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Gnomeo and Juliet
DIX3 3830 CD $12.48 / $19.98
UPC 50087238308 FAMILY MUSIC
Shakespeare and lawn décor intersect
in director Kelly Ashbury’s (“Shrek 2,”
“Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”)
new feature “Gnomeo and Juliet.”
Featuring a star-studded voice cast
that includes Emily Blunt, James
McAvoy, Jason Statham and Patrick
Stewart, the romantic epic “Romeo and Juliet” is re-imagined as a story of
star-crossed garden gnomes caught up in a feud between the denizens of two
yards. This soundtrack features music from Elton John, including classic songs
like “Your Song,” “Saturday Night’s Alright” and “Rocket Man,” along with
an updated version of “Crocodile Rock” (with Nelly Furtado) and a new song
“Hello Hello.” Also featured are excerpts of the score from James Newton
Howard (which creatively incorporates some Elton John melodies into the mix)
and “The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room,” the closing track based on the theme song of the
Disneyland attraction.
children’s songs
bedtime stories
Tales of Wabby Book & CD titles by Kevin Roth teach children to make
decisions about their lives by listening to their heart with love and wisdom.
Love Soup
The Garden
STX8 937
STX8 934
The Present
STX8 933
BK/CD $10.98 / $17.95
BK/CD $10.98 / $17.95
BK/CD $10.98 / $17.95
UPC 9780979339370
UPC 9780979339349
UPC 9780979339332
Award winning singer from the PBS hit TV show “Shining Time Station (based on Thomas the Tank Engine)”
Celtic Harp
& Lullabies
First Songs
and Dragons
Lullabies for
Little Dreamers
Train Song
Sing Alongs
Train Songs &
Other Tracks
STX3 41
STX3 35
STX3 58
STX3 1012
STX3 21
STX3 12
STX3 1014
CD $8.98 / $14.98
CD $8.98 / $14.98
CD $8.98 / $14.98
CD $8.98 / $14.98
CD $8.98 / $14.98
CD $8.98 / $14.98
CD $8.98 / $14.98
UPC 660355954122
UPC 660355713521
UPC 634479185892
UPC 717206101225
UPC 717206102123
UPC 717206101324
UPC 717206101423
Acoustic Dreamland
Wheels on the Bus, The
GKN3 1 CD $9.98 / $15.98
Groove Kid Nation is the brainchild of professional
musician and father Rodney Lee. His goal was
simple — to introduce kids to the power of groove
and soul. THE WHEELS ON THE BUS features a
vibrant cast of characters, including Itsy the pianoplaying Spider, Saxophonist Froggy and Walter
the trumpet-playing Weasal, who give kids a
touchstone for better getting into the songs. Lee
touches upon jazz, blues, funk and classic soul for the arrangements, transforming children’s
standards like “Froggy Went A Courtin’” and “Three Blind Mice” into fresh, fun songs that
parents will enjoy as much as kids. In the process kids will learn about different instruments,
develop an appreciation for jazz and develop a keen sense of groove. A portion of the
proceeds are being donated to CARE, a humanitarian organization fighting poverty.
All I Want!
MFA3 3051 CD $8.98 / $14.98
UPC 689076330510 FAMILY MUSIC
Aside from compilations, this is the first full CD of
new songs in three years from one of the most influential children’s songwriters of our time — David
Weinstone. MUSIC FOR AARDVARKS brings childhood experiences to life with sophistication and
intelligence, using entertaining songcraft and lighthearted lyrics that kids will love. The music includes
a wide variety of instrumentation, including guitar, harmonica, strings, piano and rhythm to
create a fun, peppy sound. This is a highly anticipated release for a loyal and growing fan
base around the globe, which has been exposed to David Weinstone/Music for Aardvarks
through his interactive music classes for young children, radio play, glowing press, and
continual presence on Nick Jr. TV.
PWM3 307 CD $7.98 / $14.98
UPC 790248030722 LULLABY
Putumayo takes sleepy-eyed young listeners on
another voyage to dreamland with this compilation
of lovely lullabies by some of today’s top acoustic
music performers. The music is entirely unplugged,
offering gentle folk songs that focus heavily of soft,
serene vocals with a touch of guitar for backdrop.
Children will fall asleep soundly to the sweet singing of artists like Elizabeth Mitchell, whose touching
“Blue Sky” will lull them to slumber on the wings of peaceful song and Lucy Kaplansky, who
comforts with her rendition of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Dreamland.” Other songs include
Victor Johnson’s “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” William Fitzsimmon’s “You Can Close Your
Eyes” and Rick Scott’s “Next Time,” all of which sparkle with grace and loving joy.
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Complete your Bob McGrath Library Today With These Sing Along Classics and Award Winning Favorites
Over 30 classic Pre-School songs
for family and classrooms.
“This teaching
record for parents
and caregivers is
an absolute gem.”
“ These songs are standard
repertoire of nursery schools,
day care centers and families
at home and in the car.”
– Parents’ Magazine
– Parents Magazine
Certified Gold
Canadian Record
Industry Association
Parents’ Choice
Award Winner
The Baby Record
BOB3 41007 CD $8.48 / $14.98 623991200527
“Songs, activities
and rhythms for the
effervescent pre-schooler
that can be listened to
again and again with
Sing Along With Bob Vol. 1
BOB3 41009 CD $8.48 / $14.98 623991200121
Played by an all star NY band!
Favorites of Parents and
Early Childhood Teachers
“Your Face”
“Everyone Asked
About You”
“Dinosaur Swing”
– Parents’ Choice
Songs & Games For Toddlers
BOB3 41016 CD $8.48 / $14.98 623991200626
N.Y. Library
Certified Gold
Canadian Record
Industry Association
Sing Me A Story
“Songs that clebrate the
joys of childhood.”
BOB3 5002 CD $8.48 / $14.98 013132500225
– Sesame Street Parents
Life of Song, A
FWZ3 45067 CD $9.98 / $16.98
UPC 093074506721 FAMILY MUSIC
Called the “First Lady of Children’s Music,”
Ella Jenkins is a cultural treasure. She has been
making engaging music for children since the
‘50s, having released over 30 albums and made
cameo appearances on television shows ranging
from “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” to
“Barney.” A LIFE OF SONG, from the “African
American Legacy” series, is a celebration of
childhood and African American culture. The songs featured have deep roots, presenting
classic spirituals and folk tunes, as well as songs from Jenkin’s own childhood. Her voice is
tender and beautiful, while maintaining a delightful rapport with kids, who sing along on the
album. Jenkins also adds stories and a historical perspective to many of the songs.
Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The
MMM3 SSD1004 CD $9.98 / $16.98
UPC 880626400022
Maestro Classics helps children explore the fascinating world of classical music and the orchestra,
using fable and fairytale as a tool for learning.
This story focuses on a lazy apprentice, tasked
with retrieving water to fill a well. The apprentice
decides to don his sorcerer master’s magic cap,
and command a broom to do the job for him.
The apprentice falls asleep and pandemonium
ensues. This rendition, narrated by Yadu, offers a spirited telling of the tale set to the music
of Dukas, as performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Also features a brief history
of the story, a discussion of the way music is used to tell a story, the Dukas piece in its original
form, and playful use of the composition’s themes using kitchen items for percussion.
30 Greatest Kids Easter Classics
It’s Passover, Grover!
TUT3 5060 CD $4.98 / $8.98
UPC 790617506025
The eggs are dyed in a rainbow of colors, chocolate bunny rabbits flood out of stuffed baskets and
the unmistakable smell of spring is in the air… now
all you need to take your Easter party to the next
level is this album of adorable songs to set the
scene. It includes a mix of Easter-themed songs
like “Eggbert, The Easter Egg,” “My Choc’late
Rabbit” and “Here Comes Peter Cottontail,” as well
as beloved children’s songs like “The Little White Duck,” “Skip to My Lou,” “The Chicken
Dance” and more. Using fun arrangements and enthusiastic young singers, the album makes
for a great sing-along album for parties, car travel and Easter morning.
SIS4 1327 DVD $9.98 / $15.98
UPC 737138132715 PASSOVER
SHALOM SESAME is a brand new series of 12 episodes
from the creators of Sesame Street with new friends from
Israel and celebrities.Eeach episode introduces Jewish
holidays, traditions and culture to viewers of all ages. In
this program, it’s almost time to celebrate Passover, and
there is no horseradish to be found. Grover, Anneliese
and Avigail put their heads together to track it down, but
things get tricky when there is an Oofnik involved!
Easter Bunny’s Coming To Town
30 Greatest Kids
Easter Fun Favorites
WHV4 7341 DVD $8.98 / $14.98
UPC 012569734111 EASTER
In Kidsville, youngsters make their own laws, run their
own shops and maybe even stay up as late as they want.
Each Spring, everyone — including Sunny the Bunny —
pitches in to make Easter holiday goodies. Then it’s the
Bunny’s job to take the painted eggs and yummy jellybeans to a nearby town called Town. But he better watch
out, because grouchy old Town doesn’t allow kids or a
hippity-hoppity Easter bunny! With a childlike sense of
wonder, this perennial favorite shows how Sunny and his
pals win over the meanies of Town by inventing many of
our happiest, hoppiest Easter traditions!
TUT3 5059 CD $4.98 / $8.98
UPC 790617505929 EASTER
A good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt just isn’t the
same without the appropriate music to accompany
it. This collection of children’s favorites captures the
fun of an Easter party, including such favorites as
“Here Comes Peter Cottontail,” “Little Bo Peep,”
“The Bunny Hop” and traditional toddler tunes,
like “Pop Goes the Weasel,” “Old MacDonald” and
“Mary Had a Little Lamb.” In most cases, the cute, upbeat arrangements are augmented with
the sounds of eager kids singing. Kids at home will have the urge to sing along as well.
It’s The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown
30 Greatest Kids
Easter Boppin’ Bunny Songs
WHV4 WHV27468 DVD $14.98 / $24.98
UPC 085391200635 EASTER
The characters prepare for Easter morning, when, according to Linus, the “Easter Beagle” will arrive and hand out
Easter eggs to everybody. Lucy schemes to find all the
eggs in the annual Easter Egg Hunt by planting all the
eggs and recording their positions; Peppermint Patty and
Marcie try to make Easter eggs, but Marcie instead fries,
roasts, toasts, waffles, and finally makes soup from them.
Fortunately for everybody (except Charlie Brown and
Lucy), the Easter Beagle (Snoopy) arrives and hands out
eggs to everyone (the ones Lucy planted). He runs out of
eggs, so he gives Charlie Brown the basket.
TUT3 5061 CD $4.98 / $8.98
UPC 790617506124 EASTER
Perfect for coloring eggs or preparing your Easter
basket, this fun set of songs will add charm to
your Easter celebration. The songs all have a cute
quality to them, with vocals mostly by a chorus of
children. Song-wise, the selections lean heavily
toward nursery rhymes and traditional children’s folk
tunes (“This Old Man,” “Sing A Song of Sixpense,”
“On the Good Ship Lollipop”), with a few hymns and Easter-themed songs mixed in. Songs
are performed with light instrumentation, including vibraphone, keyboards, piano and bells.
Also Available:
Kids’ Hippity Hop Easter Music
TUT3 1273 CD $8.48 / $14.98
UPC 790617127329
WHV4 1162 DVD $9.98 / $16.98
UPC 883929100699
WHV4 WH2589 DVD $8.98 / $14.98
UPC 014764258928
Bugs Bunny’s Easter Funnies
Kids Easter Fun
First Easter Rabbit,
The Deluxe Edition
TUT3 1409 CD $5.48 / $9.98
UPC 790617140922
WHV4 1010 DVD $9.98 / $16.98
UPC 883929101047
Yogi The Easter Bear
Here Comes Peter Cottontail – The Movie
LVZ4 LV54318 DVD $9.98 / $16.98
UPC074645431895 EASTER