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Efficient and powerful
Your tool to monitor growth from infancy to adulthood
High quality growth charts
Instant calculations & validation checks
Chart design and reference data follow each country’s local standards
Using the PC PAL Reference Library 2800 files from 45 countries
Make the best use of growth data
Smooth and efficient data entry providing instant feedback
Complete pubertal data
Gestational age correction
Bone age and adult height predictions
Timeline and visit list for easy navigation and viewing historical data at a glance
Notes and comments can be added for each visit
All charts provide:
Advanced zoom features
Export or save chart as PDF
Additional features in full page charts
ff Plot bone age
ff Plot parental heights
ff Make chart anonymous
ff Corrected age curve for preterm
ff Choose reference type SD or Percentile
ff Plot measurements as discrete dots
Single user
Multiple users
Free trial version available
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Chart engine also available as
a component to be integrated
into EMR systems.
EMR integration
EMR integration
Accurate family history recording
An important aspect of each medical record
Interested in trying PedigreeXP?
To best assess an individual’s risk for an inherited disease, it’s essential to have a detailed pedigree
Today in the time of increasing information exchange, our
pedigree drawing tool is currently being developed with
the goal of facilitating the collection and interpretation of
family medical history. If you’re passionate about genetics
and pedigrees just drop us an email and we will offer a
trial version.
Free trial version available
Email us at [email protected]
Your assistant for pedigree construction
Use Quick Start Wizard to start a pedigree with 3 generations at a time
Standardized symbols make medical and genetic information easy to interpret
Register details and important factors as age at onset, age at death, mutations
Identify familial risks disorders where known inheritance patterns are present
114y, 9m
B: 1900
O: 1950
D: 1970
B: 1916
D: 1986
78y, 9m
76y, 9m
B: 1936
98y, 9m
69y, 9m
B: 1938
56y, 9m
B: 1945
44y, 9m
43y, 9m
B: 1970
35y, 9m
B: 1971
75y, 9m
86y, 9m
B: 1958
B: 1939
O: 1995
46y, 9m
B: 1979
B: 1928
38y, 9m
B: 1968
B: 1976
PedigreeXP - Developed by PC PAL, 2014
Possibility to handle complex relationships and their offsprings:
ff multiple partners or marriages
ff consanguineous marriages
Update and auto-arrange pedigree chart easily
Manage large size family pedigrees and smart print selection
Search and auto-select a person in pedigree by name, onset, birth date
Convert Cyrillic FAM files to fully reusable PedigreeXP files
Import and export pedigrees in various formats:
Suitable for integration into medical records
Patient Registries
Customized solutions for Patient Registries
20 years of experience in registries and rare disorders
PC PAL solutions for Patient Registries are successful because they are customized to
match the exact needs of both clinics and sponsors and based upon true experience in the field.
In the early 1990’s PC PAL built one of the first
ever patient registries for pediatric endocrinology
(growth hormone) and later extended it to adult
endocrinology and ophthalmics. With the launch
of the first orphan drug in Europe, PC PAL moved
into the rare disease area with a registry for Fabry’s
disease (FOS). This registry has since been followed
by several others.
The PC PAL Application Framework is a common
framework of reusable code especially developed
for registries. It allows intelligent reuse of basic
functionality, yet doesn’t prevent custom development where needed. We never say “it can’t be
done” and when we do custom coding it integrates
seamlessly into the application just giving your
registry the extra touch you need.
Patient Registries
Instant feed back
Numerical variables can have charts associated
with them to show their evolution over time. Instant feed back charts™ give enhanced data quality
in the registry as users can react upon incorrectly
entered data and correct it.
Lab data and anthropometric parameters can
use multiple units, and when data is presented in
charts or tables, the values are automatically converted into a standard unit for each parameter.
Calculations are executed automatically as soon
as a dependent variable is entered or modified.
Data validations, when triggered, immediately
shows up next to entered data. Validations can be
simple range checks, or more complex age and sex
related, or be custom built. Such checks can take
into account other values, entered or calculated, as
well as go across visits or forms, taking into account the entire patient data set.
The PC PAL registry platform was created to
be the best possible tool for the individual
clinics and at the same time satisfy the needs
of the study, or multiple studies, for which it
was designed.
ticipation is decided upon, and study forms
are created, available data automatically
populate the forms. When a form is electronically signed, a copy is physically sent over to
the central registry for that study.
Data can reside in the clinic database without the intention of study participation, just
to make use of the patient management
features within the application. If study par-
The PC PAL registry platform was built to
handle electronic submission, updates and
deletions of registry data to an off-site server
across the internet.
Disease Registry
Study Forms
Clinic data
Sponsored Study
Research Project
National Registry
PC PAL registry solutions can be used in a variety of ways, and different solutions combined to suit the needs of the
customer be it a commercial company, a national association, or hospital/regional/trust wide usage.
Case studies | |
CHU Toulouse, France, contracted with PC PAL for a hospital wide implementation of
GrowthXP Pro Viewer to obtain high quality visualization of growth and pubertal development along with all the necessary growth calculations. Integrated into the AGFA
Orbis platform, GrowthXP Pro Viewer acts upon data recorded in the electronic medical
record and also returns derived parameters back. Customizations to GrowthXP were
done to adapt to national best practices in collaboration with Dr OLIVER PETIT, Toulouse. Charts designed by the French Auxology Group led by Dr BOUCHARD, Lyon were
also incorporated.
In collaboration with the department of neurology at the University Hospital Henri
Mondor in Créteil, France, PedigreeXP was enhanced and tailored for the specific needs
of an international multi-centre study investigating led by Dr Planté Bordeneuve to
study the penetrance of TTR amyloidosis. The tool is used by the participating centres
to document the familystructure of each individual family and to collect the data on
each of the affected family members. Transthyretin amyloidosis is a slowly progressive
condition characterized by the buildup of abnormal deposits of a the protein amyloid in
the body’s organs and tissues.
To assist pediatric clinics with the management and monitoring of diabetic children, PC
PALs platform for patient registries was used to build Enovdiab. In addition the value
for the follow up of the individual patient, data can also be analyzed on a cohort of
patients from one clinical center or from a group of clinical centers using the same tool.
After being used for two years in Rennes and Anger Enovdiab is currently being deployed to other centres in Bretagne and Pays de la Loire and the association Credib led
by Dr de Kerdanet welcomes other centres and regions to join.
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The secret of the PC PAL systems is that we offer a combination of great visual output together with advanced data
validation handling. This has made our applications widely
appreciated by both customers and end-users since the
beginning of the 1990’s. Products developed by PC PAL are
used in more than 40 countries by many thousands of users.
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Our areas of expertise are applications for outcome surveys
and clinical trials and other applications for the health care
sector such as electronic health records (EHR), electronic
patient records (EPR), growth charts, laboratory data and
pedigrees. We’ve worked extensively in the areas of paediatric endocrinology, adult endocrinology, ophthalmology as
well as with genetic syndromes and disorders.