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around the globe
spring 2013
Wherever you go...
n There we will be through new network
n Learn how to
pay off college
loans faster
n Perfect trio:
teens, games,
n Traveling?
New card the
perfect partner
Let us help you solve your financial puzzle
Do you want to save money and
learn how to improve your financial situation?
We exist to help our
members reach their
financial dreams.
To exceed our
members’ expectations
through exceptional
We invite you to sit down with
a BGCU loan professional. Together we will review your credit
report, loans and rates – all the
pieces key to financial dreams.
Our free, no-obligation service
gives you the opportunity to understand how your use of different types of credit affects your
financial life.
around the globe
nTwo re-elected
Members back Shea,
Evans for new terms.
n Funding the gap
3 options offered to pay
off college loans faster.
“A goal is a dream
with a deadline.”
~ Napoleon Hill
American author
THE ANNUAL MEETING -- this year held March 19 at Germania Hall -- is a time for
learning about your credit union, electing representatives and winning prizes! At left,
Vern Brusewitz accepts a cash prize from Laurie, while, at right, Drew Raimer gets a
cash prize from Heidi. Credit union members re-elected Bryon Shea and Dave Evans to
three-year terms. BGCU Board officers are Craig Samolinski, chair; Cindy Phillips, vice
chair; Bryon Shea, secretary; and Carla Watson, treasurer.
Paying for college -- the smart way
Badger Globe Credit Union is proud to announce a new student loan opportunity. This
loan is available to our members attending college, members with children attending college,
as well as members’ family members.
As college tuition costs continue to rise, more
students are in need of private student loans to
help fund the gap between financial aid and college expenses. With the Smart Option Student
Loan® from Sallie Mae® in partnership with
Badger Globe Credit Union, you can choose
from three in-school repayment options to help
you pay off your loan faster and save money
compared to the conventional private loan. By
offering interest rates among the lowest in the
country, the Smart Option Student Loan enables you to choose to make payments while
in school and graduate with less loan debt or
defer your payments and enjoy more flexibility
while in school.
PInterest Repayment Option - Take advantage
of a shorter loan term and maximum savings
on your total loan cost.
PFixed Repayment Option - Pay a small fixed
monthly payment while in school to take advantage of a shorter repayment term and save on
your total loan cost
PDeferred Repayment Option - Defer payments until after school, or pay as much as you
want while in school, to enjoy maximum flexibility while still paying off faster than the conventional private education loan
Features and benefits of the Smart Option Student Loan® include:
uInterest rates among the lowest in the nation
up to 100% of school-certified
education costs (minimum $1,000)
for on-time payments and
automatic payment plans
uApplying with a creditworthy cosigner may
help applicants qualify and receive a lower
uFast online application
uNo prepayment penalty
uNo application or disbursement fees
Seeking higher education is an exciting and
valuable experience, and we want to help
make it happen. Together we can do this. Find
resources for navigating the college application
process, learn more about the Smart Option
Student Loan, and apply at
badger globe credit union spring 2013
Whopping $1,065 raised to help sick kids
Thanks to the generosity of our members and
the wonderful cooperation of our staff, Badger
Globe Credit Union was able to raise $1,065 for
the Children’s Miracle Network.
Several events throughout February helped
ring up the impressive total. Keeping the interest lively was a friendly competition between
two teams of staff members. The bet? The losing team had to prepare and serve lunch to the
winning team!
Besides selling links for $1 each, staff members
organized a Walking Taco Day, an employee
bake sale; and a DQ popcorn sale. We hope
you enjoyed it!
The Children’s Miracle Network is a fundraising
and awareness campaign established to actively support improved health care. Children’s
Hospital of Wisconsin in the Fox Valley, 130
n Thank you!
Your donations will help
cure children’s illnesses.
“Insist on yourself.
Never imitate.”
The team put up a good effort, but, from
left, Annie, Heidi, Donna, Jenny, Denise
and Linda lost the bet and had to serve
lunch to the CMN winners.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
American essayist, poet
Second St., Neenah, is the only hospital in the
Valley dedicated exclusively to children’s care.
A heads-up for high school students, parents
1. Going to college is expensive.
2. Making real-life financial decisions can
be difficult, especially for a young person.
3. Playing online games can be fun.
High school students can learn some of the
ins and outs of life’s financial choices by playing an online game that also offers the opportunity to earn college scholarships.
How? Through Money Mission! It’s a national
scholarship challenge for college-bound high
school seniors, but students as young as 15
can start playing to get familiar with the game.
By playing Money Mission, students gain
insight into how the choices they make with
money will influence the choices they’re able
to make in the rest of their lives.
nPlay and learn!
Students can ‘play’ with
money and earn rewards.
A new Mission starts April 30. Call for details.
BGCU tidbits - choice chunks of info to know
Tell us what’s happenin’
It’s important for members to
keep their personal information with us up to date.
How can you let us know about
changes to your address,
phone or email?
anotify us in person,
acall us at 722-2122, or
amake the changes yourself
online. Log into your account.
Click the Self-Service tab.
Change the information.
Get summer fun discounts
Dreaming about summer fun?
When you are ready, stop at
BGCU to get discount tickets
to some of the best fun sites
aMilwaukee Zoo
aSix Flags Great America
aMt. Olympus
aNoah’s Ark
Save a life!
nBe in the know!
Badger Globe Credit Union Set time aside for blood
has scheduled a blood drive drive, keep info up to date
with the Community Blood
Center for 2-5 p.m. Thursday,
June 13, in our parking lot.
Reservations are appreciated
but walk-ins also are welcome.
Mark your calendar
Our office will be closed Memorial Day, May 27, but we’re
available online or by BART.
Permit No. 226
260 North Green Bay Road, Neenah, WI 54956-2245
Phone: 920-722-2122 • Fax: 722-5742 • BART: 1-855-685-9078
Web site:
Credit Union Hours:
Lobby: M-F: 8:30am - 5pm
Drive-Up: M-Th: 7:30am - 5:30pm
F: 7am - 5:30 pm
Save for your rainy day!
Printed on paper
with minimum 10%
post-consumer waste.
Please enjoy & then recycle!
“Stuff” happens. When it does,
it’s good to know you’ve got money
saved to replace or repair. Start today!
Visa CUMoney Travel Card a perfect partner
n Your
BGCU answers your
Frequently Asked Questions.
to you.
Q. What’s a better option
than cash when I travel?
A. Its online management tool
lets you track spending. You
can learn how much you’ve
spent and how much is left.
A. Purchase BGCU’s new
Visa CUMoney Travel Card
for only $9.95! Safer than carrying cash, it’s not tied to your
checking or savings so if it’s
lost or stolen, there’s no risk
Q. Can I track my use of it?
Q. Are there other benefits?
A. Each registered card also
includes 90-day purchase
protection, travel and
emergency assistance and
lost luggage reimbursement.
Q. What if it runs low?
A. Reload your card in
amounts from $100 to $5000
for a nominal fee. Call if you
have questions.
BGCU will be there ... wherever you are!
“Shared branching” is a network of credit unions that
“share” their branches with
each other. We will soon be a
part of that.
move away, you can still find
a credit union branch to meet
your basic financial needs,
one just as safe as our Green
Bay Road office in Neenah.
acall 1-800-919-CUSC (3872)
adownload the “FindBranch”
Our participation means that
if you travel, change jobs or
To find any of the more than
5,000 participating branches:
Watch our website. We hope
to have this in place in June.
app to your iPhone, or
alook for the “Swirl” logo.
Another Birthday Club quarterly winner enjoys $25!
Congratulations to Kayla Hildebrandt of Appleton! She is
BGCU’s Birthday Club winner
for the last quarter and re-
ceived $25 in her account.
If you are between ages 1
and 18, watch for your special
BGCU birthday card inviting
you to schedule a visit. When
you visit, enter your card for a
chance to win.