Newsletter - Hemswell Cliff Primary School

Hemswell Cliff Primary School, Capper Avenue, Hemswell Cliff, DN21 5XS
Tel: 01427 668383, [email protected]
January 2015
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All absence must be
reported to the
school office by 9.00
Lunch menus by 9.15
am Thursday
morning for the
following week.
Honours Assembly:
9:10am on Friday
each week.
The School Car Park
is for School Staff &
Childrens Centre
Staff only.
Please do not park on
the chevroned area
outside school as this
is reserved for buses.
P.E. please ensure
that P E kits are
brought into school
every Monday and
are left in school for
the week for P E
Value of the Month
Dear Parents/Carers
Welcome back after the Christmas break – I hope you and your families had a wonderful
time. May I take this opportunity to wish you (a belated!) Happy New Year on behalf of all
of the staff. Many thanks for your support of all our Christmas activities – your positive
comments about the Class 1 and 2 Nativity performance were very much valued. The
children had a fantastic time at the Pantomime last week – they were a delight to take out
and their enjoyment was clear for all staff to see!
Whole school 96.71%
Class 1 95.95%, Class 2 97.03%, Class 3 97.29% & Class 4 96.58%
Attendance letters for terms 1 & 2 will be sent out shortly. Please also be mindful that
punctuality is as important as attendance. The school is open from 8.50am.
PE kit
Please ensure all children have their PE kits in school at all times. PE is an important part of
the curriculum and the children need the correct kit so that they can achieve their best. We
have no spare kit in school, so children who don’t bring kit will have to take part in lessons
in their outdoor clothes which is not ideal. Please bring it in every Monday morning and
leave in school until Friday.
Please ensure your children do their homework tasks each week – especially reading.
Remember every time they are listened to reading at home they earn a ticket to go in the
end of term draw to win a book to the value of £5.00
Poppy Appeal
Many thanks for your generosity during November’s poppy appeal. We raised a
magnificent £134.87 for the Royal British legion. Our poppies will stay on display until the
end of this school year.
School Closure during bad weather
How will I know if the school is closed?
• We will text you as soon as practicable.
• It will be on the local authority school closure website :
• It will be on Lincs FM 102.2 and Radio Lincolnshire
Please make sure the office have an up to date mobile
If you have any queries, suggestions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you
Mrs Waplington
Every Thursday in the school hall. Come and
meet other parents and carers.
All welcome.
Dates for your diary - cut out and keep list!
Friday 13th February
End of term
Friday 13th February
Monday 23rd February
Deadline for payments for London Trip
8.50am School re-opens
Wednesday 25th March
YR5&6 Trip to London
Thursday 26th March
YR5&6 Return from London
Contact name
Thursday 26th March
Last Day of Term
Hemswell Cliff Primary
Children’s Centre
Hemswell Cliff Preschool
School Nurse
Parish Council
Residents Committee
Welton and Hemswell
Policing Team
Trent Cliff Group of
01427 668383
Mrs Jenkin
Monday 13th April
8.50am School re-opens
01427 668245
01427 668088
Stacie Souhal
Claire Brightman
01427 810801
01482 443857
01427 668028
07825 100397
School Nurse Team
Mr Tom Clay (clerk)
Tasha Doulton
01427 629105
Mark Briscoe (priest in
West Lindsey District
Community Safety Line
01427 676676
Tim Fenton
After School Clubs
Monday – Cross Stitch – KS2 only – 3:15 – 4:15
Tuesday – Mulitsports – Class 2,3&4 – 3:15 – 4:15
Wednesday – Gymnastics – 3:15 – 4:15 (£9 this
Thursday – Indoor Games – Y2-6 – 3:15 – 4:00
Thursday – Badminton – Y4-6 3:15 – 4:15
Friday – Sporting Fundamentals – whole school –
3:15 – 4:30
If you would like information regarding any of the
clubs or would like to check availability, please
contact the school office.
Martial Arts Class
Thursday 6-7pm (5yrs
upwards) Adults 7-8pm
Hemswell Cliff School
Sharon & Dave welcome
you to join them. Feel free
to come along & have a
chat for more
information.01427 667884
Legal Advice Surgery
Alternate Tuesdays
9am – 11am
@ Hemswell Children’s
For an appointment contact
Laura Taylor on
07880 242100 or 01427
Sills & Betteridge Solicitors
Universal Infant Free School Meals
If your child is in reception year, or years 1 or 2, they
now qualify for a free cooked meal every day. This is
a new government incentive and it would be great if
as many children as possible take advantage of this,
especially as the colder weather will soon be with us.
For more information please speak to Mrs Jenkin in
the school office.
Please ensure that you check your childs hair
regularly for signs of headlice. If you find headlice
or eggs please treat in accordance with the letters
that we send out (copies available upon request).
It is possible to obtain a prescription for
treatment if you take your child to the doctors &
there are live headlice.
We have also been told that a pharmacy can issue
headlice treatments under the ‘Minor Ailments
Scheme’ (there is a form they have for you to
If we do see headlice, we may call you to give you
the opportunity to get the appropriate treatment
so you can treat that evening.
Combing through hair carefully that has
conditioner on it is a good thing to do, as the
conditioner makes the hair slippery so more
difficult for the lice to hold on & can be done daily
between treatments!
We do have some repellent spray for sale in the
school office for £1.