Fact Sheet
o Transfer on Succession is to be ruled by UAE
Property Law and Sharia Law
o If incomplete property - Pre/Post registration at
Land Dept. is to be completed
o If completed property – NOC for Transfer is to be
o The property has to be registered in the names of
heirs first and only later can be transferred to
another party.
o Fully paid Service Fees for the current year
o All due payments are cleared
o Attested Death Certificate
o Attested Succession Certificate (listing all heirs)
o Written instruction from the heirs as to who will be
the first named owner on the Contract
o Original Sale Agreement/ Original Title Deed
o Valid Original Passport
Optional (whenever applicable):
o Power of Attorney (see conditions of P.O.A.)
o Financial Institution Consent Letter – if
property is mortgaged
o Attested Guardian Certificate (if any heirs
below 21 years)
(for incomplete and not fully paid properties)
o AED 3000/- Administrative fee
(for completed and fully paid properties – NOC for
Transfer to be applied)
o AED 1500/- (for Normal processing: within 4-5
working days)
o AED 5000/- (for Urgent processing: within 2
working days)
o Applicable fees for transfer are payable to Land
Dept. after obtaining NOC
Optional (whenever applicable):
o Renewal Fees for expired NOC:
 AED 1500/- (for Normal processing –
within 4-5 working days)
 AED 5000/- (for Urgent processing –
within 2 working days)
VALIDITY: NOC is valid for 15 days from issuance date;
once expired, new application for NOC is required.
POWER OF ATTORNEY (POA) as required by Land Dept.
(optional - if customer is unavailable for the transaction)
Power of Attorney (POA) duly notarized by UAE Court if you
are living overseas, the POA to be notarized by the UAE
Embassy and Department of Foreign Affairs in the UAE or
the POA to be notarized and attested by the respective
Consulate/ Embassy in UAE from where the POA was
originally issued and then attested by the Department of
Foreign Affairs in the UAE. The Attorney should carry a copy
of passport as per the POA and his original passport along
with the original POA.
English POA should be legally translated in Arabic and it
should clearly mention that the authorized representative
has the authority to transact “the” specific property or “any”
o Valid passport should be presented at all times.
o If property is on joint names, it does not by default
remain on the other owner’s name if one of the
owners died.
o If payment is due within one (1) month of transfer
and no bank finance, the Buyer to provide
Banker/Manager’s Cheque for the next
o Visa to be cancelled (for the deceased – if applicable)
o Transfer is subject to approval by the Land Dept.
rules and regulations.
o Land Registration is mandatory for all NOC
o All fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE.
o Requirement for system update after transferee
receives new Oqood/Deed from the Land
o The policy and procedure may change without
prior notice. Pls. contact 800 wasl (9275) for
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Updated: January, 2015