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Jubilee Fellowship
Christian Reformed Church
Welcome to Jubilee Fellowship Christian Reformed Church: A special welcome to our
members and guests! We hope you experience God's presence as you worship with us
this morning. If you would like more information about Jubilee, please ask one of our
Welcome Team members. They would be happy to assist
you. Please join us after the service for refreshments and
allow us to introduce ourselves to you. Nursery is available
downstairs for children under 3. Joy Jam & Joy Jam Junior
(Sunday School) is provided for children ages 3—Grade 5,
who will be dismissed part way through the service.
This morning we continue our worship series following
the early life and ministry of Jesus, which is the traditional
focus of Epiphany ‑ the season of the church year between
Advent and Lent. Today we turn to the gospel of Mark
where Jesus calls his first disciples.
In Christ, With Each Other, To the World
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, that
person is a new creation; the old has gone,
the new has come! (2 Cor. 5:17)
January 25, 2015
Pastor Woodrow Dixon
Mark 1: 14-20
“Following Jesus”
Elder of Service: Alice Dunbar
13 Wilholme Drive, R.R. 3
St. Catharines, ON L2R 6P9
Telephone: (905) 687-3372; Fax: (905) 687-8074
Tues. Jan. 27
Coffee Break, 9:30—11:00 am
Wed. Jan. 28
Jubilee Night—6:00 Supper; 6:30 ACTS, Cadets,
Gems, Jubes; 7:00 pm Adult Ed classes
Sunday ‑ Gabrielle Veldboom, Tina Schulz
Monday ‑ Ryan Warkentin, Bob VanderHeide,
Wednesday ‑ Stacy Kok, Lauren Ste.Croix,
Katelynn Folkerts,
Thursday ‑ Peter Boldt; Saturday ‑ Jeff Bootsma
Story Teller—Michelle de Boer
Bernice Warkentin
Melinda Regnerus
Rennie Faber
Stacy Kok
Grade 4/5
Alice Verhoef
Christi Webster
Grades K/1
Grade 2
Grade 3/4
Kadie Thompson
Pastor: W oodr ow Dixon
[email protected]
Sunday — Jubilee & Calvinist Cadet Corps: This offering supports
the work of the national organization staff of the Calvinist Cadet
Corps, located in Grand Rapids, MI, helping them to produce quality
curriculum, learning guides, activities, summer camps, etc.
Administration: W endy de Jong
[email protected]
Children’s Ministry Coordinator:
Stacy Kok: [email protected]
Custodian: Elaine de K leine
[email protected]
Technical Support Coordinator
Caleb Kuntz: [email protected]
Youth Ministry Coordinator
Anna Bailey: [email protected]
Next week — Jubilee & Indwell: Indwell, formerly Homestead Christian Care, was established in 1974 as a Christian response to the
needs of individuals with mental illness leaving Provincial institutions.
Since that time, we have expanded the range and number of our
housing options that support people seeking health, wellness and
belonging. We now provide supportive housing to over 235 tenants
in southern Ontario through our Hamilton and Oxford County Programs. Our housing options range from residential care with 24
hour on site services through supported independent living apartments.
At last Tuesday’s Council meeting, a number of incoming memberships were received. We extend a warm welcome to Pastor
Jim & Rose Dekker who come to us from Covenant CRC, Rita
Sinnema and Frank & Tini Teeuwsen who were former Maranatha members, Thalia Semplonius who comes from Waterloo
CRC and Josh Van Muyen who comes from Community CRC of
Kitchener. Some of these persons, along with some others who
have recently begun worshipping at Jubilee, will be formally
introduced in early February. A 2‑session membership class will
be offered this spring for those who would like to know more
about the Christian Reformed Church or would like to become
members. Kaylyn Leva, oldest daughter of Jim & Christy, recently met with one of the elders to express her faith and is now
welcome to participate in communion.
Council approved the offering list for 2015, and discussed
reports from the Deacons, Pastor Woody, Care Elders, Personnel, Hiring Committee, and Property Administration Board. An
ad hoc committee, consisting of Jasper Schouten, Chair, Pastor
Woody, Wendy de Jong, Anna Bailey, Alissa Vernon, Renate
Faber and Aydan Schat, has been struck to undertake a thorough evaluation of Camp Shout, using an assessment tool from
Operation Manna, to determine whether we are meeting our
goals for this outreach program and where improvements could
be made.
On February 20‑21, Classis Niagara will hold a second
retreat in Stella, New York to engage in indepth discussions
about ways to enhance the work of classis and the local congregations. Last year they developed a Vision and Mission Statement. This year the focus is on articulating principles that shape
Classis, and which will in turn shape local congregations. Sean
Schat, who is on the steering committee will attend, as well as 4
delegates: Pastor Woody; Alissa Vernon, elder; Jennifer
Ste.Croix, deacon; Brandon Van Huizen, young adult rep.
When Jubilee’s church leadership was restructured in 2010,
the elders and deacons committed to writing yearly goal statements. Last Tuesday the goals for the executive elders, care
elders, life group elders, outreach elder, youth & young adult
elders and the deacons were reviewed. This annual review helps
ensure that our vision and mandates are being met and used as
a guideline for the overall pastoral and diaconal care of the
Council also reviewed the Synodical Report on the offices of
elder and deacon which will be presented to Synod in June. This
report built on the earlier work of the Diakonia Remixed report
which recommended that deacons be full participants at the
wider Classical and Synodical level. This report dealt specifically
with church order changes needed in order to make this
change, and recommends that synod adopt the proposal to
include deacons. The paper outlined that there is not equality
between the office, but there is parity. The report’s main thrust
is that by seating deacons, “there will be full representation of
the whole church which these offices represent.” This report can
be found on the CRCNA website ‑‑ http://www.crcna.org/
Open Door Luncheon: You are invited to the
home of Bram & Elly Hoff, 1398 Irvine Road,
Niagara‑on‑the‑Lake, for a light lunch and a
time to socialize with other Jubilee members.
College & University students and those new to
Jubilee are especially welcome. Maps with directions to their
home are on the Kiosk.
Have you recently begun worshipping at Jubilee?: Do you have
questions about Jubilee, or about what the Christian Reformed
Church is all about? Are you interested in becoming a member
here at Jubilee? Please contact Pastor Woody
([email protected]) to express your interest. Jubilee hopes to
offer a New Members' Class this winter and your interest can
make that hope a reality.
Directory updates: The new directories are in your mailboxes.
Please note the following changes and update your new book as
soon as possible.
 Clinton Klamer & Jill Walters‑Klamer ‑ add Oliver(14) and
change address to 4768 King Street, Beamsville, L0R 1B1
 Dave & Brenda Kiers ‑ add Gillian(14)
 Nellie Versluis ‑ new phone number ‑ 905‑329‑0640.
 New—Frank & Tini Teeuwsen, 3342 2nd Avenue, Vineland
Station, L0R 2E0, 905‑562‑5724
Missing books: Two curriculum books have gone missing from
the Joy Jam Jr. room. They are the "Play and Pray Bible" and
"The Play and Pray Bible #2). A lot of our curriculum and teaching ideas are taken from these two resources and they seem to
have disappeared. We would really appreciate having them returned as soon as possible. Thanks!
Junior High students and parents: If you are now in grades 6, 7
or 8, I invite you to join me (Martin Lensink) once or twice a
month starting TODAY for a junior high faith formation class.
During our periodic discussions we will have a conversation
about a number of new technologies and how they are or are not
affecting you. If you have any questions call or contact me ‑ [email protected] or 905‑708‑4050. I look forward to seeing you
in the Youth Room. The class will run the same time as Joy Jam
so please come downstairs when the younger children go down.
Yoga classes at Jubilee: Young Adult Yoga (ages 19‑25) ‑ Monday evening from 7:00 ‑ 8:00 pm. Cost $5.00 per class.
All ages Yoga, Wednesdays 4:30‑5:45. The focus of this
week’s class is on hip openers. For many of us our hips are often
an area of tightness in our bodies, whether from spending a lot of
time sitting or from sports such as running or cycling. Working on
hip flexibility and stability can also improve lower back pain, balance, posture and prevent injuries in later life. Appropriate for all
ages, all bodies, all abilities. No cost. Join us!
Joy Jam: This past Sunday, the children in Joy Jam heard the story of Jesus healing the lame man that was lowered down through the roof. In that story, we
"discovered" 3 miracles that Jesus actually performed...can you find them as well?
New book available from Disability Concerns: The church received a copy of a new book from Disability Concerns, called
"Views from Our Shoes: Growing Up with a Brother or Sister with
Special Needs." The brief chapters of this book were written by
45 children and young people who are siblings of people with
disabilities. If you would like to borrow this book please see
Wendy de Jong.
Looking for Volunteers – Interested in serving closer to home?
The Ministry to Seafarers in Montreal is looking for volunteers to
serve at their center throughout the year 2015. If you have 1
week or more to give please consider joining our team as we
seek to reflect the love of Christ to the seafarers who come into
the Port of Montreal. For more info go to our website
www.ministrytoseafarers.org and look under Get Involved
Special Needs SERVE Mentor: Walk alongside 'special needs'
SERVE participants and encourage them at SERVE sites, in worship, in small groups and even sightseeing. It's a beautiful week
of learning and serving together in our nation’s capital city, Ottawa from July 3 – 9, 2015. Both mentors and participants are
between ages 14 – 26. Check out crcna.org/servicelink (Ref.#
CAN165) or email [email protected] for more information.
Cycle to End Poverty!: Registration is now open for the 10th anniversary ride of the Sea to Sea Bicycle Tour. Join other cyclists
this summer for a 6‑day ride in Ontario or a 10‑day ride in Alberta, and raise money for the fight against poverty. Proceeds
will fund ministry by World Renew, Partners Worldwide, International Justice Mission, and local poverty initiatives in communities along the route. Volunteers are also urgently needed to assist with both rides. For information or to register, visit seatosea.org.
Adult Education: This coming season we are
offering three adult education options, with
two of them running concurrently. You may
join a group at any time.
1. LGBT issues & the Church – Part 3: In
this course, which will be led by Pastor Woody, those who
have participated in the two basic level studies of issues surrounding what the Bible says about same‑sex attraction and
how the church responds to these persons, will join together
for a more in‑depth & concluding study. (held in the class-
room off the Lounge, across from the Youth room)
2. “Four Reflections on the Structure of a Good Life” This
seminar will be led by Shannon Hoff of the Institute for Christian Studies and run four weeks, from January 14 – February
Week 3 Reading: Conscience — “What is Meant by Telling the Truth?,” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the Protestant theologian. Scripture: Matthew 7: 28; Galatians 1: 15‑17; 1 Corinthians 2: 11‑16. (held in the classroom off the Lounge, across
from the nursery)
3.“Faith Unraveled: How an evolving spiritual journey leads to
an unshakeable faith” by Rachel Held Evans. This course will
begin on February 11, running for 10 weeks, and be led by
Jennifer Hordijk.
Jubilee Night: All are welcome to come out
for a communal meal at 6:00 pm, followed
by various youth programs and adult education classes. Also beginning this season, Yoga
will be offered before supper. The cost of the
meal is being increased to $4/pp, $10 for a
family of 3, and $12 for a family of 4 or more. This week's
meal is Chicken & Rice Casserole with Broccoli Salad.
Life Groups Update, mid season report: The second half of the church
year is fully underway again, the
same is true for Life Groups. Several
groups enjoyed Pastor Woody’s sermon series on Hebrews along with the accompanying questions as study material; others are using various books to stimulate discussion.
A lot of good comments are heard about how well it is
going, but don’t think that if you are not part of a life group
yet you have to miss out. There are several groups that would
love to have you join them even in mid stream, it’s not too late
and there is no heavy prerequisite to these discussions.
Life groups are an integral part of how we “do church” at
Jubilee. It is a good way to get to know one another, support
each other, encourage mutual spiritual growth and explore
ways to serve God and our neighbors together.
For more information contact one of the Life Group Elders, Leo Versluis 905‑937‑3380 or Eb Quist 905‑563‑4224
or talk to one of the group leaders.