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Remodeling Update
Sunday, January 25
8:30 & 11:00 Worship
9:40 Sunday School/Coffee
3:00 Brass Rehearsal
Monday, January 26
9:15 Naomi Circle, Room A
5:30 Serenity Singers
Tuesday, January 27
7:30 40th & A Neighborhood
Association, Room B
Wednesday, January 28
11:00 WWEC, Room B
5:00 Wednesday Nite Bites
Youth Group serving pizza
casserole, salad, fruit, and cookies
5:45 Children’s Choir
6:00 Glory Ringers
6:15 Men’s Choir
6:45 Youth Choir
7:00 Chancel Choir
Thursday, January 29
9:30 Women’s Bible Study,
Room A
Friday, January 30
1:30 UMW Book Review,
Room B
Sunday, February 1
8:30 & 11:00 Worship
9:40 Sunday School/Coffee
3:00 Brass Rehearsal
Monday, February 2
9:15 Naomi Circle, Room A
5:30 Serenity Singers
Tuesday, February 3
Messenger Deadline
Wednesday, February 4
11:00 WWEC, Room B
5:00 Wednesday Nite Bites
5:45 Children’s Choir
6:00 Glory Ringers
6:00 Middle School Youth Group
6:15 Men’s Choir
6:45 Youth Choir
7:00 Chancel Choir
7:15 High School Youth Group
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January 23, 2015
We can all be very proud of the vision our church has in its
remodeling the basement under the sanctuary and lower level of the
education wing. The lower level of the education wing will add
significantly to the size of our daycare, which has a waiting list. The
remodeling under our sanctuary will give new space to our children’s
choir and youth groups as well as the boy scout troop that meets here.
It will also provide a new space for our weekly support groups—two
groups of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Ala-teen,
four groups of Overeaters Anonymous, two TOPS groups—and other
groups that meet less than weekly.
You are invited to take the elevator to the basement and see the
work progressing rapidly as walls go up and other contractors do their
With all the progress, we need people that are enthused about new
opportunities of doing ministries here at Christ UMC to explore
possibilities that can reach people in a variety of different ways. I
challenge people of our church to begin looking at possibilities to add
to our church as we continue into the future, being a vital ministry
and worship center in Lincoln.
Thank You!
Happy New Year and sincere thanks for all those who shared their
sympathy and stories about Don “Fox” Bryant. The cards, calls,
memorials, and food were greatly appreciated and we are
overwhelmed by the outpouring of caring for Fox and our family. We
treasure the stories and the old acquaintances renewed. To God the
-Pedie Bryant & Family
We would like to extend our sincerest thank you to the members of
the prayer shawl group for the beautiful blanket our daughter, Kallie,
received for her baptism on January 4. That was so unexpected and
will make a beautiful keepsake for such a special event. Thank you!
-Joey, Jaime, and Kallie Carder
Greetings from Willow, Alaska! Just wanted to drop a quick note to
say thank you for your recent gift to the ministries of Willow UMC!
As we move into this new year, we’re excited to see how God works
in this place. Thanks for being part of it!
-Pastor Dan Wilcox
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the gifts you have
chosen to give us (collected and taken to Epworth Village by Connie
Karges). In-kind gifts are invaluable to us. We so appreciate your
generosity and the time spent in service to our mission here. Your
compassion for the youth and families we serve warms our hearts.
-Marcia Schlegelmilch, PR/Fundraising Coordinator at Epworth
Messenger Schedule
Submit by February 3 for mailing February 6
Submit by February 17 for mailing February 20
Senior Pastor
Reverend Jim Miller
(402) 984-9358
Visitation Pastor
Reverend Bob Neben
Office Administrator/
Children’s Choir
Amanda Kenney
Randy Cary
Education and
Children’s Ministries
Kim Garrison
Music Director
Jenny Jensen
Men’s Choir
John Ross
Middle School Youth
Group Leader
Chris Ruiz
CUMC Brass
Mark Eldred
Serenity Singers
Connie Adams
Christ Academy
Cindy Laughter
Additional Staff
Alyssa Covert
Kim Dilley
Ashley Dodd
Nancy Graviette
Rosetta Hardy
Kristen Harvey
Taylor Kirby
Tim Krahling
Ashley Krieger
Jessica Ludvik
Melissa Lyman
Morgan Malone
Tiffany Medley
Maria Murillo
Brooke Rhoads
Jennifer Russell
Miranda Smith
Brittany Snell
Jillian Swaink
Elizabeth Swearngin
Brianna Zeeb
Sunday Nursery
Jackie Heckman
What’s Happening?
(Please help us keep up-to-date with hospital stays/births/deaths etc. by calling the church office at 489-9618.
The information will be listed in the newsletter and bulletin if we have the individual’s permission to do so.)
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Thursday, February 5
9:30 Women’s Bible Study,
Room A
Friday, February 6
1:00 Messenger Assembly,
Room A
6:30 Scrapbooking, Room A
Sunday, February 8
8:30 & 11:00 Worship
9:40 Sunday School/Coffee
3:00 Brass Rehearsal
5:30 Music Recital
Students of Lisa Myers
Doris Kneer, Art Nicolai, and Chuck Phillips at Tabitha.
Jennifer Harms at Friend Manor.
Kallie Kay Carder, daughter of Jaime and Joey Carder, born October 16, 2014,
was baptized January 4. Grandparents are Terry and Nadine Link; greatgrandmother is Vera Ficke.
Welcome Cael Henry McCormick, son of Mark and Ashley McCormick, born
December 26, 2014. Grandparents are Randy and Nancy Henry; greatgrandparents are Ray and Elayne Henry.
Box Packing Supplies Needed
The Great Plains Conference UMW library, housed here at Christ UMC and managed by Mary
Ann Bede, could reuse any packing supplies you might have. Bubble wrap or plastic air pockets
are useful when filling the boxes with books to mail. If you have any supplies you’d like to
donate, please bring them to the church office. Thank you!
Non-Profit Org
U.S. Postage
Lincoln, NE
Permit No. 55
Christ United Methodist Church
4530 A Street
Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 489-9618
January 23, 2015
Change service requested
Sunday, 8:30 and 11:00 am
Sunday, 9:40 am
January 25 8:30
February 1 8:30
February 8 8:30
Molly Garrison
Ryan Florell
Liam Renard
Jane Jewell
Adrianna Soriente
Tristan Welch
January 25 8:30 Mary Poppe, Deb Van Dusen,
Mary and Jim Kulhanek
11:00 Les Williams, Phyllis Maurer,
Evelyn and Jerry Rauch
February 1
Volunteers Needed!
February 8
Volunteers Needed!
Fellowship Servers
January 25
February 1
February 8
Bev Noble and Lois Gleaves
Shari and Joe Nigro
Bob and Shelley Witte
Communion Helpers
February 1 8:30 Del and Julie Williams, Cathy Hiemer
11:00 Bob and Julie McLean, Phil Bede
UMW News
The UMW Unit meeting will be held Wednesday, February
4, beginning in the sanctuary at 11:45. Carter Hulinsky will tell
about his trip to Ireland as the program, with an introduction by
Ardie Wilcher. The noon meal will be provided by Miriam
The Fifth Friday UMW Book Review will be held on
Friday, January 30, at 1:30 p.m. in Room B. Mildred Gardner
will review the 2015 Education for Mission book, Faith and
Struggle on Smoky Mountain, by Benigno P. Beltran. One book
review in depth may count as having read the book. Come!
Everyone is welcome!
Legislative Briefing Day will be held on Saturday, February
14, at Christ UMC. Organized by Interchurch Ministries of
Nebraska and held from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., the list of
workshops include: poverty, human trafficking, the ACA,
advocacy, children’s issues, immigration, creation care, young
adults as advocates, education, and prison reform. A $20 preregistration fee is due by February 2 to the Interchurch
Ministries office. The registration fee includes your choice of
any three of the topics and a noon luncheon. Additional
information is available at the hospitality desk.