Christmas Resources: 2013

Christmas Resources: 2013
May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace
The gladness of Christmas give you hope
The warmth of Christmas grant you love. (Author unknown)
This resource has been compiled by Anglican Children and Youth Ministries, Perth Diocese. It draws
from a variety of sources, please adapt for your context.
Christmas Books
Bible Based and Nativity
Values Based
Resource Books
Craft Resource Books
Audio Visual Resources
DVD Bible Based
DVD Values Based
YouTube Clips
At Home
Families Sharing Christmas
At The Table
In School
All Age Worship
Advent Wreath
Readings and Carols
Contemporary messy church style
Service of Remembrance – Blue Christmas
Christmas Books
Bible Based and Nativity Books:
The Beginners Bible - The Very First Christmas.
Children learn the events leading up to Jesus’ birth, his miraculous arrival and they begin to understand
why we celebrate this special day. $2.99 Suitable for young children.
Candle Bible for Kids “The Christmas Story”
Simply and faithfully retells the very first Christmas, helping children to understand the events
surrounding Jesus birth and why we celebrate. $2.99
“Get Into Christmas” Christmas Bible Comic SU
The Bible is shown in well illustrated comic form. This is followed by a quiz, Christmas code, spot the
difference and the wise men’s gifts in photos. $2.99
“The Christmas Story” by Rhonda Davies
This book retells of the first Christmas with Bible references at the back. $9.99
“The Nativity” by Marion Thomas an Anno Domini Book
This book retells of the first Christmas with Bible quotes. $7.95
“My Big Christmas Picture Book” by Bethan James and Heather Stuart
This book retells of the first Christmas . $7.95
“The plan- How God got the world ready for Jesus” by Sinclair B Ferguson
This book shows God’s big picture. We see “This is God’s magnificent plan- the plan that began before
time began- the plan for the very first Christmas.”
“Jesus Christmas Party” by Nicholas Allan
This book is a fun filled story about the innkeeper. “There was nothing the innkeeper liked more than a
good night’s sleep...” But that’s the last thing he’ll be getting on a night of angels, shepherds, a bright
shining star... and a very special baby. This story lends itself easily to a very dramatic interpretation and
is appropriate for church or children’s learning time. Suitable for all ages.
“Wombat Divine” by Mem Fox
This is an Australian story with Australian animals. Wombat, loved the Nativity play and he tried out for
all the parts. He eventually had the part of Baby Jesus and was reminded that “A nativity without the
baby Jesus is no Nativity at all.”
“Jesus Christ the Best King of All” by Catherine Mackenzie
The nativity story tells about: the baby in the stable; the shepherds; the angels; Simeon; Anna; the
promised Saviour; and the Wise men and their gifts. Each section compares Kings of today with Jesus “but Jesus is a different King, a better King. He is the best King of all.” It then tells of the nativity and
follows up with an explanation of what it means for our lives today. $4.99
“No tree for Christmas: the Story of Jesus’ Birth” by Marilyn Lashbrook
Told from the shepherd’s perspective, we journey with them to Bethlehem . The reader participates and
becomes involved by answering the questions. $2
“The Perfect Christmas Present” by Alexa Tewkesbury
To be reviewed
“A Christmas story- Tonight in the Palace” by Andrew McDonough (Lost Sheep series)
Cecil the sheep and his friends discover that Jesus, the greatest King ever, was born in humble
surroundings. They didn’t manage to eat pavlova, see the royal jugglers nor dance with a Princess, but
they met the greatest King of all. $5.99
“Cyril the Short Sighted Camel” by Jeremy Griffiths & Dave Bolt
This story is told by the three camels and how through their adventures “the King’s star had led them to
the real King, King Jesus.”
“The Christmas Travellers Book” $3.50 from mainly music
To be reviewed
“The New Star” by Taffy Davies, Mike Carroll and Victor Ambrus.
This story tells the Christmas story at the same time as following the birth and death of the Bethlehem
star. Cosmic pictures along with illustrated nativity pictures appeal to those who like science and
“The Tale of three Trees” by Angela Elwell Hunt
A Traditional classic folktale. Three trees dream of what they wanted to become when they grow up.
They each become something special - the manger, a sailboat and the cross. Through this experience
they each see how God’s love had changed everything, and it was better than what they had imagined.
Suitable for Christmas or Easter.
Values Based:
“Spunky’s First Christmas” by Janette Oke
This story is about a puppy finding a new master. While travelling he falls out of the family truck. He
continues to look for his master and becomes involved with a nativity play through which he is reunited
with his master.
“The Crippled Lamb” by Max Lucado
Joshua the lamb was different, yet God had a very special plan for him. He witnesses the greatest event
in history. He knew “this was a special child, and this was a special moment.”
“The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey” by Susan Wojciechowski (A family rated feature movie
under the same name, was made in 2007)
Mr Toomey (aka Mr Gloomy) carves a nativity set for Thomas whose father has died. Through the
process Thomas shares the nature of the nativity characters and change comes about in Mr Toomey.
“The Jesse Tree” by Geraldine Mc Caughrean Lion’s Children
A woodcarver crafting A Jesse Tree is interrupted by a young boy and small miracles begin to happen.
Suitable for older children as it is a chapter book. $4.99
Resource Books:
“The Greatest Gift” A puzzle book about the birth of Jesus $4.95 Koorong Crack the code, spot the
difference, follow the trail, do the jigsaw, mazes and more.
“Stocking Up for Christmas” by OAC Ministries.
This fun book is a collection of useful Christmas resources. It includes the story about the origin of the
“Candy Cane”, the Christmas Acrostic and “A Chocolate- filled Christmas” where the Christmas story is
told using various chocolates.
“This Child” kids @ club CEP
To be reviewed
“Christmas for Kids” CEP
To be reviewed
Craft Resource Books:
Christmas Crafts and Activities Gospel Light
This book has crafts, games, activities, stories and snacks for Early Childhood, Lower Elementary and
Upper Elementary. $24.95
“I Can Make Starry Things for Christmas”, “I Can Make Angel Things for Christmas”, “I Can Make
Things for Christmas”, Lions Children $7.95 each
Pencil Fun Books by David C Cook: “A Child is Born”; “Wise Men Follow the Star”
The pages hide secret pictures, mazes and codes. The child shades the areas using the side of a pencil
point. $1.79 each
Audio Visual Resources
DVD Bible Based:
“King of Christmas” by Colin Buchanan.
This DVD has songs with fun actions. Enjoy “Merry merry Christmas” where Christmas is investigated by
a detective and a forensic team. “The Magi” is set in the bush with rustic cowboys and Herod’s palace
with cactuses. A good song with repetition and actions is “On That Very First Night”.
“The Nativity/ Last Supper, Crucifixion and Resurrection” Greatest Heroes Legends of the Bible
The story of Jesus faithfully and Biblically portrayed. Animated film, $10
“Once Upon a Stable”
Starts with a burp, we see a cow, mouse, horse, pig and rooster about to have an important house guest
in their stable in Bethlehem. Animated film, $7
“Crippled Lamb”
See book description. $9.99
DVD Values Based:
“Really Wooly the Gift of Christmas”
This DVD is suitable for young children. With assistance, Jacob soon realises that having new things isn’t
the most important part of Christmas. $10
“A Fruit Cake Christmas” Max Lucado’s Hermie and friends
The garden animals are reminded that the celebration of Christmas is nothing to do with fruit cake, but
about God’s gift to us. Suitable for young children, animated, $16.99
Christmas Double Feature “The Star of Christmas” and “The Toy that Saved Christmas” –Veggie Tales
Reminds Children that Christmas isn’t about getting, it’s about giving. Animated, $14.99
“The Little Drummer Boy” –Veggie Tales
A lonely child finds the true meaning of Christmas. A story of hope, love and forgiveness. Animated.
“Twas the night Before Christmas” – Mc Gee & Me - To be reviewed
“Electric Christmas”- The Adventures in Odyssey
Dylan and Doug compete with their Christmas garden displays. Dylan swaps his design from the manger
to a wonderland. What follows is a powerful reminder that grounds them all in the true meaning of
Christmas. $14.99
“Jacob’s Gift” Max Lucado
This DVD is not animated. Jacob, a young apprentice carpenter, hears a baby’s cry from a nearby stable
and is faced with a choice: will he give away his unfinished trough to be used as a crib or will he finish it
for the carpentry contest? $9.99
“Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas”. This DVD is not animated and is suitable for older children.
Mandie is thrust into School for Girls at Christmastime. She struggles to grasp the new rules and
discovers the headmistress seems against Christmas. Her adventures include stumbling upon a mystery
in the forbidden attic. $16.99
YouTube Clips: – Bethlehemian rhapsody (puppets) - pre- schoolers view of Christmas – birth of Jesus all by social media, need to be able to read - the story of Christmas told by children in costume - Nativity Shadow drama – voices a little quiet – Retooning the Nativity, being strictly Biblical and replacing
what would be correct. - Christmas in a nutshell. Graphic and words God gave himself,
God showed up in our lives. - Nativity story Birth to cross Line Drawing. A chalk line is drawn
and the nativity is drawn along the line. - The Christmas Story Lego style
Traditional Carols: Are numerous and easily sourced so they are not listed here.
Australian Carols - “Carol of the Birds”, “ Christmas Day” by John Wheeler and William G. James,
“Calypso Carol” by M Perry, “Christmas In the Scrub” by Leigh Newton, “Angel’s Chorus” by John
Macpherson from “Outrageous Praise.”
“A Joyful Song” by Colleen O’Meara from Cry Hosanna no139
“The Virgin Mary Had A baby Boy” Anon, from The Australian Hymn Book 232
“Come On Ring Those Bells” author unknown
“Mary’s Child” by G. Ainger
“Isn’t He” by John Wimber from Scripture in Song 565
Traditional songs: “Like A Candle Flame” by Graham Kendrick from The Source 322, “Christ Be our
Light”, “Love Came Down At Christmas”
Christmas songs wishing a Happy Christmas: “Feliz Navidad” by Jose Feliciano, “Happy Christmas (War
is over) by J Lennon & Y Ono, “Happy Christmas to You” by Peter Coombe
“Song Links” by John & Ellie Macpherson
These contemporary songs link to Drama- Puppetry- Storytelling- Dance- Art/ craft- Bible Readings. The
Christmas songs include Christmas Delight, Betty the Bootscootin’ Angel, Baby in the Shed, Shepherd’s
Song, Wise Men Riding, Present’s Song and Christmas is All About Giving.
At Home
Families Sharing Christmas:
Make a Christmas Memory... the memory of doing
Start a tree decorating tradition. Each person makes a tree ornament. As children grow these ornaments
have special memories. Try edible tree decorations – string popcorn, cranberries, marshmallows etc
(“Let’s Make a Memory”, G Gaither & S Dobson)
Arrange the family nativity set.
Make a family Advent wreath or bulletin board.
Make a Christmas Memory... the memory of gathering together
Attend church as a family.
During Advent - the church feature a different nativity set each week brought along by families who
share the story of their nativity set.
Make a Christmas Memory... the memory of singing
Sing carols together as a family. Invite friends over for a light meal and carols.
Make a Christmas Memory... the memory of giving
Operation Christmas Child: Decorate a shoebox and fill with items for a child in a third world country.
Angel Tree: Shop together and buy a gift for a prisoner’s child.
Make a “Gifts for Jesus “ star: Draw a large star, write your family name in the centre and at each point
write a description of a gift your family will give in Jesus’ name during Advent. (Suggestions: do loving
deeds for an elderly or lonely person; earn money for a special offering to missions; write a letter of
thanks to Jesus or to your priest) - From “ Family Life Today”
Make Christmas vouchers and give as gifts - such as a gift of time, a coffee and chat time etc
Anglicare Christmas giving :
Anglicare WA has made a significant change to the way it supports people at Christmas. This year
vouchers and other services will be offered rather than Christmas hampers.
If your parish would like to be part of assisting more than 750 individuals and families, Anglicare is
offering special Christmas Gift Boxes. These are folded cardboard gift boxes which can be distributed to
members of your church to take to work, school, or share about in creative ways. People are then able
to encourage others to put money into them, then they can be collected, and sent on to Anglicare WA’s
Christmas Appeal to help in this special project.
How to obtain Christmas Appeal boxes:
Please email or phone the Church Partnerships number by 31st of October to register your interest and
indicate where you are from and how many boxes you require. These will be delivered or posted to you
by 15th of November.
Please leave a message at T: (08) 9263 2124 or e: mailto:[email protected]
How the money will be used:
Your donation will go directly to the people Angicare supports, empowering them by enabling them to
choose how they want to make Christmas special. This is a rare gift to offer another. Your gift will be
helping us stand alongside many Western Australians this Christmas.
For more information please visit the Diocesan website
At The Table:
Christmas prayers
As Christmas cards arrive pray for the people who sent the card.
Share Christmas memories and what’s special about Christmas.
Using the Advent Calendar
Family Advent Calendar by Steve Heron, Nurture resources. A set of 25 cards mainly using the Jesse Tree
characters and others. Includes a short Bible reading, an activity, a picture to be coloured , cut out and
hung on the family Christmas Tree.
Posada: means “to lodge, to rest” and is a Christmas festival from Latin America. For poster (making
room for Jesus), nativity figures, Posada Board game and Service ideas go to The Bassendean Anglican Church have enjoyed the Posada.
Faith Family A Christian resource for families: A leaflet resource from First Third Ministry Uniting Church in
Australia WA.
In Schools
Advent Pageants: A new creative edge to Christmas at your school- Advent Pageants. See brochure by
Fusion Australia to assist.
All Age Worship
Advent Wreath:
Bible Characters share their story during the lighting of the Advent candles. Adapted from Candles and
Banners from advent to epiphany by Rob Johns & Irene Sales, Fort Gary United church, Winnipeg, MP.
The lighting of the Advent candles with the key words hope – peace – joy - love, prayer and the song
Light One Candle.
The Animal Christmas uses an animal each week – donkey, mouse, sheep, camel along with readings,
prayers and the lighting of the Advent candles.
Using the Jesse Tree: “A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his root a Branch will bear
fruit” Isaiah 11:1
Jesse Tree by Sister Jill O’Brien
Jesse Tree Resource Sheet Media Com
Jesse Tree (Adam& Eve, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Ruth, Jesse, david, Solomon, Isaiah, John
the Baptist, Mary , Jesus).
Gifts Given Following Worship:
During Advent families could make a homemade gift, Christmas themed biscuits (star, angel, tree) to
hand out at the Christmas Eve Service or on Christmas day. A couple of adults could gather young
people together and have fun making things together prior to the Christmas services of worship. This is
good for those who are alone and may receive no gifts on Christmas day.
Readings and Carols
The Coming of a New King is Foretold Isaiah 9: 2, 6, 7
The Birth of Jesus Foretold Luke 1: 26 - 38
Carol: Joy to the World or Sing a Song A Joyful Song
Birth of Jesus Luke 2: 1 - 7
Carol: Calypso Carol
Story: Dress the crib or read a story (see list in Christmas Resources)/ dramatise “Jesus Christmas
Party”/ view a clip (see list Christmas Resources).
Carol: Away in a Manger or Baby in the Shed or The Virgin Mary had a baby Boy
The Shepherds and the Angel Luke 2: 8-20
Carol: Angels Chorus or The First Noel
The Visitors from the East Matthew 2: 1-12
Carol: We Three Kings
Reflection and Prayers
The Light of the World Isaiah 60: 1-3
Carol: Silent Night
Please note: This Service can be adapted into a Christmas Service of Light. Start in darkness and light
one candle at the beginning, progressively lighting the others candles in conjunction with
(before/after/during) readings, carols or prayers. During prayers the congregation can be invited to
come forward and light a candle with a silent prayer. Readings can be adapted to suit the theme.
Contemporary Messy Church Style
Songs of Praise:
Come On Ring Those Bells
Baby in the Shed
Away in a Manger
Roving mic: Why are we here? Record answers on a whiteboard
Activity stations: Follow the Christmas Angel to the activities
Make Wise Men hats
Dress as a Christmas Nativity character
Make a Bethlehem shed out of junk material (recycled items)
Quiet mat area with Christmas story book
Follow the Christmas Angel back during the song: A Joyful Song
Story: The Christmas story is told involving the children dressed as characters from the nativity.
Prayers: Each member of a family prays and then specifically invited people come forward offer pray
and light a candle. Carols may be sung during this time.
Conclusion & Blessing:
Final Song: Joy to the World
Christingle (Christ Light)
For more information please use the following link. Please note the Christingle can be used in a number
of different ways such as being presented from the children to parishioners or made during the Service
or used as a visual illustration.
Songs of Praise:
Come On Ring Those Bells
Baby in the Shed
Away in a Manger
Lighting of a Candle
Ministry of the Word
Talk: The Christingle
Activity Station: Make a Christingle
Offering Song:
Prayers and The Lord’s Prayer:
Lighting of the Christingles
Final Song: The Christingle Carol
Conclusion & Blessing:
The Christingle Carol author unknown
Sing to the tune “God Rest You Merry Gentlemen”
Now let us praise God our King,
For all the world he made,
The orange represents the earth,
With all its fruit portrayed
For God created all of us
We need not be afraid O Christingle of Love for us all, for us all
O Christingle of Love for us all.
Now let us praise God our King,
For on that Christmas night
He gave his Son to show the way,
And be for us the Light.
And so within the fruit of earth,
We set our candle brightO Christingle of Light for us all, for us all
O Christingle of Light for us all.
Now let us praise God our King,
For Jesus Christ our Lord,
Who gave his life upon the cross,
That we might be restored.
And so to represent his blood
The fruit is tied with cord O Christingle of Life for us all, for us all
O Christingle of Life for us all.
Now let us praise God our King,
For showing us the way,
That we might show our love for him,
In this and every day.
And tell the Good News far and wide
In all we do and sayO Christingle of Joy for us all, for us all
O Christingle of Joy for us all.
Service of Remembrance- Blue Christmas
(for those who have lost loved ones or are celebration Christmas without loved ones around) (Rev
Denise Savage – Uniting Church)
Isaiah 61:1 - 4
Theme: The Unwrapped Gift
We come, amidst the glitz and tinsel,
And face the wrapped gift.
We come, with the whirlwind of a rushing crowd,
And quietly face the unwrapped gift.
We come, with hearts bent towards God
And simply be beside the unwrapped gift.
This Christmas, we come, not as we have come before,
But knowing we have an unwrapped gift sitting under our tree.
God in the difficulty of this time for us,
Hold us to your heart.
We each have lost someone we have treasured,
Someone we have shared life’s joy and pain with.
Someone we have carried, held and dreamt with.
For some of us God, the loss is still very great.
For others of us, it has been awhile since we have known the raw edge of grief.
But still in this time, in the hustle and bustle,
We face something that is our own to face in our journey of grief.
In this space God, as we draw aside and meet with you,
May your hold us sacredly, carefully, and lovingly.
As we come to sit with the unwrapped gift,
May we come and meet with the Christ who was given to us.
May we see again, hope in the Christ of the cross and empty tomb.
Song for Reflection - bringing our stories - as the music plays, on the pieces of paper, write names, or
characteristics (or both) of those you have lost. When ready bring them forward and place them under
the tree. They are for ones with the unwrapped gift in your home.
Music: Disabled Emotions suite - Part 3
Reading: Isaiah 61:1 - 4
Reflection on Reading
Inside the unwrapped gift: the cross, the last supper, and a light, gifts for us at this time.
Song - Facing Christmas with hope - AV with Disabled Emotions suite - part 1
God, you meet us in the cry of a baby, and in the cry from the cross.
We come to this time, holding a certain hope in you.
We come to this time, knowing we are not alone in our journeys.
We come to face an unwrapped gift.
A gift that unwraps our fears, and uncertainty
A gift that unwraps loneliness and our tears.
In the quiet moments when we still feel loss, hold us.
May we know that this Christmas, we can hold hope,
We can hold your peace, and your love.
May we know the wrap of your arms,
In the outstretched arms of a baby in a manger,
Of your Son on the cross.
We are yours God, and this Christmas time,
The unwrapped gift under our tree, holds your promises to us.
Sending out
As we leave this space,
Take courage with you,
God goes with you.
As we turn and face our homes,
The busyness of the world around us
May we silently be encouraged by God’s story
As we come to the unwrapped gift under our trees
Draw strength from the baby who comes with outstretched arms - crying from the cross
We are wrapped in the arms of God at this time.