TEM Application Engineer II Contact: Binjie Wang [email protected]

FEI Shanghai Nanoport
TEM Application Engineer II
Binjie Wang [email protected]
Shanghai – P. R. China
20 - 50%
The Company
FEI Company is a leading supplier of Tools for Nanotech™ enabling research, development
and manufacture of products at the Nanoscale. Our range of industry-leading focused ion
and electron beam hardware and software products is delivered to four primary
Nanotechnology markets: NanoElectronics, NanoResearch, NanoIndustry and NanoBiology.
With R&D centers in North America and Europe, and Sales and Service operations in more
than 40 countries around the world, FEI is bringing the Nanoscale within the grasp of leading
researchers and manufacturers, helping to turn some of the biggest ideas of this century
into reality.
FEI Company is a publicly traded company (FEIC) with approximately 2000 employees
worldwide. At FEI Company we are committed to our employees and to diversity and
innovation in the workplace.
The Position
The Applications Team is responsible for providing technical expertise in the support of FEI's
Global sales efforts.
Primary responsibilities include the following:
 Performing high quality product demonstrations, including the development of new
techniques and applications for FEI partners and customers. Technical product
expert assisting with all phases of the sales cycle.
 Cultivating positive customer relationships and acting as a high level customer
interface for specific instrument/applications issues, acting as a technical expert,
explaining complex technology details, giving in depth presentations, and assisting in
technique development.
 Supporting and training customers after the sale has been made and the system is
signed off. Assisting FEI Service Engineers on instrument sign offs and specific
application techniques.
 Providing continuous feedback to the product groups on system performance,
features, and problems while collaborating with marketing/development groups on
future product developments.
Building No.8, ASUN Tech Park, No.399 Shengxia Road, Pudong, Shanghai 201210, China
上海浦东新区盛夏路399弄亚芯科技园8号楼,邮编 201210
Tel +86-21-8012 5200 Fax +86-21-8012 5299 fei.com
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FEI Shanghai Nanoport
The Requirements
This customer focused position is ideal for an experienced technologist wanting to be
involved with a dynamic team and exposed to a constant variety of customer application
The successful candidate will possess the following combination of education and
 Typically requires a university degree in a science discipline.
 Higher degree is greatly preferred.
 Experience in a relevant commercial/research/production establishment with recent
experience utilizing Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) technology in sample
 Knowledge of advanced technology and diagnostics as well as operational
optimization experience of analytical equipment; specifically electron microscopes
and various energy dispersive spectrometers nor other analytical techniques
 Excellent, enthusiastic, clear communication skills, both written and verbal, with a
diverse audience are critical to the success of this position.
 Excellent customer interfacing and technical sales skills a must.
 Proven ability to interact with cross - functional and cross - cultural teams.
 Ability to travel both domestically as well as internationally and possession of a valid
 Language: fluent English and Chinese a must (or at least the ability of learning
Chinese within a short period)
Building No.8, ASUN Tech Park, No.399 Shengxia Road, Pudong, Shanghai 201210, China
上海浦东新区盛夏路399弄亚芯科技园8号楼,邮编 201210
Tel +86-21-8012 5200 Fax +86-21-8012 5299 fei.com
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