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January 2015 - Redwoods Presbyterian Church, 110 Magnolia Ave., Larkspur, CA 415-924-4832 www.redwoodspres.org
From The Rev. Dr. Cornel Barnett
Dear Friends,
This Log should reach you a week in advance since we worked on an early deadline. If
you are reading this before Christmas, please invite family and friends to the Christmas
Eve worship service at 7 pm. There will be excellent music, poetry and, of course the
biblical stories of Jesus’ birth. The service sublimely ends with “Silent Night, Holy Night”
sung by candlelight.
The last worship service of the year will be a café-style gathering in Fellowship Hall and
will include the Redwoods Family Band. Expect more Christmas songs and the opportunity to engage in an interactive reflection on the past year and a look into the New Year.
Much of what I’m tempted to say in this letter will be stated in the pastor’s portion of the
Annual Report. One of those is a great thanks to all of you for the wonderful work you do
year in and year out to keep this ship of faith moving forward.
I say “all” because we are a “small church” (most churches in the US have this designation) and as such it takes everyone to keep the engine going and the sails filled. I’ve
mixed my metaphors there but some ships (and sailboats) have engines and sails. We
sweat in engine rooms and rely on the wind of the Holy Spirit for the sails.
Our sweat equity is good and our spirit abundant. The definition of “sweat equity” states
that, “sweat equity is a party's contribution to a project in the form of effort, as opposed to
financial equity, which is a contribution in the form of capital,” which brings up another
point: your financial contribution to the mission and ministry of this church. Your giving is
The definition goes on to state that, “the term ‘sweat equity’ explains the fact that value
added to someone's own house by unpaid work results in measurable market rate value
increase in house price.” This is a good analogue for the church. Our church has immeasurable value because of the wonderful work of the members and friends of this
Speaking about my “pastor’s report” for the annual meeting, I’m reminded that next year
we will have two pastor’s reports, one from me and one from our pastoral associate, the
Rev. Stephanie Ryder. It is kind of neat to call her “reverend.” This is the designation
given to ordained pastors and it is something we embrace and live into.
It is wonderful to have Stephanie onboard as pastoral associate and a colleague and to
supplement and compliment our ministry with and to encourage the younger members of
our society and their siblings and parents into our church. Her Compassionate Kids program has invited its members to participate in our worship services. May it be that their
families will become more fully connected to the church in time.
There’s a lot to share but I’ll leave it there with best wishes to you all for a Christ-filled,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Peace and blessings, Cornel
The Redwoods LOG
Church Mouse
January 2015
Erik Rademacher continues to have wonderful experiences in France.
Bonnie Kaiser and husband will be celebrating Christmas in Maui.
Redwoods members packed a
lot of happenings in the last month of 2014!
Happy to hear Cornel is healing well after his knee
surgery, but sorry to hear of his upcoming hip replacement surgery. Our prayers are with him for a
complete recovery so he can go back to his water
sports in 2015! We also pray for Margaret Erwin’s
husband, who recently had a silent heart attack.
Margaret Erwin had quite a celebration for her 80th
birthday. A gathering of 70 family members and close
friends came from all over the country for a beautiful
party held in Fellowship Hall on Thanksgiving Day.
That week Margaret played “tourista” showing them
all the special sights in San Francisco. Then to top
everything off, she went skydiving! Happy Birthday
and congratulations to one daring lady!
What a fun time the deacons, choir members and
Stephanie had at a Christmas gathering at Dick
Judd's home. Everyone sang their hearts out while
Dick played all the old familiar Christmas songs and
carols on the organ. After, we enjoyed many tasty
goodies. Thank you, Dick, for a delightful evening!
Stephanie Ryder's ordination service was very special
as one of only two ordinations ever held at Redwoods! (The other was for our Parish Associate Rev.
Daniel R. White Jr. who grew up in the church.) The
church pews were overflowing for the lovely service.
The beautiful music by the Soul Savers (members of
both Redwoods and St. Andrews choirs) and kind
words spoken on behalf of our new Reverend lifted all
our hearts. We are proud and very fortunate to have
Stephanie with us and look forward to the years
ahead as Redwoods grows in her ministry.
A breakfast was held before worship to welcome new
members Anna Barnett, Alan Edmonson, Carrie Kim,
Joan Robinson and Ed Vorous. Aidan Kim and Olivia
Kim who was recently baptized at Redwoods, also
attended. A warm and blessed welcome to our newest Redwoods Church family members, including
Beth Benz! Many thanks to our Membership/
Fellowship Committee for the delicious casseroles
and other tasty food.
Happy New Year to All! The Mouse
Redwoods members spent time with their families
and also traveled over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The Ryders and Girtons were happy to
have sons, Charlie and Ben respectively, home for
Happy Birthday
From Moderator Polly Gorder
Join the Deacons in wishing the following members
and friends a happy birthday in January:
8 – Zach Paulson (’96)
11 – Rory Little
11 – Wayne Slemp
19 – Clay Wiens
23 – Elein Phipps
25 – Molly Rademacher (’85)
Add your name to our birthday list by contacting
[email protected] or at 924-4832.
Dick Judd was very happy to have family visiting for
Thanksgiving week. Dick and son Lewis are spending
Christmas with daughter Liza and family in Fort
Collins, Colorado.
The Girton family are heading to Colorado to visit Ben
for the holidays and leaving on the same day as the
The Redwoods LOG
January 2015
Community Formation
Music Notes
From Stephanie Ryder
Pastoral Associate
I write this with thoughts ahead to the New Year, and
reflection on the year past. Though this entry is due
prior to many of our most celebratory events of the
season, I am trusting that these events were prepared, performed, and received with joyful hearts,
because that is the nature at Redwoods Pres.
From Stephanie Ryder
Music Director
Glad Tidings from your Interim Music Director!
The musicians at Redwoods have been busy with
concerts and are due for a holiday rest before starting
up again on January 6 at 9 am for bell practice and
January 8 at 7:30 pm for choir practice. At both we
will be preparing a new year of songs giving glory to
I would like to express my deep gratitude for your participation in the ordination service on November 30.
It was a memorable event which will continue to nourish me. Thank you for being so warm and welcoming
and for making extra efforts to ensure that things progressed smoothly and looked extraordinary! I am so
appreciative of this church community, and the love
and care expressed towards one another.
Thank you to all our beloved bell choir members who
rang out at the Tam on December 13 and at the
Christmas concert on December 14. They are:
Gabriele Putzi, Joyce Wells, Georgene Gmahling,
Polly Gorder, Diane Forster, Debbie Lundberg,
Marilyn Sutherland, Jan Salas and Jim Gorder.
January brings a new study on Tuesday mornings.
We will begin the study of Romans, with a guide by
theologian N.T. Wright, on January 6 at 10:30
am. The desire for this study came about from our
study last year of Acts (also using an N.T. Wright
guide) and our resulting fascination with Paul.
Thanks also to Tani Girton who blessed us again as
our Master of Ceremonies.
Thank you to our beloved choir members who sing
with dedication each week on Sunday and for their
extra blessings of song at the ordination service on
November 30 and the Advent concert on December
14. They are:
January will also usher in a new session of Compassionate Kids, beginning on Friday, January 9 from
3:30-4:30 pm. There are currently eight children participating. Hopefully many of you met them after they
sang during December 14 Sunday worship or later
that day at the Christmas Concert. Thank you to Ashley, Blake, Colton, Aidan, Olivia, Everett, Sarah and
Nara for your enthusiasm in singing for the Lord!
Maisie Campbell, Diane Forster, Jim Gorder, Selin
Holder, Molly Rademacher, Joyce Wells, Margaret
Erwin, Georgene Gmahling, Polly Gorder, Jolyne
Liberati and Marilyn Sutherland.
Also, thank you to John Girton, who blessed us with
his violin playing during Sunday worship on December 7 and at the Advent concert on December 14!
I wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to
working together with gladness and praise in 2015!
My lips will shout for joy when I sing praises to you;
my soul also, which you have rescued. Psalm 71:23
Whatever you do, work at it wholeheartedly as though
you were doing it for the Lord and not merely for
Colossians 3:23
The Redwoods LOG
January 2015
Committee News
Mission Outreach News
From Chair Debbie Lundberg and
Member Jan Salas
From Chair Nancy Rademacher
Very soon we will have fresh calendars to fill for the
New Year and our committee has a suggestion for
you for 2015—join us on the Membership/Fellowship
I just logged on to souperbowl.org – to register Redwoods for the Souperbowl of Caring 2015. They have
a countdown clock – and as of this moment we have
52 days, 13 hours, 20 minutes and 44 seconds until
Super Bowl Sunday, February 1, 2015. I haven’t
even put up my Christmas tree yet and I’m already
thinking about February!
The committee welcomes anyone who would like to
join our efforts to provide Redwoods with membership
and fellowship. Feel free to visit one of our meetings,
the third Sunday of the month following worship.
We would love to hear your fresh ideas on ways we
can connect with the community and provide activities
that also foster connections among our congregation.
But it is for good reason. In 2014 we participated in
the grass roots effort to combat hunger by bringing a
can of soup, or a dollar, or both, to church on the
Sunday of the big game. We collected dozens of
cans of soup and $61!
We have a most interesting program planned for the
Saturday breakfast on January 24. Mufti Abdullah
Nana will offer a presentation on the religion and culture of Islam. Mufti (a title of respect in Islam) Nana is
the son of Ebrahim, who recently attended the Tuesday morning Bible study with his niece and her
Together with congregations across the country, the
Souperbowl of Caring movement donated over $8
million for local food banks and other organizations
that fight hunger. Our donations were delivered to the
SF/Marin Food Bank, where the contributions multiply
like loaves and fishes for families in need.
As a result of our informal format, there will be plenty
of opportunities to converse with Mufti Nana and ask
questions of him.
2015 is the 25th anniversary of the Souperbowl of
Caring, originally organized by church youth groups in
South Carolina. The movement now consists of 7,560
participating groups and organizations, and continues
to thrive with leadership by youth. So join us on February 1, 2015 in the Fellowship Hall. Bring soup or
contributions if you can. As added invitation, the Mission/Outreach Committee and Membership/
Fellowship will provide hot soup to share.
See you there! Jan
The light potluck breakfast begins at 9:30 am with the
program from 10-11 am. This is a great opportunity to
become informed about the traditional side of Islam,
one that we don’t hear much about today. I hope you
will be able to attend.
Stay tuned for new activities we are planning. Our
very best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!
Visit us at:
January 2015
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Helping Hands in December – Thank you so much!
Mill Street Shelter Meal
Coffee Hour
Anna Barnett & Alan Edmonson, Suellen Barnett,
June Bellen, Maisie Campbell, Karen Carmody,
Margaret Erwin, Diane Forster, Polly & Jim Gorder,
Jolyne Liberati, Debbie Lundberg, Gabriele Putzi,
Nancy Rademacher, Ed Vorous, Joyce Wells
Suellen Barnett, June Bellen,
Helen Morita, Nancy Rademacher
Ed Vorous
Liturgists, Greeters & Ushers
Dec 7
Dec 14
Dec 21
Dec 24
Dec 28
Nancy Rademacher (L), Suellen Barnett (G)
Debbie Lundberg (U)
June Bellen (L), Nancy Rademacher (G)
Nancy Rademacher (U)
Polly Gorder (L), Jan Salas (G),
Iris Giacotto (U)
Molly Rademacher (L), Suellen Barnett (G),
Maisie & Jim Campbell (U)
Cornel Barnett (L), Café Style
Jan 4
Jan 11
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Jan 25
Debbie Lundberg (L), Ani Lelea (G)
Nancy Rademacher (U)
Tani Girton (L), Iris Giacotto (G)
Iris Giacotto (U)
Ani Lelea (L), Alan Edmonson (G),
Debbie Lundberg (U)
Ani Lelea (L), Ed Vorous (G)
Margie Egger (U)
Thanks in advance to:
January liturgists, greeters and ushers!