schedule H) and drugs
be launched in government institutions in a phased way as a part of the
government’s zero tolerance policy
on corruption and inefficiency, according to an official statement.
Barriers in
which are highly regulated (Schedule X) e.g. narcotics and psychotropic substances as per the Drugs
and Cosmetics Act 1940 in India.
The Schedule X drugs regulation is
supplemented by The Narcotics and
Psychotropic substance Act 1985.
Generations of physicians who
have practiced medicine using conventional paper prescriptions feels
threatened and insecure and are
the bottlenecks in adaption of eprescriptions. The ignorance of all
stakeholders like government, regulators, pharmacists and patients may
also resist the change over from conventional to e-prescriptions.
Why and how is
the conventional
prescription not
able to meet the
current clinical
are stakeholder
and patient
Current clinical practice is gradually going to depend on electronic
systems and documentation. It will
be difficult to manage the mentioned
objectives with conventional prescriptions. As a result, it will not be
possible to integrate conventional
paper based prescriptions into modern healthcare system.
What is an
Electronic prescribing or
e-prescribing (e-Rx) is the computer-based electronic generation, transmission and filling of
a medical prescription, taking
the place of paper. For example,
the doctor writes an e-prescription, which automatically gets
transferred to the pharmacy.
The prescription is read and
understood before dispensing. The patient when arrives
at the pharmacy, can get their
medicines with counseling as
pharmacist had time to think
before they arrives to pick the
How are
better than the
E-prescription is a safe, secure and system based where there
is little chance for human errors
of dispensing. As the prescription is transferred electronically,
it can reach pharmacy much early,
which gives enough margin time
for the pharmacist to plan dispensing. There are no issues of illegible
prescriptions and errors associated
with conventional prescriptions.
The e-prescriptions can be adopted
for electronic inventory control and
documentation of sales in multiple
pharmacies on day-to-day basis.
In which part
of the world
are utilised and
what is their
The trend is more popular in
west as compared to Asian countries. USA leads in e-prescription
implementation and regulation. The
HITECH Act of electronic medical records makes mandatory of
e-prescriptions. According to SureScripts, a champion company in eprescriptions in USA has declared
that one-third million physicians
use e-prescriptions. The Indian government also plans to make e-prescription mandatory for all doctors
in the country. E-prescription will
Healthy fats are important in your diet. Cutting out fats altogether is not healthy and can make your skin incredibly dry, making
you look older and less healthy.
Primary stakeholders involved
are doctors, nurses, pharmacist and
patients. The secondary stakeholders involved are regulators, manufacturers and insurance companies.
The primary stakeholders are at ease
and can function without confusion.
For patients they are happy to receive medicines without much waiting time in the pharmacy. Medication errors, drug utilisation reports,
irrational prescriptions can be routinely checked and corrected.
Limitations of
E-prescriptions are a new technology with huge expectations from
the stakeholders, however except for
the initial investment, the operational cost is very low and cost-effective. There is a need of a software engineer to keep the system running.
Confidentiality of large number of
patients will be at stake if proper security systems are not implemented
in the platform.
E-prescription is the way to go,
which will invariably avoid medication errors and thereby simplify and
better the treatment of the patients
with application of technology.
G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
Proud moment for Huma
Qureshi’s parents?
Soha, Kunal With 218 cuts, ‘Grand
to wed at their Masti’ to become most
home censored movie on TV
uma Qureshi has become one
of the hottest choices this
award season so far. The actress has received many awards for her
role in Dedh Ishqiya.
To make her success even more
special Huma’s parents have asked her
for one of the awards to keep at their
Delhi house.
Huma stays away from her family
in Mumbai. Since the start of the career
Huma has always got immense support
from her parents. They have made all
her achievements very special.
They had loved the film and were
very happy for the kind of response
the film had received. Not just that the
actress was highly appreciated for her
performance in the film.
When contacted Huma, she
shared, “My parents had loved the film
and are elated by the kind of response it
has received. They have infact asked me
for one of the awards from the season
to keep it as a momento in our Delhi
Is Varun the new
blue eyed boy of
he year 2014 has been a great one for Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment (NGE)
with a lineup of super hit movies. In a recent announcement on their social media, they
have confirmed that they will be soon rolling out
a new film, ‘Dishoom’, which goes into production
The film, directed by Rohit Dhawan stars
Varun Dhawan, John Abraham & Jacqueline Fernandez. Nothing much has been clarified about
the film yet; however going by the record, this one
too is sure to be an all out entertainer, just like
every other Sajid Nadiadwala film.
ctors Soha Ali Khan and Kunal
Kemmu have decided to have
a low-key wedding at their
house in Khar. The bride is confident
it will be special, while her mother
and actress Sharmila Tagore says she’s
“very happy” for her daughter.
Soha and Kunal will tie the knot
on Sunday, and it will be a departure
from the grand five-day celebrations
at Soha’s brother actor Saif Ali Khan’s
wedding to actress Kareena Kapoor
two years back.
“Our wedding will take place at
our home, where Kunal and I stay. It
will be a small wedding in the presence of our family members,” Soha
The duo has been dating for quite
some time, and they have been living
Soha got engaged to Kunal in
Paris last year. The couple has worked
together in the 2009 film “99”.
hat is precisely the number of scenes the censor
board wants deleted from
Grand Masti’s TV premiere
About 17 months after its
theatrical release, Indra Kumar’s
sex comedy Grand Masti might
get a television screening soon but with some riders. Regional
officer of Central Board of Film
Certification (CBFC), Rahul
Vaidya has sent a showcause notice to the makers asking them to
effect 218 cuts for small screen
A board official says, “They
have been asked to resubmit the
film after making the suggested
cuts. Only then will a decision
on the certification of the film be
In December 2013, Kumar
had applied to the board to clear
his Rs 100-crore film with a U/A
certificate so that it could be premiered on television. A source
from the CBFC says, “With 218
cuts, one wonders how much of
the film will be left. The board
may pass the film with the requested certification but only if
the recommended cuts and modifications are accommodated.”
The filmmaker says the process of deleting the scenes is already underway. Meanwhile, the
makers have already announced
‘Phir Grand Masti’ with Riteish
Deshmukh, Aftab Shivdasani
and Vivek Oberoi. The film will
mark Riteish’s comeback to the
sex comedy genre.
Will Amy’s days change
Kalki ran the marathon
with a friend in tow
hile everyone spotted Kalki Koechlin at the Mumbai Marathon along with someone in a wheel chair, little does anyone know the lady was none other the Malini Chib who is
largely the inspiration behind the film Margarita with a Straw.
Malini has acute cerebral palsy. That is a condition where the part
of your brain that controls your motor skills is damaged at birth. But
your emotional and intellectual abilities are intact.
So while Kalki spent time with Malini to understand the nuances
for her character, the two soon became friends. They even went out on
a couple of occasions for coffee and dinners. Kalki learnt a great deal
from Malini about her character and life.
he success of Vikram-starrer Tamil romantic-thriller “I” has
cemented Amy Jackson’s career in southern filmdom to the
extent that producers are now making a beeline to cast her.
With two big projects ready to kick off, Amy has come a long way
since her debut in 2010 Tamil romantic-drama “Madraspattinam”.
“Amy already has a film with Udhayanidhi Stalin and Dhanush
ready to go on floors. She has also been approached two big-budget
projects, one each in Tamil as well as Telugu. She’s on the verge of
signing the dotted lines,” a source close to Amy said.
On Wednesday, Amy’s yet-untitled Tamil project with Udhayanidhi is going on floors.
G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
u D
ie w
M evie
ie w
M evie
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Tapsee Pannu, Rana
Daggubati, Anupam Kher, Kay Kay Menon
Director: Neeraj Pandey
Cast: Sonam Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, Pulkit
Samrat, Varun Sharma, Rajesh Sharma
Director: Abhishek Dogra
olly Ki Doli fairly entertains
in the first half but like most
Hindi films suffers from an
extremely underwhelming second
half that it made Kiran-Kejriwal battle in Delhi look far more entertaining. Let’s dissect the first half first,
which is like the trailer of the film on
a loop.
There are two ways of looking at
the first half.
First, I-have-left-my-brains-behind-way.
Second, I-am-so-pesudo-intellectual-that-I-will-even-intellectualisea-film-like-Saajan-Chale-Sasuralway.
Dolly Ki Doli is a film about a
plundering bride (Wow, a con woman. How maverick!). She even has a
fake family to con potential grooms.
(Amazing yaar, the writers have really thought it through!!) But she neither consummates her marriage nor
does she even get kissed by any man
she gets married to. (Bhartiya naari
Now let’s just screw it intellectually. Dolly Ki Doli is about a plundering bride, who loots potential grooms,
even gets married to them in grand
weddings, but funnily never gets captured on anyone’s camera. Dude, we
are a smart phone generation, that
even documents the ‘colour’ of ‘water’
in a restaurant. To show no one taking pictures of a gorgeous bride like
Dolly is a plot loophole that will make
Karishma Tanna-Upen Patel love affair on Bigg Boss Oscar-worthy. Dolly
gets married to a bunch of men yet
never gets laid. (You see there is a thin
line between sati Savitri and slutty
Savitri, and we prefer our heroines to
be the former!) As long as they are not
kissing, they can do anything --- con
innocent people, break their hearts,
even loot them bankrupt and we will
all find it all ‘Hahaha, so funny’. But
the moment they kiss, sati becomes
slutty and Savitri ain’t fun anymore!!
Varun-bhai-baat-maan-le-bhaiSharma plays Manoj Singh Chadhdha, a typical Delhi boy, high on
hormones and low on logic. Though
he is repeating his Fukrey Choocha
act yet he gets every nuance of a horny
uncouth boy to the T. Archana Puran
Singh does a stellar job of playing
Manoj’s Punjabi mother. Her expressions, her dialogue delivery, even her
slight overacting is a major source of
fun and laughter in the movie.
Rajkummar-bahut-ho-gaya-serious-cinema-Rao plays the estranged
lover who looks genuinely hurt and
endearingly Haryanvi. It’s the Haryanvi accent that differentiates a fabulous actor like Rajkummar from an
absolute amateur like Pulkit-wannabe-Salman-Khan-Samrat.
Sonam-like-you-know-what-Imean- Kapoor plays the titular role.
She continues to showcase her awesome talent of flashing that radiant
smile, those gorgeous clothes and
dialogues that are screamed but never
felt. I will take this moment to remind
her of one of her quotes: “Loud acting is considered like…bol diya yaar,
maine kar diya yaar…this is not acting, hello.” Yeah Sonam, copy THAT!
If you know what I mean!
Dolly Ki Doli could have been
spunkier, funkier and all things better. Watch it only for Rajkummar Rao,
Varun Sharma and Archana Puran
aby is about a just-established
group of professionals out on a
mission to fight terrorists anywhere in the world. They are required
to protect Indian boarders as it is facing threats from immediate neighbours. These undercover agents are
ready 24x7 to risk their lives for the
country. ATS chief Feroze Ali Khan
(Danny Denzongpa) describes them
aptly: “Humko kuch sirfire officers mil
hi jaate hain jo desk ke liye marna nahi
jeena chahte hain.”
Now, these trained professionals
are not allowed to reveal their identities, and therefore their deaths too are
never in public domain. Ajay Singh
Rajput (Akshay Kumar) is the best of
these agents: He’s ‘performed’ the tasks
in many countries, braving some of the
most hostile conditions. So it is not surprising that he’s being sent on a new,
dangerous mission: To exterminate
Bilal Khan (Kay Kay Menon) in Saudi
Arabia. But there is a shocker waiting
for him that would change the meaning of his entire life as agent.
Baby doesn’t waste much time in
coming directly to the theme. Like any
good screenplay, the first few scenes establish the fact that it’s an all out war on
terrorism which is using the world as
its canvas. The story keeps moving between Istanbul, Nepal and the Gulf, at
times even alluding to corrupt religious
leaders and their fanatic followers.
Ajay’s helped in his mission by a
few: master planner Shukla Jee (Anupam Kher), super commando Jai (Rana
Daggubati), honey-trap Priya (Taapsee
Pannu) and the meticulous executioner Ashfaq (Mikkal Zulfiqar). Together they have taken a vow to crush
all the audacious ambitions of a militant leader Maulana Rehman (Rasheed
Naz). Though the film hasn’t touched
the depths of the functioning style of
detective-agents, it has more or less
captured the basic essence of it.
Like Pandey’s debut film A
Wednesday, this one too alludes to the
efficacy of direct action against terrorists and thus his characters are mostly
seen doing physical action. Use of
closed or claustrophobic spaces is limited to only those scenes that involve
violence while the larger part of the
narrative utilises open spaces. This was
evident in Pandey’s other film, Special
26 as well where the lead characters
were less talkative and more action
The climax is strikingly similar to
Argo, but with a little lesser planning
and tension. Baby is not overtly dramatic and that saves the day towards
the ending. This reminds me of the
scene where Mumbai Police Commissioner Anupam Kher receives a call
from an insurance agent in a tense
scene of A Wednesday. That was funny
13 Steps to Bloody
Good Luck
Artist: Ashwin
he journey of life
isn’t exactly easy.
Some people make
it through hard work and
talent. Some fall by the
wayside. And some people
are just plain lucky. They
are blessed with Bloody
Good Luck!But is it possible to attract good luck?
Can we train ourselves
to be lucky? Apparently
it seems that Dame Luck
isn’t that fickle. She is
well within our reach.In
his first non-fiction foray,
bestselling author Ashwin
Sanghi explores that critical, much-longed for element called luck.Through
entertaining and informative anecdotes, narrations of personal experiences and vignettes of
homespun wisdom, Ashwin gives us a whole new
insight into how people
can work towards being
lucky.It seems that luck
isn’t entirely the twist of
fate that it is made out to
be! “13 Steps to Bloody
Good Luck is a book
worth reading. I’ve always
said that it’s better to be
lucky than to be good.”Jack Trout
Dolly ki Doli
Apsara Cinema
Daily at 11.00 AM, 2.00, 5.00 &
8.00 PM
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Daily at 11.45 AM & 5.15 PM
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Telebooking numbers: Anuradha Cineplex; 03612656968, 9954544738, Fun Cinemas: 9864800100, 9864800200,
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(Narengi): 8811001898
G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
TomTom launches Runner and
Multi-Sport GPS watches in India
Tech Watch
Whatsim lets you use whatsapp for free
while roaming worldwide
omTom has launched a new
range of GPS sport watches in
India. The new watches – TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport GPS –
deliver real-time information such as
time, distance, heart rate, pace, speed
and calories burnt to runners, cyclists
and swimmers.
The TomTom Runner GPS watch is
priced at Rs. 12,999, the TomTom MultiSport GPS at Rs. 15,499. TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Watch and the TomTom
Multi-Sport Cardio watch are priced at
Rs. 20,999 and Rs. 23499 respectively.
The new devices are exclusively available on flipkart.com.
The TomTom Runner Cardio has
a built-in heart rate monitor to help
runners measure heart rate without
the need for a separate, bulky and uncomfortable chest strap. It comes with
a large display, full-screen graphical
training tools and one-button control
allowing users to access real-time information to help them achieve their
Twitter unveils ‘while you were
away’ feature
witter has officially announced
rolling out a new feature – ‘While
you were away’ – that shows a recap of some of the top Tweets you might
have missed from accounts you follow.
The feature is currently available for
iOS users, while Android app and twit-
ter.com still awaits.
Twitter’s While you were away
feature is very similar to Facebook’s
News Feed, and finally breaks Twitter’s iconic chronological display. It’s
notable Twitter had already hinted
that it was going to display “best”
tweets from your network since you
last opened Twitter.
“Our goal is to help you keep up
– or catch up – with your world, no
matter how much time you spend on
Twitter. With a few improvements to
the home timeline we think we can
do a better job of delivering on that
promise without compromising the
real time nature of Twitter,” says Twitter in a post.
hatsApp is one of the
most popular instant
worldwide, with the company
recently announcing 700 million
monthly active users. Now, in an
attempt to woo the large WhatsApp user base, an Italian company has launched WhatSim, a
WhatsApp-only SIM that comes
with a plan that will let you use
the popular messaging app for
free while travelling across about
150 countries.
Manuel Zanella Rngineer,
Founder and CEO of Zeromobile,
the company behind WhatSim,
says, “WhatsApp is the future of
mobile communications. Its only
“limit” is the data connection especially when you are traveling
because the roaming charges are
expensive and you can’t always
find Wi-Fi everywhere and it is
not always free. As someone who
appreciates and uses WhatsApp,
I tried to figure out how to get
around this problem. That’s why
WhatSim is an extraordinary op-
portunity for WhatsApp.”
For EUR 10 (approximately
Rs. 714), users will get a SIM card
(standard worldwide shipping is
EUR 5 - Rs. 350 approximately) unlimited text messaging for a year.
While sending and receiving text
messages, location updates, and
contacts via WhatsApp is free, users will have to buy credits for sharing multimedia messages such as
photos, videos, and voice messages.
How much you get for your credits
depends on where you are travelling.
Zanella further explains, “The
solution we have developed is simple
and intuitive. With €5 you get 1000
credits that you can use, for instance,
to exchange 50 photos or 10 videos
in many countries around the world.
There are no limits to sharing your
position and contacts. This way we
guarantee the utmost transparency.
Buying a recharge is quick and easy:
just go to our website even from your
smartphone and soon even from a
dedicated app.”
WhatSim is available to buy via
the WhatSim website, with the company also planning to make it available via “network of local distributors
in over 100 countries.”
WhatsApp launches its web client,
but not for iOS users
Windows 10: Cortana to be
available on PCs
icrosoft has announced
rolling out its personal
digital assistant, Cortana,
to PC and tablet for the first time
with Windows 10. The assistant will
be available next to the Start button
in the taskbar for an easier access.
At its Windows 10 event, Microsoft also detailed Cortana for
desktop. Along with regular voice
commands, the virtual assistant allows users to search files on local
storage hard drives and OneDrive.
Users can also search pictures using
dates and other filters. Cortana can
search apps on the local device as well
as in Windows Store. It can be used
for composing emails, Bing searches
or playing music. The assistant also
lets you customise information, helping Cortana suggestions to be more
The assistant works across platforms, allowing users to pulling information on PC and later access it on
mobile devices. Cortana will also be
integrated with Microsoft’s new Project Spartan Browser.
long-desired feature for
fans, WhatsApp is now
available on Google
ChromeFor now, Chrome is the
only browser supported, and
you’ll need the app to log-in.
With a scan of the QR code, you
can start chatting on the desktop,
and leave your phone on the desk
next to you.
Last month, it was leaked that
Whatsapp was working on a web
client and finally from today they
are introducing it to the public.
The feature is called “WhatsApp
Web,” which gives its users the
ability to read and send messages
directly from their web browsers.
Interested WhatsApp users simply need to open Chrome and navi
gate to http://web.whatsapp.com
A QR code will appear on the web page, which must be scanned us
ing WhatsApp mobile application to activate the service.
By scanning the QR code that appears, users will automatically have
paired their mobile WhatsApp with the WhatsApp web client.
WhatsApp Web requires that you
install and run the latest Whatsapp version of the Android app on your phone.
The feature currently works on Android,
Windows Phone, and BlackBerry, but unfortunately, there’s no web solution at this
time for iOS users because of limitations
of the platform.
Indrajeet Bhuyan is
a 16 year old tech
blogger and security researcher. He
is passionate about
computers and believes in sharing knowledge and
information . He uses his spare
time helping people and companies secure themselves. fb.me/
G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
Your weekly dose of
If you feel like taking a “duvet day” on Monday, this could be due to influences that leave you feeling tired and unenthusiastic. There’s an upside,
too, as you might feel inspired to paint, play music, or get back in touch
with the dancer within. Yet friends beckon and people seem eager to have
you around. Expect invitations with many opportunities to network or find a
special date. By Thursday you’ll be ready to focus and get some work done.
Get ready to be bewitched, as a very romantic alignment could coincide
with a special date or meeting that makes you radiate happiness. You
may feel as though you’ve met “the one,” and of course there’s a good
chance you have. However, it pays to get to know the person better before
you head off into the sunset. It’s also an opportunity to add sparkle to your
current relationship. The New Moon can aid your career progress, but watch
out for mixed signals later!
Try not to get hooked into any get-rich-quick schemes, as they may promise
a lot more than they can deliver. If you’re eager to earn extra cash this week,
it might be better to focus on more dependable kinds of work. The New Moon
on Tuesday can help kick-start a business or romantic partnership. Yet expect
delays when Mercury turns retrograde midweek, as things may not go exactly
as planned. However, if it’s meant to be, you certainly won’t lose out.
You may finally get a chance to resolve a problem that’s been causing
angst for some time. Insights or a subtle understanding may be all it
takes for you to see the truth of the situation and know what to do next.
There’s plenty of action in your communication sector, too, as the New
Moon encourages you to start on an idea you’ve been pondering. This
could be an opportunity to take a class or begin earning money using
the Internet.
Get the advice of a practical friend if you’re faced with a decision and don’t
know what to do next. A strong influence could knock you off course, encouraging you to take action when you aren’t ready to do so. Later in the
week Mercury turns retrograde in your travel sector, so you might experience delays on journeys. However, this influence can help you think outside
the box. If you’ve had an ongoing problem, you may see a way to resolve it.
Don’t get pulled into schemes that may not be in your best interests, especially on Monday. A heady blend of energies hints that all that glitters
isn’t gold. If in doubt, try to get someone’s advice or do a little detective
work yourself. The New Moon on Tuesday could coincide with a decision
to get your finances in order. This is a good time to abolish debt and find
ways to save money where possible. Later, some well-paid work might put
a smile on your face.
A misunderstanding could affect a relationship, meaning that you may lose
faith in someone you once trusted. It’s best to keep an open mind, as things
may not be what they seem. Where lifestyle issues are concerned, Tuesday’s
New Moon could help you kick-start a new exercise or diet routine. If you
get moving on this now, you may find it easier to stick with it. Mercury turns
retrograde on Wednesday, so remember to back up important documents.
You could meet obstacles to your progress as an edgy link develops this week,
bringing frustration in its wake. Perhaps you’ll be tied up with red tape or
work, or find that a promise has been broken. Whatever the situation, patience will help you navigate your way through the days ahead and help
you find a way to resolve problems, too. Romance looks very possible, with a
New Moon bringing a chance to take a friendship or liaison to the next level.
A special date early in the week could take your breath away. A lovely blend of
energies encourages you to connect with a significant other and have a wonderful
time. Think roses, candlelight, and a kiss under the stars. The New Moon in your
home zone makes this a good time to get into some DIY projects. But Mercury
rewinds midweek, so avoid taking on major projects, as you could experience
delays along with other, more complex problems. Avoid signing major contracts,
With your practical mindset, you may have trouble getting your head
around an idea that isn’t based on fact. Bearing this in mind, you may
not trust your intuition, especially if you’re getting a message to do
something that doesn’t make sense. But by trusting what comes to you
and acting on it, you may get better results more quickly. There’s also a
romantic edge to the week, which might inspire you to write a love letter
or poem to a significant other.
You’ll be in your element as the Sun moves into your sign on Tuesday,
followed by a New Moon the same day. This is your chance to make
changes to any area of life you choose - and the sooner the better!
Mercury rewinds in your sign on Wednesday, so you also need to factor
delays into the equation. If a project takes a while to get going, keep
doing what you’re doing and you’ll get results further down the line.
Your motivation improves this week, encouraging you to get going regarding an idea or creative project. Romance is also in the air, making
this a good time to connect with a love interest for a special date, or
tempt your sweetheart with a candlelit meal. Meanwhile, Tuesday’s New
Moon falls in your spiritual sector. If you’ve been meaning to take up
meditation or yoga, this is the time to start. You’ll be likelier to stick
with it.
Useful Life Hacks
By using a bobby
pin to keep your
toothpaste tube
rolled up, you’re
guaranteed to use
every last ounce.
A teacher wanted to
teach her students about
self-esteem, so she asked,
anyone who thought they
were stupid to stand up.
One kid stood up and the
teacher was surprised.
She didn’t think anyone
would stand up so she
asked him, “Why did you
stand up?” He answered,
“I didn’t want to leave you
standing up by yourself.”
A policeman pulls a man
over for speeding and
asks him to get out of the
car. After looking the
man over the policeman
says, “Sir, I couldn’t help
but notice your eyes are
bloodshot. Have you been
drinking?” The man gets
really indignant and says,
“Officer, I couldn’t help
but notice your eyes are
glazed. Have you been
eating doughnuts?”
Solution (Last Issue)
G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
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Floor, Rent-16,000
400 sqft Rcc godown
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B. Green
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police station
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G PLUS JAN 24- JAN 30, 2015
Catching Up
Bengaluru rated most
liveable city in India
Noyonita Lodh
leading international rating
agency has certified Bengaluru as the most liveable location in India, followed by Mumbai
and Chennai.
Though Bengaluru is ranked 171
in the global liveability index, the tech
hub has scored favourably over metros and other cities across the country
in terms of overall quality of living,
while New Delhi has been rated as the
least liveable, with worst air quality.
“In India, Bangalore (Bengaluru),
which is ranked 171 globally, scores
most favourably followed by Mumbai
and Chennai both ranked 182. New
Delhi, ranked 204, is the least liveable,
with worst score for air quality like
Beijing is in the world,” ECA International said in a statement on Thursday
from London.
As the leading provider of knowledge, information and technology for
the management and assignment of
employees the world over, ECA rated
Singapore as the most liveable loca-
Noyonita Lodh (born 1993) is an Indian
Model and beauty pageant winner who was
crowned Miss Diva Universe 2014 and will
represent India at Miss Universe 2014 in
Doral, USA, which is to be held on January
25, 2015.
tion in Asia and globally, followed by
Sydney and Adelaide in Australia.
“Good air quality, solid infrastructure, decent medical facilities,
low crime and health risks contributed to Singapore maintaining its
top position in the global ranking for
quality of living for Asian assignees,”
ECA regional (Asia) director Lee
Quane said in the statement.
The agency’s annual location
rating system evaluates multiple factors to assess the quality of living in
450 locations worldwide for enabling
global firms fix allowances to their
Factors for the assessment include climate, availability of health
services, housing and utilities, political tensions and air quality.
In the Indian sub-continent, Pakistani cities like Islamabad and Karachi, ranked at 261 and 269 in the survey, have the region’s worst scores for
personal security and social-political
Noyonita was born in Bangalore, India. She
did her schooling from Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore, the same school from
which India’s second Miss Universe Lara Dutta got qualified. For her higher studies she got
enrolled in St. Joseph’s College of Commerce,
Bangalore. She was crowned 2nd Runner Up
at MAX Miss Bangalore 2011 contest and also
won Miss Catwalk sub-award there.
Richard Branson wants to
build ‘satellite constellations’
A drink a night is
better for your
heart than none
at all
ichard Branson wants to build
‘satellite constellations’ that
will provide internet access to
After reaffirming his commitment to space tourism following
Virgin Galactic’s fatal crash in October, Richard Branson is now pouring money into OneWeb, a satelliteinternet company owned by former
Google Satellite executive Greg Wyler.
OneWeb, previously called
WorldVu, wants to bring internet access to those who do not possess it,
including third world countries, rural areas in developed countries like
the US, and airlines. The service will
be powered by a constellation of 648
satellites, reported The Verge.
The company, which is currently
based in Britain, is developing small
user terminals that will provide internet access at a rate of 50 megabits
per second.
The construction of the initial
constellation is expected to cost
about two billion dollars.
OneWeb will launch the 250-pound satellites using Virgin Galactic’s
LauncherOne, a rocket created to launch cargo into orbit.
Branson said that LauncherOne is more efficient than the big rockets
of the past for delivering satellites into space and added that it can take off
every three or four hours.
If the initial launch is successful, the company could launch up to 2,400
satellites, Branson said.
On a hopeful note, the Virgin Galactic head wrote that by the time
the company developed its second constellation , the company would have
launched more satellites than there currently are in the sky.
The launch is expected to happen in 2017.
new study has suggested that
in middle-aged men, drinking up to seven small glasses of
wine or about three and a half pints of
beer a week was associated with a 20
per cent lower risk of developing heart
failure when compared to teetotalers.
The study at Harvard Medical
School also found that the apparent
protective effects were more marginal
in women, but up to seven drinks a
week still gave moderate female drinkers a 16 per cent reduced risk of heart
failure over their non-drinking counterparts, the Independent reported.
Researcher Scott Solomon said
that these findings suggest that drinking alcohol in moderation does not
contribute to an increased risk of heart
failure and may even be protective.
He added that the study shows
there is an association between drinking moderate amounts of alcohol and
a lower risk of heart failure but this
does not necessarily mean that moderate alcohol consumption causes the
lowered risk, although they did adjust
their results to take account for a variety of other lifestyle factors.
The study also seemed to suggest
that those who had been heavy drinkers in their youth were at greater risk
of developing heart failure later in life
as the researchers found that former
drinkers had the highest risk of developing heart failure, a 19 per cent and
17 per cent increased risk among men
and women respectively compared
with abstainers.
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