MKISC Handbook - Milton Keynes Ice Skating Club

Meet and make friends at
Milton Keynes Ice Skating Club
Friday evenings, 4.45 - 6.15pm
Promoting figure skating, supporting our
members and encouraging new skaters.
The Club
Milton Keynes Ice Skating Club is run by a committee of volunteers,
mainly parents, and is a not-for-profit organisation. It provides an
opportunity for skaters to get together for group coaching, to make friends
and have fun. Membership is open to any skater, of any age, at Skate UK
Level 4 and above.
The Club’s main aim is to promote, encourage and further the growth of
figure skating as a sport and leisure activity.
Club sessions
Club sessions run at Planet Ice on Friday evenings throughout the year
from 4.45pm to 6.15pm. For children under 15 years, parents are
required to stay on-site to supervise their child during Club.
Club sessions normally consist of 45 minutes of social skating, when
private lessons with the International School of Skating (ISS)
coaches can be arranged. This is followed by a 15 minute club
warm-up and a 30 minute group coaching session, with skaters of a
similar level. Please note: there is no formal assessment of levels
during the club group lessons.
ALL skaters must sign in at the front desk at the start of every session,
before going onto the ice pad.
Other activities
MKISC organises in-house club competitions and galas where our
members can showcase their work in groups or solo performances.
The club is responsible for organising and running the Milton Keynes
Open – a national Competition for higher level skaters. The Open also
helps to raise funds for the club to provide equipment for skaters at the
There are regular second hand sales of ice skating apparel and skates.
Occasionally we’ll organise group outings to the theatre or shows on ice.
MKISC Membership
New members are always welcome. The Friday club session is currently
at maximum capacity, however, prospective members are encouraged to
sign up to join our waiting list and we will then contact you as soon as a
space becomes available.
We offer prospective members a free taster session, before joining.
Membership runs annually from 1st April to 31st March and is charged
at £35 per month by standing order, which allows skating at 48 sessions
per year. There is a one off £10 joining fee. Discounts are available for
siblings and we also offer an Associate membership at £24 per year and
£12 per session.
Although the club is insured, skaters are responsible for their own safety
and the safety of other skaters during the MKISC sessions (you’ll find
the Ice Etiquette section on the back of this leaflet).
Get involved
New committee members are always very welcome, please ask at the
front desk during club sessions or contact [email protected] for more
Useful information and contacts
Planet Ice – is the home of ice-skating in Milton Keynes. You’ll find
opening information and more on their website:
The International School of Skating – provides the coaches at the rink,
including at our club sessions:
National Ice Skating Association(NISA) – is the sports awarding and
governing body:
MK Ice – specialists in skates and blades for beginners and higher levels
alike: [email protected]
And, if in doubt, ask one of us!
As a new skater you will move through your Skate UK levels, before
moving on to bronze, silver and gold awards. After that, you can go for
your NISA levels 1 through to 10.
Alongside your tests, there’ll be galas and competitions – opens and ISJs
(International judging systems). How quickly you progress will depend
on you and how often you practice. Figure skating training sessions are
referred to as ‘patch ice’. Your coach will be able to tell you more.
MKISC Ice Etiquette
For everyone’s safety, club members must follow the general ice rules: no
personal music players; no eating or drinking whilst on the ice; long hair
must be tied up at all times.
Club members must always show respect and consideration for each
other, both on and off the ice.
All club members must be respectful and courteous to the ice skating
coaches and MKISC volunteers, without whom the club would not run.
Ice skating can be a hazardous sport, it is therefore necessary that
participants pay attention to what they are doing and be aware of other
skaters at all times, so that everyone can enjoy the ice. MKISC members
should pay particular attention to the fact that there are members of
varying ages and abilities on the ice.
During the ‘free skate’ session of the club, the MKISC ice etiquette/right
of way – order of priority is as follows:
skaters in private lessons with their music playing
skaters in private lessons
skaters practicing their routines with their music playing
all other skaters.
Skaters should always put their blade guards on upon leaving the ice pad.