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MISSION 2015 The eight parishes of Livingston
County are having a mission or retreat for all our parishioners, this Sunday (1/25) through Wednesday (1/28).
Each evening will include prayer, a presentation and a
reception afterward. It will run from 7-9 pm and will be
hosted at St. Patrick Parish in Brighton. Child care is
available but you need advance reservations. Email
your request to: [email protected]
The theme of MISSION 2015 is The Lord IS RISEN,DO YOU BELIEVE? It will be led by Ralph Poyo, a
deacon and leader of New Evangelization Ministries.
The goal of the four evenings is to lead us into the transforming power of a relationship with Christ.
AN INTERESTING COUPLE I stopped counting weddings at 400 in 1988. By now, it is close to 1,000! And
while I don’t remember every couple I remember most,
and some really stand out.
When Jessica Cooney married Patrick Davis,
they said that they hoped to go work in the missions for
a year early in their marriage; now that is exactly what
they are planning to do. Jessica and Patrick Davis will
be traveling to Cochabamba, Bolivia through the
Maryknoll Bolivia Mission Immersion Program for 9
months, beginning this March. They will be taking time
off their jobs: Jessica works for a non-profit assisting
individuals coming out of the prison system, and Patrick
works as a Paramedic.
One of the highlights from their wedding (and
they are the only couple out of a 1,000 weddings to do
this) Jessica & Patrick washed each other’s feet before
they exchanged vows as a sign of their commitment to
Now they are heading to Bolivia in March. They
will join us next weekend to briefly share what they are
hoping to accomplish by working alongside those that
have dedicated their lives to difficult work, and what they
hope to learn from those who are examples of faith and
dedication to social justice. Next weekend, they will be
asking for our prayerful support, and hopefully some financial assistance, to help them serve in the missions.
GONE Unfortunately, I had scheduled my winter vacation several months before Mission 2015 was planned.
(In fact, it was originally planned for Lent.) I hope that
my not being able to participate in the Mission will encourage more of you to attend – even if it is only to tell
me that I missed a really great set of presentations!
I am grateful to Fr. Phong from Cross International for being here this weekend. I am sure, as always, you were very receptive and welcoming.
I will be back in the office on Thursday, January
29, hopefully rested and ready to go!
Fr. Dave Howell
Jan. 26, Monday—Saints Timothy &Titus, Bishops
2 Tm 1:1-8/Mk 3:22-30
9:00 am
Communion Service
Jan. 27, Tuesday
Heb 10:1-10/Mk 3:31-35
9:00 am
Communion Service
Jan. 28, Wednesday—St. Thomas Aquinas, Priest &
Doctor of the Church
Heb 10:11-18/Mk 4:1-20
7:00 pm
+Mike Conklin
Mass of Anointing
Jan. 29, Thursday
Heb 10:19-25/Mk 4:21-25
9:00 am
+Elizabeth Hardy
Jan. 30, Friday
Heb 10:32-39/Mk 4:26-34
9:00 am
+Dennis Zoladz
Jan. 31, Saturday—St. John Bosco, Priest
Heb 11:2, 8-19/Mk 4:35-41
Feb.1, Sunday
Dt 18:15-20/1 Cor 7:32-35/Mk 1:21-28
4:30 pm Vigil +Gillseppa Fazio
9:00 am
+Norman VanDenBrouck
11:00 am
St. Mary Magdalen Parishioners
Deuteronomy 18:15-20 The events in today’s
reading take place as the Israelites are camped on
the shore of the Jordan River ready to enter the
Promised Land. Moses is near death and is giving
final instructions. He promises that after his death,
God will still be with them through another prophet. Both Jewish and Christian readers have seen
this as referring to the future Messiah.
1 Corinthians 7:32-35 In this section of the
first letter to the Corinthians, Paul is responding to
their question about whether it is better to remain
single or become married. Paul’s belief was that
when you became Christian, you shouldn’t take on
a new state in life since he expected Jesus would
return in glory soon.
Mark 1:21-28 We continue in the first chapter of
the Gospel of Mark. The evangelist’s opening
chapters, including this passage, are packed with
exciting narratives and fast-paced action. The
reading ends with the subtle acknowledgement of
the impact of Jesus’ ministry and fame.
Reflect: What are the evils in today’s world
that you pray God will free us from?
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Week of 1/18/2015
Approximately 1,412 people participated
Securing Our Future
Children’s Collection
$ 5,320
$ 50.81
Thank You for your Gifts
Please pray for all the sick who
have been commended to our
prayer, that they will respond to
God’s healing will, especially:
Kathleen Sheere, Craig Nelson,
Betty Gehan, Mary Serio, Jay Finn, Kip Church,
Barry Shiek, Eileen Chvala, Jean Schultz, Gail Kelso,
Becky Duneske, Anne Zaragoza, Ellen Andary, Virginia Darga, Jack Matta, Michael Murphy, Patty Nouhan, Robert Laginess, Norma Pellerito, Doug & Linda
Lambert, Joyce Egerer, Jeanne and Eugene Buel,
Tom Stadtmiller, Janet Husseli, Gwen Maes, Ron
Abramovich, Dorothy Keefe, Nancy Sharpy, Bob
Sixbery, Betty Carb, Caroline Bilicki, Vic Howe, Tom
McSweeney, Heather Bierlein, Linda Heppler, Tom
Zremski, Andrew Doyle, Dave Zapfe, Donna Miller,
Fred Preiss, Addison Donehue, Marylyn Trader,
Donald Gehring, Jameson Timberlake, Michelle
Schmid, Ben Hemker, Cheryl Gautherat, Steve
Reichardt, Mary Anderer, Shirley Nitz, Bill Gamble,
Cynthia McIntosh, Dan Schilkey, Margie Kelly, Lynn
Long, Abbie Fountaine, Mark Matras, MaryAnna, David Martin, Hogan McCuan, Sherri Kunkel, Herb
Please remember in your
prayers: Sandi Phillips and
Family in the death of her
aunt, Joan Hibbeln; Dave
Wisniewski and Family in the
death of his aunt, Theresa O’Connell; Donna Kovalchik and Family in the death of her sister-in-law,
Anna Sarnak.
JANUARY 25, 2015
Monday, January 26
9:00 am
5:45 pm
4th Grade Catechist Meeting
6:00 pm
Magdalen’s Kitchen
7:00 pm
Regional Mission at St. Pat’s
Tuesday, January 27
9:00 am
10:30 am
Advanced Meditation
7:00 pm
Troop 385
7:00 pm
Regional Mission at St. Pat’s
Wednesday, January 28
9:00 am
9:45 am
12:30 pm
7:00 pm
Mass of Anointing
7:00 pm
Regional Mission at St. Pat’s
7:30 pm
Time & Talent Meeting
Thursday, January 29
9:00 am
6:30 pm
7th Grade Catechist Meeting
7:00 pm
School for Discipleship
7:30 pm
Music Ministry
Friday, January 30
9:00 am
6:30 pm
8 Great Dates
7:00 pm
Divorced & Separated
Saturday, January 31
4:30 am
Sunday, February 1
9:00 am
Family Program
10:10 am
New Parishioner Meeting
10:15 am
11:00 am
RCIA Dismissal
11:00 am
Kindergarten &
9th Grade Religious Formation
All Weekend: Youth Winter Getaway
Super Bowl Collection
A MASS OF ANOINTING will take place on
Wednesday, January 28, at 7:00pm. All who have a
serious or chronic illness, or are facing surgery are
encouraged to attend.
Livingston County Catholic Charities celebrates 30 years at our Annual Salute to the Stars and
Celebrity Dance Competition in addition to honoring our community stars. There will be one
overall winning dance team that night based on the judges’ scores, and a community-favorite
award will be given to the team with the most votes, both online and at the event. Online voting
will open March 1st.
It will be held March 21st, at the Johnson Center at Cleary College, with Mass celebrated
prior at St. Joseph, in Howell. Tickets $60/person or $440/table of 8. To sponsor the event or
purchase tickets, contact Julie Amman at 517.545.5944.
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Religious Formation News
Youth News
from Mary at [email protected] and
Karen at [email protected]
from Margaret at [email protected]
and Stasia at [email protected]
Class break: there are no classes today through
Thursday, Jan. 29. Classes resume Sunday, Feb. 1!
Change of time: Confirmation class (9th gr.) Sunday, February 1: We will gather at 11 for Liturgy
(look for our reserved section) and then our Confirmation “Super Bowl” class begins immediately after Liturgy in the gym until 1:30!
THANK YOU to all our youth. They did an amazing
job in their ministries at our youth liturgy! See the February Visionary for more!
Formation Classes: We still have room in our classes if you haven’t registered yet (regardless of your
ability to pay). Come into or call the office for more information. If payment is a problem, please call Mary at
extension #115.
Pet Food Collection: Don’t forget! Our first grade
classes are collecting pet food for various shelters and
Gleaners. Marked collection bins are in the Gathering
WE NEED YOU! We are looking for individuals with
the desire to share their faith with the youth of our parish. If you ever felt “called” to inquire into the ministry
of catechist or assistant, give us a call! We need you to
pass along the fundamentals of our faith. Catechists
and aides are needed in our formation classes during
the week on Wednesday and Thursday, along with
Sunday mornings and evenings. We will provide training, information and support before you ever meet with
a class. Even if you do not feel the classroom is the
best place to use your talents, our Formation Team is
in need of new members as well. This team helps set
the direction of the programs and what goes into our
classes. If you have ever wondered if you possess the
gifts needed and enjoy working with youth, please call
me in the office!
Just a reminder about snow days: Since it is January, it is a good time to remind you of our snow policy.
If Brighton area schools are cancelled due to bad
weather, our Faith Formation classes will also be cancelled. In case Religious Formation is cancelled during
the school day, we will notify each family by email. (We
are no longer using the automated phone calling system.) If you have a change of email or phone (cell)
numbers let Karen in the office know.
Next week many of us will leave for the weekend for
our anticipated Winter Weekend Getaway! We will
leave Friday and come home Sunday late afternoon.
Please keep us in prayer for safe travels on the road
and safety on the hills of Caberfae Ski Resort in Cadillac. Friendships will be formed and deepened, memories made and laughter will be heard all throughout the
surrounding wooded area!
It is Super Bowl Sunday next weekend and for
many people that means an exciting football game,
messy snacks, gatherings with friends, and the anticipation of those TV commercials. For us here at St.
Mary Magdalen, it means SOUPer Bowl Sunday, which
is our annual collection of change (and paper monies)
in pots and pans after each liturgy for the needy. Our
EDGE adult leaders and many middle school students
will be in the gathering area after all liturgies next
weekend for the collection. The money collected will
sponsor a child in Honduras through the organization
Osman Hope; it will help the hungry through a donation
to Gleaners and also the homeless in Detroit. Thank
you in advance for your generosity.
Looking ahead to Valentine’s Day next month,
mark your calendar for that Saturday, the 14th, for the
Warming the Hearts of Others Dance, for 50+, teens
and in-betweens. It will be a formal dance here in the
gym and community room. Invite your elderly neighbors, grandparents or the people you sit near during
Mass. In addition to sharing the love with those around
us, we are conducting a blanket drive for the homeless
in Detroit. Put on your dancing shoes, your best dress
and grab those gently used blankets or comforters that
will be donated to dress the homeless in warmth and
love! The following Saturday, the youth will go downtown and work with the nonprofit organization, The Ark
Association to hand them out. You can check out the
organization at thearkassociation.org.
All high school teens are always welcome to
come and join us for our weekly youth group meetings,
in the youth room, on Sunday evenings, from 7-9pm.
Our next meeting is Monday, January 26th at 7 pm.
Hope to see all of you then.
Looking ahead to February 23, to fight the winter blues,
we are planning an EDGE Night Out to Rollerama/
Zapzone in Brighton. I will have more details as we get
closer, but for now make sure to mark your calendar.
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Adult Education and Formation
Faith and Service - From Sr. Joyce
[email protected]
Regional Parish Mission
January 25, 26, 27, 28
St. Patrick Church, 7-9 pm.
Adults, young adults and teens are invited (free-will
offering). Our Lenten Faith Sharing will continue with
this process. Childcare available, contact:
[email protected]
Lenten Faith Sharing Groups
You may want to begin gathering together your faith
sharing group from the past. Sign-ups at the Parish
will begin January 24 & 25. Facilitators, please let
me know if you have space for more people.
Year of Consecrated Life
Please keep in your prayers the men and women
who live consecrated vowed lives today and pray
that God will continue to call self-giving people in
this service.
M.O.M.S.: Mothers of Ministry Sharing
The M.O.M.S. Group meets in the North Room, next
to the Nursery throughout the school year. Meetings
with Prayer, Food, Fun, and Friendship occur every
Wednesday morning from 9:30 am – noon. Moms of
all ages and stages are welcome to come anytime.
Please feel free to contact Erin Wolfe at
[email protected] or Holly Oakes at
[email protected] with any questions.
Livingston YAM Special Event
Livingston YAM and St. Pat’s presents Faith Finances with Tom Zordani on Friday, February 6, 2015,
from 7-9pm at McCann Hall, St. Patrick in Brighton.
Do you believe that God has a plan for you
and your finances? Come join us for a special
evening to explore this important topic! No matter
your age or stage of life, YOU can benefit from an
evening with this unique speaker. Please visit at:
faithfinances.net. For more information, contact
Shannon [email protected]
ICHTHUS: Music, Stories, Friendship
Join us each Sunday morning at 10:15 am in the North
Room, featuring guest speakers. All are welcome and the
Nursery is available and supervised for young children.
JANUARY 25, 2015
Ready, Set, Pack!!! That’s right. We have scheduled
our next packing event for Kids Against Hunger. Saturday, February 14th at St. Mary Magdalen. We will
run two shifts on that day.
Set-up is 8:00 am = 8 volunteers
Shift 1: 9-11 = 150 volunteers
Shift 2: 11-1 = 150 volunteers
Sign up sheets will be available next week in the gathering area. Ages 5 and up are welcome. Children 5
years to 10 years will need to be paired with an adult
at the packing station. Please plan on arriving 15
minutes before your scheduled time for instruction
and prep.
Magdalen’s Kitchen Sign-Up:
Names of those interested in serving at Magdalen’s
Kitchen for the Mondays of February 16 and 23 and
all of March are being accepted. 3 assistant cook
positions, 8 set-up/server/clean-up positions, 3 dish
washer positions, 4 dessert positions, and 4 sub positions are needed for each Monday. Sign-up sheets
are organized by date and are near the Charity and
Justice table in the Gathering Space. Sign-ups are
on a first come, first serve basis. Reminder slips are
available to remind you of your commitment; a reminder telephone call will be placed prior to the date
you are to serve. Volunteers must be middle school
age (and accompanied by an adult) or older to fill a
server/dish washer position and 18 years of age or
older to fill a cook position. Future dates (April and
first half of May) will be posted in early March.
9:00am on Saturday, February 21, 2015 at the
Hartland Education Support Services Bldg.
A fundraiser walk-a-thon to provide support for the
people of Livingston County that are experiencing a
heat emergency during the year, but especially during
the cold winter months.
Unable to walk?
consider donating to the St.
Mary Magdalen Team under
fundraisers on the website:
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Sun. Jan. 25 Kyle Geran, Michelle Sixbery
Mon. Jan. 26 Sr. Joyce, Bob & Dawn Gustitus, Jan
Tue. Jan. 27 Shirley Stork, Gary Prise, Larry Maes
Wed. Jan 28 Gale & Pat Harris, Crystal Little
Thur. Jan 29 Hugh & Patti Conahan, Rita DeRaud,
Audrey Shilkey
Fri. Jan. 30 Cindy Sultana, Cathy Hazen
Sat. Jan. 31 Kevin Tinsky
BLUE MASS: On February 8,
2015, at the 11:00 am. Mass there
will be a special blessing for all
those who serve in a first responder emergency type position in our
area. All police, fire, and EMS
people are asked to join us at
Mass (in uniform if possible, but
not necessary) and be our guests
at the pancake breakfast that the K of C is preparing
on that day. We know there are many of you in the
area and look forward to having you join us at this
special Mass in your honor.
FROM PRESCHOOL...Kathie Anderer, Director
We are having an Open House for the 2015/2016
school year. The dates for the Open House are Saturday, Feb. 7 (4-6pm) and Sunday, Feb. 8 (8:30am12:30pm). Our preschool provides morning sessions
for 3 and 4 year olds. Classes are taught by dedicated and highly qualified professionals who understand
the importance of a faith-forming education program.
Please accept this invitation. We would love to have
you join us next year.
Coming soon…” Pizza and Parenting” a
course on parenting children 0-10 year olds. This
course is based on Christian principles and is designed for parents and caregivers with or without a
Christian faith. The course is for every type of parenting situation, including parenting on your own,
step-parenting and parenting as a couple. Whatever
your situation, the practical tools you learn can help
you to improve and strengthen your family life. The
class runs for five weeks, starting Thursday, February 19 through Thursday, March 19, 2015. It runs
from 6:15-8:30pm each night and includes pizza,
babysitting, course instruction and class booklet for
the full five weeks. Cost is $30 per person or $50 per
couple. Coordinator is Dr. Elyce Cron. Registration
is limited to 30 participants. Forms and info are available in the gathering area. Join us on this journey!
Upcoming Marriage Enrichment Calendar
These are marriage enrichment events for the next
several months. You can find a full listing for the
year, as well as a short description of each program
and a web link by clicking on the Year of Marriage
logo on the St. Mary Magdalen website.
Marriage Conference February 7, at St. Patrick,
Brighton: This year’s theme is “Marriage...Faith and
Finances.” Join us for a day of marriage strengthening and enrichment! Enjoy a “date” with your beloved in an atmosphere of love, laughter and the
inspired Word of God. Listen to engaging speakers,
including Tom Zordani of Faith Finances and Randy
and Therese Cirner, Christian Marriage Counselors.
Celebrate Mass with Bishop Boyea. Visit
www.idoforlife.org for info or to register.
We Care 2 February 28, 9am-1pm at St. Patrick,
Brighton. This program debuted at St. Mary Magdalen last fall and was well received by those who
attended. It is a version of the We Care communication class that is offered to engaged couples, but
specifically adapted to couples who are already
married. This four-hour course could be just for you
if you need to refresh your communication skills.
Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend March
20-22 in Lansing. Looking for the perfect weekend
dedicated to bringing a husband and wife closer
together? A WWME weekend is exactly what you
are looking for. At a Worldwide Marriage Encounter, the original and continually updated marriage
enrichment program, you get away from the distractions of everyday life and focus on each other. Instead of simply listening to lectures about how to
improve your marriage, you will actually be improving your marriage! www.wwme.org.
Evelyn Grace Kirila, parents are Andrea and Jim;
and Jack Christopher Spalding, parents are Jennifer
and John.
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This program is for people who are already divorced
or have filed for divorce, not those considering divorce. It is co-hosted by the Livingston Region Catholic parishes and Livingston County Catholic Charities. It will be held on Friday evenings, 7-8:30 pm
January 23 - March 27, here at St. Mary Magdalen.
Call Sr. Maryetta, 810.229.8624, to register. There is
a $10 fee for program materials.
Mon. 1/ 26
9:30 am
8:30 pm
Tues. 1/27
8:30 am
9:30 am
7:00 pm
Wed. 1/28
9:30 am
6:00 pm
Thurs. 1/29 8:30 am
9:30 am
Fri. 1/30
9:30 am
Sat. 1/31
7:30 am
10:00 am
Sun. 2/1
9:00 am
11:00 am
JANUARY 25, 2015
Open Walk
Men’s Basketball
Open Walk
Troop 385
Open Walk
Hartland Baseball
Open Walk
Open Walk
Insanity Boot Camp
Special Olympics
Family Program
9th Grade Liturgy &
Super Bowl Class
Our Next Blood Drive is Sunday, February 8th!
In conjunction with this blood drive, we will also have a Bone Marrow Donor Registry Drive for
anyone age 18-44 in memory of one of our parishioners, Dennis Denhard.
For thousands of critically ill blood cancer patients, there is a cure. Just 10 minutes
and a cheek swab is all it takes!