File - Regency Church of Christ

Regency Church of Christ
January 25, 2015
Welcome to worship. We hope this service will uplift you. We ask all
visitors and members to fill out an attendance card. Please pass cards to the
center aisle to be picked up. We have a staffed nursery (newborn to walking age)
and toddler care (up to 3 years of age) available during services. Listening devices
are available at the Welcome Center for those that are hearing impaired. An usher
will be happy to assist you. Please turn off or silence your cell phone when
entering the worship services.
Jan 27: Inner City Bible Class at Regency
Jan 30-31: Regency Ladies Retreat, Please sign the list in the foyer for
Feb 7: Seniors Sweetheart Banquet, 5-7 pm. 60+ invited; sign the list at the
Welcome Center
Feb 8-11: Spiritual Enrichment at Central (no PM worship on Sunday, no
AM or PM on Wednesday at Regency)
Feb 14: Senior Moments, 10 am
Feb 18: Bagging groceries after the evening service
Feb 19: Food Give Away
Feb 22: Teen Area Wide Devo at Regency
REGENCY LADIES RETREAT: Jan 30-31 at Gulf Coast Bible Camp;
Please sign the list in the foyer for attendance. Please bring a 5” x 5” scrap
of fabric that represents you (pet, food, hobby, color). If you want to ride
the bus, please be at the building at 4:30 pm on Friday
SENIORS SWEETHEART BANQUET: Feb 7 for 60+. Bring your
sweetheart or come alone. Sign the list at the Welcome Center.
REVIEW: Jan 29 at the Civic Center Theater at 3 pm.
Dale Eubanks will be taking the bus and leaving Regency at 2. See him
if you would like to go.
YARD MAINTENANCE AT REGENCY: Pick up a new schedule
at the Welcome Center. Also needed: Extra volunteers to help with
the grass cutting. See David Haynes if you are willing to help.
PRAYER LIST: Please notify the office with updates.
MEMBERS: Jack Falls health problems; Carol Ashburn breast cancer,
recovering surgery at home; Ken Wear Crown on Springhill for knee
therapy; Nancy Talbot recovering shoulder procedure; Betty Tubb
breast cancer, recovering surgery at home, will have radiation; Cal
Cossich now at home; Larry Eardley recovering knee replacement;
Lauray Aguilar broke her leg; Cletis Bedingfield breast cancer, chemo
complete; Others with health concerns and shut-ins: Voncile Freeman,
Christine Gibbs, Dale Herren, Jean & Vince Huegele, Louis Hyde,
Jimmy James, Steve Lindhurst, Bill Nippert, Beatryce Thomason,
Erma Patterson, Julie Terry, Pearlie Lockler, Juanita Winchester,
Helen Wright , Expectant mother: Jennifer Hall (Mar) boy, Shelley
Newberry (July)
FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Bill Davis (Marilyn’s husband) sciatic nerve
pain; Terry Homer (Marilyn Davis’ friend) hip problems; Allison Gilley
(friend of Lori Hall) recovering spine surgery; Al Manning (Kay Findley’s
uncle) Pensacola hospital, 90% blockage in carotid artery; JD Gagliano
(Dean’s brother-in-law) diagnosed with MSA (multiple system atrophy);
Sheryl Hill (Tammy Gates’ friend from Seattle, WA) emergency brain
surgery to remove an aneurysm; Amanda McGaughy (Leroy & Suzanne’s
granddaughter) recovering rotator cuff surgery; Rickey Spence (Mary’s
son) esophagus cancer, upcoming surgery; Jacob Louise Barnett (sister-inlaw to Linda Littlepage and Earl Ray) cancer; David Whigham (Kathy
Hall’s brother) cancer, chemo; Eloise Crews (member at Creekwood)
multiple myeloma; Glenn Findley (Joe’s brother) stroke; Carolyn Kendall
(Tony’s mother) shoulder replacement; Sara Sprance (Tammy Gates’
friend) Lupus & sarcoid; Darlene McZeek (MCS employee) cancer;
Libby Ferguson (Frankie Williams’ niece) cancer; Iyvone Bradley (Joan
Bullington’s mother) Parkinson’s; Mary Kathryn Harrison (JT and
Rebecca’s daughter); Barbara Hagan (Gordy Gordon’s sister) bone
cancer; Bill Wisener (friend of Steve Lindhurst) complications from
diabetes; Penny Smith (Steve Lindhurst’s aunt); Michelle Bradley (friend
of Bernice Adams) paralyzed; Kevin Langham (Joe Findley’s nephew)
cancer; Katelyn Tillman (friend of Nina Stallings) age 14, cancer; Betty
Jean Evans (John Bogle’s daughter) cancer; Buddy Dover (friend of Dick
Gray); James Terry (Scott’s father) esophagus cancer; Taylor Hopwood
(friend of Mable Redd) 13 year old, multiple tumors; Sandra Blackwood
(Kay Findley’s cousin) cancer; Vernon Lewis (Deborah Curry’s brother)
lung cancer; Bill Freeze (Betty Tubb’s brother); Carol Watson (Virginia
Bray’s friend) and Cameron Clark (Celia Lewis’ nephew) chronic