SBI Associate Clerk 25 Jan GK Computer Questions Morning Shift

SBI Associate Clerk Asked Questions -25 January 2015 Morning
1. IMF provides loan to whom? Only Member Countries
2. Name of America Canada line - Parallel line 49
3. RBI doesn't control which one of them? ICICI Prudential
4. New chief of IB - Dineshwar Sharma
5. Which is regulator of commodity market – FMC
6. Sarita devi which sports - Boxing
7. Wandering in many worlds is autobiography of whom? - V. R. Krishna Iyer
8. Purpose of monetary policy?
9. Who won Nobel Prize in micro economics? - Amartya Sen
10.Brazil capital – Brasilia
11.Chairman of Niti Ayog - PM Narendra Modi
12.Founder of self help groups who won Nobel Prize for this? Mohammad
13.According to 2011 census female ratio per 1000 males in Haryana? – 879
14.Currency Philippines - Philippine peso
15.Fort aguada which state – Goa
16.Next G 20 Summit - Istanbul, Turkey
17.Anirudh jagannath is the PM of which country? - Mauritius
18.Fresh water lake in U.S.A - Lake Superior
19.1 question on which of the following is not a Credit rating agency of India?
20.Cancer day - 4th February
21.Internet users in India in dec 2014 - 300 Million
22.1 question on NPA
23.FAO headquarters - Rome, Italy
24.Urban development union minister - Venkaiah Naidu
25.Confucious prize was awarded to whom? - Fidel Castro
26.Dandi kutir is established in which place recently? – Gandhinagar
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