January 2015 Communications

SUBJECT: Annual update on CPA program and 2015/16 fees
NOTE: please do not reply to this message as it was sent from an unmonitored address. If
you have any questions or comments, please visit our website for contact information.
This message contains an update on 2015/16 fees and registration information, policy reminders and
other information. This message is being sent to all CPA candidates and to all pre-approved program
route (PPR) employers on January 19, 2015, and will be posted on the CPAWSB website. Candidates
who work under the experience verification route (EVR) are asked to share this information with their
employer, as we might not have contact information for them.
The CA School of Business (CASB) has formally changed its name to the CPA Western School of
Business (CPAWSB). CPAWSB will continue to deliver the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) to
the western provinces and territories. Our rebranded website will be launched in April.
2015/16 Administrative fees
Whereas fees remained unchanged last year, there will be a slight increase in CPA PEP fees for the
2015/16 academic year. To locate the fee schedule online, click on “Fees and Forms” at the top of the
CPAWSB website.
Registration information
Until September 2017, new candidates will continue to be able to register in CPA PEP by meeting the
undergraduate degree requirements and any of the CPA, CA, CMA or CGA prerequisites in their
entirety. Any candidates who enter CPA PEP by meeting the CA, CMA or CGA legacy prerequisites will
also be required to complete Module Zero.
Module Zero is designed to supplement the legacy prerequisites, helping candidates fill any knowledge
gaps before they start Core 1. Module Zero must be completed at least three weeks prior to beginning
Core 1. Information about this free and flexible online material is available at
New candidates applying to the CPA program must allow at least one month prior to the start of a
module for completion of the application process. The application process is outlined at
http://www.cpawsb.ca/ApplicationProcess.aspx. Once they are approved, candidates can enroll in
modules via the My CPA portal.
The CPA application forms have been recently updated; we will not be accepting any previouslypublished CPA forms. Employers that submit application forms on behalf of their employees should
contact CPAWSB at [email protected] and request the current form. Employers that submit a
paper form must ensure that their candidates also create their profile in the My CPA portal, enter their
post-secondary education and request a transcript assessment, selecting the employer-paid option.
Employers that submit module registration forms on behalf of candidates can contact
[email protected] for the applicable forms. Candidates can confirm their registration in a
module through the My CPA portal.
The 2015 and 2016 Schedule of CPA Module Key Dates reflects the modules that will be offered over
the next year. The schedule can be found at
http://www.cpawsb.ca/BecomeaCPA/CPAPEP/CPAPEPSchedule.aspx. Please note that module start
dates, exam dates and exam times may be different for each module within a session.
Policy reminder: penalty for late uploading of electronic evaluation files
CPA Canada has implemented a $200 fine for candidates who do not upload their electronic
examination file within three hours of the completion of a module examination. To facilitate the timely
marking of candidate responses, electronic files must be uploaded by the cut-off time.
Tax receipts
Tax receipts from the CPA PEP program will be provided online in February through the My CPA portal.
Candidates who transitioned from a legacy program in 2014 can expect to receive two receipts, one
from each program.
Transitioning to CPA from a legacy accounting program or PREP
Candidates who are transitioning from a legacy accounting program (CA, CMA, CGA) or who have
completed the PREP program should take the following steps:
Create a profile in the My CPA portal
Do not complete a transcript assessment, but enter in post-secondary education information
Complete the admission application in the My CPA portal, selecting the appropriate admission
category (Legacy or PREP Graduate)
Fees will be calculated after candidates start the CPA PEP program, taking into account any credits
from the legacy/PREP body. Information regarding any advanced standing in the CPA program can be
obtained from a candidate’s legacy organization.
Practical experience
All candidates registering and commencing employment on or after September 1, 2014, will need to
satisfy the CPA Practical Experience Requirements (PER).
Employment is not required for admission into CPA PEP; however, candidates will need to complete 30
months of relevant practical experience in order to become CPAs. Additional information regarding the
steps that candidates need to take to gain access to the Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT),
and start satisfying the CPA PER, is available at http://cpawsb.ca/PracticalExperience.aspx.
Practical experience is administered by the provincial CPA bodies. For additional information regarding
practical experience, please visit the following websites or contact the provincial CPA bodies directly:
Alberta, click here or contact [email protected]
British Columbia, click here or contact [email protected]
Manitoba, click here or contact [email protected]
Saskatchewan, click here or contact [email protected]
Annual re-enrollment
Annual re-enrollment fees will be payable online only, through the My CPA portal. In early April,
candidates will receive an invoice in their My CPA portal, indicating the 2015/16 annual dues payable.
Employment changes
Candidates who change employers need to update their employment information in the My CPA portal,
and in PERT, within two weeks of a change in employment. Candidates are also required to update
their profile in PERT and submit experience reports. For further information, please refer to the PERT
user guides or contact the provincial bodies directly at the email addresses provided above.
One-to-one payment coming in 2015
In 2015, the option for PPR employers to pay fees on behalf of their candidates will cease. Once this
change is implemented, all candidates will be required to pay any fees directly in the My CPA portal;
any reimbursement of fees will be between candidates and their employers.
As we recognize that PPR employers still need key information about the candidates registered in the
program, a new employer portal is being implemented. This new process will be in place by April 13,
2015, for all but the national firms. National firms will be able to access the employer portal by June 1,
2015. More information regarding these changes will be available in March.
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