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The Diocese of Lubbock • January 2015 • Volume 30, Number 6
Bishop Rodríguez appoints
Monsignor David L. Cruz
pastor of new Lubbock parish
LUBBOCK-Most Rev. Plácido Rodríguez, CMF, Bishop of Lubbock,
appointed Monsignor David R. Cruz
as founding pastor of a new Catholic parish in south Lubbock, effective July 1, 2015.
Bishop Rodríguez announced
that Monsignor Cruz accepted the
appointment December 19 at the
Catholic Renewal Center.
Monsignor David R. Cruz, pastor of Our Lady of Grace Church
in Lubbock has served the parish
since July 2001. He received a
See CRUZ, page 21
PASTOR- Most Rev. Plácido Rodríguez, CMF, Bishop of Lubbock, left, announces
the appointment, effective July 1, 2015, of Monsignor David R. Cruz, right, as the
founding pastor of the newest parish in south Lubbock. Bishop Rodríguez made
the announcement December 19. (Photo by Nicholas Flores).
Hahn, Barber, Pitre to return to diocese for
Footsteps in Faith Conference February 7 & 8
Man who tried to
kill John Paul II
takes flowers to
his tomb
By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Exactly 31
years after St. John Paul II personally forgave him for shooting and
trying to assassinate him, Mehmet
Ali Agca returned to the Vatican
with a bunch of white roses and laid
them at the late pope’s tomb.
Ali Agca, who was released from
See AGCA, page 5
one-year extension of his pastorate
recently—until June 30, 2015.
Father David Cruz was ordained
to the priesthood July 12, 1986
in Lubbock, and has served the
Diocese of Lubbock as associate
pastor of Christ the King Cathedral,
associate pastor of Sacred Heart
Church, Plainview, Director of the
Catholic Renewal Center and the
Cursillo Movement spiritual director.
this edition
LUBBOCK – Noted theologian
Dr. Scott Hahn, a sought-after
speaker and
author, returns
to the Diocese
of Lubbock to
headline the twoday Footsteps
in Faith biblical
conference at
Holy Spirit CathoHahn
lic Church, 9821
Frankford Avenue, Lubbock.
Dr. Michael Barber and Dr.
Brant Pitre, noted Catholic authors, professors and speakers,
will join him.
The Most Rev. Plácido Rodríguez, CMF, Bishop of Lubbock,
hosts the 12th
Annual Footsteps
in Faith Biblical
Conference February 7 – 8, 2015.
The theme for
the conference is
Catholicism The
Fullness of Truth.
Topics to be covered during the
conference include:
• Jesus Christ: Foundation of
the True Church
• Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition
• Debunking
and Misunderstandings of the
Catholic Faith
• Witness and
Writings of the
Early Church Fathers
• Structure and
teaching Authority.
Doors to the conference will
open at 7:30 a.m. on February 7.
Support Catholic Education
Obituary Memorials
Catholic Business Directory
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See CONFERENCE, page 10
S e t t h e d i o c e s e o f l u b b o c k a s y o u r h o m e pa g e
w w w. c at h ol i c l u bb o c k . or g
South Plains Catholic + January 2015
19 Spiritual Resolution Ideas for the New Year
By Mary Rezac
Catholic News Agency
So you’ve vowed to up your intake of kale and have signed up
for yoga to kick off the New Year.
But has your spiritual life been
part of your New Year’s resolutions? Here are a few ideas of
small, practical steps you can
take to get spiritually stronger in
Daily Mass. If you don’t go
at all, try going one day a
week. If you go one day a week,
try two. If you go every day….
well, good job.
Pray a daily rosary. My favorite times to get my daily
rosary in are in the car or while
walking outside. If I try to do it right
before bed I end up falling asleep.
Go to
Has it
February 22, 1964
Monsignor Ben Kasteel
Find what works for you.
Memorize a weekly bible
verse. Write it on a post-it note
and stick it on your desk for the
Visit an adoration chapel once
a week, even if it’s just for five
Register at a parish. My generation (looking at you millennials!) is notorious for parish hopping
and being non-committal when it
comes to parishes. However, it’s
much better for community-building
if we commit. Let’s do this.
Start tithing. Give to your
(newly-registered-at) parish.
God will bless your generosity, I
Learn about someone who is
on the path to canonization
but is not there yet (a Blessed or
Venerable or Servant of God). Start
asking for their intercession and see
Safe Environment Program
For all Clergy, religious, and lay people who serve the church in any way.
To provide a safe, secure environment for our children; to reduce possibility of false
accusations against clergy, staff, or volunteers; to reduce legal risk and liability of
the Diocese of Lubbock; and, to provide
a procedure for due process.
Please ask your pastor for details about the next training opportunity.
Alicia Alvarez, Office for Evangelization & Catechesis
Victim Assistance Coordinator
Counseling, spiritual assistance and other support services for persons claiming
to have been sexually abused by clergy or other church personnel.
To learn about priesthood in the Diocese of Lubbock,
Please contact: FatherJoseph Palacios (806) 792-3943,
or e-mail: [email protected]
Diocese of Lubbock
on Facebook
Charlote Amato • 806-792-6168 • 4011 54th Street, Lubbock
The Official Publication of
The Diocese of Lubbock
806-792-3943 • [email protected]
PO Box 98700
Lubbock, Texas 79499-8700
(806) 792-3943
Fax: (806) 792-8109
[email protected]
Do you have Collar I.D.?
Diocese of Lubbock
south plains
if you can help their cause! Learning about the lives of saints can
strengthen our own faith and give
us role models to look up to.
Participate in the life of your
(again, registered-at) parish.
Offer your talents to God through
singing, reading, leading, or just
helping out.
Adopt a priest or religious
sister and pray and fast for
them. Even people living the religious life need people to pray for
them! The Handmaids of the Precious Blood specialize in helping
people adopt priests for prayer.
Contact them if you’re interested
in being assigned one.
Do something for the
homeless. Pope Francis
has continually encouraged us
to encounter the poor – to know
them and look them in the eye and
love them. Try volunteering at a local shelter, or even just smiling at a
homeless person on the street.
Visit someone you know
is lonely. Step away from
(un)social media and reach out to a
friend you know is struggling.
The South Plains Catholic is
published monthly except
July. Subscriptions are free
of charge, but donations are
accepted and appreciated.
Bishop Plácido Rodríguez
Discover Jesus with us.
Lucas B. Flores
Nicholas Flores
Senior Correspondent
Pat Behnke
Office Manager
Jim Christy
Advertising Agent
[email protected]
Phone: (806) 785-1991
Gilbert Flores
Advertising Agent
[email protected]
Phone: (806) 549-2009
January 2015 + South Plains Catholic
Bishop Rodríguez to call Catholics to support Catholic Education
Lubbock- In a letter to be read at
Masses in parishes in the Diocese
of Lubbock, Most Rev. Plácido Rodríguez, CMF, Bishop of Lubbock,
will call Catholics to support Catholic education.
In the letter, Bishop Rodríguez
stresses the importance of Catholic education, and the importance
Catholics in the Diocese of Lubbock
should place on Catholic education.
Bishop Rodríguez writes about the
persecution of the Catholic Church
in Mexico between 1929 and 1940.
“During this period of bloodshed
struggle, many martyrs gave their
lives for this cause of religious education,” Bishop Rodríguez writes.
“This is also a reason for a big
migration to the United States. We
suffered martyrdom for the sake of
religious Catholic education.”
Bishop Rodríguez’s letter continues his developing vision for
Catholic education in the diocese
as a continuation and elaboration of
the “New Vision and Commitment
for Catholic Education” which was
formulated under his guidance, in
August 1999.
More than 15 years ago, Bishop
Rodríguez set the foundation on
which he wished to build Catholic
education in the Diocese of Lubbock. One of his main reasons for
fostering Catholic education in the
Lubbock Diocese is contained in
“Economic Justice for All,” a document published by the U.S. Catholic
“The system of Catholic schools,”
he wrote, “is to fortify and strengthen the Catholic values, traditions,
and especially the Catholic identity
Bishop Plácido Rodríguez, CMF
18 Church Unity Octave begins,
5:30 p.m., Christ The King Cathedral, Bishop homilist
19 Austin - Mass for Beginning of theTexas State Legislature, Bishop homilist
20 Office, Catholic Pastoral Center (CPC) Church Unity Octave,
6 p.m., San Ramon Woodrow, Rev. Rene Perez, homilist
21 -24 Southwest Liturgical Conference in Amarillo, not attending
21 Office, CPC; Church Unity Octave,
6:30 p.m., Saint Theresa Lubbock, Rev. John Ohlig, homilist
22 Office, CPC ; DCA Steering Committee Meeting, noon, Catholic Renewal Center (CRC);
Church Unity Octave & Anniversary of Roe v Wade, 6 p.m., Saint Joseph, Lubbock, homilist
Rev. Martin Piña
23 Office, CPC ; Diocesan School Board Meeting, noon. Church
Unity Octave, 6:30 p.m., Saint Philip, Idalou. homilist –
Rev. Jose Kochuparambil
24 DCA Workshop, 9-11:30 a.m., CRC; Church Unity Octave, 6 p.m.,
Saint Philip, Shallowater homilist Rev. George Poonely
25 Mass at CTK, 11 a.m., Catholic Schools Week. Church Unity
Octave, 5:30 p.m., CTK,
Bishop homilist
26 Office, CPC ; Diocesan Directors’
Meeting, 10 a.m.. ARISE training session Season 4. 7 p.m., Snyder Deanery – Saint Elizabeth
27 Mass, TTU Kent Hance Chapel,
12 p.m.; ARISE training Brownfield Deanery, 7 p.m., Saint Anthony
28 Office, CPC ; Presbyteral Council, 10 a.m. Priest Personnel Board,
1 p.m. Saint John Neumann RCIA, 7 p.m.
29 Office, CPC ; ARISE training session, 7 p.m., Plainview Deanery, Our Lady of Guadalupe
30 Office, CPC ; CTK Cathedral, All Schools Mass, 10 a.m.; Diocesan Finance Council, 3 p.m.
31 ARISE training session, Lubbock
deanery, 10 a.m. TBA. Holy Spirit Gala. 6:30 p.m.
2 CPC ; Diocesan Administrative team meeting, 10 a.m.; National Catholic Bioethics, Dallas.
3-4 National Catholic Bioethics
5 Catholic Employment Benefit Group, Irving, TX
6 Office, CPC
7-8 Footsteps in Faith, Holy Spirit
9-10 Office, CPC;
11 Office, CPC; Meet with Deans, 10 a.m.,
DCA Steering Committee, Noon.
12 Office, CPC ; Investment Committee, 10 a.m.; Priest Pension Plan Committee, noon.
13 Office, CPC
of both students and their families.”
Schools Week with the theme:
In a 2005 South Plains Catholic
“Catholic Schools- Communities of
article, he spoke about Catholic
Faith, Knowledge, and Service,” he
education in Mexico where his broth- writes in the letter. “This descripers and sisters attended Catholic
tion is your parish-“Communities of
schools in secret and in direct defiFaith, Knowledge, and Service.”
ance of laws passed by an antiIn the letter, Bishop Rodríguez
writes about
governthe obligation
of every parish
which had
in the diocese,
pecial ollection for
closed all
with or withatholic ducation
out a Catholic
school, to
and even
support the
existing diocPlease consider generous support for
esan Catholic
the two diocesan Catholic schools
of their
“With the
support of
Rodríguez speaks passionately
every parish, the diocese can build
about how the people of Mexico, in
up a Catholic school system,” he
opposition to the anti-clerical regime, writes, “thus affording every Cathore-established Catholic schools “and lic family the opportunity to demand
defended them with bullets” and
Catholic education.”
The two Catholic schools in the
“That is how much they appreciat- Diocese of Lubbock, Saint Joseph
ed Catholic schools,” he said. “With School in Slaton and Christ the
our freedom in the United States,
King Cathedral Schools in Lubbock,
I don’t see why we don’t support
will observe Catholic Schools Week
Catholic education more.”
from January 24-31, 2015.
In the letter to be read at Masses
For more information about Saint
during the weekend of January 24
Joseph School, Slaton please call
and 25, Bishop Rodríguez writes
(806) 828-6761.
about the importance of Catholic
For more information about Christ
education to parishes and families.
the King Cathedral Schools, Lub“This Sunday and the following
bock please call 795-8283.
week are dedicated to Catholic
24 & 25
GRATITUDE- Most Rev. Plácido Rodríguez, CMF, Bishop of Lubbock congratulates
Frances Zambrano on her retirement as a Commissioned Parish Minister. Frances
served Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Rotan, Texas from 1994-2014. Bishop
Rodríguez was invited to pray a special blessing during a December 28, 2014
celebration of Frances’s service to the parish. (Contributed Photo).
South Plains Catholic + January 2015
Panel advising Vatican unanimous that Archbishop Romero is a martyr
By Carol Glatz
Catholic News Service
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- A panel of
theologians advising the Vatican’s
Congregation for Saints’ Causes
voted unanimously to recognize the
late Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar
Romero as a martyr, according to
the newspaper of the Italian bishops’ conference.
The panel declared January 8 that
the archbishop had been killed “in
hatred for the faith,” Avvenire reported January 9.
The decision is a key step in the
archbishop’s cause, following an
extended debate over whether he
was killed for political reasons or
for his faith.
The next step in the process lies
with the cardinals and bishops who
sit on the Congregation for Saints’
Causes, who will vote on whether to
advise the pope to issue a decree of
beatification. A miracle is not needed
for beatification of a martyr, though a
miracle is ordinarily needed for his or
her canonization as saint.
Archbishop Romero, an outspoken advocate for the poor, was shot
a man of God.”
“But the process must go ahead,
and God must give his sign. If he
wants to do so, he will,” Pope Francis said.
During his general audience Jan.
7, Pope Francis quoted words that
Archbishop Romero had spoken at
the funeral Mass of a priest assassinated by Salvadoran death squads:
“We must all be willing to die for our
faith even if the Lord does not grant
us this honor.”
8201 Quaker
Ave. Suite 149
Lubbock, Texas
Archbishop Oscar Romero is pictured in a 1979 photo in San Salvador. (CNS/
Octavio Duran)
and killed March 24, 1980, as he
celebrated Mass in a hospital in
San Salvador during his country’s
civil war. His sainthood cause was
opened at the Vatican in 1993.
Pope Benedict XVI told reporters in 2007 that the archbishop
was “certainly a great witness of
the faith” who “merits beatification,
I do not doubt.” But he said some
groups had complicated the sainthood cause by trying to co-opt the
archbishop as a political figure.
In March 2013, Pope Francis reportedly told El Salvador’s ambassador to the Holy See: “’I hope that
under this pontificate we can beatify
(Archbishop Romero).”
Pope Francis told reporters in August 2014 that “For me, Romero is
A Boy Scout is Reverent…
A Catholic Boy Scout is proud to be reverent.
January 27
Texas Tech
University Campus
Kent Hance Chapel
17th Street & University Avenue
Lubbock, Texas 79409
Open to Texas Tech students,
faculty, staff and all people
of good will
i al
Back to School Spring Semester Mass
[email protected]
Interested in earning your
religious emblem? Please contact sc
uadalajara, Jali
appy New
ew Year
5011 Interstate 27 a Lubbock
We welcome business & family parties!
Please call for reservations.
January 2015 + South Plains Catholic
AGCA, from page 1
an Italian prison in 2000 and extradited to Turkey where he was
jailed for killing a journalist in 1979,
phoned the Italian newspaper La
Repubblica to announce his presence in St. Peter’s Square Dec. 27.
It was on Dec. 27, 1983, after
celebrating Mass in the chapel of
Rome’s Rebibbia prison, that Pope
John Paul personally forgave him
during a 15-minute meeting in a cell.
Ali Agca had been sentenced to life
in prison for shooting the pope May
13, 1981, during his weekly general
audience in St. Peter’s Square.
Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi,
Vatican spokesman, did not issue a
statement about Ali Agca’s visit to the
late pope’s tomb nor about the Turk’s
repeated requests to meet Pope
Francis. “He put his flowers on John
Paul’s tomb; I think that’s enough,”
Father Lombardi told La Repubblica.
The newspaper reported that Ali
Agca traveled by “plane, car and
foot” from Turkey to Greece, then to
Austria, through northern Italy and
to Rome. He apparently was not
stopped at any of the borders.
Standing in line at the metal detectors to get into St. Peter’s Basilica Dec. 27, a member of the Italian state police recognized him and
called the Vatican police. Vatican
agents accompanied Ali Agca to St.
John Paul’s tomb, but then handed
him over to Italian police. The police
said he did not have a visa to visit
Italy and, La Repubblica reported,
he was taken to an immigration
center near Rome’s Fiumicino airport and scheduled for deportation
back to Turkey Dec. 29.
Ali Agca was released from prison
in Turkey in 2010. Over the years,
he has claimed to be the second
coming of Christ and to have the
“real” third secret of Fatima. When
nothing came of his request to meet
Pope Francis during the pope’s November trip to Turkey, Ali Agca held
a news conference and told reporters the current pope’s life was not
worth the price of a bullet.
FORGIVENESS-Pope John Paul II shakes hands with his would-be assassin,
Mehmet Ali Agca, in a Rome prison Dec. 27, 1983. Exactly 31 years after St. John
Paul II personally forgave him for shooting and trying to assassinate him, Agca
returned to the Vatican with a bunch of white roses and laid them at the late
pope’s tomb. (CNS photo/L’Osservatore Romano via EPA)
Anniversaries • Weddings
Private Parties
Graduations • House Parties
R.C. Calderon • 1314 50th Street, Lubbock, Texas 79412
(806) 781-6257 • (806) 745-5394 • (806) 741-1864 • [email protected]
6931 Indiana Avenue, Lubbock • (806) 785-7754
Next door to Orlando’s
7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday - Friday • 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Saturdays
Same day service, if dropped off before 9 a.m.
Some exclusions apply
Congratulations on your retirement, Monsignor Gene!
We pray for many blessings for you!
Holy Spirit Parishioners
Happy New Year!
Come see us for your new look for 2015!
South Plains Catholic + January 2015
RESOLUTIONS, from page 2
Find a bible study. Can’t
find one? See number 13.
Start a bible study. Find materials here or here, or ask
your parish priest.
Go to
confession. Has it been
awhile? Resolve
to make the sacrament a more regular habit this year.
Once a month or
even more frequently is recommended. lists
confession times
as well, just type in
your location.
to Mass or confession. Evangelization is sometimes
as simple as a personal invitation.
You’re invited…
to a personal relationship with Jesus
Try a new
way of
prayer. Stuck in a
rut? Try a new devotion. Check out
the Liturgy of the
hours or intercessory prayer. God
speaks in many different ways.
Visit a nursing home or a
friend in the hospital. Cor-
poral work of mercy? Check.
Get a spiritual director. You
don’t necessarily need to
be discerning your vocation to seek
spiritual counsel.
Maybe you’re pondering a big move
or your relationship with God isn’t
where you’d like it
to be. A priest (or
religious sister or
brother) can help.
Just ask.
Go on a retreat. Take
some time for just
you and Jesus.
The important
thing in the spiritual
life is to take small,
manageable steps
toward God so as
not to get discouraged. Pick one or
two new things from
the list and start
incorporating them
into your life.
Mary Rezac, a
staff writer for Catholic News Agency
and EWTN News,
holds a degree from
the University of
Nebraska-Lincoln in
secondary English
and journalism education.
Her favorite saints are St. John
Paul II and Blessed Chiara Luce
Stuck in a rut?
Try a new
Check out 19
the Liturgy of
the hours or
God speaks
in many
different ways.
at City View Apartment Homes
Urban Living Has A New Address in Lubbock
4510 Ironton Avenue, Lubbock
Behind Sam’s Club
Roe v Wade Memorial Mass
January 22, 2014
6 p.m.
Saint Joseph
Catholic Church
102 North Ave. P
by Bishop Plácido Rodríguez
with homilist Rev. Martin Piña
All you can eat buffet • Monday - Friday • 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Lubbock’s authentic
Mexican food
17 years of service in Lubbock
We cater & we deliver!
Open seven days a week
7 a.m.- 2 p.m.
8 a.m.- 9 p.m.
8 a.m.- 9 p.m.
8 a.m.- 2 p.m.
3116 Amherst • Lubbock • (806) 765-0590
January 2015 + South Plains Catholic
Catholic Schools Week observed across the country
WASHINGTON—National Catholic
Schools Week 2015 will be observed in dioceses across the country January 25–31.
In the Diocese of Lubbock, Catholic Schools week events will begin
January 24.
This year’s theme, “Catholic
Schools: Communities of Faith,
Knowledge and Service,” focuses
on the important academic, faithbuilding and societal contributions
provided by a Catholic education.
“Catholic schools are a vital aspect of the Church’s mission to
preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and so an important aspect of our
own teaching mission,” said Archbishop George Lucas of Omaha,
Nebraska, chairman of the U. S.
Conference of Catholic Bishops
(USCCB) Committee on Education. “Pope Francis has reminded
us that the New Evangelization is
not precisely about what we do and
what programs we adopt; rather,
it is about what God is doing, the
graces we are being blessed with,
and the Spirit that is always being
poured-out over our ministry.”
About 2.1 million students are
currently educated in nearly 6,600
Catholic schools in cities, suburbs,
small towns and rural communities around the country. Students
receive an education that prepares
them for the challenges of higher
education and a competitive work
environment. An estimated 99 percent of students graduate from high
school and 85 percent of Catholic
school graduates attend college.
Archbishop Lucas also stressed
the importance of reaching out to
underserved populations.
“In these days of economic turmoil
for so many families, a good education remains the single best way out
of poverty for young people,” Archbishop Lucas said. “At the same
time, we cannot forget, through
the education and faith formation
of children and youth, our Catholic
schools are part of a solution to
support families and to build productive lives for future generations.”
The observance of Catholic
Schools Week began in 1974.
Schools and parishes around the
country will hold activities such as
Masses, open houses, and pot luck
gatherings to celebrate the communities they represent.
Celebrate Catholic Schools Week • January 24 - 30, 2015
Saturday, January 24: Celebrating ouor Faculty Saturday, January 24: Teacher Appreciation Dinner & Dance
Parents can purchase tickets in advance at the school
Teacher Appreciation Dinner & Dance
Parents can purchase tickets in advance at the school
Saint Joseph School, Slaton
Sunday, January 25: Celebrating our Parish
Kickoff Mass honoring teachers and students
& parish appreciation at Saint Joseph Parish @ 9 a.m.
Students will sing with Mrs.Burch & Deacon Leroy.
Monday, January 26: Celebrating our Students & Families
Breakfast with Parents & Grandparents, 7:30 a.m.
Pajama Day
Christ the King Cathedral Schools
Sunday, January 25: Kickoff Mass honoring teachers and students
& parish appreciation at Christ the King Cathedral @ 11a.m.
Students will participate in the mass music, readings, altar serving.
Monday, January 26: Recognition for Catholic Schools Week
Students may wear 2015 Catholic Schools Week t-shirts with jeans.
Students will participate in service projects.
Jr. High Basketball @ All Saints – 4pm/5pm/6pm/7pm
Tuesday, January 27: Parent Appreciation Day
Muffins with Mom & Donuts with Dad
Tuesday, January 27: Celebrating Vocations
may wear CSW t-shirts, regular spirit shirts or any pink shirt
Spelling Bee
Career Speakers 2:30 Pep Rally
Mass Uniforms High School Basketball PINK OUT game v. KPA--6pm/7:30pm)
Game proceeds will be donated to the Joe Arrington Cancer Center
Wednesday, January 28: Celebrating our Nation and Community
Charger Shirt and Jeans Wednesday, January 28: Science Fair
Crazy Hair, Crazy Socks All students wear mass uniforms.
Winter Open House, 5:30pm-7 pm
Thursday, January 29: Celebrating & Sharing Knowledge Junior Class Fundraiser Dinner - 5:30pm-7 pm
Science Fair, Mass uniform
Free Dress after Science Fair Thursday, January 29: Student Appreciation Day
Student Talent Show sponsored by Student Council
Friday, January 30: Celebrating & Thanking God for Catholic Education Students may wear new CSW t-shirt with jeans.
All Diocesan Schools Mass, 10 am
Mass Uniforms Friday, January 30: All Diocesan Schools Mass, 10 am
Noon dismissal Noon dismissal
Christine Wanjura • Superintendent of Schools • PO Box 98700 • Lubbock, Texas 79499-8700
Slaton Saint Joseph School
Called to be Christ’s Witnesses • Acts 1:8
Division Street at 20th Street, Slaton, Texas + Please call 828-6761
Sister Brenda Haynes, SND, Principal, Saint Joseph School
Monsignor Nicolás Rendón, Pastor, Saint Joseph Church
Father Chacko Chacko, OSB, Pastor, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
Lubbock Christ the King Cathedral Schools
4011 54th Street, Lubbock, Texas + Please call 795-8283
Christine Wanjura, Principal, Christ the King Cathedral Schools
Rev. William Anton, Pastor, Christ the King Cathedral Parish
South Plains Catholic + January 2015
Diocese of Lubbock
Second Year Candidates
February 6-8
Brownfield Deanery
Catholic Renewal Center
$85 (limit 60)
February 27-March 1
Plainview Deanery
Mercy Retreat Center
$95 (limit 60)
March 20-22
Snyder Deanery
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Registration deadline: two weeks
before weekend. You may attend
outside your deanery.
Contact Sister Mary Jane at
(806) 792-3943 or
[email protected]
Pope Francis calls all people of God to celebrate
the Year of Consecrated Life
This year Pope Francis has called
all people of God to celebrate the
Year of Consecrated Life. All are
called to pray in support of the men
and women who faithfully live in this
vocation, and to learn more about
the gift of a life entirely given to the
service of the Lord and His people.
The proclamation of this year coincides with the fiftieth anniversary
of Perfectae Caritatis, the Second
Vatican Council decree on religious
life, as well as Lumen Gentium, the
Council’s constitution on the Church.
There are fourteen religious orders who actively serve the twentyfive counties of our diocese.
Many priests, like Rev. Joseph
Kurumbel, OSB, (Lamesa) and
Rev. Teresito Paqueo, MSC, (Spur
& Jayton) minister in parishes while
living away from their religious
communities. Others, such as the
Dominican Friars that serve at Saint
Elizabeth University Parish, Lubbock, live in communities of two
or three where they pray together,
share meals, and work to serve the
Have questions about the
Health Insurance Marketplace?
Need help applying for health
insurance coverage?
Certified Application Counselors are available Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at our main clinic at 1318 Broadway in Lubbock.
Open enrollment ends February 15, 2015
Schedule an appointment with Scott or Samantha.
Call (806) 765-2611.
needs of their the parish and their
religious order.
The Sisters of Notre Dame, the
newest religious order for women in
the Diocese of Lubbock, minister at
St. Joseph’s School in Slaton.
They are just one example of the
many ways that a single order tackles multiple ministries for the people
of God.
The Year of Consecrated life began on November 29, 2014 and
continues until the Feast of the
Presentation of the Lord on February 2, 2016. Great prayer resources
are available for your parish at the
Look forward to more events from
the Office for Vocations celebrating
our religious brothers and sisters!
Community Health Center of Lubbock
offers FREE Diabetes
Self-Management and Nutrition Classes
January 22 – March 12, 2015
Thursday EveNINGS, 6 - 8 P.m.
Arnett- Benson Clinic
3301 Clovis Road, Lubbock, TX
Step Up to Fitness for Adults
FREE exercise classes, 7-8pm
First Monday of each month
Arnett Benson Medical & Dental Clinic, 3301 Clovis Road
To register, contact Yvonne at 765-2611, ext. 1009
Join us for this FREE class to learn about diabetes- the risk factors and
tips for better control with proper nutrition and exercise.
Classes will be for 8 consecutive weeks
Registration is required. Contact Yvonne at 765-2611, ext. 1007
Start a CHCL Walking
Club in your area!
Contact Yvonne at 765-2611, ext. 1009. Participants with most sessions
attended and most walking steps will be awarded monthly!
January 2015 + South Plains Catholic
South Plains Catholic + January 2015
C onference , f r o m p a g e 1
Speaker presentations will begin
at 8 a.m.
Lunch will be available on site
served by the Knights of Columbus.
Each day will include a chance
to attend Holy Mass, and priests
will be available for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
The conference schedule also
includes Sunday Mass at 8 a.m.,
followed by speaker presentations and a questions-and-answers session with the speakers
Sunday at Noon.
Dr. Hahn, a convert to Catholicism, is a world-renowned theologian and Christian apologist.
An exceptionally popular speaker
and teacher, he has delivered
numerous talks nationally and
internationally on topics related to
Sacred Scripture and the Catholic
Dr. Hahn returns to Lubbock for
a sixth time, and Dr. Pitre and
Dr. Barber for their seventh appearances in Lubbock.
For those traveling from outside
of Lubbock, the Ashmore Inn at
4019 South Loop 289 in Lubbock
has special pricing for conference
If accommadtaions are reserved
by January 31, 2015, the special
rate is $75. Call the Ashmore Inn
at (806) 785-0060 for details.
General admission tickets are
$20. Tickets for active catechists
are $10 each. Tickets are free
for priests, deacons, and women
religious, but early registration is
Register in advance to assure
seating by:
• Visiting www.FootstepsInFaith.
com to register and purchase
tickets; or,
• Mailing the registration form
on the brochure inserted in this
edition of the South Plains Catholic, with payment, to:
Footsteps in Faith, 5720 83rd
St., Lubbock, Texas 79424 or by
calling Kathryn Loskill at (806)
Week of Prayer for
Christian Unity 2015
January 18 • 5:30 p.m.
Church Unity Octave begins
CTK Cathedral,
Bishop Placido Rodriguez
January 20 • 6 p.m.
San Ramon, Woodrow
Rev. Rene Perez, homilist
January 21 • 6:30 p.m.
Saint Theresa, Lubbock
Rev. John Ohlig, homilist
January 22 • 6 p.m.
Anniversary of Roe v Wade
Saint Joseph, Lubbock
Rev. Martin Piña, homilist
January 23 • 6:30 p.m.
Saint Philip, Idalou
Rev. Jose Kochuparambil, homilist
January 24 • 6 p.m.
Saint Philip, Shallowater
Rev. George Poonely, homilist
January 25 • 5:30 p.m.
CTK Cathedral
Bishop Placido Rodriguez
“Jesus said to her,
‘Give me a drink’”
John 4:7
For more information: Rev. Rene Perez,
[email protected] or 792-2234 x228
Scheduling an event?
Check to avoid conflicts!
Event planned? E-mail information to be added to the Pastoral
Update & to be posted on the calendar!
[email protected]
See our Coupons in
the telephone books!
Slide Road 19th Street
Serving Lubbock and West Texas for over 35 Years
January 2015 + South Plains Catholic
BROWNFIELD- Bernice Arrezola
Riojas, 46, died December 6, 2014.
Funeral Mass was
celebrated December 10 at Saint
Anthony Church
with Father Gerald
Leatham officiating. Burial followed
in Brownfield Cemetery.
Bernice was born
April 3, 1968, in Brownfield to Louis
and Oralia Espinoza Arrezola. She
married Ramon Riojas August 23,
1991, in Brownfield. Bernice graduated with an Associate’s Degree
from South Plains College and at-
Obituary Memorials
tended Hotel and Business Institute
in Dallas.
Bernice was preceded in death by
her father, Louis Arrezola; and her
twin sister, Beatrice Arrezola. Survivors include her husband, Ramon;
her mother, Oralia Espinoza Arrezola of Brownfield; five brothers, Wallie and Albert Arrezola of Seminole,
Robert Arrezola of Austin, and Lewis Jr. and Marty Arrezola of Brownfield; four sisters, Rosa Acosta (Ed)
of Brownfield, Lilley Glass (Lloyd)
of Seminole, Linda Pompa (Henry)
of Levelland, and Bertha Walpole
(Bill) of South Carolina; as well as
many nieces and nephews that she
loved dearly.
Jake Montoya
Phone: (806) 535-9828 • (806) 797-8481
Fax: (806) 791-4474 Email: [email protected]
3807 24th Street • Lubbock, Texas 79410
IDALOU-Elias Gonzales, 44, died
January 1, 2015. Funeral services
were held January
7 at Saint Philip
Benizi Church
with Father Jose
Kochuparambil officiating. Burial followed in the Idalou
Elias was born
October 5, 1978, in
Odessa to Tommy and Flora Gonzales. He graduated from Idalou
High School in 1997 and completed
his associate’s degree in 1999 from
South Plains College. He was married to Carla Ann Sifert and worked
as a self-employed paint and auto
body technician for most of his life.
He is survived by his wife, Carla
Ann Sifert of Lubbock; two sons,
Natalio and Ezekiel Gonzales, both
of Lubbock; one stepson, Bryan
Sifert of Lubbock; his mother, Flora
Gonzales of Idalou; one brother, Issac (Bridget) Gonzales of Lubbock;
two sisters, Michele (Don) Cervantez, and Stephanie (John) Martinez
all of Lubbock. He is preceded in
death by his father; and by grandparents, Martin and Magdalena
Gonzales, and Natalio and Francisca Hernandez.
LUBBOCK- Gloria Almager,
31, died November 28, 2014, in
Levelland. Funeral services were
held December 4 at Saint Joseph
Church with Father Martin Pina officiating. Burial followed at City of
Lubbock Cemetery.
Gloria was born June 11, 1983, in
Levelland to Librado Almager and
Rebecca Valdez. She enjoyed being a housewife and spending time
with her family and children.
She is survived by her mother,
Rebecca Cortez (Herman Jr.) of
Lubbock; her father, Librado Almager of Levelland; one son, Justin
of Levelland; three daughters, Gina
Garcia of Welch, Madison Almager
and Kaylee Valdez of Levelland;
one brother, Librado Jr. of Lubbock; two sisters, Leticia Garcia of
Brownfield and Priscilla Rodriguez
of Levelland; and her fiance, Alex
Basquez of Levelland.
Teodoro Briseno, Jr., 40, died
December 23, 2014. Funeral Mass
was celebrated December 30 at
Our Lady of Grace Church. Interment followed in Peaceful Gardens
Mr. Briseno was born December
18, 1974, to Teodoro Sr. and Mary
Landin Mosqueda. He was preceded in death by brother, Frankie Landin and his father, Antonio Mosqueda Sr. He worked for Hub City Body
Work, and he was member of the
Lubbock Unique Car Club. He was
a three star Chef.
Survivors include his sons, Xavier
Briseno, Richard and Isaac Lozano;
daughters, Alexis, Annjanette and
Sabrina Briseno; brothers, Freddy,
David, Eddy, Moses and Antonio Mosqueda Jr.; sisters, Angie
Mosqueda McFadden of Austin,
Guadalupe Mosqueda of Dallas,
and Eva Mendez; as well as, goddaughter, Adriana Lozano; girlfriend, Raquel Tijerina; one grandson, Zaeden Salazar; and multiple
nieces and nephews.
Linda Bustillos, 80, died December 23, 2014. Funeral Mass was
celebrated December 27 at Saint
See MEMORIALS, page 14
Please pray for the peaceful repose of the souls of priests, deacons,
and commissioned pastoral ministers from the Diocese of Lubbock
(and priests from the Diocese of Amarillo).
Lavoie, Father Leo
February 3, 1978
Monsignor Stanley
February 6,1996
Toups, Father Elmer
J., CSsR
February 7, 1995
Father Thomas
February 8, 2012
O’Brien, Father
Michael Dermot
February 11, 1978
Hammond, Father
William M.
February 13, 1971
Gillis, Father
Raymond, S.A.
February 20, 1988
McGorry, Father
Bernard Cletus, S.A.
February 20, 1992
Father Sean Sweeney,
February 2, 2008
South Plains Catholic + January 2015
January 2015 + South Plains Catholic
Diocese of Lubbock Catholics to prepare for ‘ARISE’ season 4
LUBBOCK- Diocese of Lubbock
Catholics will begin preparations for
the fourth season of the RENEW
International ARISE Together in
Christ program with training sessions January 26-31, 2015.
Anne Scanlan and Manuel Hernandez, presenters for RENEW
International, will meet with parish
team members and small community leaders throughout the Diocese
of Lubbock to conduct the training
sessions for the fourth season with
the theme of “New Heart, New
program offers a scripturally-based
spiritual renewal experience in
small groups and is open to all parishioners.
Season Four of ARISE Together
in Christ, takes place during Lent,
with six faith-sharing sessions that
focus on the central themes of forgiveness and reconciliation.
Beginning the week of February
22, 2015, there will be six faith-sharing sessions to invite participants to
embrace a “New Heart, New Spirit.”
Sessions begin by helping to observe Lent as a time to review life
choices and measure them against
the Scripture. The five subsequent
sessions of the season invite faithsharing community participants to
see the power of forgiveness, and
to know that the Catholic Church
is the home for all God’s family.
Participants are also called to
see freedom and peace as
the first fruits of the Resurrection.
ARISE Together
in Christ is a
total renewal experience
for the
transforming people through small
Christian communities, special parish activities, reflections for families
with teens and children, and Christian social action. Because of the
Plains Podiatry Associates
variety of ways in which people are
engaged, something is available
for every parishioner, creating a
unifying and enthusiastic spiritual
climate in the parish.
Catholics in the Diocese of Lubbock will prepare to begin the fourth
season of a “parish centered
process of spiritual renewal, evangelization
and adult formation
that enables members to develop
a closer
relationship with
Christ, grow
in community
and reach
out in service to others.”
Diocese of Lubbock Catholics are
invited to join a faith-sharing group
to prepare to renew their baptismal
commitment at Easter.
Training sessions will be conducted in each of the four deaneries of
the Diocese of Lubbock. Pastors,
parish team members, and small
community leaders can attend
any location that is convenient. All
sessions are the same, training in
English and Spanish, and are two
hours long.
For more information, contact Alicia Alvarez, Director of the Diocese
of Lubbock Office of Evangelization
and Catechesis by email at [email protected], or by calling (806) 792-3943.
According to the RENEW website, “RENEW International is a
canonically-recognized Catholic
organization based in Plainfield,
N.J., in the Archdiocese of Newark.
RENEW International has more
than 30 years of experience revitalizing parish life and fosters spiritual
renewal in the Catholic tradition by
empowering individuals and communities to encounter God in everyday life, deepen and share faith,
and connect faith with action.”
Prayer is essential to the process
of spiritual renewal called ARISE
Together in Christ. Please take
some time and pray with your fam
See RENEW, page 23
mark a. barinque, d.p.m., p.a.
Diplomate American Board of Podiatric Surgery • Certified in Foot Surgery
Medical and Surgical Treatment of the Foot
2202 Memphis, Suite 101
Lubbock, Texas 79410
[email protected]
3200 Olton Road, Suite C
Plainview, Texas 79702
Holy Spirit Church Parishioner
Holy Spirit Church
16th Annual Gala
Dinner & Dance
Saturday – January 31, 2015
Holy Spirit McGivney Hall
98th & Frankford
$50.00 Donation per person/$100 Donation per Couple
Attire: Coat & T ie
Refreshments 6:30pm – Dinner 7:00pm
(Beer & Wine provided – no BYOB)
Call 698-6400 for tickets – Tables of 8 can be reserved
Proceed to benefit
Holy Spirit Catholic Church Building Fund
South Plains Catholic + January 2015
M emorials , f r o m p a g e 1 1
Joseph Church. Interment followed
at Lubbock Cemetery.
Mrs. Bustillos was
born December
23, 1934, in Sierra
Blanca, TX, to Pedro and Blasa (Navarrette) Ramirez.
Mrs. Bustillos married her husband
of 63 years, Julian
Bustillo, August 4, 1951, in Morton,
TX. She enjoyed reading and had a
giving spirit.
Survivors include her husband,
Julian; her children: Tony (Earlene)
Bustillos, Sylvia (Joe) Leos, Debbie Moreno, Norma Ramos, James
Bustillos, all of Lubbock, and Ricky
Bustillos of El Paso, TX, her sister
Lilia Caraveo of El Paso; brothers, Samuel Ramirez of Plainview
and Hector Ramirez of Lubbock;
12 grandchildren; and five greatgrandchildren. Along with her parents, she was preceded in death by
brothers, Ruben, Porfirio (Pilo), and
Ricardo Ramirez; and sister, Tilde
Viola Gonzales Cavazos, 80,
died December 22, 2014. Funeral
Mass was celebrated December
29 at Our Lady of
Guadalupe Church
by Father Andres
Mendoza; interment followed in
Peaceful Gardens
Viola was born
September 26, 1934, to Thomas
and Apolonia Gonzales in Weslaco, Texas. She married Jose F.
Cavazos May 29, 1952, in Lubbock.
Viola was preceded in death by
Jose Cavazos Jr., Edmundo Cavasos and Amanda Moreno. Survivors
include her husband Jose; daughters, Alicia Flores, Ida Cavazos,
Nora de los Santos, and Norma
Berlanga; sons, Eloy and Thomas
Cavazos; sisters, Molly Rangel and
Eloisa Martinez; 21 grandchildren;
and 63 great-grandchildren.
Annabella U. Garza, 54, died
December 26, 2014. Funeral Mass
was celebrated January 3, 2015, at
Saint Joseph Church. Interment followed at Lubbock Cemetery.
She was born February 7, 1960,
in San Angelo, TX, to Olivia U. Leal
and Roberto Leal. She was an em-
ployee for the City of Lubbock, from
which she retired. She is survived
by her three children, Rochelle and
Timothy Vasquez
and Santana Alcorta; and one grandchild, Amariz Amor
Vasquez. She was
preceded in death
by her mother and
many aunts and uncles.
David Acosta Hernandez, 63,
died December 7, 2014, Funeral
Mass was celebrated December 11
by Father Andres
Mendoza at Our
Lady of Guadalupe
Church. Interment
followed in Slaton’s
Englewood Cemetery.
David is survived by his wife of 45
years, Mary Hernandez; his daughters, Minnie Hernandez (Richard
Perez) and Casandra Suarez (Reynaldo Jr.), both of Lubbock; eight
grandchildren; his sisters, Julia Garza (Lee), Cecilia Rodriguez (David),
and Oralia Aguirre (Arnold); as well
as many cousins, nephews, nieces,
and friends.
David was born Jan 31, 1951, in
Slaton, TX, to Gregorio and Herminia Hernandez. He is preceded
in death by both of his parents; and
his brothers, Gregorio Jr., Gilbert,
Lucio, Luis, Frank and Roman, of
Slaton. He worked as a welder and
carpenter in Lubbock, Slaton, and
Lumberton, Texas. David was a loving father and a great friend to all
who met him.
The Englunds
Dubbin &
1400 Woodrow Road
Slaton, TX 79364
(806) 828-3535
John Paul Rangel, 82, died December 11, 2014. Funeral Mass
was celebrated
December 15, in
Our Lady of Grace
Church. Burial with
military honors
followed in the
Peaceful Gardens
Memorial Park.
John Paul was
born June 26, 1932, to the late Carlos and Aurelia (Navarro) Rangel,
Sr. in Abernathy. He graduated from
Lubbock High and worked in the
construction business. He married
Susan Velasquez November 18,
1955, in Lubbock. He attended Our
Lady of Grace and Saint Joseph
Catholic Churches. John Paul was
an avid golfer and a member of the
National PAGA.
John Paul was preceded in death
by his parents; and three siblings,
Nieves, Manuel and Juanita. Survivors include his wife of 59 years,
Susan; seven children, Irene (Robert) Torres of Lubbock, Carlos (Susie) of Damascus, OR, Sofia (Joe)
Gutierrez, Steven (Eva), Eddy and
Daniel Rangel, and Amelia (Joe)
Garcia, all of Lubbock; 16 grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren;
six sisters, Soccoro, Mary, Frances,
Kay, Olivia, and Betty; and three
brothers, Joseph, Carlos, Jr., and
Victor. Memorials are suggested to
Meals on Wheels, 2304 34th Street,
Lubbock, TX 79411, where John
Paul volunteered for 17 years.
Margarito M.C. Valadez, 88, died
December 13, 2014. Funeral Mass
was celebrated
at Saint Patrick
Church by Msgr.
Jim O’Connor.
Burial followed in
Englewood Cemetery.
Margarito was
born June 10,
1926, in Bertram, Texas, to the
late Fermin and Maria Valadez.
He married Hortencia Hernandez
on February 25, 1978, in Lubbock;
she preceded him in death on July
8, 2014. He was a retired machine
operator for Santa Fe Railroad. He
loved to sing and play his guitar,
playing bingo, watching cowboy
movies and listing to Tejano music.
He is survived by two sons, Fred
of Corpus Christi, Arturo of Lubbock;
five daughters, Betty Enriquez of
Mineral Wells, Nora Altamirano of
Lubbock, Cindy, Benita, and Susan
Valadez all of Arlington; a brother,
See Tributes, page 20
Criminal Defense & Family Law
DWI • Drug Cases • Divorce • Adoption • Parental Rights • Child Support
El abogado le puede atender en espanol
Emilio E. Abeyta, Attorney
Sara J. Hudman, Associate
820 Buddy Holly Avenue, Ste. 6, Lubbock, TX
West Texas
White Dove Release
Make your
occasion special!
Weddings + Funerals + Any special event
Mel Roberson
(806) 793-4759 • Lubbock, Texas
[email protected]
Proud member of White Dove Society International
& National White Dove Release Society
January 2015 + South Plains Catholic
USCCB launches Daily
Readings in Spanish online
Photographer for the South Plains Catholic
Catholic Chamber of Commerce Representative
(806) 744-1654
• Techos
• Chapapote
Soaring to Dental
• Tejas
Brad D. Brooks, D.D.S.
• Reparaciones
5301 50th Street Suite 200
Lubbock, Texas 79414
(806) 544-8562
(806) 792-2759
Estimados Gratis
WASHINGTON—The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
has made the daily readings for
Mass in Spanish available online.
“Being able to provide the
daily readings in Spanish online has been
a long journey. We
are happy to see
this work turned
into a reality,” said Bishop
John C. Wester
of Salt Lake
City, chairman
of the USCCB
Committee on
Communications. “This
is part of our continued efforts to answer the
pastoral needs of Hispanics and
Spanish speaking Catholics and
to provide them resources and information in ways that encourage
them to grow in their faith.”
The daily readings in Spanish
are drawn from the Lectionary
published in Mexico and approved
for use in the United States by the
U.S. bishops.
Hispanics represent 16 percent
of the total U.S. population and
about 40 percent of U.S. Catholics;
64 percent of Hispanic Catholics
attend church regularly.
The daily readings in English
are among the most popular
resources on the USCCB website with a
monthly average of
3.3 million unique
page views. Nearly 49,000
people receive
the daily readings in English
by email, a feature that soon will
be available for the
readings. The daily readings in
Spanish can be found at www. by selecting: “Bible,” “Today’s Readings,” and “En Español.”
USCCB also provides updates
on USCCB news and faith-building
resources in Spanish on Facebook
at and Twitter at https://twitter.
Bilingual resources for dioceses,
parishes and ministry groups are
also available at
2211 Avenue Q
806.763.7605 & 806.763.7905
709 Marhsall Howard Road
903 South Dallas Avenue
217 West 7th Street
1001 I-27 Suite 810
Hobbs, NM
408 West Bender Boulevard
¡Feliz año Nuevo!
LITTLE SAN JUAN DIEGOS: The students of Saint Joseph Catholic School,
Slaton, celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in a big way December
12. Children in Pre-K 3 & 4 made and colored tilmas in honor of Saint Juan Diego
and wore them to the feast day school Mass. Pictured (back row, left to right, their
teacher, Mrs. Estella Wagner, Adeline Kelly, Jaelynn Vasquez (picture obscured),
Samara Wissler, Aidan Kelly, Theresa Behnke; (middle row, from left): Sarah
Behnke, Eleni Wright, Mattie Leal; and, (front row from left): Albert Riojas, Brenin
Gary, Lexi Flores, Michael Butler, Christopher Butler, Emilee Riojas, Nate Garcia,
and Sister Pat Keefe, SND. Children in the upper grades made and wore Our Lady
of Guadalupe medallions. (Contributed Photo).
South Plains Catholic + January 2015
The Diocese of Lubbock is offerdeal with include the full range of
ing the married couples of the area
issues. Retrouvaille is not a rea great opportunity to learn about
placement for marriage counseling,
communication tools and attitherapists and the 12 step
tudes for a happy ever
program. Rather,
after marriage.
this program
This program
has helped
these other
couples with
many difThe tools
ferent kinds
of comof marriage
in marriage
Some couples
taught in the
come to Retrouprogram are
vaille pronounced
often what couples
(re-tro-vi with a
long i) during the
There are four
he our tages stages of marinitial signs of a
marriage probriage. They are
romance, disilluBy Ricahrd & Elaine Ybarra
Others couples
sionment, misery
[email protected]
are in a state
and awakening.
of despair and
Due to the high
divorce rate,
when they attend the program.
many couples never make it to the
These latter couples consider the
fourth stage. Most people whose
Retrouvaille program their final opmarriage ends in divorce are not
bad people. They are often people
The types of problems couples
who never learn the proper tools
World Marriage Day
February 8, 2015
in your parish with a
Renewal of Wedding Vows!
Only one retreat in the
Diocese of Lubbock in 2015!
4 - 6, 2015
For Information:
(806) 792-3943
or visit
for a happy marriage. This is where
Retrouvaille can help. Instead of
giving up, couples have found solutions. In Rerouvaille they learn tools
to live a happy marriage. They
learn that marriage does not follow
the romance and happily ever after
formula portrayed in literature and
the media.
They learn that here are certain
learnable skills, attitudes and tools
that they can use to deal with inevitable problems of the real world. A
rose garden is beautiful, but when
caring for it you must watch out for
the thorns.
The Retrouvaille weekend will be
held March 6-8, 2015 at the Mercy
Retreat Center in Slaton.
To register, go online at or call Richard or Elaine
Ybarra at 806-792-3943.
February 7 at 10 a.m.
Office of Marriage & Family Life
Catholic Renewal Center, 4620 Fourth Street, Lubbock
A new group to provide support and community for mothers of all ages and stages
If you want to join and/or have an idea for an event,
contact: Vicki Divine: 607-226-6398 or [email protected]
or visit
Get your
RCIA & Easter
items & gifts!
We can custom laser & personalize
just the right gift for your gift needs.
Participation gifts for CCE, RCIA or your
parish ARISE Faith groups.
13 th & Slide Rd. • Lubbock, Texas 79416
(806) 797-0885 • (800) 530-4958
January 2015 + South Plains Catholic
El Año de la Vida Consagrada inició el 29 de noviembre de 2014
Este año, el Santo Padre ha llamado a todo el pueblo de Dios a celebrar el Año de la Vida Consagrada.
Todos son llamados a orar por
estos hombres y mujeres que fervientemente viven esta vocación, y a
aprender más del don de una vida
completamente entregada al servicio del Señor y su pueblo.
La proclamación de este año
coincide con el 50º aniversario del
decreto Perfectae Caritatis, el documento del Concilio Vaticano II sobre
la vida consagrada, así también
como Lumen Gentium, la constitución sobre la Iglesia.
Hay catorce órdenes religiosas
que sirven activamente los 25 con-
dados de la diócesis.
Muchos sacerdotes,
como el Rev. Joseph
Kurumbel, OSB,
(Lamesa) y el Rev.
Teresito Paqueo, MSC,
(Spur y Jayton) sirven
en parroquias mientras
que viven fuera de sus
comunidades religiosas.
Otros, como los
Frailes Domínicos que
sirven en St. Elizabeth,
Lubbock, viven en comunidades de dos o tres donde
juntos oran, comen, y trabajan
para servir en las necesidades
de la parroquia y de su orden religiosa.
Las Hermanas de Notre Dame,
la orden religiosa femenina más
nueva en la diócesis, trabajan en
la escuela de San José en Slaton
y también en el centro pastoral
diocesano. Son un ejemplo de las
diferentes maneras en que una
sola orden maneja muchos ministerios para el pueblo de Dios.
El Año de la Vida Consagrada inició
el 29 de noviembre de 2014, y concluye en la fiesta de la Presentación
del Señor el 2 de febrero de 2016.
Hay recursos de oración para parroquias en el sitio web
¡Estén atentos para más eventos
celebrando nuestros hermanos y
hermanas religiosos desde la Oficina de Vocaciones!
USCCB lanza lecturas diarias de la Misa en español en línea
WASHINGTON—La Conferencia
de Obispos Católicos de los Estados Unidos (USCCB) ha puesto a
disponibilidad del público las lecturas diarias de la Misa en español
en su sitio en línea.
“Poder proveer las lecturas diarias
en español en la internet ha sido
una larga jornada. Estamos felices
de ver este trabajo realizado”, dijo
el Obispo John C. Wester de Salt
Lake City, presidente del Comité
sobre Comunicaciones de USCCB.
“Esto es parte de nuestros esfuerzos continuos de responder a las
necesidades pastorales de los hispanos y de los católicos de habla
hispana y proveerles recursos e
información de maneras que les
exhorten a acrecentar su fe”.
Las lecturas diarias en español
provienen del Leccionario publicado
en México y está aprobado por los
obispos estadounidenses para su
uso en los Estados Unidos.
Los hispanos representan el 16
por ciento de la población total en
Estados Unidos y cerca del 40 por
ciento de los católicos estadounidenses; 64 por ciento de los católicos hispanos asisten a la iglesia
Las lecturas diarias en ingles
están entre los recursos más populares del sitio web de USCCB con
un promedio mensual de 3.3 mil-
Green’s Dental
Family cosmetic dentistry
shelby Green, D.D.S.
J. Brian Green, d.d.s.
6102 82nd Suite 1
Lubbock, Texas 79424
(806) 799-8160
“Service for your smile”
Evening Appointments Available
lones de visitantes en línea. Cerca
de 49,000 personas reciben las
lecturas diarias en ingles por correo
electrónico, una opción que pronto
también estará disponible para las
lecturas en español.
Las lecturas diarias en español
pueden encontrarse en www.usccb.
org y elegir: “Bible,” “Today’s Readings,” y “En Español.”
USCCB también provee actual-
izaciones en español sobre noticias
y recursos que ayudan a fomentar
la fe en Facebook en y en
Twitter en
Recursos bilingües para diócesis,
parroquias y grupos de ministerios
también están disponibles en www.
Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Assembly 1101
Saint Patrick’s Day
Second Annual Charities Fundraiser Dance& Raffle
Saturday, March 14
Saint John Neumann Parish gym
5802-22nd Street, Lubbock
(West 19th & Frankford Ave)
8 PM - Midnight • $8 per person at door
With DJ-Garcia
(Jimmy Garcia from Littlefield)
Rock&Roll, C&W, Oldies, Tejano,
and more!
Shamrock Menudo($2 donation)will be served
There will be a Raffle/Door Prizes during the dance.
For information, contact
Jesse Garza @ 368-1540 or Joe Carrillo @ 535-1977
South Plains Catholic + January 2015
January 2015 + South Plains Catholic
USCCB designates Day of Prayer for Survivors and Victims of Human Trafficking
WASHINGTON—The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
Committee on Migration designated
February 8 as an annual day of
prayer for survivors and victims of
human trafficking.
February 8 is the feast day of
St. Josephine Bakhita, who was
kidnapped as a child and sold into
slavery in Sudan and Italy. Once Josephine was freed, she dedicated
her life to sharing her testament of
deliverance from slavery and comforting the poor and suffering.
“On that day, we will lift our voices
loudly in prayer, hope, and love for
trafficking victims and survivors,”
said Bishop Eusebio Elizondo,
M.Sp.S., auxiliary bishop of Seattle
and chairman of the Committee.
“If just one person realizes from
this day that they or someone they
know is being trafficked, we will
have made a difference.”
The USCCB’s Anti-Trafficking
program is encouraging Catholics
to host or attend prayer services,
to reflect on the experiences of
those who have suffered through
human trafficking and exploitation.
Catholics are invited to pray for the
emotional, physical, and spiritual
healing, and make a personal commitment to work against human
trafficking. Catholics are also encouraged to host awareness-raising
events educating their parishes and
communities about human trafficking in whichever way they choose.
USCCB’s Anti-Trafficking Program advocates for better protection for victims of human trafficking,
provides training and technical assistance to service providers, and
educates the public on the prevalence of human trafficking. In 2013,
USCCB launched the Amistad
Movement to empower immigrants
and local leaders to prevent human
trafficking in their communities.
USCCB is a founding member of
the Coalition of Catholic Organizations against Human Trafficking,
whose main goals are to educate
Catholics about human trafficking, to
promote responsible consumer practices, and to support national legislation that combats human trafficking.
More information on the work of
USCCB’s Anti-Trafficking Program
is available at:
An Evening of Wine &
Jazz at the Cathedral
February 14, 2015
6:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.
the King Cathedral
4011 54th Street, Lubbock, Texas
Wine tasting & a bottle of wine
four course dinner,
dessert buffet & live jazz
Reservations Required.
Tickets must be purchased by February 10, 2015.
Cash, Check
or major credit cards accepted
(806) 792-6169
21 & Over only
South Plains Catholic + January 2015
from page
Maximo of Lampasas; three sisters,
Nancy, Josie and Macaria Valadez
all of Lampasas; nine grandchildren;
nine great-grandchildren; and two
RALLS-Inocente C. Castro, 80,
of Ralls went to be with his Lord.
Funeral Mass was celebrated December 29 at Saint
Michael Church
in Ralls. Burial followed in the Ralls
He was born
December 28,
1933, in CD Acuna
Coahuila to Ladislado and Angelita
Compos Castro. Inocente married
Margarita Huerta March 8, 1958, in
Ralls. He had worked as a farmer
since 1957, and loved John Deer
Tractors. He was a hard worker and
taught his kids how to work, a dedicated dad and grandfather.
He is preceded in death by one
daughter, Guadalupe Castro; one
son, Arturo Castro; three grandchildren, Joe Eric Gutierrez, Devon
Garcia, Eric Escobar; two greatgrandchildren, Anthony Moreno,
Abigail Sanchez; one brother,
Francisco Castro; two sisters, Emeteria Castro, Juanita Rangel; and
one daughter-in-law, Janie Aguilar.
Inocente is survived by his wife,
Margarita of Ralls; four sons, Angel,
Tony (Janie), Inocente Jr. (Christy),
Joe (Carla) all of Ralls; five daughters, Margaret Sanchez (Johnny) of
Vernon, Maria Barron of Midland,
Juanita Morales (Ricky) and Angie
Rogers of Ralls, Irene Gutierrez
(Joe) of Lubbock; 38 grandchildren;
58 great-grandchildren; and one
SLATON-Rachel Arguello Reyes,
81, died December 23, 2014. Funeral
services were held December 27 in
Englunds Chapel
with burial in Englewood Cemetery and
under the direction
of Englunds Funeral
Mrs. Reyes was
born June 2, 1933,
in Waelder, TX.
She moved with
her family to Slaton as a young lady.
Rachel married Pat Reyes December 16, 1962. He preceded her in
death Feb 14, 2012. She was also
preceded in death by her parents,
Aurelio and Juana Arguello; and
brothers, Felix, Abel, Max, Tony and
Frank. Rachel was a sales clerk for
Piggly Wiggly, TG&Y, Eckerd Drug
and CVS Pharmacy.
Survivors include her sons: Alex
of Lubbock, and David Reyes of
Slaton; and daughters, Naomi Vela
and Norma Rivera, both of Slaton,
and Natalie Ramirez of Lubbock;
siblings, Gene and Nieves Arguello,
both of Slaton, Mary Flores of Lubbock, and Irene Cardenas of Beaumont; along with 11 grandchildren;
and 22 great-grandchildren.
WOLFFORTH - Guadalupe Hernandez, 91, died December 11,
2014. Funeral Mass was celebrated
December16 at San Ramon
Church, Woodrow. Burial followed
in the City of Lubbock Cemetery.
Guadalupe was born February 5,
1923, to the late Thomas and Paula
(Estrada) Hernandez in Lockhart.
She married Nasario Hernandez,
Sr. in May of 1939. She was a Guadalupana, a Saint Francis Church
parishioner, a Communion Minister
and a Cursillista.
Along with her parents, she was
preceded in death by her husband;
a son, Jose; two daughters, Maria
Flores and Olga Luna; and four
brothers, Miguel, Juan, Tomas and
Francisco Hernandez. Guadalupe
is survived by three sons, Jesse
(Anna), Felix (Mary Ann), all of Lubbock, and Nasario (Frances) Jr. of
Wolfforth; a sister, Paula (Alfredo)
Castilleja of Lubbock; a brother,
Pete (Bertha) Hernandez of St.
Paul, Minn.; 17 grandchildren; 30
great-grandchildren; 16 great-great
grandchildren; and two great-greatgreat-grandchildren.
Pj Sullivan
• Muscle Therapy
• Certified Kinesio
Taping Practioner
(806) 721-9940 • Pager
(806) 792-0885 • Office
The Nurturing Center
3303 66th Street in Lubbock
We’re here to help. You are not Alone.
• 8202 CR 7700 W
ady of the
Women consecrated to God through Religious Vows of
Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience.
Like us!
We invite you to help us spread God’s
love. We live lives of prayer and
service. We are Teachers, Pastoral
Assistants, Spiritual Directors, Retreat
Directors, and in Ministry to homeless
boys in Juarez, Mexico.
Contact us: (806) 863-4904
[email protected]
Search Saint Francis Mission Sisters
Feel like you are
being crushed by
the weight of your
abortion pain?
Rachel’s Vineyard
A safe place to share your story and find healing
Lubbock area- March 13-15, 2015
Confidential contact: [email protected], 806-577-5912
January 2015 + South Plains Catholic
Knights of Columbus 12803
Fat Tuesday
on Saturday
Shrimp Peel • Saturday, February 14
6 p.m., Dinner • 8:30 p.m., Dance
$25 a person
Silent Auction
All you can
eat Shrimp
Saint Elizabeth Hanly Hall , 2305 Main, Lubbock
Tickets available at Saint Elizabeth University Parish
after each Mass or by calling the church
at 806-762-5225
from page 1
He also served as the director of
evangelization and the diocesanwide RENEW process.
Father Cruz served as pastor of
Saint Theresa, Carlisle, Saint Margaret Mary and Our Lady of Guadalupe Churches in Lamesa
Father Cruz served as Rector of
Assumption Seminary in San Antonio from 1995 to 2000, pastor of
Olton Saint Peter and Hale Center
Saint Theresa, and Dean of the Plainview Deanery.
He was named a monsignor in
November 2009. In September
2014, Bishop Rodríguez announced in a letter to priests and
dea­cons, the beginning of an initiative to create a new Catholic parish
in Lubbock for the Diocese of Lubbock.
In the letter, Bishop Rodríguez
asked for suggestions of a leader
for the new parish to be established
in south Lubbock at 108th Street
and Indiana Avenue.
“First, I want to an­nounce to you
and all your faithful the initiative to
build a new church and a new parish on 108th (Street) and Indiana
Avenue,” Bishop Rodrí­guez wrote,”
where with previous studies, it was
determined that this is the area
where growth has oc­curred and
holds priority for build­ing.
In 2013, Bishop Rodríguez announced a 69.5 percent growth in
self-identified Catholics in the Diocese of Lubbock.
In the September 2014 letter,
Bishop Rodríguez asked that all
Catholic faith­ful in the diocese
keep this modest beginning in their
“As we begin this new initiative
for a new canonical parish,” Bishop
Rodríguez wrote, “I ask for your
prayers as we make a Master Plan
for the 12 acres of land and plan
an initial building for gathering, and
start Mass as soon as possible.”
The boundaries for the new parish to be located at 108th Street
and Indiana Avenue, extend west to
east from Quaker Avenue to Peach
Avenue and north to south from
82nd street to 130th Street in south
Victor Hernandez Law office
1114 T enth S treet • L ubbock , T exas 79401 • (806) 765-5481
Family & Criminal Defense Law
• Adoption
• Child Support
• Divorces
• DWI Cases
El abogado le puede atender en español
Personal Injury Cases
Car wrecks & Motorcycle Wrecks
involving drunk drivers*
*Results obtained depend on the facts of each case
Fax: (806) 765-5591 • [email protected]
Thank you for your business
South Plains Catholic + January 2015
So then… let us do good to all, but especially to those who belong to the family of the faith. + Galatians 6:10
The Nurturing Center
3303 66th, Lubbock 79413
[email protected]
Brother John’s Catholic Books & Gifts
13th Street & Slide Road, Lubbock
806-797-0885; 800-530-4958
Rachel’s Vineyard
Kathy Krile - 806-577-5912
[email protected]
Alterations Unlimited
Kingsgate Center-806-794-7417
8201 Quaker Ave, Suite 149
Lubbock, TX 79424
Anatole at City View
4510 Ironton, Lubbock 79407
Emilio Abeyta, Attorney at Law
820 Buddy Holly Ave, Ste 6
Lubbock, TX 79401-2702
Glasheen, Valles & Inderman
1302 Texas
Lubbock, TX 79401
Victor Hernandez Law Office
1114 10th Street
Lubbock, TX 79401-2700
Adobe AutoSales
4711 Ave. Q; 7308 19th
David Gomez; 806-543-5845
[email protected]
Prosperity Bank
1401 Avenue Q, Lubbock
Touch of Beauty
Martha E. Chavez
2901 Avenue Q
Lubbock TX 79411-2449
Anton J. Buxkemper III
166 W. Garza, Slaton, TX 79364
[email protected]
Bargain Cleaners
Sammy Odom, 806-785-7754
6931 Indiana Ave., Lubbock
Charres Construction
411 42nd Street, Lubbock 79404
Dr. Brad D. Brooks
5301 50th Street Ste 200,
Lubbock; 806-792-2759
Green’s Dental
Shelby Green, DDS
J. Brian Green, DDS
6102 82nd Street, Suite 1,
Lubbock; 806-799-8160
West Texas Dove Release
Mel Roberson, 806-793-4759
[email protected]
Funerals, weddings, quinceaneras, etc.
Catholic Life Insurance
Jake Montoya - 806-535-9828
Tiffany O’Brien - 806-797-8481
3807 24th, Lubbock
[email protected]
Knights of Columbus Insurance
Jim Seideman, 806-797-7146
[email protected]
Mike Payne, 806-790-5420
[email protected]
Chris Stark, 806-687-7689
[email protected]
Englunds Funeral Service
1400 Woodrow Road, Slaton
Resthaven Funeral Home
5740 West 19th, Lubbock
Catholic Renewal Center
Fourth Street & Toledo Avenue
Lubbock; 806-792-1105
Knights of Columbus 3008 Hall
FM 1585, one-half mile east of
Slide Road, Lubbock
Mercy Center
Division and 19th Streets, Slaton
806-828-6428; Fax: 806-828-3856
[email protected]
Calvert Home Health Care
Russell Madison
10207 Indiana, Lubbock, 79401
806-747-8972; 806-777-7938
[email protected]
Community Health Center
of Lubbock, 806-765-2611
1318 Broadway, Lubbock, 79401
See Page 11 for locations
Covenant Health System
4000 24th Street, Lubbock
3615 19th Street, Lubbock
Essential Home Health
Josie Alvarado
2501 Baylor, Suite 100
806-747-4229; 806-747-5202
Angela Hightower
1810 34th Street, Lubbock
Mariachi Cariño
R.C. Calderon
1314 50th Street, Lubbock
Pj Sullivan, CCT, LMT, CKTP
Certified Kinesio Taping, Practitioner
3809 22nd St-(Dr. Loza Chiropractic)
pforymWell 3008 50th;
806-792-0885/806.721.9940 (pager)
John P. Cervantez
Physicians- Podiatrists
Plains Podiatry Associates
Mark A. Barinque, DPM, PA
2202 Memphis, Suite 101,
Lubbock; 806-793-6811
Midtown Printing & Graphics, Inc.
John M. Frullo, 806-744-3382
7720 University Avenue, Lubbock
Resale Center, 806-763-8315
Clothing & Household Items
1505 34th Street, Lubbock
El Charro Restaurant
5011 Interstate 27
Lubbock, TX 79404
Estrella’s Mexican Restaurant
Felix Sanchez, 806-744-6674
1905 50th Street, Lubbock
[email protected]
Joel’s Mexican Restaurant
Joel Gonzales, 806-765-0590
3116 Amherst, Lubbock
Montelongo’s Mexican Restaurant
Rudy Rosales, 806-762-3068
3021 Clovis Road, Lubbock
[email protected]
Chris Lonngren, 806-793-5542
3719 19th Street, Lubbock
See ad page 10
Taqueria Jalisco #7
2211 Avenue Q
Lubbock, TX 79411-2033
806-763-7605; 763-7905
Daniel Rey Social Security Services
2002 W Loop 289, Suite 114,
806-785-0404; 800-687-6451
Building Blocks
Paul & Fran Cimino; 806-783-0009
5206 82nd Street, Lubbock
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January 2015 + South Plains Catholic
OUTSTANDING SERVICE- During the annual Bishop’s Christmas Party for deacons, two of deacons received the St. Lawrence award for outstanding service in
2014. Deacon Max (Norma) Perea, left, - for identifying and responding to a need in our diocese for healing and prayer and Deacon Benny (Adela) Brito, right, - in
recognition of his many years of service to the Diocese of Lubbock. Deacon Max started this ministry early in 2014 and has gone around different parishes in our
diocese offering prayer for those persons who are in need of spiritual and physical healing. The response from the people in our diocese has been very good. A
good number of people attend these monthly services which are held at different parishes and are led by Deacon Max and other deacons from the diocese. Deacon
Benny was ordained in 1977 and has always been involved in ministering to those who are marginalized. He has been a ministering presence to those struggling with
addictions, to the homeless, and to those that are incarcerated. Even after being ordained for over 37 years, Deacon Benny continues to minister to these people and
along with Deacon Ron Vowels holds a weekly communion service at the Lubbock County Jail. Congratulations to both of these men and their wives. Flanking both
couples are Deacon Robert Lopez, Associate Director of Deacons, left, and Deacon Juan Cavazos, Director for Office of Deacons (right). (Contributed Photo).
R E N E W, f r o m p a g e 1 3
-ily as our parish, together with our
entire diocese, enters into this time
of spiritual renewal.
Please join us this Lent for ARISE
Together in Christ, the process of
spiritual renewal and evangelization
that has spread across our diocese.
The ARISE Together in Christ pro-
cess applies the standard of Christ
to all areas of life. It emphasizes
people living in good relationship
with one another, as they make
concrete applications of the Gospel
to their life situations. The bishop
hopes that it will transform and
deepen our relationship to Christ
so that we can reach out to others
from the strength of our own parishes. It seems to be working!
Prepare for Season 4
New Heart
New Spirit
January 26, 2015
January 29, 2015
7 p.m. Snyder Deanery
Saint Elizabeth
7 p.m.Plainview Deanery
Our Lady of Guadalupe
January 27, 2015
January 31, 2015
7 p.m. Brownfield Deanery
Saint Anthony
10 a.m. Lubbock Deanery, TBA
Pastors, parish team members, and small community leaders can attend any location that is
convenient. All sessions are the same, training in English and Spanish, and are two hours long.
Share your experiences! Use: #Arise LBK
& Tag the Diocese of Lubbock!