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How we can
help you
We can provide you
and your company
with a range of ‘Back
Our Philosophy
Be completely open with our customers throughout the relationship.
Integrity Managed Services was established in 2012 by a management team with over a century’s experience.
Their partnerships with customers is based on an alignment of interests, where both parties are comfortable with
each other’s goals.
Office’ services:
Running weekly,
4 weekly and monthly
payrolls totaling
4000+ pay slips a
Credit Control
Our focus is to provide support and advisory services to
businesses that want to thrive in an increasingly competitive
We exploit the latest technology to provide cost effective
solutions to our customers, with minimal, and often no, capital
We believe that you should only pay for the service you receive.
Your capital should be employed to develop your business, not
in building the infrastructure needed for your business.
In recent years, outsourcing has started to receive bad press.
The reliance on off-shoring, failure of suppliers to meet their
contractual responsibilities, the deterioration of relationships as
supplier and vendor come to conflict - the list could go on, but
we are looking to change this.
Supporting companies
to collect the money
Integrity Managed Services - your back office is our front office.
they are owed,
chasing over £10million
a year.
What was management overhead, is now a guaranteed service level. We thrive on red tape. Regulatory change
impacting your business that isn’t part of your business - its is ours.
Our Aims
Integrity Managed Services is an East Anglian company; our goal is to provide effective and efficient outsourcing services, so you can concentrate on growing your business.
Employee Relations
Helping you with your
HR needs and
keeping a healthy
relationship between
you and your
employees. We can
also provide you with
our Employee
Benefits Portal,
Every organisation, small or large, has its unique sales point (USP), a strategic vision that differentiates it in the
market. For an SME, it is probably this idea that caused the founders to form the company.
Alongside your Core functions, you will do things that provide
no market differentiation, like tasks that every employer has
to perform (such as payroll) or something specific to your
business (such as chasing up annual reports); we are here
help you with these tasks.
Most business founders didn’t launch their business
to be swamped by none-core functions, tasks that
can easily become a distraction for
management and a drain on capital, so why
should you?
providing discounts to
a wide range of
stores and services.
Our goal is to enhance businesses through technology. Equipping them
to harness the power of new innovations without slavishly following
Helping you stay in
touch with your
business partners,
employees and clients
via Mobile and
Desktop phones, and
internet and e-Fax.
We can also host your
Email server.
Office Automation
Providing you with
software to make
your office work more
efficiently for you,
Integrity’s mission is to provide businesses with “Back Office” services that are
vital to your business, but not core. We want you to do what you do best, and leave
the rest to us by providing an exemplary service to you, so you have no concerns
over your managed service.
Integrity - our name and our greatest value.
At Integrity, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is good business practice. By adhering to a
strong ethical philosophy, we believe that we will foster good colleague relationships, enhance our reputation with
clients and be seen as a positive feature in the
communities where we are based.
In practice that means having an open relationship; being
honest about our errors and sharing our successes. If we
exceed our target profit margins, we will share them with
the staff who made it happen and the clients who gave us
the opportunity.
It means engaging with our neighbours; we seek to recruit
our workforce, from apprentices through to directors, from
the local community.
It means being careful in our use of natural resources, be it
diesel or paper. We monitor our impact on the environment and seek to minimise our impact on it.
We acknowledge that our staff, our customers and our neighbours, are vital to our success and we treat them all
as partners. In short, CSR at Integrity means acting with Integrity. We are passionate about these topics and will
work with clients to help them realise a CSR policy is a call to action, not a response to bureaucracy.
saving you time and
IT Support
Our fast and effective
IT Team will tackle
any computer issue,
providing a great,
more personal service
to our customers.
Focus on Business
The key design tenet behind the development of any Integrity
service is that it must address Business issues. While we utilise
the latest technology, in hardware, software and networking, it is
first and foremost, a business tool. Our Service Levels are not
described in obscure service specific terms, which mean nothing
to a business user, but in terms that are meaningful to you.
Service Levels based on your ability to perform your business as
you need.
Engagement Model
To ascertain if any of Integrity’s Support Service can benefit your
business, we are more than happy to meet with you and conduct
a free survey of your existing businesses infrastructure. We will
report back on any issues we may have found, and if everything
is okay then we will tell you so, no strings attached.
If we agree that there are areas where you face challenges, we
will work together to agree the service content and appropriate
service levels. This process will normally take less than a month.
Once engaged with us, you will be charged a per user, per month
price that is fixed for the duration of the contract.
It really is that simple.
Please contact us
01376 521665
[email protected]
Calling us today is the first step in getting peace of mind with the
inner workings of your company.
“Integrity runs both simple and complex processes.
We will assist any company, from a hairdressing salon through to large,
multi branch business. Regardless of size and complexity our
commitment to excellence is the same.” Managing Director - Peter Foy