We are glad to have you on board…

Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 1: Welcome to the Toby’s Team
We are glad to have you on board…
and we hope you are as excited to be here as we are to have you! You were brought on because of your great
attitude and personality, your knowledge and experience and for your enthusiasm about TK’s! At Toby Keith’s I
Love This Bar and Grill, we pride ourselves on our grand venues, exciting entertainment, outstanding food and
great staff. We know that with the knowledge and experience you gain throughout this training process that you
will be a great addition to our TK Family!
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 1: Welcome to the Toby’s Team
A collaboration between country crooner, Toby Keith and restaurateur Frank Capri created what we now know as the
successful, fun venue Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill. Appropriately named after the famous TK song and inspired by
country star Toby Keith’s successful career, it has quickly won over the hearts of diners and country fans alike. With locati ons all
over the country, including Mesa, Minneapolis, Rancho Cucamonga, Cincinnati, Folsom, Rosemont, Auburn Hills, Foxborough,
Denver, and more, there is an ILTBG location for everyone!
Every location has an amazing bar in the shape of a giant guitar, creating a unique country music atmosphere that visitors wi ll
love. To complete the southern atmosphere at the bar, there are plenty of signature cocktails to choose from, featuring
everyone’s down-home favorites like Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort.
Anyone who loves country music will feel right home at our restaurants. The atmosphere is over-the-top country — in a good
way. With our Whiskey Girls and Guys and country music videos playing on every television screen, our Guests are always in for
a great time. Several nights a week we hosts live country bands which make for a great night out — and when we don’t, there
is a country DJ to play our favorite tunes.
Our menu features traditional southern, American food, but we do it big! Whether your Guest orders our tender ribs or our
crispy, Whiskey Girl Wings, it’s impossible for them not to leave full and happy. It’s also one of the only places around you can
get a fried bologna sandwich on Texas toast just like your mama used to make…if not better!
There are no sides missing from our southern menu, either. Any country food our Guests crave we’ve got it! W hether its mashed
potatoes, cinnamon apples, mac and cheese, or even fried okra dusted with cornmeal; they’re covered. The authentic
recipes will bring southerners back to their roots, even if they’re visiting our Michigan location, and will give northerners a taste
of what it’s like to be from the country.
With our fun, vibrant atmosphere and our amazing staff’s Southern Hospitality, we are always a sure fire hit and are here to stay!
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 1: Welcome to the Toby’s Team
Learn it, Love it, Live it!!! Not only is this a line from our namesake song, this is our motto. We are a place that
everyone can come relax and have fun! We welcome everyone, whether you here having a family dinner or here
to celebrate all night, we’re your place. Take a note from Toby Keith’s song,
Our Guests should have a wonderful time from the moment they arrive until the time they depart. We expect
smiles from ear to ear throughout their visit, and just walking through the front door should feel like home.
This motto also applies to our TK Family. This is your home too! We are fortunate to have you and so many other
wonderful members of our Toby’s Team that continue to make this a great place to be and work. This should be a
safe, fun and friendly environment where you feel welcomed and are equipped with the tools and knowledge to
ensure that each and every Guest has a great and memorable experience!
Now tell us what this motto means to you:
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 1: Welcome to the Toby’s Team
Our goal is to ensure that you are well equipped to serve our Guests by providing you with the knowledge and tools
necessary to ensure that every shift you work is a success! Throughout the training process, you will receive the necessary
documents laden with TK’s information as well as have time to work hands on with your trainers and fellow TK’s
Teammates. We will guide you through the ins-and-outs of what it takes to be a Whiskey Girl or Guy.
Throughout the 5 days of training you will have the chance to taste our delicious menu items, tour your new “home”, learn
from your peers and Managers and interact with our great Guests.
Training is done in two ways: your online courses and exams on Schoox and your hands-on lessons and shadow shifts with
your trainers. You are also provided with “Supplemental Materials” which are print out worksheets that we encourage you
to use to your advantage. When you see this symbol at the bottom of a page:
note that you should already have
this printed. Be sure to take notes and ask questions throughout your training. Your teammates are there to help you and
the worksheets were designed as tools to help you retain and study the information relayed over these 5 days so you will
be ready to hit the floor running!
Each day will break down as follows:
You will come in and meet with your Manager, they will inspect your uniform and will introduce you to your trainer
and provide you with the materials necessary for your Schoox courses and follow shift.
You will then immediately login to Schoox and go over and take the previous day’s exams.
You will then have a menu and training class with your trainer where you will get to try that day’s menu focus
Next, you will be introduced to a fellow department each day and will spend time shadowing with that position to
get a grasp on this department’s duties and to see how they work together with your and other TK’s departments.
You will then spend some time in the kitchen with our expo to learn about the flow of the kitchen and the menu
items. You are encouraged to study all the food items that come through the window, but be sure to focus on that
day’s menu focus.
Next will begin your on the floor shift with your trainer. You will start by shadowing your trainer and will then be
shadowed by your trainer towards the end of your training week. At the end of each training day, you will sit down
with your Manager to review the day.
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 1: Welcome to the Toby’s Team
What is Schoox?
Schoox is an online learning academy to make training easy and accessible. This is a great tool which allows to assign new
training courses, monitor progress and socially share feedback.
Getting Started
Schoox can be accessed several different ways. You can navigate directly to Schoox through your Hotschedules account as
shown below:
Schoox has also debuted a new free app so you can access your training straight from your smart phone or tablet!
Download it today from the itunes or Google Play stores.
You can also login to Schoox using your email address and password associated with your Hotschedules account at
To successfully enroll in Schoox you must complete the following:
- Ensure that your Hotschedules information is updated with your email address and phone number.
In order for us to enroll you in the necessary course, you will need to navigate to Schoox through Hotschedules via
the instructions listed above and the screenshot.
Navigating Schoox
There are a few academies that you will belong to in Schoox: the Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill Academy,
Hotschedules University and the Schoox Open Community.
To choose the Academy that you would like to view you can hover over the Academies tab at the top of your
screen, then click on the one that you would like to access.
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 1: Welcome to the Toby’s Team
To access your personal account, you can click on the options listed on the bar at the top of your screen.
To access your Corporate Academy, you click on the options listed on the bar under the cover image.
To find courses that you are enrolled in, click on the “Your Training” tab under the cover image on your Corporate
Academy. This will show all courses, your progress, due dates, etc.
To complete the course and access the Lectures and Exams, you can click on the blue heading of the Course title.
Lectures are components of a course that can be in the form of a document, video, powerpoint presentation and more.
Note that all Lectures are mandatory and you cannot take the corresponding Exam without completing the Lecture in most
cases. For example, if a Lecture is a training document with 7 pages, you must review and scroll through all the pages
before the Exam will be accessible. If you do not complete the Lecture, you cannot take the Exam.
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 1: Welcome to the Toby’s Team
Exams are taken online through Schoox. There are 5 different question types that you will encounter:
Multiple Choice
Choose the correct answer by selecting it from the choices below the question.
Multiple Answer
Choose the correct answers to the list below. There will always be more than one answer.
True or False
To answer choose True or False based on the statement.
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 1: Welcome to the Toby’s Team
To answer these questions you will need to drag and drop the numbered choices on the right with the lettered choices on
the right. Note that you can only drag and drop the right column.
Fill in the Blank
All blanks must be filled with a one word answer. Note that spelling does apply here. That being said, we have programmed
many variations on spelling in each blank to aid you in getting the correct answer. It is also wise to read the statement and
look for clues within that will lead you to the correct answer. For example, on the question below you can see that after the
first blank there is a (#) noting that this answer is a number. Next, you can see that it reads, “4 oz. of Toby’s ____________
fries”. In looking through the menu, what would likely be the correct answer for this blank? There are then two blanks left
and both “blanks” are prefaced by “2 oz. soufflé cup” however one blank is followed by the word “sauce”. Using the clues
given, I know that I haven’t entered in the Coleslaw that is served with the Fish and Chips and also have not entered in
tartar sauce. With that said, what are the answers for the last 2 blanks?
Also note that if there are 2 blanks in succession, it likely means that the answers are a 2 part component. For instance, if a
question states “…and topped with ____________ cheese” and the next question states “topped with melted
____________ ____________ cheese”, then you know that the first question is a one word answer (i.e. - cheddar) and the
second must be a two-word answer (i.e.- pepper jack)
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 1: Welcome to the Toby’s Team
Schoox Tips
 Create study groups with your peers. This is a great way to get to know your teammates and collaborate.
 Be sure that you have a pen and paper with you during the Exam, as we suggest writing down the answers to your
fill in the blank questions. That way, if you get one wrong you can reference your last answers to see where you
were incorrect.
 Note that the questions are random, so each time you retake a quiz they will be in a different order so do not rely
on the numbers of each question.
 If your Exam is not populating, it is likely because you did not “complete” the lecture. It is important to be sure you
read all the info, review the material, watch the entire video, etc. as we want you to be prepared. Only after the
lecture is completed in its entirety, the exam will populate and the lecture will be marked with a green checkmark
saying “Completed”.
 If you encounter any issues, you can always consult your Management Team. We also suggest joining the Toby
Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill Support Group. Here you can post questions to others in the group and share your
experiences and knowledge to ensure a great Schoox experience.
To ensure that you get the most out of your training below are the “Keys to Success”. These are points that
should not only be considered throughout the training process, but every day you come in for your shift.
Arrive to work at least 15 minutes early to ensure that you are ready to hit the floor on
Always come prepared in uniform, this includes a smile and a great attitude.
Have all the tools of the trade on hand: clean apron, 5 pens, server book and a minimum of
$20 in change as your bank.
Know the Night – what shift are you working, is there an event happening that evening
and/or what specials are we running? What upcoming events are happening at your Toby’s
that you can tell your Guests about. Is there a large party in the Barn or VIP?
 If there is a large private party, know your Guests. Get the information from your
Manager and Event Coordinator as to what they’re celebrating, who the Guest of
honor is and what their expectations etc.
Have your, “They Order, You Ask…” quick reference, cheat sheet on you.
Have your Toby’s Tidbits ready to quiz and inform your Guests.
Know you section and Meet with your Buddy before you hit the floor, get a plan of attack
ready. Good lines of communication between you and your buddy will ensure a smooth
Write down EVERY order from start to finish. This will minimize errors.
Have fun! Engage your Guests, provide that Southern Hospitality service and wow them
with you knowledge and expertise, but also with your great personality!
When you come prepared and take notes from the Keys to Success, you are sure to have a great and lucrative
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 1: Welcome to the Toby’s Team
Use this form to write down the websites, their functions and your login information for future reference.
Remember that this information is confidential so keep it in a secure place as this is only for your view.
Aloha Tutorial
Server #:_____________________________________________________________________________________________
Hotschedules Tutorial (same as GoHire username and password)
Username and Password:________________________________________________________________________________
Website Tutorial
Website TKUSA:________________________________________________________________________________________
Your store’s website:____________________________________________________________________________________
Facebook Policy Review
TK Facebook Profile Name: ______________________________________________________________________________
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 1: Welcome to the Toby’s Team
We ask that your use your Facebook account to promote your TK’s and upcoming events. It’s really simple; first “Like” your TK’s page.
Then if there is an event going on the day of your shift we ask that you share the poster on the TK’s page on your page. Part of the
nightlife aspect of TK’s is promoting events so this means by word of mouth and social media sites.
Below are some great examples of how we use Facebook to get the word out about our locations and events. If you do not wish to use
your existing account, you are welcome to create a new account for TK’s. That being said, the goal here is to get the word out about
Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill and our nightly specials and events. If you do create your own Facebook page exclusively for TK’s
Events, be sure to add friends that are interested in receiving the news and add Guests as well. That way you will build a network to
market to and you will also increase your “regulars” base.
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 1: Welcome to the Toby’s Team
Corporate Information:
CEO/President: Frank Capri
4550 East Bell Road
Executive VP: Greg McClure
Phoenix, AZ 85032
VP of Sales and Operations: Phil Richard
Main: 480.336.2451
VP of Marketing and Entertainment: John Thomas “JT”
Operations Manager: Juan Migel
Fax: 480.779.1303
Guest Relations and Training Manager: Tawnya Lively
Group Sales Line: 888.358.5761
Oxnard Location Information
Contact Information:
Location Features:
2751 Park View Court Ste. 4020
VIP Room – private space, featuring a great view of the stage
and dance floor! Can accommodate up to 36 people and
features its own private bar and restroom.
Oxnard, CA 93036
Phone: TBA
Nearby Features and Information:
We are located in The Collection at Riverpark; an up and
coming, art-filled, outdoor mall.
Hours of Operation:
Open Mall parking, along with some metered spots.
Monday - Friday 11 AM – 2 AM*
North on Highway 101:
Exit Oxnard Blvd., turn Right. Then take another Right onto
Town Center.
Facebook: /tobykeithsoxnard
South on Highway 101:
Exit Oxnard Blvd., turn Left and then Right onto Town Center.
*Hours may vary depending on business.
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 2: Culture
Section Overview
Throughout our Culture section, you will learn the culture and paradigms that make Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill the great and unique venue
that it is.
These Boots Were Made for…Dancing?
Showtime! The transition from dinner to our nightlife
crowd. What we do that makes us a cut above the
Toby – The Big Dog Daddy Story: The True Toby Keith
Story. The early years, rise to stardom and the
creation of a concept: I Love This Bar and Grill.
Scavenger Huntin’:
What’s It Mean to Be a Whiskey Girl or Guy: Video
along with what it takes to be a successful Toby’s
Team member.
Your chance to explore your store!
Steps of Service Introduction:
Southern Hospitality – Southern Service with Smile
Defines our service strategy and how we roll out the
red carpet for our Guests.
Learn the steps of Southern hospitality to ensure that
every Guest has a great time!
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 2: Culture
Toby Keith Covel was born on July 8 th, 1961 in Clinton, Oklahoma. He grew up on a farm in Moore, OK: a small town near the outskirts
of Oklahoma City. Drawing inspiration from the country musicians that would play at the supper club his grandmother operated, and at
the young age of eight, Toby began playing the guitar. Listening to the country records is dad had, Toby instantly fell in love with Merle
Haggard’s music. This would play a strong role in Toby’s career and sound later in life.
Prior to hitting it big as a country star, Toby worked many jobs including a rodeo hand, oil field worker and even played semi-profession
football for the USFL farm team. Toby played two years of football and then decided that he wanted to focus solely on his music.
On March 24, 1984 Keith married Tricia Lucus. Together the couple has three children – Shelley Covel Rowland who was born in 1980
and adopted by Keith in 1984, Krystal LaDawn Covel Sandubrae born in 1985, and son Stelen Keith Covel born in 1997. Daughter Krystal
“Keith” has also become a country star herself and signed with Toby’s record label Show Dog-Universal in 2013.
Keith’s self-titled debut album was released in 1993 and quickly topped the charts with his first single, “Should’ve Been a Cowboy”. Over
the years he has collaborated with some of the greatest music legends around including Sting, Willie Nelson, and Jimmy Buffet. With
over 17 albums released after his debut album, over 20 number one singles and his acting debut in Broken Bridges and Beer for my
Horses, Toby Keith reached superstardom and is known to be one of the most successful country stars of our time!
Toby Keith is also known for his patriotism and his strong support of our troops and veterans. He often goes to war-torn areas to put on
concerts for our troops overseas, but his activism doesn’t stop there. He has also been involved with many charities and has even
started The Toby Keith Foundation which helps children with pediatric cancer and their families by providing them with a cost free
home to stay in which is next to the hospital during their treatment.
Toby has a multitude of business ventures as well, including his own clothing line, TK Steelman, a little bar that you may have heard of,
Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill and a premium spirit, called Wild Shot Mezcal.
He first opened our successful bar and grill concept, I Love This Bar and Grill in Oklahoma in 2005. In 2009 Toby teamed up with our
President, Frank Capri, and opened the first location in Mesa. With the Oklahoma and Las Vegas locations operating separately, Capri
Restaurant Group Enterprises LLC bought the major rights to the concept and has opened 15 locations and counting. Toby is known to
stop by our locations from time to time and put on impromptu concerts and mingle and greet fans.
With his stardom, charitable efforts and successful business endeavors it is clear why Toby Keith is known as one of the brightest stars
out there.
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 2: Culture
We want you to engage you’re Guests and let them know that Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill is one of a kind! Each time they
come to Toby Keith’s we want them to learn something new about Toby and our great venue. When you greet your Guests educate
them with a Toby’s Tidbit. This can be a fact about our locations or a Toby fact. While getting your Guests their beverages, ask them if
they know Toby’s wife’s name or ask them if they know that “20 years ago on this very day that Toby released his first single, I Should’ve
Been a Cowboy?” (Be sure your day and fact is correct though! )
Throughout your training you will learn so much about our company and we want you to continue to learn each and every day just like
your Guests so use this work sheet to write down your Toby’s Tidbits!
Here are a few to get your started!
Toby Keith was born on July 8th, 1961 which makes him a Cancer.________________________________________________
What truck brand’s commercial did Toby Keith star and sing in? (Answer: Ford – Song: Ford Truck Man)________
Toby Keith’s favorite college football team is the Oklahoma Sooners._________________________________________________
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 2: Culture
Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill is a great, diverse venue that’s got something for everyone. With notable features like our large
stages and huge, guitar-shaped bars, we take the idea of a country bar to all new heights!
Most locations have upwards of 50 TVs and are always showcasing the days sporting events making this a “tailgate” hotspot!
We serve up the best country and southern inspired fare around. Our offerings include, Fried Bologna Sandwiches (Toby’s favorite),
good ol’ Chicken Fried Chicken and let’s not forget about the Fried Twinkies! Then pair those items with a cold beer in a mason jar, or a
signature cocktail like our Whiskey Girl and it’s easy to tell what keeps our fans coming back time and time again!
Not only do we have a great menu and atmosphere we offer fun and entertainment to our patrons nightly. With a state-of-the-art
sound system and great stage setups, our dance floor is the place to be. Some locations even have their own mechanical bull for those
Guests brave enough to give it a whirl.
Our transition from a family-friendly restaurant to a bustling, nightlife scene is not something to be missed. We showcase some of the
best local talent as well as huge, country stars! Even if there is not a band playing we keep the party going with nightly fun like our liveband karaoke, Ladies nights and seasonal events like our Hellbillies Halloween Masquerade and New Year’s Eve parties.
Our Whiskey Girls and Guys, like yourself, ensure that Toby’s is always full of fun and good ol’ Southern Hospitality. With all of our great
amenities and out amazing staff, it’s clear why we’re the go to country bar and why we have the fans that we do!
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 2: Culture
Do you take reservations?
We do accept reservations for parties with 12 Guests or more. To reserve a space, please contact our Group
Reservations Team at 888.358.5761, via webchat when available or by filling out our reservation request
form by visiting our website at www.tobykeithusa.com. Our dedicated Group Reservations Team will see to
it that we make your event a special occasion to remember!
Is there a cover charge?
Depending on the evening and the events taking place, a cover charge may be required for entry. Cover is
instituted Thurday-Saturday starting at 9 PM. There is no cover charge for the ladies and a $5 cover for
What time do minors need to depart?
We require minors under the age of 21 to depart nightly at 10 PM.
Do you have a Dresscode?
We do have a dresscode that is strictly enforced nightly after 8 PM. We do not allow the following:
No shirt, No shoes, No service!
No sports jerseys after 8 PM (except on game days).
No bandanas, do rags, skullcaps or sandanas 8 PM.
No MC/MG groups or attire allowed at any time.
No excessively baggy clothes.
No solid color clothing (plain white, red, black, etc.)
No tank tops or A-shirts after 8:00 PM.
No chains, knives or weapons of any kind allowed in building.
No excessive jewelry.
Abusive language and/or behavior to our patrons or staff is not tolerated.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and to change or modify the dresscode at anytime.
Locations and Affiliation
We have 16 locations nationwide (with your store being the 16th!) with more to come. That being said, we
are not affiliated with the locations in Oklahoma or Las Vegas.
Do you sell Gift Cards and where can I use them?
Gift cards are available for purchase in stores and online. We offer both physical gift cards and egift cards
on our website. Click here to purchase.
*Note – Gift cards are only redeemable at our 16 locations. We will not honor gift cards from nonaffiliated locations.
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 2: Culture
How do I sign up for the Toby’s VIP Email List and what is the Birthday offer?
TK’s fans are encouraged to sign up for our Toby Keith’s VIP Email list as this will ensure that you receive all
the latest TK’s news, upcoming events and promotions. When signing up, be sure to enter your birthdate as
this will ensure that you receive our Birthday offer which offers our Guests a complimentary Steak Dinner
and Dessert on the day of their birthday with valid ID.
*Note – The birthday offer is automaticallly sent out via email 48 hours prior to your birthday and is
only redeemable on your actual birthdate with valid ID and coupon. If you sign up for the Email List
within 48 hours of your birthday, you will not receive the offer as your information will not be
intergrated in time for the offer to be automatically sent.
The birthday offer does not have cash value and will not be extended for use beyond your
registered birthdate.
Do you have any nutritional information available?
We do not have nutritional information available at this time. We do use the highest quality ingredients and
prepare our dishes fresh, in house. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please inform your
server prior to ordering so that we may guide you to a safe menu option.
Do you offer any franchising opportunites?
All of our locations are owned and operated by Boomtown Entertainment LLC. At this time we do not have
any plans to offer franchise opportunities.
I would love to be a Toby’s Team member! How do I apply?
To view available poisitions and apply online, please visit our website at
www.tobykeithusa.companycareersite.com. If a location is not listed yet, we have not begun hiring for that
site. It is recommended that you check the site as the opening of a new location draws near to view
positions and information as it becomes available.
How do I submit a request for an in-kind donation?
You can submit a request for review and consideration by visiting our website directly at
http://tobykeithsiltbg.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new. Please note that while we absolutely want to
make a difference in our local communities that we have limited philathropic funds. If we are able to assist
we will reach out to you directly.
How do I get my band to play at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill?
We are always looking for new, great talent and would love to hear from you. The first step to playing at
one of our locations is by submitting a talent request on our website.
When is the new Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill going to open in my area?
We are always working hard to open our new locations as soon as possible. We will announce the opening
on our website and Facebook pages, so be sure to sign up for our Toby’s VIP Email List and to “Like” our
Facebook page as this will ensure that you receive the most up to date news regarding the new location
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 2: Culture
How do I contact Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill?
You can contact your local restaurant via phone by visiting your nearest location’s hours and contact page
and calling the listed number.
If you would like to contact our Corporate Office, Boomtown Entertainment LLC., please visit our comments
site at http://tobykeithsiltbg.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new, call us directly at 480-779-1303 or via
USPS at:
Boomtown Entertainment LLC
4550 E. Bell Rd., Ste. 150
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Where do I go to complete the survey mentioned on my receipt and what are the incentives?
We’d love to receive your feedback! To complete our survey please be sure to have your receipt and visit
our survey website at http://tobykeithusa.com/survey. To be entered in the chance to win great prizes, be
sure to complete the survey and that you provide your email address. If you were chosen as our weekly
winner, you will be contact via email.
Are there any upcoming concerts or events at TK’s?
It is always a good time at TK’s and we have events, specials and live music throughout each and every
week! To see what is taking place at your local TK’s please visit our Events Calendar.
What can I expect when attending a National Act or large event at Toby Keith’s ILTBG?
Other than a great time, you can expect the entertainment for concerts to begin when stated on our Events
Calendar and our National Act to follow. We certainly recommend arriving early if you would like a table as
seating is very limited and when tables are filled there will be standing room only. In most cases, the full
menu is offered however limited menus may be in effect for certain shows and service times may vary
depending on the location’s volume. Note that show times are subject to change without notice.
What can I expect when the venue transitions from a restaurant to a nightlife atmosphere?
While we are a family-friendly restaurant, with the transition from dinner to late-night we do ask that all
Guests under the age of 21 depart. At this time our cover charge and dress code are strictly enforced. We’ll
spice up the ambiance by turning up the volume, lowering the lights and making room for the dancers on
the dance floor which at times requires us to move tables. There’s no shortage of fun and entertainment as
our Whiskey Girls may perform on the bar top and the night’s band will play the best country hits all night
long. At this time we transition to our Late Night menu featuring popular selections from our main menu.
With the packed bar area and an abundance of entertainment, those over 21 are sure to have an amazing
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 2: Culture
What do you think it takes and means to be a Whiskey Girl or Guy?
What song was it that inspired the name of our servers and Team mates?
Come up with adjectives that describe what makes you a Whiskey Girl or Guy:
Girls and Guys!
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 2: Culture
Our service strategy at Toby Keith’s ILTBG is designed after the principles of good ol’ Southern Hospitality. The idea Southern Hospitality
is to go above and beyond for your Guests and that everyone is welcome and considered a Guests in our store. This means anticipating
needs, pulling out chairs and opening doors. It means going over the top to ensure that your Guests have everything they need to have
a wonderful experience.
It also means being neighborly and helping your team mates and co-workers. Southern Hospitality is always done with a smile and with
this strategy in mind, we’re sure to impress our Guests and ensure that they come back again and again!
We also institute the G.R.O.W. policy. G.R.O.W. stands for Guest Right Of Way. This means that you always give the Guest the right
away and stop and let them pass before proceeding in a walkway. Always be courteous and ensure that we always are observant of our
surroundings even when busy.
Whenever you see this symbol throughout training, this denotes that this is a perfect example or suggestion
about how to interject some good ol’ Southern Hospitality that is sure to impress your Guests.
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 2: Culture
We are a unique restaurant and venue that not only offers great food and drinks, but a fantastic nightlife scene!
While the same service strategies are in place during our late night hours, the atmosphere does become a party
and adapting to the crowds and events are key! There are other positions like cocktail and beer tub stations that
you can work. Our dress code also goes into effect and we ask all minors to depart.
As a Whiskey Girl you will also learn dances to perform on the bar top which gets the party started. That being
said, be sure that your Guests are taken care of prior to participating in the dances as the Guests ALWAYS come
With events every day of the week, it is important to know what is taking place on your shift so that you can
serve your Guests accordingly. It is also important to update your Toby’s Facebook post detailing the night’s
Note that late night crowds tend to mingle about the dance floor and bar areas, so be sure that you keep in
contact with your Guests and that you know where they are. It’s also important to know your MODs and Security
Team that is on staff for the evening in case you need them at any point.
Between the concerts, karaoke dancing and more, the night scene is always fun at Toby’s! This is the time to be
sure that that smile is on and that you are aware of the crowd. Engage your Guests and let the good times roll!
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 2: Culture
Find the following items and write where they are located. (Note that some items may not be applicable to your store.)
Security Office:______________________________________________________________________________________________________
VIP Room:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Alternate Lg. Party Space(s):____________________________________________________________________________________________
Soda Machine Refill Boxes:____________________________________________________________________________________________
ToGo Cups:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Green Room:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Smoking Areas:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Cocktail Station:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________
VIP Bathroom:______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Ice Machine:________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Mints and Toothpicks:________________________________________________________________________________________________
TV Remotes:________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Keg Cooler:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Prep Cooler:________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Salad Dressings:______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Highchairs/Booster Seats:______________________________________________________________________________________________
ToGo Boxes:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Sanitizer/Sanitizer Buckets:_____________________________________________________________________________________________
Brooms and Mops:____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Wet Floor Signs:______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Dry Storage:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Request off Book:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Sidework & Open/Closing Duties:________________________________________________________________________________________
Training Computer:___________________________________________________________________________________________________
Business Cards:______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Trash Bags:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Kids Menus:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Coffee Machine:______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Hand Soap and Sinks:__________________________________________________________________________________________________
Paper Towels:________________________________________________________________________________________________________
First Aid Kit:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Dress Code:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 2: Culture
This is a brief overview of the TK’s Steps of Service, over the next 5 days you will see how these steps work together to create an
amazing dining experience for our Guests. Pair these with the Southern Hospitality standards, and you will ensure that each and every
Guests you serve receives the TK’s service we’re known for.
Prompt Greet – Greet your Guests as soon as possible. If you are tied up be sure that you and your buddy have strong lines of communication
so that they greet the table for you.
a. Introduce yourself and add your personality!
b. Read the seat and serve slip: are they celebrating, is this their first time dining with us, do they know the evening’s events?
i. If your buddy greets your table, they will tear off the beverage and apps section of your seat and serve slip. Then you will
know that the table has been greeted, and that your buddy has gotten their drinks and/or app order.
c. Make eye contact
Take Beverage Order – Make suggestions and guide through beverage selections.
a. Write down and ring in entire order including waters every time. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
b. Upsell – Use you knowledge and be sure to make suggestions and ask the necessary questions to ensure that they receive a
fantastic beverage.
App and/or Entrée Order – Make suggestions and ask if they have any questions.
a. Write down ENTIRE ORDER!!!
b. Know and use your “They Order, You Ask…” cheat sheet.
c. Ring in appetizer and starter soups and Salads ASAP
i. Be sure to take 10 seconds to review the order before you send the order through.
Food Running, Pre-bussing and Anticipating Needs – While they are dining, make sure that they are enjoying their meals, have all
accompaniments that they’ll need and that everything meets their standards.
a. Run all apps, soups and salads if ordered.
b. It is a fact that when offering another beverage between courses that the Guest is more likely to order a second round so be sure to
c. Ring in entrée order
d. If ordering a steak, burger, pork chop or fish where temperature preference is asked, be sure to ask the Guest to “Make the Cut” to
ensure that it is cooked to perfection.
e. 2 minutes or two bites check back
f. If they aren’t going to use it, lose it. Pre-bus! This means all sugar packets, straw wrappers, plates, etc. If they are not using it be
sure to remove it from the table.
g. Use the pivot point seating method. No Auctioning!
h. Anticipate their needs, bring extra dressing, napkins, etc. before they ask.
Prebussing, Clearing the Table and Boxing Leftovers
a. If you are prebussing throughout their visit, then there should not be a lot to remove from the table.
b. Offer to bring boxes for any leftovers
c. Offer after-dinner drinks and dessert. Suggest a favorite!
d. Offer non-alcoholic beverages Togo.
Dessert – or – Done
a. Ring in any desserts and additional beverages ASAP.
b. Deliver dessert and drinks immediately after they’re ready.
c. Review the check and make sure that it is accurate.
d. Deliver the check ASAP! Do not make the Guests wait for their check as this can turn a great visit into a sour one.
e. Cash out promptly and thank them for coming in and invite them back for an upcoming event.
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Oxnard
Section 2: Culture
The Host will list the table number at the top and bottom.
The middle section is perforated. This is to help signal that a
table has been greeted or not. If you are greeting your
own table, there is no need to tear the perforation. If you
see a sat table with a full Seat and Serve Ticket on it, it
means they have not been greeted. If the slip is torn and
only the top half is still on the table, this means that
someone has greeted your table (likely your buddy). You
need to find your buddy as they will be getting their nonalcoholic beverages started and will give you the
beverage portion of the ticket for your review.
Drinks and appetizer are written on the top section. Be sure
to write them in the order of Pivot Point Seating.
The top section is where the entrees will be written down.
Be sure to write in the order of Pivot Point Seating.
Host will seat Guests with the Seat and Serve Ticket, and will
write your name and the Guest’s name (if provided) along
with the occasion listed if they’re celebrating. Note that
there is also a space for First Time Visit so if it’s their first visit,
walk them through their visit and introduce them to TK’s
Southern Hospitality.
Managers will be reviewing tickets to ensure that
everything is being written down.
Toby Keith’s Training Guide |Houston
Section 3: Safety and Sanitation
Section Overview
Safety and sanitation is our number one priority here at TK’s. Throughout our Safety and Sanitation section, you will review all of our
procedures in regards to food handling safety, identification guidelines, alcohol service and responsibilities, security proc edures and
These are the topics that we will be covering in this section:
Food Handling Safety and Sanitation:
Alcohol Service and Responsibilities:
We will review the proper food handling and sanitation procedures.
Proper protocol for alcohol service including “cut off” procedures
and more.
ID Procedures:
Awareness and Safety Points:
We’ll review Identification procedures to ensure we don’t get any
Terms and procedures to know.
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace:
Injury, Alarms and Evacuation:
Video detailing issues dealing with sexual harassment and how to
handle the situation and protect yourself.
We’ll review injury and alarm and evacuation protocol.
Toby Keith’s Training Guide |Houston
Section 3: Safety and Sanitation
In order to prevent cross-contamination and food-borne illness, all food contact surfaces (cutting boards, utensils, thermometers, cooking/prep areas etc.) must be kept
sanitized, free of debris, and without stains and cracks.
Cross-Contamination is when harmful substances (chemical) or microorganisms (bacteria) are transferred to food by unsanitary practices.
Cross-contamination can be caused by hands or other food contact surfaces (cutting boards, utensils, etc.) that touch raw meats or dirty produce and then touch
cooked or ready to eat foods without being properly cleaned and sanitized.
Cross-contamination can also be caused by towels that are used to clean up after preparing raw meats or dirty produce and are not properly sanitized before
being used to clean food contact surfaces for read to eat foods.
Raw meats or dirty produce that touch or drip onto cooked or ready to eat foods can also be a source of cross-contamination.
To protect food from cross-contamination:
Follow proper hand washing guidelines, making sure to wash before handling each different product
Keep towels in properly prepared sanitizer solutions
Store chemicals and cleaning supplies away from food
Use the proper food storage hierarchy (top to bottom)
Use properly cleaned and sanitized utensils and working surfaces. Cutting boards, knives, slicers, etc. must be cleaned and s anitized between uses.
Wash, rinse and sanitize sinks before washing produce
Additional food contact areas that require special attention:
Ice bins in all stations must be cleaned and sanitized daily, including all ice
Ice scoops must be stored properly
Damaged, dented and/or recalled products/cans should be marked with a “Do Not Use” sticker and stored away from other items
Critical Control Points
Critical Control Points (CCPs) are steps where special care is necessary in order to minimize potential food -borne illness. Some examples of CCPs are:
Minimum cooking/heating/reheating temperature necessary to kill potential bacteria
Minimum hot-holding temperature required to keep bacteria from growing
Refrigeration/freezer temperature
Maximum amount of time product can be held in temperature danger zone
Hand washing
Cleaning produce in wash
Important Temperatures:
Danger Zone: 41-135 degrees
Reheating products = usually 165 degrees (for a maximum of 15 seconds) within 2 hours
Hot-holding = usually 135 degrees (for a maximum of 5 hours)
Toby Keith’s Training Guide |Houston
Section 3: Safety and Sanitation
Checking Identification
Elements of an Acceptable I.D.
In order to be acceptable, an I.D. should include: photograph of bearer, signature, height of bearer, date of birth
and expiration date.
We I.D. anyone who appears to be under the age of 40, orders an alcoholic beverage and is attempting to enter
our establishment when 21 and over policies are being enforced.
When in doubt, ALWAYS ask for Identification.
We ACCEPT the following forms of I.D.:
Driver’s License
State Issued I.D.
Military I.D.
*Temporary proof of license on paper will only be accepted with previous valid, issued I.D. with picture, date of
birth, etc.
We DO NOT accept the follow:
Birth Certificates
Social Security Cards
Bank Cards
Government Work I.D.
Green Card
International Driver’s License
Toby Keith’s Training Guide |Houston
Section 3: Safety and Sanitation
Second Forms of I.D.
If you second guess the I.D. be sure to ask for a second form of identification such as a credit card, social security card, student I.D., etc.
These items are not to be accepted in place of proper acceptable forms of I.D., but can be used as a comparison. If you are ever unsure,
get a Manager or member of our Security Team to help you verify the identification and deem whether or not alcohol service will be
Below is an easy way to remember how to properly check I.D.s.
Be sure that the customer always removes the I.D. from their wallet or holder. You may see another “I.D.” in their wallet.
Check the thickness of the I.D. Check to see if it was re-laminated after changing some of the information.
Feel for raised edges, glue lines or bumpy surfaces by the photo or birthdate. Uneven surfaces often indicate tampering. Feel for
cut-out or pasted information.
Photograph – Does it look like the person in front of you? Hairstyles and makeup can change, so focus your attention on the
person’s eyes, nose and chin. When checking men with beards or mustaches, cover the facial hair portion of the photo and
concentrate on the eyes, nose and ears.
Height and Weight – do they reasonably match the person?
State Seal – Is it on the I.D. and is it in the correct place?
Date of Birth – Is the person old enough? Figure the math or look at the “Under 21 Until” portion of the I.D.
Age on I.D. vs. Appearance – Does the person in front of you match the age on the I.D.?
Expiration Date – Is the I.D. expired? Expired I.D.s are unacceptable.
Lamination – Are the cuts or corners/edges straight or crooked?
Ask for their middle name, zodiac sign or year they graduated from high school. If someone has to think about his or her sign or
when they graduated, the I.D. may be false.
Ask the birth month. If the person responds with a number rather than the name of the month, they may be lying.
Ask the Guest to sign his or her name and then compare the signature to the I.D. Sometime if the I.D. is false, the Guest will sign
his or her true name rather than the one on the I.D.
If the customer is with a companion, ask the companion to quickly tell you the customer’s name. Any hesitation may indicate
Give the I.D. back to the customer and make the sale if the I.D. is valid.
If the I.D. is fake or altered, you must return the I.D. but do not grant them entry and/or do not sell them alcohol.
Toby Keith’s Training Guide |Houston
Section 3: Safety and Sanitation
UV and Holograms are Visible
All Font is Consistent and is Level
All Background Images as well as the Picture of the Card
Holder are Consistent
Island Outlines are Black
Location of Holographic Seals are Off
Fonts are Inconsistent and BOLD Where They
Should Not Be
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Houston
Section 3: Safety and Sanitation
With our main priority being the safety of our staff and patrons it is important that we always abide by local
liquor laws. While many FAQs were answered on the Department of Liquor License and Control website, below
are quick points to remember:
ID ANYONE who appears to be under the age of 40. If they do not have an ID we are not to serve them.
DO NOT serve someone who appears to be under the influence.
We have the right to refuse service to anyone, and if a Guest needs to be cut off or we are refusing entry ALWAYS
get a Manager involved.
You cannot serve more than forty ounces of beer, one liter of wine or four ounces of distilled spirits in any
spirituous liquor drink to one person at one time.
An employee could be held criminally liable for serving someone who is noticeably under the influence. He/she also
could be named in a civil lawsuit should an accident result. So be sure to always use your best judgment and involve
a Manager if you are unsure of the action to take.
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Houston
Section 3: Safety and Sanitation
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Houston
Section 3: Safety and Sanitation
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Houston
Section 3: Safety and Sanitation
Toby Keith’s Training Guide | Houston
Section 3: Safety and Sanitation