Downloadable Catalogue - British Bespoke Auctions

29th January 2015
Collectables including Militaria, Stamps & Coins
A child's wooden rocker in the form of a goat, est. 82 x 24 x 67 cms.
A Collection of Miscellaneous Sport Medallions including 1922 SvenSka
Tyngolystnings Sorbundet Weight Lifting, 1994 Kalevan Kisat Tuusula, 1996 Lassen
Holkka Olympiade Munchen 1972, Suur Helsinki, 1970 Vantaan Invalidit, approx total 65.
A French Style Marble Mantle Clock together with garniture in the form of decorative
urns. The clock depicting a young woman reclining, both clock and garniture supported by
a rose marble base.
A vintage Singer sewing machine on a Jones treadle base.
A Bronze 18th Century Style French Miniature Naval Cannon, raised dolphins on
breach, cartouche in relief depicting a Man o' War approx 51 cms long, the barrel
circumference is 20 cms and the base circumference is 15 cms, inscribed 'Le Duc de Tre'
dated 1732.
No Lot
An Antique Bronze Cauldron, tri-footed with a handle, est 32 cms including the handle
mounts and the height including the feet 20 cms
A Quantity of Antique Books including Grandmamma Wise by the The Religious Tract
Society; Lord Byron The Corsair; Miniature Bibe dated 1825 published by Sir D. Hunter
Blair; Hieroglyphic Bible; Robert Burns Poetical Works; The Beauties of Shakspeare (sic)
dated 1818 amongst others. (11)
Two 18th Century Oval Portrait Miniatures, of Miss Ellis dated 1763 together with
another of Sir William Pitt after Andrew Plinier (2).
A J Wyld, Leicester Sq. Malby's Miniature Terrestial Globe, London 1851, J Addison
Leicester Sq, the world supported by a brass arc on a turned wood column and circular
stand, est. 19.5 cms in height,
No Lot
A weighted swagger stick.
A collection of assorted items including three vintage Parker ink pens, 14k nibs to two
pens together with a cut glass silver top jar and Tudor Rose treen ware container.
Two Brass Desk Lamps, with fluted glass shades.
A Silver Patek Phillipe Retracting Pen
A 1973 Pin-Up Perelli Calender, approx 61 x 44 cms.
A Quantity of Bamboo Poles, with coloured silk banners to the top.
Nine Bamboo Pole Sections, approx 200 cms in length.
A Hand Carved Oak Bread Bowl, est 51 x 16 cms in depth
An Autographed Letter and Photograph, from President Harry S Truman to B.Cobbey
Crisler together with a typed letter of thanks from B Cobbey Crisler to President Harry S.
Truman. Provenance: Private collection of the late B. Cobbey Crisler, Archaeologist
An Antique San Francisco Newspaper Leaf, offering a reward for the capture of two
robbers of the Wells, Fargo & Co Express, dated 1875. Est. 21 x 29 cms.
A collection of vintage pewter including five graduated tankards and a small jug
together with a collection of assorted copper items including two small saucepans, a rum
ladle, two jugs, a tankard and a ceramic cider jug (14).
A vintage wooden sewing box, decorated with inlaid banding and central cartouche,
containing some costume jewellery and various sewing items, est. 25.5 x 16.5 x 14 cms.
A collection of glass negatives of British motor cars with a quantity of cut away
images including Ford Zephyr MK III, Austin A 40, Wolseley 15/60, Humber Snipe, Jaguar
Mk VII, Jaguar E Type, MG Donnington 1931, Bluebird - Donald Campbell's Car, Vauxhall
Velox, Hillman Minx, 1930 Bentley 4.5 Litre Blower etc. ( est. 47 items )
A collection of colour and black and white photographs depicting girls and cars at
various motor shows including Opel GT, Skoda, Morgan, Aston, Honda, Vauxhall Viva,
AC 428 etc. together with many negatives, est. number of photographs 28.
A Circa 19th Century French Clock Garniture, the white marble centre piece having
two painted winged putti to either side of a white porcelain clock, set on a central column.
Gilded bow and quiver finial with laurel drape, the base has a beaded border on floral form
feet 36 x 31 x 14 cms. The back plate nr 144148. The Garniture of classical form with
laurel handled urns with winged putti on gilded floral form feet, est 33 cms
A Circa 1875 Striking American Eight Day Wall Clock, having inlaid leaf form surround
with white enamel face and Roman dial, est 30 cms diameter.
A Rosewood Cutlery Chest, with bone and ebony inlay of foliate design and geometric
border, 53 x 40 x 20 cms
Two Items of Survey Equipment, Cowley square level and a Cooke site level Traughton
& Sims Ltd, Patent nr 242468 Model SO3 6076.
A Jaeger Le-Coultre Atmos Clock, nr 484929, 23.5 cms
An Everlast Boxing Glove, signed by Bud Schulberg boxing commentator together with
a colour signed photograph of Gary Nelson, British Cruiser Weight Boxer.
A table lamp in the form of bronzed resin figure of a young boy sitting on a rock,
the lamp having a tiffany style shade.
A Victorian cast iron 17th century style figure of a flute player sitting on a rock, est.
20 cms. high
An oval portrait miniature depicting a young lady in Georgian costume, believed to have
been painted on cow bone.
A Buffet Copper Scale Flute, in the original presentation box nr 670290.
An Antique Rosewood and Mother of Pearl Guitar, having rosewood back and sides
and ivory banding and tuning keys. With mother of pearl floral decoration and a bespoke
wooden case, approx 92 x 30 x 8 cms
Miscellaneous Ordinance Survey Maps, circa 1925,1935 and 1938 of Berkshire and
Four miscellaneous items comprising a Victorian cut glass sauce boat and saucer and a
salt together with a solid silver egg cup spoon and a napkin ring.
A wall mounted item in the form of a ship's hull, the teak being from HMS Champion,
built by Nathaniel Barnaby, launched in 1878, est. 25 x 14 cms.
A contempory wrought iron towel rail, est. 80 x 40 x 82 cms.
A pair of gilt and plaster wall hanging two branch candle sconces having tassel, fruit
and flower decoration with a bow to the top, est. length 76 cms.
An Oval Portrait Miniature of a Lady, depicting a lady in a feather trimmed hat, the
miniature in a French Gilt Frame, stamped Sidney J Mamby New York, est 10 x 7.5 cms
An Oval Portrait Miniature Oil of a Lady, the portrait depicting a distinguished lady,
presented in a Victorian brass fretwork frame engraved "To my dear Husband" dated
1859, est 9 x 8 cms
An Oval 19th Century Portrait Miniature of a Lady, the beautiful lady wearing 18th
century costume, est 8 x 6.5 cms, in velvet and gilt frame.
An Oval 19th Century Portrait Miniature, depicting a young lady, est 7 x 5.5 cms,
presented in an ivory frame, entitled Mrs Martyn.
A Miniature 19th Century Portrait, depicting Sir John Mortlake of Cambridge, est 8.5 x
9.5 cms, presented in a gilt wood frame.
An Oval Miniature Portrait, depicting a Georgian gentleman in profile, presented in a
daglio style frame, 10 x 8.5 cms
A Bronze Desk Paperweight, in the form of a Hippopotamus, foundry mark.
Five 19th Century Pen and Ink Silhouettes, depicting members of the Gray family
dated circa 1820, approx 11 x 8 cms
An Antique Brass and Leather Hunting Scope, in the original leather case, by F.
Davidson & Co, London, including two lenses, the leather and brass telescope having a
sun shield on adjustable tripod peg stand.
A Cased Collection of Fourteen Grand Tour Plaster Intaglio's, framed and glazed.
A Clockwork Tin Song Bird, 'Kohler Fubilierender Singvogel' in the original box with a
A Victorian Slate Marble Mantel Clock, having three column Corinthian columns of
brass face with white enamel chapter dial.
An Early 20th Century Taxidermy Pike, caught and mounted by William Lucas, 26th
April 1948 in a glass case.
A Grey Felt Ascot Top Hat, by Scott & Co, Picadilly, with leather head band, in the
original box, size large.
A Wooden Covered Souvenir Book of Lithographs de Fontainebleau, the book
depicting various scenes around Fontainebleau.
A Lady's Mink Short Cape, size medium.
A Gentleman's Onyx, Lapis and Silver Mounted Ink Stand, London hallmark, m.m
George Betjemann & Sons, dated 1913.
A Fox Pelt, presented in a glass case.
Three Racing and Other Enamel Badges, Ranelagh Polo Club 1914, Sandown Park
1939 and County Liverpool Stand 1933. (3)
A Pair of Carl Zeiss 8 x 50 Binoculars, in the original leather case.
A Box of Drug and Psychedelia Related Books, mostly scarce, from the '60s and '70s.
An Antique Ivory and Gold Inlay Toothpick Box, the box having a gold cartouche
inscribed "remember".
An Arts and Crafts Newlyn style copper jug having floral decoration, est. height 25
cms diameter 14 cms.
A steel chatelaine with five accssories comprising button hook, key, needle gauge,
rubber and pin wheel together with tortoiseshell manicure items.
A miniature of a 19th century gentleman painted on ivory in a small brass frame, est. 5
x 6 cms. including the frame.
Five vintage copper, pewter and other metal items including a round pewter bowl est
33 x 8 cms, with marks to the base, a pewter serving dish est. 30 x 40 cms. marks to the
base and stamped London together with a copper pot and stand and a trivet.
A Collection of Miscellaneous Items including an antique miniature brass telescope, a
brass Casarcelli brass warp and weft measuring device, J Lizards circular, Negretti &
Zambra circular barometer measuring device, possibly ivory style in original box, brass
glass cutter.
Two Stoneage cutting flints together with an arrow head.
A Miniature Holy Bible, David Bryce & Son, London, Henry Frode in original case
together with another miniature New Testament Eyre & Spottiswood.
A Bronze Art Nouveau style arch form plaque depicting a naked lady, the plaque
signed K H to front with factory stamp A K - Bronze to back (converted to wall light)
measuring 31 x 19 cms.
An Antique Brass Face Longcase Clock Movement, with oak wall case and sun face
A Carded Display of Sixty Original Military Cap Badges, all in use by the British Army
on the outbreak of WWI circa 1914. The collection includes the vast majority of the sixty
nine infantry regiments that Britain had at that time.
An Original Victorian Home Service Helmet Plate, West Kent Regiment circa
A Quantity of Original WWII Bakelite Issue Cap Badges, including Rifle Brigade, two
East Surrey, Military Police, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, Medical Corps, Devonshire
etc (waf), all in an old tin box.
A Quantity of Original Military Badges and Buttons, including Suffolk, Somerset,
Royal Berkshire, XXI St Lancers etc. The buttons are Victorian Royal Artillery amongst
others, all in a old tin box.
A Quantity of Various Military insignia including Cap Badges, Buttons and a large
Army Physical Training Badge, Officers Pip’s, all in an old tin box.
A Vintage Brass Military Gun Sight, in the original leather box.
A Miscellaneous Collection of Medals including Victory and Great War Metals to Lieut.
J. T. Williams together with Great War and Defence Medals, silver services rendered cap
badge and an RAF shoulder badge.
A Chrome and Enamel Royal Military Academy Sandhurst car bumper badge, the
badge engraved JRG & S, London.
A Vintage Brass Handle Commando Knife.
A Vintage Wooden Handle Continental Style Bowie Knife in metal sheath. The blade
hilt engraved with a knight’s helmet and crowned king's head.
A WW2 Brass and Steel Knuckle Knife . The blade engraved Boswell Hatfield and Co.,
Sheffield. The weapon allegedly used by a member of the SBS on the Cockleshell Raid in
WW2, measurement of blade 6.5 cms, total measurement 14 cms.
A Robert Mole & Son 25th Royal Welsh Fusiliers Dress Sword, the guard engraved S
G Everitt in chrome scabbard.
A Collection of Miscellaneous items including 1939 -1945 Star, France and Germany
Star, three silver framed Churchill crowns, Defence medal, solid silver teaspoon and two
Chester hallmarked solid silver buttons, mm N & H. .
A Box of Swiss Stamps, on album pages, in packets etc, including some interesting
earlier material.
A box file containing GB mint decimal stamps in sheets and loose, f/v £500+.
Three albums of
" 22ct Golden Replicas of British Stamps "
Several hundred pre - 1971 mint GB stamps, strong in KGV1 and including some less
A collection of all-world stamps in two albums and loose, the album containing some
good early material including four 1d blacks ( tightly trimmed ) other QV and KGV to 5/and early Commonwealth, China etc.
A small red stock book containing 250+1d reds including the whole of Plate 87, AA - LT.
Ten Royal Mail stamp year books 1984 - 1993
Seven albums of GB first day covers.
( includes the two scarcer early
A Cigar Box of Early Chinese Stamps, the stamps loose in packets including a quantity
of rare material (eg thirty-one SG3 5ca m/u in blocks and five SG24 24ca ditto), STC
A Box of Coins and Bank Notes, most obsolete but some current including a few
A Collection of Miscellaneous Silver Proof Coins, including four £1 coins, two £2,
(Abolition of the Slave Trade, WWII 60th Anniversary), 50 p VC Proof, five Brittania 2000
£2, Trafalgar Commemorative coin, two Prince of Wales and Lady Diana commemorative
coins, 1977 Commemorative Jubilee coin, 80th Birthday Commemorative coin, est 440
A Collection of Miscellaneous Silver Proof Sets, The Queen’s 80th Birthday Collection
together with a Golden Jubilee Silver proof Crown and £10.00 Bank Note Set, est 110
A Collection of Miscellaneous Silver Proof Set, including three Britannia Collection
four coin sets, dated 2005 and 2007 and 2008 180 gms together with a Silver Proof
Piedfort heavy measure four coin collection, est 336 gms
A Miscellaneous Collection of Silver Proof Coins, including Britannia Four Coin Set,
Master Pieces in Silver, Coins of the 20th Century Monarchs, The XVII Commonwealth
Games four coin set together with a Prince Edward and Ms Sophie Rees-Jones coin
collection and two Isle of Man coins and three Turks and Cacaos, Bailiwick of Guernsey,
Gibraltar, Turks and Cacaos Five Crowns and Bailiwick of Guernsey £5.00, est 500 gms
A Collection of Seven Silver Proof British Monarch 42 pc Coin Collection, in the
original presentation cases and booklet, est 1000 gms
A Solid Silver London Mint Millionaires Collection, 36 pc Coin Set in the original
wooden presentation box with folder, certificate of ownership nr 1429, est 600 gms.
Rhodesian Honours & Awards by Reutleler, Salisbury, Limited Edition 403,
comprising 34 different dress miniature medals representative of the nation's awards, the
majority in silver, in the original velvet-lined red leather case, complete with explanatory
A 1904-05 Lewis & Clark Exposition Gold Dollar, designed and modelled by
Philadelphia Mint Chief Engraver Charles Barber, the obverse bears a portrait of Lewis,
and the reverse depicts Clark.
A Collection of Miscellaneous Silver Proof Coins, including 2 x Canadian dollars, Luis
de Camoes 1,000 escudos, wooden presentation box containing five silver metal Chinese
coins together with a solid silver pill box (5).
A George V 1912 full gold sovereign (good condition)
An Edward VII 1904 full gold sovereign
(good condition)
An Edward VII 1910 half sovereign (good condition)
A George V 1911 half sovereign (good condition)
A George V 1911 half sovereign (good condition)
A Collection of Miscellaneous Silver Proof Coins including Royal Mint 2008 United
Kingdom coinage Royal Shield of Arms, 12 the Royal Lion of Scotland proof coins,
together with 2008 Royal Mint proof coin collection total, the pre-decimal of Elizabeth II set
wt 256.
Jewellery & Watches
Set of Graduated Oval Amber Beads, the centre bead measures 3 x 2.2 cms, approx 40
cms in length.
A Gentleman's 9ct Gold Diamond and Green Stone Ring, Size M, approx 3.1 gms.
A Lady's Silver and Glass Butterfly Pin Brooch, together with a silver and purple stone
brooch together with two silver St Christopher necklace and pendants. (4)
A Jaeger Le Coutre vintage travel alarm clock, bevel number to reverse 828328, in the
original red leather travelling case.
A Lady's 9 ct gold amethyst ring, size N together with a lady's 9 ct opal ring, size N,
green stone clover brooch and earrings est. weight 5 gms.
A Lady's 9 ct rose gold linked bracelet being hallmarked with safety chain and heart
shaped clasp, est. 20 gms.
A Lady's 9 ct rose gold bracelet, est. 7 gms.
A gent's 18 ct gold wedding band, Chester hallmark, size R, est. 6.8 gms. together with
a Victorian 22 ct gold turquoise and rose cut diamond ring, size N, est. 2.5 gms. (2)
A Lady's 18 ct gold diamond and sapphire ring. 4 x old cut dias. 2.5 pts each, centre
saph 5.3 x 4.2 mm, 2 x 3 mm outside stones Chester hallmark, size N, est. 4 gms.
An Edwardian yellow gold tassel brooch with the original box, est. 5.8 gms.
A Lady's diamond and platinum ring, 5.9 x 5.6 mm old cut approx 70 pts, size N, est.
2.2 gms.
A collection of assorted costume jewellery including silver gilt butterfly brooch, filigree
design shell cameo in filigree setting, silver cameo and red stone bracelet, necklace and
earring set, oval white stone buckle and mozaic brooch and a pair of tiger's eye cuff links.
An Omega pocket watch. The watch having seventeen jewel in a .08 silver case, No.
A Koh-I-Noor pocket watch having seven jewel Swiss lever movement in a nickel case.
A solid fifteen jewel Swiss lever Brequet H/S pocket watch
A Tavannes pocket watch with fifteen jewel Swiss lever, Brequet hairspring in rolled gold
Two 9ct White Gold and Diamond Crosses, est 2.5 gms
Two 9ct Gold and Diamond Set Crosses, est 2.4 gms
A 9ct White and Purple Stone Cross, together with a 9ct Gold Locket, est 4.2 gms
Miscellaneous Gold, including three 9 ct gold chain and pendants, est 3 gms, one 14 ct
chain est 5.5 gms (4)
A Lady's 9ct Gold Tudor Royal Rolex Wristwatch, the watch on 9ct gold Bonklip
adjustable bracelet, having a silver face with baton and numeric dial, in the original velvet
lined presentation box. Case Nr 371009 with the original guarantee and receipt.
A South African 1/10th oz 1982 Kruger Rand, on a 9k gold chain in a 9ct gold mount,
est 14 gms.
An 18ct White Gold Pin Brooch depicting a Scottie Dog with a diamond set ball,
approx 6.1 gms
A Large Black Pearl (untested).
An 18ct Yellow Gold Lady's Illusion Set Old Cut Diamond Ring, approx 4.00 mm,
0.25 ct, Ring Size M.
An Edwardian Double Locket, 9 ct, est 9.2 gms
A Lady's 22ct Gold Birmingham hallmark Wedding Band, size L, est 6.6 gms
Miscellaneous Gold Jewellery, including a Brooch, 18ct Gold Ring, 9ct Chain, est 18
A Lady's Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring, set with five graduated old cut diamonds,
size K, approx 2.3 gms.
A Lady's 9ct Gold and Sapphire Ring, the ring takes the form of a flower, size O, approx
3 gms
Miscellaneous Jewellery, Jet Necklace, Glass Beaded Necklace, "Etienne" 17 Jewel
Pendant watch and a Swallow Brooch.
A 9 ct gold hallmarked charm bracelet having miscellaneous gold charms including
one being 14 ct, est. weight 19 gms.
A Gentleman's Smiths 9 ct gold wristwatch having a gold coloured dial with minute
A collection of miscellaneous items including vintage studs, silver chains and a 9 ct
gold ring (1.7 gms.)
A Gentleman's Silver Pair Cased Verge Pocket Watch, Fusee Movement, m.m J
Hutchinson nr 20, Liverpool, the silver watch case London hallmark, dated 1796, m.m TP.
A Gentleman's silver full hunter pocket watch, Birmingham hallmark, dated 1878.
A Quantity of Miscellaneous Watches, including Smiths, Telos, Ingersoll amongst
A Lady's 18 ct White Gold and Illusion Set Diamond Ring, Ring Size N, approx 1.9
A Gentleman's Sewills Liverpool Gold Plated Full Hunter Pocket Watch, the pocket
watch with gold metal fob chain.
A Lady's Silver and Semi-Precious Stone Necklace, the necklace set with Lapis, Coral
and Turquoise.
Miscellaneous Silver Jewellery, including ingot, filigree pendant bracelet, lockets, rings,
enamel and silver nursing pin brooch, bible cover, est 122 gms
A Solid Silver Charm Bracelet, seventeen charms and hallmark heart shaped clasp.
A Lady's 9 ct Gold Turquoise and Seed Pearl Bracelet. The bracelet set with 24
turquoise and 48 seed pearls with safety chain, approx wt 16.5 gms.
A Lady's 18 ct Gold Carved Head Amethyst and Diamond Ring. Centre stone 5 mm, 2
x 3 mm outside, 4 x 1.5 mm rose cut dias, size 0, approx wt 4.8 gms.
A Lady's 18 ct Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring, 4.8 mm sapp, 2 x old cut dias,
approx 18 pts, 4.8 gms, size P.
A Lady's 9 ct Gold Diamond Bracelet, the circular linked bracelet set with 38 diamonds,
of 1.4 mm each, approx 7.8 gms, 17.5 cms long. .
A 9 ct Gold Propelling Pencil on yellow metal chain, the pencil engraved V.S. approx
wt 16 gms.
A Collection of Miscellaneous Items including gentleman's yellow gold Continental
stick pin, the pin set with Wedgewood floral plaque together with a pair of loose 9 ct
yellow gold mother of pearl dress studs and a pair of 18 ct white gold mother of pearl
dress studs set with rose cut diamonds in original box.
A Vintage Rough Amber Necklace, length 56 cms, wt 30 gms.
A box of costume jewellery including pens, pencils and fish servers.
Daniel Quare (1649- 1724) a rare 18th Century Georgian Pair Case Silver Gilt Fuse
Verger Watch Movement. The movement engraved D. P. Quare, London and dated
1682. The watch having white enamel face with alphabetical and numerical figures.
Silver & Silver Plate
Solid Silver Batchelor Tea Trio, comprising tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl, London
hallmark, the tea pot with ribbed design with inscribed initials, tea pot dated 1891, milk jug
dated 1892 both m.m EH and the sugar bowl dated 1908 m.m W & H Ltd, approx 550
Collection of Solid Silver, including five tea spoons, London hallmark, dated 1821,
m.m JD together with four solid silver napkin rings, approx 148 gms.
A silver metal box in the form of a crucifix with hinged lid, est. 9.5 x 6 cms.
A Silver Metal Indian Flatware Set, comprising eleven forks, twelve cake forks, twelve
knives, twelve dessert spoons, twelve soup spoons, twelve coffee spoons, twelve
teaspoons and four serving spoons.
A Set of Six Sterling Silver Beakers, the beakers having floral repousse work with
uninscribed cartouche, presented in a black velvet box. Est 170 gms
An Indian Silver Cruet Set, comprising of a salt, pepper and mustard with floral repousse
work on leaf form feet, together with a pepper in the form of a Chinese pagoda 180 gms
and a silver metal vesta.
A Georgian Solid Silver Vinaigrette, the Vinaigrette having a gilded interior and grill with
fine engraving to all sides, Birmingham hallmark, m.m Ledsam Vale & Wheeler dated
A Continental Silver Beaker, together with a silver bon bon dish Sheffield hallmark,
dated 1935, m.m E V, together with four solid silver novelty golfing teaspoons. Est 255
A Solid Silver Victorian Tea Pot, having floral engraved body with central cartouche with
engraved Owl Coat of Arms, ribbed body and spout with acorn finial. Birmingham hallmark
dated 1863, m.m H.P & Co, 700 gms
A Pair of Continental Silver Candlesticks, with central tri-footed support with classical
masks, est 30 cms h. the bases are weighted.
A Solid Silver 925 hallmark Paper Knife, Birmingham hallmark dated 2000 mm NK est
gms 36.
A Pair of 19th Century Solid Silver Mustards, London hallmark dated 1852/53, mm
Henry Holland. the circular mustard supported on hoof feet with beaded rim, initials JJ, est
gms 142.
A Solid Silver Bon Bon Dish, with pierced side and foliate border, Chester hallmark
dated 1903/4 together with a heart shaped trinket dish with pierced edging
Birmingham hallmark dated 1893/4, mm J.M.C.
An Indian Silver Salt and Pepper, together with a silver handle shoe horn and an ivory
clothes brush with a silver embossed 'D' Chester hallmark, mm HR and a solid silver
pepper (5).
A Miscellaneous Quantity of Silver Plate, including oval serving dishes, a coffee pot,
milk jug, sugar bowl, gravy boat, tray, two toast racks, a quantity of Mappin & Webb 'rats
tails' flatware. .
A Gentleman's Solid Silver Cigarette Case, Birmingham hallmark, mm. JG Ltd, dated
An Art Deco Solid Silver Tea Set, Sheffield hallmark, mm. FC , dated 1935 est weight
1000 gms.
A Solid Silver Twin Goblet Set, the goblets having gilded interior with matching
coasters, Birmingham hallmark, dated 1970, mm BS & Co, in the original red velvet lined
presentation case, est 266 gms
A Solid Silver Ring Dish, in the form of a miniature table, Sheffield hallmark, dated 1916, R & B, est 100 gms
A Solid Silver Tudor Rose Dish, London hallmark, m.m C.J.V Ltd, est 126 gms, with the
original paperwork.
Miscellaneous Silver, including miniature Armada dish, m.m P & S dated 1961 together
with a silver fork, London hallmark, m.m SH dated 1811, silver sugar nips, est 128 gms.
A Solid Silver Ring Box, engine turned with floral engraving to top, with blue velvet lined
interior, Birmingham hallmark, m.m B & Co, dated 1991.
A Kitney & Co Small Silver Desk Clock, Guilloche blue enamel finish, in the original
presentation box.
Gerald S. Benney, Solid Silver and Blue Guilloche Enamel Pill Box, London
hallmark, dated 1979, having a bark finish with silver gilt interior, original leather
presentation box, 3.5 x 4.5 cms, approx 87.5 gms
A Pair of Antique Photo Frames, Birmingham hallmark, m.m S & M, 7 x 10 cms
A Solid Silver Coffee and Water Jug. The tankard style pots having corn finials, London
hallmarked, dated 1974, mm C.J.V. Ltd, est 1300 gms.
A Solid Silver "Armada" Dish, London hallmark, dated 1962, mm W W, est 490 gms.
A Solid Silver Sauce Boat, the boat having a ribboned edge on hoof feet. Birmingham
hallmarked dated 1971, mm JBC & S Ltd, est 136 gms.
A Collection of Miscellaneous Silver including three piece cruet, Birmingham hallmark,
dated 1913 mm L L Ltd. Georgian marked spoon, London hallmark, dated 1822, mm
WE, three napkin rings and a bud vase, est. 190 gms. (WAF) (8).
A Solid Silver Victorian Cake Fork, London hallmark, dated 1866 , est 108 gms. mm
SW together with a pair of shell formed continental serving spoons.
A Solid Silver Georgian Pepper. London hallmark, dated 1778, est. 60 gms. mm T B.
A Silver Plated Tea and Coffee Set by Mappen & Webb & Co., coffee pot (WAF), tea
pot, sugar bowl and milk jug together with a water jug, salts and two ladles (9).
Two Solid Silver Coffee Spoon Sets in their original presentation boxes.
A Set of Six Solid Silver "Silver Hallmarks" Teaspoons in original box together with a
set of six solid silver teaspoons together with sugar tongs in original presentation box.
A Collection of Miscellaneous Silver Plate, including large silver salver, cake serving
set, Mother of Pearl handled bread knife, fruit knives etc.
A Mother of Pearl handled Victorian Knife and Fork, Birmingham hallmarked, mm
George Unite together with silver teaspoon , christening pusher and horn handled carving
set in original boxes.
A Solid Silver Match Box Vesta Case, the engine turned box London hallmarked dated
1921, mm A W H, aprox wt 40 gms
A Solid Silver Victorian Hallmarked travelling Communion Set, the finely engraved
classical style wine jug together with gilded chalice and tray, Birmingham hallmark dated
1861, mm George Unite, total approx wt 200 gms in original velvet and satin lined carrying
A collection of assorted silver plate including a cruet set, a cut glass pickle jar, tea
caddy and tea strainer.
A silver manicure set on stand together with hat pin, red double ended scent bottle with
silver lid, two silver fruit knives, abalone shell scent bottle and a silver top scent bottle.
A silver 1897 Vesta and attached cigar cutter fitted onto a glass cigar ashtray.
A bone handled silver plated knife and fork set being a twelve place setting, in the
original case.
A Pair of Chinese Circular Porcelain Plaque, depicting Mountain and River Scene,
character marks to top, approx 33 cms diameter, artist Wang Xiao Ting.
Chinese Late 19th Century Blue and White Panel Vase, the ribbed vase with circular
cartouche depicting mountain and river scenes, approx 25 cms
Chinese Blue and White Pot, depicting a bird resting, character marks to base, 7 cms h.
19th Century Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Scribes Pillow, having square central
panels depicting characters, animals and a riverside scene, approx 21 x 14 x 13 cms
A Hand Painted Chinese Scroll Painting, depicting two black birds amongst cherry
blossom, with character and date marks, supported on a rosewood scroll.
A Hand Painted Chinese Scroll Painting, depicting house martins in flight amongst
blossom, with character and date marks, supported on a rosewood scroll
A Chinese jade style bowl with pierced metal surrounds decorated with dragons, est.
height 5 cms. diameter 11 cms.
A circa 19th century Chinese famille vert bowl, having a wavy rim with segmented
sections with various countryside scenes with fungi decoration to inside base, est. 7 cms
ht, 16 cms. diameter
A Chinese Water Bucket, rectangular form tapering to the base, metal banding to the
corners est 40 x40 x 58 cms including the handle.
A Chinese Wooden Two Tier Drying Barrel, with metal bands, slightly domed lid with
metal plates and studded decoration, est 67 x 54 cms
A Chinese Circular Wooden Barrel, possibly a smoker, est 64 d base x 39 cms d to the
An Unboxed Chinese Binocular Microscope.
A Beijing Optical AL Series Automatic Level Survey Instrument, Model Nr DSZ 2.5
with the original paperwork.
A Cantonese Famille Rose Bowl, the interior painted with figurines in a courtyard, at the
outer cartouche depicting courtiers 14 cms x 30 cms diameter.
A satsuma bowl, highly decorated, the gilded bowl decorated with various characters
and flowers both inside and out, est. 11.5 h 26 cms. diameter
An Antique Famille Rose Plate, hand painted with a floral spray.
A circa 19th century carved bone scroll depicting various characters with character
marks to the back.
A circa 19th century bronze Sino Tibetan figure of Buddha, the figure in a lotus
position with hand clasped on a lotus form base.
An Inside Painted Chinese Snuff Bottle, the bottle depicting various characters to back
and front. 9x 8.5 cms.
A Chinese Famile Rose Ginger Jar, having blue ground with various characters to outer
panels, character marks to base, approx 17 cms
A Chinese Tang Style Pottery Horse, with high glaze, 24 cms h
An Antique Double Soap Stone Brush Pot, engraved with chrysanthemum, 15 x 15
cms together with a camphor carved card case. (2)
A part Japanese fine porcelain tea set the set having fine gilded bamboo decoration
with gilded floral lids, teapot, milk jug, sugar pot, three cups, twelve saucers, twelve side
plates, character marks to base
A Chinese Vintage Yellow Stone Carved Figure of a seated Buddha. 9 x 7 cms.
A Chinese Antique Jade Carved figure of a seated buffalo, .
A Chinese Celadon Jade carving of a mouse on a bunch of grapes.
A Collection of Miscellaneous Items including green jade carved perfume bottle,
antique green jade pendant, amber style perfume bottle, miscellaneous carved elephants
and a silver metal rickshaw and driver (WAF).
A Collection of miscellaneous New Zealand Jade items, including Sterling Silver
Spoon, pendant with 9 ct loop and silver cap pendant allegedly cut by late H. Uru. Tuahiwi,
Kaiapoi, New Zealand 1906.
Porcelain & Glass
A part Booths " Real Old Willow Pattern " dinner service comprising eleven coffee
cans and saucers, sixteen teacups with twenty saucers, seven large plates, two slightly
smaller plates, one side plate and a small bowl ( est. number of pieces 69 }
A Pair of 19th Century Staffordshire Spill Vases, depicting a cow and her calf beside a
stream, est height 27 cms (2).
A Pair of Staffordshire Spill Vases, depicting a standing ram and sheep beside a
stream, est height 19 x 19 cms (2).
A Pair of 19th Century Staffordshire Spill Vases, depicting a shepherd and
shepherdess, est height 26 cms (2).
A 19th Century Staffordshire Spill Vase, depicting a cow and dairy maid est 27 cms
together with a figure of a cow and dairy maid est height 17 cms. (2)
Two Staffordshire Figures, the first depicting a girl with a bird on her hand, est 16 cms
and a figure of a girl with her dog, est height 19 cms (2)
Two Staffordshire Figures, depicting characters with their dogs. The first figure
measures est height 22.5 and the second 17 cms. (2)
Two Staffordshire Figures, depicting soldiers on horseback, together with a porcelain
figure of Prince Albert (3)
A Miniature Porcelain Figure depicting a man enjoying a pint, est height 9 cms (1).
Two Toby Style Spill Vases, depicting figures enjoying a pint, the first green glazed and
the other terracotta glazed together with a porcelain cottage. (3)
Two Vintage Dairy Creamers (WAF) (2).
A Pair of 19th Century Staffordshire Figures, the figures wearing Highland costumes
est height 23 cms (2)..
Two 19th Century Staffordshire Figures entitled "Tom King" and "Dick Turpin", est
height 23 cms (2)..
A Pair of Staffordshire Spill Vases, depicting two musicians beside a fountain, est
height 19.5 cms (2).
A 19th Century Porcelain Figure of Von Bruhl tailor, believed to be Rockingham, astride
a goat, the goat stood on an oval base with a flat iron in its mouth, No. 62. est height 14
cms (1)..
A Pair of Staffordshire Spill Vases, depicting a seated bird on a naturalistic vase, est
height 17 cms (2)..
A Pair of Staffordshire Style Figures depicting a Shepherd and Shepherdess, each one
carrying a lamb, est height 24 cms (2).
A Pair of Staffordshire Style traditional Highland costume, est height 18 cms,
together with a pair of Staffordshire Spill Vases depicting figures seated against a tree, est
height 17 cms (4).
A Pair of Staffordshire Style Figures depicting a boy holding a broom and a girl carrying
a dishcloth together with two further porcelain figures depicting a shepherdess and a
Highland dancer (4), all est height 20 cms.
A Collection of Six Staffordshire Miniature Figures including a musician and fruit
sellers etc. (6).
Miscellaneous Porcelain Figures including a shepherd, musician, a chicken and
cockerel (6).
A part Royal Doulton Larchmont dinner service comprising twelve dinner plates, six
medium plates, twelve side plates, eleven bowls, six teacups and saucers, six coffee cans
and saucers, gravy boat and saucer, cream jug, sugar bowl, six ramikins and a serving
dish with lid, approx. 75 pieces.
A pottery coffee set comprising coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, six mugs brown ground
with black swirls together with a Gold Check Portmeirion mug, small blue and white bowl
and a teapot having turquiose and gilt decoration.
A Sevres 1846 Chateau de Neuilly Sauce Boat monogram to one side supported by
two putti, floral decoration to the other side, marks to base.
A Sevres 18th Century small gilded Empire period jug, marks to base.
A Sevres 1771 Cabinet Coffee Can and Saucer (marks to base), portrait cartouche of a
young girl, signed J Pascault.
A Quantity of Wedgewood Jasperware, including lidded trinket dishes, three posy
vases, two candle stick holders and commemorative ware (24).
A Minton 'Ranelagh' Jug and Basin set comprising shaving dish, soap dish, a pail
and a chamber pot.(WAF).
A Set of Eight Studio Pottery Chalices, cream and light green glaze.
A Crown Devon Jug, the jug having a cobalt blue ground with Chinese village scene to
back and front, impressed 206 to base, 20 cms
A part Cauldon dinner service comprising eight large dinner plates, twelve smaller
dinner plates, five side plates, three saucers, serving platter, serving dish, lidded bowl,
sweetmeat dish, serving dish with lid, oval serving dish with lid and three sauce boats (
est. number of pieces 36 )
A Porcelain Figure of a Bird of Prey, seated on a rock, marks to base, approx 36 cms.
A Continental Figure of a Bird of Prey seated, approx 32 cms.
Six glass jugs, some having cut design and some having floral patterns together with
Seven pieces of glass comprising six jugs, some having etched design and some
having coloured design together with a silver rimmed vase ( est number of pieces 13 )
Twenty assorted pieces of glass including punch and wine glasses and carafes etc.
Eighteen assorted champagne glasses together with a set of six champagne flutes (24)
Fourteen pieces of coloured glass comprising six various wine, six tumblers and two
black vases.
A collection of cut glass items comprising two decanters (one stopper missing), a
matching water jug together with eleven trifle bowls,a trifle dish, an ashtray and a small
blue vase
A set of six crystal sherbet glasses together with one other (7)
A Quantity of Miscellaneous Glass, including five Galway wine glasses, five tumblers,
six Edinburgh Crystal wine glasses, six further wine glasses, five Waterford Crystal
tumblers, three 'twisted stem' champagne glasses, four etched champagne glasses, two
brandy balloons, two custard dishes, two water jugs, three decanters and a large pressed
glass cake plate (47).
A Pair of Antique Clear Glass Ships Decanters and Stoppers, each with triple ring
neck, height approx 24.5 cms, both with solid silver liquor labels Brandy and Port. (2)
A Pair of Wine Decanters and Stoppers, each etched with Shooting and Fishing
scenes, est 30 and 31 cms together with a pair of vintage cut glass decanters. (4)
Seven Antique Miniature Glass Paperweights, including five miniature millefiori
paperweights and two floral paperweights containing Dahlia's. (7)
Five Antique Glass Paperweights, of millefiori design, unsigned.
Four Scottish Caithness Paperweights, of the crystal series, blue, black and white, lilac
and pink.
Eight Paperweights, including Caithness Bewitched, Spindrift, a Welsh Pembrokeshire
paperweight with bubble inclusions, a knop topped paperweight and four contemporary
paperweights of various designs. (8)
Five Glass Paperweights, including Whitefriars faceted paperweight carries a 'Monk
Cane' dated 1982, nr 159/750, a faceted John Deacons blue domed millefiori
paperweight, a colourful millefiori paperweight with orange, green canes and latticino star
design, a faceted contemporary purple paperweight and a yellow and white cane faceted
globe paperweight.
Three Glass Paperweights, Millefiori in style, one with white latticino ribbon with spaced
colourful canes signed and dated 1970, the second with fine latticino ribbon tipped with
red crosses and the third of blue floral design. (3)
Four Glass Scottish Paperweights, Millefiori in style, including Whitefriars, Stratheart,
and two others. (4)
Four Glass Paperweights, including a paperweight in the form of a peacock, a red
milliefiori paperweight and two black with intricate floral design. (4)
Two French Millefiori Paperweights, the first, a large domed paperweight of colourful
intricate design, the second a smaller early possible Clichy "End of Day" paperweight
with C to one of the canes. (2)
An Antique Scrambled Millefiori Paperweight, with a yellow and black snake, believed
to be Baccarat.
An Antique Millefiori Paperweight, of intricate design with various colourful canes,
signed A.
An Antique French Clichy Glass Paperweight, with central rose and a blue floral
surround highlighted with white flowers.
An Antique Paperweight, of intricate floral design highlighted with blue canes.
Two Wedgwood amber glass candle holders having three tiers, est. heights 15 and 16
cms. (2)
Pictures & Prints
Cynthia Ball, A print of the original entitled "The Fairest Cape", approx 41 x 61 cms
Padraig MacMiadhachain R.W.A (Irish) b.1929, Original Oil on Board, entitled
"Fuertaventura Isla Canaries", framed and glazed, approx 32 x 23 cms.
Michael Revers - five limited edition prints " Rydal Water " 718 / 750, est. 36 x 28 cms.
" Grasmere from Loughrigg " 216 / 850, est. 46 x 31 cms. " Friars Crag - Derwent Water "
139 / 850. est.40 x 27 cms. " Reflections - Tarn Hows " 25 / 850, est. 40 x 27 cms. all
framed and glazed together with " Ullswater - A Host of Golden Daffodils " 156 / 850, est.
40 x 27 cms.
Judy Boyes - two limited prints " Troutbeck, A Lakeland Village " 615 / 850, est. 40 x
27 cms and " Hill Farming in Upper Troutbeck " 70 / 850, est. 70 x 850 cms.
Steven Townsend - two limited edition prints " Jesus The Creator " 22 / 850, est 38 x
48 cms. and " Gentle Days " a lakeland scene with sheep, 119 / 500, est. 57 x 44 cms.
H. Alken, published by S & Fuller London 1824, Four Hand Coloured Hunting
Prints, Plate 1 entitled The Meeting, Plate 2 Breaking Cover, Plate 3 Full Cry and Plate 4
The Death. (4)
Two signed limited edition after " Beryl Cook " prints, one entitled " Strip Poker ",
framed and glazed, est. 36 x 57 cms. the other entitled " Bus Stop " framed and
glazed, est 53 x 44 cms. Both prints being 1 of 650, both signed in pencil (2)
An E Hersey limited edition print " Melancholy Afternoon " 118 / 125, depicting a
farmhouse scene with hens in the foreground, framed amd glazed, est. 63 x 45 cms.
An E Hersey limited edition print depicting a farmyard scene with geese in the
foreground, 54 / 125, framed and glazed, est. 42 33 cms.
A piece of contempory fabric set a heavy gilt frame together with an enamelled metal
advertising sign " Force " wheat flakes (2)
An original Cherryl Fountain watercolour " Burgos Cathedral from the Mirador,
Spain ", framed and glazed, est. 42 x 55 cms.
Eight Hand Coloured Prints, by Dura depicting various street scenes, published 1834,
An Original Oil on Canvas, Artist Unknown, depicting a windmill night scene,
presented in a gilt wood frame, 59 x 74 cms.
Two Antique Prints including a Mezzo-Tint by Thomas G Appelton of a Tavern Scene,
London published by Henry Graves & Co Ltd, 46 x 37 cms and a coloured engraving
entitled 'Children Bird-Nesting' after G Morland published London 1789 by I Smith
engraved W Ward. (2) est. 55 x 46 cms both framed and glazed. (2)
Artist Unknown, circa 19th Century Continental Oil on Board, depicting a coastal
squall scene, presented in gilt wood frame, 30 x 25 cms
J W King, Original Watercolour depicting a Norfolk scene, framed and glazed, 20 x
18 cms
W. Marten, Original Oil on Board, depicting a Dutch Canal Scene, est 24 x 19 cms
Nora Davison, Three Original Watercolours depicting various canal scenes, framed and
glazed, 10 x 13 cms.
A Victorian Original Watercolour, depicting Doulton Vase of Azalea's, initial to top left
and bottom right R.P.P.F and dated 1878, 25 x 37 cms in the original gilt wood frame.
A collection of assorted antiquarian prints depicting building exteriors and interiors,
Vauxhall Gardens, Greenwich, Patros, Bristol, Gotha, Venice, Gendo, Melbourne etc.
some coloured and some black and white, mostly mounted, approx. fourteen items.
Five antiquarian black and white prints depicting Newfoundland, Omaha, Melbourne,
Hawaii and Manilla together with two others (7)
Eight antiquarian prints depicting Boxgrove Church, Sussex, Beauchamp Chapel,
Warwick, Audley End, Essex, Hengrave Hall, Suffolk together with three prints depicting
actors, some coloured and some black and white, mostly mounted (8)
Seven antiquarian black and white prints, four depicting ladies, two depicting seaside
scenes and one depicting a drawing room scene ( purple mounts )
A collection of antiquarian prints depicting party scenes, motor cars, caracatures etc.
some coloured the others black and white, approx. twenty two items,
A collection of antiquarian coloured prints depicting flora, fauna, animals, birds, fish
and amphibia, approx. 36 prints.
A collection of antiquarian prints, some coloured and some black and white depicting
various views - Streatley Hills, Tempe, Royat, Wytham Abbey, Ilfracombe, Middleton
Dale, Exeter, Culloden Moor, Blewbury, Bodiam Castle etc. approx. 29 prints.
A collection of unmounted antiquarian prints depicting flora and fauna, animals,
machinery, churches etc.
Circa 19th Century English School original water colour on paper depicting H.M.S.
"Inconstant" dated 1866, the framed and glazed painting depicting the iron screw frigate of
the Royal Navy launched on 12th November 1868, measurement 73 x 54 cms.
Frederick Miller (exh c. 1880 - 1892) The Victory, Duke of Wellington and St Vincent
in Portsmouth harbour signed 'Fred Miller' (lower left) watercolour, 61 x 43 cms).
Robbins, Thomas Sewell (1814 - 1880) original watercolour drawing depicting
fishermen in sailboats offshore off Harbour Town, signed bottom right 1851, 53 x 36 cms.
Chambers, George, Jnr., 1848 - 1862. Original watercolour entitled "Great Eastern" on
the stocks at Millwall, 35 x 23 cms.
Bevan, Irvin John (English, 19th/20th Century an original unfinished watercolour
depicting a 90 gun Galleon "Barfleur" 27 x 32 cms, signed bottom left.
A Pair of English School circa 1900, original watercolours depicting sailing ships in
harbour scenes, 27 x 40 cms.
A Victorian Mahogany Chest of Drawers, having two short and three graduated long
drawers, supported on bun feet, est 108 x 54 x 105 cms
A Victorian Mahogany Chest of Drawers, having two short and three graduated long
drawers with brass drop handles, est 103 x 52 x 90 cms
A Victorian Mahogany Chest of Drawers, having two short and three graduated long
drawers supported on a plinth base, est 111 x 55 x 109 cms
A Victorian Mahogany Blanket Box, having panelled front and sides, est 156 x 63 x 79
An Edwardian Oak Bar Back Nursery Chair, having a single drawer to the right hand
side, est 48 x 47 x 78 cms
An Oval Mahogany Dining Table, on turned legs with pad feet, with leaf, est 112 x 164 x
74 cms.
An Octagonal Side Table, with a burr walnut centre on turned legs and stretchers, the
surround to the top is ebonised, est 52 x 51 x 59 cms
An antique Persian rug having geometric designs to the centre with a wide border, red
and green colouration, est. 162 x 99 cms.
A vintage two seater boot box, painted in a light green, est. 88 x 36 x 103 cms.
A Victorian walnut what not having three tiers, est. 40 x 28 x 86 cms.
A Green Painted Pine Dresser Base, having one long drawer with three drawers to the
centre below and a cupboard to either side, metal drop handles and key plates on shaped
bracket feet, est 111 x 51 x 91 cms
A Rosewood Regency Dining Chair, on reeded legs with decorative bar back.
A Bespoke Quality Knole Sofa, newly upholstered in Linara Greenfinch, est 214 x 79 x
89 cms
A Bespoke Quality Wingback Chair with Footstool, newly upholstered in Roma fabric,
the chair measures 79 x 107 x 89 cms and the footstool 104 x 30 x 76 cms
A Reclaimed Waxed Pine Chest of Drawers, the chest having three graduated drawers
on bracket feet, approx 91 x 48 x 92 cms
A Contemporary Oak Glazed Display Cabinet, with two internal shelves and four
drawers, est 108 x 47 x 197 cms
An Edwardian Dark Oak Bureau Bookcase, leaded lights to the top, pigeon holes to the
interior with a single drawer and two drawers beneath with bulbous legs supported on
stretchers est 76 x 45 x 197 cms
A Chinese Fruitwood Bench, with carry handles beneath. Est 199 x 45 x 57 cms
A Wooden Chest/Blanket Box, with decorative metal banding to the corners with metal
carry handles, plate decoration to the front with studs, the interior lid with floral decoration,
est 97 x 59 x 56 cms
An Oriental Lacquered Wood Altar Table, one long drawer and two short drawers to the
front, est 97 x 46 x 87 cms
A Contemporary Oak Side Board, with three drawers and two cupboards below with
panelled doors, est 120 x 50 x 87 cms
An Antique Oak Chest of Drawers, with two long and two short drawers with shell effect
handles on a plinth base, est 106 x 56 x 98 cms
A Set of Four Hardwood Dining Chairs, with decorative back splat's, cabriole style front
A Vintage Oak Drawer Leaf Dining Table, supported on bulbous columns on splayed
feet with single stretcher, est 227 cms (extended) and 84 x 80 cms
A Contemporary Wooden Gaming Table, Roulette Wheel and Black Jack etc and the
top being reversible, est 120 x 53 x 91 cms
An Antique Child's Oak Windsor Splat and Spindle Back Armchair.
A set of six Edwardian oak dining chairs includes two carvers, the chairs having turned
and ribbed decoration to the front legs and stretchers
A brown leather Chesterfield button back sofa being a three seater.
An Edwardian oak campaign writing desk with green leather insert and a stationery
An oval oak drop leaf dining table on part turned legs, est. 135 x 113 x 75 cms.
Three Victorian bar back dining chairs, the centre bar having carved decoration on
cabriole legs, the seats covered in a velvet style fabric,
An antique oak Windsor armchair being spindle backed.
A Victorian Duchess wash stand having marble top and splash back, est. 88 x 41 x 80
An Edwardian mahogany twin pedestal desk having green embossed leather to top,
the pedestals having a cupboard to each end, est. 169 x 89 x 75 cms.
A pine blanket box with a metal handle to each side, est. 82 x 43 x 54 cms.
A round pine kitchen table supported on a bulbous column and three feet decorated
with swirls and flowers, est. diameter 124 cms. height 77 cms.
A vintage pine rocking cradle, est. 50 x 35 x 96 cms.
A pair of mahogany bedside cupboards, each having a single drawer with a cupboard
below, est. 40 x 35 x 83 cms.
An antique bow fronted mahogany corner cupboard having two shelves to the
interior, est. 67 x 47 x 93 cms.
A brass and wire mesh fire guard having hinged side pieces, est. 96 x 38 x 76 cms.
Three table lamps - one being ceramic with oriental floral decoration, another being
pottery and the other being alabaster in the form of a Greek urn (3)
An Oak and Mahogany 8 day Long Case Clock, by William Preddy Langport, the
clock having a white enamel face and Roman dial, hand painted floral spandrel, second
hand and date aperture, swan neck cresting with brass terminals.
A Victorian Mahogany Adjustable Piano Stool, on cabriole legs.
A Pair of Antique Mahogany Foot Stools, with floral embroidery.
A Georgian Mahogany Toilet Mirror, with three drawers and turned supports on bun
Three Victorian mahogany dining chairs being bar backed with turned front legs, the
seats being covered in a Regency stripe fabric.
A Mexican pine corner unit having an arched top with cupboard immediately below, with
open shelves under and cupboards below, est. 100 x 49 x 88 cms.
A Mexican pine dresser having an arched top, open shelves with drawers below and
cupboards below, est. 105 x 40 x 53 cms.
Four teak and canvas folding garden chairs.
A small mahogany corner cabinet having two shelves and an astral glazed door, est. 45
x 24 x 56 cms.
A mahogany medicine cabinet having shelves and a drawer to the interior, the door
having Art Nouveau metal decoration, est. 37 x 21 x 49 cms.