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Issue No 33 Term 4 2014
From The Principal's Desk
Dear Parents and Friends,
Hard to believe that this is the final newsletter for the year. It is a time when I need to
thank all the parents, staff and students for making our school such a happy and
productive place. Individuals are too numerous to mention but I feel that I need to thank
the P&C for its amazing effort of fundraising and school support.
Some of our well loved staff will not be with us next year for a variety of reasons. Mr Morris is taking leave for
twelve months. Mrs Matthews will be taking leave for twelve months. Mrs Marshall has transferred to
Indooroopilly High School to work with students in the Junior school. We have received notification from Mrs
Ashby (who worked at the school some time ago and has been on extended leave) that she will be terminating
her employment with Education Queensland. Mrs Winsor (BSM) will be taking leave for 2015 also.
Academic Awards
A reminder that Tuesday the 9 December is our Academic Excellence Assembly at 9am in the Undercover area.
Christmas Appeal
Middle Park State School traditionally participate in a Christmas Donation Appeal. We are once again collecting
and this year the proceeds will go to Ellorac Place for Christmas 2014. &scho...
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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Donations, large or small, can be taken to your child's classroom.
Items requested are non-perishable food items and toys (unwrapped). Many thanks for
the generosity of those families who have already contributed.
Medical Information for 2015
If your child currently takes medication at school, needs medication from time to time to help manage a medical
condition or has a life threatening medical condition you will have received a letter and forms requesting you to
complete the information required and return it to school as soon as possible. The information is used to update
our records and to ensure we can easily find the appropriate treatment procedures for any child who suffers a
medical 'event' whilst at school.
If you have not already returned the completed forms, please do so by the end of this week.
Anne Kitchin
Deputy Principal
Welcome to the Instrumental Program
Last Wednesday evening we welcomed the new recruits and their parents to the Middle Park Instrumental
Program for 2015. Mrs Fiona Harvey the teacher for brass, woodwind and percussion spoke to the students and
parents about what the day to day practicalities of being a music student look like. The enthusiasm and passion
Fiona has for music was contagious and the excitement amongst the children could be felt.
Mrs Harvey mentioned the new strings teacher for 2015, Mr Matthew Hoey, who sent along some advice for the
new strings students. Mr Hoey will be based at Centenary State High School next year and will be the full time in
the Centenary Cluster.
All is looking good for yet another successful year in our Instrumental Music Program.’
Mrs Harvey and her Bands
We were all treated to a huge musical feast last Friday when both Junior and Senior Bands played for us at the
Upper School Assembly. Both bands played beautifully and the audience loved it. Check out the costume of the
conductor dressed to compliment the piece of music and the wonderful trumpets of the senior students.
Book Week &scho...
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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This popular event has certainly attracted a lot of interest from both children and parents alike. The orders are
coming in thick and fast - some great holiday reading ahead! The ‘Guess the Number of Bookworms in the Jar!’
was a popular activity and the lucky winner was Stephanie Tame. Well done Stephanie!
Olivia Seiler and Helena Turner won the insect construction competition and earned themselves a $20 gift
voucher to spend at Book Fair. Congratulations girls!
Basketball Premiers 2014
Congratulations to both the Year 5 Mixed and the Senior Boys Basketball teams for winning the Premiership in
each of their divisions during the West Akuna Primary Sports Association inter-school competition this semester.
Thank you to Mrs Kellner and Mr Morris for training these teams.
Rugby Premiers 2014
The Senior Boys Rugby Team also had a great season winning the Premiership in their division. Ms Marshall
presented the boys with their pennants and the Premiership banner.
Last weekend the team played an additional game in the West Akuna Challenge Cup. They played an excellent
game but lost to the Combined District Met West team. Ms Marshall presented the team with certificates for their
outstanding effort, sportsmanship and team work. Cooper Smith and Patrick Morris surprised Ms Marshall, by
presenting her with flowers and chocolates on behalf of the team. A lovely gesture boys!
Joyce Kuth
Deputy Principal
Business Services Manager
Workplace Health and Safety
As part of our Workplace Health and Safety practices we are required to conduct Fire
Drills and Lockdowns. For your information on Friday the 5 December we will be having a
practice Lockdown.
Outstanding Monies
I would like to remind families who have outstanding accounts with us to please pay them prior to the end of
Term 4. The money window will not be opened the last week of this term, however, directly depositing the funds
into the bank will be.
On a personal note I will be taking leave next year. Carmel Elmore will be my replacement. I have loved my
time at Middle Park and have worked to ensure your children have the resources and facilities to optmise their
learning. Thank you to the wonderful parent and staff community for your support during the last 2 1/2 years.
Have a Merry Christmas and keep safe. &scho...
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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Karen Winsor
Business Services Manager
Happy Chappy
Chats with Chappy
Dr Sarah Loughran, sleep researcher at the University of Wollongong says excess
screen time can hamper sleep in three main ways:
• Timing - the use of electronic media can lead to delays in children’s bedtimes.
• Content - engaging the brain with exciting or provocative information before bed
may trigger emotional and hormonal responses (like adrenalin), which can reduce the ability to fall and stay
• Light emissions - light from electronic devices can disrupt the body’s natural occurring circadian rhythm,
increasing alertness and suppressing the release of the hormone melatonin, which helps regulate our sleepwake cycle.
WHAT CAN YOU DO? Dr Loughran suggests the following:
• Set a ‘bed time’ for media devices one or two hours before kids go to sleep.
• Tweak their bedtime routine - let kids wind-down properly in the run-up to bed, replacing screen time with gentle
activities like stories, talking or bathing.
• No media devices in the bedroom - kids may kick back at first, but you will soon see the rewards of setting and
sticking to this tough rule.
• Replace screen time with exercise during the day - outdoor exercise in bright light is wonderful for sleep and
helps balance their ‘virtual’ and real lives.
• Limit food and drinks during screen time, especially at night - electronic devices tend to encourage mindless
over-eating and drinking (especially of caffeine), which can stimulate the body and imbalance hormones.
The Department of Health guidelines recommend that 5-12 year olds have no more than two hours of screenbased entertainment per day, and that 2-5 year olds have less than one hour.
Elorac Place Donations
Just a reminder ... All donations for the Charity Hampers need to be in the classroom boxes by Tuesday 9
December. &scho...
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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Top 2 classes with donations will receive iceblocks!!
Any donation, big or small is greatly appreciated by Elorac Place.
All the best with your holidays.
Astrid Liebermann
(Monday and Tuesday)
School Chaplain
Middle Park and Jamboree Heights State Schools
School Calendar
P&C Information
Tuckshop News
Friday 5th December is the last day of trading of Tuckshop this year. It is closed for the last week of school.
Thank you to all of my volunteers and everyone who drop off ingredients throughout the year. Tuckshop wouldn’t
be able to run as well as it does without you.
I also would like to thank Zoe in 3H and Steph in 6M for helping me all year.
I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. I will see you all again in 2015. Have
a great week.
Click here for the Tuckshop Menu for 2014
Helen McIntyre
Tuckshop Convenor
0408 724 370
[email protected]
Air Conditioning Maintenance
P&C Maintenance letter regarding tax deductable contribution - please contact the P&C Shop
P & C Shop
Senior Shirts Year 6 Students 2015 &scho...
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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This is your final week to order your Senior Shirts. As advised in the letter sent home with the order
form, it is a one time order system so don't miss out.
2015 Opening Hours Before School Begins
We will be opening the following two days prior to school starting.
Monday 19 January 2015 - 2pm-4pm
Tuesday 20 January 2015 - 8am-10am
School Banking
Thank you to all the wonderful students who have participated this year in our School Banking Program. Due to
your support we have had a very sucessful year. Friday the 5 December will be our last banking day for the
year. We will then recommence our program on Friday the 30 January 2015. There will be awards handed out
on assembly this week.
We would like to make a special mention of the following students who have been outstanding bankers this year
and banked each week. Congratulations go to Kelsie Edwards, Frazer Edwards, Gypsy Edwards, Abbey
Bobbermien, Emily Armitage, Mary Armitage, Matthew H, Chelsea Cheadle, Alexander Gooding, Neve
Longmire, Ella Gooding, Blair Mooney, Evan Longmire, Ruth Armitage, Kate N, Mei N and Lauren Barber.
P&C Operating Hours
8.15am - 9.30am
8.15am - 9.30am
8.15am -
Jodie and Tracey
P & C Shop
Twilight Christmas Concert &scho...
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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Thursday 4th December the P&C is holding our annual Twilight Christmas Concert. Notes were sent home on
Wednesday 19th November 2014. Preorder your food at the P&C Shop.
5.30pm - 6.30 pm Sausage sizzle and burgers. Popcorn, Snow Cones, Soft drinks and other Christmas goodies
will also be available.
6.30pm - 8.00pm Prep to Year 3 will show case their great singing.
Please find attached the Christmas flyer for your convenience.
Hope to see you all
Thanks P&C committee
School Payment Options
Payment options available are as follows:
PAYING BY INTERNET BANKING: Direct Payment into School Bank Account
• BSB Number is 064-173
• Account Number is 00090129
• Please record CHILD'S NAME AND INVOICE NUMBER in the details section so that your payment can be
recorded correctly - FAMILY ID can be found in your current Statement. If you require assistance, please
contact the school office 3712 9888.
PAYING BY PHONE: Payment by Credit Card Only
• Call the School on 3712 9888, Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm
• Please have the account and your credit card details with you when you call
• Accepted cards are VISA, Bankcard, and MasterCard
PAYING BY MAIL: Payment by Credit Card, Cheque or Money Order
• Credit Card details completed on Payment Section
• Cheque and Money Orders made payable to MIDDLE PARK STATE SCHOOL and returned with
Payment Section on the invoice
• Post to Middle Park State School, 27 Macfarlane Street, Middle Park Q 4074
PAYING IN PERSON: Payment by Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash, Cheque or
Money Order
• Payment can be made at the School Office, Monday to Thursday between the hours of 8:30am and
9:00am at the money window which is situated on the far side of the administration block. &scho...
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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EFTPOS facilities are available
• Credit Cards and Debit Cards (EFTPOS), Cash, Cheques and Money Orders are accepted only between the
hours of 8.30am to 9.00am Monday to Thursday otherwise payments can be dropped in during the day to the
black payment box in the office. Please ensure any payments are in a sealed envelope with students name,
class and details of what the payment is for. If any of these details are missing this may cause a delay in funds
being allocated to your child’s account.
Excursion Letters and Forms for Downloading
Click on the link below to print off the relevant forms or information:
School Forms (These documents can only be viewed via the school website and not
via the QSchools App)
Impact Room Brochure
Resource Scheme
Request for Student Refund
Department of Education Request to Administer Medication at School
Middle Park State School Student Medical Information Form
Media Release Form
Uniform Policy
Instrumental Music Program 2014
Click here for public holidays to 2015
Centenary State High School &scho...
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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Centenary SHS welcomes our Year 7 & Year 8 students for 2015
A very warm welcome to the new families and students soon to become part of the Centenary SHS community.
Our new Junior Secondary building is nearing completion as is the formulation of our class groupings, in
preparation not only for next year but for the Orientation Days scheduled for this term. So, thank you to all those
parents/carers who have diligently filled enrolment packs and submitted these to us. This is then also a timely
reminder to any families still with outstanding enrolment applications. These must be forwarded as a matter of
urgency.It is essential to place students in the best class groupings and late applications may mean that these
students will simply be allocated to a class with a vacancy.
If you have any concerns about completing any aspects of the enrolment pack, please feel free to contact
Centenary SHS by phone on 3373 4555 or email [email protected]
And here’s to a sensational 2015!
West Centenary Scouts
We have a big SIGN-ON day at the restart of school in 2015. Scouts have a great program of activities
complementary to school programs including canoeing, kayaking, bushcraft, survival cooking, knots, building
stuff, playing games, abseiling, rock climbing, safety, first aid, hiking, camping, navigation, internet/ham global
chats, event for the disabled and lots of partnerships with local landcare groups (WACC).
Please visit our new web page for more information or contact myself on teh below number.
Mark Brannigan
[email protected]
West Centenary Scouts Chairperson
School Holiday Cricket Clinics
HENSCHELL CRICKET ACADEMY PTY LTD will be conducting Cricket Coaching Clinics during the Summer
school holidays. Girls and boys of all standards, 6 to 17, are welcome. &scho...
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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The December “Performance Improver” Clinic will concentrate on building skills whilst having fun and enjoying
the game of cricket. The January “Season Preparation” Clinic will concentrate on preparing players for the Post
Christmas Club and School cricket seasons.
Non cricketers, looking for something active to do during the school holidays or wanting to learn how to catch
and throw properly, are very welcome at these Clinics.
Attendees will be arranged with others of like ability and age, in groups small enough to ensure individual
tutelage is provided. A Cricket Australia accredited coach will be allocated to each group for the duration of the
Clinic to enable a structured program to be delivered and a comprehensive written report will be provided post
Clinic conclusion.
A Senior First Aid Officer will be in attendance in case of illness or injury.
At each Clinic, one lucky player will win a Gabba cricket bat valued up to $175.00 (depending on size)
simply by attending!
Fig Tree Pocket State School, Cubberla Street, Fig Tree Pocket
Week 1 - Monday 15 to Thursday 18 December 2014 inclusive
Week 2 - Monday 5 to Thursday 8 January 2015 inclusive
8:30am to 12:00pm each day
What to wear:
White shirt, sunscreen and hat/cap
What to bring:
Personal cricket gear (if owned), water, snack, positive attitude
$199.00 (Incl. GST) per Clinic
(family rates available)
To book your place at these 4 day Clinics, or for further information, please contact Brett Henschell via
email [email protected] or by mobile 0458
026 224.
Assessment and Treatment of Fears and Anxiety in Children
Griffith University
Parents, is your child fearful of certain situations or do they seem to experience ongoing feelings of anxiety? At
Griffith University, we are conducting a large-scale study for children (10 to 13 years of age) with anxiety that
includes a thorough assessment and a novel, home-based treatment using computers and telephone contact
from a trained clinician. We are providing this service at no cost to families. To find out more about this project,
please contact our team on 07-3735 3418, [email protected] &scho...
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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Australian Air League Queensland
Head in the clouds?
Why not fly something there too? The Australian Air League is a youth organisation for boys and girls of 8 years
and over who are interested in aviation and associated subjects. Parade nights are held weekly and include
marching, physical activities, aviation, meteorology, and aircraft building. Cadets regularly fly RC aircraft more
their size through the skies, and inspect airfields, hangars and more on day outings, along with travelling further
afield on overnight camps with other Squadrons. Specialist training and leadership courses are also available.
For more information about the Australian Air League Inc. and Forest Lake Squadron contact:Chris Chandler
0421 578 641 &scho...
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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[email protected]
Would you like your family to live a healthier lifestyle? Researchers at the University of Queensland are currently
offering a FREE Triple P parenting program to parents of children 3 to 10 years in exchange for participation in
research. Across three seminars you will learn strategies for…
Managing both general and lifestylespecific child problem behaviours
Helping your child eat a healthy balance of nutritious foods
Motivating your child to be more active
Limiting screen time
The program is run at St Lucia and Ipswich, with free childcare available for families. To register visit our website:
Jessica Bartlett –Project Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0424 321 086 (please leave a message)
Give your children the wonderful opportunity to have an international big brother or big sister by volunteering to
host one of our exceptional international students arriving in Australia in July 2014 for their 3,5, or 10 month
programs. Our international students from France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Spain
and Colombia will live as a local, attend a local secondary school, arrive with their own spending money, and
comprehensive insurance cover, all arranged by Southern Cross Cultural Exchange. You choose the nationality,
the gender, the duration and the interests of the student that you feel is the best match for your family. Visit us at, email [email protected] or call us toll free on 1800 500 501, request our international
student profiles, and capture the spirit of family and friendship!
Genevieve Eyre &scho...
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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Program Coordinator
Southern Cross Cultural Exchange
Tel: (03) 9775 4711
Toll-free: 1-800-500-501
Email: [email protected]
Final program for 2014! Limited places available
Confident Kids ® + teens is a fun and innovative coaching program for kids 5-14yrs that aims to boost
confidence, emotional resilience, social skills and brain power. Students discover their strengths,
and develop resilient thinking skills to reduce stress, anxiety, worry, or negative thinking.
Essential tools to navigate the teen years!
Our team of experienced Psychologists will coach, encourage and support your child to be all
they can be! Medicare and Private health fund rebates apply.
Register and Book online today at Or contact us at
[email protected] for more details. Groups held at our Kelvin Grove
Jindalee News
(5/86 Curragundi Rd, Jindalee)
JINDALEE NEWS had been an icon in the Centenary Suburbs since 1988 till the floods and other unfortunate
circumstances took their toll and the business had to close down.
We have once again reopened the doors of this beautiful store and really look forward to servicing the
We have....
A Great range of Newspapers and Magazines &scho...
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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A Wide range of Cards and Wraps
GO CARDS – Recharge and New
GIFTS for all occasions,
Lots and lots of stationery, ART & CRAFT, Children’s activities and educational toys......
and many other exciting services and products.
Chance to make a very special present.!!!
Everyone knows that a Christmas present made by a child or grandchild is a very special gift.
Origami Dojo is holding a Christmas Decoration Workshops just in time for the giving season.
So whether your making your own tree ornaments or gifts for Grandparents or special friends, they are sure to
become precious keepsakes.
The classes are aimed at the 8 years upwards and will guarantee something to keep everyone entertained long
after the workshop.
The workshops will be held at the Graceville Presbyterian Church Hall in Banks Road on December 16, 17 &
18th with two sessions a day to choose from starting at 9:30 and 1:30.
The workshops will only cost $35 per child with all materials supplied…and to stretch your holiday dollar even
further, there are family discounts and parents and carers are free.
For more information contact Jonathan Baxter on 3172 7291
or email [email protected]
Sunnybank Junior Chess Competition
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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A Queensland Junior rated chess competition for primary and high school students will be
held from 9am to 12:30pm on Saturday 13 December 2014 at Sunnybank State High School,
Sunnybank, Brisbane. There is a Beginners Division and Advanced Division.
• Competition format: 7 round tournament (students play all rounds, irrespective of
whether they win or lose)
• Divisions:
◦ Beginners Division: students will receive coaching; excellent opportunity for
primary school students who are new to chess to practice in a friendly and
supportive environment
◦ Advanced Division: excellent opportunity for students to further their chess
skills and interest, as well as to improve their Queensland Junior rating (time
control: 15 mins/side)
• Prizes:
◦ Beginners Division: 1st place: $30; 2nd place: $20; encouragement prize: chess
◦ Advanced Division: 1st place: $50, 2nd place: $30; under 650 QJ: $30; random
draw prize: chess book/ set
• Entry fee:
◦ Early bird: $20; if paid before 7/12/2014
◦ Standard: $25; if paid after 7/12/2014 but before 12/12/2014
◦ Late: $30; if paid on the day
• Registration:
Metro South Oral Health Services
Please click on the flyer below to find out more information about Free Children's Dental Program.
2015 Sign On Day
Players (Boys & Girls) from the year they turn 5 to Senior Men’s & Women’s, Over 30’s & Over 40’s. &scho...
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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8 week Pre season & mid season Mini cats programs for 3-5 year olds also available.
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT on MEMBERSHIP and UNIFORMS will apply if you sign in on either of the two
sign in days!
• Saturday 31 January 2015 8.30am-3:30pm
• Saturday 7 February 2015 8.30am-3.30pm
Please pre-register your details at
If you have any queries about joining the club, please contact:
St Catherine's United Football Club Inc.
P O Box 304
Mt Ommaney Qld 4074
Chad Ryan
Mobile: 0409 610 155
Email: [email protected]
School Crossing Supervisor Position.
A position exits at our school for a school crossing supervisor. If you would like to help out in the school
community and get paid to do so, please contact Elizabeth Vince (Road Safety Officer) on 3813 8607.
Thanks very much &scho...
Middle Park State School Newsletter
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Elizabeth Vince
Road Safety Officer | SEQ South
Customer Services Branch | Department of Transport and Main Roads
MacFarlane Street
07 3712 9888
07 3712 9800
[email protected]/
Our Sponsors &scho...
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Please click on any advertisement to email the
affiliated business or view further details such as
company brochures, flyers or promotions &scho...
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