SCIENCE MODEL QUESTION PAPER – 3 I. Four Alternatives are
I. Four Alternatives are provided for each question. Choose the most appropriate alternative
and write it in the space provided.
1. The non renewable source of energy among the following is ______
a) Wind
b) Tides
c) Hydro energy
d) coal
2. The Gaseous pollutant, more responsible for acid rain is _____
a) sulphur dioxide
b) carbon dioxide
c) Carbon monoxide d) Nitrogen oxide
3. Number of Hydrogen atoms to be added to the Benzene molecule to make it a completely
saturated hydro carbon is ________
a) 4
b) 6
c) 2
d) 8
4. Epithelium tissue in Alveoli and blood capillaries referred as endothelium is ______
a) Columnar epithelium
b) Squamous epithelium
c) Ciliated epithelium
d) Cuboidal epithelium
5. The tissue that helps in defence of the body by engulfing bacteria and digesting toxic
substance is _______
a) Adipose tissue
b) Reticular tissue
c) Areolar tissue
d) Cartilage tissue
6. Ultra sound signal sent by a sonar situated at the surface of ocean takes 6 seconds to
return from the floor of the ocean. The depth of the ocean floor is ________
a) 4.5 km
b) 0.45 km
c) 9.5 km
d) 45 km
7. The device that can be used to shut down the nuclear reactor among the following is
a) Moderator
b) heat exchanger
c) steel vessel
d) Control rods
8. The Metals which do not react with the components of air at all ____
a) Gold
b) Platinum c) Gold and platinum
d) Cobalt
9. The process by which unsaturated oils fat can be prevented from rancidity is _______
a) Hydrogenation
b) Saponification
c) Esterification
d) Sulphonation
10. Improvement of plant and animal breeds, pest and pathogen control in agriculture can be
achieved through _______
a) Cloning
b) tissue culture
c) Tissue culture and cloning
d) Tissue culture and DNA recombinant technology.
11. Match the names of plants given in column "A" with their structure "B" and
characteristic features in Column 'C.'
1) Spirogyra
a) Gymnosperm
i) Flowers as reproductive organs
2) Batrach ospermum b) Brown algae
ii) Grows in fresh water
3) Cycas
c) Green algae
iii) requires water for fertilization
4) Mustard
d) Blue green algae iv) Grows in marine water
e) Red algae
v) prothallus as Gameto phyte
f) Angiosperm
vi) Cones as reproductive organs.
II. Answer the following questions
12. Why Adrenaline hormone is called emergency hormone?
13. Why some chordates are known as cephalo chordates?
14. How are Fuel and oxidant supplied to engine in a controlled manner?
15. What is Supernova explosion?
16. In recent years 'search for alternative sources of energy has yielded good results,
substantiate the statement.
17. Sugar solution which is not concentrated undergoes fermentation but not thick syrup of
'sugar. Give reason.
18. When electrodes are dipped in aqueous sodium chloride solution the bulb glows brightly
III. Answer the following questions :
19. The population of cuckoos (Bird) have become more in a certain locality. Give scientific
20. a) Why excess silica must be used during the extraction of crystalline silicon?
b) Manufacture of silicon carbide in an electric furnace is a endothermic reaction. Give
21. Why the inner wall of stomach is lined by columnar epithelium?
22. What is the importance of physics of waves for Geologists, Cosmologists and Doctors?
How lymph contributes for immunity?
23. A Heat engine "P” performs 480 KJ of work out of 1200 KJ of heat energy plied where as on
the other hand a heat engine "Q" performs 60010 of work out of 1200 KJ of heat energy
supplied. Which among the two engines is efficient and why?
24. There was a lot of local protests against the establishment of Kaiga nuclear power plant in
Karnataka. Give reason.
How are mass and energy related?
25. Give reasons :
a) Safety glass is used in automobile and aeroplane industries as wind shield?
b) Borosilicate glass is used in laboratory equipments?
26. a) Indian medicines contain more of Jaggery than white crystalline sugar. Give reason.
b) The Batter of Dosa and Idli rises up. Give reason.
27. Explain the importance of ultrasonic waves in Hospitals.
28. What is the importance of Roasting and calcinations in the process of Metallurgy?
29. During Bhopol gas tragedy many Human beings and domestic animals were killed. But
cockroaches and ants and other small creatures survived. 'What may be the reason for
30. Animal breeding may be a solution to overcome the problems of ever increasing
population. Explain.
31. Why multistage rockets are used in launching artificial satellites?
32. How was Australopithecus man different from Ramapithecus man?
What are the main characteristics of Cromagnonman?
33. Draw a neat labeled diagram of Voltameter.
34. Draw a neat labeled diagram of Petrol engine.
IV. Answer the following Questions:
35. Draw a neat labeled diagram of Electrolytic refining of copper.
36. a) A boy with HIV positive was denied admission in a school. The court did not approve
this. What scientific justification do you make on this?
b) It has been difficult to find medicines for HIV infection. Give reason.
37. a) State Mendeleev's periodic law.
b) How and why does the atomic size vary as you go.
i) From left to right along a period?
ii) Down a group?
38. How do Mendel's experiments show that traits 'may be dominant or recessive?
What is incomplete dominance? Explain with an illustration.
39. a) Draw neat diagrams of n-P-n and P-n-P transistor.
b) Why P-n junction is known as Rectifier?
What is a transistor? Distinguish between p-n-p and n-p-n transistor?
V. Answer the following Questions
40. Draw a neat diagram of internal structure of Human ear and label the following parts
a) Eustachain tube b) Tympanum
c) Semicircular canals
d) Cochlea
41. a) What should be the angle between thumb (main) finger, fore finger and central finger in
Fleming’s left hand rule? What does each finger indicate?
b) Draw a neat labeled diagram of AC dynamo.
a) Draw a neat labeled diagram of DC Motor.
b) Why is alternate current preferred over direct cement?.
42. a) Write the structural formula of Benzene and Toluene.
b) Write any two features of Aromatic hydrocarbon.
c) What is Isomerism?
a) What is Hydrogenation? What is its industrial application?
b) Write the structure of salicylic acid and glycerol.