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National Honors
Society Members:
Melinda Wagner
Sara Hall
Valerie Leath became part of the Newton
School in July of 2009. She
started her career in schooling,
because she believed she
could help make a difference
in young people’s lives. She
has always loved young people, and has always wanted
them to achieve in school and
make the world a better place.
Mrs. Leath’s biggest
dream was to become a school
administrator. I guess you can
say her dream came true, because she was a principal for
fifteen and a half years. Her
dream job as a child, however,
was to be an accountant; she
says it was because she liked
Achieving a good
education seems to be her
greatest achievement. She has
Mrs. Leath posing for the camera
Masters Degree in Curriculum
and Instruction as well as
School Administration.
Outside of school,
Mrs. Leath likes to walk, ride
bikes, roller skate, and loves
2 0 1 0
to go shopping. She also enjoys working in the community, as well as her church.
Her favorite childhood memory would be roller skating in
her neighborhood in Chicago,
R&B is her favorite
type of music. Robin Thicke,
Marvin Gaye, and Luther
Vandross are some of her favorite artists. Her favorite
food is lasagna, and she also
likes other Italian foods. She
also enjoys reading, Maya
Angelou being her favorite
author, but her favorite book
is Marley and Me.
Let’s not forget that
Mrs. Leath is a proud parent
of one child, a daughter
named Christina. Christina is
a lawyer in Jasonville, Florida.
Nat Glynn
Sarah Toomey
Colin Beard
Bi-Lingual Books
Amanda Shuford
By: Tiffany Black
Nicole Cook
Miss Huertero’s
Spanish II class was assigned
a project. Partners were to
create a children’s bi-lingual
book. The book had to include many things, including
area landmarks, government
Briannen Ary
Allison Todd
leaders, money, artist, athlete,
city, and historical figures.
After the books were
completed, Miss Huertero
arranged a trip to an elementary school for the authors of
the books can read them to
the children. Some students
wrote a fairytale story and
others wrote diaries. Action
or love stories were written
Most of the Spanish
II students worked constantly
to finish the book on time.
The books turned out very
creative and unique.
Newton School Student In India
By: Kelsey Caldwell
Amanda and her
mom enjoying India’s
Olympics is a
day for kids who
don’t have the
chance to stand
out and show
how gifted they
-Jessica Crespo
Amanda Shuford
and her parents got the opportunity to take the trip of a
lifetime to India. They toured
and visited sites there, met
many people, and made
friendships along the way.
Three couples that
are in the Rotary Friendship
Exchange team came to the
United States on Monday,
April 26, 2010, and will be
coming to Catawba County on
Wednesday, May 5, 2010.
While they are visiting Catawba County they will be
staying with Amanda and her
The couple that is
staying with Amanda is the
family that hosted them while
they were in Vapi, India. They
are Dr. Vikas Jain and his wife
Aditi Jain. Dr. Vikas is an
orthopedic surgeon while
Aditi owns and operates a
preschool in India.
While they are in
Catawba County, they will be
visiting Rotary Projects, such
as the Corner Table and Computers for Kids. Dr. Vikas will
also be able to visit Carolina
Orthopedic, while Aditi will
visit Montessori Children’s
House of Newton, a school
that uses many of the same
techniques that her school
does. Also while they are in
Catawba County, the Shufords
will be taking them to dinner
and on a boat ride on Lake
Hickory. They are also coming for a quick tour of The
Newton School!
Amanda said she
would go back to India to visit
the people because they were
nice and hospitable, but the
expense for airfare and other
activities that require money
are “outrageous”.
Helping The Special Olympics
By: Melina Verdugo
Twenty volunteers
from the Newton School
helped with the Special
Olympics on Friday, April
30th. Special Olympics are
an opportunity for our students to help others participate in enjoyable
There are many
fun events that can fit each
and every participant. Activities like softball and the
basket toss take place.
Races and water balloon
throws also are a big part
of the Special Olympics.
Many forms of entertainment occur, also. Participants have opportunities to
receive face paintings and
to join in on karaoke.
Many people who
have volunteered at the
Special Olympics in previous years mentioned that it
can help build character
“Special Olympics is a day
for kids who don’t have the
chance to stand out and
show how gifted they are,”
said Jessica Crespo.
The Special Olympics are a great experience for people who volunteer.
Hands On Science For NCMS
By: Katie Cochran
Carly Gaglia
and Sarah
Van Horn
about the
On April
13th and 14th, a group
of students from the
Newton School volunteered to help out
with the science festival sponsored by the
Catawba Science
The event was held
at Newton-Conover
Middle School all day on both
days. All the middle school
students rotated through six
different stations, doing hands
-on activities to learn about
the human body. The stations
focused on subjects such as
the human eye, brain, heart,
ear, and mouth. “Most of the
students seemed pretty interested and asked a few questions,” says Kelsey Caldwell,
a sophomore who volunteered
for the event.
Even though the
event focused on teaching the
middle school students, the
volunteers learned as well, and
saw through a teacher’s perspective. Overall, the students
learned lots of new and interesting information about the
human body, and the volunteers learned being a teacher
isn’t as easy as it seems.