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January 2015
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Treasurer: Terry Sturgeon
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Membership Secretary: John Wigmore
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Director at Large: Isabel Weeks-Lambert
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Director at Large: Gregory Andrachuk
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Director at Large: Graham Darby
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Director at Large: Doug Easton
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Immed. Past President: Graham Walker
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founded 2003
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Editor: Malcolm Baster
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Prowl Convener Graham Darby
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Webmaster: Lou Watkins
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Regalia Coordinators:
Hospice Liaison: Tom Arnold
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Meeting Coordinator Doug Easton
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Events: Malcolm Baster
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JCCV meetings take place on the fourth Tuesday of each
month, except December, at 7:30 pm in the Chiefs &
Petty Officers Mess, CFB Esquimalt, at 1575 Lyall Street
in Victoria. Our AGM is held with the November meeting.
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to own one of these fine cars to be a member.
For information, email us at [email protected] or
drop us a note in the mail. We’ll send complete details.
If you believe that a Jaguar is more than just a car, you
are one of us!
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Malcolm Baster
Merritt Chisholm
First, let me wish all Club members and their families a
very Happy New Year. Let’s hope 2015 will be a banner
year for us.
January 2015
I hope we all enjoyed New Year’s Eve. My partying abilities have perhaps started to atrophy a bit as I get older. In
fact, this year I was up and about again by the 3rd!
Firstly, let me wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and
Prosperous New Year.
Secondly, I wish to express my thanks, on behalf of all
club members, for the support and effort made by the retiring members of the Board - Barry McCallan, Carol
McGinty and Peter Jeffrey. Their contribution to the club
is greatly appreciated and we look forward to their continued participation.
There has recently been a survey e-mailed to the membership. I hope everyone fills it out and returns it. It will
give the executive a sense of where the Club should be
Our next meeting will be a “Town Hall.” Our Club belongs
to us all, and it is important for each of us to say what he
or she wishes to get out of belonging, and what we are
able to put in. The “Town Hall” will be an excellent opportunity to say where you would like the club to go this year.
There will be survey forms available at the meeting.
Thirdly, I wish to welcome the new members of the executive, being Telse Wokersien, Terry Sturgeon and Graham Darby, and of course express my thanks and appreciation to the following who have graciously agreed to
remain on the executive: Isabel Weeks-Lambert, Gregory
Andrachuk, Malcolm Baster, Doug Easton, Alan Heartfield, Graham Walker and John Wigmore.
So let’s each of us do his or her bit to make 2015 the best
year yet!
With this group of dedicated people I can assure you that
the club can look forward to an exciting and interesting
And thanks to this month’s contributors: Lois Smith,
Wayne Watkins, Alan Lea, Merritt Chisholm, Isabel
New Members Welcome
And lastly, you will now be aware that we have circulated
for your completion a brief survey in an attempt to determine the direction you, the members, wish to see the club
take. We have already received a good number of responses to the survey but should you have not yet replied, I encourage you to do so. The information obtained
from the survey will be of great benefit to the directors.
The forthcoming member meeting to be held on the 27th
of this month at the C &PO’s Mess will be an important
one and I encourage your attendance. It will follow a
“town hall” format with club-related subjects, determined
by the survey, presented to you for comment. Gregory
Andrachuk has agreed to monitor this important event,
and will ensure the discussions regarding a specific subject remain focused.
Wayne McStravick
Brian Rice
Bernhard Rausch
John Holland
Advertising Rates
Classified Ads
Ads for cars, parts, merchandise, etc. for sale will be run
free of charge for one month.
Display Ads
Full Page: $550/yr
Half Page: $375/yr
Quarter Page: $250/yr
Business Card: $125/yr
I stress—this is your club! Become involved by assisting
in organizing and participating in the official as well as the
informal events.
Yearly Ads are printed in 11 standard issues and in the
JOTI special issue.
Contact: [email protected]
Again, best wishes for the new year and I look forward to
working with you to ensure the members of the Jaguar
Car Club of Victoria experience a successful and FUN
Happy Jaguaring,
The (superimposed) Chinese Zodiac calendar on the side
of this Jaguar XK tells us that this is the year of the
sheep, goat or ram. Current Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf
Speth was born under the sign of the sheep. (1955.)
This is your newsletter:
If you have an idea for a “latest update” or content for the newsletter,
please contact the editors @ [email protected]
November Coffee Klatch at the
Oak Bay Beach Hotel
December Coffee Klatch at the
Oak Bay Beach Hotel
We knew it was coming. After a few months of Jaguar
Club Coffee Klatches at Turkey Head by the Oak Bay
Marina Coffee House, the chilly temps of November and
the somewhat cool ocean breezes were fast approaching. So, same as last year, over to the Oak Bay Beach
Hotel for a Sunday morning of coffees, teas, muffins,
and scones and comradery among owners of Sir William Lyons’s motorcars . All the Jaguars and some nonJaguars (many are now in hibernation until the spring)
were parked in the underground parking at the hotel. A
quick ride up the elevator to find a chair in the solarium.
Down the hall to the café and back with morning sustenance. As more folks arrived there was the usual reconfiguration of tables and chairs to make room. Conversation started in earnest, touching on topics such as how
to anneal a copper washer, leather treatment and colourant, electronic ignition, quilts, cruises and who was
taking off until spring. As the conversations became
more specific there was a natural progression of boys at
one end and girls at the other end. Even although the
chit chat can be the same for both the boys and the girls
the groups always form. Then it always happens –
some chuckles from the women and the guys all look at
each other wondering who is getting talked about.
What a great way to start that time of year when batteries are on maintainers until the flower count is announced.
Hey, it was to be the last Coffee Klatch of the year. Lou
and I made the trek from the shores of Brentwood Bay to
the shores of Oak Bay early Sunday morning on the
21st. One should not be tardy or one might not get a
chair, we remembered. Hmmm, we arrived at Kate’s
Café at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel at 9:15 A.M. and had
our choice of seats in the solarium. Any choice really.
Our first thought was “Is this the right day?”. No worries
as we had just started sipping coffee and latte and nibbling scones and two more members arrived – Barry and
Floyd. Then Bob and Jean came in. Looks like we have
a Klatch today. Then just as the lady beside us left her
table, Graham and Linda came in. Perfect timing as musical chairs and tables commenced. For over an hour
and a half there was lively discussion about – what else
– Jaguars. What has been bought, sold or wished for.
There was a brief discussion about real estate, property
management, Christmas Craft Fairs, today’s automotive
paints, golf and parties – then it was back to Jaguars. A
good time was had by all as we thought about the next
Klatch, which are always great Jaguar Club gatherings.
By Wayne Watkins
By Wayne Watkins.
New Year’s Resolution 1
The Girls
I will always wear clean underwear
Just in case…..!
The Boys
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Prowl Announcement
Sunday, February 8, 2015
The destination for our February Prowl is the Victoria airport, where we will be entertained by the Catalina Preservation Society. We will be given a talk about the society
and a tour of the WWII aircraft they are restoring.
The next meeting of the
is on Tuesday, January 27, 2015
at 7:30 pm
After the tour we will regroup at Mary’s Restaurant (Mary’s
Bleue Moon Café) across the road. (This also dates back
to WWII!)
at the Chief & Petty Officers’ Mess CFB
Esquimalt, 1575 Lyall Street, Victoria
We gather at the Tillicum Mall at 10:30 am on Sunday,
February 8 for an 11:00 am departure.
The occasion you have been waiting for---an opportunity to express your opinions with respect to significant
matters relative to the Jaguar Car Club of Victoria. A
“TOWN HALL” forum has been organized to allow such an
opportunity with the subjects to be discussed to include,
amongst others, the following topics:
If you plan to participate, please RSVP to Graham Darby:
[email protected]
Are you satisfied or dissatisfied as a member of
the Jaguar Car Club of Victoria?
Are there changes in direction you would like the
club to take?
The meeting will be moderated by Gregory Andrachuk
This is the 1948 Jaguar XK 100.
What type of
Never heard of it, you say.
Well, it didn’t really exist.
is this?
Jaguar management explored the idea of a slightly
cheaper version of the XK 120 for the UK market by using
a two litre four cylinder engine in place of the 3.4 litre six.
However, the engine proved unsatisfactory, and the project was cancelled prior to production.
1,970 cc with 95 HP (105 HP with optional
8.1 compression ratio.)
4 speed manual
top speed: 96 MPH (99 MPH with 8.1 engine)
0-60 MPH: 15.8 sec (15.1 with the 8.1 engine)
2,855 lbs
Custom Auto
Jason Stoch
Paint & body
Specializing in:
Sheet metal
From minor repairs to full ground-up restoration, let Jetstream take your Jaguar to new heights.
Unit B, 2072 Henry Ave. West, Sidney, BC V8L 5Y1
PLEASE SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS ! Don’t forget to mention that you saw their ad in “The Island Growler”.
don’t know how welcome this particular vehicle
would be in our club, but it seems that a different sort
of Jaguar emerged briefly on the scene back in the
1980s. This was a rather more formidable proposition than your average XJ, and would no doubt confer
certain advantages on its driver during rush hour traffic.
Modern automakers have discovered that they can
make a lot of extra money by putting their names on
other products, and then selling them on at higher
prices, just because they are ‘branded’.
However, in China, it seems you don`t even need the
manufacturer’s approval to put your name on anything
you want, and a reader discovered a
Land Rover energy drink. The discovery was made on a
supermarket shelf, in the city of Guangzhou, and its label
has what appears to be the Jaguar logo, two Chinese
letters and Land Rover.
I refer to the joint US/China Jaguar Main Battle Tank.
The US/China détente policy of the 1970s had as one of
its major objectives the improvement of the global balance
of power by enhancing China’s status as a counterweight
to the USSR in Asia.
This required the transfer of certain US military technology to China. Part of this was a plan to upgrade the
Chinese T59 tank. The T59 was a licence-built Soviet
T55, armed with a British-developed main gun. The upgrade was carried out as a joint venture between Cadillac
Gage of the US and the China National Machinery &
Equipment Import & Export Corporation
The upgrades included an improved engine and transmission, better armour and improved armaments and control systems. Fallout from the Tiananmen Square massacre forced the US and Chinese apart, and China subsequently lost interest in the project.
We are absolutely sure that this is not an official product,
and we would have a hard time considering J-LR a serious manufacturer, if they would have resorted to this.
Cadillac Gage (now part of Textron Marine Land Systems) continued undaunted, and rolled out the prototype
in 1989. By all accounts the Jaguar was a very good tank,
but no orders were ever placed, this being due to the
huge glut of used tanks on the market following the end of
the Cold War.
The offending drink
(Thanks to Alan Lea for the above refreshment tip)
New Year’s Resolution 2
I will stop procrastinating.
I’ll start that one next month.
Attention Budding Entrepreneurs or Retirees looking to Supplement their Incomes!!
Business Opportunity
Open a fitness centre called “Resolutions.”
Stock it with gym equipment for the first month
of the year, then turn it into a bar for the remaining 11 months.
It can’t fail!
The US/Chinese Jaguar Main Battle Tank
New Year’s Resolution 3
I think I have been spending too much time on my computer.
Yesterday some one asked me what my New Year’s
Resolution was.
I answered “1,024 X 768.”
New Year’s Resolution:
I will stop reliving the past and
start worrying about the future.
An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year
A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.
“To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time.”
James Agate
The British Are Coming!
Jaguar Heritage Racing Series
Jaguar Land Rover wants to colonize South Carolina, or
at least a few hundred acres of it, for its first-ever U.S.
One-make racing series have steadily gained popularity as owners of exotic sports cars have increasingly enjoyed racing competition-spec cars against other owners
of similar cars. Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Aston
Martin offer such programmes, and Porsche supports
Not to be outdone, Jaguar is now entering the fray.
But instead of creating a racing-spec production car (the
F Type, for instance {!}), Jaguar is instituting a historic
racing series.
The U.K.’s Sunday Times reports that the automaker has
been “talking to several southern states, including South
Carolina” about plans to open a facility that could churn
out up to 200,000 cars per year. The Times said the Indian-owned British manufacturer also is considering sites in
Mexico but “is thought to be leaning towards the southern
states of the U.S.”
While nothing has been confirmed, Jaguar Land Rover is
making headway in other markets as it seeks to grow annual worldwide sales to 750,000 by 2020, an increase of
76 percent over last year’s record sales of 425,006. On
Tuesday, the first Chinese-built Range Rover Evoque
came off the line in Changshu, which aims to produce up
to 130,000 Evoque and Land Rover Freelander models
annually. Back home, Queen Elizabeth II has recently
officially opened a new plant for the company’s Ingenium
engines near Wolverhampton. These additions come atop
JLR’s smaller assembly plants in India, Kenya, Malaysia,
Pakistan and Turkey. Brazil is slated for 2016. Saudi Arabia is another possible locale.
The 2015 Jaguar Heritage Challenge, which builds on
the success of the Jaguar E-Type Challenge, will be open
to all Jaguars built before 1966. This, of course, will include the C-, D- and E-Types, and the Mk I and II saloons. The series will be administered by the Historic
Sports Car Club, based at Silverstone. Five races are
planned for 2015, four in the UK and one in continental
Even if JLR becomes neighbourly with Mercedes-Benz
and BMW in the American South, the majority of JLR’s
200,000 U.S.-built cars would probably be exported. Last
year, the company racked up 66,692 U.S. sales, less than
half of what Benz and BMW each built here. Granted,
there’s a lot of new product: The upcoming Land Rover
Discovery Sport and Jaguar XE promise greater volume,
as would the Jaguar SUV concept that keeps popping up
at auto shows and in test-track spy photos. No doubt the
F-type and F-type-based XK successor will make fat profits. Even if there’s a new U.S. plant, we can still expect
the majority of JLR’s leather-clad, aluminum-intensive
lineup to come from olde England.
(Thanks to Alan Lea for the above article)
A New XF
An all-new Jaguar XF will make its world debut at the New York International Auto Show next April,
according to Britain's Autocar magazine. The new model
is scheduled to go on sale in the fall of 2015. In appearance, it is expected to follow the pattern established by
the smaller XE to maintain a cohesive family identity, albeit scaled up and made more luxurious.
Ditto on the inside, where the XE has developed the template. Jaguar's highly touted new infotainment system, with its proprietary InControl Apps, will be
front and centre.
The new XF will be based on the same aluminum-intensive scalable platform architecture as the XE,
enabling it to be lighter and larger at the same time.
Expect Jaguar's new Ingenium family of engines to be the base powerplants but more sporting XFR
and XFR-S models are likely to follow.
(Thanks to Merritt for the above article)
2014 Competition Awards are now ready to be processed. After confirming your information on the JCNA
Standings web page, you should receive a confirmation
email within 48 hours.
JCNA Announcement
JCNA has sent instructions for our connoisseurs of clean,
cognoscenti of cones and champions of checkpoints to
claim their 2014 trophies:
If you think you are eligible to receive an award, it is
YOUR responsibility to submit a request to receive the
award. If you DO NOT check your standings, the JCNA
Awards Committee will not check your standings for you,
and you may not receive your award.
After December 31st, AND NOT BEFORE, the entire file
is finalized and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are calculated. Trophies will begin being processed after the first
of the year.
To check to see if you are eligible to receive an award,
go to At the Home Page, click on STANDINGS. On the left side of the page, click on 2014 Results
and Final Standings heading you are checking the results
in. Click on the standings you want to check on
(Concours North American, Concours Regional, Rally,
Slalom). Click on Concours (North
American) Concours (Regional) , Rally or Slalom
After January 1st, AND NOT BEFORE, members who
place 1st, 2nd or 3rd, must go to the JCNA web site to
confirm their information, and yes, there were a number
of addresses and other items that were out of date from
those on record.
After January 1st, to Confirm, not Claim, your award information, please go to Click Standings Click
2014 Results and Final (right now it says Provisional)
Standings, Click Concours (North American), or Rally or
Slalom. You may return and access each of these files.
The page showing the standings is displayed. As it says
in red text: “If you are eligible to receive a competition
award, please click on your score.”
A list of all of your scores for the current season are displayed. Note: You may have to scroll the page up or
down to see your information. Click on your score.
Scroll down to your name. Click on your score
The software automatically returns to the top of the page.
Scroll back down to your name. You should see a -- click
here to confirm data for your award order -- Be sure to fill
in all of the information. If you do not have a fax, that is
fine, but do enter your email address. Email is the only
way we have to contact you so it is very important that
you include your email address. If you are filling the information out for a club member that does not do email, we
still need an email contact. Click the Submit button at the
After you clicked on your score, again you may have to
scroll up or down again to see your information. Once
you see all of your scores, click on the red text.
The Competition Award Confirmation page is displayed.
Fill out all the information, then click the Submit button.
Note: You may print this page for your records after clicking on the Submit button.
IF you plan to attend the AGM and want your award presented to you at the AGM, be sure to check the box
above your name. After clicking the Submit button, you
may select one of the other types of competition or simply
close the site.
A list of those who have sent in their confirmation information will be posted as a link from the AGM page, -2014 JCNA Award Confirmations--.
You will receive a verification email within 48 hours once
your information has been received and posted. Note:
This is a manual and not automated process.
Steve Kennedy
[email protected]
In order to make some room for new arrivals JCNA Archives needs to clear out a bit of lingering materials. Almost every item has been reduced to half of the market
price. Several Items in the JCNA publications section
have been drastically reduced also. As always with the
archival material you should assume that these are the
last we will have of any item as the steady supply dried
up the year the publication was printed. Orders over $100
will receive 2 surprise publications--both collectible and
desirable. Please pass the word. Please do not take this
as anything more than sharing information and JCNA
providing a small benefit. Everything is on the JCNA Web
First Place
JCNA 2014
George Camp
I am contacting you from the JCNA Special Awards Committee. We have the
responsibility for selecting the awards not related to vehicle competition.
We are looking for someone to join our committee and work with us. Below is
a list of our yearly tasks. They usually take place between mid-December
and the end of February, with some earlier preparation. Where we can, we
break up the categories or regions and a single member selects the best two
or three candidates. From there we all review the finalists and make the
final selection. There is no pressure on anyone in determining the final
outcome. We are meeting now to confirm our documentation and selection
criteria. Our meetings take place on easy to manage, interactive WebEx
conference calls with direct interface and document sharing. In January and
February we meet about once a week for about an hour, with some homework
between the meetings. Due to the material that we evaluate, we should
probably not accept your current newsletter editor or web master, as they
may be candidates. No experience of any kind is required, just an open mind
and a very basic computer capability. We have pretty good guidelines to
help us out. There is almost no turnover in the committee. You won't get
worn out. We get our job done and have a little fun in the process. Please
check with your membership to see if you have someone who would be
interested in getting a very different aspect of the Jaguar Car Clubs, see
what all the other clubs do, and have a little fun in the process. Please
let me know if you have such a person.
Bob Matejek
NC Regional Director
Special Awards Committee Chairman
[email protected]
248-842-1046 cell
JCNA Special Awards Committee Duties (Some short, others long term)
Andrew Whyte Service Award
Fred Horner Sportsmanship Award for participation
Dealership of the Year
Top Club Web Site Award
Newsletter Awards
Karen Miller Award for top newsletter Editor
Top Newsletter Photos
Top Event Article
Top Technical Article
Top Travel Article
Top Heritage Article
Top Jaguar Humor & Lifestyle Article
Evaluate electronic and print newsletters
Monitor other JCNA Competition groups to ensure all awards are presented
Put together a JCNA Wikipedia entry
Put together a Committee Charter, outlining our responsibilities and
Establish and populate a Tab on the JCNA website.
Support the Jaguar Journal with information on the Special Awards
Evaluate and revise award criteria as needed
Top Facebook Site (future task)
Hospice Events
Victoria Hospice is proud to present the violas of the Victoria Symphony in a fund raising concert
and silent auction on January 30, 2015, 7 p.m., at James
Bay United Church. Tickets are $25.
Eight Victoria symphony violists—Kenji
Fuse, Mieka Michaud, Kay Cochrane, Stacey Boal, Jenny MacLeod, Donna Robertson, Chris Prince and Michael Van der Sloot, assisted by pianist Wendy Stofer—
will play together in memory of Ingrid Buschmann, who
was a long-time member of the viola section. Ingrid
passed away at Victoria Hospice in October 2013. Funds
raised go to aid Victoria Hospice’s Patient Comfort Fund.
The violists will perform the Gordon Jacob
Suite for 8 Violas, York Bowen’s Fantasia for Four Violas,
and a viola sonata dedicated to the memory of Ingrid,
Seattle composer Greg Bartholomew’s “In the Language
of Meditation”. The Victoria performance will be the
work’s Canadian premiere, and even better, the composer will be in attendance.
For ticket and information, call 250-5191744 or email at Victoria Hospice Fund Development
Ingrid Buschmann in the Victoria Hospice
Rooftop Garden
For Sale or Wanted
Advertisements run for one issue at no charge. Place your ad with
the editor at [email protected]
For Sale
Two vehicles
JCCV member moving out of province.
1997 Gulf Stream Yellowstone Capri 25’ Motor Home.
Looks like new!
Economical V10, cruise, air, rear bed, two door fridge,
microwave, oven, furnace.
Excellent condition. Just serviced, ready to go.
Asking $12,500, open to offers. More pictures available.
Located in Nanaimo.
For Sale
I owned a 1976 Jaguar XJ6 and now have a 4.2 Litre 6
cylinder engine with roughly 25,000 kms and a front windshield with rubber seal. If you or anyone else in your club
is interested in either item, I am asking $2500 or best offer for the motor and $300 or best offer for the windshield. If you would like to contact me, my email is:
[email protected]
For Free!
I have a complete photocopy of a Mk II shop manual with
part numbers. Rather than throw it out, I would give it to
someone who wants it. They would need to pick it up
from me in North Vancouver.
Dennis Molnar
604 724-8038
[email protected]
Not a member (yet). I am looking for a retirement gift for
myself. Can't afford the real thing, but does anyone out
there know where I can find a Jaguar XKSS REPLICA?
1998 Alfa Romeo 916 Spider Lusso.
Leather, air, power windows, 2.0 Twin Spark engine, five
speed transmission, very desirable Teledial wheels, paint
is like new. Major service just done on the car, ready to
go. A joy to drive. 97,000 km. Lived a sheltered life in Japan.
Asking $15,900, open to offers. More pictures available.
Located in Nanaimo.
I would prefer the 4.2l in left hand drive. Car should be in
ready to drive condition. I would prefer a Canadian seller,
but US and UK sellers are not out of the question. Anyone who can provide with any information, please contact
me at:
Mr. Byron R. MacGregor
@ [email protected]
or my home phone
New Year’s Resolution 4
Raymond Nichols
I will keep an extra safe distance
when driving behind police cars
to mention that you saw their ad in “The Island Growler”.
Jaguar Events, 2015
JCCV Events are printed in bold
July 2015
January 2015
Jan 27
JCCV Regular Meeting, Details page 8
July 1
Gorge Road Canada Day Picnic.
July 1
Saltspring Canada Day Show & Shine
Info pending
July 5
Sunday Prowl, details TBA
July 5
Classic car show Pender Island hosted by
“Wheels On Pender” Info pending
July 12
Brits on the Beach, Ladysmith
Info: Old English Car Club Central Island Branch,
July 17-19
Jaguars on the Island
Info pending
July 18
European Classic Car Meet in Calgary
Vintage Sports Car Club of Calgary
July 19
Classic Car Field Meet, Elk/Beaver Lake Park, Saanich
Victoria MG Club. Info: Pending
July 25
Western Washington All British Field Meet
Info pending
February 2015
Feb 8
Sunday Prowl, details TBA
Feb 15
Oak Bay Beach Hotel Coffee Klatch, 9:00 am to noon
Feb 24
JCCV Regular Meeting, details TBA
March 2015
Mar 1
Sunday Prowl, details TBA
Mar 15
Oak Bay Beach Hotel Coffee Klatch, 9:00 am to noon
Mar 20, 21
JCNA Annual general Meeting, Philadelphia, PA
Details on JCNA website
Mar 24
JCCV Regular Meeting, details TBA
April 2015
Apr 5
Sunday Prowl, details TBA
Apr 12
OECC South Island Branch Restoration Fair and
Swap Meet. 10 am - 3pm, Saanich Heritage Acres.
Info pending
Apr 19
Oak Bay Beach Hotel (or maybe Turkey Head?)
Coffee Klatch, 9:00 am to noon
Apr 26
St George’s Day British Motoring Show, Langley.
Info pending
Apr 28
JCCV Regular meeting, details TBA
New Year’s Resolution 5
I will plan to be more spontaneous this year.
The budding James Bonds among you will probably be
interested in a couple of ads that Merritt has sent.
The first is for the Peugeot 208 GTI:
The big building in the background at the end is the Banff
Springs Hotel.
May 2015
May 3
Sunday Prowl Details TBA
Vancouver All British Field Meet, Van Dusen Gardens
Vancouver All British Whistler Run
May 17
Turkey Head Coffee Klatch, 9am to noon
May 26
JCCV Regular Meeting. Details TBA.
The second shows the making of a Jaguar ad:
Go to Youtube and search:
British Intel I Behind the scenes I Jaguar USA
June 2015
June 6
Concours on the Meadows, Pitt Meadows
Info: Pacific Jaguar Enthusiasts Group
June 7
PJEG Slalom, Pitt Meacows Airport
Info: Pacific Jaguar Enthusiasts Group
June 7
Sunday Prowl. Details TBA.
June 19-20
Brits Best Classics, Radium Hot Springs
June 21
Fathers’ Day British Car Picnic, Beacon Hill Park.
Info: [email protected]
June 21
Seaside Cruizers Show & Shine, Qualicum Beach.
June 21
Turkey Head Coffee Klatch, 9am to noon
June 23
JCCV Regular Meeting. Details TBA.
June 26-28
Jaguar Associate Group 60th Anniversary
San Francisco Bay area. Info pages 19 & 20.
Jun 28
Canadian XK Jaguar Register Summer Slalom
Scott Road Skytrain Station.
Info: John Morse [email protected]
New Year’s Resolution 6
I will walk at least one mile
each day. Or at least think
about it.
New Year’s Day….Now is the
accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions.
Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.
Mark Twain
ere is some info on the Jaguar Associate Group of San Francisco’s big bash
next June. It is hoped to organize a tour down there to join in the fun.
Stay Tuned!