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Children’s Choir of Africa
Sunday, January 25
6:00 PM, First United Methodist Church
The choir will give a preview of their
performance at both services on Sunday
morning. They will come back that night to
lead evening worship at 6 p.m. Please bring
desserts for a reception in the fellowship hall
following evening worship. Come out and
support these godly young people!
Daraja means “bridge” in Swahili, and the Choir,
made up of 23 children from Uganda and Kenya, serve
as a bridge to connect the people of Africa and
America. This is a life-changing opportunity for these
children to learn and experience American culture, as
many of them have never experienced life outside of
their own countries. At the same time, Americans have
the opportunity to step into the lives of these children
by hearing their testimonies and experiencing
traditional African song and dance.
SUNDAY, January 25
6:00 PM-DARAJA Children’s Choir of Africa
MONDAY, January 26
3:30 PM-Jr. High Boys Mancave Monday, Activities
6:00 PM-Sr. High Boys Mancave Monday, Travis
6:00 PM-Sr. High Girls’ Covenant Group, Activities
WEDNESDAY, January 28
6:00 PM-Jr. High Girls’ Covenant Group, Activities
FUMC children, check out some of Ms Jane
Seale’s previously donated books in the church
library, such as Jesus and the 12 Dudes Who Did
(C MAC). All children’s books are located in section
C of our library.
Thank you for the wonderful support you gave Daddy and our
family during Daddy’s long illness and recent death. Your prayers,
presence, cards, and gifts were extremely comforting and eased the
burden of our long distance care greatly. We especially appreciate
the delicious luncheon you provided to our family and guests after
the funeral; your love and care made a difficult time much
brighter. You are a terrific church family, and Mother and Daddy
loved you all.
We thank you, Cele Carothers, Becky Meacham and families.
Why do we do the things we do? Why do we go to
church…because we think God needs it? God wants our hearts,
not the meaningless rituals. SUNDAY is a short film with
communications that really speak to us - compact, portable, and
concise dvd. (Section 2 33)
We welcome Tony Jones into the membership and fellowship of
FUMC. Tony comes by transfer from another denomination.
We welcome Sue Evans Lobrano Womble back into the
membership and fellowship of FUMC. Sue comes by transfer
from St. Matthews UMC in Madison.
“Change of Mind, Heart and Life”
Mark 1:14-20
Ed Temple
Daraja Children’s Choir of Africa
Happy Birthday
January 22-Cole Flint, Bateman Greenlee, Leighton Lea
Meg Woods
January 23-Tracy Dulin
January 25-Krista Davis, Brannon Poland, Brett Rivers,
Ginger Robey, Davis Smith
January 26-Vicki Archer
January 27-Henry Heafner, Eric Moake, Ashley Hasseltine
Sadler, Charles Wright
January 28-Cathy Vinson Clark, Eric Dawson, Bill
Stubblefield, III
Happy Anniversary
January 22-D/M Tommy Wren
January 24-M/M Ellis Byrd
January 28-M/M Michael Milam
January 25-Nursery Workers
Divonia Miles, Dorothy Jones
January 25-Acolytes
8:45 A.M.
10:55 A.M
January 25-Ushers
8:45 A.M.
10:55 A.M.
Bob Wadsworth/Clint Fisher
Monroe Pointer/Joel Rice
Dave Billingsley/Josh Vick
Chic Savage/Fred Graves
We express our Christian sympathy and love to Sara
McCullough and family at the death of her brother Phillip
Rose of Chicago who passed away on Tuesday, January 13.
We express our Christian sympathy and love to Don
Parnell and family at the death of his uncle Jerry Parnell of
Chattanooga, TN who passed away on January 8.
TRI-LAKES: Marguerite Nabors
MEMBERS: Leigh Anne McGovern, Sheila Pounders, Steven
Keville, John Bailey, Lady Embry, Marguerite Nabors, Flora
Cobb, Miles “Jelly” Mitchell, Bill Holloway, Laverne Briscoe,
Joe Reid, Elane Westfaul, Dora Ciener, Christopher Baker,
Monroe Harrison, Mary Jane Chapman, Sarah Jane Holloway,
Slick Willingham, Hilda Holt, Clint Williford, Kim Bickerstaff,
Betty Flint, Jackie Sergi, Rosemary Woodall, James Hardy, Bill
McKenzie, John Green, Mary Haberman, Genie Mothershed,
Margie Carson, Dale Moore, Diana Green, John Mothershed,
Doc Meacham, Soren Bowie, Mary McCullar, Hudson Still,
Margie Williams
FRIENDS: Paul Anglin, Bertha Walwyn, Mike Cook Family,
Hardy Graham (son-in-law of Dottye Langhofer), Family of
Jessica Chambers, Gerald Owen, The Overbay Family, Stan
Holcomb, Beverly Burkhalter Evans, Scott Anderson, Tiffany
Hysten, Raymond and Staci Toole, The Family of Tommy
Reeves, Donald Nardozzi, Dale Hathcock, Bob Chambers, Keith
Morris family, Chris Beall Cobb, Margaret and Bobby Russell,
Craig Shideler, Ann Haynes (Kelly Magee’s mom), Autumn
Cobb, Karen Cummins, Runt McMinn, Mildred Harper, Victoria
Floyd, Susan Pattridge Berryhill (friend of Donna Magee), Mike
and Lisa Ceolla, Tiffany Hodge, The Family of Aaron Belk,
Bernice Brooks (Ellis Byrd’s sister), Heather Breckenridge,
Cayden Anderson, Judy Ledbetter, Pam Franklin (Chris
Franklin’s mom), David Daleke, Ava Roten, George Martin,
Betty Rowsey, Whit Crowley, Steve Brown (Roxanne Broome
Brown’s husband), Nancy Edwards, Terry Carr, Steve Durr,
Taylor McDowell (Ann McDowell’s granddaughter), Diane
Stewart, Sheryl Moffatt (friend of Beth Garner), Bob and Jennie
Myers, Elaine Bost (Julie Ferguson’s mom), John & Priscilla
Dollar (friends of Mitzi Still) Patricia Ousley, Jane Keating
Rodriguez, Phillip Keating, Johnny Roberson (Jamie Roberson’s
dad), Ruby Rose, Jane Broome (Barbara Broome’s sister-in-law),
Annie Ruth Criswell (Ann McDowell’s mom), Martha Fortner
(Marilyn Moake’s mom), Nannette Sissell, Frances Smallwood,
Spence McCulloch
Wednesday, January 21
8:00 A.M.-Exercise Class, Activities Building
3:30 P.M.-Wonderful Wednesday
5:00 P.M.-Youth Game Night, Gym
5:30 P.M.-Handbells
6:45 P.M.-Chancel Choir
Thursday, January 22
12:00 P.M.-Explorer’s Bible Study
Friday, January 23
8:00 A.M.-Exercise Class
Sunday, January 25
8:45 A.M.-Early Morning Worship
9:45 A.M.-Sunday School
10:55 A.M.-Morning Worship
6:00 P.M.-DARAJA Children’s Choir of Africa
Monday, January 26
8:00 A.M.-Exercise Class
1:30 P.M.-Prayer Shawl Ministry
3:30 P.M.-Jr. High Boys Mancave Monday, Activities
6:00 P.M.-Sr. High Boys Mancave Monday, Travis Carpenter
6:00 P.M.-Sr. High Girls’ Covenant Group, Activities
Tuesday, January 27
9:00 A.M.-Staff Meeting
9:00 A.M.-Friendship Quilters, Activities Building
7:00 P.M.-Explorer’s Bible Study, Fellowship Hall
Wednesday, January 28
8:00 A.M.-Exercise Class, Activities Building
3:30 P.M.-Wonderful Wednesday
5:30 P.M.-Handbells
6:00 P.M.-Jr. High Girls’ Covenant Group, Activities
6:45 P.M.-Chancel Choir
Financial Report for January 18, 2015
Report Not Available at Press Time
2015 Budget
Budget Amt. Needed Weekly
Budget Amt. Needed to Date
Budget Amt. Offering
Budget Amt. Rec’d to Date
Good Samaritan
Parsonage Loan
Refreshing Conference
“ that times of refreshing may come from
the presence of the Lord” (Acts 3:19).
Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015
9 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Fellowship Hall
Batesville First United Methodist
119 Panola Avenue
Batesville, MS 38606
Speakers: Rev. Martin Case &
Marni McKenzie
Pre-registration needed to plan for
lunch and childcare. Call 563-4534
or email [email protected]
$5 per person/scholarships available
Approved for .5 CEU by the Center for Ministry at
Millsaps College
Our most important preparation for this
conference is prayer!
If you are willing and able to join us in this, please
save these four dates and join us:
3-4 p.m. at the McKenzies' home, 147 Faith Drive,
Batesville, on these Thursdays: Jan. 22, 29, and
Feb. 5.
“Remember the Lord your God, for it is He who
gives you the ability to produce wealth.”
(Deuteronomy 8:18)
Attendance for January 18, 2015
Sunday School
Morning Worship
8:45 A.M.
10:55 A.M.