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CP Series Outdoor Enclosures
Westell is a market leader in enclosures and
mountings, offering innovative solutions for
today’s outdoor enclosure markets. Westell is
proud to continue our leadership by offering the
CP Series of Universal Outdoor Enclosures.
These secure, weather-tight, fully tested empty
enclosures include a stainless steel mesh back
plate to provide universal mounting locations for a
wide variety of electronic equipment and networking
solutions. They are well suited for the transportation,
utility, security, telecom and government markets
which often require a weather-tight enclosure for
above-ground, outdoor applications.
To ensure that the enclosure will withstand harsh
climatic conditions such as rain,
snow, sleet, high winds, ice and sand
Product Highlights
storms, the CP Series enclosures
are constructed of aluminum and
• High quality, fully tested, weather-protected and secure
covered with a powder-coated paint
aluminum outdoor enclosures
that exceeds NEMA4 and Telcordia
• Three efficiently sized options:
outdoor cabinet requirements. In
–– 18”H x 20”W x 9”D
addition, these enclosures utilize
weather stripping around the perimeter
–– 18”H x 20”W x 13”D
of the large access door. This will
–– 24”H x 20”W x 9”D
protect the equipment from premature
• Internal stainless steel mounting screen backboard for mounting
or intermittent failures due to
a wide range of internal equipment
unprotected weather-related exposure.
• Multiple hole knock-outs for various cables feeds
The CP Series outdoor enclosures
can be mounted on a wall, round pole,
• Knock-outs to support attachment to Westell’s CPCNCT cable
management system
square pedestal or post.
Large access door
7/16” cup screw and pad lockable security
Self-activating door open wind latch
Pedestal, pole, or wall-mountable
Dual post internal ground lugs
Exterior ground lug
NEMA4 compliant
Telcordia GR-487-CORE, Issue 2 compliant
FCC Part 15 Class A approved
Powder-coated finish
When interconnecting two or more
CP Series enclosures, Westell’s
CPCNCT cabinet will provide a secure
attachment via an aluminum cable
feeding and management system.
CP Series Outdoor Enclosures
Product Specifications
7.025 in
17.8 cm
External Height, total
(incl. mounting bracket)
18.35 in
46.6 cm
18.35 in
46.6 cm
28.3 in
71.8 cm
External Height, excl
mounting bracket
(cabinet, door)
14.35 in
36.45 cm
14.35 in
36.45 cm
24.4 in
62.0 cm
External Width, total
(incl. door and brackets)
20.38 in
51.76 cm
20.38 in
51.76 cm
20.4 in
51.8 cm
45 in
114.3 cm
External Depth, total
(incl. doors and brackets)
9.28 in
23.57 cm
13.405 in
34.05 cm
9.2 in
23.3 cm
9.452 in
24 cm
Internal Height
14 in
35.56 cm
14 in
35.56 cm
24 in
61.0 cm
6.77 in
17.2 cm
Internal Width
18 in
45.72 cm
18 in
45.72 cm
18.1 in
46.0 cm
44.75 in
113.6 cm
7.7 in.
19.56 cm
11.9 in
30.23 cm
7.9 in
20.1 cm
8.95 in
22.7 cm
19.4 lbs
8. 81 kg
22.4 lbs
10.2 kg
35 lbs
15.9 kg
17 lbs
7.7 kg
Internal Depth
Weight, empty (approx.)
Outside Operating
Temperature (Ambient)
-40 to 115°F -40 to 46°C -40 to 115°F
-40 to 46°C
-40 to 149°F -40 to 65°C -40 to 149°F
-40 to 65°C
Internal Enclosure
-40 to 149°F -40 to 65°C -40 to 149°F
-40 to 65°C
-40 to 149°F -40 to 65°C -40 to 149°F
-40 to 65°C
0% to 95% (non-condensing)
H-frame, pedestal, pole, or wall
CP528MT / CP538MT
Inside Sales / Support:
H-frame or wall
CP528CSES (left) and CP528MT (right) shown
attached to CPCNCT Cable Management Cabinet
Westell Technologies, Inc.
750 N. Commons Drive
Aurora, IL 60504
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