Youth exchange
10-18 March – Palermo (Italy)
Hello! Are you ready for an amazing experience in Palermo? The staff of “Psicotabù” is
very glad to share with you these days of youth exchange. It will be an intensive week
during which young people from 4 different countries will learn and discover other
European cultures, improve their English, discover the importance of voluntary work and
finally (but not less important) have a good time together in the biggest city of the biggest
island of the Mediterranean: Sicily.
Here are some important information about the youth exchange.
The aims of this project are:
to increase social cohesion level among young European citizens from places
geographically and culturally diverse.
To promote greater cultural integration among the participants, through specific
activities aimed at overcoming social distances and prejudices.
To develop motivation towards an engagement to nonprofit activities of social
promotion and community service, as well as voluntary work.
To increase in all the involved participants a considerable sense of European active
Participants will be 5 for each organization, 4 youngsters between 18-25 years old and 1
group leader up to 30 years old.
It would be appreciated if you could involve participants with economic obstacles, to give
the possibility of having this experience also to young people with economic difficulties.
About gender balance, the group of each organization must be composed at least by the
40% of one gender.
It is important that all the participants can speak English, otherwise communication could
be difficult!
It is further important that all the participants will be motivated to participate in the
proposed activities.
We need to know all the travel details of each participant. It is preferable to arrive to the
hostel on the 10th of March in the morning, to have time for check in in the room and to
have lunch. If you communicate us the time and the airport of your arrival we will try to
arrange a transport for everybody.
The accommodation where you will be hosted is placed in Via G. Ardizzone n° 3, third
floor. This place is very close to the central rail station, very well connected to the city
centre and to all the Sicilian airports.
Unfortunately the hostel's building is unprovided of elevator.
Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be consumed in the hostel, but depending on the
activities of the days, they could be consumed in other places.
The place for indoor activities will be in Cortile San Mercurio 12. Outdoor activities will be
carried out in any part of the city.
In March weather in Palermo is unpredictable (we use to say that March is a little bit crazy,
because in the same day it could rain and than appears the sun) and the temperature
usually is between 13° and 20°.
The Currency of Italy is Euro. You can find many cash machines near the hostel.
Remember that this is our first youth exchange, so we could fail to provide something or
we could do something wrong; anyhow any complaint, criticism or advice will be
welcomed, as long as constructive and collaborative.
• A cultural presentation of your country (or of your province) - any kind of activity
will be welcomed (Videos, Pictures, Pantomime etc...).
• A presentation of your organization with any form of material you want (videos,
power point presentations, brochures etc...but creativity will be very appreciated).
• National drinks and snacks for intercultural evening.
• CD’s or mp3’s music from your country to have a dancing night!
• Most important, your good will, positive attitude and willingness to participate in this
youth exchange!
You are expected to fully participate in all the activities, unless you are ill. Unauthorized
absence from activities and workshops won’t be permitted. We would really appreciate
energetic and active participation!
Illegal actions: theft, acts of violence or other illegal actions will not be tolerated.
Smoking: it is respectful not smoking in common inside areas. You can smoke in the
balconies or outside of the buildings.
Important: if you want to discover the beauties of Palermo, please remind that you can do
it before the beginning or at the end of the exchange.
Remember also that Palermo is a big city with almost 700.000 habitants, so it is not
recommended to venture alone without asking information to local organization's staff.
Fulvio Grassadonio: +393277876403 – [email protected]
Giuseppina Mezzatesta +393280920709 – [email protected]
Marco Sucameli +393313635155 – [email protected]
If you are a citizen of a member state of the EU, you should bring with you your Health
Insurance Card, and if you are coming from a country outside EU, you should make a
private insurance for the time of your stay and you must bring a copy of your health
insurance policy coverage.
We strongly recommend that all participants organize their own personal health and travel
insurance before they leave their home country.
Participants are not insured for personal possessions and neither Psicotabù can be held
responsible for your personal belongings.
Travel cost will be reimbursed up to 170 euro, including flights and transportations from
the airports (No Taxi). Remember that we need: names of participants, cost of each ticket,
route and date of travel, and the ORIGINAL COPY of each ticket and boarding pass.
Please bring with you:
1. A photocopy of your passport or identity card
2. The original invoice of the flight ticket! (Where clearly stated how much you have paid).
This invoice should be addressed to yourself, or your organization. (If you receive an
electronic ticket, please forward the email to us, make sure it shows the real cost of the
3. Keep all boarding passes (we need them!) – we recommend you to make online check
in, once you will be back to your country we will ask you to send us original boarding pass
of return ticket and every other ticket please send a copy of the boarding pass to:
Via San Martino 17 – 90010
Ficarazzi (PA) - ITALY
Remember of make a copy of every ticket before send us the originals.
4. Save all original train and bus tickets or other tickets.
5. If you had to obtain visa, please bring all original receipts and a photocopy of the visa
From Palermo (Punta Raisi) Airport:
BUS “Prestia&Comandè”, one bus every half hour.
The bus terminal is close to the Airport exit: turn right after the exit .
Single ticket: 6,30 Euro
Round trip: 11 Euro
Last bus at 24.00
TRAIN from PUNTA RAISI airport to “PALERMO CENTRALE” rail station, one train
every half hour.
The rail station is on the -1 floor of the airport.
Single ticket: 5,80 Euro
By Trapani (Birgi) Airport
Bus Terravision (performed by “Salemi” bus company), from Trapani Airport to Palermo
p.zza Cairoli (it is close to Central Rail Station).
The bus terminal is in front of the Airport.
Ticket: 11,00 Euro.
The Time of the bus is variable (it is not a good service).
By Catania Airport
Bus SAIS Autolinee, from Catania Airport “Fontanarossa”
Single ticket: 12.50 Euro
Round trip: 20.00 Euro
From Palermo Central Rail Station and Bus Terminus to the hostel
Green Spot: P.zza Cairoli, Terminus of Trapani and Catania Airport bus
Blue Spot: Terminus of Palermo Airport bus
Red spot: Hostel
We don't know if that's all, but if you need to know other information please ask us
We are waiting for you in Palermo! See you soon!!!!!