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Vol. 20, No. 18
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January 18 - 23, 2015
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This is Lakshmi,
a resident of
Visalakshi Thottam,
off East Abhiramapuram
who chose to use lots
of flowers to design a
flowers-based kolam on
the day of Pongal in
front of her residence.
festival of
Sri Kapali
The annual teppam
festival of Sri Kapali
Temple, Mylapore
is to be held from
Feb 3 to 5, 2015.
January 18 - 23, 2015
Jan 18
Sri Parthasarathy Swami
Sabha’s 115th year dance
festival to be inaugurated by
Dr. Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti.
At Mylapore Fine Arts Club,
Musiri Subramaniam Salai,
Mylapore, 5.30 p.m.
Talk on ‘Aitareya Upanishad’ by Swamini Satyavratananda Saraswathi. At Samskritha Barathi Hall, 5, 7th Street,
R. K. Salai, Mylapore, 8.30
a.m. Ph: 24328087.
Lecture on ‘Mandhukya
Upanishad versus existence of
God’ by T. S. Viswanathan. At
Mylapore Club, 39, Luz Church
Road, Mylapore, 11.45 a.m.
Ph: 9840177092.
Bhagavad Gita sessions in
English by Ragav Simha. At
Andhra Mahila Sabha, next to
Nageshwara Rao Park, Luz,
7.15 a.m.
Scholarship test for class
XII students. Conducted by Sri
Sankara Coaching Centre. At
14, Chitrakulam West Street,
Mylapore, 10 a.m. onwards.
To register call 9176415852.
Talk by Muralidhara Swamiji.
Organised by Global Organisation for Divinity India Trust. At
Narada Gana Sabha, T. T. K.
Road, Alwarpet. Ph: 23718351.
Jan 20
A talk on ‘Acupuncture
therapy’ by Uma Seetharaman. At V - Excel Educational
Trust, 23, Thiruvengadam
Street, R. A. Puram, 4 p.m. Ph:
Spiritual talks by Swami
Bodhananda. Organised by
Sambodh Foundation. Inauguration by S. Balasubramanian, chairman, City Union
Bank. At BVB, East Mada
Street, Mylapore, 6.15 p.m.
Ph: 24616131.
Jan 21
Talk on ‘Bhagavad Gita
- 12th Chapter’ by Swamini Satyavratananda Saraswathi. At Mylapore Club, 39,
Luz Church Road, Mylapore,
11 a.m. Ph: 23428087.
Jan 22
The Tamil edition of the
book ‘Sai Baba’s still alive’
authored by Jaya Wahi and
translated by Sivasankari
will be released by M. Saravanan, AVM Productions. At
Sai Baba Temple, Alamelumangapuram, Mylapore,
12.30 p.m.
Ashvita Bistro presents a
unique talk programme - ‘Follow your bliss series’ - Part
1. People who have left their
stable (well - paying) careers
to follow their dreams will be
asked to talk about their experiences. Baradwaj Rangan,
Senior Deputy Editor, The
Hindu will attend. At 11, Bawa
Road, Alwarpet, 6.30 p.m. Ph:
Talk on ‘Panchadasai’ by
Swamini Satyavratananda
Saraswathi. At Mylapore
Club, 39, Luz Church Road,
M y l a p o r e , 11 a . m . P h :
Jan 23
Ta l k o n t h e l i f e a n d
teachings of Swami Trigunatitanandaji by Swami Gautamanandaji. At Ramakrishna
Math, Mylapore, 7 p.m. Ph:
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January 18 - 23, 2015
By Our Staff Reporter
A big political meeting was held at the Mangollai area
in Mylapore last Monday evening by the DMK party. Party
president, M. Karunanidhi and senior leaders like
M K Stalin and Durai Murugan spoke. The meeting
followed the recent party elections that were held in stages.
Karunanidhi was re-elected president yet another time.
That weekend, massive cutouts and illuminated images
besides a large stage were erected at the far end of North
Mada Street.
Mangollai has been a popular space for holding political
meetings since the 50s but local businesses and residents
now complain of pollution and traffic jams caused by
such meetings.
Report local community events /
share pictures [email protected]
January 18 - 23, 2015
January 18 - 23, 2015
There was lots of color
and chatter. Music and
dance. Fellowship and
surprises. At the 13th
edition of the Sundaram
Finance Mylapore Festival which ended with a
kattai-koothu recital on
Sunday night. Here are
few jottings from our
Festival notes. . .
l Over 20,000 people
must have been at the
festival venues on Sunday
evening, possibly the biggest the Fest has had since
it was started. Most people
said they walked to all the
zones which had either
live performances or sales
to get feel of what was
on offer. Even the local
hawkers, making the best
of the huge crowd, saw
reason in keeping order.
Since the Fest has become
very popular, people set up
stalls on their own, to add
to the buzz.
l All the Walks/Tours
got a huge response. There
were five ( the Cycling
Tour had to be restricted
though). Young architect T. Sundari, who has
runs few tours in Anna
Nagar and headed the one
in Mylapore, said she was
touched by the positive
attitude of Mylaporeans
she approached in order
to take close looks at the
architecture for her Walk.
East Mada Street resident
Natarajan opened up his
home that Sunday
Contd.on pg 6
l The Food Street was packed as it always
is - this year, the stall managers had to do away
with gas cylinders and spot cooking to keep to civic
guidelines and that challenged some of them. And
yet, many of them offered some interesting snacks.
The Mysore dose and the Bisebele Bath sold out
fast. There was duplication at some stalls - something that must not be allowed hence.
l The Organic Food Nook on Pichu Pillai Street
end was an experiment. The sales may not have
been strong but many visitors said they got to know
a bit about the eco products that are on sale in
the city. l A majority of the women in the Bazaar for
Self Help Groups ( managed by the TN Womens
Development Corpn.) were from across the state they were also holding stalls at a sale in Valluvar
Kottam. They said any exposure helps them expand
their business. The Corporation’s staff acted smart making it easy for the women to set up shop.
l Having large contingents from Queen Mary’s
College perform at the Fest was welcome this is QMC’s centenary year.
Contd.on pg 7
January 18 - 23, 2015
January 18 - 23, 2015
The girls who went on stage seemed very
excited - especially the ones who presented
the folk dance medley. Many girls in this
troupe hail from poor families in San Thome,
ECR and Velachery and rarely get invitations
to public events of this kind.
l The Fest has its well-wishers. The duo
of Vasudevan and his brother took care of
the kattai-koothu troupe, 16 of them who are
based in Cheyyar, Kanchi district. The duo
who hail from that area patronize this art
form closely. At the Fest, they took care of
the artistes travel, lodging and food
arrangements. l Photographer Mohan Dass Vadakkara
never misses the Fest. This year, he has video
recorded the 15 prize-winning kolams of the
second contest ( held on Sunday) and the
experiences of their designers too. His video
will be posted online in a week’s time. Mohan
did not have time to complete another docufilm on a Mylapore subject that he is shooting
now - on a famed family of silver-smiths, who
once owned over 50 houses on either side of
Kutchery Road.
l Volunteer R. Venkatraman moderated the Social History Talks that were
held at the Lady’s Sivaswamy Girls
School prayer hall. Four people were
invited to share their stories of life and
times in Mylapore of the 1940s/50s and
60s. A project of Mylapore Times, these
conversations are recorded and will be
posted online. This event will be held
every month in Mylapore ( senior Mylaporeans who have great stories to share may
call 24982244 to share names and contact
phone numbers - volunteers will also drop
by to record the stories). This Fest is managed by volunteers. Sundar and Kathir
headed the teams of dedicated volunteers.
l Small efforts worked very well.
Photographers Saravanan
and Madhan arranged and
ran two exhibitions on
the streets - one on ‘Old
Mylapore’ and another on
the working stills of film
maker K. Balachander.
Over 10,000 people
enjoyed the shows.
The success has
encouraged the
organizers to
host more such
displays on South
Mada Street.
January 18 - 23, 2015
January 18 - 23, 2015
Mylapore woke up
very early on Thursday last - to celebrate
In fact, in many
colonies the Pongal
activity had begun at
midnight as scores of
women stepped out
to design kolams and
rangolis, many of them
large enough to cover
the narrow streets.
Those who took a
morning walk through
the lanes of colonies in
East Abhiramapuram
and R. A. Puram, off
Vivekananda College
and Bazaar Road, in
the Chitrakulam area
and in Mandavelipakkam came across
scores of large, colored
kolams designed out
side doorsteps
and on the streets.
Shoppers were seen
early on South Mada
Street and on Royapettah High Road, near
the Sri Anjaneya Temple - they were here to
buy sugarcane, turmeric and clay pots. Some
said sugarcane prices
were stiff this year.
In colonies like
Visalakshmi Thottam,
groups of young boys
and girls got up community events - large
kolams, decorated
stages and props and
colored flags and sugar
canes lent the color to the
venue of the community
On the mada veedhis, a
procession of the gods was
taken around the mada veedhis of Mylapore. The Sri
Kapali Temple was grandly
decorated for the festival.
In churches, there were
celebrations after the daily
And on mattu pongal
day, in some corners we
sighted the boom-boom
mattu man and his animal
do the rounds.
January 18 - 23, 2015
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January 18 - 23, 2015
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llMANDAVELI Spencer 1200sq.ft, 2
Bedroom, Rs.26,000/- CCP, 1250sq.ft, 3
Bedroom, Rs.25,000/- 1600sq.ft, 3 Bedroom,
3AC, Rs.35,000/- CCP, Ranga Road, 1450sq.
ft, 3 Bedroom, Rs.30,000/- 950sq.ft 2
Bedroom, Rs.20,000/- Ph: 98407 36132.
Advertise in the
Mylapore Times
Entry Operator, Computer Skills
Female only, +2 and Above. Freshers / Exp.
Salary Rs. 8500/- Near Sai Baba Temple. Ph:
98400 41288.
llWANTED Tele Callers for a Reputed Stock
Broking Company. Hindi Speaking will be an
added Advantage. Call: 098860 20276.
llDRIVERS wanted for Residence in R. A.
Puram 40+ years age 20+ years experience.
Contact: 2498 4303.
llSR MOBILES Requires experienced
Male – Female for Sales. 45, Warren Road,
Mylapore, Chennai – 4. Contact SR Finance
Division. Ph: 72999 46698 / 72999 46686.
PA (male) to Director of a Pvt
Co. in Mylapore. Retired persons preferred.
Write to: Sam Services, 4, Brindavan Street,
Chennai – 600 004. or [email protected]
llC2H, DVD Delivery Boy Required
Weekdays Evening only. Saturday and
Sunday Full Day Delivery Area Mandaveli Bus
Terminus to BSNL Office Salary Rs.2500pm.
Contact: Dinesh Ph: 99620 65111.
Independent House
Spacious Halls – 2200sq.ft, Suitable for
Doctors Consultation & Office. Ph: 2813 2491
/ 98400 61198.
llALWARPET Chamiers Road, Lloyds Road,
Mandaveli, R.A. Puram, 2 to 4BHK, Flats
1050 to 2450sq.ft, Rs.25,000/- to Rs.65,000/Iyer. Ph: 99623 12504.
ll2BHDK FF, 850sq.ft, OCP 25K, Off San
Thome High Road, No Brokers Ph: 94444
llMANDAVELI near St. John’s One Bedroom,
Rs.6500, Rs.8000/- Rs.9000/- Rs.10,500/, Rs.12,000/- Two Bedroom, Rs.12000,
Rs.13,000/- Rs.14,000/- Rs.15,000/Rs.16,000/- Rs.18,000/- Rs.20,000/- Ph:
99414 30994 / 98843 45821.
llSINGLE Bedroom 650sq.ft, Rs.6500/Family 300sq.ft, Family Quarter Veg Family /
working girls 3000/- Near Adayar Bus Depot.
Ph: 89393 16809 / 2452 1562.
llMYLAPORE Nallappan Street, 1BHK, 2nd
Floor, Scooter Parking, Veg preferred. Ph:
72000 67676.
llADYAR Indira Nagar near Hindu School,
two bedrooms, fittings Rs.16,000/- First
floor, Modern two Bedroom Wood work,
Covered parking, Rs.24,000/- Valmigi Nagar,
Rs.17,000/- Ph: 89396 38157 / 89396 38158.
llABHIRAMAPURAM Fourth Street, 800sq.
ft, 2BHK, Ground Floor, 18K, Veg Family
Owner. Ph: 2499 4813 / 94443 84814.
llMYLAPORE Next to RR Sabha 2BHK,
Ground Floor, Rent Rs.17500/- Contact:
98400 94613.
YEARS experience in Accounts,
Audit Vat, Service Tax. Contact: Vijay.
Ph: 97907 41271.
All this and more can be
Advertised in the
Deadline: Thursday 8.30 p.m.
January 18 - 23, 2015
An exhibition of paintings - ‘Mindscapes’ by S. Shanker
will be displayed at Vinnyasa Premier Art Gallery from Jan
19 - 26. The show will be inaugurated at 6 p.m. on Jan 19. At
21/11, First Main Road, CIT Colony, Mylapore. Ph: 24982515.
Two artists Lakshu and Jayakumar will showcase their
paintings - ‘Premiere’ at Gallery Sri Parvati from Jan 21 - 28.
Pastel paintings on ‘Torso’
of various forms and drawings of common life on
the street are on display.
The event will be inaugurated by Palaniappan,
regional secretary, Lalit
Kala Academi, Dr. Sirpi
Jayaraman, head - fine
arts, Bharathiyar Palkalaikoodam, Puducherry
and Brian Gaughan, senior design editor,
The Hindu Group, Chennai on Jan 21 at 6.30 p.m. At 28/160,
Eldams Road. Ph: 23533341, 9444440440.
An exhibition
titled ‘Brhadisvara - the monument and the living tradition’ will
be inaugurated
at TAG Centre
on Jan 18 at
6 p.m. The exhibition on Thanjavur’s Big Temple
is being organised by Indira Gandhi National Centre for the
arts (IGNCA), southern regional centre and TAG Centre. On
till Jan 25. At T. T. K. Road, Alwarpet, 11 a.m. onwards.
The under-14 years cricket team of San
Thome School lifted the prestigious trophy
for the winners of the TN Cricket Association
annual tourney for city schools. In the final
held on January 3 at the Murugappa grounds
in north Chennai, San Thome beat traditional
rival, St. Bede’s in a convincing manner.
St Bede’s won the toss and put its rival into
bat. Nothing went right for the toss winner as
the San Thome batsmen piled up runs. Vimal
Kumar made 52 runs and captain Sai Sudarshan was unbeaten on 50. The total of 204 for
3 wickets in the allotted 50 overs was a challenging one on a turf wicket.
For the St. Bede’s boys, said to be strong
as a batting team, things did not work out too
Priya Natraj presents a solo art show - “Lines of Heritage”. The exhibition runs for 9 days beginning on Jan 31
at Vinnyasa art gallery, CIT Colony and will showcase
around 50 sketches of Indian temples, monuments, heritage
structures,sculptures and a collection of old madras works.
Opens at 11.30 am Jan.31. Guests are veteran artist
Maniam Selvan and artist-cartoonist Keshav of The Hindu.
Open to all.
well further in this match. They lost wickets
at regular intervals. As San Thome’s Sai said
later, “Their batting is strong but our bowlers
played well that day.”
St Bede’s was bowled out for just 132 in
less than 37 overs. The star San Thome bowlers were spinners Ranjit Kumar ( 3 wickets)
and Udayanidhi ( 3 wickets).
Ranjit who had also scored 19 runs and
took crucial wickets was the ‘man of
the match’.
Said coach Shanmugham, “I think we
played very well and deserved this trophy.”
The team was felicitated by the school’s
management at the school Assembly and will
enjoy a cash prize of Rs.50,000.
Sai Sudarshan ( capt.), R Vimal Kumar,
J. Napoleon Bonapatre, T Ranjit Kumar,
A T Aadhishankkar, L. Aswin Kumar,
Ajay Chetan ( wicket-keeper), S Ganesh Balaji,
T. Udayanidhi, K. P. Rajasekaran, Rakesh Kumar,
S. Rohan, V. Bhuvaneshwar, S. C. Ashek Milton
and R Rajiv. Coach - Shanmugham.
Punjab handloom is offering a discount of 10 % on its
mattresses. Free delivery is also available. At No. 169,
T. T. K Road, Alwarpet and 1, R. K. Mutt Road, Luz Corner.
Ph: 45579456, 42066772.
Check out Home Centre’s bedding section, modular
kitchens and sofas this weekend. A discount of 50% is being
offered on select merchandise till Jan 18. At 81, T. T. K. Road,
Alwarpet. Ph: 24980008.
The big grill festival is on at Chill and Grill. Check
out their unlimited BBQ starters and main course buffet
(with mocktails). At 128, 2nd Floor, San Thome High Road,
Mylapore. Ph: 24957899, 9498097899.
Mahamudra is celebrating Pongal by offering a special
buffet lunch with millet specialities till Jan 18. At 117, Luz
Church Road, Mylapore. Ph: 9500056142, 43535555.
Carnival time at Vidya Mandir
Report by Shobana Ravi
Vidya Mandir Senior
Secondary School, Mylapore,
held its annual school
carnival Funfest on the
weekend of Jan 10 and 11.
It was organised by the
school’s Parent-Teacher Association. This event usually
draws all the students of the
school for a day of fun and
games. This year, the event
was a colourful gala.
Shoba Raman formally
inaugurated the carnival and
then the fun took off!
The PTA organized the
games, food stalls, and the
prizes for the winning
children win.
There was also a big raffle that saw many children
and parents buy the tickets
to win fun prizes along the
way. There were also stalls
for face painting, mehendi,
hair braiding, Netz cricket
and an innovative photo
booth stall, where fun
accessories were given to
the children and adults
alike to try on and then
get photographed.
There was a choice of
food for the guests - from
chaats to crispy dosas to
French fries to wraps to
popcorn and ice creams.
January 18 - 23, 2015
‘Spirit of Mylapore’ award for
senior mridangam repair artiste
D ’ S O U Z A
If you and your colleagues at office enjoy
playing table-tennis, then you should be talking to
a passionate promoter of this indoor sport A. V. Vidya Sagar.
At this time of the year, Sagar as we all call him hosts
the annual inter-club TT tourney at his indoor stadium in
Palavakkam, on the East Coast Road. It is held over
several weekends and it is held for twin purposes. The first, to pit full-time TT players against each
other while they play for their clubs or groups. The second
- to encourage people who play TT for fun or for fitness
sake, people who play at banks and IT companies,
colleges and factories.
Staging this event taxes Sagar. He has to work around
the busy state and national tournament schedules of the
young TT players. And he has to draw in as many corporate teams as he can to have a good mix in the middle.
Sagar does not treat this event like a sports event.
Rather this is a community get-together and this is what I
like about the tourney.
Once the match schedule is drawn, the referees fixed
and the invitations sent out, Sagar sits down to draw up
the hospitality plans.
He hires an empty plot alongside the indoor auditorium, arranges for a shamiana and discusses with a neighborhood woman who runs a little, home-based catering
service the menu for the weekend matches.
Idlis and vadas for breakfast - if the matches are to
start early in the day. Sambar rice and curd rice, potato
curry and chips for lunch. And lots of tea.
It is this little canteen of sorts, the food counter which
really makes a difference at Sagar’s facility on the ECR.
Having played top-level cricket for over four decades
and having been a TT coach now for 20 years, Sagar is
aware of the pathetic conditions that exist around many
sporting arenas.
If players, young and hobby types make the effort
to travel this far to play matches, then they deserve some
hospitality too, he says. Hospitality must not end with
dumping a water can in one corner and offering players
small cups of tea.
Sagar’s TT event needs all the support it can get.
He was in a corner this season and ‘Mylapore Times’ is
supporting him. But he needs more supporters so that the
game and the players benefit. If you or your company can
pitch in, please call him at 9444060262
By Our Staff Reporter
The owner of the oldest mridangam repair shop
in Mylapore, the one on
Mathala Narayanan Street
was chosen for the 7th
Sundaram Finance ‘Spirit of
Mylapore’ Award.
The award was presented on Sunday evening
( Jan.11) to the shop’s owner
C Varadan by T. T. Srinivasaraghavan, MD, Sundaram Finance Ltd., as part of
the final day events of the
13th Sundaram Finance
Mylapore Festival on the
main stage in front of Sri
Kapali Temple.
Presenting the award,
Srinivasaraghavan said,
“Varadan learnt the art of
repairing the mridangam
from his guru as an
11 year old boy in the 1950s
and has, over the decades,
grown into a Mylapore
legend. He has served
the who’s who of Carnatic
music from his iconic shop,
which stands to this day,
on Mathala Narayanan
Street in Mylapore. In a fast
changing world, Varadan is
a rare gem, as committed
to his art today as he was
all those decades ago. He
truly embodies the Spirit of
Varadan said he was
grateful to be honoured by
Sundaram Finance with
this prestigious Spirit of
Mylapore Award.
Sundaram Finance had
in January 2009 instituted an annual ‘Spirit of
Mylapore’ Award to recognise every year in January
one long-time resident or
institution of Mylapore who
/ that has contributed significantly to the culture and
heritage of Mylapore
Previous recipients of
the award include
road side book seller
R K Azhwar, Dabba Chetti
Kadai and Lady Sivaswami
Girls School.
n If you have made use of
Varadan’s service, do share your
experiences at [email protected]
Encroachment on South Mada Street
Aadhar card: long wait
The photo below is the scene on South Mada Street
opposite the Mylapore Fund office.
Apart from encroaching public space the owner of
this car has erected two big poles on both sides of the
elevated pavement to avoid usage of the area of any
kind by people.
How does Chennai Corporation and Traffic Police
allow such blatant violation of public space?
- Baskar C.S., Ramarao Road, Mylapore
I had filed my application in the prescribed form for
Aadhar card on 28 January 2014 at the Corporation of
Chennai office at Dr. Muthulakshmi Salai, Adyar.
This office was receiving applications for my Ward
No 148 (Old)/126(New). No receipts were given at that
time for receiving such applications.
I was informed that personnel from Aadhar will
call on our house to verify the details and issue a token
number for reporting at scanning centres.
As none turned up for several months, I called on
the Corporation office several times to verify the status.
Repeatedly I have been assured that all those who have
applied will one day get the letter / SMS to report at the
scanning centre and those who have applied should not
apply again and get the acknowledgement now being
I am informed that the number of such applications
not acknowledged is about 1.5 lakh pending since
last 2 years.
It is not clear whether people like me who have applied several months before ( without an acknowledgement slip) should continue to wait or apply again.
I would be grateful if the authorities publish a clarification in the press on such pending applications without
acknowledgement slips.
- R. Balakrishnan, Mylapore
Small Buses must provide services to
MRTS stations
Small buses, if properly managed, can provide big
advantages to the commuters/ public.
Small buses which are meant to take routes not
usually taken by MTC and cater to the needs of residents of congested localities in Chennai are a must.
The bus on route S17 which has been introduced
in Mylapore a year ago is serving little purpose in this
regard. The small bus does not connect the MRTS as
a shuttle service. The bus could stop at MRTS railway
stations such as Greenways Road and Mandaveli before
reaching the terminus.
The utilisation of the seating capacity of S17 is
hardly 15% compared to 130% of the MTC
in regular routes.
Further, several MTC buses do not stop at BSNL
office on R K Mutt Road.
- Lakshman Rao, R. A. Puram
Chaos at Mandaveli junction
Last week, my wife who was driving her scooter,
was hit by a rash-driving youngster at the V K Road Sringeri Mutt Road junction around 9 a.m. This junction
is witnessing major problems due to absence of traffic
policeman and traffic signals.
There are 4 schools in this zone and this adds to the
traffic pile-ups. Pedestrians find it difficult to cross the
road, as the vehicles hardly stop.
Compounding the problem is the activity of the local
area RTO which checks vehicles in the open.
- B. Ravishankar, Mandaveli
Grand kolams by simple people
This Pongal season, one felt happy to see the colour-
January 18 - 23, 2015
ful kolams in front of many houses, particularly
in Mylapore area.
In Saradapuram Street, close to Sai Baba
Temple these beautiful kolams were done by the
people living in small dwellings and families of
meager means.
These people take great interest in designing
kolams purely out of internal satisfaction. We
must appreciate the effort.
- K. R. Krishnaswami, Mylapore
Need for traffic signal in front of
MGR-Janaki College
Motorists do not stop at the zebra crossing in
front of Dr. MGR Janaki College for Women in
R A Puram to allow students to safely cross this
busy road - everyone wants to drive extra-fast.
I request Traffic Police to install traffic
signals in front of the college which can be made
functional during college timings.
Alternatively, Traffic Police presence is required to control the traffic when college opens
and closes for the day.
- M. Ganesh, R A Puram
Mandaveli park watchman
is bossy
We go for walks daily at 5.30 a.m. to the
the park situated near Airtel building at Lazarus
Church Road, Mandaveli. From the past few days the watchman of the
park is not letting us to use the toilet - he says
there is no water supply. When we wanted to
check this, the watchman did not let us enter the
toilet. We suspect he is using it for his personal
use. Can the local officers of Chennai Corporation
check this arrogant watchman.
- Agrawal, 5th Trust Cross Street,
January 18 - 23, 2015
Theme cakes and pizzas at
new bakery at San Thome
Do you want to
order a birthday cake?
Or perhaps
have a hot
paneer pan
pizza? Hop
into Oven
Fresh, a
new bakery on
San Thome High
Road. Fresh and tasty
cakes, sandwiches, pizzas and several other
yummy delights are
sold at this store.
The store manager S. Selva Murugan
says, “All our goodies are made fresh
everyday. Our kababs
(paneer tikka, chicken
tikka and vegetable)
are baked in the oven
and not fried. Our
vegetarian and nonvegetarian pizzas
range from Rs. 145
- 395. You can
choose from
Indian and
including olives,
tomatoes, green
peppers and baked
Each pizza can be
customised with additional cheese and topping
Check out the butter
cream and fresh cream
cakes in flavours like vanilla, butterscotch, pineapple, black forest and
chocolate truffle, vegetarian and non-vegetarian
burgers and sandwiches,
slices of plum, carrot, raisin and ginger cakes, fatless sponge cake, chocolate
brownies and cupcakes
(fairy cake and vanilla
muffin) available at
the store.
Selva says, “We
specialise in same day
order and delivery for
cakes. We only need
about 3 hours to bake
a cake”.
Beverages offered
include cold coffee,
smoothies in flavours
like strawberry, butterscotch, mango and
black currant, crushes
like lemonade and
tangy orange, filter
coffee, black tea and
green tea.
They also
sell hot dogs, puffs
and samosas.
The store is located
at 38, San Thome High
Road, San Thome.
Ph: 33720505.
l 30 people can dine in at the store. l Free home delivery and
takeaway offered.l Open all 7 days of the week - from 9 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Sukha Nivas at Luz Corner is
offering specials on Fridays and
weekends. Feast on Mangalore
idli on all the three days, Mysore
idli on Friday, adai avial on Saturday and rava pongal on Sunday. Sambar and three varieties
of chutney - coconut, onion and
tomato and pineapple chutney
are also offered. Take out and
delivery are available. At 5,
Luz Church Road, Mylapore,
from 6 - 9 p.m. Ph: 9884634539.
Check out the new tiffin centre - ‘R. R. Foods’ owned
and managed by M. Ramakrishnan and his wife Rajini at
Mylapore. The tiffin centre operated at Kesava Perumal
Sannadhi Street for more than 17 years. Savour the delicious
idli, pongal, vadai, poori, rice upma, rava kichidi and keeravadai at this centre which is open in the morning from 8.30 10.30 a.m. and in the evening from 6.30 - 8.30 p.m.
For details call 9790786897.
Regd. with Registrar of Newspapers of India 65779/95
By Our Staff Reporter
Here is an adventure
event. The annual Bird
Race hosted by Madras
Naturalists Society is to
take place next Sunday,
January 25 and the call is
going out to young and old
who enjoy the outdoors,
those who want to be on
the move and sight some
rare birds, to sign up for
this event.
Joining it and being
part of it is simple.
You register at www. and await
a call to be part of a group.
The group is headed by a
professional birder. The
group then decides on a
travel plan which helps
you to hop from one venue
to another where you can
spot many birds.
Says M Sudhakar, a
San Thome resident who
heads the Society, “This is
a fun event with a competitive touch. Though prizes are
given to teams which sight
the most number of birds we
want groups to have fun and
enjoy the outing.”
Groups travel as far
as Vedanthangal, Pulicat,
Chembarambakkam and
Tada to sight as many birds
as they can. But Sudhakar, whose MNS office is in
Abhiramapuram says that
he wants novices to tour the
city’s green spots like Kelambakkam, Adyar and Pallikaranai where lots of birds
nest this season.
Teams travel in their own
vehicles and finally report at
one point, at dusk.
This is a fun and educative event - join it if you have
not been part of it. MNS is
also open to membership.
Photo courtesy;
Avinash Hindupur
Published and owned by Vincent D’Souza. Publishing address - 16, 7th Cross St., Sastri Nagar, Adyar, Chennai - 20. Editor : Vincent D’Souza
January 18 - 23, 2015