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LogicNets Expert Decision Support Automation
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How Do You Clone Your Experts?
As business process workflows become more complicated and demanding, there is an increased
need to make expert knowledge rapidly and consistently available. The challenge is how to equip
non-experts with the right information at the right time so that a range of players can reliably find
and deliver expert information without always relying on the experts. We see this demand
throughout industries and particularly in the healthcare and technology sectors.
Most organizations have captured and aggregated substantial knowledge resources into
searchable repositories, but they haven’t generally solved the problems of how to find the right
information and ensure it is delivered properly. This is where LogicNets Expert System technology
comes in.
LogicNets provides an easy-to-access online environment where organizations can
automate even the most complex diagnostic workflow and technical processes so that even
untrained participants access the right procedures, ask the right questions, connect answers to the
most probable outcomes, and properly direct resolution.
LogicNets Expert Decision Support Automation
The LogicNets Expert Decision-Support system is a commerical off-the-shelf, strategic, web-based
platform that automates the process of capturing and sharing expert knowledge and best practices. At its core, LogicNets automates and structures complex workflow and protocols via the web so
that non-expert staff, and even customers, can be guided accurately through the correct series of
steps to deliver expert-quality results. LogicNets connects to resources in your knowledge bases or
can provide its own centralized LogicNets Knowledge Center to assist in aggregating knowledge
resources. It also integrates bi-directionally via secure web services with other existing infrastructure systems including CRM, ERP, asset management and PBX phone systems.
LogicNets works in both deterministic and dynamic modes, automatically predicting the most
probable outcomes and navigating users through potentially complex scenarios to the optimal
result. The system is heuristic, constantly recalculating optimal resolution pathways based on
historical data so that the accuracy of the system is maintained even as the environment it
supports evolves and changes. And LogicNets does all this as a web-based service so that potential
users with a wide range of roles, locations, and access devices can easily access the system and
execute your best practices.
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Expert Knowledge Delivered in Your Organization’s Image
You can deploy applications developed with LogicNets using any format and layout options supported by your web
browser. As the examples below demonstrate, LogicNets users typically create applications that blend seamlessly with
their branding and user interface standards.
Visual Design Makes Deployment Easy
LogicNets makes capturing and automating expert knowledge easy. It provides a visual workflow design environment,
preempting any need to program. Subject matter experts
create logic flowcharts by dragging and dropping elements on
the screen and double-clicking on them to set and edit parameters. As designers construct a flow of logic, they can quickly
and easily test their application and simulate the user experience without code compilation of any kind.
Instant Delivery and Collaborative Feedback
Once designed and tested, a LogicNets-based application is published and made available to users. The system also
requests and collects structured user feedback. After it is published, the system tracks usage history and learns
heuristically, applying user input and system details to improve predictive diagnostics. As the LogicNets-based
application works in production, the system applies and constantly recalibrates the weights and probabilities of
different possible resolution paths, growing more accurate over time and greatly reducing knowledge article
maintenance requirements.
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LogicNets Core & Modular Architecture
LogicNets is modular, allowing users to focus on the specific functionality they need. At LogicNets' core is a
powerful decision engine that lets you create, share, and manage web-based applications that contain your
decision-making expertise. It provides three main areas of functionality:
The Designer – Lets you use LogicNets to quickly
build applications either from scratch or from
pre-packaged templates provided with the system.
Either way, no coding is required to create powerful
expertise-driven applications.
The Publisher – Lets you test your application before
you go live; gather and incorporate feedback; and,
when you are ready, publish your system to the Web.
Manager – Lets you manage system users with a
range of roles and credentials and monitor the
performance and usage statistics for your published
applications, optimizing them as needed.
LogicNets Application Frameworks
Production-scale applications often require significant functionality that goes beyond modeling expert workflow
and decision trees. To reach broad audiences and automate mission-critical applications, an expert system
application will likely need:
Advanced user management with flexible, enforceable roles and permissions
The ability to integrate with internal network standards
The ability to handle concurrent usage and manage retention and transfer of sessions across time and among
different users
Elicit user input and support crowd-sourcing of feedback
Support multi-screen interface options with multiple and contextually-related screen layouts and advanced
The LogicNets Application Frameworks provide all this functionality for the most common automated industry usage
cases including:
Technical support call center, field service and customer self-service
Medical diagnostics protocols and synoptic reporting
Risk management and environmental health and safety (EHS)
Industrial diagnostics and quality control
General workflow
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Enhanced Functionality Modules
LogicNets enhances its core system with powerful
add-on modules that provide additional layers of
targeted, customizable functionality.
Predictive Diagnostics Allows organizations to
assign weights and probabilities to outcomes and
diagnostic paths so that the optimal solution can be
identified at any stage during resolution. This feature
is adaptive, using historical results to constantly learn
and adjust weights and probabilities based on actual
management within the expert system including the
ability to capture and maintain content, search and
navigate, regulate and control access, and manage
interactive user feedback.
Available LogicNets Tools
LogicNets also offers tools that can be integrated
with any LogicNets-based application:
Web Services Remotely and automatically interact
with other infrastructure components, such as
SharePoint, SalesForce.Com, or Oracle OnDemand.
Mobile Device Support LogicNets' applications for
iPhone, iPad, and Android devices not only make it
easy to access the system remotely but also enable
powerful remote functions that support all mobile
device capabilities, including GPS, camera, and
barcode and QR scanner, for example.
PDF Generator Provide users the ability to create
and print documentation with customized layout
and format details from within an application.
Advanced Charts & Graphics Display complex
statistics in graphical formats, which are particularly
useful for management and system administration
and can provide clearly displayed system and usage
reports. Generate detailed charts using real-time
Remote Device Monitoring Automates the
connection to and collection of data from remote
sources, allowing the systems and equipment being
supported to directly report status and diagnostics
Embedded Device Support Allows LogicNets
applications to run as stand-alone executables on the
supported devices themselves to perform hands-off
expert decision support and enable pro-active
LogicNets Framework Extensions
The LogicNets Framework Extensions extend
functionality to additional user classes:
End-User Self Service Allows appropriate content
and components of an organization’s application to
be presented to end-users for self-service.
Off-line Field Service allows users with devices that
are not continuously online to download a
stand-alone instance of the application to devices to
access full functionality while off-line, re-synching
automatically with the central service.
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Hosted or On-Prem
LogicNets is available as a cloud-based service, or you can purchase a permanent license and run and administer the
platform on your own servers.
System Requirements
To Create Applications:
Hosted: none (we provide 24 x 7 availability)
On Premises: Windows or Linux server running standard
web services
Any Web Browser
LogicNets Designer Subscription
To Share Applications:
Any Web Browser
Named User, Concurrent User, or Device Subscription
LogicNets - A Clear Return on Investment with Strategic Benefits
LogicNets and the use of Expert Decision-Support Automation offers clear benefits in virtually all
industries. While the tactical results easily justify the deployment of an expert system with a clear
return on investment on a project-by-project basis, the strategic value is critical:
Ensure you accurately capture and deliver expert knowledge with a system that can
automate maintenance and adapt with minimal intervention
Make expert knowledge a true collaborative asset for staff and even customers
Reduce the exposure caused by undocumented “tribal knowledge” or the risk of “brain drain”.
Fully leverage your pre-existing large investments in workflow infrastructure with a system
that amplifies their value
Differentiate your company from your competition
With LogicNets, the use of expert system technology as a strategic platform is a no-brainer, with
clearcut and rapid returns on investment and extensibility to address a wide range of scenarios.
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