3pm 1 February – 434 Kargotich Rd, Oakford 6121

Zenark Pty Ltd ABN 98 164 510 374
3pm 1 February – 434 Kargotich Rd, Oakford 6121
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Parent/Guardian Name:_________________Contact:___________________________
Email: _________________________________________________________________
Any medical conditions we need to know about:
Total Cost ($)
Total Amount: $___________
Rosettes and ribbons for place getters .. Cost is $20 per round with your horse or
$40 per round with our horse
You can do up to 3 rounds
entries close Thursday 29 January
Please email [email protected] for more info
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1 Graylands Road, Claremont Showgrounds, Claremont WA 6010
Tel: Emma 0412284616 Email: [email protected]
I (and if signed by an adult for a child, then on behalf of myself and the child), acknowledge the terms and
conditions that apply and that the signed waiver and release of liability remains valid and enforceable. I
understand my child can not ride unless I have a signed waiver of liability.
 This document will be a tax invoice for GST when fully completed and you make a payment.
Please keep a copy for your own reference.
Please complete this form and either
- Or email completed form back by pdf with a copy of your net receipt.
Payment can be made by bank transfer.
Bank Details- BSB: 086 554 ACC: 945 207 297 Name: Oakford Equestrian Centre
Total Amount Paid $__________________By Bank Transfer
Date payment made__________________
 . I (and if signed by an adult then on behalf of myself and the child), agree that I have read and agreed
to the Terms and Conditions of the Event request a copy if not sighted) and agree that no refunds, and no
makeup and that I have signed a waiver of release of liability and if not signed – I agree to request a copy
of such waiver and I acknowledge the terms of the same are hereby agreed and incorporated herein.
. No refunds will be provided for non attendance once entry is sent in and paid for.
Oakford Jump Cross
The inaugural Oakford Jump Cross Jump will be held on Sunday 1 Feb at
Oakford equestrian Centre 434 Kargotich Rd starting at 3pm and finishing no
later than 6pm followed by Barbie and drinks for those that want to stay
The concept will be similar to eventing in the park with a mixture of show jumps
and cross country fences and approx 15-20 fences
We have a good variety of jumps including ramps water jump ditches etc
The fences will be encouraging and the idea is to train .....and if a horse has a
problem try and solve it
There will be 3 heights 45cm, 60 cm and 70 cm and possibly junior and senior
classes depending on numbers
Rules of JumpCross
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1 Graylands Road, Claremont Showgrounds, Claremont WA 6010
Tel: Emma 0412284616 Email: [email protected]
Minimum age for horse/pony: 4 years
Minimum horse/pony height: no restriction
Riders Dress
Riding hats must conform to current aust standards Body Protectors must
confirm to safety standards.Medical cards must be worn
Horse/Pony Equipment
No artifical aids or gadgets are permitted (draw reins, Market Harboroughs etc).
Running martingales only.
Bits – no current restrictions.
Competition Rules Summary
Knock-down 20 penalties for each knock-down.
Refusal 50 penalties for each refusal. (Two refusals at the same fence and you
will be asked to move on to the next fence).
6 refusals around the course.
Rider fall.
Horse fall.
Course Design
Courses will be approximately 1000-1500m in length and include up to 20
jumping obstacles, all of similar colour, but of variable style and technicality.
The course will combine the thrill of cross-country, with the technicality of
Normally, at the last fence, there is an option to jump the joker fence, this is
approximately 6 inches higher than the rest of the course. If you clear the joker,
40 penalties will be taken off your score. If you knock it down, 40 penalties will be
added to your final score.
Each riders score is calculated by taking their time to complete the complete
course (in seconds) and adding on any penalties for knock-downs and refusals
and penalties added or deducted for jumping the joker. The rider with the lowest
score is the winner.
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1 Graylands Road, Claremont Showgrounds, Claremont WA 6010
Tel: Emma 0412284616 Email: [email protected]