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Bishop T.D. Jakes’ MegaFest Brings
Hollywood To Church In Dallas
An authentic voice
for change inspires
our next generation.
Tommy Wyatt
Page 2
New Auto
Insurance fraud
in Texas!
It appears that there is
a new scam being used in the
Automobile Insurance industry. And one in which all drivers should be aware.
Currently when there is
an automobile accident, the
drivers have the responsibility to report it to their own
companies and file a report
with the Department of
Safety. However, even
though one of the parties are
given a citation for the accident, there is no claim of responsibility.
And the company does
not accept the claim that their
insured is responsible, even
though they were given a
ticket for traffic violation that
caused the accident. And
here is the loophole. According to the law and a provision in the policy “The company can deny a claim due
to non-cooperation from its
insured.” This is becoming
more of a problem each day.
Because, most policies
have deductible clauses,
each person is responsible
for having their cars repaired.
Their insurance companies
will pay the cost of the repairs, less the deductible.
Your insurance company has
the right to go after the other
company for the cost of the
repairs, including the deductible that can be returned to
their insured. The deductible
is seldom returned, because
a lawsuit is very expensive,
and small claims are not
worth the effort of filing a civil
suit. That means that the
policy holder loses. In order for them to be reimbursed for their deductible
expenses, they will have to
file a lawsuit on their own.
While the Department of
Insurance should not be expected to determine who is at
fault for an accident - that
should be left up to the courts.
However, there should be
some provision in the law that
requires a driver involved in an
accident to file the necessary
report in order for the companies to make a determination.
As long as insurance
companies and their policyholders can avoid filing the
necessary paperwork to
make fair settlement for loses,
the policyholders on both sides
will continue to be the losers.
September 13, 2013
African Diaspora’s
growing population
could cause a political
force in Texas.
Page 6
Bishop T.D. Jakes with Oprah Winfrey who kicked-off the festival that attracted 75,000 participants.
By Naomi Richard
Mega is almost an
understatement for the
hosted by Bishop T.D.
Jakes and wife Serita,
known as MegaFest.
Held in Dallas, Aug. 2931, 2013 the ultimate intersection of faith family
attracted more than
75,000 participants during its three-day run at
multiple venues in the
city: The Dallas Convention Center, the
Omni Dallas Hotel and
the American Airlines
The largest event of
its kind, MegaFest featured four of Jakes’ most
popular conferences:
ManPower, Woman
Thou Art Loosed,
MegaKidz along with
celebrity entertainment,
business and other inspirational features for
the entire family.
Oprah Winfrey
kicked-off the festival
with the taping of her
Lifeclass in front of
thousands at the American Airlines Center.
This was followed by
numerous headliners
including Joel and
Victoria Osteen, who
hosted an empowerment session, Oscar and
Grammy winner, Jennifer Hudson, who headlined the Woman of Purpose concert and participated in the first International Faith and
Family Film Festival,
Black Chambers
Convene in Austin for
13th Annual Conference
Texas Association of
Chambers of Commerce
(TAAACC) will host its
13th Annual Conference
September 25-128, 2013
at Austin’s Crowne
Plaza Hotel & Convention Center (6121 N.
IH35, Austin, TX).
“Our theme this
year – It’s A New Day –
serves to highlights the
rapidly changing Texas
demography, as well as
the urgency attached to
our mission,” said
TAAACC Chairman Jim
Wyatt. “Even though
Texas has escaped the
brunt of the economic
downturn, African
American businesses
and the chambers that
support them will have
to sharpen our focus
and stiffen our resolve
to be competitive in this
Jim Wyatt
Texas Association of African
American Chambers of
13th Annual Conference
September 25-28, 2013
Crowne Plaza Hotel &
Convention Center
6121 N. IH35
Austin, TX 78752
One Texas family
lands the winning,
Million dollar ticket.
Page 7
Washington, Kenneth
“Babyface” Edmonds,
and of course, Bishop
T.D. Jakes who spoke at
numerous sessions including Woman Thou
Art Loosed, ManPower
and MegaYouth. Cedric
“The Entertainer” and
Niecy Nash hosted the
“Just Churchin’” Comedy Show, while “omg!
Insider’s” Kevin Frazier
moderated multiple
panel presentations
during the Film Festival.
“The success of
MegaFest in Dallas is
above and beyond my
expectations,” said
Bishop T.D. Jakes. “I
couldn’t be more
proud of my team who
worked tirelessly to
produce this three-day
event and provide a
platform for faith,
prayer, inspiration and
encouragement. I see
why God sent me to
Dallas. And I thank
him for all his blessing.”
Representing the
interests of nearly
thirty Black chambers
across the state,
TAAACC will convene
a line-up of workshops
and seminars designed
to address small business issues, contracting opportunities and
professional development for chamber officials.
*Annual report from
TAAACC Professional
Services Committee
*TAAACC Convention Vendor Fair
*State, County, Local elected officials will
provide conference kick-
off remarks
*“Reginald Gates
Best of the Best” business
*A conversation on
“Legislative Issues” as
reported by Representative Dawnna Dukes
E x c l u s i v e
Chairman’s Award Gala
Tourney on Saturday,
September 28
For additional information
TAAACC website –
TAAACC Chair-man Jim
Wyatt can be reached via
email at [email protected]
or phone at 512-535-5610.
AKA Sorority’s
Generous Donation
is Focused on
Saving the
See details on page 2
Page 2 ~ September 13, 2013/THE VILLAGER
Austin Area Urban League to
Host 36th Annual EO Day Gala
The Austin Area
Urban League will be
hosting its 36th Annual
Equal Opportunity Day
Gala this Friday at the
AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center. The 2013 Honorary
Chair will be Dr. W.
Charles Akin of Austin,
Texas. The Keynote
Speaker for the event is
Jeff Johnson, an awardwinning journalist, social activist, political
commentator and author. From his celebrated conversations
with marquee world
figures in the political,
business and entertainment arenas to his
grass-roots trench work
Texas State hosts
2013 Black and
Texas State UniversitySan Marcos and the Department of Theatre and
Dance will host the 11th
annual Black and Latino
Playwright Conference
Sept. 13-15.
The conference is a
multicultural theater
event celebrating influential black and Latino
to inspire the next generation of leaders; investigative journalist,
political correspondent, and activist, Jeff
Johnson continues to
be a trailblazing social
entrepreneur and au-
thentic voice for
Currently, Jeff is
a MSNBC contributor
and the executive editor
of He is
also the weekly commentator on the nationally syndicated Tom
Joyner Morning Show
tackling issues on politics, entertainment and
social policy issues.
Johnson is also currently the Chairman and
CEO of the Jeff Johnson
Institute for Urban Development, solutions
based institution currently leading a 5 year
project to recruit and
develop 80,000 black
male teachers.
around the nation. This
year, students will perform readings with professional actors and directors honoring the “father of Chicano theater,”
Luis Valdez. Founder
of El Teatro Campesino,
a farmworker’s theater
company associated
with Cesar Chavez and
the United Farm Workers,
adapted some of his
plays for the big screen.
His most notable success was the 1987 release “La Bamba,” the
biographical movie
about the rock and roll
singer Ritchie Valens.
According to Eugene
Lee, the artistic director for
the conference, students
will gain an invaluable experience working with
professional actors, playwrights and directors of
“The conference’s
underserved populations experience professional theater,” Lee
said. “They get to sink
their teeth into stories
about themselves.”
Jeff Johnson
Austin AKAs Provided School
Supplies to Oak Springs
Elementary School
On Friday, August
23, members of the Beta
Psi Omega (BPO) Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Sorority, Inc
purchased, delivered
and packaged school
supplies for the entire
Oak Springs Elementary School to include
“Sangre y Viento” by
Adam Esquenazi Douglas and directed by
Kinan Valdez will take
place on Sept. 14 at 7:30.
On Sept. 15 at noon, a
reading of “Eugene” by
Amina Henry and directed by Jeremy Bloom
will take place. Tickets to
the readings will be $5
and be held at the Theatre
Center main stage.
C a m e r o n
McKnight, a theatre senior, was involved with
the conference the past
three years and in 2012
played Rolando in the
conference performance
of “Seven Sisters.”
“Last year was
amazing, the public really gets a chance to be
involved through the
open rehearsals and
such,” McKnight said.
“It’s a very enlightening
The conference includes panel discussions, a brown bag lunch
with the guest artists
and open rehearsals
throughout the week.
For more information about the conference and related events,
please contact the Department of Theatre and
dance at (512) 245-2147.
To purchase tickets, call
the Texas State Box Office at (512) 245-2204.
supplies for the teachers. This was in support
G.R.E.E.N. “(Growing
Responsible Environmentalists by meeting
Educational Needs)
which started in 2009 in
an effort to make a
greater impact in the lo-
cal community. Students are given environmental coloring books,
stickers, and bookmarks
to help further their
education about the environment and engage
them in projects that focus on saving the environment.
THE VILLAGER/September 13, 2013 ~ Page 3
Ebenezer Baptist Church
Requests the honor of your presence for the
First Anniversary and Appreciation for Dr. Ricky
Theme: “Moving Into a New Era” Jeremiah
29:11 and Acts 20:28.
Friday, September 20, 2013 at 6:30 PM in
the Family Life Center at 1014 East 10th Street,
Austin, Texas 78702 and Sunday, September 22,
2013 at 8:00 and or 11:00 worship in the morning in the Sanctuary at 1010 East 10th Street, Austin, Texas 78702.
Reception following the 11:00 AM worship
will be in the Family Life Center.
RSVP: By Friday, September 13, 2013 @
512-478-1875, Ext. 2.
Wes Spears
30 Years Experience
Personal Injury,
[email protected] Criminal and
Family Law
401 Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas, 78701
Suite 1540
*Austin and Kileen | *Principal Office
Richard Glasco, Agent
11824 Jollyville Rd
Suite 300
Austin, TX 78759-2300
(512) 250-5533
Ask me about Disability
Income Insurance the
The bills don’t stop when
State Farm Way.
you’re sick or hurt and
have no income
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
*Home Office: Bloomington, Illinois
Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.
Call for details on coverage, cost, restrictions and renewability
Wesley UMC
Wesley Intergenerational Choir singing at the Memorial Service for the late Austin Celebrity Cactus Pryor
at Riverbend Centre (September 2011). Photo by Deborah
Cannon of The Austin American Statesman.
Wesley UMC Cordially invites all to the
36th Annual Musical of the Wesley
Intergenerational Choir. The program is
slated for Sunday, September 22, 2013 at 4
p.m. in the Main Sanctuary.
tional and New Orleans
jazz plus African-American spirituals for a rafterraising musical experience.
You’ll soar to new
Celebrating the
hearing this in200th anniversary of the
Baptist spirational and awe-inChurch in Harlem. Now, spiring performance.
Jazz at Lincoln Center Presented at The Long
Orchestra revisits this Center on Tuesday, Ocmasterwork, adding the tober 15 @ 8pm.
70-voice gospel choir,
Chorale Le Chateau, all 512.472.5470
conducted by Damien Charles Maund Toyota
8400 Research Blvd.
When the time came
P.O. Box 1608
for the Abyssinian BapAustin, TX 78758
tist Church in New York
City to celebrate its bicentennial they commissioned iconic composer/
Marsalis to create a work
Damon Luckett
for his Lincoln Center
Sales Consultant
Jazz Orchestra and the
(512) 458-2222
powerful Abyssinian
[email protected]
choir. The result
bines elements of tradi-
A Gospel Celebration
Wynton Marsalis
Agape Baptist Church
AGAPE is a chuch for all people. “Where Jesus Christ is Magnified and the love He
exhibited is Exemplified.” Come, receive God’s unconditional lovefor you.
For there is no greater love!
Church Services
Sunday School
Sunday Worship
9:30 AM
11:00 AM
Mid-Week Service Thursday: Praise,
Prayer and Bible Study 7:00 PM
Call 454-1547 for Transporation
Rev. H. Ed Calahan
A Ministry That Ministers
St. Peter’s United Methodist Church
Rev. Jack C. Gause
(to include Children’s Choir Rehersaland
Bible Study with age appropiate Activities)
Ebenezer Baptist Church
1010 East 10th Street 512-478-1875 Fax 512-478-1892
Bus Ministry
Call 512-478-1875
Sunday Services
Worship Service
Sunday School
Discipleship Training
Worship Service
Dr. Ricky Freeman, Pastor
8:00 A.M.
9:00 A.M.
10:00 A.M.
11:00 A.M.
Midweek Prayer Service
7:00 P.M.
Child Development Center
Ages 0-5 years
(Daily) 512-478-6709
Globalizing the Gospel
Edward M. Fleming,
Sr. Pastor
Visit our website @
1179 San Bernard Street,
Austin, TX 78702, 512-478-7023
Sunday Morning Bible Study, 9:00 A.M.
Sunday Morning Worship, 10:15 A.M.
The Church of Pentecost
Leading People to Experience God’s Love, Know Jesus Christ & Grow in His Image
The Church of Pentecost, USA Inc,
Austin offers a wide variety of opportunities for children, youth, adults, and older
adults to be involved in worship, spiritual
growth, education, community outreach,
and making a tangible difference to those
7801 N. Lamar Blvd, in need in our community. You too, can
Suite D 102,
make a positive difference in our commuAustin, Texas 78752 nity through your prayers, your presence,
your gifts, your service, and your witness.
Tel: 512 302-1270
Worship: Sunday-10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Tuesday Bible Studies-7:30pm - 9:00 pm
Friday Prayers-7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Olive Branch Fellowship of Austin / All Faith Chapel
Experience Grace For Life
4110 Guadalupe St Bldg #639 Austin, TX 78751
This life, therefore, is not righteousSunday Morning
ness, but growth in righteousness; not health,
Worship @ 11: am
Sunday Worship @ 10:30 am
in Clay Madsen Recreation
Center, Multipurpose Room,
(Arts & Crafts Rm for Children
Service @11:00 am)
1600 Gattis School Road,
Round Rock, TX 78664
Felix Bamirin, Pastor
Thursday Bible Study
@ 7:30 pm in
Apartment Club House
20404 Poppy Hills Tr,
Round Rock TX 78664
(682) 472-9073
[email protected]
Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church
would like to cordially invite you to our
Women's Day Annual on
September 15 @ 11:00 AM.
Our theme this year is:
"A Call to Be a Blessing", 1 Peter 3:8-11"
Our guest speaker will be
Pastor Terry K. Anderson of the Lilly Grove
Missionary Baptist Church-Houston, Texas.
Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church is located
@ 5900 Cameron Road. Pastor
A. W. Anthony Mays, Pastor.
FMI contact K. Karal @ 512. 947.4399
206 W Main St Ste 108
Round Rock, TX 78664-5874
512-368-5770 (Office)
[email protected]
Roy Cogdell
Insurance Agent
*We cash ALL Tax Refund*Checks *Check Out
450l East Martin Luther King Blvd.
Imani Community Church
Davis Elementray Auditorium
5214 West Duval Road
Sunday School
Worship Service
•Power Hour Bible Life Group
9:00 A.M.
10:00 A.M.
6:00 P.M.
Imani Complex & Office,
11800 Mustang at Duval
Austin, Texas 78727
Rev. Dr. Jacquelyn Donald-Mims
Office: 512-343-9300
True Hope Apostolic Church
The Apostle Gerald E. Loveless, Senior Pastor
8863 Anderson Mill Rd.
Austin, TX 78653
4509 Springdale Road Austin, Tx 78723
Office 512- 926-1686 Fax 512-929-7281
Christian Web
[email protected]
Sunday School
8:45 a.m.
Praise and Worship 10:15 a.m.
Wednesday Bible Study 12:00 p.m.
and Praise /Bible Study 6:30 p.m.
The St John Regular Baptist Association invites all preachers to its first “Preaching Conference” on September 27 and 28, 2013 to be held
at the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, 5900 Cameron
Road, Austin, TX. The conference times are Friday, September 27, 6:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. and
Saturday, September 28, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Conference facilitators are: Dr. Cleophus LaRue,
Dr. Joel Gregory, Dr. B.W. McClendon and Pastor Richard Carter. Early registration is through
September 20. For more information please contact Rev. Melvin Manor at 512-974-2443.
Women's Day Annual
In “The Centre” Bldg. F-15 7801 N. Lamar Blvd. (SE Corner of N Lamar and 183)
St John Regular
Baptist Association
but healing; not being, but becoming; not rest,
but exercise. We are not yet what we shall be,
but we are growing toward it. The process is
not yet finished, but it is going on. This is not
the end, but it is the road. All does not yet
gleam in glory, but all is being purified.
--- Martin Luther
Kenneth Hill, Pastor
Romans 5:1 Therefore,having been
justified by faith, we have peace
with God through our Lord Jesus Christ
512-744-5851 Cell
512-547-HOPE Church
Assistant, Elder Walker
Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church
5900 Cameron Road
Austin, Texas 78723-1843
(512) 451-0808 (512) 302-4575 Fax
Web Site -
Sunday Worship - 7:45 a.m. & 11 a.m.
Church School - 9:45 a.m.
Bible Studies - Mon, 6:30 p.m. & Wed., 12 noon
Wednesday Night Worship - 7 p.m .
“Ministries For Mankind” Luke 4:18
A.W.. Anthony Mays, Senior Pastor
Page 4 ~ September 13, 2013/THE VILLAGER
Youth of Today
Walmart’s Coming to Elgin
Camari Stiggers
Elgin Middle School
For those who don’t know where
Elgin is, it is between Taylor & Bastrop
and east of Austin. For so long we had
only a H.E.B. and Family Dollar, but now
we get a Walmart. The big box retailer
agreed to purchase the land for the store
from property owners 290 LLC, who
have been developing it with the help of
Lincoln Property Company.
Walmart signed papers on
Thursday, Sept. 20, closing on the property, which is located at U.S. 290 and
Saratoga Farms Boulevard, between
Prosperity Bank and First National Bank.
The store will be 150,000 square feet
and is expected to employ 300 people. It
is still tentatively set to open before Christmas of 2013.
The city council on Sept. 18
agreed to extend the amount of time
Walmart has to open the store, giving the
company until September 2014. “A lot of
times when a child turns 16 you want to
teach personal responsibility and ask
them to get a job to help pay for things,”
City Manager Greg Vick said. “If they
can get jobs close by, you won’t have to
They’ll be working a few minutes away
instead of the next town.”
Local jobs will put more money
into the local economy, which means
more revenue for things like ball fields,
infrastructure improvements and more
city services.
Hope of Tomorrow
Black Registry
Junior Year
Adrian Jackson
Harmony Science Academy
The start of the 2013-2014
school year has gotten off to a great
Freshman Year
CTYFL Season Begins
Jaylon Knighten
Del Valle High School
Bearcats played their first season game.
All division from Pee-wee Flag up to our
Senior team won their game, so everyone is 1-0. Way to Go Bearcats! I would
love to give a shout out toYouth Brigader
Trenton Leary for scoring the first touchdown as a junior. I am hoping to see a
lot more. Great job Trenton!
The Del Valle Cardinals played
their second game of the season
against Connally Cougars. Freshman
and Jr. Varsity team played on Thursday. The freshman team traveled to
Connally while the JV stayed at home.
Unfortunately the Jr Varsity did not win
but our freshman team did come out
on top with a win. Our B team smash
the cougars 30-0 and the A team
played a nail bitter game ending with a
score of 10-8. The varsity team
stepped up and brought home a win
also on Friday beating the Cougars
20-14. Good job Cardinal! Next week
we are looking for another win as we
will be playing McNeil Raiders. That
is all the news for this week will have
more news and scores for you next
week. Stay Blessed
Aubri Allen-Brent
Del Valle High School
The first week of school was
pretty hectic for me because I was
new to high school. On top of that Del
Valle is a pretty big school. Nevertheless, I learned to navigate the halls
and quickly got the hang of this new
school pretty fast. On the first Friday
of school we had our very first pep
Kiara Myers
Vista Ridge High School
Last Friday was an exciting day
in Vista Ridge sports. We held our first
pep rally of the year on Friday morning, packing the stands. School spirit
was running high from freshmen to seniors. We cheered for the dance performed by the Star Steppers and applauded the cheerleaders’ awesome
routine. Later Friday evening, the Vista
Ridge volleyball team faced a tough
Imani Demps
Del Valle High School
This is week 2 of being back in
school and I am really liking it I can
get use to this. We have so many
new rules that I'm liking. I have finally
Montrae Nelson
Riverplace Elementary
I am in third grade at River place
is Ms. Hurd and she is so nice. This is her
first year teaching at River place Elementary School. Her first name is Rachelle but
had my first test. And next week will
be progress reports and my goal is
all A's. Which shouldn't be hard. I think
I can do it Del Valle is being really cool
about the rules. It's almost shocking
how much it has changed. It doesn't
even feel like school sometimes.
That's good because when
your having fun and learning at the
same time time go by fast. I really like
all my classes and teachers I should
not have any problems this year. I
have a project that's due in like 10
days I have to build a car and make it
run off of a mouse trap. This project is
fun but difficult and I will update you all
on the final product. See you guys
next week.
Friday Night Lights
My Teacher
we do not call her that. This week I sat with
Ms. Hurd and asked her questions about
why she became a teacher and what
she liked about teaching. I asked Ms. Hurd
how did she decide to become a teacher
and she told me,” Because my mom and
Grandmother were teachers and she
became a teacher because she loved
helping children to become great learners. Ms. Hurd said, “There is nothing more
rewarding than seeing a child really understanding something for the first time.’’
I feel this is going to be a good
school year with Ms. Hurd because she
cares a lot about children and education.
I would like to thank Ms. Hurd for telling
me about herself and I am excited to work
with her this school year.
rally. I was kind of nervous because
being a cheerleader means had to
perform in front of the ENTIRE school.
Del Valley also had their first
varsity football game that week. Unfortunately we lost to the Seguin Matadors. On Friday 6th we had our Second game against the Connolly Cougars. Our varsity team showed out
and beat the Cougars!!!
The freshman cheerleaders will be cheering at our first varsity
volley ball game this coming Friday
the 13th. I’m not really nervous about
cheering at this game because I know
all the cheers and chants. So I should
be fine.
We are going into our third
week of school which means much
more homework and many more
lessons from the teachers. Freshman
year is going by fast. Until next time
Goooo Cardsss!
Beginning To Like School
Ranger Pride
opponent, Round Rock. High School.
The Lady Rangers fought
hard, beating the Round Rock Lady
Dragons and adding another win to
their non-district record. Following the
volleyball game, the fans went over to
Gupton Stadium to support Ranger football against LBJ High School in our first
home game. There was a lot of pressure on the boys after beating Bastrop
HS last week, 35-6, but our boys were
tough and carried some strong Ranger
By the end of the fourth quarter, the VRHS Varsity Football team had
defeated LBJ High School 32-7. What
a great evening for the Vista Ridge
Ranger student body who had a victory on the court and field within hours.
The Volleyball team is now preparing
to play Rouse this Friday as Varsity
gears up for another big game against
Elgin High School at the same time.
start. I am a junior at Harmony Science Academy North Austin. My first
few weeks in the start of a new school
year was full of anticipation.
I enjoyed getting to seeing
my friends and being able to meet
new ones. My teachers are all very
friendly and expect me to try hard and
give it my best. I am happy with the
courses I will be taking this year. We
are on a block schedule, this year,
and it seems to be working out nicely.
I am looking forward to a
fantastic junior year, and all the possibilities the future has in store for me. I
plan to work hard, study more, and
plan for my future, because senior
year is just around the corner.
Wesley Dickerson
Cedar Ridge H.S.
Friday is important to everyone for different reasons. Most kids it
means the weekend and a break
from school. For most adults it’s the
end of the workweek and time to rest
up at home before returning to the 9-5.
Friday is generally a good day for everyone around the country for each
person’s own specific reason.
Although for most people in
Texas Friday night means High
School Football. Texans love their football like no other state. Texas football
is famous for the fans, the teams, and
the rivalries. Texas football is so famous that there was a movie made
about it (Friday Night Lights). High
School Football is fun for everyone.
There is the thrill of being in the student
section and cheering your school on
while being very proud of where you
go to school. For the students and
children in the eighth grade and lower
its being able to sit and chat with your
friends while knowing that you will soon
be apart of this school’s tradition. For
the parents it’s about being able to say,
“ That’s my boy!” that’s mostly the
father though. For a lot of mothers it
usually a mix between pride and fear
of their little baby boy getting hit or getting some one in a thousand injury
that will be with them for life.
High School Football in Texas
is a huge deal that is important to almost everyone. In Texas football is
such a big deal that the question “ Are
you going to the game?” is becoming
something that is just silly to say. Friday night is football night.
Marshay Hatcher
Harmony Academy
The Harmony Science
Academy North Austin's Theater
Department, organized a bake sale
in order toraise money for this year's
production of "Acts of Murder", a
play we will be preforming at the end
of the year.
The money raised at the
bake sale will go toward purchasing
scripts, costumes, props, and other
materials needed to insure we put
on a wonderful show. The bake sale
was held on Thursday, September
4, 2013 after school. Members of
the department provided and sold
cupcakes, cakes, cookies, brownies, and lollipops. This bake sale
gave the department a wonderful opportunity to socialize and get more
involved with our school, something
we can all benefit from.
The Theater Department will
have more bake sales and many
other fundraisers, throughout the
year, up until the day of the show.
Thanks to all the students, teachers, and parents who came out and
supported the Theater Department.
U.S. Plan To Attack Syria
Genesis Stiggers
Elgin Elementary
Breaking news, Senate Foreign
Relationships Committee has voted to
give Obama power to launch a military
attack against Syria for using chemical
weapons. The vote is 10-7. This is the
first time since the 2002 resolution that
preceded Iraq war that congress has
voted authorized military. Although
Obama can have a military attack he
can’t use ground troops in Syria.
Now military response can be
come from seven democrats and three
republicans including Senator John
McCain who thought U.S. wasn’t doing
hard enough to arm the rebels fighting
against Syrian leader Bashar Assad.
Defense secretary estimates a cost limit
of tens of millions of dollars.
Well that’s all I have for today but
don’t forget to check out more exciting
stories in, “The Villager.”
New Jaguar
Dezhia Gorrer
LBJ High School
Crowded, confusing halls, long
lunch lines, new people, and NEW
SCHOOL. I have moved from Austin
High School to LBJ High School….
from a Maroon to a Jaguar.
The first couple of days were
so confusing and scary. I got lost and
was late to most of my classes. I have
gotten used to it now but I get lost every now and then. The halls at LBJ
are just circles and everything looks
the same. The school now is much
easier to get around to my classes. I
am in all Pre-Ap classes, just not history. My weakest subject is world history, and my favorite subject is algebra. I made the volleyball team , and I
play libro (I play back row only). We
have games every Tuesday and
I am at LBJ to join the early
college program, so I can graduate
with enough credits to be consider as
a sophomore my freshman year in
college. I hope this year turns out to
be better than my freshman year. I
believe it will be because my year
has started off GREAT! Austin high’s
volleyball team was good, but I feel
much better on the LBJ volleyball
team, because they work with you on
a position you want, not what they
choose for you.
I will continue to bring you news
about what’s going on in and around
LBJ. Until next time……. GO
Last Week
Erika Lipscomb
Manor Elementary
Last week was OK. We
got to explore with our electronics. In music, we are getting ready
to practice the flute recorder. We
have the option to buy one. We
are comparing numbers in Math
class and I am still reading a book
called "Wild Life".
Last week was pretty busy.
Look forward to this week. Hope
to go to the football game on Friday.
District Champs
Damon Luckett II
Barton Middle School
Football season is here! We
just started practicing with our pads
in football practice and I'm one of
the best outside linebackers on my
team. Football has been a fun sport
since I was a little kid. We're trying
to go for district champs this year
and I think we will get another banner for our school.
The banner is when you win
a total of 9 games or 8-1. But if we're
going to be district champs, we need
to start by practicing outside of practice, get good grades, and have
good behavior, so no player will miss
the game.
With that said, we will end the
season as district camps!
THE VILLAGER/September 13, 2013 ~ Page 5
Rise of the Underdog
Jasmyn Patterson
Reagan High School
For years John H. Reagan
Early College High school has been
perceived to be a bad or unacceptable school. But this year we are showing up and (showing out). This year
there are many new opportunities
making their way towards our beautiful school, Such as variety of ACC
classes. With Reagan being one the
few Early College High Schools in
Austin, it makes it an exceptional place
for the students who are trying to get a
taste of the college experience. It can
also take a very large financial burden
from student’s and parent’s shoulders.
It is possible that through this program
a student can graduate with not only a
high school diploma, but also with their
associate degree. Personally I think
that is remarkable.
Many people who have the
privilege to attend, teach or visit
Reagan have always a warm feeling
about our beautiful school. Ms.
Kurrialacherry, a new chemistry
teacher, stated “What drew me to
Reagan was that fact that we are perceived as the under dogs. But I think
we have a lot here. Yes things are not
perfect but we are still a great community.” Former senior Ruth Mendez has
stated that the school has really challenged her academically and given her
all the many resources she has needed
to maintain her 4.2 GPA. “I am really
undecided about my major in college.
But that’s the amazing thing about
Reagan there are so many elective
classes here. They have helped me
explore the numerous career paths I
can venture into”
Academics are an essential part
of a school’s success. Extracurricular
activities play a tremendous role as well.
Reagan has provided so many new
ways for students to get involved in
something positive. Such as a variety
of team sports, fine arts clubs; such as
choir and theatre and even community building clubs such as Communities in Schools (CIS) and PALS.
Reagan students are always volunteering to satisfy certain needs of the
community. Such as Coats for Kids and
food drives. We always find ways to
get involved. Recently we got a
chance to participant in a project called
Walk for Water. Students and teachers walked 3.7 miles carrying a 45 lbs.
jug of water to raise money to bring
clean water to citizens in the Songa
region of Burundi. I believe these clubs
and projects show the remarkable talent and generosity of our students.
Reagan has faced many obstacles over the years but we continue to break the negative chains
and rise higher towards the top. A
great man by the name of Booker T
Washington once said “Success is to
be measured not so much by the
position that one has reached in life
but as by the obstacles which he has
overcome.” I believe that is an idea
we should live our life by. Not just in
school but in everything we do. Life
will never be flawless. “There will
always be room for growth and improvement” states assistant principle
Delarosa. Things might not be perfect at times, but we still must strive to
make them better than they were yesterday. Reagan has been torn down
many times. But somehow we have
managed to pick up the pieces and
make a much better picture. We have
learned to focus on the things that matter, overcoming our obstacles, encouraging those around us, and reaching
our very own success.
Grandparents Day
Sarah Robertson
Pioneer Crossing Elem.
In the month of September not
only do we celebrate Labor Day, we
also celebrate National Grandparents
Day. In 1970 Marian McQuade started
a campaign to establish a day to honor
grandparents. So in 1978 President
Jimmy Carter signed a federal proclamation declaring the first Sunday after
Labor Day National Grandparents
Pioneer Crossing Elementary
celebrated grandparents’ day on Friday, September 06, 2013. It is a wonderful time for the students to have lunch
with their grandparents. So many
grandparents came out to eat with their
grandchildren; they had to make room
in the Library. My Nana brought me
McDonald’s and we had lunch together.
She shared a lot of information with
me. She told me when she was my
age and in the 5th grade she only went
to school with black kids. She never
went to school with white kids because
of segregation. She never had new
books for school. When the white
schools would be finish with their
books. They would give them to the
black schools which sometimes would
have the answers already in them or
the pages were missing or mark up.
She told me that school is very important and she wants me to get all the
knowledge and make good grades.
She told me I can be anything I want to
be when I grow up.
What are some different names
kids call their grandparents? I call my
grandparents Papa and Nana.
I want to encourage all the kids
to sit down with their grandparents and
ask them about when they were in
school. My Nana is so nice to me.
She and my Papa always give me
candy, money and ice cream. I know
I am a special little girl who has grandparents that are still alive. Happy Nana
and Papa Day!
“Are you smarter than this 5th
grader?” A: In 1964, President Lyndon
B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Acts,
although many schools unofficially had
begun to integrate before, 1964 was
the first year public schools were officially integrated.
Parent Exchange
Deria Good
Daily Middle School
This week on September 12th,
Dailey Middle School will be having a
Parent Exchange/Parent fun night from
6:30 to 7:30p.m.At this event, you will get
to have fun with your parents and play
several of games and this event may
include dinner. Also the Friday on September 13th,it will be picture day! Last
week most of the Teachers gave students a picture day slip for your parents
to sign.All students at Dailey, make sure
you return this slip to your teachers before this Friday, or you will not be able to
get your pictures.
This week is also the anniversary of 9/11 a trade by that happened in
New York where both of the world trade
centers we're crashed into by two planes
and were destroyed. This was a big
moment in U.S history .We were
shocked and this was very unexpected.
I pray to all of the families that were effected by this event.
Enjoy your first couple of weeks
at school and have a great day!
Raiders Football
Mark Wilson
Reagan High School
It's the second week of school and
it's really going great. I've met new friends
and teachers that make me feel at home
and comfortsble. I must say I was a little
nervous going to high school but i made it
so I would like to thank the students, teachers, and the rest of the staff for making it
easier for me to enjoy going to school. We
have our second football game this week
so come on out and support our Reagan
Raiders. Lets go Raiders!
Race to the Top District Grant
Darius Hatcher
Harmony Academy
Harmony Public Schools
has been named recipients of the
Race to the Top District Grant.
Race to the Top District Grant
helps technology transform
classrooms. Harmony Public
Schools will provide all 6th – 12th
grade students, as well as core
teachers for those grades, a
Chromebook for the 2013 - 2014
school year. Chromebook is a
laptop like device that is built
around the web experience with
offline capabilities.
Chromebooks will be
issued this fall, for students to use
during the school day with projectbased learning and personalized
learning time, and will be able to
take them home to continue their
school work. The device includes thousands of educational
apps available through the
Chrome Web Store and is ideal
for the Google Apps for Education Suite of collaboration and
learning tools. The purpose of this
initiative is to use modern technology tools to fully engage students and create a learning environment that fosters critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.
The students, teachers, and
staff are all very excited and anxious
to start using the Chromebooks this
year. There will be a Parent Informational Sessions on Tuesday
September 10 or Wednesday
September 11 at 5:30 pm to inform parents about how the
Chromebooks work, how they will
be distributed, and maintained.
Andrae Hatcher
Harmony Academy
Harmony Science Academy North Austin students in
grades 6-12 will be enrolled in
ALEKS, an online mathematics
program. ALEKS uses artificial intelligence and adaptive questioning to assess a student’s knowledge in math and deliver individualized instruction based on what
the student is most ready to learn.
Students can use ALEKS at
home, school, or anywhere with
a computer and Internet connection.
ALEKS allows students
to work at their own pace by providing a highly-personalized
learning path specific to each
student’s academic level. This
personalized instruction builds
tremendous learning momentum, helping students achieve
success and confidence in their
math abilities. As a student works
through a course, ALEKS periodically reassesses the student to
ensure that topics learned are
also retained.
These few weeks of
school I have had a chance to
complete some ALEKS assignments and it has helped me to
evaluate what I have already mastered in mathematics, and what I
need to work on. so far it has been
a great tool for me.
Getting Things Done
Jaquarry Wilson
LBJ High School
The first couple of weeks
of my continued and much
wanted journey at LBJ Early College High School have been undeniably great to me. With a renewed, great surge of indestructible energy from not only my
peers, but from the much welcoming faculty and staff, I have
no plans on leaving from this academic institution any time soon.
Despite being confused do
to the misplacement of students,
Operation School Bell
De’Ja Hill
Lamar Middle School
I am not sure how many
people know about a program
called Operation School Bell but
I plan to let people know about
this program. I know when my
mother was told about it she was
surprised that something like this
program was not known by more
Operation School Bell
is a program that helps parents
get new clothes and shoes for
Zyon Hill
Reagan High School
This week I want to talk
about a group that they have at
Reagan High and probably a lot
of other schools here in Austin.
There is a department called
Communities in school and
within their department they have
developed a group called the XY
SaNaya White
Cedars Academy
Alon Rodgers
Hendrickson Highschool
Each day 160,000 students do
not go to school because they are bullied,
teased and harassed. By turning the story
of a tragic death at Columbine High School
into a mission for change, Rachel's Challenge is helping create safer learning environments and making a world-wide impact.
Rachel's Challenge is a series of
student empowering programs and strategies that equip students and adults to
combat bullying and allay feelings of isolation and despair by creating a culture of
kindness and compassion. The programs
are based on the writings and life of 17
year-old Rachel Scott who was the first
student killed at Columbine High School
in 1999. Rachel left a legacy of reaching
Labor Day for my mom,
aunt, cousin & myself was completely labor free! We went to Sea
World in San Antonio, TX. There
weren't that many people there
and the lines were pretty short.
I rode the Steel Eel for the
first time. It was scary to approach
but super fun when I rode it. I
wanted to go again but we had to
go catch Shamu's show. Before
we leave we always get a funnel
cake to share. They are so delicious! We all had a fun time!
Star Reading
Rachel's Challenge
out to those who were different, who were
picked on by others, or who were new at
her school. (From Rachel's Challenge
Website). This week at Hendrickson, each
grade level is going to be taking part in
Rachel's Challenge. These are 45-60
minute assemblies hosted by the namesake organization. Educators from other
schools have provided strong recommendations and we look forward to a
positive reaction from our student body.
The Hawks are on a rampage
leaving their last game with a 52 -0 win
against 4Atop 10 team in state Leander.
They have moved up into 5Anumber 11
in state and they are not stopping there.
They want state bad and will stop at nothing to get it! Hawk nation!
Here are the stats from the game.
Total yards 787, rushing yards 490, passing yards 297. Quarterback Xavier
Conley completed. 20 out of 29 passes
for two TDs and no INTs. Rushing leader
was Samaje Perine with 265 yards on
26 carries and three TDs. Team depth is
seen in the fact that there were eight running backs and seven receivers who
contributed. I do not have any defensive
stats but one. There has not been one
point scored on the Hawks so far this year.
your children. A counselor or
teacher takes different groups of
children all through the year to a
place where the children get to
pick out a certain number of outfits, underwear, and even a jacket.
The children are also given a gift
card to Payless Shoe store so they
can buy a pair of shoes.
This year Operation
School Bell is allowing children
who are qualified to go to Target
and buy one hundred dollars of
clothes and they still get a gift card
for Payless Shoe store. I think that
the way things are set up this year
could be even better than before.
So if anyone did not
know about Operation School
Bell, you know now. Parents just
have to talk to a counselor at your
children’s school and the rest is
Until next week, De’ja’
Labor Day Fun
XY Zone
The XY Zone was given
that name because it is an all
male group of students and a
mentor, since males have the x-y
chromosome that is how the
name was developed. Once a
week this group gets together for
about an hour and talks about
what we think a man is supposed
to be and how to become a better man.
I think this program is good
for young men who may be feeling lost but it can work just as well
for a young man who thinks he
has already found his way. So if
you are a young man check to
see if your school has a program
like the XY Zone.
Until next week, Zyon
including myself, in inappropriate
classes, I’ve managed to get over
the whole fiasco. Waiting for a
few hours in the counselor’s office to get a schedule change had
never seemed longer, but, unlike
some of the counselors at Del
Valle, the staff at least showed
some sort of actual interest. A
mere smile can make someone
experience a sudden shift in their
mood, as can a short and simple
It has become evident to
me, after returning to a school in
the Austin Independent School
District that some of those who
work for the Del Valle Independent School District need to be
taught that, but I digress. Already
this year, I have two ACC courses
that I am currently taking as well
as a dual credit science class.
It’s also about time for me to begin studying for the SAT and ACT
because I have registered for
those. It’s going to be a great year!
Trenton Leary
Highland Park Elem.
On September 6, 2013,
Highland Park fourth graders started
practicing for the Star Reading Test.
Our teacher Mrs. Jimenez wanted
to see where everyone was on their
reading levels.All fourth grade teachers are doing this so that they will
know what areas to work on with
each student so that they are prepared when it is time to take the Star
Test this year. I am excited because
this will help me improve on my reading skills. On Friday a letter went
home to the parents making them
aware of what area their child
needed to work on, and the teacher
asked the parents help them at
On Saturday September 7,
2013, Capital City Bearcats Juniors
team played against the Cowboys.
Our Junior team won and beat the
Cowboys 46-0. This was our first
win of the Season. Go Bearcats! I
was excited when I scored the first
touchdown. I want to thank all my
family that came out to support me.
Until next time be blessed.
Field Trip
Averill Topps
Pease Elementary
On September , 13 The
Pease 6th graders are going on a
field trip to Whole Foods. In math
and science we are learning about
mean, median, mode, and range. I
learned that the median is the number in the middle, and the range is
the biggest number subtracted by
the lowest number, and the mode
is the number that occurs the most,
and the mean is all the numbers
added up and divided by the numbers that you added.
In Language arts and Social
studies, we are learning about current events, like the fire in Yosemite.
I like my new school very much and
hope to learn about more things.
Go Pease Bobcats
Page 6 ~ September 13, 2013/THE VILLAGER
The 9 Constitutional
by Tsoke (Chuch) Adjavon
The nine constitutional items are very important because it may
cause property taxes to increase or become new
laws. Proposition 1 (HJR
62) the constitutional
amendment authorizing
the legislature to provide
for an exemption from ad
valorem taxation of all or
part of "the market value
of the residence homestead of the surviving
spouse of a member of the
armed services of the
United States who is
killed in action.
Proposition 2 (HJR
79) the constitutional
amendment eliminating
an obsolete requirement
for a State Medical Education Board and a State
Medical education fund.
Proposition 3 (HJR 133)
seeks to authorize a political subdivision of this state
to extend the number of
days that aircraft parts
that are exempt from ad
valorem taxation due to
their location in this state
for a temporary period
may be located in this
state for purposes of
qualifying for the "tax exemption." Proposition 4
(HJR 24) seeks to authorize the legislature to provide for an exemption
from ad valorem taxation
of part of "the market
value of the residence
homestead of a partially
disabled veteran or the
surviving spouse of a partially disabled veteran if
the residence homestead
was donated to the disabled veteran by a charitable organization.
Furthermore, Proposition 5 (SJR 18) seeks to
authorize the making of a
reserve mortgage for the
purchase of homestead
property and seeks to
amend lender disclosures
and other requirements in
connection with a reverse
mortgage loan. Proposition 6 (SJR 1) seeks to provide for the creation of the
State Water Implementation Fund for Texas and
the State Water Implementation Revenue Fund
for Texas to assist in the
"financing of priority
projects in the state water plan to ensure the
availability of adequate
water resources.
Proposition 7 (HJR
87) seeks to authorize a
home-rule municipality
to provide in its charter
the procedure to fill a vacancy on its governing
body for which the unexpired term is 12 months or
less. Proposition 8 (HJR
147 and SJR 54) seeks to
repeal Section 7, Article
IX, Texas Constitution,
which relates to the creation of a hospital district
in Hidalgo County.
Proposition 9 (SJR 42)
seeks to expand the types
of sanctions that may be
assessed against a judge
or justice following a formal proceeding instituted
by the State Commission
on Judicial Conduct. As
a result, it is important for
Central Texans not to forget about the upcoming
African Diaspora Community
Engages Candidates Running
In Travis County
Photo by Tsoke (Chuch) Adjavon
On September 8,
2013, the "Diaspora
Votes" held another
"Greet and Meet
Event". The event
served as an opportunity for the African
Diaspora to meet some
candidates who are
running for political
office. Some of the candidates who attended
the meeting included
Jade Chang Sheppard,
Rico Reyes, Celia Israel, Chantal Eldridge,
Richard Jung and
Garry Brown. Furthermore, there was a diverse group of African
community civic leaders and business owners.
Some members of
the African Diaspora
who attended the
event included Mr.
N’dri (President of the
Ivorian Association);
Osagie (Founder of the
non-profit organization of the God Sent
Foundation); Felix
Bamirin (Pastor of
Grace Way Church)
and Bill Rogers.
Firstly, all of the
three candidates running for the Texas
House District 50
(Celia Israel, Rico
Reyes, and Jade Chang
present at the Diaspora
Vote event. It was an
opportunity for these
three candidates to introduce themselves
and to speak directly to
those who attended the
meeting. These three
about of how their past
and present experiences would make
them the best candidate
for the Texas House
District 50.
In addition, the
candidates running for
the Travis County
Commissioner Court
Precinct II (Richard
Jung and Gary Brown)
had the opportunity to
also share with the
group. Finally Chantal
Eldridge who is running for the next open
seat on the Travis
County Criminal Court
also spoke about the
reason why she chose
to run for judge. For
instance she mentioned, "I am running
for judge because I can
do more to help the
criminal court from the
inside than from the
outside". In other
words, if Chantal
Eldridge is elected,
then she will seeks to
end the "revolving
door" of prison that affects so many minorities.
Finally, all of the
candidates mentioned
Diaspora Community
living in Travis County
should get involved in
the various campaigns
by the following ways
of volunteering, donating, voting, telling
another friend/family
member about their
campaign; and by
"clicking like" on the
campaign Facebook
there are about 20,000
people of the African
Diaspora living in Central Texas. So, if the
African community
gets involved in local
politics, then it can be
a political force. As a
result, Diaspora Votes
hopes that more candidates would engage
the community by taking their time to attend
these meetings so that
they can address some
members of the community.
As the voters go to
the ballot box in Central Texas, there will
be numerous constitutional items that
would be voted on.
Moreover, there will be
nine constitutional
items on the ballot that
ranges from health care
to water issues. This
midterm November
voting tends to be very
low because most voters don’t think that
these items are important.
In other words, it
is estimated that about
10% of Texas voters
will actually vote on
these issues in November.
THE VILLAGER/September 13, 2013 ~ Page 7
Commercial Construction
Construction Assistant
must demonstrate the ability to
work primarily by means of subcontractors; however the Construction Assistant has the capability of managing self-performed construction activities
that benefit the project. Experience Administrator fit into the
post,Two shift Available,Send
Resume to(onmakeme @gmail.
com)Tel:(757) 656-9316.
New Jobs for the
Week of 9/08/2013
Assistant III,
Rio Grande Campus
8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Job# 1309003
Assistant, Senior Lab
Riverside Campus
Monday-Saturday hours
will be assigned (40hr)
Job# 1308031
Assistant, Senior Student
Financial Aid
Round Rock Campus
8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Additional night hours
Monday until 7:00 p.m.
Some Saturdays
from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
(40 hours to be arranged
within operating hours)
Job# 1309004
Advising/Student Services
Riverside Campus
8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.;
occasional Saturdays
9:00 a.m-1:00 p.m.
and Mondays
10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Job# 1309001
Technician, Senior
Computer Lab
(50%)Pinnacle Campus
4:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.
Job# 1309002
Technician, Senior
Computer Lab Support
Round Rock Campus
40 hours/week position
M-F; evening workrequired
Job# 1308039
Apply at HR
Middle Fiskville Rd.
6th Floor, Austin, TX 78752
Job Line (512 223-5621
We want
With The
Noted Chemist Joins Huston-Tillotson University
Faculty as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
(AUSTIN, Texas) —
Kwesi Amoa, Ph.D.
joined the HustonTillotson University faculty as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Amoa will guide
the Educator Preparation, Kinesiology, Humanities and Fine Arts,
Mathematics, Natural
Sciences, and Social and
Behavioral Sciences departments that are
housed within the College of Arts and Sciences.
Amoa is a skilled
organic chemist. His research over the years
has focused on 1) isolation, synthesis, and
characterization of natural products; 2) synthesis of anti-viral and anticarcinogenic agents; 3)
environmental chemistry – detection of toxic
substances in soil and
water; and 4) chemical
education. He is also an
expert in the development and delivery of
online content.
Since 1999 he has
been a member of the
largest professional society of chemists—the
American Chemical Society (ACS). From 20042005, he served as Chair
for the New York ACS
Brooklyn Subsection,
and from 2010-2013 he
chaired the ACS Environmental Committee.
He is also a member of
the National Organization for the Professional
Advancement of Black
Chemists and Chemical
Engineers (NOBCChE).
Kwesi Amoa, Ph.D.
From 2010 – 2012, he
served as peer reviewer
for the Journal of Chemical Education and in
2009, Amoa served as a
chapter reviewer for
McGraw Hill Publishing Company. In 2007,
Amoa was a Faculty and
Student Team Fellow at
Brookhaven National
Lab where he developed small molecules
to be used as tracers in
Amoa is a published author of both
print and electronic applications. In 2012, he
published “Nitration of
p-Anisaldehyde: The
Effect of Temperature
on Product Distribution
A Laboratory Demonstration” in The Chemical Education. In addition, he co-authored
“Laboratory Experiments in Chemistry for
Health Professional” 2nd
Edition. He had a guest
appearance on National
Geographic’s – “Escape
from New York: A
Doomsday Preppers
Event” that aired in Dec.
Amoa was
named a winner of the
2012 Fulbright Special-
ist Award.
He is the founder
KemSolutions, an online
video service that explains chemical concepts.
To date, his work has
more than 800,000 views
on YouTube.
Amoa received his
Bachelor of Science and
Master of Arts degrees
in chemistry from Fisk
University in 1990 and
1991, respectively. He
earned his doctorate in
organic chemistry from
Howard University in
May 1996. In addition,
he has certifications
from the Wharton
School of Business in
Integrating Finance and
Marketing and Finance
and Accounting for
Non-Finance Managers.
ports public education in
Texas. As authorized by
the Texas Legislature,
certain Texas Lottery revenues benefit state programs including the
Fund for Veterans’ Assistance.
The Texas Lottery
provides several entertaining games for lot-
tery players including
Powerball®, Mega Millions®, Lotto Texas®, All
or Nothing ™, Texas
Two Step ® , Pick 3™,
Daily 4™, Cash Five ®
and scratch-offs. For
more information visit
us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or at
(AUSTIN) – Elena
Rebollar of Del Valle
matched all five numbers (2-7-25-40-56) but
not the Powerball® (20)
for the drawing held
Aug. 31 to win $2 million. Because Rebollar
purchased the Power
Play ® option for $1
more, the $1 million second-tier prize doubled.
“I don’t really play
all the time; it’s sort of
random. My brother actually gave me the
money,” said Rebollar.
“I just got a Quick Pick
at the store.”
In fact, Rebollar had
no idea that her numbers
had come up until she
went back to her local
Texas Lottery® retailer.
“I scanned it, and I
thought maybe there was
an error,” explained
Rebollar brought
her family with her to
claim the prize. Not
only did her family
have a role in the ticket
purchase, they also figure prominently into
her plans for the money.
“I want to use
some of the money for
college for my two
boys,” said Rebollar.
Bader Food Mart located at 17305 Pearce
Lane #A in Del Valle
sold the winning ticket.
About the Texas
Beginning with the
first ticket sold in 1992,
the Texas Lottery has
generated $21 billion in
revenue for the state and
distributed $41 billion in
prizes to lottery players.
Since 1997, the Texas Lottery has contributed $15
billion to the Foundation
School Fund, which sup-
Double the Fun! Pick 3™ and Daily 4™ Drawings Now Four Times a Day!
(AUSTIN) – Beginning Sept. 9, the Texas
Lottery® will double the
number of daily drawings
for its popular Pick 3™ and
Daily 4 ™ games. Drawings for both games will
now occur on the same
schedule as the Texas
Lottery’s All or Nothing™
game. Drawings for Pick
3, Daily 4 and All or Nothing will occur four times
a day every Monday
through Saturday at
City of Austin
Purchasing Office
The City of Austin Purchasing Office
invites you to view current bid solicitations
p2.htm. Vendors are encouraged to register
on-line in the City’s Vendor Self Service
System. Once your company is registered,
you will receive notifications about new bid
opportunities. For additional information regarding current bid opportunities or Vendor Registration, please call the Purchasing
Office at 512-974-2500. For information on
the City of Austin’s Minority-Owned and
Women-Owned Procurement Program and the
certification process, please contact the Small
& Minority Business Resources Department at
512-974-7600 or visit their website at http://
10:00 a.m., 12:27 p.m.,
6:00 p.m., and 10:12 p.m.
“When we launched
the All or Nothing game in
September 2012, we
found that the new morning and evening draw
times were popular with
players, particularly the
6:00 p.m. drawing, which
proved to be a significant
contributor to that game’s
success,” said Gary Grief,
executive director of the
Texas Lottery. “Pick 3 and
Daily 4 are strong compo-
nents of Texas’ daily
games portfolio so this
was a natural transition
for us.”
Players will be able
to purchase tickets for the
new drawing times starting on Sunday, Sept. 8.
Pick 3 is played by
selecting three single-digit
numbers from zero to
nine and then selecting
the order to play the numbers-Exact Order, Any
Order, Exact/Any Order,
or Combo.
To play Daily 4,
players choose four
single-digit numbers from
zero to nine and then select how to play the numbers-Straight (Exact Order), Box (Any Order),
Straight/Box (Exact/Any
Order), or Combo. Daily
4 is also the only game
that offers players the opportunity to play pairs —
the Front Pair, Mid Pair or
Back Pair.
Both Daily 4 and Pick
3 offer a 50 cent minimum
wager and prizes vary
depending on the play
Hensel Phelps Construction Company,
Construction Manager At Risk, is actively soliciting proposals from
subcontractors for the construction of the
New Central Library and Related Improvements
CIP ID 7235.001 and 2nd Street Utilities, Sub Project ID 7328.013
Proposal Package 2A consists of Construction Cleaning and Waste Management,
Hoisting Package, Cast-In-Place Concrete (Turn-key Concrete), Masonry and
Stonework, Structural and Miscellaneous Steel, Ornamental Metals, Metal
Roofing, TPO Roofing and Sheet metal, Waterproofing and Sealants, Metal Wall
Panels and Scrim, Glass Package and Specialty Doors, Drywall and Acoustical,
Window Washing Equipment and Fall Protection, Elevators, Fire Protection,
Plumbing, HVAC, Controls, Electrical, Fire Alarm and Security Systems, and Turnkey
Bridge Construction work. A current set of plans and specifications can be
reviewed at our office, address mentioned below. Proposal selection will be on
a best value basis.
We will accept proposals for this package at our office, 8326 Cross Park Drive, Austin,
TX 78754 on Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 2:00 PM. A Pre-Proposal Conference
will be held at the above address at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, September 17, 2013
followed by a site visit. All City of Austin Certified Small, Minority and Women-Owned
Business Enterprises are encouraged to submit proposals.
The City of Austin SMBR Department has established the following participation
goals for this Proposal Package: AA-2.07%; His-7.26%; NA/A-0.80%; WBE-2.44%.
Hensel Phelps Construction Co. is available at (512) 834-9848 or fax (512) 8349844. Our company is an E.E.O. Employer. We encourage and actively solicit
proposals from minority and women owned enterprises for all projects.
type selected and the
amount wagered. For as
little as 50 cents extra per
play, both games offer the
Sum It Up® feature, which
provides another way to
win if the sum of the
player’s numbers is the
same as the sum of the
numbers drawn.
About the Texas Lottery
Beginning with the
first ticket sold in 1992,
the Texas Lottery has generated $21 billion in revenue for the state and distributed $41 billion in
prizes to lottery players.
Since 1997, the Texas Lottery has contributed $15
billion to the Foundation
School Fund, which supports public education in
Texas. As authorized by
the Texas Legislature, certain Texas Lottery revenues benefit state programs including the Fund
for Veterans’ Assistance.
The Texas Lottery
provides several entertaining games for lottery
Powerball , Mega Millions®, Lotto Texas®, All or
Nothing, Texas Two Step®,
Pick 3, Daily 4, Cash Five®
and scratch-offs. For
more information visit us
on Facebook, Twitter,
Page 8 ~ September 13, 2013/THE VILLAGER
Austin to Host USTA Free Tennis Play
Events in Celebration of Nickelodeon’s
10th Annual Worldwide Day of Play
During National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in September,
the USTA and the tennis industry are hosting thousands of USTA Free Tennis Play Events in celebration of the 10th annual Nickelodeon’s Worldwide
Day of Play throughout the country in an effort to get kids active and involved in tennis.
The USTA is making it easier and more fun for kids to get into the game—
and stay in the game. With tennis now sized right for age, kids play on shorter
courts, with smaller racquets, and slower, lower-bouncing balls. Kids are
able to play tennis made just for them, so they have a great time with the
game and want to keep playing and improving.
The events are free and open to the public, each showcasing how fun
and easy it now is for families to get into the sport, as well as providing a
great way for parents to spend time with their children while keeping them
The following are events taking place in the Austin area:
Sept. 14 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Onion Creek Country Club
2510 Onion Creek Parkway, Austin, 78747
Sept. 29 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Shipe Park
4400 Ave. G, Austin, 78751
For more information on USTA Free Tennis Play Events, please visit
ACC 40th Anniversary Celebration
Career and Resource Fair
September 17, 2013 - ACC Highland (Highland Mall), 6001 Airport Blvd.
Austin Community College is celebrating its 40th birthday with a showcase of programs, resources, and employment opportunities for the community. ACC: It’s a Family Affair will bring together current students, alumni,
faculty and staff, retirees, Central Texas leaders, and the community.
“ACC is marking 40 years of connecting people to careers, and that’s a key
component of our anniversary event,” says Dr. Richard Rhodes, ACC president/
CEO. “This is a great way for businesses and other organizations to partner with us
to showcase training and job opportunities for students, alumni, and the community.”
The event at ACC Highland (Highland Mall) will showcase a career and
resource fair. Register online at
In addition, sponsorship opportunities for ACC: It’s a Family Affair are
available. To learn more, visit
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