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JANUARY 24, 2015 | RABEE AL THANI 3, 1436 AH
Internet will ‘disappear’,
Google boss tells Davos
Captain Smith
takes Australia
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Cinema where MF
Husain danced now
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Vol. 34 No. 71 | 200 baisas | 24 pages
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HM condoles death of Saudi King Abdullah
ySalman new King, Oman declares 3-day mourning
”‹†ƒ›ƒˆ–‡”–Š‡ˆ—‡”ƒŽ‘ˆ‹‰„†—ŽŽƒŠǤ See also Pages 2 & 8
MUSCAT/ RIYADH — His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has condoled the death of
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah on Fri†ƒ›Ǥ ‹• ƒŒ‡•–› ‘”†‡”‡† ƒ ‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ
‘—”‹‰ ’‡”‹‘†ǡ ™‹–Š ϐŽƒ‰• ‹ –Š‡
country to be lowered to half mast,
and a three-day public holiday from
King Abdullah died on Friday and
was replaced by his half-brother
Salman as the Saudi ruler.
His Majesty expressed his sincere
condolences in a telegram to Salman
bin Abdulaziz al Saud on the death of
Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud. “His
Majesty expressed his sincere condolences to the Custodian of the Two
Holy Mosques, and to the family of
each Saud royal brother and the Saudi people, praying to Allah Almighty
to rest the deceased in peace.”
Global leaders paid tribute to the
late ruler.
 Š‹• ϐ‹”•– ’—„Ž‹… •–ƒ–‡‡– ƒ•
the new ruler, the 79-year-old King
Salman vowed to maintain a steady
course for Saudi Arabia.
Salman named the interior minister, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, as
second in line to the throne and one
of his sons, Prince Mohammed, to replace him as defence minister.
Abdullah was hospitalised in
December suffering from pneumo-
Iran-US talks resume in Zurich
ZURICH — Iranian and US diplomats resumed talks in Switzerland
‘”‹†ƒ›ǡƒ•–Š‡’ƒ…‡‹–‡•‹ϐ‹‡•–‘wards a complex deal on Tehran’s
nuclear programme.
Two days of meetings between
Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister
Abbas Araghchi and top US negotiator Wendy Sherman began on Friday morning in Zurich, a US spokesman said.
EU political director Helga
Schmid was also taking part in the
meetings, he added.
The talks are taking place less
than a week after Araghchi met
with Sherman and representatives
ˆ‘” ϐ‹˜‡ ‘–Š‡” ‰Ž‘„ƒŽ ’‘™‡”• ‹ ‡neva in a bid to hammer out a comprehensive deal which would rein
in Tehran’s nuclear programme in
exchange for relief from a tight network of sanctions.
US Secretary of State John Kerry,
who met last week in Geneva and
then again in Paris with his Iranian
counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif
The new Republicancontrolled US Congress
is considering a fresh
sanctions bill, despite
strong opposition from
President Barack Obama,
who has threatened to
veto any such legislation
to discuss the nuclear negotiations,
also returned to Switzerland on Friday. He was scheduled to attend the
World Economic Forum in Davos,
but it was unclear if he would meet
Zarif again there to hold another
round of talks.
Under an interim deal agreed in
November 2013 by Tehran and the
so-called P5+1 powers — Britain,
China, France, Russia, the United
States plus Germany — Iran has frozen its uranium enrichment in exchange for limited sanctions relief.
But two deadlines for a full accord cutting off Iran’s possible pathway to an atomic bomb have been
Among issues complicating negotiations are hardliners in Washington and Tehran who appear willing
to torpedo the efforts.
The new Republican-controlled
US Congress is considering a fresh
sanctions bill, despite strong opposition from President Barack
Obama, who has threatened to veto
any such legislation. If a sanctions
bill does go through, some Iranian
lawmakers have hinted they will
push to resume unlimited uranium
enrichment. Top European diplomats on Thursday appealed for US
lawmakers to hold off on the threatened new sanctions, pleading for
time to allow the nuclear talks to
succeed. — AFP
Oil boils, new King’s
pledge calms market
LONDON — Brent crude oil
rose on Friday after the death
of Saudi Arabia’s king added
to uncertainty in oil markets,
although the new ruler indicated immediately there
would be no policy change.
Brent crude rose to a high of
$49.80, up $1.28 a barrel, before easing to around $49.20
by 1515 GMT. US light crude
oil rose to $46.41, up 10 cents.
Saudi television said King
Salman intended to keep oil
minister Ali al Naimi in place,
suggesting oil policy would remain unchanged.
Late Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz (L) and his successor,
Salman bin Abdulaziz. —AFP
nia. Abdullah was buried on Friday
following afternoon prayers. The
body was carried in a simple white
shroud to an unmarked grave in a
Riyadh cemetery where many of his
commoner subjects rest, in keeping
with ascetic traditions.
While the afternoon prayer that
preceded Abdullah’s burial took place
before ranks of Muslim leaders, Saudi
princes, clerics and businessmen, his
body was transported to the mosque
in a city ambulance.
It was borne through the crowds
on a carpet on a simple stretcher, laid
in front of the faithful at prayer and
then carried by Abdullah’s relatives to
the graveyard, where it was laid in the
ground with no ceremony.
Under Abdullah, who took the
throne in 2005, Saudi Arabia has
been a key ally of Washington in the
Arab world, most recently joining
the US-led coalition carrying out air
strikes against the IS group in Syria
and Iraq.
Salman is a stalwart of the royal
family credited with transforming
Riyadh to a thriving capital.
— Agencies
Report on P 2
‘Stars aligning’
for India-US ties,
says Obama
Rosetta reveals
new details
about comet
PRESIDENT Barack Obama said
“the stars are aligned” to enable the
United States and India to forge a
global partnership in an interview
published yesterday ahead of his
visit to New Delhi. Obama told the
India Today magazine that he hoped
to make “concrete progress” with
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a
range of issues. But while outlining
areas where the world’s two biggest
democracies share common goals,
Obama put pressure on Modi to do
more to help secure a global climate
ROSETTA probe, which sent the
Philae lander onto a comet’s
surface, has revealed details about
these celestials balls of ice, dust,
and rocky particles. In eight papers
published in Science, researchers
describe what they have learned
about Comet 67P/ChuryumovGerasimenko since the Philae
landed on it November 12 after
a 10-year trek piggybacking on
taken by the spacecraft show how
the nucleus consists of two lobes,
connected by a neck region, which
some have described as a “rubberducky” shape.
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Ousted Thai PM banned from politics
THAI authorities dealt a double blow
to ousted Prime Minister Yingluck
Shinawatra (pictured) and her
powerful family on Friday, banning
proceeding with criminal charges for
negligence that could put her in jail.
The moves could stoke tension
in the politically divided country
still living under martial law after
the military seized power in May,
toppling the remnants of Yingluck’s
government to end months of street
The ban and the legal case are the
latest twist in 10 years of turbulent
politics that have pitted Yingluck
and her brother Thaksin, himself
a former prime minister, against
the royalist-military establishment
which sees the Shinawatras as a
threat and reviles their populist
policies. Yingluck will face criminal
charges in the Supreme Court and if
found guilty faces up to 10 years in
on Friday.
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S A T U R D A Y, J A N U A R Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 5
His Highness Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmood al Said, Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers, visited Riyadh to attend the funeral of King Abdullah yesterday. — Pictures by Mohamed al Rashdi, Salim al Hashli
Prayers said for Japanese
TOKYO —Prayers were offered on Friday at Tokyo’s largest mosque for two
Japanese hostages threatened with beŠ‡ƒ†‹‰„›ϐ‹‰Š–‡”•™Š‘Šƒ††‡ƒ†‡†
a $200 million ransom for their release.
‹‰Š–‡”• ƒˆϐ‹Ž‹ƒ–‡† ™‹–Š –Š‡ ‰”‘—’
posted an online warning that the
“countdown has begun” for the extremists to kill 47-year-old Kenji Goto and
42-year-old Haruna Yukawa.
The extremists gave Prime Minister
and the deadline expired on Friday. The
’‘•–‹‰ǡ ™Š‹…Š ƒ’’‡ƒ”‡† ‘ ƒ ˆ‘”—
’‘’—Žƒ” ƒ‘‰ ϐ‹‰Š–‡”• ƒ† •›’ƒ–Š‹œ‡”•ǡ †‹† ‘– •Š‘™ ƒ› ‹ƒ‰‡• ‘ˆ –Š‡
Š‘•–ƒ‰‡•ǡ ™Š‘ ƒ”‡ „‡Ž‹‡˜‡† –‘ „‡ Š‡Ž†
to free the men was unclear.
Government spokesman Yoshihide
and said Japan was analysing it.
are doing everything we can to win the
”‡Ž‡ƒ•‡ ‘ˆ –Š‡ –™‘ ƒ’ƒ‡•‡ Š‘•–ƒ‰‡•ǡdz
He said Japan is using every channel
‹– …ƒ ϐ‹†ǡ ‹…Ž—†‹‰ Ž‘…ƒŽ –”‹„ƒŽ …Š‹‡ˆ•ǡ
to try to reach the captors. He said there
has been no direct contact with the captors.
„‡ ‡– ™‹–Š Š‹• ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ ‡…—”‹–›
Council on the crisis. Japan has scrambled for a way to secure the release of
‘–‘ǡƒŒ‘—”ƒŽ‹•–ǡƒ†—ƒ™ƒǡƒƒ†˜‡turer fascinated by war.
ƒ’ƒ‡•‡ †‹’Ž‘ƒ–• Šƒ† Ž‡ˆ– ›”‹ƒ ƒ•
–Š‡ …‹˜‹Ž ™ƒ” –Š‡”‡ ‡•…ƒŽƒ–‡†ǡ ƒ††‹‰ –‘
–Š‡ †‹ˆϐ‹…—Ž–› ‘ˆ …‘–ƒ…–‹‰ –Š‡ ϐ‹‰Š–‡”•
holding the hostages.
ƒ•—Š‹†‡ ƒƒ›ƒƒǡ ƒ ‡’—–› ‘”‡‹‰‹‹•–‡”•‡––‘ƒǡ‘”†ƒǡ–‘
…‘‘”†‹ƒ–‡ ‡ˆˆ‘”–• –‘ •ƒ˜‡ –Š‡ Š‘•–ƒ‰‡•ǡ
told reporters he had no new information.
“We want to work until the very
‡†ǡ ™‹–Š ƒŽŽ ‘—” ’‘™‡”ǡ –‘ •‡…—”‡ –Š‡‹”
”‡Ž‡ƒ•‡ǡdz Š‡ •ƒ‹†Ǥ ‘”•Š‹’’‡”• ƒ– –Š‡
mosque in Tokyo included the hostages
in their prayers.
DzŽŽ —•Ž‹• ‹ ƒ’ƒǡ ™‡ ™ƒ– –Š‡
Japanese hostages to be saved as soon as
’‘••‹„Ž‡ǡdz •ƒ‹† ƒ†ƒ” ƒ•ƒ”ƒǡ ƒ ™‘”‡”
from Turkey. Goto’s mother made a tearful appeal for his rescue. “Time is running out.
Ž‡ƒ•‡ǡ ƒ’ƒ‡•‡ ‰‘˜‡”‡–ǡ •ƒ˜‡
•Š‹†‘ •ƒ‹† •Š‡ ™ƒ• ƒ•–‘‹•Š‡† ƒ†
angered to learn from her daughter-inŽƒ™–Šƒ–
two weeks after his child was born in
S A T U R D A Y, J A N U A R Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 5
settlement of Qadomem, in the West Bank village of Kofr Qadom near Nablus. — Reuters
Comments from world leaders in response to the death of Saudi Arabia’s
“As a leader, he was always candid and had the courage of his convictions... One of those convictions was his steadfast and passionate belief in
the importance of the US-Saudi relationship as a force for stability and se…—”‹–›‹–Š‡‹††Ž‡ƒ•–ƒ†„‡›‘†ǤdzUS President Barack Obama
to advancing the lives of his people at home as well as his country’s leadership abroad. He was a committed friend and partner of the United States.
And he was a powerful voice for tolerance, moderation, and peace — in the
Islamic world and across the globe.” US Secretary of Defence Hagel.
ƒ –ƒ‰‹„Ž‡ Ž‡‰ƒ…› –Šƒ– …ƒ •–‹ŽŽ ’‘‹– –Š‡ ™ƒ› –‘™ƒ”† ’‡ƒ…‡ ‹ –Š‡ ‹††Ž‡
ƒ•–Ǥ Š‡ •‡…”‡–ƒ”›Ǧ‰‡‡”ƒŽ ‹• ƒŽ•‘ ‰”ƒ–‡ˆ—Ž ˆ‘” ‹‰ „†—ŽŽƒŠǯ• ‰‡‡”‘—•
humanitarian and developmental support for people across the Arab region and wider world. His leadership will be remembered throughout the
Arab and Islamic worlds and the international community.”
Spokesman for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon
“The Saudi kingdom and the Arab nation have lost a leader of its best
sons.” Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al Sisi
“Saudi Arabia holds a special place “... in the heart of every Pakistani” be…ƒ—•‡‹–‹•–Š‡…—•–‘†‹ƒ‘ˆ–Š‡Š‘Ž›‘•“—‡•ǡ”‡ˆ‡””‹‰–‘–Š‡‘•“—‡•‹
‡……ƒƒ†‡†‹ƒǤPakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
Abdullah bin Abdulaziz on this day of grief. Afghans will always remember
Afghan peace process.” Afghan President Ashraf Ghani
to offer our heartfelt condolences to the government and people of Saudi
Arabia. He devoted his life to facilitating the development of Saudi Arabia
and preserving peace and stability in the Gulf region.
‡ ‡Œ‘›‡† ƒ ‘—–•–ƒ†‹‰ ”‡’—–ƒ–‹‘ ƒ– Š‘‡ ƒ† ƒ„”‘ƒ†Ǥ ‹‰
Abdullah was a good friend of the Chinese. He attached great importance
to relations with China, contributing greatly to the China-Saudi Arabia
friendship. Therefore it gave us great sorrow to learn about his death.
We offer our deepest condolences to the government and people of Saudi Arabia.”
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying
Yemen faces power vacuum after president quits
SANAA — Thousands of protesters
demonstrated on Friday across Yemen, some supporting the rebels who
seized the capital and others demanding the country’s south secede after
the nation’s president and Cabinet resigned.
President Abed Rabbo Hadi
stepped down on Thursday with his
Cabinet over the pressures by rebels
who demanded a bigger share of government power.
A faction of southerners, who oppose the power grab and live in what
was a separate country until 1990,
have seized the opportunity to press
their case for independence.
In Sanaa, which Houthis seized during their offensive in September, thousands of supporters converged on the
capital’s airport road.
Š‡› ”ƒ‹•‡† ‰”‡‡ ϐŽƒ‰• ƒ† „ƒners proclaiming their slogans often
…Šƒ–‡† „› ϐ‹‰Š–‡”• ‹ ”ƒ“ ƒ† •—’porters of Lebanon’s Hezbullah.
Checkpoints manned by Houthi
ϐ‹‰Š–‡”• „”ƒ†‹•Š‹‰ ƒŽƒ•Š‹‘˜ ƒ••ƒ—Ž–”‹ϐŽ‡•ƒ†’‹…—’–”—…•‘—–‡†
with anti-aircraft guns dotted the capi- continued besieging houses of governtal. Houthi militias also remained out- ment ministers.
In the south, thousands protested
side Hadi’s house, holding him under
a de facto house arrest. Gunmen also on Friday in Yemeni city of Aden, rais-
Houthis seized
during their
offensive in
thousands of
converged on the
capital’s airport
‹‰–Š‡ϐŽƒ‰‘ˆ–Š‡ˆ‘”‡”Ž›‹†‡’‡†ent Southern Yemen over Aden airport
ƒ† –Š‡ Ž‘…ƒŽ •‡…—”‹–› Š‡ƒ†“—ƒ”–‡”•
building, witnesses said.
Representatives of the Houthis,
who also refer to themselves as Ansar
Allah, told The Associated Press on
Thursday that the group welcomes the
resignations and are currently “brainstorming” different scenarios for a
next step.
said, is the formation of a “salvation
council” with representatives from the
north and the south.
But that initiative is likely to be opposed by Southern political leaders
who are bitterly opposed to the Houthi
takeover of the capital and several other major Yemeni cities.
The international aid group Oxfam,
which has been working in Yemen for
more than 30 years, warned in a new
report released on Friday that Yemen
is on “the brink of humanitarian disaster with millions of lives at risk.”
Half of the country’s population
is in need of humanitarian aid, and
nearly a million Yemeni children suffer
malnourishment, the report said. The
group urged the international commu‹–›–‘Š‡Ž’‡†–Š‡…‘ϐŽ‹…–ǤȄ
Yemeni supporters of the Southern Movement take part in a demonstration after the Friday prayers in Aden.
Syrian refugees plot Cyprus
escape as camp closes
Most of the refugees,
who spent several
days and nights
adrift in the
before being rescued
in September, had
hoped to reach
the Netherlands,
Germany or Sweden
ȅ It costs
thousands of euros for a false passport and place on a boat to Turkey,
but Syrian refugees stranded in Cyprus are ready to try anything.
After already paying thousands
last year to take a boat from Syria
that was abandoned by smugglers at
sea, many of the 345 refugees who
were rescued and bought to Cyprus
are already planning another treacherous voyage.
“There aren’t the advantages (in
Cyprus) that there are for refugees
in other European countries,” says
Salwa, who left her two young boys
„‡Š‹† ‹ ›”‹ƒ –‘ ϐŽ‡‡ ‘ –Š‡ „‘ƒ–
with her daughter.
“I can’t bring my children, so it’s
completely impossible for me to stay
here,” Salwa, not her real name, tells
AFP from inside her tent at a temporary camp west of Nicosia.
‘•– ‘ˆ –Š‡ ”‡ˆ—‰‡‡•ǡ ™Š‘ •’‡–
several days and nights adrift in the
‡†‹–‡””ƒ‡ƒ „‡ˆ‘”‡ „‡‹‰ ”‡•…—‡†
in September, had hoped to reach the
Netherlands, Germany or Sweden.
•–‡ƒ†ǡ –Š‡› Šƒ˜‡ Ž‹˜‡† ‹ ‘kinotrimithia camp for close to three
months, with Cypriot authorities providing their security, food and medical care.
But last week the civil defence
forces packed up and left along with
the doctors.
The camp is set to close at the end
of the month, according to the authorities, who want the Syrians to ap-
ply for permanent asylum in Cyprus.
This is not what the refugees have
in mind, however, with most days
in camp spent plotting their escape
from the island -- by any means available. Bassam, a 25-year-old teacher,
bought a counterfeit passport from a
smuggler in northern Cyprus, which
Turkish troops invaded and occupied
in 1974 following an Athens-engineered coup aimed at uniting it with
He was arrested by Turkish Cypriot police before he could leave the
‹•Žƒ† ƒ† ”‡–—”‡† –‘ ‘‹‘–”‹ithia. Eighteen-year-old Salma -- not
her real name -- arrived on the boat
with her mother, who suffers from
cancer. Her brother, an engineering
student, and her sister, a doctor, were
also aboard.
After weeks spent in a tent in the
camp, they decided to escape using
false passports, paying 1,500 euros
($1,700) each for the documents.
They managed to leave the island
and reach Istanbul, where Turkish
police arrested them attempting to
board a plane to Denmark. The family
was sent back to the camp.
Air strike kills at least 32 near Damascus
BEIRUT — A Syrian government air strike hit an opposition-held suburb of the capital shortly after Friday prayers,
killing at least 32 people, scattering bodies and rubble in
–Š‡•–”‡‡–•ƒ†•‡––‹‰ƒ–Ž‡ƒ•–‘‡„—‹Ž†‹‰‘ϐ‹”‡ǡƒ…–‹˜ists said.
An activist based near the capital who goes by the name
of Abu Yazan said the air raid struck near a popular market in the town of Hamouriyeh just east of Damascus. The
Local Coordination Committees, an activist collective, said
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human
Rights put the death toll at 32, but said the number
is expected to rise because many people were seri-
‘—•Ž› ™‘—†‡†Ǥ ƒ•—ƒŽ–› ϐ‹‰—”‡• ‘ˆ–‡ †‹ˆˆ‡” ‹ ›”ia in the chaotic aftermath of an attack. An amateur
video posted online of the raid’s aftermath showed
two men carrying a lifeless body on a stretcher as others scamper across the rubble-strewn street looking for survivors. Thick, gray smoke hangs in the air. A
ϐ‹”‡ ”ƒ‰‡• ‹ –Š‡ •Š‡ŽŽ ‘ˆ ƒ „—‹Ž†‹‰ ‘ –Š‡ •–”‡‡– …‘”‡”Ǥ
A boy screams over a puddle of blood on the pavement.
The video appeared genuine and corresponded to other
Associated Press reporting of the events depicted. Syria’s
crisis began with an uprising against President Bashar al
Assad, then turned into a civil war. So far, 220,000 people
have been killed.
3 gunmen killed in clashes with Lebanese army
BEIRUT — At least three gunmen were killed in clashes
with Lebanese soldiers close to the border with Syria
on Friday, a Lebanese security source said, in an area
in Syria’s war.
A group of gunmen launched a large-scale attack on
an army position outside the village of Ras Baalbek,
near Lebanon’s eastern frontier with Syria, wounding
ƒ–Ž‡ƒ•–ϐ‹˜‡•‘Ž†‹‡”•ǡƒ†–Š‡ƒ”›”‡•’‘†‡†™‹–Šƒ”tillery, the source said.
It was not immediately clear which group the attackers belonged to but Syria-based groups such as al
Qaeda’s Nusra Front and the ultra IS have attacked Lebanon in recent months.
staged a deadly incursion in August and seized a group
‘ˆ ‡„ƒ‡•‡ •‘Ž†‹‡”•Ǥ Š‡ ϐ‹‰Š–‡”• Šƒ˜‡ •‹…‡ ‹ŽŽ‡†
some of the soldiers and around two dozen remain
captive. The joint list could boost voter turnout among
Arab Israelis, who represent around 20 per cent of the
Jewish state’s population, according to polls.
“A united Arab list has been formed to run in the
upcoming elections, and representatives of the parties
have signed (an agreement) to that effect,” a joint statement released late on Thursday said.
‘˜‡‡–ˆ‘”Šƒ‰‡ǡƒ†ƒ†ƒ•Šǡƒ”ƒ„Ǧ‡™‹•Š•‘cialist party. Observers see the list’s formation as a re•’‘•‡–‘ƒƒ”…ŠʹͲͳͶŽƒ™–Šƒ–”ƒ‹•‡†–Š‡–Š”‡•Š‘Ž†
of minimum votes needed for any representation at the
“This list came in response to Arab public demand in
the threshold for representation,” political researcher
Dr Asi Atrash said. — Agencies
S A T U R D A Y, J A N U A R Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 5
Ousted Thai PM banned from politics
Yingluck will
face criminal
charges in the
Supreme Court
and if found
guilty face up
to 10 years in
jail, the Attorney
BANGKOK — Thai authorities dealt a double blow to ousted Prime Minister Yingluck
Shinawatra and her powerful family on Fri†ƒ›ǡ „ƒ‹‰ Š‡” ˆ”‘ ’‘Ž‹–‹…• ˆ‘” ϐ‹˜‡ ›‡ƒ”•
and proceeding with criminal charges for negligence that could put her in jail.
The moves could stoke tension in the politically divided country still living under martial law after the military seized power in May,
toppling the remnants of Yingluck’s government to end months of street protests.
The ban and the legal case are the latest
twist in 10 years of turbulent politics that
have pitted Yingluck and her brother Thaksin,
himself a former prime minister, against the
royalist-military establishment which sees
the Shinawatras as a threat and reviles their
populist policies.
Yingluck will face criminal charges in the
Supreme Court and if found guilty faces up to
ͳͲ ›‡ƒ”• ‹ Œƒ‹Žǡ –Š‡ ––‘”‡› ‡‡”ƒŽǯ• ˆϐ‹…‡
said on Friday.
Š‡ …Šƒ”‰‡• ƒ‰ƒ‹•– –Š‡ …‘—–”›ǯ• ϐ‹”•– ˆ‡-
ƒŽ‡ ’”‡‹‡”ǡ ™Š‘ ™ƒ• ”‡‘˜‡† ˆ”‘ ‘ˆϐ‹…‡
for abuse of power in May days before the
coup, concern her role in a scheme that paid
farmers above market prices for rice and cost
Thailand billions of dollars.
“Thai democracy has died along with the
rule of law,” she said in a statement posted on
her Facebook page.
Dz™‹ŽŽϐ‹‰Š–—–‹Ž–Š‡‡†–‘’”‘˜‡›‹‘cence, no matter what the outcome will be.
And most importantly, I want to stand
alongside the Thai people.
Together we must bring Thailand prosper-
ity, bring back democracy and truly build justice in Thai society.”
There was no sign of protests on the capital’s busy streets on Friday, as residents adhered to the junta’s ban on public gatherings.
Security was tightened around the parliament building where the military-stacked
legislature voted Yingluck guilty in a separate
‹’‡ƒ…Š‡–…ƒ•‡ˆ‘”ˆƒ‹Ž‹‰–‘‡š‡”…‹•‡•—ˆϐ‹cient oversight of the rice subsidy scheme.
The retroactive impeachment at the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) carries
Yingluck defended the rice scheme and
disputed the charges in a hearing at the NLA
on Thursday, but did not appear on Friday.
˜‘–‡ –‘ ‹’‡ƒ…Š ”‡“—‹”‡† ƒ –Š”‡‡Ǧϐ‹ˆ–Š•
majority among NLA members, who were
hand-picked by the junta of coup leader and
Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha.
Around 100 of the 220 members are
Prayuth said he had not ordered the NLA
to vote against Yingluck, who remains popular among the rural poor that handed her a
landslide electoral victory in 2011 and ben‡ϐ‹–‡†ˆ”‘–Š‡”‹…‡•…Š‡‡Ǥ
The impeachment was expected by
Yingluck supporters, who see the courts and
NLA as biased and aligned with an establishment intent on blocking the Shinawatra family from politics.
“Yingluck’s case was not dealt with fairly,”
said Thanawut Wichaidit, a spokesman for
the pro-Yingluck United Front for Democracy
against Dictatorship.
“The intention of these actions is for
Yingluck and the entire Shinawatra family to
be eradicated from Thai politics.
I believe there is an invisible hand behind
Yingluck’s impeachment.”
Around 150 members of the Shinawatra
political movement have been banned from
politics in the last decade, including four who
had served as prime ministers.
Prayuth’s government has urged Yingluck’s
supporters to stay out of Bangkok this week
over concerns of trouble, although a repeat of
the protests that have dogged the country in
recent years appears unlikely.
—–Š‘”‹–‹‡• Šƒ˜‡ „‡‡ “—‹… –‘ •–‹ϐŽ‡ †‹•sent, and political meetings are banned under
martial law.
In a radio broadcast, Army Chief General
Udomdej Sitabutr called on the population to
respect the NLA vote, and a spokesman for
the junta said it had seen no sign of unrest.
“Political gatherings cannot happen as we
are still under martial law,” junta spokesman
Winthai Suvaree said.
The government also asked Yingluck not
to hold a press conference after the verdict on
Friday, he said.
Yingluck’s fortunes have been similar to
those of her billionaire brother.
Both led populist governments toppled in
coups, despite being elected in landslides, and
both were subjected to legal action and street
protests by pro-establishment activists.
ˆ–‡” „‡‹‰ ‘—•–‡† ‹ ʹͲͲ͸ǡ Šƒ•‹ ϐŽ‡†
Thailand to avoid a 2008 jail term for corruption.
He has lived abroad since, but retains a
‹‰Ž—… †‹† ‘– ’Žƒ –‘ ϐŽ‡‡ǡ •ƒ‹† ‹‰thong Buachum, a member of the former
prime minister’s team.
Prayuth has promised a return to democracy after the junta enacts political and social
His government has said a general election
will take place in February next year at the
earliest. — Reuters
Blast in Zamboanga
kills 1, wounds 37
Nepalese opposition lawmakers rush to block ruling party leader Chin Kazi Shrestha at the parliament during
a constituent assembly meeting in Kathmandu. — AFP
Nepal parliament in chaos
ȅ Protests by Nepal’s opposition lawmakers threw parliament into chaos on Friday after emergency talks failed to secure agreement on a new national
constitution before a midnight deadline expired.
As parliament opened, opposition lawmakers led by
former Maoist rebels shouted slogans and stormed into
the well of the main chamber, refusing to allow ruling
party politicians to propose a vote on disputed issues in
the charter. “Announce a constitution based on consensus,” lawmakers chanted.
Nepal’s parties have spent years locked in a stalemate
over the charter while political power plays have obstructed efforts to reach an agreement, analysts say.
As political rifts have widened, with lawmakers this
™‡‡ Š—”Ž‹‰ …Šƒ‹”• ƒ† •…—ˆϐŽ‹‰ ‹ ’ƒ”Ž‹ƒ‡–ǡ –Š‡ ‹poverished Himalayan nation has sunk deeper into paralysis and anger has spilled over on to the streets.
Parliament Speaker Subhash Nembang told opposition lawmakers on Friday to end their protests and urged
them to hammer out an agreement or be prepared for a
vote, before adjourning the assembly until Sunday.
“People want answers from us, they are watching us
and they are waiting,” Nembang said.
The constitution was intended to conclude a peace
process begun in 2006 when Maoist guerrillas entered
politics, ending a decade-long insurgency that left an estimated 16,000 people dead. But six prime ministers and
to resolve the deadlock, analysts say.
“Individual leaders are cynically holding the constitution hostage to their petty interests...they are basically
jockeying for future positions as PM and president while
negotiating our future,” said Kunda Dixit, editor of the
Nepali Times weekly.
“Their ambitions have overwhelmed any push for an
agreement... and they are unable to compromise because
of a ‘winner takes all’ attitude,” Dixit said.
A key sticking point concerns internal borders, with
the opposition pushing for provinces to be created along
lines that could favour historically marginalised communities. Other parties have attacked this model, calling it
too divisive and a threat to national unity.
The ruling parties and their allies have the two-thirds
parliamentary majority they need to approve a constitution without Maoist support. But the former insurgents
Šƒ˜‡™ƒ”‡†‘ˆˆ—”–Š‡”…‘ϐŽ‹…–‹ˆ–Š‡›ˆƒ‹Ž–‘–ƒ‡‘’’‘•‹tion views into account.
“How will the country progress like this?” said
Pradeep Jung Pandey, President of the Federation of
Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry. — AFP
MANILA — A powerful explosion on
Friday killed at least one person and
wounded more than 35 others in a
southern Philippine port city that has
been hit by similar blasts blamed on
militants, the police said.
The blast occurred at a bar across
the street from a busy bus terminal in
Zamboanga city, damaged nearby establishments and hitting the victims
‡ ‘ˆϐ‹…‡” ™ƒ• ƒ‘‰ –Š‡
wounded, police said. Police suspected the militant Abu Sayyaf group,
which operates in Zamboanga and
nearby provinces, saying the attack
could have been in retaliation for the
foiled prison escape of a brother of
one of the group’s leaders.
Earlier this week, army special
forces killed at least three Abu Sayyaf
gunmen in running gunbattles and
have continued to pursue the militants in nearby Basilan province.
The group has previously set off
bombs to divert attention from military operations. The Philippine Red
Cross said at least 37 people, including one in critical condition, were
There were no immediate details
on the fatality. Zamboanga police inˆ‘”ƒ–‹‘ ‘ˆϐ‹…‡” Ž‡š ƒ„ƒŽ‘– •ƒ‹†
the bar and the bus terminal had
been separately hit several years ago
by bomb blasts blamed on the Abu
At least two suspected militants
were arrested in another bomb attack near a police station last month,
he said. The Abu Sayyaf numbers
ƒ„‘—–͵ͲͲϐ‹‰Š–‡”•ƒ†”‡ƒ‹•ƒƒjor security threat in the country’s
south despite US-backed Philippine
military offensives.
Friday’s blast tore through a vehicle parked near a bus terminal and
“left a crater” beneath it, Climaco
said, adding that she had asked the
Many foreign governments warn
their citizens against travelling
to the southern Philippine areas,
including Zamboanga, which are
regarded as strongholds for the
Abu Sayyaf and other militants
justice department to transfer the
“high-value” prisoners outside the
Many foreign governments warn
their citizens against travelling to the
southern Philippine areas, including
Zamboanga, which are regarded as
strongholds for the Abu Sayyaf and
other militants.
to establish an independent homeland in the Muslim populated south
of the mainly Catholic Philippines.
Meanwhile, French President
Francois Hollande will visit the typhoon-ravaged Philippines in February to build momentum for crucial
climate change talks that France is
hosting this year, his environment envoy said on Friday.
Hollande hopes his visit would
give a human face to climate change,
as the Philippines bears the brunt of
dozens of deadly storms every year,
including the strongest on record,
Super Typhoon Haiyan in November
2013, Nicolas Hulot told reporters.
France and the Philippines “can
send a common message to the inter-
national community, can be symbol,
can be spark to mobilise and bring us
back to our senses and reason,” said
Hulot, who was in Manila for meet‹‰•™‹–ŠŠ‹Ž‹’’‹‡‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ•ƒ†˜‹•its to typhoon zones.
Details of Hollande’s February 2627 visit, which includes a meeting
with President Benigno Aquino, were
still being worked out, he said.
Haiyan left 7,350 people dead or
missing after its 230-kilometre per
hour winds whipped tsunami-like
waves that wiped out entire communities in impoverished central Philippine islands.
During the bitterly fought Lima
round of climate talks last December,
negotiators adopted a format for national pledges to cut Earth-warming
greenhouse gases.
In Paris, negotiators hope to cut
a deal to limit global warming to no
more than two degrees Celsius over
pre-industrial levels, averting what
could be potentially catastrophic
damage to the Earth’s climate system
by the turn of the century.
S A T U R D A Y, J A N U A R Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 5
‘Stars aligning’
for India-US
ties: Obama
An armed ‘Rapid Response’ personnel stands guard at India Gate near the site where the nation’s main Republic Day parade will take place in New
Delhi yesterday. India will celebrate its 66th Republic Day on January 26 with a large military parade. — AFP
Kerala ready with bill to set up NRI commission
By R A K Singh
NEW DELHI — Kerala is to enact a law
during its upcoming budget session to
set up a commission to look into and
resolve the myriad problems faced by
its non-resident natives back home,
including those pertaining to the security of their assets and property back
home in their absence.
To set up the commission on the
lines of one established by Punjab
and to be headed by a retired high
court judge, the state government has
already readied its bill to pilot in the
upcoming assembly sessions, said a
New Delhi-based, Kerala government
Resident Commissioner here.
Once the bill is passed, the state
government will proceed expeditiously to set up the commission, envisaged to be a single-window reference
point for all shorts of problems faced
by non-resident Keralites working
Among the myriad problems,
non-resident Keralites face usurpation and grabbing of their immovable
property back home in their absence,
besides harassment by local police on
back home.
The commission will function under Department of Home and Department of Non-Resident Keralites’
Affairs (NORKA) and will have quasiŒ—†‹…‹ƒŽ’‘™‡”•ǡ–Š‡‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ•ƒ‹†Ǥ
current system comprising an NRI Cell
under Home Ministry in addressing
the panel will be modelled on the lines
Punjab NRI Commission, which has
been successfully addressing the issues of NRIs in that state.
Like the Punjab NRI Commission, the Kerala NRI commission too
will be having a full authority to take
ƒ ϐ‹ƒŽ †‡…‹•‹‘ ‘ …‘’Žƒ‹–• „›
non-resident Keralites.
Acknowledging the NRKs’ complaints of their harassment and exploitations from the moment they land
at the airport in their home state, the
‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ •ƒ‹† –Š‡ •–ƒ–‡ ‰‘˜‡”‡– Šƒ•
also decided to set up “mini police stations” at all the three airports in the
state and the police station will function under the state commission.
Š‡ ‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ• •ƒ‹† –Š‡ •–ƒ–‡ ‰‘˜‡”ment has approached the Airport
Authority of India (AAI) for their necessary approvals and space to set up
’‘Ž‹…‡ •–ƒ–‹‘•ǡ –Š‡ ‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ• •ƒ‹† —jab has 11 police stations, working
under the state NRI commission exclusively probing the cases related to
Punjabi NRIs.
The Punjab NRI commission puts
a check on registration of unwanted
FIRs against NRIs by making it manda–‘”› ˆ‘” •–ƒ–‹‘ Š‘—•‡ ‘ˆϐ‹…‡”• –‘ ϐ‹”•–
get approval from the deputy superintendent of police concerned, said the
‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ ƒ††‹‰ –Šƒ– •‹‹Žƒ” ’”‘˜‹•‹‘
will be enacted in Kerakla as well.
Talking of another step taken by
the Punjab government to protect
the interests of they state NRIs, the
‡”ƒŽƒ ‰‘˜‡”‡– ‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ •ƒ‹† –Š‡
Punjab government has amended its
Rent act to allow its NRIs get their
multiple properties vacated from tenants.
After setting up a state NRI commission, the Kerala government too
may enact such laws on the commission’s recommendations to protect the
properties of non-resident Keralites.
Š‡ ‡”ƒŽƒ ‰‘˜‡”‡– ‘ˆϐ‹cial indicated the need of urgency
in setting up the commission for
NRKs saying that the state cannot afford its non-resident natives working abroad get embroiled in property-related disputes back home,
warranting their homecoming time
Three killed in
Bihar court blast
Men help an injured victim after an explosion in Ara, a town 60 km southwest of Patna, yesterday. — AP
PATNA — Three people, including
a woman, a police constable and an
undertrial prisoner were killed and
more than half a dozen injured in a
bomb blast in a Bihar court yesterday, police said.
†‹•–”‹…– ’‘Ž‹…‡ ‘ˆϐ‹…‡” •ƒ‹† ƒ
crude bomb exploded within the
premises of Ara civil court in Bhojpur district, about 60 km from the
state capital.
The injured were rushed to the
local civil hospital for treatment.
Security in the court premises
was beefed up following the blast.
Additional Director-General of
Police Gupteshwar Pandey told media here that the bomb that exploded was carried by a woman, one of
the victims.
“Police have recovered a mobile
phone near the mutilated body of
the woman,” Pandey said.
……‘”†‹‰ –‘ ƒ ‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ ƒ– –Š‡
…Š‹‡ˆ ‹‹•–‡”ǯ• ‘ˆϐ‹…‡ǡ –Š‡ —‹‘
home ministry has sought a report
about the incident from the state
government. — IANS
Shimla records season’s coldest day
SHIMLA — Himachal Pradesh state
capital Shimla yesterday experienced more snow after two days of
intermittent rainfall with the minimum temperature recorded at minus 2 degrees Celsius, the season’s
The temperatures remained
below the freezing point at most
places in the state with widespread
–‡‘”‘Ž‘‰‹…ƒŽ ‘ˆϐ‹…‡ Š‡”‡ •ƒ‹†ǡ ƒ††ing that the western disturbances
would withdraw today.
Upper areas in Manali and the
majestic Rohtang Pass in Kullu district saw 50 to 60 cm snow in the
past 24 hours, while Bharmour in
Chamba district had 20 cm snow.
Shimla’s nearby tourist spots like
Kufri and Narkanda also experienced fresh spells of snow.
Keylong in Lahaul and Spiti district recorded a minimum temperature of minus 3.5 degrees Celsius,
while the temperature was minus 6
degrees in Kalpa in Kinnaur district
and minus 1 degree in Chamba.
Keylong and Kalpa towns recorded 7 cm and 8.6 cm of snow, respectively. Manali saw a low of minus
1.6 degree Celsius with snowfall of
2 cm.
Una town was the wettest place
in the state with rainfall of 44 mm.
Palampur town in Kangra district experienced 39 mm rain.
The met department said western disturbance — a storm system
originating from the Mediterranean-Caspian Sea region and moving
across the Afghanistan-Pakistan region — would be active again in the
region from January 25. — IANS
NEW DELHI — President Barack
Obama said “the stars are aligned”
to enable the United States and India
to forge a global partnership in an interview published yesterday ahead
of his visit to New Delhi.
Obama, who begins an unprecedented second visit by a serving US
president tomorrow, told the India
Today magazine that he hoped to
make “concrete progress” with Prime
Minister Narendra Modi on a range
of issues.
But while outlining areas where
the world’s two biggest democracies share common goals, Obama put
pressure on Modi to do more to help
secure a global climate pact.
Dzϐ‹”Ž›„‡Ž‹‡˜‡–Šƒ––Š‡”‡Žƒ–‹‘ship between the United States and
†‹ƒ…ƒ„‡‘‡‘ˆ–Š‡†‡ϐ‹‹‰’ƒ”–nerships of the 21st century,” Obama
said in the interview conducted by
“We’re natural partners. As two
great democracies, our strength is
rooted in the power and potential of
our citizens. As entrepreneurial societies, we’re global leaders in innovation, science and technology.
“That’s why, when I addressed the
Indian Parliament on my last visit (in
2010), I outlined my vision for how
we could become global partners
meeting global challenges. I’d like to
–Š‹–Šƒ––Š‡•–ƒ”•ƒ”‡ƒŽ‹‰‡†–‘ϐ‹nally realise the vision I outlined.”
While observers do not expect
any major policy breakthroughs on
the three-day trip, both sides say the
invitation to Obama for Monday’s Republic Day celebrations emphasises
a new closeness in sometimes tetchy
Modi was effectively blacklisted
by the US until last February when it
became clear he had a real prospect
of winning elections against the ruling centre-left Congress party.
He was chief minister of Gujarat
when deadly communal violence
erupted in 2002, leading him to be be
shunned by Washington and Europe.
But since coming to power, Modi
has displayed no ill feeling towards
Washington with both countries
‘I believe that
part of being
global partners
means working
together to
meet one of the
world’s urgent
challenges —
climate change.’
keen to counter-balance the rise of
Climate change however has
been a source of friction, with India
insisting it will not sign any deal to
cut greenhouse gas emissions that
threatens its growth at UN climate
talks in Paris in December.
It has stuck to its guns even
though China and the US have unveiled emissions pledges.
India, which suffers regular electricity cuts, is heavily dependent on
“I believe that part of being global
partners means working together
to meet one of the world’s urgent
challenges — climate change,” said
“Even as we recognise that our
economies are at different stages of
development, we can come together
with other nations and achieve a
strong global agreement this year in
Speaking to the NDTV network
on Thursday, Finance Minister Arun
Jaitley said the two sides had “different approaches to climate change”.
Pushkar case: Journalist
Nalini Singh questioned
Sunanda Pushkar
NEW DELHI — Senior journalist
Nalini Singh was questioned here
in connection with the murder case
of Sunanda Pushkar, Congress MP
Shashi Tharoor’s wife, police said yesterday.
Singh was called by the probe team
led by Deputy Commissioner of Police
Prem Nath at Sarojini Nagar police
station, where she was questioned for
over an hour.
Singh said: “I met them (police) for
ƒ„‘—– ͺͲ ‹—–‡•Ǥ Š‹• ™ƒ• › ϐ‹”•–
meeting with the police.”
“Police asked me the sequence
of my talk with Pushkar, before her
death. They also asked the IPL (Indian Premiere League) angle as well,”
Singh said.
“I don’t know what she wanted to
say. But she wanted to speak about
the IPL,” the senior journalist added.
“To understand background of the
case, the probing team is calling people who are connected to it,” said Police Commissioner B S Bassi.
On the question of possibility of
roping the Economic Offense Wing
(EOW) into the case, Bassi said: “For
understanding the background, if it is
required, will do that.”
Nalini Singh
On Thursday, the investigation
team questioned another journalist,
television anchor Rahul Kanwal of
Headlines Today, to whom Pushkar
had wanted to give an interview on
certain undisclosed issue.
Later, Kanwal posted the contents
of his talk with police on social media,
stating Pushkar was keen to give an
“On January 16, when the spat between Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda
splashed all over the news channels, I
reached out to Sunanda asking her if
she was keen on doing an interview
to talk about the ‘IPL scam’ she had
been referring to in her tweets,” Kanwal wrote in his Facebook account.
Both the journalists were questioned soon after Bassi told media
on Thursday that they would take
the help of those journalists who
had talked to Pushkar before her
death to corroborate the sequence of
events. Pushkar was found dead in a
luxury hotel’s room here on January
17, 2014.
Police said she was poisoned.
A murder case was registered by
the police against unknown people on
January 1 this year. — IANS
S A T U R D A Y, J A N U A R Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 5
Putin blames Ukraine’s ‘criminal orders’ for fighting
z Separatists rule out
escalates in Ukraine’s east
Members of the armed forces of the separatist self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic drive a tank on the outskirts of Donetsk. — Reuters
MOSCOW — Russian President
Vladimir Putin blamed “criminal orders” by Ukrainian leaders yesterday
and Russian-backed separatists struck
a bellicose tone in ruling out seeking
more peace talks.
„› –Š‡ •‡’ƒ”ƒ–‹•–•ǯ ƒ‹ Ž‡ƒ†‡”ǡ •‹‰ƒŽŽ‡† ƒ Šƒ”†‡‹‰ ‘ˆ ’‘•‹–‹‘• ‹ ƒ
…‘ϐŽ‹…– ™Š‹…Š –Š‡ Š—ƒ ”‹‰Š–•
’‡‘’Ž‡ǡ ‹…Ž—†‹‰ ʹ͸ʹ ‹ –Š‡ Žƒ•– ‹‡
Despite international calls for a
…‡ƒ•‡ϐ‹”‡ǡ ”‡„‡Ž Ž‡ƒ†‡” Ž‡šƒ†‡” ƒŠƒ”…Š‡‘•ƒ‹†Š‹•ˆ‘”…‡•™‘—Ž†’—•Š
‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ ‘”†‡” –‘ •–ƒ”– Žƒ”‰‡Ǧ•…ƒŽ‡ ‹Ž‹–ƒ”›‘’‡”ƒ–‹‘•’”ƒ…–‹…ƒŽŽ›–Š”‘—‰Š‘—–
Š‡ ”‡•—Ž– ‹• –‡• ‘ˆ ‹ŽŽ‡† ƒ†
‘ „‘–Š •‹†‡• „—– ƒ‘‰ …‹˜‹Ž‹ƒ•ǡdz
—–‹ –‘Ž† •‡‹‘” •–ƒ–‡ ‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ• ‹ –‡Ž‡˜‹•‡†…‘‡–•Ǥ
’‘”–ƒ– ˆ‘” –ƒŽ›ǡdz ‡œ‹ –‘Ž† ƒ ’”‡••
…‘ˆ‡”‡…‡ Š‡Ž† ‹ –Š‡ ƒŽŽ‡”‹ƒ †‡ŽŽǯ
Dz—– ™Šƒ– Šƒ• „‡‡ †‘‡ †‘‡•
‘– ‡ƒ –Šƒ– ™‡ …ƒ Ž‡– —’ ‘ ‘—”
”‡ˆ‘”•Ǥ ™ƒ– –‘ ’—– ƒ –—”„‘ ‹–‘
’”‘‰”ƒ‡ –Šƒ– •’ƒ• ‡Ž‡…–‘”ƒŽ ƒ†
…‘•–‹–—–‹‘ƒŽ ”‡ˆ‘”ǡ ƒ •Šƒ‡Ǧ—’ ‘ˆ
Œ—†‹…‹ƒŽ •›•–‡ǡ ƒ …”ƒ…†‘™ ‘ –ƒš
–Š‡ ”‡ˆ‘” ’”‘…‡•• ‹ –ƒŽ›Ǥ Šƒ˜‡ ‘
†‘—„– –Šƒ– ™Šƒ– ‹• ’”‘’‘•‡† „› ƒ––‡‘™‹ŽŽ„‡‹’Ž‡‡–‡†Ǥdz
•Šƒ”‡† „› ‡”ƒ „—•‹‡••‡• ‘’‡”ƒ–‹‰ ‹ –ƒŽ› ƒ† •Š‡ ƒŽ•‘ ‘ˆˆ‡”‡† ƒ
‹–”‹‰—‹‰ ‹•‹‰Š– –‘ –Š‡ †›ƒ‹… ‘ˆ
Š‡” ”‡Žƒ–‹‘•Š‹’ ™‹–Š –Š‡ ͶͲǦ›‡ƒ”Ǧ‘Ž†
reform programme.
‡œ‹ ƒ› „‡ Šƒ’’› –‘ ’Žƒ› –Š‡
–‡ƒ…Š‡” ™‹–Š Š‹• …Š‘‹…‡ ‘ˆ Š‹• Š‘‡–‘™ ƒ• –Š‡ ˜‡—‡ ˆ‘” ›‡•–‡”†ƒ›ǯ•
Š‘™…ƒ•‹‰ Ž‘”‡…‡ǯ• ”‘Ž‡ ƒ• –Š‡
…‡–”‡ ‘ˆ –Š‡ ‡ƒ‹••ƒ…‡ ™ƒ• „‘–Š
ƒ ™ƒ› ‘ˆ –”‡ƒ–‹‰ Š‹• ‰—‡•– ƒ† ƒ ”‡‹†‡”‘ˆ–ƒŽ›ǯ•’‹˜‘–ƒŽ”‘Ž‡‹…”‡ƒ–‹‰ ‘†‡” —”‘’‡ ƒ† ‹–• ”‹‰Š– –‘
‘’‹‹‘• ‘ ‡…‘‘‹… “—‡•–‹‘• „—–
–Š‡ •›„‘Ž• ‘ˆ …‘’”‘‹•‡ ƒ”‡ ‹’‘”–ƒ–ǡdz ‡œ‹ •ƒ‹† ‹ …‘‡–•
™Š‹…Š ‡…Š‘‡† ƒ ™ƒ”‹‰ ‡ƒ”Ž‹‡” –Š‹•
™‡‡ –Šƒ– ‡”ƒ› ‡‡†• –‘ ƒ˜‘‹†
’‹––‹‰ ‹–•‡Žˆ ƒ‰ƒ‹•– ‡˜‡”›‘‡ ‡Ž•‡ ‹
‡•–‡”†ƒ›ǯ• •—‹– …ƒ‡ –™‘
‰‘˜‡”‡– ‹ –Š‡• †‡–‡”‹‡† –‘
”‡‡‰‘–‹ƒ–‡ –Š‡ –‡”• ‘ˆ –Š‡ „ƒ‹Ž‘—–•
–Šƒ–Šƒ˜‡‡’––Š‡…‘—–”›‹–Š‡•‹gle currency bloc.
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and German Chancellor Angela
Merkel during a joint press conference in the Galleria dell’Accademia in
central Florence yesterday. — AFP
‡”ƒŠƒ…‡ŽŽ‘”- ‹‰‹–…Š‡ƒ’‡”ƒ†‡ƒ•‹‡”ˆ‘”—”‘’‡ƒ
‰‡Žƒ ‡”‡Ž ›‡•–‡”†ƒ› „ƒ…‡† –ƒŽ›ǯ• ‰‘˜‡”‡–• –‘ ”‡ϐ‹ƒ…‡ –Š‡‹” †‡„–
ƒ––‡‘‡œ‹–‘†‡Ž‹˜‡”‘ƒ’Ž‡†‰‡–‘ ™‘—Ž† ‡ƒ•‡ –Š‡ ’”‡••—”‡ ‘ –Š‡ –‘
Dz–—”„‘Ǧ…Šƒ”‰‡dz Š‹• ”‡ˆ‘”• ƒˆ–‡” –Š‡ ‡‡’ –ƒ‹‰ –Š‡ †‹ˆϐ‹…—Ž– †‡…‹•‹‘•
—”‘’‡ƒ ‡–”ƒŽ ƒǯ• †‡…‹•‹‘ –‘ ”‡“—‹”‡† –‘ ƒ††”‡•• •–”—…–—”ƒŽ ‘˜‡”’—’„‹ŽŽ‹‘•‹–‘–Š‡‘”‹„—†‡—”‘ spending.
Š‡ †‹’Ž‘ƒ–‹…ƒŽŽ› †‡…Ž‹‡† –‘ ”‡Despite fundamental differences ’‡ƒ– –Šƒ– …”‹–‹…‹• ‘ ”‹†ƒ›ǡ •ƒ›‹‰
‘˜‡”–Š‡™‹•†‘‘ˆ–Š‡ǯ•—’”‡…- •Š‡ †‹† ‘– ™ƒ– –‘ …‘’”‘‹•‡ –Š‡
‡†‡–‡†„‘†Ǧ„—›‹‰’”‘‰”ƒ‡ǡ–Š‡ ǯ• ‹†‡’‡†‡…‡ „› …‘‡–‹‰
–™‘Ž‡ƒ†‡”•™‡”‡ƒ„Ž‡–‘ϐ‹†…‘‘ on its monetary policy decisions.
‰”‘—† ƒ– ƒ •—‹– Š‡”‡ „› ƒ‰”‡‡‹‰
—– •Š‡ †‹† ’‘‹–‡†Ž› ”‡‹† Š‡”
–Šƒ– –Š‡ •‘Ǧ…ƒŽŽ‡† “—ƒ–‹–ƒ–‹˜‡ ‡ƒ•‹‰ Š‘•– –Šƒ– ‹– ™ƒ• ‡–”‡’”‡‡—”• ™Š‘
™‘—Ž† ‘–ǡ ‘ ‹–• ‘™ǡ „‡ ‡‘—‰Š –‘ …ƒ””‹‡†–Š‡’”‹ƒ”›”‡•’‘•‹„‹Ž‹–›ˆ‘”
‰‡‡”ƒ–‹‰ Œ‘„•Ǥ Dz‘ …‡–”ƒŽ „ƒ ‹
Š‡ †‹ˆˆ‡”‡…‡• ™‡”‡ —†‡”Ž‹‡† –Š‡ ™‘”Ž† …ƒ •—„•–‹–—–‡ ˆ‘” ‹’Ž‡„›‡œ‹™‡Ž…‘‹‰–Š‡‹‹–‹ƒ–‹˜‡ ‡–‹‰–Š‡”‹‰Š–’‘Ž‹…‹‡•ǡdz•Š‡•ƒ‹†Ǥ
‡œ‹ •ƒ‹† “—ƒ–‹–ƒ–‹˜‡ ‡ƒ•‹‰
ƒ• ƒ „”‘ƒ†‡” ”‡‘”‹‡–ƒ–‹‘ ‘ˆ —”‘- ™‘—Ž† …‘’Ž‡‡– ƒ ”‡…‡– ”‡Žƒšƒ’‡ƒ ‹‘ ‡…‘‘‹… ’‘Ž‹…› –‘™ƒ”†• –‹‘ ‘ˆ Š‘™ –Š‡ —”‘’‡ƒ ‘‹•‡ƒ•—”‡•–‘’”‘‘–‡Œ‘„•ƒ†‰”‘™–ŠǤ •‹‘ ‹–‡”’”‡–• „—†‰‡– †‡ϐ‹…‹– ”—Ž‡•
‡”‡Žǡ ‹ …‘–”ƒ•–ǡ †‡…Ž‹‡† –‘ ˆ‘”‡—”‘‡„‡”•ǡ”—••‡Ž•ǯ’Žƒ•ˆ‘”
…‘‡– ‘ –Š‡ ǯ• ‹‹–‹ƒ–‹˜‡ǡ ƒ ͵ͲͲǦ„‹ŽŽ‹‘Ǧ‡—”‘ ‹˜‡•–‡– ’”‘™Š‹…Š ‹• –Š‡ •—„Œ‡…– ‘ˆ †‡‡’ ‹•‰‹˜- ‰”ƒ‡ ƒ† –Š‡ ‘‰‘‹‰ ˆƒŽŽ ‹ –Š‡
‡”ƒ›‘˜‡”–Š‡‹ϐŽƒ–‹‘ƒ”› ‡—”‘ǯ• ˜ƒŽ—‡ ƒ‰ƒ‹•– –Š‡ †‘ŽŽƒ”ǡ ™Š‹…Š
impact of ‘printing money’.
ƒ‡• —”‘’‡ƒ ‡š’‘”–• ‘”‡ …‘”‹‘”–‘Š—”•†ƒ›ǯ•ƒ‘—…‡‡–ǡ ’‡–‹–‹˜‡‘™‘”Ž†ƒ”‡–•Ǥ
‡”‡Ž Šƒ† ƒ‹”‡† …‘…‡”• –Šƒ– ƒDzŠ‡•‡ ˆ‘—” ˆƒ…–‘”• ƒ”‡ ˜‡”› ‹- — AFP
DzŠ‘•‡™Š‘‰‹˜‡–Š‡•‡…”‹‹ƒŽ‘”ders are responsible.”
—–‹ ƒŽ•‘ …Š‹†‡† ”ƒ‹‹ƒ ”‡•‹†‡– ‡–”‘ ‘”‘•Š‡‘ ˆ‘” ‘– ”‡•’‘†‹‰–‘Š‹•’”‘’‘•ƒŽ–‘™‹–Š†”ƒ™
Ž‹‡ „‡–™‡‡ ‰‘˜‡”‡– ˆ‘”…‡• ƒ†
–Š‡ •‡’ƒ”ƒ–‹•–• ƒ• ƒ •–‡’ –‘™ƒ”†• ‹’Ž‡‡–‹‰ƒ…‡ƒ•‡ϐ‹”‡Ǥ
‘”‘•Š‡‘ •ƒ‹† –Š‹• ™‡‡ —••‹ƒ
Šƒ† ͻǡͲͲͲ –”‘‘’• ‹•‹†‡ ”ƒ‹‡ ƒ†
…ƒŽŽ‡† ‘ ‘•…‘™ –‘ ™‹–Š†”ƒ™ –Š‡ǡ
blaming it for an armed aggression.
‘•…‘™ †‡‹‡• •‡†‹‰ ˆ‘”…‡• ƒ†
‘”‘•Š‡‘ •ƒ‹† Š‹• –”‘‘’• ™‡”‡
ƒˆ–‡” ™‹–Š†”ƒ™‹‰ –Š‹• ™‡‡ ˆ”‘ –Š‡
ƒ‹–‡”‹ƒŽƒ––Š‡ƒ‹”’‘”–‹‘‡–•ǡ –Š‡ „‹‰‰‡•– …‹–› ‹ –Š‡ ‡ƒ•–ǡ •—ˆˆ‡”ing a symbolic and morale-sapping
…‘ϐŽ‹…–ǡ ™Š‹…Š „‡‰ƒ ‹ ‡ƒ•– ”ƒ‹‡
in its “most deadly period” since a
ƒŠƒ”…Š‡‘ǡ Š‡ƒ† ‘ˆ –Š‡ ”‡„‡Ž•ǯ
self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s
‡’—„Ž‹…ǡ ƒ†‡ …Ž‡ƒ” –Š‡ •‡’ƒ”ƒ–‹•–•
™‡”‡ ‹ ‘ ‘‘† ˆ‘” …‘’”‘‹•‡ ƒ•
‡™• ƒ‰‡…› “—‘–‡† Š‹ ƒ• •ƒ›‹‰ ‹
—••‹ƒǯ• ‡™• ƒ‰‡…› “—‘–‡†
ƒŠƒ”…Š‡‘ ƒ• •ƒ›‹‰ –Š‡ •‡’ƒ”ƒ–‹•–•™‘—Ž†‘Ž‘‰‡”–ƒ‡’ƒ”–‹–ƒŽ•
‹ –Š‡ ˆ‘”ƒ– ‘ˆ –Š‡ •‘Ǧ…ƒŽŽ‡† ‘–ƒ…–
”‘—’ǡ ™Š‹…Š „”‹‰• –‘‰‡–Š‡” —••‹ƒǡ
–Š‡ ”‡„‡Ž•ǡ ”ƒ‹‡ ƒ† –Š‡ ‹ternational security group.
–ƒŽǤ ‡ ƒ”‡ ƒ†˜ƒ…‹‰ ‘™ Ȅ ȋ•‘Ȍǡ
”ƒ‹‹ƒ ‹Ž‹–ƒ”› •’‘‡•ƒ
‡•‹‘• ‘˜‡” ”ƒ‹‡ Šƒ˜‡
Cold War.
Š‡ ‡•– ‹’‘•‡† •ƒ…–‹‘•
‘ —••‹ƒ ƒˆ–‡” ‹– ƒ‡š‡† –Š‡ ”‹‡ƒ ”‡‰‹‘ ˆ”‘ ”ƒ‹‡ Žƒ•– ƒ”…Š
imports in response.
Š‡ ‡•– –Š‡ •Žƒ’’‡† ‘”‡ •ƒ…–‹‘• ‘ ‘•…‘™ ‘˜‡” –Š‡ ϐ‹‰Š–‹‰ ‹
east Ukraine.
‹”•– ‡’—–› ”‹‡ ‹‹•–‡” ‰‘”
Š—˜ƒŽ‘˜ †‡ˆ‡†‡† —••‹ƒǯ• ’‘•‹–‹‘ ƒ– –Š‡ ‘”Ž† …‘‘‹… ‘”—
‹ ƒ˜‘•ǡ ™‹–œ‡”Žƒ†ǡ ™ƒ”‹‰ –Šƒ–
–Š‡ …”‹•‹• …‘—Ž† ‰‘ ‘ ˆ‘” †‡…ƒ†‡• ‹ˆ
–Š‡ ‡•– ‡’– –‡ŽŽ‹‰ —••‹ƒ Dz–‘ ‰‘
‹–‘ ƒ …‘”‡” ƒ† •‹– –Š‡”‡ “—‹‡–Ž›Ǥdz
— Reuters
”‡…Š…‘—”–—’Š‘Ž†••–”‹’’‹‰ ʹ‡†ƒ‰‡”‡†
Ȅ ”ƒ…‡ǯ• –‘’ …‘—”– ›‡•–‡”†ƒ› —’Š‡Ž† –Š‡ ‰‘˜‡”‡–ǯ• †‡…‹•‹‘ –‘ •–”‹’ –Š‡ …‹–‹œ‡•Š‹’ ‘ˆ ƒ
”ƒ…‘Ǧ‘”‘……ƒ ƒ …‘˜‹…–‡† ‘ˆ
–‡””‘”‹•Ǧ”‡Žƒ–‡† …”‹‡•ǡ ƒ‹† …ƒŽŽ•
–‘‡š’ƒ†•—…Š‡ƒ•—”‡•ƒˆ–‡”†‡ƒ†ly attacks in Paris.
Š‡ ‘•–‹–—–‹‘ƒŽ ‘—”– •ƒ‹† –Š‡
ϐ‹‰Š– ƒ‰ƒ‹•– –‡””‘”‹• Œ—•–‹ϐ‹‡• †‹ˆˆ‡”‡– –”‡ƒ–‡– ‘ˆ –Š‘•‡ ™Š‘ ™‡”‡
š‹•–‹‰ Žƒ™ ƒŽŽ‘™• •–”‹’’‹‰ …‹–‹œ‡•Š‹’ ‘Ž› ‹ˆ –Š‡ ’‡”•‘ Šƒ• …‹–‹œ‡•Š‹’ ‡Ž•‡™Š‡”‡ǡ ƒ† –ƒ”‰‡–• ‡•’‡…‹ƒŽŽ›–Š‘•‡…‘˜‹…–‡†‘ˆ–‡””‘”‹•ǡ
‹ˆ –Š‡ …”‹‡• –‘‘ ’Žƒ…‡ „‡ˆ‘”‡ –Š‡
’‡”•‘ „‡…ƒ‡ ”‡…Š ‘” ™‹–Š‹ ͳͷ
”ƒ…‘Ǧ‘”‘……ƒŠ‡†ƒŠ‘—‹‡ŽǦƒƒ…‘—„‹ǡͶͷǡŠƒ†Š‹•”‡…Š…‹–‹œ‡•Š‹’ ”‡˜‘‡† Žƒ•– ›‡ƒ”ǡ ˆ‘ŽŽ‘™‹‰
terrorist enterprise.
ŽǦƒƒ…‘—„‹ ™ƒ• ‹’Ž‹…ƒ–‡† ‹ ƒ
‘” ‹ ƒ•ƒ„Žƒ…ƒǡ ‘”‘……‘ǡ Š‡
”‹‡ ‹‹•–‡” ƒ—‡Ž ƒŽŽ• ™‡Ž…‘‡† –Š‡ …‘—”–ǯ• Dz‡š…‡’–‹‘ƒŽ †‡…‹•‹‘dz…‘ϐ‹”‹‰–Š‡•–ƒ–‡ǯ•’‘™‡”–‘
•–”‹’ ”‡…Š …‹–‹œ‡•Š‹’ Dz‡˜‡”› –‹‡
it’s necessary.”
–”‹’’‹‰ …‹–‹œ‡•Š‹’ ‹• ƒ ”ƒ”‡
’”‘…‡†—”‡ ‹ ”ƒ…‡ǡ ‘……—””‹‰ ‘Ž›
”‹‰Š– ”‡…‡–Ž› ƒ•‡† –Š‡ ‘…‹ƒŽ‹•–
‰‘˜‡”‡– ˆ‘” ƒ …Šƒ‰‡ ‹ –Š‡ Žƒ™
–‘ ‡š’ƒ† –Š‡ •–ƒ–‡ǯ• ƒ„‹Ž‹–› –‘ –ƒ‡
•‡”‹‡• ‘ˆ ‹–‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ …‘˜‡–‹‘•ǡ ‹…Ž—†‹‰ –Š‡ —”‘’‡ƒ ‘˜‡–‹‘ ‘ˆ —ƒ ‹‰Š–•ǡ ˆ‘”„‹†
‡ƒ•—”‡• –Šƒ– ™‘—Ž† ƒ‡ ’‡‘’Ž‡
Ȅ —Ž‰ƒ”‹ƒ …—•–‘• ‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ••ƒ‹†›‡•–‡”†ƒ›–Šƒ–Šƒ†•‡‹œ‡†
–™‘ ‹ŽŽ‹‘ ‡†ƒ‰‡”‡† —”‘’‡ƒ
™‘ ƒŽŽ‡‰‡† Š‹‡•‡ –”ƒˆϐ‹…‡”•
™‡”‡ †‡–ƒ‹‡† ƒ– ‘ϐ‹ƒ ƒ‹”’‘”– ˆ‘”
–”›‹‰ –‘ •—‰‰Ž‡ –Š‡ ‡‡Ž• ‹ ‡‹‰Š–
Styrofoam containers.
Š‡› ™‡”‡ –”ƒ˜‡ŽŽ‹‰ ˆ”‘ ƒ†”‹† –‘ ‘ϐ‹ƒ ƒ† †‡…Žƒ”‡† –Š‡ ‡‡Ž•
Š‡ —”‘’‡ƒ ‡‡Ž ‹• …Žƒ••‹ϐ‹‡†
ƒ• ƒ …”‹–‹…ƒŽŽ› –Š”‡ƒ–‡‡† •’‡…‹‡• ‘ˆ
–‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ ”ƒ†‡ ‹ †ƒ‰‡”‡†
Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.
”ƒ†‹‰ ‹ –Š‡ •’‡…‹‡• ™‹–Š‘—– ƒ
‡Ž• •‡ŽŽ ƒ– ͷͲͲ ‡—”‘• ’‡” ‰ ‹
—”‘’‡ „—– –Š‡› …ƒ ˆ‡–…Š —’ –‘
ͳǡ͵ͲͲ ‡—”‘• ƒ ‹Ž‘ ‹ •‘‡ •‹ƒ
— Reuters
Visitors stand in front of the monumental panoramic artwork ‘DRESDEN 1945’, which is printed on cloth
widths, of artist Yadegar Asisi during a press preview at the Dresden Asisi Panometer in Dresden, Germany,
yesterday. The picture shows the destroyed city of Dresden during the World War II in February 1945. — AP
S A T U R D A Y, J A N U A R Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 5
WHO says cash crunch, rains
could thwart Ebola efforts
Ȅ ƒŽ–‹‰ –Š‡ •’”‡ƒ† ‘ˆ
„‘Žƒ ‹ ‡•– ˆ”‹…ƒ ™‹ŽŽ †‡’‡† ‘
‘„‹Ž‹•‹‰ ˆ—†• ƒ† ƒ‹† ™‘”‡”• „‡ˆ‘”‡–Š‡”ƒ‹›•‡ƒ•‘Š‹–•‹’”‹ŽǦƒ›ǡ
otherwise it could up to take a year,
the World Health Organization (WHO)
warned yesterday.
—– –Š‡ ‹• •‡– –‘ ”— ‘—– ‘ˆ
cash in mid-February, a key period
as it tries to halt the deadly disease, a
“It is a programme that can stop
–”ƒ•‹••‹‘ ‹ˆ ™‡ Šƒ˜‡ –Š‡ ‘‡›
and the people, and we don’t have either,” Dr Bruce Aylward, WHO Assistƒ– ‹”‡…–‘”Ǧ
‡‡”ƒŽ ‹ …Šƒ”‰‡ ‘ˆ –Š‡
„‘Žƒ ”‡•’‘•‡ǡ –‘Ž† ƒ ‡™• „”‹‡ϐ‹‰
„‡ˆ‘”‡ƒ•’‡…‹ƒŽ•‡••‹‘‘ˆǯ•šecutive Board tomorrow.
Š‡ —„‡” ‘ˆ „‘Žƒ …ƒ•‡• ™‡‡Ǧ
‘Ǧ™‡‡ Šƒ• †‡…Ž‹‡† ˆ‘” ‡ƒ…Š ‘ˆ –Š‡
—‹‡ƒǡ‹beria and Sierra Leone, which is prom‹•‹‰ǡŠ‡•ƒ‹†ƒˆ–‡”ƒ–‘—”‘ˆ–Š‡”‡‰‹‘Ǥ
There has been a “real substantive
reduction” in cases in the past 21 days,
corresponding to the incubation pe”‹‘†ˆ‘”–Š‡Šƒ‡‘””Šƒ‰‹…ˆ‡˜‡”ǡƒ…”—…‹ƒŽ„ƒ”‘‡–‡”ˆ‘”–”ƒ…‹‰‹–••’”‡ƒ†Ǥ
Dz‡ ”— ‘—– ‘ˆ …ƒ•Š ‹ ‹†Ǧ‡„”—-
The UN health
agency still
needs $260
million for its
$350 million
budget for
Ebola for the
next six months
Dr Bruce Aylward.
that virus is going to stop in a bestcase scenario,” Aylward said. “So it is a
The UN health agency still needs
̈́ʹ͸Ͳ‹ŽŽ‹‘ˆ‘”‹–•̈́͵ͷͲ‹ŽŽ‹‘„—†‰‡– ˆ‘” „‘Žƒ ˆ‘” –Š‡ ‡š– •‹š ‘–Š•ǡ
Aylward said.
It is seeking to raise the money
The key target was getting down to
“You’re looking at months... it really depends on the progress they can
make between now and the wet sea•‘Ǥ‡…ƒ—•‡‹ˆ›‘—‰‘‹–‘ƒ”‡ƒŽ™‡–
season with this disease you’re look-
‹‰ ƒ– ƒ‘–Š‡” Šƒ”† ›‡ƒ” ‘ˆ ™‘” ‘”
The rains could wash away roads,
…‘’Ž‹…ƒ–‹‰ Ž‘‰‹•–‹…• ˆ‘” ƒ‹† †‡Ž‹˜‡”›
the WHO says.
 ƒŽŽǡ ʹͳǡ͹ʹͶ …ƒ•‡• ‘ˆ „‘Žƒ Šƒ˜‡
been reported in nine countries in the
past year since the epidemic began in
Guinea, including 8,641 deaths, the
WHO said on Thursday.
It currently deploys 700 experts in
Ebola zones, but needs another 300 to
Š‡Ž’ ™‹–Š ‹†‡–‹ˆ›‹‰ …ƒ•‡• ƒ† –”ƒ…‹‰…‘–ƒ…–•‘ˆ–Š‘•‡™Š‘ƒ”‡‹ˆ‡…–‡†ǡ
Aylward said.
DzŠ‡”‡ –‡†• –‘ „‡ ƒ ˆƒŽ•‡ •‡•‡ ‘ˆ
security that this is somehow a controllable disease. There is no such
thing as Ebola control, it has got to
drive to zero,” he said.
“It’s still an incredibly dangerous
Š‡ ϐ‹”•– „ƒ–…Š ‘ˆ Žƒš‘‹–Šline’s experimental Ebola vaccine has
„‡‡ †‹•’ƒ–…Š‡† –‘ ‡•– ˆ”‹…ƒ ƒ†
is expected to arrive in Liberia later
on Friday, the British drugmaker said.
— Reuters
ATHENS — Parties in Greece were
making their last pitch to voters yes–‡”†ƒ›ǡ –Š‡ ϐ‹ƒŽ †ƒ› ‘ˆ …ƒ’ƒ‹‰‹‰
„‡ˆ‘”‡ ƒ ‡Ž‡…–‹‘ ƒ– –Š‡ ™‡‡‡†
seen as crucial in determining the
†‡„–ǦŽƒ†‡ …‘—–”›ǯ• ˆ—–—”‡ ‹ –Š‡
euro zone.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel,
„Žƒ‡† „› ƒ› ”‡‡• ˆ‘” ’ƒ‹ˆ—Ž
ƒ—•–‡”‹–› ‡ƒ•—”‡ ƒ† •‹š ›‡ƒ”• ‘ˆ
recession, said she would “start a dialogue” with whichever party wins on
DzŠ‡ ”‡‡ ’‡‘’Ž‡ ™‹ŽŽ ˜‘–‡ ˆ”‡‡Ž›
and independently,” Merkel said at
an Italo-German summit in Florence,
Italy, adding that Greece was expected
DzŠ‡•‡ –™‘ •‹†‡• ‘ˆ –Š‡ •ƒ‡ …‘‹
–Šƒ– ™‡ ™‹ŽŽ ϐ‹† •‘Ž—–‹‘•ǡdz –Š‡ …Šƒcellor said.
Greece’s economic crisis has dominated the election campaign.
Opinion polls show the opposition anti-bailout SYRIZA party with
a 5 percentage point lead over Prime
Minister Antonis Samaras’ governing
centre-right New Democracy party.
The month-long election campaign
™ƒ• –”‹‰‰‡”‡† ‹ ‡…‡„‡” ƒˆ–‡” ƒƒ”ƒ• ˆƒ‹Ž‡† ‹ –Š”‡‡ ’ƒ”Ž‹ƒ‡–ƒ”›
˜‘–‡• –‘ •‡…—”‡ „ƒ…‹‰ ˆ‘” Š‹• ’”‡•‹dential nominee.
New Democracy was scheduled to
Antonis Samaras and Alexis Tsipras.
stage a rally in Athens later yesterday,
where Samaras is expected to tell supporters that Greece must stick to the
unpopular bailout agreements made
™‹–Š ˆ‘”‡‹‰ Ž‡†‡”• ‹ ‡š…Šƒ‰‡ ˆ‘”
Since becoming prime minister
in 2012, the veteran politician has
’”‘‹•‡† ”‡‡• –Šƒ– –Š‡ Š‘•– ‘ˆ
austerity measures he has overseen
Ȅ‹…Ž—†‹‰’—„Ž‹…•‡…–‘”Žƒ›‘ˆˆ•ǡ’”‹vatisations, and cuts to education and
healthcare spending — will mend
–Š‡ ‡…‘‘›Ǥ ‡– •‹š ›‡ƒ”• ƒˆ–‡” –Š‡
ϐ‹ƒ…‹ƒŽ …”‹•‹• ‡”—’–‡†ǡ —‡’Ž‘›ment remains around 25 per cent and
Greece’s public debt is a crushing 175
leader Alexis Tsipras repeated promises that with his party in charge Greece
would remain in the euro zone, but
that its bailout agreements would be
‘ˆˆǡ ƒ† ‹–• Dz’‡”‹‘† ‘ˆ •Šƒ‡dz ™‘—Ž†
– ƒ ’”‡•• …‘ˆ‡”‡…‡ ›‡•–‡”†ƒ›ǡ
Tsipras said that Merkel is “not more
special than any other EU leader” and
–Šƒ– Š‹• ϐ‹”•– –”‹’ ƒ• ’”‹‡ ‹‹•–‡”
would be to Cyprus, not Berlin.
He also said that he is open to hold‹‰ ‡™ ‡Ž‡…–‹‘• •Š‘—Ž† Š‹• Ž‡ˆ–‹•–
party not secure a parliamentary majority on Sunday.
“I do not even want to enter this
’ƒ”–‹‡• ™Š‘ •—’’‘”– –Š‡ ’‘Ž‹…‹‡• ‘ˆ
German Chancellor Angela Merkel,”
Tsipras said.
Speaking at the World Economic
Forum meeting in Switzerland, Gerƒ ‹ƒ…‡ ‹‹•–‡” ‘Žˆ‰ƒ‰
Schaeuble said Greece should not
Ž‡ƒ˜‡ ‹–• ƒ—•–‡”‹–› ’ƒ–Š Ȅ ‡˜‡ ‹ˆ –Š‡
…‘—–”› ™‡”‡ –‘ ™‹–Š†”ƒ™ ˆ”‘ –Š‡
euro zone.
Dz‡‹‰ ƒ ‡„‡” ‘ˆ –Š‡ ‡—”‘ œ‘‡
or not, Greece has to endure major
•–”—…–—”ƒŽ”‡ˆ‘”•–‘„‡…‘‡…‘’‡–itive,” he said in Davos.
“We don’t model any exit,” he said,
rejecting media reports that the German government has drawn up scenarios should Greece leave the common currency.
Š‹Ž‡ •‹’”ƒ•ǯ ‡••ƒ‰‡ ‘ˆ ƒ ‡™ǡ
‘”‡ …‘ϐ‹†‡– ”‡‡…‡ Šƒ• ’”‘˜‡†
popular, polls also indicate that many
Greeks do not know which party they
™‹ŽŽ˜‘–‡ˆ‘”™Š‡–Š‡›…ƒ•––Š‡‹”„ƒŽlots on Sunday. — dpa
LUSAKA — Zambia’s ruling party candidate Edgar Lungu yesterday maintained a slight lead in the race to replace the late president Michael Sata,
‡ˆ‡…‡ ‹‹•–‡” —‰— ™ƒ• –™‘
’‡”…‡–ƒ‰‡ ’‘‹–• ƒŠ‡ƒ† ‘ˆ Š‹• …Ž‘•est rival, economist Hakainde Hichilema, according to the latest results
released by the Electoral Commission
tallied Lungu, the governing Patriotic Front (PF) candidate, was leading
with 701,089 or 48.72 per cent, closeŽ›ˆ‘ŽŽ‘™‡†„›‘’’‘•‹–‹‘Ž‡ƒ†‡”‹…Š‹Ž‡ƒ‘ˆ–Š‡‹–‡†ƒ”–›ˆ‘”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ
Development who polled 675,185
votes or 46.85 per cent.
Voter turnout was a low 33.56 per
cent, blamed on bad weather and
‡Ž‡…–‘”ƒŽ ƒ—–Š‘”‹–‹‡• ˆƒ…‡† Dz—’”‡…edented challenges” in delivering voting material to some remote areas in
–Š‡ …‘’’‡”Ǧ”‹…Š •‘—–Š‡” ˆ”‹…ƒ ƒtion.
Hichilema, a wealthy businessman,
™Š‘ ‹• …‘–‡•–‹‰ ˆ‘” –Š‡ ’”‡•‹†‡…›
ˆ‘” –Š‡ ˆ‘—”–Š –‹‡ǡ ›‡•–‡”†ƒ› …‘’Žƒ‹‡†ƒ„‘—––Š‡…”‡†‹„‹Ž‹–›‘ˆ–Š‡”‡•—Ž–• ’—„Ž‹•Š‡† •‘ ˆƒ” ƒ† •—‰‰‡•–‡†
that the electoral commission held
„ƒ… –Š‡ ƒ‘—…‡‡– ‘ˆ –Š‡ ϐ‹ƒŽ
He also demanded that the com‹••‹‘ ˜‡”‹ϐ‹‡† –Š‡ ”‡•—Ž–• ‹ –Š‡
’”‡•‡…‡ ‘ˆ ‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ• ˆ”‘ Š‹• ’ƒ”–›
and the ruling PF.
“There is no winner at this stage
and the ECZ should not announce the
Voter turnout
was a low
33.56 per cent,
blamed on bad
weather and
electoral fatigue
meeting electoral commission and
Anti-riot police on Wednesday
ϐ‹”‡†–‡ƒ”‰ƒ•ƒ†—•‡†„ƒ–‘•–‘†‹•’‡”•‡ †‘œ‡• ‘ˆ ‹…Š‹Ž‡ƒǯ• ƒ…–‹˜‹•–•
who had kept a vigil at the same place
™ƒ‹–‹‰ ˆ‘” ”‡•—Ž–• ‘ˆ –Š‡ …Ž‘•‡Ž›Ǧ
The businessman has this time improved his showing compared to previous three elections where he came
in third position, getting less than 20
His increased support is partly due
–‘ –Š‡ †‹•‹–‡‰”ƒ–‹‘ ‘ˆ –Š‡ ˆ‘”‡”
”—Ž‹‰ ‘˜‡‡– ˆ‘” —Ž–‹Ǧ’ƒ”–› ‡‘…”ƒ…› ȋȌ ™Š‹…Š Šƒ• ˆƒ…‡† ‹ternal squabbles.
The power morass in the PF also
appeared to have worked to his advantage.
The stop-gap vote was triggered
ƒˆ–‡” ƒ–ƒ †‹‡† ‹ …–‘„‡” Žƒ•– ›‡ƒ”
At stake is the remaining year-andƒǦŠƒŽˆ‘ˆŠ‹•ϐ‹˜‡Ǧ›‡ƒ”–‡”‹–Š‡…‘’’‡”Ǧ”‹…Š•‘—–Š‡”ˆ”‹…ƒƒ–‹‘Ǥ
Rosetta, the European Space Agency’s cometary probe with Nasa
contributions, is seen in an undated artist’s rendering. — Reuters
WASHINGTON — The European
Space Agency’s Rosetta probe, which
sent the Philae lander onto a comet’s
•—”ˆƒ…‡ ‹ ‘˜‡„‡”ǡ Šƒ• ”‡˜‡ƒŽ‡†
unexpected details about these ceŽ‡•–‹ƒŽ• „ƒŽŽ• ‘ˆ ‹…‡ǡ †—•–ǡ ƒ† ”‘…›
In eight papers published in
the journal Science yesterday, researchers describe what they
have learned about Comet 67P/
Churyumov-Gerasimenko since the
100-kilogramme Philae landed on
‹– ‘˜‡„‡” ͳʹ ƒˆ–‡” ƒ ͳͲǦ›‡ƒ” –”‡
piggybacking on Rosetta.
‹‰ŠǦ†‡ϐ‹‹–‹‘ ‹ƒ‰‡• –ƒ‡
„› –Š‡ •’ƒ…‡…”ƒˆ– •Š‘™ Š‘™ –Š‡
—…Ž‡—• …‘•‹•–• ‘ˆ –™‘ Ž‘„‡•ǡ …‘nected by a neck region, which some
have described as a “rubber-ducky”
The images have been combined
the comet and its topography where
Philae landed.
role in an unexpected seasonal variƒ–‹‘ ‹ –Š‡ …‘‡–ǯ• ƒ–‘•’Š‡”‡ ‘ˆ
gas, which scientists have just discovered.
Comets are known to they heat up
and display visible atmospheres and
tails as they approach the Sun.
Dz”‘ ƒ –‡Ž‡•…‘’‡ǡ ‹ƒ‰‡• ‘ˆ ƒ
comet’s atmosphere suggest that the
…‘ƒ ‹• —‹ˆ‘” ƒ† †‘‡• ‘– ˜ƒ”›
That’s what we were expecting
as we approached the comet,” said
Stephen Fuselier, lead co-investigator
ˆ‘” ‘ ƒ† ‡—–”ƒŽ ƒŽ›•‹• ‘—„Ž‡
Focusing Mass Spectrometer (ROSINA DFMS) instrument.
“It was certainly a surprise when
™‡ •ƒ™ –‹‡ ˜ƒ”‹ƒ–‹‘• ˆ”‘ ʹͲͲ
kilometres away. More surpris‹‰ ™ƒ• –Šƒ– –Š‡ …‘’‘•‹–‹‘ ‘ˆ –Š‡
coma was also varying by very large
amounts. We’re taught that comets
ƒ”‡ ƒ†‡ ‘•–Ž› ‘ˆ ™ƒ–‡” ‹…‡Ǥ ‘”
this comet, the coma sometimes
contains much more carbon dioxide
than water vapour.”
Š‡•—”ˆƒ…‡‘ˆ–Š‡…‘‡–ƒŽ•‘…‘–ƒ‹• ƒ †‹˜‡”•‡ ”ƒ‰‡ ‘ˆ ‰‡‘Ž‘‰‹…ƒŽ
structures, resulting in erosion patterns that resemble sand dunes on
ˆ–‡” Žƒ†‹‰ ‹ ƒ •Šƒ†‘™ǡ –Š‡
Philae is currently in hibernation,
but scientists hope it will reawaken
when its solar panels come closer to
In the meantime, the Rosetta orbiter is continuing to conduct 11
experiments that will add to knowl‡†‰‡ ‘ˆ Š‘™ …‘‡–• „‡Šƒ˜‡ ƒ• –Š‡›
approach the Sun.
Š‡ “—ƒŽ‹–› ‘ˆ ‹–• ‡ƒ•—”‡‡–•
and observations are expected to
improve in February when Rosetta
S A T U R D A Y, J A N U A R Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 5
New heir relatively
a liberal outsider
Saudi King Abdullah was
a gradual moderniser
is changes looked minute to
the outside world.
But in a kingdom where
ultra-conservative Muslim clerics
long have held a lock on all aspects
of society, King Abdullah’s incremental reforms echoed mightily.
When Abdullah took the unprecedented step of opening a new
university where men and women
could mix in classrooms, part of
his gradual campaign to modernise Saudi Arabia, grumbling arose
among the hard-liners who form
the bedrock of the powerful religious establishment.
One sheikh dared to openly say
that the mingling of genders at the
king’s university was “a great sin
and a great evil.” Abdullah sent a
the state-run body of clerics who set
the rules for Saudi life.
As one of the world’s largest oil
exporters, Saudi Arabia is governed
by a mix of tribal traditions and perhaps the world’s strictest interpretation of Islam.
Its royal family prefers to act quietly in the background, shies away
from direct confrontation, avoids
putting itself on the line and prefers slow-paced change to radical
But Abdullah, who died on Friday at the age of 90 after nearly two
decades in power, acted at times
with unusual forcefulness for a Saudi leader. At home, the results were
reforms, including advancements
for women, that were startling —
for the kingdom at least — and a
heavy crackdown against al Qaeda
Abroad, his methods translated
into a powerful assertion of Saudi
”ƒ„‹ƒǯ• ‹ϐŽ—‡…‡ ƒ”‘—† –Š‡ ‹†dle East.
Backed by the kingdom’s top
ally, the United States, the king was
aggressive in trying to put up a bulwark against the spreading power
of Saudi Arabia’s top rival, mainly
Iran, thus shaping the Arab world
along new lines — an anti-Iran
camp and a pro-Iran camp.
He pushed Gulf allies into taking
increasingly vocal stands against
Iran and sought to isolate Syria because of its alliance with Tehran.
In Syria, Abdullah stepped indirectly into the civil war that
emerged after 2011.
He supported and armed rebels
battling to overthrow President
Bashar al Assad and pressed the
Obama administration to do the
same. Iran’s allies Hezbullah and
Iraqi militias rushed to back Assad,
ƒ† –Š‡ ”‡•—Ž–‹‰ …‘ϐŽ‹…– Šƒ• Ž‡ˆ–
hundreds of thousands dead and
driven millions of Syrians from their
…”‘••–Š‡—Ž–‹’Ž‡…‘ϐŽ‹…–•ǡ•‡…tarian hatreds around the region
took on a life of their own, fuelling
Sunni militancy.
Syria’s war helped give birth to
the IS group, which burst out to take
over large parts of Syria and Iraq.
The growing militancy prompted
Abdullah to commit Saudi airpower
He also rushed to the aid of
Egypt’s military-backed government when it overthrew that country’s president.
He sent Saudi troops to lead a
Gulf military force into Bahrain in
March 2011 to help the tiny island
nation’s monarchy crush protests
for greater rights.
Abdullah also used a mix of largesse and intimidation at home to
quell rumblings for change — announcing a more than $90 billion
package of incentives, jobs and
services in early 2011 while unleashing riot police to crush scattered street demonstrations, particularly by the minorities in the east.
“You could call Abdullah sort of the
leader of the anti-Arab Spring,” said
Ehsan Ahrari, a political analyst in
Alexandria, Virginia, who follows
Mideast affairs.
Abdullah ultimately strengthened the Saudi alliance with the
United States with close cooperation against al Qaeda and against
And when there were policy
differences with the US, Abdullah
made them clear.
He resisted Washington’s pressure to warm to Iraq’s US-backed
Shiite prime minister, Nouri al
Maliki, seeing him as a mere tool of
He was frustrated with US failure to push ahead the Israeli-Arab
peace process, particularly after he
won Arab acceptance for his broad
plan offering Israel peace with all
Arab nations if it withdrew from
Arab lands occupied in 1967. “Once
the King has lost trust in a counterpart, his personal antipathy can become a serious obstacle to bilateral
relations,” noted a 2010 US
State Hillary Rodham Clinton. “ReϐŽ‡…–‹‰Š‹•‡†‘—‹”‘‘–•ǡŠ‡Œ—†‰‡•
his counterparts on the basis of
character, honesty, and trust,” it said.
”He expects good-faith consultations, not surprises.” Abdullah was
born in Riyadh in 1924 to one of
the many wives of King Abdulaziz
Al Saud, the founder of Saudi Arabia
who reportedly fathered more than
40 children.
Abdullah’s mother was from a
powerful Bedouin tribe known as
the Shammar that were rivals with
the king’s clan, and the marriage
was an apparent way to ease the
Like all Abdulaziz’s sons,
Abdullah had only rudimentary education.
His strict upbringing was exem’Ž‹ϐ‹‡†„›–Š‡–Š”‡‡†ƒ›•Š‡•’‡–‹
prison as a young man as punishment by his father for not giving up
his seat for a visitor, a violation of
Bedouin hospitality.
Tall and heavyset, Abdullah felt
more at home in the Nejd, the kingdom’s desert heartland, riding his
favourite stallions and hunting with
Even as Saudi Arabia was transformed by oil money, Abdullah —
who has spoken with a stutter since
birth — never appeared comfortable with the trappings of hyperwealth embraced some of his relatives.
Abdullah rose to be appointed
head of Saudi Arabia’s National
He was selected as crown prince
in 1982 on the day his half-brother
Fahd ascended to the throne.
In 1995, he became the kingdom’s de facto leader after King
Fahd was incapacitated by a stroke.
During that time he led national
dialogue talks that brought together the country’s various factions,
tribes and sects to discuss their
needs and review their complaints.
He took the throne formally in
August 2005 after Fahd’s death.
His reign opened up small
splashes of variety in the kingdom.
Shortly after he came to power,
colour and glitter slowly crept to
the all-black abayas women must
wear in public.
The country’s stuffy government-run TV stations started playing music, forbidden for decades.
Book fairs opened their doors to
women writers and banned books.
His most substantive moves
chipped away at the overwhelming
restrictions on women in the kingdom.
„†—ŽŽƒŠ ˆ‘” –Š‡ ϐ‹”•– –‹‡ ‰ƒ˜‡
women seats on the Shura Council,
an unelected body that advises the
king and government.
He promised women would be
able to vote and run in 2015 elections for municipal councils, the
only elections held in the country.
Two Saudi female athletes com’‡–‡† ‹ –Š‡ Ž›’‹…• ˆ‘” –Š‡ ϐ‹”•–
time in 2012, and a small handful
of women were granted licenses to
work as lawyers during his rule.
But there were limits in how far
he would go, given that the royal
family’s legitimacy is tightly bound
up in its alliance with clerics of the
hard-line Wahhabi interpretation of
Islam, which enforces the strictest
segregation of genders in the world
and allows public beheadings and
For example, Abdullah did not
respond to demands to allow women to drive — though in 2011 he
negated a sentence of 10 lashes
handed down by a clerical court on
ƒ ™‘ƒ ™Š‘ †‡ϐ‹‡† –Š‡ †”‹˜‹‰
ban. Abdullah’s wealth was estimated at more than $21 billion by some
sources, which made him one of the
world’s richest rulers.
audi Arabia’s new Crown
Prince Muqrin represents the
biggest break from the kingdom’s tradition of any of his predecessors in the role — both because
of his lowly maternal birth and his
foreign education.
Seen as a relative progressive
in the ruling family, with a grasp
on the need for long-term reform,
Muqrin has also voiced traditional
hawkish views on Iran, but it is far
ˆ”‘ …Ž‡ƒ” Š‘™ —…Š ‹ϐŽ—‡…‡ Š‡
will have during Salman’s reign.
Š‡ ƒˆˆƒ„Ž‡ ˆ‘”‡” ϐ‹‰Š–‡” ’‹Ž‘–ǡ
long a member of the ruling family’s top circle of strategic decision
makers and intelligence chief from
2005-12, appears on paper to have
his family to rule.
But the 69-year-old heir to King
ƒŽƒ™‹ŽŽ„‡–Š‡ϐ‹”•–ƒ—†‹‘arch born after the birthplace of
Islam struck oil in 1939, and the
ϐ‹”•– –‘ ƒ––‡† ƒ ‡•–‡” —‹˜‡”•‹–›
instead of the home classes run by
clerics in Riyadh’s old mud palace.
And, as the son of King Abdulaziz
by a Yemeni woman instead of a
wife of high tribal birth, he has no
full siblings in the ruling dynasty
and has often been seen as something of an outsider, condescended
to by haughtier relatives.
“Muqrin is not as conservative
(as Salman), but we will see how
much of a role he will play in the
new reign.
“According to Saudi law, the
crown prince cannot do more than
what he is assigned by the king,”
said Khalid al Dakheel, a political
science professor in Riyadh.
When he was appointed deputy
crown prince by Abdullah a year
ago, Muqrin promised in a statement carried by state media to continue the late king’s economic and
social reforms.
“He gives you an impression of
a progressive guy who knows the
world very well.
When he was governor of Medina he made reforms and he is
into culture and music,” said Jamal
Khashoggi, head of a television
news channel owned by another
“He’s bilingual and an avid reader of The Economist. It’s his favourite magazine,” he added.
Perhaps unsurprisingly for a
member of the Saudi ruling family, which sees itself as locked in a
region-wide struggle with Tehran
for control of the Middle East, he
is seen as hawkish on Shi’ite Iran.
A 2008 US diplomatic cable from
the Riyadh embassy, released by
WikiLeaks, cited him as being in
favour of much stronger sanctions
against Iran.
In another cable from the
following year, he was quoted by
diplomats as warning that the
Shi’ite crescent was “becoming a full
moon”. The youngest son of Saudi
Arabia’s founder, the prince is a
genial former airforce captain, diplomats say, and is a close friend of
his nephew Prince Bandar, another
former spy chief, with whom he
served in the military.
A 2009 US diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks described Mu“”‹ƒ•Šƒ˜‹‰–Š‡…‘ϐ‹†‡…‡‘ˆ–Š‡
king, who had “given him the lead
‘ ƒ—†‹ ‡ˆˆ‘”–• –‘ ”‡•‘Ž˜‡ …‘ϐŽ‹…–•
in Afghanistan and Pakistan” and
sent him to build ties with Syria.
Prince Muqrin trained as a military pilot at Cranwell, a British Royal Air Force base, and is described
by diplomats as outgoing and gregarious.
He served for nearly 20 years as
governor of Hail province before being promoted to the post of governor of Medina province in 1999.
He served as intelligence chief
from 2005 to 2012, a challenging
period when the kingdom put down
a determined insurgency by al
Qaeda militants and sought to stave
off instability from neighbouring
Iraq, where radical armed groups
He is an accomplished musician
who plays the lute and takes an interest in astronomy, Saudis say.
A Saudi journalist, Fahed Amer
al Ahmadi, told Al Arabiya television last year the prince spoke several languages and was very “open
Some Saudis close to the family say it was Muqrin who brought
Bandar back into the top echelons
of the administration after years
when Bandar disappeared from
public life.
The 2009 US cable noted Muqrin
appeared to have been heavily involved in Saudi dealings with Yemen, and “likely has personal as well
as professional reasons for being
so” a reference to his Yemeni heritage.
If that remains the case, his ties
to the country could play a role in
developing the Saudi response to
Yemen’s growing chaos after the
Iranian-backed Houthi movement
all but seized power there this
Li Ka-shing to buy
Britain’s O2 for
United Airlines Q4
Monthly US rents keep
climbing, especially in
San Francisco
[email protected]
Internet will ‘disappear’, Google boss tells Davos
DAVOS — Google boss Eric Schmidt predicted on Thursday that the Internet will soon
be so pervasive in every facet of our lives
that it will effectively “disappear” into the
Speaking to the business and political
elite at the World Economic Forum at Davos,
Schmidt said: “There will be so many sensors, so many devices, that you won’t even
sense it, it will be all around you.”
“It will be part of your presence all the
time. Imagine you walk into a room and...
you are interacting with all the things going
on in that room.”
“A highly personalised, highly interactive
and very interesting world emerges.”
On the sort of high-level panel only
found among the ski slopes of Davos, a panel bringing together the heads of Google,
Facebook and Microsoft and Vodafone
sought to allay fears that the rapid pace of
technological advance was killing jobs.
“Everyone’s worried about jobs,” admit–‡†Š‡”›Žƒ†„‡”‰ǡ…Š‹‡ˆ‘’‡”ƒ–‹‰‘ˆϐ‹…‡”
of Facebook.
With so many changes in the technology world, “the transformation is happening
faster than ever before,” she acknowledged.
“But tech creates jobs not only in the
tech space but outside,” she insisted.
Schmidt quoted statistics he said
showed that every tech job created between
“If there were a single digital market
in Europe, 400 million new and important new jobs would be created in Europe,”
which is suffering from stubbornly high levels of unemployment.
The debate about whether technology is
destroying jobs “has been around for hundreds of years,” said the Google boss. What
is different is the speed of change.
“It’s the same that happened to the people who lost their farming jobs when the
tractor came... but ultimately a globalised
solution means more equality for everyone.”
With one of the main topics at this
year’s World Economic Forum being how
to share out the fruits of global growth, the
tech barons stressed that the greater connectivity offered by their companies ulti-
mately helps reduce inequalities.
“Are the spoils of tech being evenly
spread? That is an issue that we have to
tackle head on,” said Satya Nadella, chief executive of Microsoft.
“I’m optimistic, there’s no question. If
you are in the tech business, you have to be
optimistic. Ultimately to me, it’s about human capital. Tech empowers humans to do
great things.”
Facebook boss Sandberg said the Internet in its early forms was “all about anonymity” but now everyone was sharing everything and everyone was visible.
“Now everyone has a voice... now everyone can post, everyone can share and that
gives a voice to people who have historically
not had it,” she said.
Schmidt, who said he had recently come
back from the reclusive state of North Korea, said he believed that technology forced
potentially despotic and hermetic governments to open up as their citizens acquired
more knowledge about the outside world.
“It is no longer possible for a country to
step out of basic assumptions in banking,
communications, morals and the way people communicate,” the Google boss said.
“You cannot isolate yourself any more. It
simply doesn’t work.”
Nevertheless, Sandberg told the assembled elites that even the current pace of
change was only the tip of the iceberg.
“Today, only 40 per cent of people have
Internet access,” she said, adding: “If we can
do all this with 40 per cent, imagine what
we can do with 50, 60, 70 per cent.”
Even two decades into the global spread
of the Internet, the potential for opening up
and growth was tremendous, she stressed.
“Sixty per cent of the Internet is in English. If that doesn’t tell you how uninclusive
the Internet is, then nothing will,” said the
tycoon. The World Economic Forum brings
together some 2,500 of the top movers and
shakers in the worlds of politics, business
on Saturday. — AFP
China factory growth
stalls, bad debt rises
BEIJING — China’s manufacturing
growth stalled for the second straight
month in January and companies
had to cut prices at a faster clip to
win new business, adding to worries
in the economy, a private survey
The HSBC/Markit Flash Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index
(PMI) hovered at 49.8 in January, little changed from December’s 49.6
and just below the 50-point mark
that separates contraction from
growth on a monthly basis.
A Reuters poll had forecast a second month of contraction with a
reading of 49.6.
which have more than halved in the
last six months, a sub-index for input
prices sank to 39.9, a level not seen
But companies also had to cut
output prices for the sixth straight
month to sell their products, and
more deeply than in December, erod‹‰–Š‡‹”’”‘ϐ‹–ƒ”‰‹•Ǥ
“Today’s data suggest that the
manufacturing slowdown is still
ongoing amidst weak domestic demand,” Qu Hongbin, a HSBC economist in Hong Kong said on Friday.
Dz‘”‡ ‘‡–ƒ”› ƒ† ϐ‹•…ƒŽ ‡ƒ•‹‰
measures will be needed to support
growth in the coming months.”
Falling prices are a concern for
China, which wants to avoid Japan’s
“The data suggest that the manufacturing
slowdown is still ongoing amidst weak
domestic demand. More monetary and
fiscal easing measures will be needed to
support growth in the coming months”
ˆƒ–‡ ‘ˆ •‹‹‰ ‹–‘ ƒ ʹͲǦ›‡ƒ” †‡ϐŽƒtionary funk that has depressed consumption and economic growth.
Š‡ •—”˜‡› •Š‘™‡† ϐ‹ƒŽ †‡ƒ†
for China’s factory goods rose this
month, but only modestly as the
sub-indices for new orders and new
export orders stood close to the
50-point threshold.
Factories laid off staff for the
15th consecutive month in January
in the face of tepid demand, the PMI
showed. There are already some
•‹‰• ‘ˆ •–—„„‘” †‡ϐŽƒ–‹‘ƒ”› ’”‡•sure in China.
Producer prices have fallen for almost three straight years.
That helped to drag China’s annual
low of 1.5 per cent in December.
‘ …‘–ƒ‹ †‡ϐŽƒ–‹‘ƒ”› ”‹••ǡ
economists at state think-tanks who
are privy to China’s policy discussions said authorities are ready to cut
interest rates further and pressure
banks to step up lending.
The central bank unexpectedly cut
”ƒ–‡• ‹ ‘˜‡„‡” ˆ‘” –Š‡ ϐ‹”•– –‹‡
in more than two years.
Some Chinese consumers are already postponing purchases in anticipation that prices will fall further
in the future, a classic warning sign
‘ˆ †‡ϐŽƒ–‹‘ –Šƒ– ™‘—Ž† †‡ƒŽ ƒ‘–Š‡”
blow to the Chinese economy, where
growth hit a 24-year-low of 7.4 per
cent last year.
Although 2014 economic growth
data was not as bad as some had
feared, it suggested that a steady
series of policy easing had not
sustained activity as much as
policymakers had hoped.
In a sign of the times, separate
data on Friday showed the bad debt
ratio at Chinese banks climbed to a
end of 2014 as companies struggled
to repay their loans in the dour business climate. — Reuters
A 1950’s era General Motors Futurliner is shown at the press day for the Washington Auto Show in
South Korea’s economy
SEOUL — South Korea’s economy slowed sharply in
six-year lows, knocked by weak government spending
and global demand and heaping pressure on the central bank to cut interest rates further.
Asia’s fourth-largest economy grew a seasonally adjusted 0.4 per cent in the October-December period onquarter, central bank estimates showed on Friday, less
than half of the 0.9 per cent gain in the third quarter.
It matched the same rate in the third quarter of
2012 and is the worst since early 2009.
The weak quarterly growth rate, which was in line
with forecast from a Reuters survey of 16 analysts,
comes after the European Central Bank on Thursday
launched a government bond-buying programme to revive a sagging euro zone economy.
The ECB joins several other global central banks,
including Bank of Canada’s shock rate cut this week, in
pump-priming their economies and taking preemptive
Although the Bank of Korea (BoK) has downplayed
–Š‡ ”‹• ‘ˆ †‡ϐŽƒ–‹‘ǡ ƒƒŽ›•–• •ƒ› –Š‡ …‡–”ƒŽ „ƒ ‹•
overly optimistic about the economic outlook and are
predicting another rate cut to recharge a faltering re…‘˜‡”›Ǥ‡…‡„‡”‹ϐŽƒ–‹‘†‹’’‡†–‘ͲǤͺ’‡”…‡–ǡ–Š‡
lowest in over 15 years.
“If (the ECB move) leads to further easing in South
Korea as well, it would boost the economy here, too,”
•ƒ‹† ‡‘ ›ƒ‰Ǧ‹ǡ ϐ‹š‡†Ǧ‹…‘‡ ƒƒŽ›•– ƒ– ˜‡•–-
ment & Securities.
She expects the BoK to deliver a cut by April.
In the latest quarter, construction investment fell by
a seasonally adjusted 9.2 per cent, the worst since early
1998 as weak tax revenue prompted the government to
cut investment in construction projects.
Financial markets showed a relatively muted reaction as the central bank had already primed investors
Governor Lee Ju-Yeol told reporters on Thursday
that the central bank was “not pessimistic” about this
year’s economic prospects despite a steep downgrade
in its growth forecast. Analysts largely disagree with
Lee’s sunny view.
S A T U R D A Y, J A N U A R Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 5
Omani Rial/ Euro & Dollar
RO 1
Monthly US rents
keep climbing
A woman walks next to a “For Rent” sign at an apartment complex in
Palo Alto, California. — AP
Ȅ Š‘‡ ”‡–ƒŽ
’”‹…‡• …‘–‹—‡† –‘ …Ž‹„ ƒ– ƒ ‘†Ǧ
‡•– ’ƒ…‡ ‹ ‡…‡„‡”ǡ „—– ”ƒ’‹†Ž›
”ƒ…‹•…‘ ƒ† ‡˜‡” •—‰‰‡•– –Šƒ–
ƒ’ƒ”–‡– †™‡ŽŽ‡”• ƒ”‡ ˆƒ…‹‰ ‘”‡
–Š‡ ”‡…‡– ƒ’’”‡…‹ƒ–‹‘ ‹ Š‘‡ ˜ƒŽǦ
‡”ƒŽ ‘ˆ –Š‡ Š‘––‡•– ƒ”‡–• ‹†‹…ƒ–‡•
–Š‡‹” Š‘‡• Šƒ• •Ž‹’’‡† –‘ ͸ͶǤͶ ’‡”
…‡••‹‘ ‹ Žƒ–‡ ʹͲͲ͹ ˆ”‘ ™Š‹…Š –Š‡
‡…‘‘› ‹• •–‹ŽŽ ”‡…‘˜‡”‹‰ ‘”‡
†‡ƒ† ˆ‘” ƒ’ƒ”–‡–• ƒ† ”‡–ƒŽ
Š‘—•‡• Šƒ• ’—•Š‡† —’ ’”‹…‡• ƒ– ƒ
–‹‡ ™Š‡ ‡™Ž› ‰”ƒ†—ƒ–‡† ‹ŽŽ‡Ǧ
‹ƒŽ• ƒ”‡ •–ƒ”–‹‰ –‘ Ž‡ƒ˜‡ –Š‡‹” ’ƒ”Ǧ
Dz‡ †‘ ‘– Šƒ˜‡ –Š‡ ƒˆˆ‘”†ƒ„Ž‡
”‡–ƒŽ Š‘—•‹‰ ”‡•‘—”…‡• –‘ ‡‡–dz
–Š‡ †‡ƒ†ǡ •ƒ‹† ƒ””› ‹‰ƒ•ǡ †‹Ǧ
”‡…–‘” ‘ˆ Š‘—•‹‰ ’‘Ž‹…› ƒ– –Š‡ ‘Ǧ
•—‡” ‡†‡”ƒ–‹‘ ‘ˆ ‡”‹…ƒǡ ƒ– ƒ
‡–ƒŽ ’”‹…‡• Šƒ˜‡ ”‹•‡ ͷʹ ’‡”
…‡– •‹…‡ ʹͲͲͲǡ ™Š‹Ž‡ ‹…‘‡• ˆ‘”
”‡–‡”• Šƒ˜‡ ‘Ž› ‹…”‡ƒ•‡† ʹͷ ’‡”
…‡–ǡ •ƒ‹† –ƒ —’Š”‹‡•ǡ …Š‹‡ˆ
ƒ‡ ‹– †‹ˆϐ‹…—Ž– ˆ‘” ”‡–‡”• –‘ •ƒ˜‡
ˆ‘” ƒ †‘™ ’ƒ›‡–ǡ ™Š‹…Š –Š‡
…ƒ—•‡• –Š‡ –‘ ”‡– ˆ‘” ƒ Ž‘‰‡” ’‡Ǧ
”‹‘† ‘ˆ –‹‡ ƒ† †‡Žƒ› ƒ› ’‘–‡–‹ƒŽ
Š‘‡ ’—”…Šƒ•‡•Ǥ Dz‘— †‘ǯ– Šƒ˜‡ –‘
„‡ ƒ Š‘—•‹‰ ‡…‘‘‹•– –‘ •‡‡ –Šƒ–
•‹‰‹ϐ‹…ƒ–Ž› Ž‹‹– ’”‹…‡ ‰”‘™–Š ƒǦ
–‹‘™‹†‡Ǥ —‹Ž†‡”• „”‘‡ ‰”‘—† ‘
͵͹͸ǡͲͲͲ ƒ’ƒ”–‡– …‘’Ž‡š‡• Žƒ•–
›‡ƒ”ǡ ƒ ͳͲǤʹ ’‡” …‡– ‹…”‡ƒ•‡ ˆ”‘
’‘”–‡† ‡†‡•†ƒ›Ǥ › …‘–”ƒ•–ǡ •‹Ǧ
‰Ž‡Ǧˆƒ‹Ž› Š‘—•‡ …‘•–”—…–‹‘ ”‘•‡
Starbucks proϐits soar
on strong sales, trafϐic
Ȅ –ƒ”„—…• ‘”’ǯ• ϐ‹•Ǧ
…ƒŽ ϐ‹”•–Ǧ“—ƒ”–‡” ‡ƒ”‹‰• •‘ƒ”‡† ͺʹ
‘”‡ …—•–‘‡”• ƒ”‘—† –Š‡ ‰Ž‘„‡
™Š‘ •ƒ’’‡† —’ ƒ ‡š’ƒ†‡† ‘ˆˆ‡”Ǧ
†ƒ›•Ǥ –ƒ”„—…• Šƒ• ‡Œ‘›‡† Š‡ƒŽ–Š›
•ƒŽ‡• ‰”‘™–Šǡ „—– ‹• •‡‡‹‰ –‘ ‡‡’
‹–• ‘‡–— ‰‘‹‰ „› ‡š’ƒ†‹‰
‘ …‘˜‹…‡ ‘”‡ …—•–‘‡”•
–‘ ‰‡– •‘‡–Š‹‰ –‘ ‡ƒ– ™‹–Š –Š‡‹”
†”‹•ǡ –Š‡ ‡ƒ––Ž‡Ǧ„ƒ•‡† …‘’ƒ›
Šƒ• „‡‡ ‹–”‘†—…‹‰ ‡™ ƒ† ”‡Ǧ
˜ƒ’‡† „ƒ‡† ‰‘‘†•ǡ •ƒ†™‹…Š‡•
ƒ† •ƒŽƒ†• ƒ† ™ƒ–• –‘ „‡…‘‡
‹‰ ”—•Š ™Š‡ ’‡‘’Ž‡ ƒ”‡ ‰‡––‹‰
‘–Š‡” ™ƒ› ‹–ǯ• †”‹˜‹‰ •ƒŽ‡• ‹•
–Š”‘—‰Š ‹–• ‘„‹Ž‡ ƒ’’ ƒ† Ž‘›ƒŽ–›
’”‘‰”ƒ‡ǡ ™Š‹…Š Š‡Ž’ ‰‡– …—•–‘Ǧ
Š‡ …‘’ƒ› •ƒ‹† ‘ Š—”•†ƒ›
‹–ǯ• ‡š’ƒ†‹‰ ‹–• ’”‘‰”ƒ‡ –Šƒ–
ƒŽŽ‘™• •Š‘’’‡”• –‘ ‘”†‡” ƒŠ‡ƒ† ‘
–Š‡‹” •ƒ”– ’Š‘‡•ǡ ƒ ‘˜‡ –Šƒ–
•Š‘—Ž† Š‡Ž’ •Š”‹ Ž‹‡•Ǥ –ƒ”„—…•
„‡‰ƒ –Š‡ ’”‘‰”ƒ‡ ‹ ͳͷͲ •–‘”‡•
‹ ‘”–Žƒ†ǡ ”‡‰‘ǡ ‹ ‡…‡„‡”
’ƒ› –‘Ž† ‹˜‡•–‘”• ‘ ƒ …‘ˆ‡”‡…‡
…ƒŽŽ ‘ Š—”•†ƒ›Ǥ –ǯ• ‘™ ‡š’ƒ†Ǧ
‹‰ –Š‡ ’”‘‰”ƒ‡ –‘ ͸ͲͲ •–‘”‡• ‹
–Š‡ ƒ…‹ϐ‹… ‘”–Š™‡•– ‹ –Š‡ ‘–Š•
ƒŠ‡ƒ† ƒ† ™‹ŽŽ „‡ ”‘ŽŽ‹‰ ‹– ‘—– ƒǦ
Dz’‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽŽ›ǡ ™‡ †‡Ž‹˜‡”‡† –Š‡
‡”• ‹ ‘—” Š‹•–‘”›ǡdz ‘™ƒ”† …Š—Ž–œǡ
–Š‡ …‘’ƒ›ǯ• …Šƒ‹”ƒ ƒ† –‘Ž†‹˜‡•–‘”•Ǥ
• ‹– •‡‡• –‘ –”ƒ•ˆ‘” ‹–•‡Žˆǡ
–ƒ”„—…• ‹• —†‡”‰‘‹‰ ƒ ƒŒ‘”
…Šƒ‰‡ ƒ– –Š‡ –‘’Ǥ Š‡ …‘’ƒ›
‘ Š—”•†ƒ› ƒ‡† „‘ƒ”† ‡Ǧ
„‡” ‡˜‹ ‘Š•‘ ƒ• ’”‡•‹†‡– ƒ†
…Š‹‡ˆ ‘’‡”ƒ–‹‰ ‘ˆϐ‹…‡”Ǥ ‡ ™‹ŽŽ ƒ•Ǧ
•—‡ –Š‡ ”‘Ž‡ ‘ ƒ”…Š ͳǤ ‘Š•‘
Šƒ† „‡‡ –Š‡ ’”‡•‹†‡– ‘ˆ …‘’—–‡”
‡–™‘”‹‰ ‡“—‹’‡– ƒ‡” —‹Ǧ
–Š”‘—‰Š ‡…‡„‡” ʹͲͳ͵Ǥ Š‡ ƒ’Ǧ
’‘‹–‡– …‘‡• ƒˆ–‡” –ƒ”„—…•ǯ
…Š‹‡ˆ ‘’‡”ƒ–‹‰ ‘ˆϐ‹…‡”ǡ ”‘› Ž•–‡ƒ†ǡ
•ƒ‹† ‡ƒ”Ž‹‡” –Š‹• ‘–Š Š‡ ’Žƒ• –‘
S A T U R D A Y, J A N U A R Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 5
Asian markets surge on ECB move, oil rallies
Investors look at a computer screen showing stock information at a brokerage house in Hefei, Anhui province. — Reuters
rallied yesterday after the European
Central Bank announced a huge cash
injection to kickstart the euro zone
economy, while crude prices surged
on news the monarch of oil kingpin
ƒ—†‹”ƒ„‹ƒŠƒ††‹‡†ǤŠ‡ǯ•—precedented decision to pump tens of
„‹ŽŽ‹‘•‘ˆ†‘ŽŽƒ”•ƒ‘–Š‹–‘ϐ‹ƒcial markets sent the euro plunging
to 11-year lows against the dollar and
also fuelled a buying spree in US and
European stock markets.
Tokyo stocks rose 1.05 per cent by
the close on Friday after European
and US markets rallied on the European Central Bank’s announcement
of a bigger-than-expected stimulus
programme. The Nikkei 225 index at
the Tokyo Stock Exchange ended up
182.73 points at 17,511.75, while the
‘’‹š ‹†‡š ‘ˆ ƒŽŽ ϐ‹”•–Ǧ•‡…–‹‘ •Šƒ”‡•
climbed 0.99 per cent, or 13.79
points, to 1,403.22.
Sydney added 1.51 per cent, or
81.86 points, to 5,501.80, with energy
Seoul gained 0.79 per cent, or 15.27
points, to 1,936.09.
Hong Kong jumped 1.34 per cent
on Friday, topping off a strong week
as investors followed a global rally
in response to the European Central
Banks bigger-than-expected stimulus
programme aimed at kickstarting the
euro zone economy.
The benchmark Hang Seng Index
added 327.82 points to 24,850.45
on turnover of HK$106.06 billion
(US$13.69 billion).
In mainland China the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index
gained 0.25 per cent, or 8.42 points,
to 3,351.76 on turnover of 421 billion
yuan ($67.6 billion). The index slid
0.73 per cent for the week.
The Shenzhen Composite Index,
which tracks stocks on China’s second
exchange, fell 1.04 per cent, or 15.98
points, to 1,514.30 on turnover of
275.9 billion yuan. It gained 2.42 per
cent over the week.
ˆ–‡” ƒ —…ŠǦƒ–‹…‹’ƒ–‡† ’‘Ž‹…›
meeting on Thursday ECB chief Mario
Draghi said it would buy 60 billion
euros a month of private and public
‘Bond King’ Gross puts
$700m into fund he runs
NEW YORK — Bill Gross
(pictured) is backing
himself to the tune of
more than $700 million.
That’s how much of
his own money the star
fund manager has poured
into the Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund,
a fund that he has been
running since October.
Gross, who co-founded
the investment giant
Pimco in 1971 and ran its
$200 billion Total Return
—†ǡ •Š‘…‡† –Š‡ ϐ‹ƒcial world in September
when he left the huge
‘‡› ƒƒ‰‡‡– ϐ‹”
to join Janus Capital, a
smaller rival.
Dick Weil, Janus’ CEO, disclosed the size of Gross’ investment on a
fourth-quarter earnings conference call with reporters on Thursday.
money manager’s abilities.
“He fundamentally believes that investing alongside the clients
aligns interests,” said Weil, on a call with reporters. “He believes in
eating his own cooking.”
Janus’ stock soared in September as investors anticipated that
clients would follow Gross to his new company.
The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that Gross’
fund had attracted about $1.1 billion in October and November,
though much of that money came from Gross himself.
For years, Gross trounced rivals with deft moves in and out of
bonds, earning him the title “Bond King” and attracting hundreds of
billions of dollars into his fund at Pimco. But his management style
started to raise eyebrows towards the end of his tenure at Pimco after his heir apparent, Mohamed El-Erian, abruptly resigned in Januƒ”›‘ˆŽƒ•–›‡ƒ”Ǥ‡‹Ž–‘Ž†”‡’‘”–‡”•–Šƒ–ƒ—•ƒ––”ƒ…–‡†‡–‹ϐŽ‘™•
since the second quarter of 2009. “Obviously, it’s much more than
just Bill Gross,” said Weil. Janus’ stock jumped $2.11, or 13 per cent,
to $18.39 on Thursday after the Denver-based company posted
fourth-quarter earnings of 24 cents per share, which topped Wall
Street expectations. The average estimate of analysts surveyed by
ƒ…•˜‡•–‡–‡•‡ƒ”…Š™ƒ•ˆ‘”‡ƒ”‹‰•‘ˆʹͲ…‡–•Ǥ Ȅ
bonds from March until September
ʹͲͳ͸Ǥ ƒŽ›•–• Šƒ† ˆ‘”‡…ƒ•– ͷͲ „‹Žlion euros. The programme, known
as quantitative easing (QE), had been
widely predicted following a string of
zone that culminated in a fall in prices
years. That sparked fears of a spiral
‘ˆ†‡ϐŽƒ–‹‘ƒ†ƒŽ‘‰’‡”‹‘†‘ˆƒƒ‡mic economic growth in the 19-nation currency bloc.
“Market expectations were high
and Draghi managed to surprise even
the highest of expectations,” Nader
Naeimi, Sydney-based head of dyƒ‹…ƒ••‡–ƒŽŽ‘…ƒ–‹‘ƒ–ƒ’‹–ƒŽ
Investors, told Bloomberg News.
“It clearly puts the ECB on the
front foot. It should help to stabilise
European growth.” The announcement means the bank will effectively
be printing more euros, hammering
†‡ƒ†Ǥ – ‘‡ ’‘‹– ‘ Š—”•†ƒ›
the single currency tumbled to an 11year low of $1.1316 before recovering slightly to $1.1359 by the end of
the day. On Friday afternoon it bought
It was also at 134.33 yen on Fri-
“Market expectations were high and
Draghi managed to surprise even the
highest of expectations. It clearly puts
the ECB on the front foot. It should help
to stabilise European growth”
day, against 134.63 yen in US trade
and well down from 136.80 yen earŽ‹‡”‘Š—”•†ƒ›‹•‹ƒǤ
The dollar was at 118.56 yen compared with 118.52 yen in New York.
The two main global crude contracts surged on Friday following the
†‡ƒ–Š ‘ˆ ‹‰ „†—ŽŽƒŠ ‘ˆ ƒ—†‹ ”ƒbia, the key member of the Opec cartel that has refused to lower production despite a supply glut.
US benchmark West Texas Intermediate for March delivery was up 90
cents, or 1.94 per cent, at $47.21 a
barrel. Brent crude for March jumped
$1.03, or 2.06 per cent, to $49.55.
replaced by Crown Prince Salman, the
royal court said in a statement.
Dz• ™‡ ƒ”‡ —…‡”–ƒ‹ ‘ˆ Š‘™ –Š‡
new king would react to the current
supply glut, we believe that the market is pricing in this uncertainty, caus‹‰ ’”‹…‡• –‘ •’‹‡ǡdz •ƒ‹† ƒ‹‡Ž ‰ǡ
an investment analyst with Phillip Futures in Singapore.
The jump in prices comes as a re-
Ž‹‡ˆ –‘ ‡‡”‰› ϐ‹”• ƒˆ–‡” ‘–Š• ‘ˆ
sharp falls caused by weak global demand, an oversupply of the black gold
and Opec’s decision last year to maintain production levels.
ƒ—†‹ ”ƒ„‹ƒ ”‡Œ‡…–‡† …ƒŽŽ• ˆ”‘
some members to slash output, preferring instead to lower prices in a bid
to gain market share.
‘‰ •‹ƒ ‡‡”‰› …‘’ƒ‹‡•
Sydney-listed Woodside jumped 2.32
per cent and Santos rallied 5.12 per
cent by the end of the day, while in Tokyo Inpex climbed 1.63 per cent.
In afternoon Hong Kong trade PetroChina was 1.84 per cent higher and
Sinopec added 1.12 per cent.
Gold fetched $1,295.40 an ounce,
against $1,286.66 late on Thursday.
In other markets:
Taipei jumped 1.08 per cent, or
101.43 points, to 9,470.94.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co gained 3.57 per cent to
Tw$145 but smartphone maker HTC
fell 1.27 per cent to Tw$156.
Wellington climbed 0.50 per cent,
or 28.09 points, to 5,675.24.
Li Ka-shing to buy UK’s O2 for $15.4bn
HONG KONG — Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing’s
Hutchison Whampoa said on Friday it is in “exclusive negotiations” to buy mobile phone giant
O2 for up to $15.4 billion, in a deal that would
create Britain’s biggest mobile phone group.
—–…Š‹•‘ …‘ϐ‹”‡† ‹ ƒ •–ƒ–‡‡– –Šƒ– ‹–
was in talks to buy the company from Spain’s
Telefonica for £9.25 billion, with a deferred further payment of up to £1 billion after completion of the deal.
It added that the deal was still subject to due
diligence and regulatory approvals.
“The negotiations may or may not result in
any transaction,” the statement said.
Shares in Hutchison, which had been suspended for a short time on Friday morning as
reports swirled over the sale, were up 2.6 per
cent by 0550 GMT.
Hutchison already owns Britain’s Three mobile phone networks and the purchase of O2
would create the country’s largest mobile company. British telecoms giant BT had said in November that it was in preliminary talks to buy
back O2 — its former domestic mobile phone
division — from Telefonica.
But it then announced in December that it
had entered exclusive talks with the owners of
EE, another British mobile phone operator, in a Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-Shing smiles as he addresses a press conference in Hong Kong. — AFP
deal potentially worth £12.5 billion.
Hong Kong investment icon Li — a former plasThe latest announcements come just after
Hutchison’s move to buy O2 comes after –‹…ǦϐŽ‘™‡” •‡ŽŽ‡” ™Š‘ ‹• ‘™ •‹ƒǯ• ”‹…Š‡•– ƒ 86-year-old Li — who is worth $30.6 billion
— announced this month a $24 billion revamp according to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index —
of his vast business empire, and is the latest in a announced a sweeping re-arrangement of his
string of purchases.
sweeping business empire this month.
Last week his Cheung Kong Infrastructure
The new structure will see Cheung Kong
Holdings (CKI), and its parent Cheung Kong ‘Ž†‹‰•ǡŠ‹•ϐŽƒ‰•Š‹’ϐ‹”ǡ–ƒ‡‘˜‡”•‡’ƒ”ƒ–‡Ž›
Holdings bought Britain’s Eversholt Rail Group quoted subsidiary Hutchison Whampoa. The
for £2.5 billion.
combined entity will be split into two, creating
Eversholt is one of Britain’s three main rail ƒ ˆ‘…—•‡† ’”‘’‡”–› ϐ‹” ƒ† ƒ ‹–‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ
rolling stock companies, owning around 28 per conglomerate, including interests in telecoms,
cent of the country’s passenger trains.
utilities and ports. The revamp is also expected
That deal was CKI’s third investment in the to pave the way for Li’s retirement and follows
past six months, following the purchase of a speculation of a handover to his son Victor.
stake in Canadian off-airport car park business News of the restructuring saw shares in both
ƒ”ǯŽ›‹—Ž›ƒ†–Š‡ƒ…“—‹•‹–‹‘‘ˆ—•–”ƒŽ- Cheung Kong and Hutchison — two of Hong
ian gas distribution company Envestra in Octo- ‘‰ǯ•Žƒ”‰‡•–ϐ‹”•Ȅ”‹•‡ƒ––Š‡‹”ˆƒ•–‡•–”ƒ–‡
Hutchison already owns
Britain’s Three mobile
phone networks and the
purchase of O2 would
create the country’s largest
mobile company.
S A T U R D A Y, J A N U A R Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 5
DreamWorks Animation
to slash 500 jobs
NEW YORK — DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc will cut about 500
Œ‘„•ǡ ‘”‡ –Šƒ ƒ ϐ‹ˆ–Š ‘ˆ ‹–• ™‘”ˆ‘”…‡ǡ ƒ† ’”‘†—…‡ ‘‡ ˆ‡™‡”
›‡ƒ” ™ƒ• Œ—•– –‘‘ ƒ„‹–‹‘—• ƒ† Šƒ• Ž‡† –‘ ‹…‘•‹•–‡– ’‡”ˆ‘”Ǧ
Š‡ ƒ‡” ‘ˆ –Š‡ “Shrek” ƒ† “Kung Fu Panda” ˆ”ƒ…Š‹•‡• Šƒ•
“Rise of the Guardians” ˆ‡ŽŽ•Š›‘ˆ‡š’‡…–ƒ–‹‘•ǤDz˜‡™‹–Šƒ•ƒŽŽǦ
•‹‰‹ϐ‹…ƒ–Ž› Š‹‰Š‡” ’”‘ϐ‹–ƒ„‹Ž‹–›ǡdz ‡•‡ƒ”…Š ••‘…‹ƒ–‡• ƒƒŽ›•–
ϐ‹Ž•ǡ•—…Šƒ•–Š‡“Despicable Me”ˆ”ƒ…Š‹•‡ˆ”‘‹˜‡”•ƒŽ‹…–—”‡•
ƒ†“The Lego Movie” ˆ”‘ƒ”‡””‘•Ǥ
US jobless claims off 7-month
high; oil layoffs watched
Jobseekers wait to
talk to a recruiter
at the Colorado
Hospital Association’s
healthcare career
event in Denver.
— Reuters
Ȅ Š‡ —„‡” ‘ˆ ‡”‹…ƒ• ϐ‹ŽǦ
‹‰ ‡™ …Žƒ‹• ˆ‘” —‡’Ž‘›‡– „‡‡ϐ‹–• ˆ‡ŽŽ
Žƒ•– ™‡‡ ˆ”‘ ƒ •‡˜‡Ǧ‘–Š Š‹‰Šǡ ’‘‹–‹‰ –‘
…‘–‹—‡† ‹’”‘˜‡‡– ‹ Žƒ„‘—” ƒ”‡– …‘Ǧ
†‹–‹‘•Ǥ ‹–‹ƒŽ …Žƒ‹• ˆ‘” •–ƒ–‡ —‡’Ž‘›‡–
͵Ͳ͹ǡͲͲͲ ˆ‘” –Š‡ ™‡‡ ‡†‡† ‘ ƒ—ƒ”› ͳ͹ǡ –Š‡
ƒ„‘” ‡’ƒ”–‡– •ƒ‹†Ǥ Šƒ– ”‡˜‡”•‡† –Š‡ „—Ž
‘ˆ –Š‡ ’”‹‘” ™‡‡ǯ• ‹…”‡ƒ•‡ ™Š‹…Š Šƒ† ’—•Š‡†
…Žƒ‹• –‘ –Š‡‹” Š‹‰Š‡•– Ž‡˜‡Ž •‹…‡ ‡ƒ”Ž› —‡ǡ
„—– ˆ‡ŽŽ •Š‘”– ‘ˆ ‡…‘‘‹•–• ‡š’‡…–ƒ–‹‘• ˆ‘” ƒ
͵ͲͲǡͲͲͲ ”‡ƒ†‹‰Ǥ …‘‘‹•–• Šƒ† †‹•‹••‡† –Š‡
†ƒ–ƒ ‹• †‹ˆϐ‹…—Ž– –‘ ƒ†Œ—•– ˆ‘” •‡ƒ•‘ƒŽ ˜ƒ”‹ƒ–‹‘•
‘‡ǡ Š‘™‡˜‡”ǡ ™‘†‡”‡† ‹ˆ •‘‡ ‘ˆ –Š‡ ‡ŽǦ
‘˜‡ —’ ‹ –Š‡ –”‡† ”‡ϐŽ‡…–• ‹••—‡• •‡ƒ•‘ƒŽŽ›
ƒ†Œ—•–‹‰ –Š‡ †ƒ–ƒ ƒ”‘—† –Š‡ Š‘Ž‹†ƒ›• ‘” ‹ˆ ‹–
”‡’”‡•‡–• ƒ ‘”‡ ‡ƒ‹‰ˆ—Ž †‡–‡”‹‘”ƒ–‹‘ ‹
‹•– ƒ– ‘”‰ƒ ‹ ‡™ ‘”Ǥ –ƒ–‡ǦŽ‡˜‡Ž †ƒ–ƒ
ˆ‘” –Š‡ ™‡‡ ‡†‹‰ ƒ—ƒ”› ͳͲ •Š‘™‡† ƒ ‹Ǧ
…”‡ƒ•‡ ‹ …Žƒ‹• ‹ –Š‡ ‘‹ŽǦ’”‘†—…‹‰ •–ƒ–‡• Ž‹‡
“It is unclear at this point whether
or not this move up in the trend
reflects issues seasonally adjusting
the data around the holidays or if
it represents a more meaningful
deterioration in the labour market”
But claims also rose in states such Missouri,
‹Žϐ‹‡Ž† •‡”˜‹…‡ ’”‘˜‹†‡” ƒ‡” —‰Š‡• …
–Š‹• ™‡‡ ƒ‘—…‡† ‹– ™‘—Ž† …—– ͹ǡͲͲͲ Œ‘„•ǡ
™‹–Š ‘•– ‘ˆ –Š‡ ”‡†—†ƒ…‹‡• ‡š’‡…–‡† ‹ –Š‡
…ŠŽ—„‡”‰‡” Šƒ• ƒ‘—…‡† ͻǡͲͲͲ Œ‘„
…—–•Ǥ ”—†‡ ‘‹Ž ’”‹…‡• Šƒ˜‡ ’Ž—‰‡† ƒŽ‘•– ͸Ͳ
’‡” …‡– •‹…‡ —‡ǡ Š‹––‹‰ ϐ‹˜‡Ǧ›‡ƒ” Ž‘™• ƒ• ‹Ǧ
…”‡ƒ•‡† •ŠƒŽ‡ ’”‘†—…–‹‘ ‹ –Š‡ ‹–‡† –ƒ–‡•
͸ǡͷͲͲ Žƒ•– ™‡‡ –‘ ͵Ͳ͸ǡͷͲͲǡ –ƒ‹‰ ‹– ƒ„‘˜‡ –Š‡
Š‡ …Žƒ‹• †ƒ–ƒ …‘˜‡”‡† –Š‡ ™‡‡ †—”‹‰
™Š‹…Š –Š‡ ‰‘˜‡”‡– •—”˜‡›‡† ‡’Ž‘›‡”• ˆ‘”
Business Briefs
Business Briefs
Business Briefs
Business Briefs
Business Briefs
Ȅ ‡”‹œ‘ ‘—‹…ƒ–‹‘• … ”‡’‘”–‡† ƒ ˆ‘—”–ŠǦ
‡”‹œ‘ǡ ™Š‹…Š „‘—‰Š– ‘—– ‹–• ™‹”‡Ž‡•• †‹˜‹•‹‘ ˆ”‘ ”‹–‹•Š
Š‡ Žƒ”‰‡•– …‡ŽŽ’Š‘‡ …ƒ””‹‡” •ƒ‹† ”‡˜‡—‡ ”‘•‡ ͹ ’‡” …‡–
A 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 convertible is seen at the press day for the Washington Auto Show in Washington on Thursday. — Reuters
Business Briefs
Bank of Canada delivers shock rate cut
†—‡ –‘ •‡˜‡”ƒ…‡ …‘•–• ƒ† …‘–”ƒ…–• –Šƒ– Ž‘•– ˜ƒŽ—‡ ƒ• ‘‹Ž ’”‹…‡•
Š‡ ’ƒ’‡” Ž‘••‡• ‰‡‡”ƒ–‡† „› ˆ—‡ŽǦŠ‡†‰‹‰ …‘–”ƒ…–• ƒ”‡ ‘„Ǧ
•…—”‹‰ Š‘™ ™‡ŽŽ –Š‡ ƒ‹”Ž‹‡• ƒ”‡ †‘‹‰Ǥ ‘Ž‹† –”ƒ˜‡Ž †‡ƒ† ‹•
š…Ž—†‹‰ ‘‡Ǧ–‹‡ …Šƒ”‰‡• ˆ‘” Š‡†‰‹‰ǡ •‡˜‡”ƒ…‡ ’ƒ›‡–•
Ȁ Ȅ Š‡ ƒ ‘ˆ ƒƒ†ƒ
Œ‘‹‡† –Š‡ Ž‹•– ‘ˆ Dz—’”‡†‹…–ƒ„Ž‡dz …‡–”ƒŽ „ƒ•
Š‡ ƒƒ†‹ƒ ‘˜‡ …ƒ‡ ‹ ”‡•’‘•‡ –‘ ƒ
•Šƒ”’ †”‘’ ‹ ‘‹Ž ’”‹…‡• –Šƒ– Š‹– –Š‡ …‘‘†‹–›Ǧ
’‡” …‡– ‹ –Š‡ ϐ‹”•– ŠƒŽˆ ‘ˆ –Š‹• ›‡ƒ” …‘’ƒ”‡†
™‹–Š –Š‡ …‡–”ƒŽ „ƒǯ• ’”‡˜‹‘—• ˆ‘”‡…ƒ•– ‘ˆ ʹǤͶ
Ž‹‡Ž›‹ƒ–‹…‹’ƒ–‹‘‘ˆ–Š‡ǯ•‘‡›’”‹–‹‰ ”‡‰‹•–‡”‹‰ ƒ– –Š‡ ƒ ‘ˆ ‰Žƒ† ™Š‡”‡ –™‘
’‘Ž‹…›ƒ‡”• ‘ ‡†‡•†ƒ› †‹–…Š‡† –Š‡‹” Ž‘‰Ǧ
‹•‹‰ †‡ϐŽƒ–‹‘ƒ”› ”‹•• ƒŽ•‘ •‡‡ –‘ „‡ •–ƒ†‹‰ …ƒŽŽ• ˆ‘” ƒ ‡† –‘ ”‡…‘”†ǦŽ‘™ ‹–‡”‡•–
—‰—•– ʹͲͳͳǡ ‹ ƒ ƒ––‡’– –‘ …‘–ƒ‹ ‹ϐŽƒ–‹‘
Š‡ ‡†‡”ƒŽ ‡•‡”˜‡ǡ ™Š‹…Š ƒ’’‡ƒ”• …‘Ǧ
Š‡ ‰Ž‘„ƒŽ ‡…‘‘› ‘—–•‹†‡ ‘ˆ –Š‡ ‹–‡†
–ƒ–‡• Šƒ• –—”‡† †‹•–‹…–Ž› ‰Ž‘‘›ǡ ™‹–Š ƒ’ƒ
The Canadian move
comes in response to a
sharp drop in oil prices
that hit the commoditydependent economy
ƒ††‡† –‘ †‡ϐŽƒ–‹‘ƒ”› …‘…‡”• ƒ† –‘ ™‘””‹‡•
‡–”ƒŽ „ƒ‡”• ˆ”‘ —”‡› –‘ Š‹ƒ Šƒ˜‡
™‡‹‰Š‡† ‹ ™‹–Š ”ƒ–‡ …—–• ”‡…‡–Ž› ƒ• –Š‡ ‰Ž‘„ƒŽ
–Š‡ ƒ† ƒ†‡ ’‘Ž‹…› †‡…‹•‹‘• ‘”‡ –”‹…›
Š‡ ‡†‡”ƒŽ ‡•‡”˜‡ ‹• –Š‡ •‘Ž‡ ƒŒ‘” …‡–”ƒŽ
„ƒ –Šƒ– ƒ› „‡ Œ—‰‰Ž‹‰ ™‹–Š ƒ ‡ƒ”Ǧ–‡” ”ƒ–‡
Š‹ƒ ƒ† –Š‡ ‹–‡† –ƒ–‡• ƒ”‡ –Š‡ ‘Ž› ƒǦ
Œ‘” ‡…‘‘‹‡• ‰”‘™‹‰ ƒ– ƒ ‡ƒ‹‰ˆ—Ž ”ƒ–‡ ›‡–
‡‹Œ‹‰ Šƒ• ƒŽ•‘ •‹‰ƒŽŽ‡† …‘…‡”• ‘˜‡” ‰”‘™–Š
™‹–Š ‘”‡ –Šƒ ̈́ͺ „‹ŽŽ‹‘ ‘ˆ ‹Œ‡…–‹‘• ‘ˆ •Š‘”–
–‡” Ž‘ƒ• ‹–‘ –Š‡ „ƒ‹‰ •›•–‡ ‘ ‡†‡•Ǧ
†ƒ›Ǥ Š‡ ‘˜‡ ˆ‘ŽŽ‘™‡† †ƒ–ƒ ‘ —‡•†ƒ› –Šƒ–
Š‹ƒ …—– ”ƒ–‡• ‘ ‘˜‡„‡” ʹͶ ˆ‘” –Š‡ ϐ‹”•–
–‹‡ ‹ –™‘ ›‡ƒ”• †—‡ –‘ •Ž‘™‡” ˆƒ…–‘”› ‰”‘™–Š
ƒ ‘ˆ Š‹ƒ …Š‹‡ˆ Š‘— ‹ƒ‘…Š—ƒ ‘ ‡†‡•Ǧ
S A T U R D A Y, J A N U A R Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 5
Protean, Aussie trio share lead in Qatar
DOHA — The Qatar Masters ap’‡ƒ”‡†•‡–ˆ‘”ƒ‘–Š‡”–Š”‹ŽŽ‹‰ϐ‹‹•Š
as a trio of golfers shared the lead after the second round on Thursday.
South Africans George Coetzee
and Branden Grace along with Austrian Bernd Wiesberger were on top
on nine-under par 135 for a one-shot
advantage over Argentinian Emiliano
Grillo, South Korean An Byeong-hun
and Scot Marc Warren. Coetzee, winner of the Joburg Open late last year,
shot a steady 67 in another day of
calm conditions at the Doha Golf
Club, while Wiesberger carded a 66
before Grace caught up with them
with a 68.
Wiesberger, who started on the
10th hole, began in style, picking up
ϐ‹˜‡ •Š‘–• ‘˜‡” Š‹• ϐ‹”•– •‡˜‡ Š‘Ž‡•ǡ
including four straight gains. His only
blemish of the day came at the par
four seventh, but he compensated by
ending with a birdie four for an impressive 66, a round of six under. Coetzee too fared better on his outward
nine, making four gains, but also had
one blemish, his second bogey at the
“I’m playing well. My swing is
coming along slightly and I’m putting
pretty nicely,” said Coetzee.” I’ve
just got to wait for my birdies and
not force it and kind of play the golf
course like I know it.”
Wiesberger, who shared sixth
place at the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship last week, said: “I feel comfortable. I haven’t really expected it
going into those two weeks, especially because I played quite poorly last
Dz– ‰‹˜‡• ‡ ‰”‡ƒ– …‘ϐ‹†‡…‡Ǣ ‹ˆ keep on doing what I’m doing, I think
I’ve worked on the right things the
last couple of weeks and it shows.”
the European Tour, including this
year’s Alfred Dunhill championship,
dropped a shot on the 14th hole but
otherwise played steadily to put himself in contention.
“It was good, nice to start the way
were good and I really wanted to
push on the back nine,” Said Grace. “I
got a little unlucky with a couple of
putts, missed a 3-footer on the 10th
and I didn’t really make anything after that.
Still close to the top and things
like that, so still in a good position
for the weekend.”
He was asked why South Africans
seem to do well in Qatar.
“I think it’s just we’ve got the good
weather over the Christmas period
of time. We take a break and then we
start grinding, and I think when we
head into The Desert Swing we are
pretty much prepared,” said Grace.
“I think that’s shown over the last
couple years and it’s shown again
this week. The guys are really performing. We are playing well and
let’s see if we can get a South African
Former winner Darren Fichardt
George Coetzee of South Africa watches his shot during the third round of the Qatar Masters at Doha Golf Club in Doha. — Reuters
of South Africa, Australian Richard 137, while overnight leader Oliver Garcia who won last year in a playoff this time along with Frenchman Gary
Green and Spaniard Alejandro Cani- Fisher was on 138 with 11 others, with Finn Mikko Ilonen.
Stal, the winner in Abu Dhabi last
zares were tied in third place with including defending champion Sergio
Ilonen, however, missed the cut week. — AFP
Journeyman Putnam goes low to set pace Ballon d’Or only for
CALIFORNIA — The “light switch”
clicked for journeyman Michael
Putnam as he piled up nine birdies in
his last 12 holes to seize a one-shot
lead in Thursday’s opening round of
the $5.7 million Humana Challenge at
La Quinta in California.
PGA Tour, the 31-year-old American
ϐ‹”‡† ƒ •’ƒ”Ž‹‰ ‹‡Ǧ—†‡”Ǧ’ƒ” ͸͵
in ideal scoring conditions on the Jack
Nicklaus Private course at PGA West,
one of three venues hosting the proam event.
Putnam covered his back nine in
ƒ •‹œœŽ‹‰ •‡˜‡Ǧ—†‡” ʹͻ –‘ ϐ‹‹•Š ƒ
picture-perfect day a stroke in front
of compatriots Blake Adams, John
Peterson, Scott Pinckney and 2012
champion Mark Wilson, and Italian
Francesco Molinari.
Holder Patrick Reed, who won the
Hyundai Tournament of Champions
in Hawaii 10 days ago, launched his
title defence with a 65 while twice
former winner Phil Mickelson, play‹‰ Š‹• ϐ‹”•– …‘’‡–‹–‹˜‡ ”‘—† •‹…‡
late September, carded a 71.
“It was like a light switch,” Putnam
told Golf Channel about the transformation in his game from the seventh
hole onwards. “I said I needed to
make some birdies, so I did.
“I played decently solid before
that, just made a few mistakes to
make bogeys, but I just lit it up coming in.”
Putnam, a three-times champion
on the lower-tier Tour who
Messi, Ronaldo: Ribery
Michael Putnam
in a PGA Tour event, was not planning to dwell on his opening round
for long.
“You’ve kind of got to forget about
it because we are playing a totally
different golf course tomorrow... so
kind of put that out of my memory
and now I am focused on the Palmer
(course) for tomorrow,” he said.
“There were a lot of low scores
shooting out there too so you’ve still
got to make birdies because 25, 27
under (par) wins this thing.”
Five-times major winner Mickelson, who has not played competitively since the United States lost to
Europe at the Ryder Cup, mixed four
birdies with three bogeys at La Quinta Country Club.
“Even though this feels like the
worst day I’ve had in months, I am excited about my game and getting back
out tomorrow,” the left-hander said
after totalling 31 putts.
“I feel like I played a little bit tight
today, kind of steered it a little bit. I’ll
loosen up and hopefully the way I am
playing will show in the score. Today
it just didn’t.” — Reuters
BERLIN — France’s Franck Ribery
says only Cristiano Ronaldo and
Lionel Messi seem capable of winning the Ballon d’Or and has voiced
his frustration after Bayern Munich
team-mate Manuel Neuer missed
Portugal’s superstar Ronaldo won
the prestigious award for the second
year running earlier this month in
Zurich with Messi second and goalkeeper Neuer third.
Much to his frustrations, Ribery
missed out on scooping the 2013 ti–Ž‡ǡƒŽ•‘ϐ‹‹•Š‹‰–Š‹”†„‡Š‹†–Š‡•—perstar pair despite strong displays
in helping Bayern win that year’s
Champions League title.
“I was really angry, but it is the
same every year: you don’t know
what you have to do in order to win
the vote,” Ribery told Munich daily
The Frenchman questions whether it is even worth a Bayern Munich
player even bothering to attend the
gala award ceremony in the future.
Between them, Ronaldo and Messi
have won the award for the last seven years and Ribery questioned what
more Neuer could have done to dethrone them after winning the World
Cup with Germany.
“It clearly appears that winning
the World Cup isn’t enough,” Ribery
fumed. “For the last two or three
years, Neuer has been the world’s
‘I was really angry,
but it is the same
every year: you don’t
know what you have
to do in order to win
the vote’
best goalkeeper and had won titles
with the club.
“In Brazil, he was the best goalkeeper and is a world champion, but
that’s clearly not enough. I don’t understand it!
“If a Bayern player is again nominated, we should consider whether it
is worth travelling to the award ceremony. “For what? Perhaps to have a
photo taken? No!
“That is just politics for me.
“Every player needs to know: if
Ronaldo and Messi are there, the
third nominated player doesn’t have
a chance.” Ribery has played for Bayern since 2007 and says he is set to
ϐ‹‹•Š Š‹• …ƒ”‡‡” ƒ– –Š‡ ƒ˜ƒ”‹ƒ ‰‹ants with his contract to expire in
2017 when he will be 34. — AFP
World record partnership steers Kiwis to victory
DUNEDIN — Luke Ronchi and Grant
Elliott put on a world record 267-run
partnership as New Zealand recovered from 93-5 to thump Sri Lanka by
ͳͲͺ”—•‹–Š‡ϐ‹ˆ–Š‘‡Ǧ†ƒ›‹–‡”ƒtional in Dunedin on Friday.
Ronchi notched 170 not out for his
maiden one-day international century, while Elliott was unbeaten on
104 in the sixth wicket stand of 267,
which surpassed the 218 that Mahela Jaywardene and Mahendra Singh
Dhoni scored for the Asian XI against
an African XI in 2007.
The duo were named Men-of-theMatch for their brilliant partnership
which helped the hosts, who were put
into bat, to an unlikely 360-5.
Dilshan’s (116) 20th ODI hundred
kept Sri Lanka in the chase for a while
but the visitors lost their last eight
wickets for 41 runs to be all out for
252 in the 44th over. New Zealand
took a 3-1 lead in the seven-match
series. Dilshan put on 93 for the opening wicket with Lahiru Thirimanne
(45) and another 70 for the third with
Mahela Jayawardene (30) but fell trying to keep up with the run rate.
Trent Boult was the pick of the
bowlers for New Zealand with his
four for 44 while Tim Southee, Elliott
and Mitchell McClenaghan all picked
up two wickets apiece.
The bowler’s task was made easier,
though, by the mammoth effort from
their team-mates.
The 33-year-old Ronchi’s role
has typically been to guide the tail
through the end of an innings after
the top-order have given them a solid
foundation but on Friday at University Oval he relished batting for 30
The pair were thrust together in
the 20th over with the hosts in deep
trouble and set about rebuilding their
innings with Elliott the anchor, rotating the strike while Ronchi set about
upping the tempo.
Š‡› •…‘”‡† ͳʹʹ ‹ –Š‡ ϐ‹ƒŽ ͳͲ
‘˜‡”•ǡ ͹͹ ‘ˆ ™Š‹…Š ™‡”‡ ‹ –Š‡ ϐ‹ƒŽ
ϐ‹˜‡ ƒ• –Š‡› ”ƒ––Ž‡† ‘ˆˆ ‘”‡ –Šƒ ͳͷ
runs an over. Ronchi’s innings included 14 boundaries and nine sixes in
‘We worked off each
other, and we tried to
be as relaxed as we
could. Once things
started flowing along
we began to relax
and have good fun
out there’
just 99 balls.
“We worked off each other, and
we tried to be as relaxed as we could.
began to relax and have good fun out
there,” Elliott said at the presentation.
“Ronchi doesn’t get a lot of time at
the end so it was nice for him to come
in early and show how destructive he
can be.” — Reuters
S A T U R D A Y, J A N U A R Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 5
Sensational Seppi dumps Federer in upset
MELBOURNE — Rafael Nadal restored a semblance of order to the
Australian Open on Friday after Italian Andreas Seppi sent shockwaves
through the tournament by toppling
Roger Federer in one of the greatest Melbourne Park upsets in recent
Under the lights of Rod Laver Arena, third seed Nadal charged into the
fourth round with a demolition of
Dudi Sela, all but banishing memories
‘ˆ Š‹• ’ƒ‹ˆ—Ž ϐ‹˜‡Ǧ•‡––‡” ƒ‰ƒ‹•– ‹
Smyczek two days before.
Federer, a four-time Australian
Open winner, faces a more lasting agony after his 11-year run to the Mel„‘—”‡ •‡‹ϐ‹ƒŽ• ™ƒ• •‡•ƒ–‹‘ƒŽŽ›
ended on his centre court domain.
A 30-year-old battler on a
23-match losing streak against top10 opponents, 46th-ranked Seppi
•…”ƒ’’‡† Ž‹‡ ƒ •–”‡‡–ϐ‹‰Š–‡” –‘ –”‹umph 6-4 7-6(5) 4-6 7-6(5), notching
at the 11th attempt.
With the terraces shrieking
through the decisive tiebreaker, Seppi was superb in the nerve-jangling
clinches, and the lunging forehand
’ƒ••‹‰ •Š‘– –Šƒ– •‡ƒŽ‡† Š‹• ϐ‹‡•–
win will feature on highlight reels for
years to come.
“It was for sure one of the important shots of my life,” the unshaven
Italian told reporters.
“Against Roger, I never went close.
‡˜‡” Šƒ† –Š‡ …Šƒ…‡Ǥ ‘ Šƒ˜‡ –Š‹•
win in my career, it’s for sure something big.”
Having lived dangerously against
Italian Simone Bolelli in the previous
round, second seed Federer revealed
dark premonitions had circled his
“I felt for some reason yesterday
and this morning it was not going to
be very simple today,” he said.
“Even in practice I still felt the
same way. I was just hoping it was
one of those feelings you sometimes
have and it’s totally not true and you
just come out and you play a routine
match. Yeah, it was a mistake.”
If Sharapova had any hang-ups
from her second-round scare against
Alexandra Panova, she concealed
them well during a 6-1 6-1 rout of Kazakh Zarina Diyas.
Her boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov had
watched the Panova match with his
heart in his mouth.
On Friday, it was Sharapova’s turn
for nail-biting on the sidelines as
the young Bulgarian contender was
†”ƒ‰‰‡† ‹–‘ ƒ ϐ‹˜‡Ǧ•‡– †‘‰Ǧϐ‹‰Š– „›
Marcos Baghdatis.
Š‡ „‹‰ǦŠ‡ƒ”–‡† ›’”‹‘–ǡ ƒ ˆƒ‘—•
ϐ‹ƒŽ‹•– ‹ ʹͲͲ͸ǡ ”‘†‡ ”‘™†› •—’’‘”–
from Melbourne’s ethnic Greek fans
Federer’s loss tore open the bottom half of the draw, opening the
door for ‘Big Four’ contenders and
upstarts like Dimitrov to challenge
the establishment.
Nadal, on the comeback trail after
injury and illness wiped out the last
half of his 2014, showed no signs of
the cramping that blighted his previous match against Smyczek as he
roared past Israeli Sela 6-1 6-0 7-5.
“I feel I was very lucky to be
through because at 2-1 (on Wednesday) I thought I was going to be on
the plane to Mallorca,” Nadal said
“In terms of injuries, I feel free. No
pain. In terms of tennis. You need to
play matches.”
Briton Andy Murray also appeared
near peak condition in trouncing
Portuguese Joao Sousa 6-1 6-1 7-5 at
6-Andy Murray (Gbr) bt Joao Sousa (Por) 6-1, 6-1, 7-5
Andreas Seppi (Ita) bt 2-Roger Federer (Sui) 6-4, 7-6 (7-5), 4-6, 7-6 (7-5)
3-Rafael Nadal (Esp) bt Dudi Sela (Isr) 6-1, 6-0, 7-5
Yanina Wickmayer (Bel) bt 14-Sara Errani (Ita) 4-6, 6-4, 6-3
3-Simona Halep (Rou) bt Bethanie Mattek-Sands (US) 6-4, 7-5
2-Maria Sharapova (RUS) bt 31-Zarina Diyas (Kaz) 6-1, 6-1
Spain’s Rafael Nadal hits a return in his men’s singles match against
Australian Open in Melbourne. — AFP
Hisense Arena.
But he will have to face his Wimbledon nemesis for a place in the
Dimitrov, who ended Murray’s title
defence at his home Grand Slam, will
„‡ –Š‡ •‹š–ŠǦ•‡‡†‡† …‘–ǯ• ϐ‹”•– ”‡ƒŽ
Another young player expected to
”‘… –Š‡ –‡‹• ‘”†‡”ǡ ƒƒ†‹ƒ •‡˜enth seed Genie Bouchard continued
her ominous form with a 7-5 6-0 win
Š‹”†•‡‡†‹‘ƒƒŽ‡’ƒ†Š‹na’s Peng Shuai, taking on the mantle
of retired champion Li Na, also advanced.
—•–”ƒŽ‹ƒǯ• †”‡ƒ• ‘ˆ ƒ ϐ‹”•– ‡ǯ•
champion in nearly 40 years remain
alive, with young talents Nick Kyrgios
ƒ† ‡”ƒ”† ‘‹… ”‡ƒ…Š‹‰ –Š‡ Žƒ•–
ͳ͸ǡ –Š‡ ϐ‹”•– –‹‡ ˆ‘” –™‘ Ž‘…ƒŽ• •‹…‡
Lleyton Hewitt and Mark Philippousis
in 2004. — Reuters
MELBOURNE, Australia — Eugenie
Bouchard — the unwitting protagonist of an Australian Open saga that
Šƒ• „‡‡ †—„„‡† Dz™‹”Ž‰ƒ–‡dz Ȅ
would prefer if people just focused on
her tennis.
For the record, Bouchard said on
Friday she was “not offended” by
the male interviewer who asked her
to twirl for the crowd earlier in the
week. “I think it was just kind of funny,” the Wimbledon runner-up said
after advancing to the fourth round in
–‘ –™‹”Ž ‹ˆ –Š‡› ƒ• –Š‡ ‰—›• –‘ ϐŽ‡š
–Š‡‹” —•…Ž‡•Ǥdz Š‹• ‹• ‘– –Š‡ ϐ‹”•–
time the Australian Open has offered
up a headline-grabbing sideshow that
has nothing to do with tennis.
In previous years, two-time cham’‹‘ ‹…–‘”‹ƒ œƒ”‡ƒǯ• ˆ‘”‡” „‘›friend, the rap star Redfoo who was a
press as she did. In 2011, former No
ͳ ƒ”‘Ž‹‡ ‘œ‹ƒ…‹ –‘Ž† ƒ …‘Ž‘—”ˆ—Ž–ƒŽ‡ƒ„‘—–‰‡––‹‰‹–‘ƒϐ‹‰Š–™‹–Š
a kangaroo and showed a scratch to
prove it. She later retracted the story,
saying she had bumped into a treadmill but wanted to spice up a dull
news conference.
Š‹• ›‡ƒ”ǡ –Š‡ •‡ƒ•‘ǯ• ‘’‡‹‰
”ƒ† Žƒ –‘—”ƒ‡– Šƒ• ™‹”Žgate, a term being used by Australian
started on Wednesday when Bouchard, one of the rising stars of women’s
tennis, was asked by a male interviewer to “give us a twirl” and show
off her tennis dress after winning her
second-round match. Noticeably embarrassed, Bouchard complied with a
laugh and later said, “it was very unexpected.” Social media erupted with
chatter. Some called it sexist, some
questioned whether a male player
would be asked to twirl after winning
a match, and some dismissed the debate, saying they didn’t feel sorry for
a highly-paid athlete being asked to
Canada’s Eugenie Bouchard hits a return against France’s Caroline Garcia in their women’s singles match of
Billie Jean King added to the chorus of criticism.
an 11-time Grand Slam winner and a
longtime campaigner for equal rights
in tennis. “Let’s focus on competition
and accomplishments of both genders, and not our looks.”
Š‡ ʹͲǦ›‡ƒ”Ǧ‘Ž† ‘—…Šƒ”†ǡ ƒ
ͳǤ͹ͺǦ‡–”‡ ȋͷ ˆ‘‘–ǦͳͲȌ ’Š‘–‘‰‡‹…
blonde, has become one of tennis’
newest cover girls. She won the Wimbledon juniors’ title in 2012 and has
made rapid progress ever since. She
”‡ƒ…Š‡† –Š‡ •‡‹ϐ‹ƒŽ• ƒ– Žƒ•– ›‡ƒ”ǯ•
Australian and French Opens folŽ‘™‡†„›–Š‡‹„Ž‡†‘ϐ‹ƒŽ™Š‹…Š
ushered her into the No 7-ranking —
Bouchard won her third-round
ƒ–…Š ‘ ”‹†ƒ›ǡ „‡ƒ–‹‰ ƒ”‘Ž‹‡
Garcia of France 7-5, 6-0. After a few
questions on tennis, her post-match
news conference turned to the twirl.
“I was waiting for this one,” Bouchard said, smiling.
Players typically say that during
big tournaments they try to stay away
from newspapers and limit their time
on social media to keep their minds
on the game. But Bouchard said she
was aware that the incident had
caused a stir.
“My friends are texting me, saying
I dance and twirl well and stuff, as
jokes,” she said. “It’s just funny how
it’s taken a life of its own. I’m just
going to try to focus on my tennis.”
She raised her eyebrows when asked
if this was a deja vu of an embarrassing question she faced last year,
when an on-court interviewer asked
her which celebrity she’d most like
to “You mean the Bieber question?”
she said. Her answer at the time had
„‡‡ ˆ‡ŽŽ‘™ ƒƒ†‹ƒ —•–‹ ‹‡„‡”Ǥ
Dz †‘ǯ– ‘™Ǥ Š‡› –”› –‘ ƒ• ˆ—›
questions. It’s entertaining, I guess.
I don’t mind it.” But she added that it
would be nice to move on. “I’m happy
that I’ve played three solid matches
here,” Bouchard said, “and we could
on that.” Associated Press
ǡ Equatorial Guinea Ȅ ‡–‡”ƒ
‘‰‘ ”ƒœœƒ˜‹ŽŽ‡ …‘ƒ…Š Žƒ—†‡ ‡
of Nations with his team having put a
ƒ… ƒ– –Š‡ …‘–‹‡–ƒŽ ϐ‹ƒŽ• ˆ‘”
from behind to draw 1-1 with hosts
Equatorial Guinea in their opening match before a famous 1-0 win
against Gabon on Wednesday.
Š‡‹” ϐ‹”•– ˜‹…–‘”› ƒ– –Š‡ ϐ‹ƒŽ•
•‹…‡ ͳͻ͹Ͷ •ƒ™ –Š‡ …Ž‘•‡ ‹ ‘ ƒ
’Žƒ…‡ ‹ –Š‡ “—ƒ”–‡”ϐ‹ƒŽ• ƒ† …‘ϐ‹”‡† –Šƒ– –Š‡ Ž‘‰‹•–‹…ƒŽ ’”‘„Ž‡•
‘ˆ –Š‡‹” ϐ‹”•– ˆ‡™ †ƒ›• ‹ “—ƒ–‘”‹ƒŽ
Guinea were now a thing of the past.
After arriving in the country’s big‰‡•–…‹–›ƒ–ƒǡ™Š‡”‡‘‰‘ƒ”‡„ƒ•‡†
for the group stage, an angry Le Roy
described his team’s accomodation as
“catastrophic”, with not enough space
for all his players and staff. And after
the draw with the Nzalang Nacional
he raged that his team’s performance
had been affected after they were
an hour on their way to the stadium.
few days here because we had to play
against the local team, nothing was
easy for us. But since we played Equatorial Guinea, everything has been
simple — the bus is there, everything
is there, everything is very simple,”
a dream, having only been reinstated
into the tournament after Rwanda
™‡”‡†‹•“—ƒŽ‹ϐ‹‡†ˆ‘”ϐ‹‡Ž†‹‰ƒ‹‡Ž‹gible player.
looked set to miss out to Nigeria after
a 2-0 defeat at home to the Super Eagles in November, but they squeezed
in Sudan as Nigeria failed to get the
home win they needed against South
“It’s unbelievable,” admitted the
vastly experienced French coach, ap’‡ƒ”‹‰ƒ–Š‹•‡‹‰Š–Š—’‘ˆƒ–‹‘•Ǥ
“We were in the same group as Nigeria. We created a huge surprise in
ƒŽƒ„ƒ” ȋ„‡ƒ–‹‰ –Š‡ ˆ”‹…ƒ …Šƒ’‹ons 3-2 on their own patch).
“But with this team, anything is
’‘••‹„Ž‡Ǥ Š‡› Ž‹‡ –‘ ™‘”ǡ –Š‡› Ž‹‡
to sing together.”
Aussie coach
slams ‘garbage’
talk over future
coach Ange Postecoglou let rip over
reports questioning his future following
his side’s 2-0 Asian Cup quarter-final
victory over China, slamming the
rumours as “garbage”.
After two superb Tim Cahill
strikes gave the Socceroos a 2-0 win
over China in Thursday’s clash in
Brisbane, Postecoglou fired at volley at
suggestions his job could be in danger if
the hosts fail to reach the final.
“The only challenge I see is
continually having to say the same story
and it’s frustrating the hell out of me,”
he fumed. “People can’t see what I see in
this team. We’ve been managing really
Postecoglou, under contract until the
2018 World Cup, has overseen a period
of transition for Australia and backed
his new-look Socceroos to prove the
doubters wrong.
“I still shake my head sometimes with
some of the things that I hear and read,”
he said.
“I think the fans are understanding
that this is an exciting team. Mat Ryan,
Trent Sainsbury, Jason Davidson, Mat
Leckie, Mass Luongo — they’re all
22, 23 years of age, they’re putting in
enormous performances.”
Clearly riled, he added: “My only
concern is that I hope none of them get
infiltrated by some of the garbage I read
and hear on the outside.”
Australia scored eight goals in their
opening two games of the tournament
before being beaten 1-0 by South Korea
in a game they dominated, though
Postecoglou faced criticism for starting
with Cahill and fellow striker Robbie
Kruse on the bench. — AFP
Does ref sleep at
night? Queiroz asks
CANBERRA — Carlos Queiroz asked
how referee Ben Williams can sleep at
night and said he was considering his
future in the game after 10-man Iran
crashed out of the Asian Cup on Friday.
The coach had to be held back by
his players after Mehrdad Pooladi’s
controversial dismissal and he was
furious as he faced media following the
penalties loss to arch-rivals Iraq.
Queiroz was earlier fined $3,000
for an outburst against Australian ref
Williams and he unsuccessfully tried to
bite his tongue as he contemplated the
ruins of Iran’s campaign.
“Can he (the referee) sleep tonight?”
Queiroz asked after Iran went out 7-6
on penalties, after twice coming from
behind to make it 3-3 after extra time.
“It’s just a question. If it’s necessary I
put my knees to the ground to show my
respect and humble attitude to ask him
how we understand this decision, you
tell me.
“I want to emphasise this one, two,
three, four times, it’s just a question. I ask
you to make the judgement because
now we go home.”
Sardar Azmoun scored on 24 minutes
but things turned sour for Iran when
Pooladi was cautioned for simulation —
and then sent off when Williams realised
it was his second yellow card.
Iraq levelled through Ahmed Yaseen
and they twice went ahead in extra-time
— only for Iran to claw back equalisers
through Morteza Pouraliganji and Reza
Ghoochannejhad. — AFP
S AT U R DAY l J A N U A R Y 2 4 l 2 0 1 5
UAE shock Japan on penalties at Asian Cup
ȅ ƒ’ƒ ™‡”‡ •‡– …”ƒ•Š‹‰
‘—– ‘ˆ –Š‡ •‹ƒ —’ ‘ ”‹†ƒ› ƒ• –Š‡
‹–‡† ”ƒ„ ‹”ƒ–‡• •Š‘…‡† –Š‡ †‡ˆ‡†‹‰…Šƒ’‹‘•ͷǦͶ‘’‡ƒŽ–‹‡•ƒˆ–‡”ƒ’—Ž•ƒ–‹‰“—ƒ”–‡”Ǧϐ‹ƒŽǤ
—„•–‹–—–‡ •ƒ‹Ž Š‡† †‡Ž‹˜‡”‡†
–Š‡ ‘…‘—– „Ž‘™ ƒˆ–‡” ƒ’ƒ‡•‡ •—’‡”•–ƒ”•‡‹•—‡‘†ƒƒ†Š‹Œ‹ƒ‰ƒ™ƒŠƒ†„‘–Š‹••‡†–Š‡‹”•’‘–‹…•ǡ
•‡†‹‰ –Š‡ –Š”‘—‰Š –‘ –Š‡ Žƒ•–
ˆ‘—” ƒˆ–‡” ƒ ™ƒ” ‘ˆ ƒ––”‹–‹‘ ‹ ›†‡›
Š‡ —Žˆ •‹†‡ǡ ‡Œ‘›‹‰ –Š‡‹” „‡•–
”— ƒ– –Š‡ •‹ƒ —’ •‹…‡ ϐ‹‹•Š‹‰
”—‡”•Ǧ—’ ‹ ͳͻͻ͸ǡ ™‹ŽŽ ˆƒ…‡ Š‘•–•
—•–”ƒŽ‹ƒ ‹ –Š‡ •‡‹Ǧϐ‹ƒŽ• ƒˆ–‡” –Š‡‹”
Š‡ ‹”ƒ–‡• ‡š’Ž‘†‡† ˆ”‘ –Š‡
„Ž‘…•ǡ •–”‹‡” Ž‹ ƒ„Š‘—– •ƒ•Š‹‰
Š‘‡ ƒ ϐ‹‡”…‡ ˜‘ŽŽ‡› ƒˆ–‡” Œ—•– •‡˜‡
‹—–‡•ˆ‘”Š‹•ˆ‘—”–Š‰‘ƒŽ‘ˆ–Š‡–‘—”ƒ‡–ǡ „—– ”‡ˆ—•‹‰ –‘ …‡Ž‡„”ƒ–‡ ‘—–
‹–Š ƒ’ƒ –‡‡–‡”‹‰ ‘ –Š‡ „”‹
‘ˆ ƒ •Š‘… †‡ˆ‡ƒ–ǡ Š‘™‡˜‡”ǡ •—„•–‹–—–‡
ƒ— Š‹„ƒ•ƒ‹ ”‹ϐŽ‡† ‹ –Š‡ ‡“—ƒŽ‹•‡” ˆ”‘ –Š‡ ‡†‰‡ ‘ˆ –Š‡ „‘š ƒˆ–‡” ͺͳ
‹—–‡• ˆ‘ŽŽ‘™‹‰ ƒ ‡ƒ– Žƒ›Ǧ‘ˆˆ ˆ”‘
Š‡ ’Žƒ›‡”•ǡ ™‡ƒ”‹‰ „Žƒ…
ƒ”„ƒ†• ‹ Š‘‘—” ‘ˆ –Š‡ Žƒ–‡ ƒ—†‹ ƒ’ƒǯ•’Žƒ›‡”•”‡ƒ…–•ˆ‘ŽŽ‘™‹‰–Š‡‹”†‡ˆ‡ƒ–ƒ‰ƒ‹•–‹–‡†”ƒ„‹”ƒ–‡•ƒˆ–‡”–Š‡“—ƒ”–‡”Ǧϔ‹ƒŽˆ‘‘–„ƒŽŽ
‘ƒ”…Šǡ ˆ”—•–”ƒ–‡† ƒ’ƒ ™‹–Š –Š‡‹” match between Japan and UAE at the AFC Asian Cup in Sydney. — AFP
Iraq stun 10-man Iran in
penalties thriller
ȅ ƒŽƒ Šƒ‹” •…‘”‡†
–Š‡ ™‹‹‰ •’‘–Ǧ‹… ƒ• ”ƒ“
stunned 10-man Iran 7-6 on penal–‹‡•–‘”‡ƒ…Š–Š‡•‹ƒ—’•‡‹•‹
ƒ ƒ–…Š ‘ˆ Š‹‰Š †”ƒƒ „‡–™‡‡ –Š‡
 ƒ •‡•ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ “—ƒ”–‡”Ǧϐ‹ƒŽ ƒ–
ƒ„‡””ƒ –ƒ†‹—ǡ –Š‡ •‹†‡• ™‡”‡
–™‹…‡ …ƒ‡ ˆ”‘ „‡Š‹† ‹ ‡š–”ƒǦ
‡Š”†ƒ† ‘‘Žƒ†‹ ™ƒ• •‡– ‘ˆˆ ˆ‘” ƒ
•‡…‘† ›‡ŽŽ‘™ …ƒ”† Žƒ–‡ ‹ –Š‡ ϐ‹”•–
ŠƒŽˆǡ •’ƒ”‹‰ ƒ ˆ—”‹‘—• ”‡ƒ…–‹‘
—– –Š‡‹” Š‡”‘‹…• ™‡”‡ ‹ ˜ƒ‹
™Š‡ ƒŠ‹† ‹”› •–”—… –Š‡ ’‘•–
™‹–Š –Š‡ ͳͷ–Š •’‘–Ǧ‹…ǡ ƒ† Šƒ‹”
”ƒ“ ‘™ ‰‘ ‹–‘ ƒ •‡‹Ǧϐ‹ƒŽ
ƒ‰ƒ‹•– ‘—–Š ‘”‡ƒǡ ™Š‹Ž‡ –Š”‡‡Ǧ
–‹‡ ™‹‡”• ”ƒ ™‡”‡ Ž‡ˆ– ˆ—‹‰
Dz‘— …ƒ ‹ƒ‰‹‡ Š‘™ ˆ‡‡Ž „—–
…ƒ‘– ‡š’”‡•• ‹– „‡…ƒ—•‡ ‹ˆ •ƒ›
™Šƒ– ˆ‡‡Ž ƒ† –‡ŽŽ –Š‡ –”—–Š ƒ„‘—–
™Šƒ– ‡˜‡”›‘‡ •ƒ™ ‹ –Š‡ ‰ƒ‡ ™‹ŽŽ ‰‡– ’—‹•Š‡†ǡdz …‘ƒ…Š —‡‹”‘œ
Dz ƒ ˜‡”› ’”‘—† ‘ˆ –Š‡ ™ƒ› ›
ƒ† †‡•‡”˜‡ ‡˜‡”› ”‡•’‡…–ǡdz Š‡ ƒ††‡†Ǥ
”ƒ“‹ …‘ƒ…Š ƒ†Š‹ Š‡ƒ‹•Š‹Ž •ƒ‹†
‹– ™‘—Ž† „‡ †‹ˆϐ‹…—Ž– ˆ‘” Š‹• –‡ƒ –‘
”‡…‘˜‡” ‹ –‹‡ ˆ‘” ‘†ƒ›ǯ• •‡‹Ǧ
Sardar Azmoun (left) of
with Dhurgham Ismael
(right) of Iraq during
the Asian Cup quarterϔ‹ƒŽˆ‘‘–„ƒŽŽƒ–…Š
between Iraq and Iran in
Canberra. — AFP
Dz‡ Šƒ˜‡ ȋ‘‡Ȍ Ž‡•• †ƒ› –‘ ’”‡’ƒ”‡–Šƒ‘—–Š‘”‡ƒƒ†”‡…‘˜‡”‹‰ ‹ –‹‡ ‹• ‘™ ‘—” ƒ‹ ˆ‘…—•ǡdz
Dz—– ‹ –Š‡ •‡‹•ǡ ƒ›–Š‹‰ …ƒ
Ǯǯ Ȅ ”ƒ
started well and Sardar Azmoun
’‘™‡”‡† ƒ Š‡ƒ†‡” ’ƒ•– ‰‘ƒŽ‡‡’‡”
ƒŽƒŽ ƒ••ƒ ˆ‘” ƒ ͳǦͲ Ž‡ƒ† ‘ ʹͶ
‹—–‡•ǡ „‡ˆ‘”‡ –Š‡› ™‡”‡ …‘–”‘˜‡”•‹ƒŽŽ›”‡†—…‡†–‘ͳͲ‡Ǥ
‘‘Žƒ†‹ ™ƒ• •‡– ‘ˆˆ ƒˆ–‡” ”‡…‡‹˜‹‰ ƒ •‡…‘† ›‡ŽŽ‘™ …ƒ”† ˆ‘” •‹—Žƒ–‹‘ ˆ”‘ —•–”ƒŽ‹ƒ ”‡ˆ‡”‡‡ ‡
‹ŽŽ‹ƒ• Ȅ ƒ –ƒ”‰‡– ‘ˆ —‡‹”‘œǯ•
”ƒ“ ‰‘ƒŽ‡‡’‡” ƒ••ƒ ’—•Š‡†
‘‘Žƒ†‹‹–Š‡…Š‡•–ǡ•‡†‹‰–Š‡”ƒ‹ƒ Ž‡ˆ–Ǧ„ƒ… ˆƒŽŽ‹‰ –‘ –Š‡ ‰”‘—†
Ȅ ˆƒ” –‘‘ ‡ƒ•‹Ž› ‹ –Š‡ ‘’‹‹‘ ‘ˆ
—– –Š‡ ”‡ˆ‡”‡‡ ƒ’’‡ƒ”‡† –‘
Šƒ˜‡ ˆ‘”‰‘––‡ –Šƒ– Š‡ Šƒ† ƒŽ”‡ƒ†›
„‘‘‡† ‘‘Žƒ†‹ ‡ƒ”Ž‹‡” ‹ –Š‡ ŠƒŽˆǡ
ƒ† Šƒ˜‹‰ „‡‡ ”‡‹†‡†ǡ ”‡ƒ…Š‡†
ˆ‘” Š‹• ”‡† …ƒ”† ƒ ‰‘‘† ™Š‹Ž‡ ƒˆ–‡”™ƒ”†•Ǥ
ˆ‘” …”‹–‹…‹•‹‰ ‹ŽŽ‹ƒ• ƒˆ–‡” –Š‡
‰”‘—’ ™‹ ‘˜‡” ƒŠ”ƒ‹ǡ Šƒ† –‘ „‡
”‡•–”ƒ‹‡† ƒ• Š‡ –”‹‡† –‘ –ƒŽ –‘ –Š‡
”‡Œ—˜‡ƒ–‡† ”ƒ“ ƒ†‡ –Š‡‹”
• –Š‡ •‡…‘† ŠƒŽˆ ’”‘‰”‡••‡†ǡ
’Žƒ›‡”• ™‡”‡ •–ƒ”–‹‰ –‘ ™‹Ž– ‹ –Š‡
͵ʹ †‡‰”‡‡• ‡Ž•‹—• ȋͺͻ ƒŠ”‡Š‡‹–Ȍ
…ƒ’–ƒ‹ ‘—‹• ƒŠ‘—†ǡ •…‘”‡” ‘ˆ
”ƒ Ž‡˜‡ŽŽ‡† –Š”‘—‰Š ‘”–‡œƒ
‘—”ƒŽ‹‰ƒŒ‹ǯ• Š‡ƒ†‡” Ȅ „—– –Š‡ †‡ˆ‡†‡”ǯ• Œ‘› ™ƒ• •Š‘”–Ž‹˜‡† ƒ• Š‡
ƒ•‡” ƒ•‹ǡ ™Š‹…Š Š—”‰Šƒ •ƒ‡Ž†‹•’ƒ–…Š‡†Ǥ
–Ž‘‘‡†ƒŽŽ‘˜‡”ǡ„—–”ƒ‹ƒ•—„•–‹–—–‡ ‡œƒ Š‘‘…Šƒ‡ŒŠƒ† Š‡ƒ†‡†‹ˆ”‘…Ž‘•‡”ƒ‰‡Ž‡••–Šƒ–™‘
‹—–‡• ˆ”‘ –Š‡ ‡† ‘ˆ ‡š–”ƒǦ–‹‡
‘–Š •‹†‡• ‹••‡† –Š‡‹” ‘’‡‹‰
•’‘– ‹…• „—– –Š‡ •…‘”‡† •‹š ‡ƒ…Šǡ
‹…Ž—†‹‰ ƒ „”‹ŽŽ‹ƒ– Dz’ƒ‡ƒdz ˆ”‘
ƒŠ‘—† ƒ† ƒ‘–Š‡” •—……‡••ˆ—Ž
ˆ—ŽŽ ƒ†˜ƒ–ƒ‰‡ ‘ˆ ‹”›ǯ• ‹•• ˆ‘”
DzŠ‡ …‘ƒ…Š‹‰ •–ƒˆˆ ‹•–‹ŽŽ‡† •‘
DzŠ‹• ™‹ …ƒ Šƒ˜‡ •—…Š ƒ ’‘•‹–‹˜‡ ‹’ƒ…– ‘ ‘—” …‘—–”› „‡…ƒ—•‡
‘ˆ ƒŽŽ –Š‡ †‹ˆϐ‹…—Ž–‹‡• „ƒ… Š‘‡ǡdz Š‡
ƒ††‡†Ǥ— AFP
‹–”‹…ƒ–‡ ’ƒ••‹‰ ‹ –Š‡ ϐ‹”•– ŠƒŽˆǡ ’Žƒ›ƒ‡” ƒ” „†—Ž”ƒŠƒ ’—ŽŽ‹‰ –Š‡
ƒ„Š‘—–ǯ• ‘’‡‡” …ƒ‡ ˜‹ƒ ”‘—–‡
‘‡ǡ Š‘™‡˜‡”ǡ ƒ• Š‡ ”ƒ…‡† ‘–‘ ƒ Ž‘‰
„ƒŽŽ ˆ”‘ ‡” „†—Ž”ƒŠƒ –‘ Žƒ•Š
ƒ ”‹‰Š–Ǧˆ‘‘– ’ƒ•– ƒ’ƒ ‰‘ƒŽ‡‡’‡” ‹Œ‹
Š‡ ƒ’ƒ‡•‡ǡ ‹ …‘–”ƒ•–ǡ Ž‘‘‡†
Ž‡‰‰› ƒ† „‡”‡ˆ– ‘ˆ ‹†‡ƒ• ƒˆ–‡” …‘ƒ…Š
ƒ˜‹‡” ‰—‹””‡ ƒ‡† ƒ —…Šƒ‰‡†
–‡ƒ ˆ‘” ƒ ˆ‘—”–Š ‰ƒ‡ ‹ ƒ ”‘™ǡ ƒ†
—„•–‹–—–‡ ‘•Š‹‘”‹ —–‘ ™ƒ•–‡†
a golden opportunity to restore parity
”ƒ‰‡ „‡ˆ‘”‡ ƒ‰ƒ™ƒ ˆ‘”…‡† ƒ •ƒ”–
ƒ’–ƒ‹ ƒ‘–‘ ƒ•‡„‡ ƒ† ‘†ƒ
ƒŽŽ …ƒ‡ …Ž‘•‡ ƒ• ƒ’ƒ –Š”‡™ ‡˜‡”›–Š‹‰ ƒ– –Š‡‹” ‘„†—”ƒ–‡ ‘’’‘‡–•ǡ
‹… „‡ˆ‘”‡ –Š‡ ”‡ˆ‡”‡‡ „Ž‡™ –‘ •‹‰ƒŽ
•‹ƒ —’ ‹ ʹͲͳͳǡ ƒŽ‘•– •ƒ–…Š‡†
–Š‡ ™‹‡” ™Š‡ Š‹„ƒ•ƒ‹ǯ• ˆ”‡‡ ‹…
ϐŽƒ•Š‡† ™‹†‡ „—– –Š‡ Š—‰ ‘ –‘
ˆ‘”…‡ ƒ •Š‘‘–‘—– ™Š‡”‡ǡ ‘ˆ ƒŽŽ ’‡‘’Ž‡ǡ
‘†ƒ ƒ† ƒ‰ƒ™ƒ ‰‹ˆ–‡† Š‡† –Š‡
Asian Cup results and semi-final fixtures
Sydney — Collated results and PLAYED ON THURSDAY
•‡‹Ǧϐ‹ƒŽ ϐ‹š–—”‡• ƒˆ–‡” –Š‡ AT MELBOURNE
•‹ƒ —’ “—ƒ”–‡”Ǧϐ‹ƒŽ• ‘ ”‹‘—–Š‘”‡ƒʹȋ‘ͳͲͶǡͳͳͻȌ
Iran 3 (Azmoun 24, Pourali- ͸ͷȌ
”ƒ“͵ȋƒ•‡‡ͷ͸ǡƒŠ‘—†ͻ͵ǡ SEMI-FINAL FIXTURES
Monday, January 26
Iraq win 7-6 on penalties
Tuesday, January 27
Sydney — •‹ƒǯ• ˆ‘‘–„ƒŽŽ „‘†› †‘‡•
‘– ‘’’‘•‡ ”ƒ‹ƒ Žƒ™• „ƒ‹‰
™‘‡ ˆ”‘ •–ƒ†‹—•ǡ ƒ •‡‹‘” ‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ •ƒ‹† ‘ ”‹†ƒ›ǡ ƒˆ–‡” –Š‘—•ƒ†•
ϐŽ‘…‡† –‘ ™ƒ–…Š –Š‡ –‡ƒ ƒ– –Š‡
ˆƒ• Šƒ˜‡ ’”‘˜‹†‡† ƒ …‘Ž‘—”ˆ—Ž •’‡…–ƒ…Ž‡ ƒ– –Š‡ –‘—”ƒ‡– ‹ —•–”ƒŽ‹ƒǡ
•‹ƒ ‘‘–„ƒŽŽ ‘ˆ‡†‡”ƒ–‹‘
•ƒ‹† –Š‡ „‘†› ”‡•’‡…–• ”ƒ‹ƒ ”—Ž‡•
Dz‡ǯ”‡ ˜‡”› „”‘ƒ†Ǧ‹†‡†ǡdz
‘‘•ƒ› •ƒ‹† ‹ ƒ ‹–‡”˜‹‡™ ‹ ›†‡›Ǥ Dz —•–”ƒŽ‹ƒǡ –Š‡”‡ǯ• ƒ „‹‰ ”ƒ‹ƒ …‘—‹–› ƒ† ›‘— …ƒǯ– •–‘’
–Š‡ ˆ”‘ …‘‹‰ –‘ –Š‡ •–ƒ†‹—
DzŠ‡”‡ƒ• ‹ ”ƒǡ –Š‡”‡ Šƒ• „‡‡
–Š‡ •–ƒ†‹— ƒ† ™ƒ–…Š‹‰ ƒ ˆ‘‘–„ƒŽŽ
Š‡ †‹˜‹†‡ „‡–™‡‡ –Š‡ •‹–—ƒ–‹‘
‹ ”ƒ ƒ† —•–”ƒŽ‹ƒ ™ƒ• Žƒ‹† „ƒ”‡
™Š‡ ”ƒ‹ƒ ’Žƒ›‡”• ™‡”‡ ™ƒ”‡†
ƒ‰ƒ‹•– –ƒ‹‰ Dz•‡Žϐ‹‡dz ’‹…–—”‡• ™‹–Š
Š‡ Š‡ƒ† ‘ˆ –Š‡ ”ƒ‹ƒ ‘‘–„ƒŽŽ
‡†‡”ƒ–‹‘ǯ• ‘”ƒŽ …‘‹––‡‡ •ƒ‹†
Dzƒ–‹‘ƒŽ –‡ƒ ’Žƒ›‡”• •Š‘—Ž† „‡
ƒ™ƒ”‡ –Šƒ– –Š‡› ™‘ǯ– „‡ —•‡† ƒ• ƒ
’‘Ž‹–‹…ƒŽ –‘‘Ž •‘ –Šƒ– –Š‘•‡ ™Š‘ –ƒ‡
’‹…–—”‡• ™‹–Š –Š‡ †‘ǯ– —•‡ –Š‡•‡
”ƒǯ• ‘”–—‰—‡•‡ …‘ƒ…Š ƒ”Ž‘•
—‡‹”‘œ •–‡‡”‡† …Ž‡ƒ” ‘ˆ –Š‡ •—„Œ‡…–™Š‡Š‡”‡•’‘†‡†™‹–Šƒϐ‹”ǡ
Dz‘ …‘‡–dz ™Š‡ ƒ•‡† ˆ‘” Š‹•
–Š‘—‰Š–• ‘ –Š‡ ’”‡•‡…‡ ‘ˆ ™‘‡
Šƒ˜‡ „‡‡ ‹ –Š‡ •’‘–Ž‹‰Š– •‹…‡ ƒ
”‹–‹•ŠǦ”ƒ‹ƒ Žƒ™ ‰”ƒ†—ƒ–‡ ™ƒ•
Œƒ‹Ž‡† ƒˆ–‡” •Š‡ –”‹‡† –‘ ƒ––‡† ƒ
Š‘…Š‡Š Šƒ˜ƒ‹ǡ ʹͷǡ ™ƒ• †‡–ƒ‹‡† ‹ —‡ ƒ† –™‹…‡ ™‡– ‘
Š—‰‡” •–”‹‡ „‡ˆ‘”‡ „‡‹‰ ”‡Ž‡ƒ•‡†
‘ „ƒ‹Ž Žƒ•– ™‡‡ ’‡†‹‰ ƒ …‘—”–
Š‡ ‹••—‡ ™‘—Ž† „‡ •—”‡ –‘ ”‡ƒ…Š
’”‘‹‡…‡ ‹ˆ ”ƒǡ ‘‡ ‘ˆ ‘Ž› –™‘
„‹††‡”• ƒŽ‘‰ ™‹–Š ˆƒ˜‘—”‹–‡• ǡ
 —•–”ƒŽ‹ƒǡ –Š‘—•ƒ†• ‘ˆ ˆ‡ƒŽ‡
”ƒ ˆƒ•ǡ ƒ› ™‡ƒ”‹‰ –Š‡ –‡ƒ
•Š‹”– ƒ† ™‹–Š –Š‡‹” ˆƒ…‡• ’ƒ‹–‡† ‹
–Š‡ ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ …‘Ž‘—”•ǡ Šƒ˜‡ ƒ––‡†‡†
‡ƒ ‡ŽŽ‹ǯ• ‰ƒ‡• ‹ ‡Ž„‘—”‡ǡ
ƒ„ƒ œ‹ǡ ƒ ”ƒ‹ƒ ™Š‘ Ž‹˜‡• ‹
”ƒǯ• „ƒ Dz•–—’‹†dz ƒ† •ƒ‹† ‹– …‘—Ž†
Dz”ƒ ‹• –Š‡ „‡•– …ƒ†‹†ƒ–‡ „—– †‘ǯ– –Š‹ ™‹ŽŽ ‰‹˜‡ ‹– –‘ ”ƒǡ
ƒ† †‘ǯ– –Š‹ –Š‡› •Š‘—Ž†ǡ „‡…ƒ—•‡ ‘ˆ –Š‹• ˆƒ…– ƒŽ‘‡ǡdz œ‹ •ƒ‹†
ƒŠ‡ƒ† ‘ˆ ”ƒǯ• “—ƒ”–‡”Ǧϐ‹ƒŽ ™‹–Š
‹˜‹‰ ‹– –‘ ”ƒ ™‘—Ž† ˜‹†‹…ƒ–‡
™Šƒ– –Š‡› ƒ”‡ †‘‹‰ ƒ† ’”ƒ‹•‡ –Š‹•
’‘Ž‹…›Ǥ—–‘–‰‹˜‹‰–Š‡ƒ›‹–‡”national tournaments in any sports
…ƒ Š‡Ž’ ˆ‘”…‡ –Š‡ –‘ …Šƒ‰‡ –Š‡‹”
‘Ž› ‡‘‡‡ǡ ƒ ”ƒ‹ƒ ™Š‘ Šƒ•
•ƒ‹†•Š‡…‘—Ž†—†‡”•–ƒ†–Š‡™ƒ”‹‰ ƒ„‘—– Dz•‡Žϐ‹‡•dz „—– ‘– –Š‡ •–ƒ†‹—„ƒǤ
Dz‡ƒŽ‡• ‘– ƒŽŽ‘™‡† ‹ •–ƒ†‹—• †‹•ƒ‰”‡‡ ™‹–ŠǤ ‘— …‘—Ž† Šƒ˜‡
ƒ”‡ƒ•ǡdz •Š‡ •ƒ‹†ǡ ƒ††‹‰ǣ DzƒŽ‡Ǧ‘Ž›
‘ƒŽ‡‡’‡” Ž‹”‡œƒ ƒ‰Š‹‰Š‹ ƒ†
ϐŽƒ‰ ‹•…”‹„‡† ™‹–Š ƒ ƒ””‹ƒ‰‡ ’”‘’‘•ƒŽˆ‘”ƒ‰Š‹‰Š‹Ǥ
‘‘•ƒ› •ƒ‹† ˜‹•‹–‹‰ ˆ‡ƒŽ‡ ‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ•ƒ†‡†‹ƒƒ––‡†‹‰‡˜‡–•
‹ ”ƒ Šƒ† ƒŽ™ƒ›• „‡‡ ƒŽŽ‘™‡† ƒ–
–Š‡ •–ƒ†‹—•ǡ ’”‘˜‹†‡† –Š‡› ™‡ƒ” ƒ
Dz‘— Šƒ˜‡ –‘ ”‡•’‡…– –Šƒ– –Š‡›
Šƒ˜‡ –‘ …‘˜‡” –Š‡•‡Ž˜‡•Ǥ Š‡”‡ ‹•
ƒ …‘†‡ ‘ˆ ƒ––‹”‡ ™Š‹…Š Šƒ• –‘ „‡ ”‡•’‡…–‡†ǡdzŠ‡•ƒ‹†ǤDzˆ‹–ǯ•†‘‡‹”ƒ
–Š‡”‡ǯ•‘‹••—‡ƒ–ƒŽŽǤdz— AFP
Super Seppi stuns
Protean, Aussie trio share
lead at Qatar Masters
UAE shock Japan on
[email protected]
Captain Smith takes Australia to victory
HOBART — Steven Smith maintained his purple patch to hit a brilliant unbeaten 102 to secure Australia’s three-wicket victory against
England in a high-scoring tri-series
match at Hobart on Friday.
Brad Haddin also chipped in
™‹–Š ƒ “—‹…ϐ‹”‡ Ͷʹ ‘ˆˆ ʹͻ „ƒŽŽ• ƒ•
the hosts chased down the daunt‹‰ ͵ͲͶǦ”— –ƒ”‰‡– ™‹–Š ‘‡ „ƒŽŽ –‘
spare to pick up their third consecu–‹˜‡ ™‹ ƒ† ”‡ƒ…Š –Š‡ ϐ‹ƒŽ ‘ˆ –Š‡
ƒ ‡ŽŽǯ• …ƒ”‡‡”Ǧ„‡•– ͳͶͳ Šƒ†
powered England to 303-8 but they
™‡”‡ Ž‡ˆ– –‘ ”—‡ –Š‡‹” ‹ƒ„‹Ž‹–› –‘
•…‘”‡ˆ”‡‡Ž›†—”‹‰–Š‡…Ž‘•‹‰•–ƒ‰es, which Australia used superbly to
claim victory.
Stand-in captain Smith, who
•…‘”‡† ˆ‘—” …‡–—”‹‡• ƒ‰ƒ‹•– †‹ƒ
during their recent 2-0 test series
to complete another ton on his oneday international captaincy debut,
the injured David Warner, and Aar‘ ‹…Š ȋ͵ʹȌ ‰ƒ˜‡ —•–”ƒŽ‹ƒ –Š‡
‹†‡ƒŽ ’Žƒ–ˆ‘” ˆ‘” –Š‡ …Šƒ•‡ ™‹–Š ƒ
ƒ‡”‘Š‹–‡ȋͲȌ‹–Š”‡‡†‡Ž‹˜‡”ies leaving it to Smith to resurrect
The 25-year-old Smith looked
ƒš™‡ŽŽ ȋ͵͹Ȍ ˆ‘” –Š‡ ˆ‘—”–Š ™‹…‡–
and another 55 with James Faulkn‡”ȋ͵ͷȌˆ‘”–Š‡ϐ‹ˆ–Š–‘–ƒ‡—•–”ƒŽ‹ƒ
and Haddin then batted sensibly
during their 81-run stand and took
the attack to the bowlers once the
victory was in sight.
Earlier, put in to bat by Australia,
An aggressive Bell, who hit 15
ˆ‘—”•ƒ†‘‡•‹š‹Š‹•ͳʹͷǦ„ƒŽŽ‹nings, appeared in good touch and
–‘‘ ƒ ϐ‹” •–‡’ –‘™ƒ”†• •‡…—”‹‰
–Š‡ ‘’‡‡”ǯ• ”‘Ž‡ ˆ‘” –Š‡ ‡„”—ƒ”›
ͳͻǦƒ”…Š ʹͻ ‘”Ž† —’ ƒŠ‡ƒ† ‘ˆ
Alex Hales.
He timed the ball sweetly, reach‹‰ Š‹• ŠƒŽˆǦ…‡–—”› ‹ Ͷʹ „ƒŽŽ• ƒ†
–Š‡ –Š‡ –Š”‡‡Ǧϐ‹‰—”‡ ƒ” ‹ ͻʹ
„ƒŽŽ• ™‹–Š ƒ ’—ŽŽ‡† •‹‰Ž‡ ‘ˆˆ ’ƒ…‡man Pat Cummins. Cummins was
punished by Moeen early on when
–Š‡ Ž‡ˆ–ǦŠƒ†‡” ’—ŽŽ‡† –Š‡ „‘™Ž‡”
™‹…‡– ™‹–Š ‘‡ ‘‘– ȋ͸ͻȌ „—– ‡†‹—’ƒ…‡”
–Š‹‰• „ƒ… ˆ‘” —•–”ƒŽ‹ƒ „› †‹•missing the centurion and England
…ƒ’–ƒ‹ ‘‹ ‘”‰ƒ ˆ‘” ƒ ‰‘Ž†‡
duck in three balls. England lost six
wickets in the last nine overs, including three in the last three deliv‡”‹‡•‘ˆ–Š‡‹”‹‹‰•ǤȄ‡—–‡”•
M Ali c sub b Faulkner.................................. Ͷ͸
J Taylor c Faulkner b Henriques.................. 5
J Root c Finch b Cummins ........................... ͸ͻ
E Morgan c Haddin b Sandhu ....................... 0
—––Ž‡”ȋ”—‘—–Ȍ .......................................... 25
R Bopara b Starc ................................................ ͹
‘ƒ‡•ȋ”—‘—–Ȍ .......................................... 0
”‘ƒ†ȋ‘–‘—–Ȍ ............................................... 0
Extras (B-1, LB-4, W-5) ..........................10
Total (for 8 wkts, 50 overs) .............. 303
Fall of wickets: 1-113, 2-132, 3-253,
Bowling: –ƒ”…ͳͲǦͲǦ͸ͲǦͳǡ—‹•
ͳͲǦͲǦ͹ͶǦͳǡ ƒ†Š— ͳͲǦͲǦͶͻǦʹǡ ƒš™‡ŽŽ ͵ǦͲǦʹʹǦͲǡ ƒ—Ž‡” ͳͲǦͲǦͷͻǦͳǡ ‡”‹“—‡•͹ǦͲǦ͵ͶǦͳǤ
A Finch b Ali ..................................................... 32
S Marsh c Bell b Finn .................................... Ͷͷ
‹–Šȋ‘–‘—–Ȍ ..........................................102
C White lbw Finn ............................................... 0
ƒš™‡ŽŽ…‘‘–„Ž‹ ................................. ͵͹
J Faulkner c Bell b Woakes ......................... 35
B Haddin c Bell b Woakes ........................... Ͷʹ
‡”‹“—‡•ȋ”—‘—–Ȍ.................................... Ͷ
Australia’s Steven Smith cuts during their ODI tri-series match against England at Bellerive Oval in Hobart, Tasmania. — Reuters
–ƒ”…ȋ‘–‘—–Ȍ ............................................... 1
Extra ......................................................... 304
Asian football boss backs
Australia for World Cup
SYDNEY Ȅ –‘’ •‹ƒ ˆ‘‘–„ƒŽŽ ‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽ „ƒ…‡† —•–”ƒŽ‹ƒ –‘ Š‘•– –Š‡
–Š‡ Dz„‡•– ‡˜‡”dz •‹ƒ —’ ™‹–Š ˆ—ŽŽ
stadiums and record TV audiences in
the region.
•‹ƒ ‘‘–„ƒŽŽ ‘ˆ‡†‡”ƒ–‹‘
ȋȌ ‡‡”ƒŽ ‡…”‡–ƒ”› Ž‡š ‘‘•ƒ›
said Australia, which lost out to Qatar
ˆ‘” –Š‡ ʹͲʹʹ ‘”Ž† —’ǡ Šƒ† ‘˜‡”come initial doubts within the body.
– –Š‡ “—ƒ”–‡”Ǧϐ‹ƒŽ •–ƒ‰‡ǡ ƒ––‡†ances have already soared past Qatar
2011 and TV ratings in China, Japan
and South Korea have hit new highs
Dz –Š‹ Š‘Ž†‹‰ ƒ ‘”Ž† —’ ‹
—•–”ƒŽ‹ƒǡ †‡ϐ‹‹–‡Ž›ǡ –Š‡› Šƒ˜‡ –Š‡
“They have everything here to
Š‘•–Ǥ –Š‹ ‹– ™‹ŽŽ „‡ ƒ ”‡ƒ”ƒ„Ž‡
‘”Ž† —’ Š‡”‡ ‹ˆ —•–”ƒŽ‹ƒ Š‘•– –Š‡
World Cup.”
Asian backing would be important
‹ˆ —•–”ƒŽ‹ƒ †‘‡• Žƒ—…Š ƒ‘–Š‡” „‹†
Australia attracted only one vote
when the 2018 and 2022 hosts
were decided in late 2010. The bidding process was later investigated
Soosay said the AFC was initially
“not very optimistic” about rugby
and cricket-mad Australia hosting the
•‹ƒ —’ ™Š‡ –Š‡ „‘†› ϐ‹”•– …‘sidered it in 2011.
—– ƒ––‡†ƒ…‡• ‘ˆ ‘”‡ –Šƒ
and a Twitter reach nudging two billion have put any doubts to rest and
Dz–ǯ• –”—Ž› ƒ‘–Š‡” ‘”Ž† —’Ǥ ‹š
months, seven months ago in Brazil
™‡ ‡Œ‘›‡† •’‡…–ƒ…—Žƒ” ˆƒ •—’’‘”–
and today we’re seeing Australians
‹ –Š‡‹” ›‡ŽŽ‘™ ȋ•Š‹”–•Ȍ Ȅ ™‡ǯ”‡ •‡‡‹‰ ƒ‘–Š‡” •ƒ„ƒ ‹† ‘ˆ •—’’‘”–ǡdz
it’s the best ever Asian Cup and we
don’t want to lose this momentum.
For the next one, how are we going to
sustain this?”
‘‡ ‘ˆ ‘Ž› –™‘ ”‡ƒ‹‹‰ „‹††‡”•
ƒŽ‘‰•‹†‡ ”ƒǡ ™ƒ• ƒ •–”‘‰ …ƒ†‹†ƒ–‡–‘Š‘Ž†–Š‡ʹͲͳͻ•‹ƒ—’ǤŠ‡
eventual hosts will be announced in
–Š‡ –”ƒ‹‹‰ ϐ‹‡Ž†•ǡ –Š‡› Šƒ˜‡ –Š‡ Š‘–‡Ž•ǡ–Š‡›Šƒ˜‡–Š‡‹ˆ”ƒ•–”—…–—”‡ǡdzŠ‡
said. “Everything is ready-made in
‘‘•ƒ› •ƒ‹† ”ƒ ™ƒ• ‘”‡ Dz…ŠƒŽŽ‡‰‹‰dz Ž‘‰‹•–‹…ƒŽŽ›Ǥ —– ‹ˆ …Š‘•‡ǡ
™‘—Ž† ϐ‹† ‹– †‹ˆϐ‹…—Ž– –‘ ƒ–…Š
the stadium atmosphere generated
„› —•–”ƒŽ‹ƒǯ• ’ƒ–…Š™‘” ‘ˆ ‡š’ƒ–
ˆƒ•Ǥ Dz‡•–‡”†ƒ› –Š‡ ƒŒ‘”‹–› ‘ˆ –Š‡
crowd was Chinese, it was almost
like Chinatown in Brisbane,” he said,
”‡ˆ‡””‹‰ –‘ Š—”•†ƒ›ǯ• “—ƒ”–‡”Ǧϐ‹ƒŽ
between Australia and China.
He added that momentum was
now behind Australia, with the Soc…‡”‘‘• ‹ –Š‡ •‡‹Ǧϐ‹ƒŽ•ǡ ƒ• ˆ‘‘–„ƒŽŽ
tries to rival the country’s leading
•’‘”–• …‘†‡•Ǥ Dz ‡Ž„‘—”‡ ›‡•–‡”†ƒ›™‡Šƒ†ˆ‘‘–„ƒŽŽ–Š‡”‡ǡƒ†‹–Š‡
other stadium next to the Rectangular Stadium we had the Australian
Open tennis,” Soosay said. — AFP
Fall of wickets: ͳǦ͹͸ǡ ʹǦͻʹǡ ͵Ǧͻʹǡ ͶǦͳ͸ͳǡ
Bowling: ‘ƒ‡• ͻǤͷǦͲǦͷͺǦʹǡ †‡”•‘ ͳͲǦͲǦͷ͸ǦͲǡ ”‘ƒ† ͻǦͲǦ͸ͳǦͲǡ Ž‹
Rose sparkles in Bulls’ victory
Ȅ ‡””‹… ‘•‡ •…‘”‡† ƒ
game-high 22 points as the Chicago
—ŽŽ• …”—‹•‡† –‘ ƒ ͳͲͶǦͺͳ ™‹ ‘˜‡”
the San Antonio Spurs.
‘”™ƒ”† ‹› —–Ž‡” ƒ††‡† ͳ͹
’‘‹–• ˆ‘” –Š‡ —ŽŽ•ǡ ™Š‘ ™‘ ˆ‘”
only the third time in their past nine
‰ƒ‡•Ǥ ‘”™ƒ”† ƒ— ƒ•‘Ž –ƒŽŽ‹‡† ͳʹ
’‘‹–• ƒ† ͳ͹ ”‡„‘—†• ˆ‘” Š‹• ʹͷ–Š
ƒ –‘‹‘ •Š‘– ͵͹ǤͲ ’‡” …‡–
ˆ”‘ –Š‡ ϐ‹‡Ž† –‘ •’‘‹Ž ƒ ˆ‘—”Ǧ‰ƒ‡
winning streak. Forward Kawhi Le‘ƒ”† Ž‡† –Š‡ ’—”• ™‹–Š ͳ͸ ’‘‹–•ǡ
the bench.
Š‹…ƒ‰‘ ‹’”‘˜‡† –‘ ͳͲǦ͸ ƒ‰ƒ‹•–
Žƒ‡ ”‹ˆϐ‹ ’Žƒ›‡† Ž‹‡ –Š‡ ŽŽǦ
Star starter he was announced as
earlier in the day, scoring 22 points
„› ŠƒŽˆ–‹‡ ƒ• –Š‡ ‘• ‰‡Ž‡• Ž‹’pers steamrolled the Brooklyn Nets
ͳʹ͵ǦͺͶǤ Š‡ ʹʹǦ’‘‹– ϐ‹”•– ŠƒŽˆ ™ƒ•
„—– Š‡ Šƒ† ’Ž‡–› ‘ˆ Š‡Ž’Ǥ Ž‹’’‡”•
centre DeAndre Jordan had a double†‘—„Ž‡ „› ŠƒŽˆ–‹‡ ƒ† ’‘‹– ‰—ƒ”†
–Š‡ ϐ‹”•– ŠƒŽˆǤ ”‹ˆϐ‹ ϐ‹‹•Š‡† ™‹–Š ƒ
San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili (20) is defended by Chicago Bulls
forward Taj Gibson (22) and forward Pau Gasol (16) during the second
half at the United Center. — USA TODAY Sports
blocked shots.
™‹–Š ‘‡ •‡…‘† Ž‡ˆ– ‰ƒ˜‡ ‘•–‘ ƒ
—ƒ”† ˜‡”› ”ƒ†Ž‡› •…‘”‡† ͳͺ
’‘‹–•ǡ ƒ† ˆ‘”™ƒ”† ƒ”‡† —ŽŽ‹‰‡”
Šƒ† ͳ͹ ’‘‹–• ƒ† ‹‡ ”‡„‘—†•
game losing streak.
‘”†‘ ƒ›™ƒ”† …‘–”‹„—–‡† ͳ͵
points, two assists and a steal in the
overcome Milwaukee.
JANUARY 24, 2015 | RABEE AL THANI 3, 1436 AH
Multiple Dangers Threaten
New World Heritage Site
South Korean Children Navigate
Rocky Road to K-Pop Stardom
JLo: ‘The Artist in
Me Wants More
[email protected]
Are Our Celebrations Going Overboard?
“Usually the celebrations are streamlined and done in an orderly fashion thanks to
the presence of the police. But on other occasions, these celebrations tend to go out
of control and at times resulting in the destruction of property.”
creating noise pollution thereby disturbing the peace and tranquility of
the neighbourhoods. As responsible
and right-thinking citizens we need to
T was towards the end of November. The streets appeared hazy draw a line when it comes to celebratdue to the presence of smoke. The ing certain occasions.
roads were chock-a-block with cars
and bikes. There were huge smiles SHOULD WE CELEBRATE?
on the faces of people who came out
Celebrations are no doubt a popuonto the streets. People were cellar
way of sharing one’s happiness
ebrating the victory of the Oman
national football team over Kuwait. with others and Oman is no excepƒ‹ ϐŽƒ‰• ™‡”‡ ϐŽ—––‡”‹‰ ‘ –Š‡ tion. “We should celebrate when we
windshields and windows of virtually accomplish social, political, religious,
every car passing by on the streets. national, educational goals as well
No doubt it was a momentous occa- ƒ• ™Š‡ ™‡ ƒ…Š‹‡˜‡ ’”‘ϐ‹–•ǡdz •ƒ‹†
Suleiman bin Khalaf, Director of Cussion and calls for celebrations.
—– –Š‡”‡ ‹• ƒŽ™ƒ›• ƒ ϐŽ‹’ •‹†‡ –‘ tomer Services, Bahla sector. Accordcelebrations. No sooner the celebra- ‹‰–‘ƒ‡‡†ƒŽƒŠ›ƒ‹ǡƒ‘ˆϐ‹…‡”‹–Š‡
tions end, one can see roads littered Royal Navy of Oman, “we celebrate
with piles of paper, balloons, bottles because we are happy after seeing the
and cans of soft drinks which are left ”‡•—Ž–‘ˆ‘—”™‘”dzǤƒ›ƒŠƒ•‘‘†ǡƒ
behind by the crowds. Our minds primary school teacher supports the
races back to the previous occasions idea. “In schools we teach kids many
when celebrations did take place but ways of making them happy and one
not in a manner which left the streets ‘ˆ–Š‡‹•–Š”‘—‰Š…‡Ž‡„”ƒ–‹‘•ǡdzƒ›ƒ
dirty and stinking.
We recall instances where we noticed people who soon after indulging NATIONAL DAY CELEBRATIONS
in celebrations actually volunteering
In the Sultanate, it is common to
to clean up the mess left behind after
the celebrations. The need of the hour see citizens indulging in celebrations
is to ask ourselves few questions: on occasions like the National Day
Why is the nature of celebrations or when the national football team
changing every year from simple to achieves victory in international
aggressive? Are we celebrating or matches. These celebrations are ofjust adding to noise pollution? Are we ten noticed on streets and main thoroughfares across different cities.
overdoing these celebrations?
“I was involved in the National Day
Is it necessary to express our feelings in a way which others would celebration along with my teachers
consider as too noisy and improper and fellow students of my college. The
at times? We come across people cel- celebrations including the main proebrating in such a way, that end up cession was well organised but some
By Khuloud al Yahyai, Asma al
Aamri and Zayanna al Busaidy
students choose to play a spoil sport
by resorting to unwarranted acts like
•Š‘—–‹‰ ƒ– –Š‡ –‘’ ‘ˆ –Š‡‹” ˜‘‹…‡•ǡdz
said Sultana Khamis, student of IT in
the College of Applied Sciences, Ibri.
Mohammed Ahmed, Head of Department of Physical Therapy in
Nizwa Hospital said, “In Alfath area of
Al Wattyah, I saw people celebrating
the 44th National day and it was very
well organised and included people
Masood, a policeman said, “I saw people celebrating 43th National Day
on the streets of Muscat in an unruly
way. The crowds were not well-behaved and such a situation can lead to
engineering in NFC agrees with Saeed
views and added, “I once saw people
on some of the beaches in Muscat
who after celebrating the team’s vic–‘”› ”‡•‘”–‡† –‘ …ƒ–Ǧ…ƒŽŽ• ƒ† ϐ‹ƒŽŽ›
left leaving a lot of trash on the other™‹•‡…Ž‡ƒ„‡ƒ…Š‡•Ǥdz
Nasra al Reyami points out to the
growing importance of women in a
nation’s progress and strongly supports the idea of women celebrating
occasions along with men and lays
emphasis on the fact that it was His
Majesty the Sultan, who accorded top
priority for the welfare and development of women in Oman.
But Nasra disagrees with the idea
of women celebrating the success of
the national team along with the men
on the streets.
Ibrahim al Wardi, a businessman
said, “I support women taking part
as this will send a strong signal to the
next generation as well on how to express their love for the country, but
feels that on occasions like victory in
•’‘”–•ǡ ™‘‡ •Š‘—Ž† …‘ϐ‹‡ –Š‡selves to celebrations at home or in
closed places and certainly not on the
Wide, safe and open places are
suitable for celebrations. Omani people like celebrating on the streets because it is very easy for onlookers to
notice them. However, not all people
like to carry out celebrations on the
streets as there are several possibilities of getting run over by vehicles
plying on the roads.
According to Suleiman bin Khalaf,
streets are suitable venues for celebrating events like folk dances and
solidarity marches.
Hajer al Shukaily, an IT major student, feels, people misuse their freedom of expressions by celebrating
wildly in public places and on several
Women play a vital role in Omani
society. Should women be allowed to
take part in public celebrations especially on important occasions like the
National Day and when the national
team registers impressive wins?
“The National Day is undoubtedly
the most important day in a nation’s
history and since women are an integral part of the society, they have
every right to take part in public celebrations, but I disagree with the idea
of women taking part in celebrations
relating to sports since it mostly in˜‘Ž˜‡•‡ǡdz•ƒ›•ƒ‡‡†Ǥ
such occasions, anti-social elements will create a wrong image about the
merge with the crowds and resort otherwise peace-loving Omani peoto acts of vandalism. Celebrations in ple.
closed places will reduce accidents.
“The need of the hour is to form
special groups who can be trained to
control the crowds which go out of
control while celebrating. Strict penIt has been observed that during alties should be imposed on any one
celebrations, young people who can- found to be indulging in acts of vionot control their emotions tend to go lence or arson all in the name of celout of control and even resort to de- ebrating an occasion. People found
struction of public property or block- destroying public and private proping the movement of vehicles on the erty should be heavily penalised by
streets which ultimately leads to traf- –Š‡’‘Ž‹…‡Ǥdz
“The Ministry of Education should
who witnessed several such incidents. bring out a booklet prescribing a code
At times, the celebrations turn vio- of conduct for people who want to
lent when some of them uproot trees, celebrate on the streets or in public
throw food and other garbage on the places on important occasions. Moreside-walks, all in the name of celover, the organisers of celebrations
ebrating their national team’s victory.
should take permission from the poZaher al Shaqsi, a schoolteacher
lice and also make sure that an ambuin Bahla, added, “Usually the celebraŽƒ…‡ƒ†ƒϐ‹”‡•ƒˆ‡–›—‹–’‡”•‘‡Ž
tions are streamlined and are done
in an orderly fashion thanks to the are also on standby should any mispresence of the police. But on other Šƒ’–ƒ‡’Žƒ…‡Ǥdz
Ultimately, it is the social responoccasions, these celebrations tend to
of all right-thinking and lawgo out of control and even violent at
citizens to maintain decorum
times resulting in the destruction of
and decency while indulging in cel’—„Ž‹…ƒ•™‡ŽŽƒ•’”‹˜ƒ–‡’”‘’‡”–›Ǥdz
Khalid Masood, a doctor at the ebrations especially on the streets or
Military hospital observed, “some- in other public places. Care should be
times the people who are celebrating taken not to resort to any acts which
even wear face masks to hide their will lead to destruction of public or
real identity. In fact, such acts are al- private property and to ensure that
ien to Omani culture. They even raise public places are not littered with the
–Š‡ƒ‹ƒ–‹‘ƒŽϐŽƒ‰•ƒ††‡…‘”ƒ–‡ left-overs when celebrations end.
their cars but they are not dressed in
(Khuloud al Yahyai, Asma al Aamri
the traditional Omani clothes. This act
and Zayanna al Busaidy, are First Year
Undergraduate Students in IT Major
Hamed Mubarak, a soldier, remarked, “destruction of public and studying in College of Applied Sciences,
CAS, Ibri)
private property during celebrations
JANUARY 24, 2015
Pakistani Kebabs and Bangladeshi Hilsa
Carmine’s Cookbook
Celebrates Southern
Italian Food
By Dorene Internicola
HEF Glenn Rolnick has
cooked for celebrities, politicians and dignitaries but the
author of “Carmine’s Celebrates:
Classic Italian Recipes for Everyday Feasts,” said his great pleasure
is watching diners mingle across
tables at his New York restaurant.
“It’s fun to watch people talk
and I love it. I think it’s a big part
of what is making Carmine’s successful,” said Rolnick, director of
culinary operations for the Alicart
Restaurant Group, which operates
six Carmine’s restaurants across
the United States and the Bahamas.
Rolnick, 56, spoke about cooking the simple food that people
love and always keeping some
marinara sauce in the freezer.
RILLED marinated chicken tikkas and smoking seekh kebabs
from Pakistan and rice dishes
from Bangladesh with Ilish (Hilsa
ϐ‹•ŠȌ ƒ”‡ ‘– ‘Ž› –ƒ•–› „—– Š‡ƒŽ–Š›
too, according to chefs from the two
The two stalls from the neighbouring countries not only rustled up delicacies at the ongoing 27th Industrial
India Trade Fair, but also dispelled
myths about traditional foods.
Be it the warm platters of aromatic Sindhi Dum Biriyani, or the slow
cooked chicken or mutton Nahari
stew, the 15 dishes served at the kiosk of Pakistan’s Warsi chain of restaurants were much in demand.
Despite the rich creamy texture,
the items are surprisingly high on
nutrition, said chef Arif of the Warsi
restaurant that has outlets in Karachi,
Lahore and Faizabad.
“The cooking techniques that we
use across the border, such as grilling
and slow cooking, ensure that the nutritive properties of poultry and vegetables are retained,” Arif, a resident
of Karachi, said.
Arif also swears by the combination of spices used.
“The garam masala that we use is
very different from the Indian version. When mixed in proper propor-
tions with powdered dry fruit, it
doesn’t heat up the body too much.”
“In fact, in the chilly winter, spices
and dry fruits are necessary. Our families have been surviving on this for
generations without any side-effects,”
the 49-year-old Arif said about his
family’s secret spice mix.
At the other end, the smell of oil
squeezed out from the prized Hilsa
From Ilish biriyani to Ilish pulao
ƒ† Ž‹•Š Š‹…Š†‹ǡ –Š‡ ϐ‹•Š ”‡‹‰• •—preme at the Bangladeshi food outlet.
cooking. While the khichdi and pulao
has pieces with bones but no eggs.
The oil that is used is also derived
ˆ”‘ –Š‡ ϐ‹•Šǡdz •ƒ‹† –ƒ— ƒ†‹– ‘ˆ
the Bangladeshi food stall.
This ensures no extra oil is needed
†—”‹‰–Š‡…‘‘‹‰ǡƒ†–Š‡ϐ‹•Š‹‹–self is nutritious due to the presence
of Omega-3 fatty acids.
“Ilish is very good for the brain
and nervous system. The fusion of
here, we have used the Ilish caught in
Bangladesh rivers,” said Pandit.
Chef Glenn Rolnick
the Culinary Institute of America
and graduated pretty much at the
top of my class.
Q: What’s your advice for the
home cook?
A: Work from books that are
simple to shop for, simple to get
ingredients for, and make sure the
cooking times don’t exceed what
you can actually do. Also, know
your family, know your guests, and
Q: This is your second book on work your recipes around their
Carmine’s. How is it different likes and dislikes.
from “Carmine’s Family-Style
Q: What’s always in your panCookbook”?
A: The recipes are (still) South- try?
A: Prepared, ready-to-go items
ern Italian, Americanised. But in
this book we tried more cold and that you can make and use for a
hot antipasti and salads. We try to couple of different things: breadput in a lot of healthy options but crumbs, roasted herb garlic oil,
also to keep the culture of Car- garlic butter, marinara sauce in the
mine’s: simple food that people freezer.
feel comfortable eating.
Q: When you cook at home, is it
Q: Did you always want to be a ƒ”‹‡ǯ••–›Ž‡‘”ϐ‹‡†‹‹‰ǫ
A: I think Italian food is the
A: I was a baker in high school most well liked, versatile food
and I was cooking at home be- there is. You get eight people tocause mom and dad were work- gether trying to decide on what to
‹‰Ǥ–…‘—‹–›…‘ŽŽ‡‰‡ϐ‹ƒŽŽ› eat, chances are most people will
decided that food was my passion say, ‘Well, Italian’s good.’
— Reuters
and I was good at it so I went to
Q: Describe the spirit of Carmine’s.
A: It’s festive. Our food is served
family style, basically to bring people together. We have large portions. We want people to take food
Smoked Fish, Dried Herbs, Vegetables: Kashmir’s Winter Delicacies
By Sheikh Qayoom and
Waseem Shah
OR centuries, locals in the landlocked Kashmir Valley have relished dried vegetables, smoked
the extreme winter.
The tradition lives on even today.
As land links with the outside
world would get snapped because
of heavy snowfall on the mountain
passes leading out of Kashmir, locals
would painstakingly store carefully
washed and dried vegetables to stand
them in good stead during the winter,
Dried brinjal, tomatoes, pumpkins
and turnips were stored in homes for
use during the winter months in the
Valley in the past.
Fresh vegetables are now available
round the year in the local markets
due to better road connectivity and
•…‹‡–‹ϐ‹…‡–Š‘†•‘ˆ˜‡‰‡–ƒ„Ž‡‰”‘™ing in greenhouses — but for nostal-
gia, the locals still throng markets to
buy dried delicacies.
Special to winter cuisine in the ValŽ‡› ‹• •‘‡† ϐ‹•Š ‘™ Ž‘…ƒŽŽ› ƒ•
Ǯˆƒ””‹‰ƒ†ǯƒ††”‹‡†ϐ‹•Š…ƒŽŽ‡†ǮŠ‘Š‡gad’. Many Kashmiri Pandits who migrated out of the Valley because of
the ongoing separatist violence still
request their Muslim neighbours and
friends to bring them these dried delicacies.
Dz› ϐ‹”•– ”‡“—‡•– –‘ ˆ”‹‡†• ‹ –Š‡
Valley is to bring me some hokhegad.
My family almost celebrates cooking of the farrigad and hokhegad as
this has become part of our tradition
and now nostalgia,” banker Ashok
Koul, 42, who lives in winter capital
Jammu, said.
Bashir Ahmad, 50, has been selling dried vegetables in the Fatah Kadal area of old Srinagar for almost 18
His father was also engaged in this
He visits villages during the sum-
mer months to buy vegetables to be
dried and stored for his customers
during the winter.
“People don’t buy these things now
with the same enthusiasm as they
used to in the past.
Still, by the grace of Allah, I earn
enough to live honestly.
The sale of these dried vegetables
starts from the month of November,”
Ahmad, who sells dried pumpkin
scalings for Rs 400 a kilogram, said.
Muhammad Ashraf, 45, another
seller in old city, says the process of
drying vegetables starts in June-July.
Abdul Aziz, 58, a resident of the
Soura area, has been selling smoked
He said the Pandits used to buy
these with great fervour, but sales
have gone down alarmingly after
their exodus.
“Still, some people place orders
with me in advance for their Pandit
friends living outside (the Valley),”
Aziz said.
It is not only for their roughage
value that Kashmiris eat dried vegetables.
Some of the vegetables and herbs
grown in the wild are also consumed
for their medicinal value.
“Iberian knapweed, grown in the
wild and locally known as ‘kraich’, is
dried and eaten as it is believed to be
good for the eyesight.
Similarly, dandelion, known as
‘hand’, is given to anaemic patients
as it is rich in iron. ‘Buem’ or star lotus is believed to be good for arthritis
patients as it relieves the swelling of
joints,” GA Bhat, a botany professor at
the University of Kashmir, said.
Dried water chestnuts are believed
to provide relief to those with backaches and urinary tract infections, as
also diabetics.
The aroma of dried brinjal scalings, dried tomato and lean mutton
…‘‘‡† ‘ ϐ‹”‡™‘‘†ǦŽ‹– Š‡ƒ”–Š• ‹•
something the younger generation of
Kashmiris have heard of but not been
witness to.
“How do you explain to your
grandchildren the thrill and excitement we had when father waded
through deep snow to get mutton
from the village butcher, who would
slaughter a lamb once in a month?”
Abdul Rehman Sheikh, 86, a resident
of north Kashmir’s Ganderbal district,
asked . These are treasures which can
be narrated, but not shared in the
times of the Internet, satellite television and mobile phones,” Sheikh lamented. — IANS
The dinner setting,
with menu conceived
by award-winning
chef Wolfgang Puck,
during a press
preview in Los
Angeles, California
on Thursday ahead
of the 21st Annual
Screen Actors Guild
(SAG) Awards
tomorrow at the
Shrine Auditorium.
The Antipasto Plate
consists of a Kale
Salad with dried
cherries, candied
pecans, goat cheese
and vinaigrette;
Moroccan spiced
chicken with lentils
and chickpeas;
Grilled salmon
vinaigrette, arugula
and shaved fennel;
and Handmade
lavosh, with an
alternative Vegan
plate on offer. — AFP
(Left) Valentines
Day Mussels: photos
show mussels in Dijon
orange sauce with
arugula in Concord.
— AP
(Above) A fondue duo of
spice caramel sauces.
— AP
JANUARY 24, 2015
If you tell the truth, you don’t
have to remember anything.
— Mark Twain, an American
author and humorist.
By Sinikka Tarvainen
canoe slides on the silky surface of the dark water. Between
the reeds, water lilies raise their
white heads.
A golden-coloured heron opens its
white wings. A coucal coos in the distance.
The visitor to the alluvial fan of the
Okavango River in Botswana can also
see hippopotamuses raise their backs
above the water or herds of elephants
cross to an island.
Declared one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa in 2013 and a
UNESCO World Heritage Site in June,
the Okavango Delta is facing multiple
threats to its unique, seasonally evolving ecosystem of waterways, swamps,
grasslands and lagoons in the basin of
the Kalahari desert.
The Okavango, one of three inland
deltas in Africa, is nourished by water brought by the river from Angola
through Namibia to Botswana.
It swells to three times its permanent size of 6,000 square kilometres
between May and July after rains upstream.
More than 90 per cent of the water
evaporates before the rest drains into
in north-western Botswana.
Concentrations of sand, mud and
termite hills give birth to islands that
can disappear under water while new
ones surface as channels alter their
“The fact that it is an inland delta in
an arid environment makes it particularly sensitive to drying up,” said Joseph
Mbaiwa, acting deputy director of the
Okavango Research Institute in the
nearby town of Maun.
But other risks are increasing the
danger, including climate change, nearby mining, a proposed hydroelectric
project in Namibia and poaching.
A combination of several of these
risks could cause a situation in which
“an ecological threshold is crossed and
the delta collapses,” warned Piotr
Wolski, an expert
on the delta at
of Cape Town in
South Africa.
Mining is not
allowed inside
the delta, but
several companies are prospecting for oil,
diamonds and
metals in nearby
The government has allowed diamond
mining in another
area, the Central
Kalahari Game
produce gases
and other types
Mbaiwa said.
Namibia has
also long considered building a hydroelectric power
station on its section of the Okavango
— a plan which, if eventually it were
carried out, would hamper sedimentation and erode water channels while
”‡†—…‹‰ –Š‡ ƒ‘—– ‘ˆ ™ƒ–‡” ϐŽ‘™‹‰
into the delta, according to experts.
Agricultural irrigation in Angola and
Namibia is already extracting water
from the Okavango while a new study
by the University of Cape Town showed
that climate change has reduced sea•‘ƒŽϐŽ‘‘†‹‰Ǥ
“The delta will
get smaller,” Wolski said.
While it is not
likely to dry up
just because of
climate change,
“climate change
a threat when
combined with
such as human
activity and the
strong variation
between dry and
periods that are
typical of Southern Africa,” he
Such a scenario would threaten the Okavango
than 1,000 plant
and nearly 800
animal species,
„‹”† ƒ† ͺͻ ϐ‹•Š
Some of its
mammals are among the most endangered in the world, such as the cheetah,
rhinoceros, wild dog and lion.
About 150,000 people also live
around the delta and have adapted to
its constantly changing environment.
The Okavango
Delta in Botswana
is one of Africa’s
natural wonders,
but the new
Heritage Site
is facing a
multitude of
threats, which
could lead to
its ecological
Villagers for instance live in
thatched mud huts instead of brick
houses, which are easy to leave and rebuild elsewhere if the delta moves.
“About a decade ago, when the delta
receded, villagers moved deeper inside
‹–dz –‘ ƒ……‡•• ϐ‹•Š‹‰ ‰”‘—†•ǡ •ƒ‹† ”ƒtile Oracle, a farmer who also works as
a tourist guide in the village of Boro.
Residents, however, also take a toll
on the delta.
They burn reeds to open the way for
ϐ‹•Š‹‰ ƒ† ’‘ƒ…Š „—ˆˆƒŽ‘ǡ ƒ–‡Ž‘’‡ ‘”
giraffe for food.
The government tries to combat
ϐ‹”‡• ƒ† ’‘ƒ…Š‹‰ „› •‡†‹‰ ™‹Ž†Ž‹ˆ‡
harmful effects.
It also keeps tourism in check by
limiting the numbers of beds in lodges
in the area.
The delta attracts tens of thousands
of visitors annually, and locals tell
stories about visitors injuring hippopotamuses with their motorboats or
inadvertently importing foreign plant
“Some tourism companies break the
rules by taking more than their quota
of tourists and dumping waste into the
delta,” Mbaiwa said.
What is at stake is an unparalleled
natural area.
As the sun hits its zenith there, the
delta quiets. The water is mirror-still.
On one of the islands, a centuries‘Ž† „ƒ‘„ƒ„ –”‡‡ •Š‡†• ™Š‹–‡ ϐŽ‘™‡”•
while zebras and wildebeest graze in
the distance.
“The delta changes constantly — it
is alive,” Oracle said.
And he hopes it stays that way.
— dpa
Cheeky and Scandalous? It’s so Brighton
By David Holmes
It’s an image that
lures thousands
of visitors every
year, along with
a combination
of nightlife, and
boutique hotels
that travel guide
Lonely Planet
recognised in
naming it among
the world’s top 10
beach cities.
a clip of chubby comedian
Matt Whistler sliding down a
snowy city street on a tray, naked and
cheered on by his neighbours.
Very Brighton, thought many residents of this seaside resort which revels in its reputation for the saucy and
It’s an image that lures thousands
of visitors every year, along with a
combination of nightlife, and bou–‹“—‡ Š‘–‡Ž• –Šƒ– –”ƒ˜‡Ž ‰—‹†‡ ‘‡Ž›
Planet recognised in naming it among
the world’s top 10 beach cities.
Boasting distinctive attractions
•—…Š ƒ• –Š‡ …ƒ†› ϐŽ‘•• ƒ† ϐ‹•Š Ǯǯ
chip-festooned Brighton Pier, the city
‹• ƒ Š‘—”ǯ• –”ƒ‹ ”‹†‡ •‘—–Š ‘ˆ ‘don and enjoys one of the sunniest
climates in Britain.
As well as the pebbly beach there
are eating-out options aplenty.
Thirsty visitors in search of a taste
of old Brighton can head for the Colonnade, which revels in its theatrical links being sited next door to the
heritage-listed Theatre Royal.
A woman carrying an umbrella walks through The Lanes shopping area
in Brighton. — Reuters
Hungry? For seafood fans English’s
‘ –Š‡ ‡†‰‡ ‘ˆ –Š‡ ƒ‡•ǡ ƒ Š—††Ž‡
‘ˆ ˆ‘”‡” ϐ‹•Š‡”‡ǯ• …‘––ƒ‰‡• ‘™
housing jewellery shops and fashion
boutiques, is a good choice.
Its velvet banquets and suggestive
murals recall the city’s reputation as
the home of what the British call the
“Dirty Weekend” — a tryst by an unmarried couple.
Architecture buffs have plenty to
its sweeping stucco-fronted crescents
Olivier as residents.
Pick of the bunch is the Royal Pavilion, transformed between 1815
and 1822 into an exotic seaside getaway by the future King George IV and
standing as a mock Asian extravaganza topped with minarets and domes.
On the seafront stands the glitzy
Grand Hotel, rebuilt in all its whitefronted splendour after a 1984 bombing by the Irish Republican Army
targeting Prime Minister Margaret
Thatcher and her cabinet. Five people
were killed.
‡– ˆ‘” ƒŽŽ ‹–• ƒ”…Š‹–‡…–—”ƒŽ …Šƒ”•
and its creative, chilled-out self-image, Brighton has its fair share of detractors who see it as scruffy, tacky,
noisy and expensive.
Queens Road leading from the
train station towards the seafront, for
instance, should be the city’s proud
gateway but remains tatty despite a
The city is also home to a clutch
of out-of-town housing estates as deprived as any in Britain.
Nightclub-laden West Street is, on
Saturday nights in particular, a mag-
net for rowdy, barely clad teens and
not for the faint-hearted.
Revellers from hen and stag parties, draped in matching feather boas
and worse, stagger between the bars.
But many Brightonians enjoy negative depictions of their town as a kind
of badge of honour, welcoming any
endorsement of guidebook clichés
about its laid-back, bohemian vibe.
‘˜‡”• ‘ˆ ƒŽŽ –Š‹‰• „‘Š‡‹ƒ …ƒ
•‡‡ ‘—– ƒ …‘ˆˆ‡‡ •Š‘’ ‹ –Š‡ ƒ‡•
named The Marwood after one of
–Š‡ ƒ‹ …Šƒ”ƒ…–‡”• ‹ –Š‡ …—Ž– ϐ‹Ž
“Withnail & I”, about the travails of
two unemployed actors.
When to come? A good time is May,
when the weather brightens and the
city hosts England’s biggest arts festival.
The 2015 edition, guest directed
by prize-winning “How to be Both”
author Ali Smith, will feature entertainments ranging from classical music to Fringe events along the lines of
what last year’s programme describes
as “surreal walkabout performers”.
Now that is very Brighton.
— Reuters
JANUARY 24, 2015
Fight to Save Haiti’s
Gingerbread Homes
T wasn’t until the 2010 earthquake devastated
Haiti’s capital that many people even realised
that dozens of the city’s grandest old buildings
were still standing — its quirky and ornate “gingerbread houses” with their fancy latticework, turrets and spires.
Amid the destruction, some Haitians realised
time was running out to save the architectural
gems, often hidden behind concrete walls, that had
been steadily vanishing to bulldozers and cheap
renovations as Port-au-Prince became a sprawling
and overcrowded city.
“It was when the concrete walls and structures
crumbled all around them that you suddenly saw
these gingerbread houses from the street,” said
Lucie Couet, a French city planner working for a
Now, there’s an uphill race to save them the
graceful structures that, unlike the tens of thousands of modern concrete buildings levelled by the
7.0-magnitude quake, often emerged largely un•…ƒ–Š‡† „‡…ƒ—•‡ ‘ˆ –Š‡ ϐŽ‡š‹„‹Ž‹–› ‘ˆ –Š‡‹” ™‘‘†‡
Local craftsmen working for the Haitian non’”‘ϐ‹– ‘™Ž‡†‰‡ Ƭ ”‡‡†‘ ‘—†ƒ–‹‘ǡ ‘”
FOKAL, are learning how to restore the homes to
their former splendor. Since masonry and carpentry skills aren’t being passed down the generations
as they used to be, the dozen young builders are
being trained how to work with imported wood,
ochre-coloured bricks and lime mortar instead of
contemporary concrete blocks and cement.
“These old houses are works of Haitian art, not
like the concrete block boxes that replaced them,”
trainee Jean Lucknor Lefevre said while using a
trowel to mix lime mortar in a wheelbarrow at one
of two dilapidated gingerbread homes bought by
FOKAL in hopes of restoring them into showpieces
of cultural preservation.
The group’s president, former Prime Minister
Michele Pierre-Louis, said the roughly 200 gingerbreads still standing in Port-au-Prince are an important part of the national identity. While their
restoration might be seen as inessential given the
sheer scope of Haiti’s housing problems, she believes it is imperative to protect the troubled country’s architectural heritage.
“You see there is a trend, a tendency to say since
you are poor, it’s like you don’t deserve this type
of thing (restoration efforts). This is really what
™‡ Šƒ˜‡ „‡‡ ϐ‹‰Š–‹‰ ƒ‰ƒ‹•–ǡdz •ƒ‹† ‹‡””‡Ǧ‘—‹•ǡ
whose group is getting support from the New Yorkbased World Monument Fund and the Walloon
Heritage Institute in Belgium.
Unlike in many countries in the developed
world, Haiti has no government subsidies for restoring privately owned, historic buildings. And
as the price of real estate soars amid quake reconstruction, owners of land with gingerbread homes
are being enticed by offers from developers want‹‰–‘„—‹Ž†‘ˆϐ‹…‡•‘”ƒ’ƒ”–‡–•
Still, some families say they are determined to
safeguard their treasured properties for future generations, and FOKAL is providing technical assistƒ…‡–‘Š‘‡‘™‡”•™Š‘Šƒ˜‡–Š‡ϐ‹ƒ…‹ƒŽ‡ƒ•
to pay for renovations.
At her grand two-storey gingerbread home,
where a wide porch serves as a local school for aspiring dancers, 98-year-old Vivianne Gauthier said
•Š‡ ”‡‡„‡”• ™Š‡ –Š‡ •–”‡‡–• ™‡”‡ ϐ‹ŽŽ‡† ™‹–Š
stately houses like hers.
“Even though the maintenance is very expensive, I would never allow this place to be sold or
torn down,” she said while walking on creaking
’ƒ”“—‡– ϐŽ‘‘”• ‘ˆ –Š‡ Š‘—•‡ ™Š‡”‡ •Š‡ Šƒ• Ž‹˜‡†
since 1918. “Haitians need to know our past.”
Haiti’s gingerbread design can be traced to three
young Haitians who studied architecture in Paris
in 1895. They returned inspired to adapt a French
resort style of building to their homeland’s hot climate, while creating a uniquely Haitian architecture with ornamental patterns adorning eves and
doors, decorative tile work on wide porches, and
high ceilings and windows to allow for cross breezes. — AP
By Quaid Najmi
N mid-1990s, when renowned
artist MF Husain became infatuated by Bollywood diva
Madhuri Dixit, he decided to
watch the blockbuster ‘Hum
Aapke Hain Koun’ movie 50 times
and then create some paintings
on the actress.
He chose the iconic Liberty
Cinema in south Mumbai where
the movie was premiered in
August 1994 and occupied a paid
upper stall seat.
danced on the screen, the elated
Husain himself would start dancing to her steps in the aisle.
The other patrons were irritated and complained to the theatre
The owner, Nazir Hoosein,
offered Husain his private box
minus the seats, where he could
dance to his heart’s content —
but the celebrated artist rejected
Years later, a Husain classic of
Madhuri, celebrating his artistic
series of woman as ‘Shakti’, still
adorns the foyer of Liberty Cinema.
Now, 68 years after it was
built (in 1947) by the late Habib
Hoosein and named Liberty to
celebrate India’s Independence,
the cinema, which had seen some
glorious days, is now donning a
new avatar — an elite cultural
centre, courtesy businessman
and culture czar Neville Tuli’s Osianama Group.
“Osianama has taken up nine
cultural clubs (within the theatre)
which will be gradually inaugu-
Cinema Where MF Husain
Danced Now Elite Cutural Centre
rated over the next 15 months.
These clubs will be meant for
appreciating and discussing areas
like vintage automobiles, cinema,
poetry, photography, architectural
heritage and preservation, animal
welfare, design craft and popular
cultures, and sporting heritage,”
Tuli said.
The Osianama Cinefan Club
and the best of global cinema this
year and organise a dozen exhibitions on Orson Welles, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, Marlon
Brando, Buster Keaton and the
Marx Brothers et al.
This will help revive the
1,200-seater Liberty Cinema,
among the hundreds of singlescreen cinemas which were sidelined by posh small-capacity multiplexes since 2005.
“Many cinema halls were
built to satisfy the entertainment needs of allied forces based
in and around Bombay (now,
Mumbai) during World War II.
But all the cinemas in south
Mumbai screened only English
movies,” the 74-year-old Nazir
Hoosein said.
Hindi movies were screened in
cinemas on Lamington Road and
„‡›‘†ǡ „ƒ”‡Ž› ϐ‹˜‡ ‹Ž‘‡–”‡•
away, considered congested middle-class, down-market localities.
A majority of them have closed
down over the years or have become sad reminders of their erstwhile glorious days.
‘•–Ǧǡ–Š‡†‹ƒϐ‹Ž‹dustry desperately needed good
cinema halls in south Mumbai
and businessman Habib Hoosein
quickly envisaged Liberty Cinema
as the “showpiece of the new nation”. His friend Manu Subedar,
™Š‘ ™ƒ• ‰—‹†‹‰ –Š‡ ϐŽ‡†‰Ž‹‰
Indian government’s economic
issues, had acquired certain land
in south Mumbai from which he
gave one plot where Liberty Cinema took birth in 1947.
Designed by British architect
Ridley Abbott, who died in an air
crash en route home to London,
it was completed by an Indian, JB
The interiors and the eyecatching Plaster of Paris work
within and outside the cinema
were the brainchild of the artistic
Hoosein and his friend Waman
At the Liberty Cinema’s inauguration on March 20, 1949,
the maiden movie screened was
Mehboob Khan’s “Andaz” starring Dilip Kumar, Nargis and Raj
Kapoor — the only time the legendary trio ever worked together.
Liberty Cinema suddenly acquired a new halo and all top
ϐ‹ŽǦƒ‡”• ˜‹‡† –‘ •…”‡‡ –Š‡‹”
new movies here, making it a sort
of socio-cultural hub.
By the 1960s, Liberty alone
could not cater to the burgeoning
†‡ƒ†‘ˆ–Š‡†‹ƒϐ‹Ž‹†—•try, Hoosein explained.
This spurred Namjoshi to create other icons like Maratha Mandir and Naaz cinemas in central
south Mumbai which originally
screened movies of AR Kardar
and V Shantaram.
Early in 1970, due to his failing health, Habib Hoosein hired
out Liberty Cinema to a group of
distributors for 20 years, but its
neglect and decline started.
The dispute between the
‘™‡”• ƒ† –‡ƒ– ™ƒ• ϐ‹ƒŽŽ›
resolved in the Supreme Court
which reinstated the property to
the Hoosein family.
Oklahoma’s Hope for Cashing in on Heritage
By Sean Murphy
IKE many states, Oklahoma
wants to be a tourist destination. And leaders here
believe they have an ideal attraction: Oklahoma’s heritage as the
US Indian Territory in the 1800s
and as home to 39 tribes.
But after nearly 10 years and
$90 million spent, what was to
be the centrepiece for a tourism
magnet, a Smithsonian-quality
museum of Native American culture, has become a costly debacle
–Šƒ– Šƒ† ›‡– –‘ Ž—”‡ ‹–• ϐ‹”•– ˜‹•‹tor and is stirring sour feelings
among the Indians whose traditions would be portrayed.
Strategically located at the
crossroads of two major interstates, and next to Oklahoma
City’s glitzy redeveloped downtown entertainment district,
sits a modernistic complex of
C-shaped buildings that is large
‡‘—‰Š –‘ ϐ‹– ͵Ͳ ˆ‘‘–„ƒŽŽ ϐ‹‡Ž†•
„—– ‘Ž› ŠƒŽˆ ϐ‹‹•Š‡† ƒ† ‘—– ‘ˆ
Another $40 million is needed
for the project, but the Legislature is balking at paying, in a
head-on collision between the
state’s tourism ambitions and its
increasingly conservative, antispending politics.
“The state was too aggressive here and bit off more than
it could chew,” said Republican
Rep Jason Murphey, one of many
legislators in the GOP-controlled
House who opposes more state
money for the museum. “And
we’re paying for that mistake,
but this isn’t the time to double
Even the support of the state’s
Republican governor, Mary Fallin,
and the state Senate and an earlier pledge of $40 million in mostly
private funds haven’t broken the
stalemate, which will confront the
Legislature when it reconvenes
next month.
In another twist, the recent
swoon in oil prices may now
make any appropriation harder
to get, even though the price drop
has underscored the need to diversify the state’s energy-dependent economy. “Our caucus has
brainstormed on some different
ideas, and I don’t have an answer
today about what that looks like,”
said House Speaker Jeffrey Hickman.
The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum, the
uncompleted centre. — AP
The vision for the Indian attraction began in the 1980s when
oil prices collapsed from more
than $35 per barrel to below $10.
Oil and gas production taxes accounted for more than one-third
of the state-appropriated budget
at the time. Studies projected that
a Native American cultural centre
could bring in up to 225,000 visitors and $190 million annually.
The Legislature approved a series
of bond issues to pay for it.
The museum would weave to-
gether the stories of the dozens
of tribes forced by the US government to move out of the path of
white expansion in other regions
to the remote prairies of what is
now Oklahoma. The forced removals included the notorious
“Trail of Tears,” in which more
than 17,000 Cherokees were
marched overland from their ancestral home in Georgia. An estimated 4,000 died during the trek.
About 120,000 Indians overall were resettled here before
the territory itself was gradually
opened to white settlers in a series of land runs beginning in the
late 1880s.
Oklahoma — named after the
Choctaw word for “red people”
— has a story ripe for presentation to visitors, according to historians and museum experts. “Because of the unprecedented and
unequalled assemblage of Indian
nations in Oklahoma, it’s a very
unique story and one that is national in scope,” said Kevin Gover,
director of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American
Indian in Washington, D.C.
The Smithsonian has offered
a major loan of artifacts from its
huge Native American collection.
The museum’s ambitious design features several huge galleries, a multipurpose theater
and a gathering space dubbed
the Hall of the People. Towering
stone walls at one entrance were
built with thousands of individual
stones that symbolised the tribes’
journeys to Oklahoma. The site
includes a 90-foot-tall earthen
mound visible for miles, inspired
by the mound building Native
American cultures. — AP
A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
— George Bernard Shaw, an Irish
JANUARY 24, 2015
By Vikas Datta
OME ‘ˆ –Š‡ ‘•– ‡‘”ƒ„Ž‡ǡ ‡†—”‹‰ Ž‹–‡”ƒ–—”‡ Šƒ•
„‡‡ ‹•’‹”‡† „› Š‹•–‘”›ǯ•
„Ž‘‘†‹‡•– ‡”ƒ• Ȅ –Š‡ ”‡…Š
‡˜‘Ž—–‹‘ǡ –”‡…Š ™ƒ”ˆƒ”‡ ‹
‘”Ž† ƒ” ǡ –Š‡ ’ƒ‹•Š ‹˜‹Ž
ƒ”ǡ –Š‡ ƒœ‹ ‹ŽŽ‹‰•ǡ –Š‡ ’ƒ”–‹–‹‘ ‘ˆ †‹ƒ ƒ† ‹–• †ƒ‰‡”‘—•
†‹•Ž‘…ƒ–‹‘•ǡ –Š‡ ƒ„‘†‹ƒ ƒ†
–Š‡ ™ƒ†ƒ ‰‡‘…‹†‡• ƒ† •‘
–—”„—Ž‡– –‹‡• „—– ƒ ™ƒ”‹‰
ƒ‰ƒ‹•– –Š‡‹” ”‡…—””‡…‡Ǥ ‘ ‹• ‹–
ƒ„‘—– –Š‡ –ƒŽ‹ ‡”ƒ ™‹–Š ‹–• ’‡”˜ƒ•‹˜‡ ’ƒ”ƒ‘‹ƒ ƒ† ˆ‡ƒ”ǡ ˜‹‘Ž‡–
’—”‰‡•ǡ ƒ•• ”‡’”‡••‹‘ǡ ǮŒ—•–‹…‡ǯ
†‡ƒŽ–‘–‘”–—”‡Ǧƒ…Š‹‡˜‡†…‘ˆ‡••‹‘• ƒ† †‡—…‹ƒ–‹‘•ǡ Š‹•–‘”‹…ƒŽƒ‹’—Žƒ–‹‘Ȅƒ†ƒ‘˜‡”Ǧ
–ƒŽ‹ •—……‡‡†‡† ‡‹ ‹
ͳͻʹͶ „—– ‹– ™ƒ• ‘Ž› ƒ †‡…ƒ†‡
Žƒ–‡” –Š‡ –‡””‘” „‡‰ƒǤ Š‡ ”‡ƒ–
—”‰‡ǡ –ƒ”‰‡–‹‰ ƒŽŽ ‹•–‹–—–‹‘•
ƒ† •—’’Žƒ–‹‰ ƒ› ”‹˜ƒŽǡ ™‘—Ž†
ŠƒŽ–‡† „› ‘”Ž† ƒ” ǡ ”‡•—‡
ƒˆ–‡”™ƒ”†• Ȅ –Š‘—‰Š ‹ •ƒŽŽ‡”
•…ƒŽ‡ Ȅ ƒ† ‡† ‘Ž› ™‹–Š Š‹•
†‡ƒ–Š ‹ ͳͻͷ͵Ǥ Š‘—‰Š ‹– ™ƒ•
ϐ‹”•– ‘ˆϐ‹…‹ƒŽŽ› ƒ…‘™Ž‡†‰‡† ‹
Š”—•Š…Š‡˜ǯ• Dz‡…”‡– ’‡‡…Šdz ƒ–
–Š‡ ™‡–‹‡–Š ƒ”–› ‘‰”‡•• ‹
ͳͻͷ͸ǡ •‘‡ ƒ—–Š‘”• Šƒ† „”‘—‰Š–
•‘‡ ƒ•’‡…–• –‘ ’—„Ž‹… ƒ––‡–‹‘
Š‡”‡ ƒ”‡ •‘‡ ‹†‹…ƒ–‹‘• ‹
‹Šƒ‹Ž —Ž‰ƒ‘˜ǯ• DzŠ‡ ƒ•–‡”
ƒ† ƒ”‰ƒ”‹–ƒdz „—– –Š‡ ϐ‹”•– ’—„Ž‹•Š‡† ”‡…‘”† ‹• —‰ƒ”‹ƒǦ„‘”
”‹–‹•Š ™”‹–‡” ”–Š—” ‘‡•–Ž‡”ǯ•
Dzƒ”‡•• ƒ– ‘‘dz ȋͳͻͶͲȌǡ –Š‡
ƒ……‘—– ‘ˆ ƒ ‘Ž† ‘Ž•Š‡˜‹ǯ•
ƒ””‡•– ˆ‘” Dz–”‡ƒ•‘dzǡ –‘”–—”‡ ˆ‘”
Dz…‘ˆ‡••‹‘dz ƒ† ‡˜‡–—ƒŽ ‡š‡…—–‹‘Ǥ Š‘—‰Š –Š‡ …Šƒ”ƒ…–‡” ‹•
…ƒŽŽ‡† —„ƒ•Š‘˜ǡ Š‡ ƒ› ™‡ŽŽ „‡
‡‘”‰‡”™‡ŽŽǯ•ƒŽŽ‡‰‘”‹…ƒŽ‘˜‡ŽŽƒ Dz‹ƒŽ ƒ”dz ȋͳͻͶͷȌ ‹• ƒ
•Šƒ”’ ƒ––ƒ… ‘ –ƒŽ‹ǯ• ”‹•‡ ƒ†
”‡‹‰ǡ ™Š‹Ž‡ –Š‡ ‘”‡ –‡””‹ˆ›‹‰ǡ
†›•–‘’‹ƒ DzͳͻͺͶdz ȋͳͻͶͻȌ Šƒ•ǡ ƒ•
–Š‡ •–ƒ–‡ǯ• ϐ‹‰—”‡Š‡ƒ†ǡ –Š‡ †ƒ”Ǧ
‡›‡†ǡ Š‡ƒ˜› ‘—•–ƒ…Š‹‘‡† Dz‹‰
”‘–Š‡”dz ȋƒ —‹•–ƒƒ„Ž‡ †‡•…”‹’–‹‘ȌǤ
DzŠ‡ Šƒ™dz ȋͳͻͷͶȌ Ȅ –Š‡ ϐ‹”•–
—••‹ƒ ™‘” –‘ ƒŽŽ—†‡ –‘ –ƒŽ‹‹•––‡””‘”ǡƒ†Ž‡šƒ†‡”‘ŽœŠ‡‹–•›ǯ•Dz‡ƒ›‹–Š‡‹ˆ‡‘ˆ˜ƒ
‡‹•‘˜‹…Šdz ȋͳͻ͸ʹȌ ‹ϐŽ—‡…‹‰
˜‡ ™‡ŽŽ ‹–‘ –Š‡ ‡™ …‡–—”› ƒ† ˆƒ” ˆ”‘ —••‹ƒǡ –Š‡
’‡”‹‘† •–‹ŽŽ ƒ––”ƒ…–• ƒ—–Š‘”•
ƒ† Šƒ• Ž‡† –‘ •‘‡ ‡‰”‘••‹‰ ™‘”• ™Š‹…Š ”‡…ƒ’–—”‡ –Š‡
–‡•‡ǡ ’‡”‹Ž‘—• ƒ–‘•’Š‡”‡Ǥ Š‡
’”‹†‡ ‘ˆ ’Žƒ…‡ —•– ‰‘ –‘ ‹‘
‡„ƒ‰Ǧ‘–‡ϐ‹‘”‡ǯ• Dzƒ•Š‡ƒdz
ȋʹͲͳ͵Ȍǡ „‘–Š Ž‘‘•‡Ž› Ž‹‡† ™‹–Š
•‘‡ …‘‘ …Šƒ”ƒ…–‡”•ǡ „‘–Š
Dzƒ•Š‡ƒdz „‡‰‹• ‹ •ƒ”‹•–
– ‡–‡”•„—”‰ ‹ ͳͻͳ͸ ™Š‡ –Š‡
‡’‘›‘—• Š‡”‘‹‡ Ȅ ƒ ™‹ŽŽˆ—Ž
–‡‡ƒ‰‡” Ȅ •’—”• Š‡” ’”‹˜‹Ž‡‰‡†„ƒ…‰”‘—†–‘Œ‘‹–Š‡‘Ž•Š‡˜‹• ƒ† ‡†• —’ ƒ• ƒ •‡…”‡–ƒ”›–‘‡‹Ǥͳͻ͵ͻǡ•Š‡‹•Ž‘‰
”‡‰‹‡ǡ ™Š‘ •—”˜‹˜‡† –Š‡ ’—”‰‡
ƒ† ‹• •‘ –”—•–‡† –Šƒ– ‘‡ ‹‰Š–
–ƒŽ‹ ƒ† Š‹• ‡–‘—”ƒ‰‡ †”‘’ ‹
—– ‘‡ ‘‡– ‘ˆ ‹†‹•…”‡–‹‘ ‹• ƒŽŽ ‡‡†‡† –‘ —”ƒ˜‡Ž Š‡”
ƒ† Š‡” ˆƒ‹Ž›ǯ• Ž‹ˆ‡Ǥ  –Š‡ –Š‹”†
’ƒ”–•‡–‹–Š‡ͳͻͻͲ•ǡ•‘‡†‡†‹…ƒ–‡† ”‡•‡ƒ”…Š‡”•ǡ ˆ—†‡† „› ƒ
—••‹ƒ ‘Ž‹‰ƒ”…Šǡ —…‘˜‡” Š‡”
Dz‡ ‹‰Š– ‹ ‹–‡”dzǡ •‡– ‹
‘”Ž† ƒ” ǯ• ƒˆ–‡”ƒ–Šǡ ‹• ‘
Ž‡•• •–‘ƒ…ŠǦ™”‡…Š‹‰ ƒ• –Š‡
‡•…ƒ’ƒ†‡• ‘ˆ ƒ „—…Š ‘ˆ ƒ ’”‹˜‹Ž‡‰‡† –‡‡ƒ‰‡”• ‰‘ –”ƒ‰‹…ƒŽŽ›
™”‘‰ ƒ† ‡‡•Š –Š‡‹” ’ƒ”‡–•
Ȅ ‹ ƒ ”‡Ž‡–Ž‡•• ™‹–…ŠǦŠ—–ǡ
’‘™‡”‡† „› ƒ ’‘™‡” •–”—‰‰Ž‡
„‡–™‡‡ ”‹˜ƒŽ ‹–‡ŽŽ‹‰‡…‡ …Š‹‡ˆ•
Ȅ ‡”‹ƒ ƒ† „ƒ—‘˜Ǥ Š‡
‘–Š‡” ƒ† –Š‡‹” ’ƒ”‡–• ™Š‹Ž‡
–‡ ›‡ƒ”• ƒ”‡ ƒŽ•‘ ’‹…‡† —’ ƒ†
–Š”‡ƒ–‡‡†Ǥ ‡ƒ™Š‹Ž‡ǡ –Š‡ ’ƒ”‡–•Šƒ˜‡–‘‰‘‘ƒ•‘–Š‹‰Šƒ•
‘–Š‡” ˜‹‡™ ‘ˆ –Š‡ …Žƒ—•–”‘’Š‘„‹… –‹‡• ƒ† –Š‡ ‹—‡”ƒ„Ž‡ ’‹–ˆƒŽŽ• Ȅ ‡•’‡…‹ƒŽŽ› ˆ‘” ƒ
Š‘‡•–ƒȄ‹•‘ˆˆ‡”‡†‹‹ŽŽ‹ƒ ›ƒǯ• •‡”‹‡• ƒ„‘—– ƒ ‹†Ǧ
ͳͻ͵Ͳ• ‘•…‘™ ’‘Ž‹…‡ …ƒ’–ƒ‹ǡ
‡„—–‹‰ ‹ DzŠ‡ ‘Ž› Š‹‡ˆdz
ȋʹͲͳͲȌ ™Š‡”‡ ƒ —”†‡” …ƒ•‡
‰”‘™• …‘’Ž‹…ƒ–‡† ‘…‡ ‹– ‹•
ˆ‘—†–Š‡™‘ƒ˜‹…–‹‹•‡”‹…ƒǡ ƒ’–ƒ‹ Ž‡š‡‹ ‹‹–”‡˜‹…Š
‘”‘Ž‡˜ ‹• ‡š– •‡– –‘ ƒ ϐ‹Ž Ž‘…ƒ–‹‘ ‹ ”ƒ‹‡ ȋDzŠ‡ Ž‘‘†›
‡ƒ†‘™dzǡ ʹͲͳͳȌ –‘ ’”‘„‡ –Š‡
Dz•—‹…‹†‡dz ‘ˆ ƒ ™‘ƒ Ȅ ”‡’‘”–‡†Ž› ‹ ƒ ”‡Žƒ–‹‘•Š‹’ ™‹–Š –Š‡
…Š‹‡ˆ ‡œŠ‘˜Ǥ Š‡ Š‡ Šƒ•
–‘ ‹˜‡•–‹‰ƒ–‡ ƒ ‹ŽŽ‹‰ ‘ˆ •…‹‡–‹•–• ”‹‰Š– ‹ ˜‹‡™ ‘ˆ –Š‡ ”‡Ž‹
‹ DzŠ‡ ™‡Žˆ–Š ‡’ƒ”–‡–dz
–ƒŽ‹ ’”‘‹‡–Ž› ˆ‡ƒ–—”‡•
‹ –Š‡ •’‡…–‘” ‡ƒŽƒ •‡”‹‡•
„› ‡”‹…ƒ ƒ—–Š‘” ƒ—Ž ƒ–‹• ȋ’‡ ƒ‡ ƒ ƒ•–Žƒ†Ȍ
Ȅ ”ƒ‰‹‰ ˆ”‘ ƒŽ‘•– ”‡ƒ•‘ƒ„Ž‡–‘’ƒ‹ˆ—ŽŽ›’ƒ”ƒ‘‹†ƒ†—–”—•–™‘”–Š›Ǥ
–Š‡‘–Š‡”Šƒ†ǡ”‡ƒ†‡”•‹–‡”‡•–‡† ‹ Š‹•–‘”‹…ƒŽ –”‡ƒ–‡–
Dz–ƒŽ‹ǣ Š‡ ‘—”– ‘ˆ –Š‡ ‡†
•ƒ”dz ȋʹͲͲͷȌ ƒ† ”Žƒ†‘ ‹‰‡•ǯ
DzŠ‡ Š‹•’‡”‡”•ǣ ”‹˜ƒ–‡ ‹ˆ‡ ‹
Travelling for Work: Michael Palin’s Later Career
By Vikas Datta
HE British were by no means
–Š‡ ϐ‹”•– –”ƒ˜‡Ž ™”‹–‡”•ǡ „‡‹‰
„‡ƒ–‡ „› ˜ƒ”‹‘—• ”‡‡ ƒ†
”ƒ„ •…Š‘Žƒ”•ǡ Š‹‡•‡ ƒ† ƒ’ƒ‡•‡
—††Š‹•– ‘• ƒ† ‡‡–‹ƒ
—– –Š‡› ™‡”‡ ƒ”‰—ƒ„Ž› –Š‡ ϐ‹”•– –‘
„‡‰‹ –”ƒ˜‡Ž ˆ‘” ’Ž‡ƒ•—”‡ ‘” ‡˜‡ ƒ• ƒ
…ŠƒŽŽ‡‰‡Ǩ Š—• ‹– ™ƒ• ƒ’– –Šƒ– —Ž‡•
‘ˆ Dz”‘—† –Š‡ ‘”Ž† ‹ ‹‰Š–› ƒ›•dz
ƒ† ˆ‘ŽŽ‘™‹‰ Š‹Ž‡ƒ• ‘‰‰ǯ• ˆ‘‘–•–‡’•
Ȅ ƒ† ‰‘‹‰ ˆƒ” ƒŠ‡ƒ† Ȅ ‹• ”‹–‹•Š
ƒ…–‘” ‹…Šƒ‡Ž ƒŽ‹ ™Š‘ ˆƒ•Š‹‘‡†
ƒ •‡…‘† •—……‡••ˆ—Ž …ƒ”‡‡” ƒ• ƒ –”ƒ˜‡ŽŽ‡”ƒ†ƒ—–Š‘”Ǥ
ˆ Dz‘–› ›–Š‘dz ˆƒ‡ǡ ƒŽ‹
Ž‹–‡”ƒ”› –”ƒ†‹–‹‘ ™Š‡”‡ ͳͺ–Š …‡–—”›
‘™ƒ”†•ǡ ƒŽ‘•– ‡˜‡”› ˆƒ‘—• ™”‹–‡”
‹…‡•ǡ ‘„‡”– ‘—‹• –‡˜‡•‘ǡ ƒ™”‡…‡ǡ ”ƒŠƒ ”‡‡‡ǡ ‡„‡……ƒ
‡•– ƒ† ‡˜‡ ƒ Ž‡‹‰ Ȅ Šƒ• ƒ
Š‡ǡ –Š‡”‡ ™‡”‡ ’‡‘’Ž‡ Ž‹‡
ƒ–”‹… ‡‹‰Š ‡”‘”ǡ ™Š‘ ™ƒŽ‡†
ˆ”‘ ‘ŽŽƒ† –‘ •–ƒ„—Ž ‹ ͳͻ͵͵Ǧ͵Ͷ
ȋ”‡…‘—–‡† †‡…ƒ†‡• Žƒ–‡” ‹ Dz ‹‡ ‘ˆ
–Š‡ ƒ–‡”dz ȋͳͻͺ͸Ȍ ƒ† DzŠ‡ ”‘‡
‘ƒ†dz ȋʹͲͳ͵ȌȌ ‘” ”‹… ‡™„›ǡ ™Š‘
•—††‡Ž› Ž‡ˆ– Š‹• ‘†‘ ˆƒ•Š‹‘ Œ‘„
ˆ‘” ‘—–ƒ‹Ǧ…Ž‹„‹‰ ‹ ˆ‰Šƒ‹•–ƒ
ȋ†‡•’‹–‡ ‘ ‡š’‡”‹‡…‡Ȍ ƒ• ”‡…‘”†‡† ‹
–Š‡ ƒ”˜‡ŽŽ‘—•Ž› …‘‹… Dz Š‘”– ƒŽ
‹ –Š‡ ‹†— —•Šdz ȋͳͻͷͺȌ ƒ† –Š‡
”‘™‡† †‘™ ‘”–Š †‹ƒ ‹ DzŽ‘™Ž›
ƒŽ‹ ‹• ƒ ™‘”–Š› •—……‡••‘”Ǥ ‹•
–”ƒ˜‡Ž• Ȅ ‡‹‰Š– •‘ ˆƒ” Ȅ ™‡”‡
†‘…—‡–ƒ”‹‡• ˆ‘” –Š‡ ǡ ƒ† Žƒ–‡”
„‡…ƒ‡ „‘‘• ™‹–Š •‘‡ ‹ˆ‘”ƒ–‹‘
ƒ† ‹•‹‰Š–• ‹••‹‰ ‘•…”‡‡ǡ ‘–
–‘ ‡–‹‘ –Š‡ ™”› ‘„•‡”˜ƒ–‹‘•ǡ
‡–ƒ’Š‘”• ƒ† –Š‡ •‡ŽˆǦ†‡’”‡…ƒ–‹‘
Š‡ ϐ‹”•– ™ƒ• Dz”‘—† –Š‡ ‘”Ž† ‹
ͺͲ ƒ›•dz ȋͳͻͺͻȌ ™Š‡”‡ ƒŽ‹ ”‡…”‡ƒ–‡•
‘‰‰ǯ• ͳͺ͹ʹ …‹”…—ƒ‰˜‹‰ƒ–‹‘ ”‹‰Š–
ˆƒ” ƒ• ’‘••‹„Ž‡ –‘ –Š‡ •ƒ‡ ”‘—–‡ ƒ†
—•‹‰ •ƒ‡ –”ƒ•’‘”– ȋ‘” ‡“—‹˜ƒŽ‡–Ȍ
Ȅ ‘ ƒ‹”…”ƒˆ– ™Š‹Ž‡ ƒ—–‘‘„‹Ž‡• ™‡”‡
ƒŽ‹ǡ –ƒ‹‰ ƒŽ‘‰ ƒ ‹ϐŽƒ–ƒ„Ž‡
‰Ž‘„‡ǡ …”‘••‡• —”‘’‡ „› –”ƒ‹ǡ •ƒ‹Ž•
–‘ ‰›’– ȋ™Š‡”‡ Š‡ ‹• ”‘’‡† ‹ ƒ• ƒ
ϐ‹Ž ‡š–”ƒȌ ƒ† –Š‡ –‘ –Š‡ ”ƒ„‹ƒ
’‡‹•—Žƒ ȋ†”‹˜‡ ‘˜‡” ƒ• –Š‡ „‘ƒ–
”‘ –Š‡”‡ǡ ‹–ǯ• ƒ –”ƒ‹ –‘ –Š‡
ƒ†”ƒ• –‘ „‘ƒ”† ƒ —‰‘•Žƒ˜Ǧ‘ˆϐ‹…‡”‡†
…ƒ”‰‘ •Š‹’ –‘ ‹‰ƒ’‘”‡ǡ ƒ† ƒ‘–Š‡”
–‘ ‘‰ ‘‰ ȋ™Š‡”‡ ƒŽ‹ǯ• –”‘—•‡”•
ƒ”‡ ƒ––ƒ…‡† „› ƒ …‘…ƒ–‘‘Ȍǡ …”‘••‹‰
Š‹ƒ „› –”ƒ‹ ȋƒ ˆ‡™ ‘–Š• „‡ˆ‘”‡
‹ƒƒ‡ “—ƒ”‡Ȍǡ –‘ ƒ’ƒ „› ˆ‡””›
ƒ† –Š‡ ‘ ƒ‘–Š‡” …ƒ”‰‘ ˜‡••‡Ž –‘
”‘••‹‰ –Š‡ –Žƒ–‹… ‘ ƒ …ƒ”‰‘
•Š‹’ǡ Š‡ ”‡–—”• –‘ –Š‡ ‘†‘ …Ž—„
ȋ™Š‡”‡ Š‡ ‹• ‘– ƒŽŽ‘™‡† ‹ †—‡ –‘ Š‹•
Š‡ ‡š– ‡†‹–‹‘ ‹…Ž—†‡† –Š‡ ʹͲͲͺ
Dz‘Ž‡ –‘ ‘Ž‡dz ȋͳͻͻʹȌ ™ƒ• ƒ„‘—–
ƒ ‘˜‡” ϐ‹˜‡Ǧ‘–Š Œ‘—”‡› ‹ ͳͻͻͳ
ˆ”‘ –Š‡ ”…–‹… –‘ –ƒ”…–‹…ƒ ƒŽ‘‰ ͵Ͳ
†‡‰”‡‡• Žƒ–‹–—†‡ ȋ•ƒ˜‡ –Š‡ Žƒ•– ’Šƒ•‡Ȍǡ
˜‹ƒ ”‡‡Žƒ†ǡ ‘”™ƒ›ǡ ‹Žƒ†ǡ –Š‡
ȋ™Š‹…Š –Š‡› Ž‡ˆ– Œ—•– ƒŠ‡ƒ† ‘ˆ
–Š‡ …‘—’ ƒ‰ƒ‹•– ‘”„ƒ…Š‡˜Ȍǡ —”‡›ǡ
‰›’–ǡ —†ƒǡ –Š‹‘’‹ƒǡ ‡›ƒ ȋ™Š‡”‡
–‘ ƒ •…Š‘‘ŽȌǡ ƒœƒ‹ƒǡ ƒ„‹ƒ ȋ™Š‡”‡
‡‡–Š ƒ—†ƒ Šƒ• „‡‡ ”‡…‡–Ž›
‘—•–‡†Ȍǡ ‹„ƒ„™‡ǡ ƒ† ‘—–Š ˆ”‹…ƒ
Ȅ ™Š‡”‡ –Š‡› ƒ”‡ •–—…ǡ ƒ† Šƒ˜‡ –‘
ϐŽ› –‘ Š‹Ž‡ ˆ”‘ ™Š‡”‡ –Š‡› ”‡ƒ…Š
Dz—ŽŽ ‹”…Ž‡dz ȋͳͻͻ͹Ȍ ‹• ƒ ͳͲǦ‘–Šǡ
ͷͲǡͲͲͲ  –”‹’ Ȅ ƒŽ‹ǯ• Ž‘‰‡•–
Ȅ –ƒ‹‰ Š‹ –‘ ͳ͹ ƒ…‹ϐ‹… ‹
ƒ–‹‘•Ȍ ƒ…”‘•• ˆ‘—” …‘–‹‡–•ǡ ™Š‹Ž‡
Dz‡‹‰™ƒ› †˜‡–—”‡dz ȋͳͻͻͻȌ •‡‡•
Š‹ ˜‹•‹– –Š‡ ’Žƒ…‡• ƒ••‘…‹ƒ–‡† ™‹–Š
–Š‡ Ž‡‰‡†ƒ”› ™”‹–‡” Ȅ ˆ”‘ Š‹…ƒ‰‘
ȋ™Š‡”‡ Š‡ ™ƒ• „‘”Ȍ –‘ †ƒŠ‘ ȋ™Š‡”‡
‡‹…‡ǡ ˆ”‹…ƒǡ Ž‘”‹†ƒǡ —„ƒǡ ‘–ƒƒ
his cameraman).
DzƒŠƒ”ƒdz ȋʹͲͲʹȌ ”‡…‘—–• ƒ –”‹’
ƒ…”‘•• –Š‡ Žƒ”‰‡•– •—„Ǧ–”‘’‹…ƒŽ †‡•‡”–
•–ƒ”–‹‰ ˆ”‘ ‹„”ƒŽ–ƒ” ƒ† –Š”‘—‰Š
‘•–Ž› ”ƒ…‘’Š‘‡ ˆ”‹…ƒ †—”‹‰
™Š‹…Š ƒŽ‹ ˆƒ…‡• †ƒ‰‡”• Ž‹‡ …ƒ‡Ž
•–‡™ ƒ† „‡‹‰ ”— ‘˜‡” „› –Š‡ ƒ”‹•Ǧ
ƒƒ” ”ƒŽŽ› „—– ϐ‹†• –Š‡ †‡•‡”– ‹•
‘– Œ—•– •ƒ† †—‡• „—– ƒ ’ƒŽ‡––‡
‘ˆ †‹˜‡”•‡ …—Ž–—”‡• ƒ† Žƒ†•…ƒ’‡•Ǥ
Dz‹ƒŽƒ›ƒdz ȋʹͲͲͶȌ ‹• ƒ –”‹’ ˆ”‘ ‘‡
‡† ‘ˆ –Š‡ ”ƒ‰‡ ȋƒ‹•–ƒǯ• Š›„‡”
ƒ••Ȍ –‘ –Š‡ ‘–Š‡” ȋ”ƒŠƒ’—–”ƒ †‡Ž–ƒ
‹ ƒ‰Žƒ†‡•ŠȌ ƒ…”‘•• †‹ƒ ȋ‘”–Š
ƒ† Žƒ–‡” ‘”–Š‡ƒ•–ǡ ‹…Ž—†‹‰ ‡‡–‹‰
–Š‡ ƒŽƒ‹ ƒƒ ™Š‘ –—”• ‘—– –‘ „‡ ƒ
ˆƒȌǡ ‡’ƒŽ ȋ™Š‡”‡ Š‡ ‡•…ƒ’‡• „‡‹‰
‹†ƒ’’‡† „› ƒ‘‹•–•Ȍǡ ‹„‡– ƒ†
ƒ† ƒ•– —”‘’‡ǡ ™Š‹Ž‡ Dz”ƒœ‹Ždz ȋʹͲͳʹȌ
‹• ƒ –”‹’ ƒ…”‘•• ‹–• ‡ƒ”Ǧ…‘–‹‡–ƒŽ
•’”‡ƒ† ƒ† ˆƒ–ƒ•–‹… ‡Ž–‹‰ ’‘– ‘ˆ
…—Ž–—”‡• ƒŠ‡ƒ† ‘ˆ –Š‡ ʹͲͳͶ ˆ‘‘–„ƒŽŽ
– ͹ͳǡ ƒŽ‹ǡ ‹ ƒ ‡™•’ƒ’‡”
The Exit Door
By Mohammed Anwar al Balushi
‘†ƒ› ‹• ʹͲ–Š …–‘„‡” ʹͲʹͲǡ ƒ† ›‘— ™‹ŽŽ
”‡…‡‹˜‡ –Š‹• Ž‡––‡” ‡šƒ…–Ž› ƒˆ–‡” –™‘ †ƒ›•ǡ
™Š‹…Š ™‹ŽŽ „‡ –Š‡ •ƒ‡ †ƒ›Ǥ ‹‰Š– „‡ ƒ
Šƒ˜‡ •‡‡ ƒŽŽ –Š‡ ˆ‘”• ‘ˆ ƒ‡”‹•Ǥ ‘” –‡
–‹‡• –Š‡› ™ƒ–‡† ‡ –‘ •Ž‹’ ƒ• —•—ƒŽǡ „—– ™‹ŽŽ
‡ ƒ—–Š‘”‡† •‹š ‘˜‡Ž•Ǥ Dzƒƒ„ Ž Š”‘‘Œdz
™Š‹…Š ‡ƒ• DzŠ‡ š‹– ‘‘”dz ‹• Š‹• Žƒ–‡•– ‘˜‡Ž
’—„Ž‹•Š‡† ‹ ʹͲͳʹ „› ȋƒƒ” Ž•Š”‘‘“ȌǤ ‹• ϐ‹”•–
Š‡ •‡…‘† ‘˜‡Ž Dz•ˆƒƒ” Ž ƒ”ƒ‡‡dz ȋ”ƒ˜‡Ž• ‘ˆ
Šƒ”ƒ‘ŠȌ ™ƒ• ’—„Ž‹•Š‡† ‹ ͳͻͻͻǤ  ʹͲͲͺ Dz
–Š‡ ϐ‹ˆ–Š ‘˜‡Ž ™ƒ• ’—„Ž‹•Š‡† ‹ ʹͲͳͳ —†‡” –Š‡
Ž ”ƒ„‹ƒdz ™Š‹…Š
‡ƒ• DzŠ‡ ”ƒ„‹ƒ‘‡”dzǤ
” œœ Ž†‡‡
™ƒ• „‘” ‹ —™ƒ‹– ƒ† Š‡ ‹•
—””‡–Ž› Š‡ ‹•
–‡ƒ…Š‹‰ ’‘Ž‹–‹…ƒŽ
science at Ameri…ƒ ‹˜‡”•‹–›Ǥ
ˆ–‡” Š‹• Š
Š‡ ™‘”‡† ™‹–Š
‹’Ž‘ƒ–‹… –—†‹‡•ˆ‘”–™‘›‡ƒ”•Ǥ
‹• ‘˜‡Ž DzŠ‡
‹• Žƒ–‡•– ‘˜‡Ž Dzƒƒ„ ŽŠ”‘Œdz „‡…ƒ‡ –Š‡
Dz ™ƒ– •‘‡ …‘ˆ‘”–Ǣ ™ƒ– –‘ –—” ‘ˆˆ –Š‡
Ž‹‰Š– ƒ† •Ž‡‡’ǡ ˆ‘” ƒ ›‡ƒ” ‘” –™‘ǡ ™‹–Š‘—– •‘‡‘‡ –‘ „‘–Š‡” ‡Ǥ ǯ ˆ‡† —’ ‘ˆ ‡˜‡”›–Š‹‰ǣ –Š‡
‰‘˜‡”‡–ǡ –Š‡ •–ƒ–‡ǡ †‡‘…”ƒ…› ƒ† ˆ”‡‡†‘Ǥ
Š‹•‘˜‡Ž‹•ƒŽŽƒ„‘—–ƒ›‘—‰‰›’–‹ƒ™‘”‹‰ ƒ• ƒ –”ƒ•Žƒ–‘” ‹ –Š‡ ’”‡•‹†‡–‹ƒŽ ’ƒŽƒ…‡Ǥ ‡
Šƒ˜‡ –™‡–› ˆ‘—” Š‘—”•ǡ †‹…–ƒ–‡ › •–‘”› ƒ† †‘ǯ–•Ž‡‡’Ǥ™‹ŽŽ•–ƒ”–›•–‘”›ƒ†™‹ŽŽϐ‹‹•Š‹–ǡ
ˆ”‘ –Š‡ …ƒ’‹–ƒŽ ‘ˆ Š‹ƒdzǤ œœ Ž†‡‡ ™”‘–‡ „‡–™‡‡’ƒ‰‡•ͳ͹ƒ†ͳͺǤ
A New Book on
History of Modern
Currency in Oman
HE ‡–”ƒŽƒ‘ˆƒŠƒ•‹••—‡†ƒ‡™„‘‘
Š‡ „‘‘ǯ• …Šƒ’–‡”• ™‡”‡ …‘’Ž‡–‡Ž› …‘•‹•–‡– ‹
Šƒ†Ž‹‰ –Š‡ •—„Œ‡…– ƒ† ‘„Œ‡…–‹˜‡ ‹ ‹–”‘†—…‹‰ ƒ†
’—––‹‰ ˆ‘”–Š ‹–• ‹†‡ƒ•Ǥ – ’”‘˜‹†‡• —•‡ˆ—Ž ƒ† …‘’”‡Š‡•‹˜‡
ƒ„‘—– –Š‡ ‘†‡” …—””‡…› ‹••—‡† †—”‹‰ –Š‡
’”‘•’‡”‘—• ‡”ƒ ‘ˆ ‹•
Š‡ „‘‘ •–ƒ”–• ™‹–Š
‡ƒ”Ž‹‡” …—””‡…› ”‡Ž‡ƒ•‡•
since the twentieth cen–—”›ǡ ™Š‹…Š ‹• –Š‡ ’‡”‹‘†
–Šƒ– ™‹–‡••‡† –Š‡ …‹”…—Žƒ–‹‘‘ˆ–Š‡ƒ”‹ƒŠ‡”‡•ƒ ‘ŽŽƒ” ƒ† –Š‡ †‹ƒ
…—””‡…‹‡•ǡ ‹…Ž—†‹‰ –Š‡
…‘’’‡” ƒ‹•ƒ •‹…‡ –Š‡
—”‹ǡ‡†‹‰„›–Š‡‡ƒ”Ž› ƒ‹ ‹••—‡• ‘ˆ …—””‡…‹‡• ƒ† „ƒ‘–‡•
ƒ† –Š‡ †‡˜‡Ž‘’‡–• ‘ˆ
–Š‡ ”‡Ž‡ƒ•‡• ‹••—‡† †—”‹‰–Š‡Ž‡••‡†‡ƒ‹••ƒ…‡
Š‹• „‘‘ ’‘”–”ƒ›• –Š”‘—‰Š ‹–• …‘–‡–•ǡ –Š‡ ’”‘…‡••‡•‘ˆ–Š‡‡–”ƒŽƒ‘ˆƒǯ•‹••—‡•‘ˆ„ƒ‘–‡•ǡ
Š‹• „‘‘ ‡„‘†‹‡• ‹ ‹–• ‡‹‰Š– …Šƒ’–‡”•ǡ –Š‡ ƒ’’”‘ƒ…Š ƒ† •–”ƒ–‡‰› ‘ˆ –Š‡ ‡–”ƒŽ ƒ ‘ˆ ƒ ‹
†‘…—‡–‹‰ –Š‡ ƒ‹ …—””‡…› ƒ† ’”‘˜‹†‡• ˜ƒŽ—ƒ„Ž‡•…‹‡–‹ϐ‹…ƒ–‡”‹ƒŽƒ†‹ˆ‘”ƒ–‹‘ˆ‘”•…Š‘Žƒ”•ǡ”‡•‡ƒ”…Š‡”•ǡ•’‡…‹ƒŽ‹•–•ƒ†ƒŽŽ–Š‘•‡…‘…‡”‡†™‹–Š•–—†›‹‰–Š‡ƒ‹…—””‡…›Ǥ
Q The book is available for sale at the Central Bank of
as Her
JANUARY 24, 2015
HEN Gabriela Isler wakes
up on Sunday, it will mark
–Š‡ ϐ‹ƒŽ –‹‡ –Šƒ– •Š‡
will begin a day while wearing the
title of Miss Universe.
Then, as she put it, she becomes
“just Gabby” again.
•Ž‡”ǯ• ”‡‹‰ ‹• ‹ ‹–• ϐ‹ƒŽ †ƒ›•ǡ
with the next woman to wear the
crown to be selected on January
25 in Miami. The classic tiara —
the one that slipped off her head
on the night she was crowned —
soon will be gently placed atop
someone else and after touring
the world almost nonstop, Isler is
ready to see what the next chapter
“Before all this, I was just a simǦ
’Ž‡ ‰‹”Žǡ ‘ ƒ‡Ǧ—’ǡ ‘ Šƒ‹”ǡ ‘
Š‡‡Ž•ǡ Œ—•– ƒ ‘”ƒŽ ‰‹”Ž ϐ‹‹•Š‹‰
my education,” Isler said in an inǦ
terview with The Associated Press.
“This just changed my life. This
... Now I’m happy with myself every
day. I learned to be happy. I grew
up in every way, as a daughter, as a
sister, as a girlfriend, as a friend. It
transformed my life.”
Š‡ ͷǦˆ‘‘–ǦͳͲ ‡‡œ—‡Žƒ …ƒ”Ǧ
pride, even as her nation continues
to battle over economy and poliǦ
tics. Being an example for women
in her country was a top priority
during her time as Miss Universe,
and once it ends Isler plans to step
up her efforts by combating a masǦ
sive problem with teen pregnancy
in her homeland.
“During my reign, I discovered
myself,” Isler said. “I want to conǦ
tinue doing a lot of things related
to humanitarian efforts, so one of
my new chapters will be maybe
becoming a spokesperson for difǦ
ˆ‡”‡– ‘”‰ƒ‹•ƒ–‹‘•ǡ „—– › ϐ‹”•–
one is my baby — starting my own
foundation in Venezuela that can
help create awareness and bring
education and family values to
young girls and young women.”
Š‘‹‰ Ž‡˜‡Ž• ‘ˆ ‹ϐŽƒ–‹‘ ƒ†
shortages of basic goods are part
of the norm in Venezuela, where
beauty pageants are big business
and a source of national pride.
“With all that’s happening in VenǦ
ezuela, to have a chance to be a
Nicaraguan Poet Laments
Betrayal of a Revolution
By Blanca Morel
feel so satisifed,” Isler said.
“I did as much as I can — not
just to represent the Miss Universe
organisation but also my country.”
There is symmetry to her reign
ending South Florida, which has
a massive Latin population and is
the place that Isler says will be her
second home.
The Miss Universe pageant itself
will be at Florida International UniǦ
versity in Miami, but many of the
preliminary events leading up to
the big night will be in the nearby
suburb of Doral, Florida — which
has an enormous Venezuelan popǦ
“I was dreaming to give my
crown in Venezuela,” Isler said.
“But to have this opportunity to
end this reign and close a chapter
in my life around the Venezuelan
community, this Latin environǦ
ment, this Latin energy, I couldn’t
ask for a better place.”
When asked if one day stood out
among all others during her reign,
Isler didn’t hesitate. She quickly
chose September 3, the day she
went to the Vatican, heard Pope
Francis speak about the role of
women in the church and received
a blessing from the pontiff.
“I was not able to sleep the day
before because I was so excited,”
Isler said. “I couldn’t believe it was
real. I was like, ‘Really, I’m going to
meet the Pope?’ I went to the VatiǦ
can and I couldn’t stop crying and
I could cry again. It was a dream....
I was in tears. I didn’t know I was
awake.... That day I realised, this
was real.”
Isler expects to shed tears on
pageant night, not because her
time as Miss Universe will be over
but out of both fear and excitement
for whatever will happen next.
“I can’t wait to wake up and just
enjoy the day,” Isler said. “Have a
breakfast in bed and just have the
‘’’‘”–—‹–› –‘ Šƒ˜‡ –Š‡ ϐ‹”•– ‘ˆϐ‹Ǧ
cial day where I can make my own
decisions and start my dreams.”
She won’t sit idle for long.
‡” ϐ‹”•– ‡‡–‹‰ ‹• ƒŽ”‡ƒ†›
scheduled — for January 26.
— AP
N the eve of his 90th birthday,
storied Nicaraguan poet and
priest Ernesto Cardenal laments
what he calls the betrayal of the SandiǦ
nista revolution by President Daniel
Ordained a Catholic priest in 1965,
Cardenal left a mainly farming comǦ
munity he founded on the Solentiname
•Žƒ†• –‘ Œ‘‹ ƒ†‹‹•–ƒ ”‡„‡Ž• ϐ‹‰Š–Ǧ
ing against the Somoza family regime,
which had ruled the country for nearly
half a century.
“It was a beautiful revolution. But
what happened is that it was betrayed,”
said Cardenal, who turned 90 on TuesǦ
day, in an interview at the Nicaraguan
Writers Center in Managua.
“There is now the family dictatorǦ
ship of Daniel Ortega. That’s not what
we fought for.”
Cardenal insisted he does not reǦ
gret having supported the revolution,
but minces no words when it comes to
”–‡‰ƒǡ ™Š‘ ϐ‹”•– …ƒ‡ –‘ ’‘™‡” ™‹–Š
the Sandinista National Liberation
Front in the 1979 revolution.
Ortega ruled until 1990 and then
returned in 2007 for a second stint as
president, amassing “all the powers of
the country” and “fabulously enriching
himself,” Cardenal said.
Hunched over and walking with the
help of a cane, his thick white mane
covered in part by a trademark beret,
Cardenal speaks ardently of a long life
of accomplishments as a politician,
priest, sculptor, translator, poet and auǦ
thor of numerous works that have been
translated into some 20 languages.
Cardenal, who made international
headlines in 1983 when the late Pope
John Paul II publicly reprimanded him
during a visit to Managua for supportǦ
ing the revolution, no longer has the
same boundless energy as before. But
he remains in good health.
Adamant that religion “cannot be
oblivious to political struggles,” CardeǦ
nal celebrated Mass in the guerrilla
camps, helped create an international
served as Sandinista spokesman when
guerrilla leaders were in hiding and
participated with Ortega in the SandiǦ
nistas’ triumphant entry into Managua
in July 1979.
“It was the feast of a people who
had never seen anything like it in their
ͷͲͲǦ›‡ƒ” Š‹•–‘”›ǡdz ƒ”†‡ƒŽ ”‡…ƒŽŽ‡† ‹
his book “The Lost Revolution” (2004).
His political poems such as “Time
Zero,” which he dedicated to SandiniǦ
Augusto Cesar Sandino, were the basis
Ernesto Cardenal walks with a cane
of songs that inspired the revolutionary
struggle of the time.
“They form the most vigorous and
effective political poetry that Latin
America has produced,” said UruguayǦ
an writer Mario Benedetti.
Cardenal’s disagreements with OrǦ
tega’s political leadership led him to
resign from the FSLN in the 1990s and
join Sandinista dissenters.
“There is no FSLN,” said Cardenal,
only an “electioneering party that has
put Ortega in power once again.”
The poet also opposes the governǦ
ment’s plans to build an interoceanic
canal across Nicaragua that would rival
the Panama Canal.
Led by a Chinese company HKND,
the canal would go through Lake NicaǦ
ragua, the largest source of fresh water
in Central America.
It is also home to the Solentiname
Islands, where Cardenal recalls he once
was “very happy” in the community he
The canal “will be the end of the arǦ
ragua” he warned. — AFP
Bulgarian Soprano Makes
Big Impact as Met Stand-In
OOKING for a lyric soprano who can
parachute into your production at
the last minute, sing melodiously and
then die movingly? At the Metropolitan
Opera these days, they send out for
Sonya Yoncheva. Yoncheva is in New York
singing four performances as Violetta, the
‰Žƒ‘”‘—• …‘—”–‡•ƒ ™Š‘ ϐ‹†• Ž‘˜‡ –‘‘
late, in Verdi’s “La Traviata.”
It’s a role she has sung often — unlike
Š‡” ϐ‹”•– –™‘ ‡– ƒ••‹‰‡–•ǡ ™Š‹…Š
she had never performed onstage. She
debuted in 2013 as Gilda in Verdi’s
“Rigoletto” and this past November
stepped in as Mimi in Puccini’s “La
Boheme” on just a few weeks notice.
“I had to learn it (the role of Mimi) in
here so it was really, really rushed,”
the Bulgarian soprano recounted in an
interview at the Met earlier.
Yoncheva, who makes her home in
Switzerland with her husband, conductor
Domingo Hindoyan, had just given birth to
their son, Mateo, in October.
“I remember myself in the night,
nursing and studying Mimi, and not
sleeping, and thinking about visas, papers,
my son’s passport,” she said.
ϐŽ‹‰Š– –‘ ‡™ ‘”ǡ ƒ ˆ‡™ ”—Ǧ
throughs in the studio, and she was
“When you do these kinds of things, you
don’t have any time to think, so it’s better,”
she said.
“You don’t think about the pressure,
you just go for it. You’re like a sportsman,
you have to play the match.”
Judging by the critical reception, she
won the match easily. Zachary Woolfe
wrote in The New York Times that
“astonishingly, this was Ms. Yoncheva’s
ϐ‹”•– •–ƒ‰‡† ’‡”ˆ‘”ƒ…‡ ‘ˆ –Š‡ ”‘Ž‡Ǥ ‡”
delicate, dreamy, detailed Mimi has arrived
more or less fully formed.”
Similar praise had greeted her debut a
year earlier as Gilda, and now in “Traviata”
she has scored her biggest triumph to date.
Yoncheva discounts the old cliche that
Violetta requires a soprano who has “three
for Act 1, a lyric line for Act 2 and a fuller,
more dramatic sound for her death scene.
“I don’t have a button here or there
where you go ‘ping’ and suddenly you’re
singing with a certain kind of voice,” she
said, playfully poking her right cheek and
then her forehead.
“But the approach is different of course
because Verdi is representing Violetta in
three different little pieces of her life.”
For her, Act 1 poses the greatest
…ŠƒŽŽ‡‰‡Ǥ DzŠ‘•‡ ˜‘…ƒŽ ϐ‹”‡™‘”• ƒ”‡
˜‡”› †‹ˆϐ‹…—Ž– ˆ‘” ˜‘‹…‡• Ž‹‡ ‹‡ǡdz •Š‡
said, “because I feel more lyric and this is
absolutely coloratura.”
†‡‡†ǡ ƒ– Š‡” ϐ‹”•– ’‡”ˆ‘”ƒ…‡ Žƒ•–
week Yoncheva struggled a bit with the
runs and high notes in her bravura aria,
Dz‡’”‡ Ž‹„‡”ƒǡdz ƒ† ‘‹––‡† –Š‡ ‘ˆ–‡Ǧ
‹–‡”’‘Žƒ–‡† Š‹‰Š ǦϐŽƒ– ƒ– –Š‡ ‡† Ȅ ƒ
released Sony album, “Paris, mon amour.”
But even here she was dramatically
compelling, and she came completely
into her own vocally in the later acts,
earning a thunderous ovation at the
Yoncheva’s rapid rise to fame —
she’s only 33 — started in her hometown
of Plovdiv, where her mother, a frustrated
ƒ…–”‡•• ™Š‘ Šƒ† ’Žƒ›‡† „‹– ’ƒ”–• ‹ ϐ‹Ž•ǡ
was determined to turn her daughter into
some kind of artist.
“She would try everything with me,”
Yoncheva said, laughing. “She would put
me onstage, in choruses, in the theater,
painting, dancing, writing poetry.” She
even sent her as a teenager to audition for
a modelling job, but she ended up instead
as host of a TV music show.
Then one day while performing in a
chorus, she heard a soloist sing a Mozart
aria that particularly struck her. “I never
heard such a pure thing in my life,” she
“I said I absolutely want to produce
the same sound, so I tried it at home. My
mother heard me and said, ‘I think you
have talent.’”
She began taking singing lessons and
won some contests at home, then went
to Geneva, Switzerland, to study and was
accepted into conductor William Christie’s
academy for young singers in 2007. Three
›‡ƒ”• Žƒ–‡”ǡ ƒ ϐ‹”•–Ǧ’Žƒ…‡ ϐ‹‹•Š ‹ Žƒ…‹†‘
Domingo’s “Operalia” competition sent her
on her way to stardom.
Happily for her and her fans, Yoncheva’s
Ž‹ˆ‡ ƒ• ƒ •–ƒ†Ǧ‹ ƒ’’‡ƒ”• –‘ Šƒ˜‡ ”— ‹–•
course. Next fall she opens the Met season
as Desdemona in a new production of
Verdi’s “Otello.”
Not surprisingly, that’s yet another role
•Š‡ ™‹ŽŽ „‡ ’‡”ˆ‘”‹‰ ˆ‘” –Š‡ ϐ‹”•– –‹‡Ǥ
— AP
If you’re happy, if you’re feeling
good, then nothing else matters.
— Robin Wright,
an American actress.
JANUARY 24, 2015
Singapore Cat Cafes Offer Refuge From the Rat Race
For some of Singapore’s luckiest cats — and customers — cat cafes offer a stress-relieving haven away from the hustle and bustle.
By Kirsten Han
T is 11 am and the cats of Neko no
Niwa are up and about.
with customers wanting to play with
the friendly felines.
Š‡ ϐ‹”•– …ƒ– …ƒˆ‡ ‹ ‹‰ƒ’‘”‡
ƒ”‡† ‹–• ϐ‹”•– ƒ‹˜‡”•ƒ”› Žƒ•–
It’s set a trend in the city-state,
with four other cat cafes appearing in
Situated in the central business
district, owners Samuel Isaac Chua
and Tan Sue Lynn believe their cafe is
an ideal refuge amid the bustle of the
“Chances are people living [in this
area] will not have a lot of time in Singapore.
Ž‘–‘ˆ–Š‡™‹ŽŽ„‡Œ‡–Ǧ•‡––‹‰ǡϐŽ›ing around for business, and if they’d
like to have a pet but don’t have time
for a pet, I think we’re in a great position to offer a service,” Chua said.
The pampered cats of Neko no
Niwa — meaning “cat garden” in Japanese, a nod to where cat cafes originated — were all strays.
They are the lucky ones in a city
where an estimated 50,000 strays
roam the streets.
Organisations like the Cat Welfare
Society carry out sterilisation campaigns to better manage the population, but animal rescue groups are
still inundated with cats looking for a
good home.
Public housing policies make it ilŽ‡‰ƒŽ–‘‘™ƒ…ƒ–‹‰‘˜‡”‡–ϐŽƒ–•ǡ
in which about 80 per cent of Singapore’s resident population live.
Camellia Abd Gani, coordinator of
a cat therapy programme at a nursing home, has seen elderly patients
brighten up when they interact with
“Visiting a cat cafe is a good experience, especially for cat lovers who
don’t have cats at home.
It helps to improve your mood, like
a stress reliever,” she said.
Like much of the city outside, Neko
no Niwa is kept spotlessly clean, and
does not come cheap.
It allows no more than 20 visitors at a time, and charges a fee of 12
hour, with additional charges each
subsequent half-hour.
Children below the age of seven
are not allowed, and every visitor is
given a handbook of rules.
The cafe’s 13 cats are free to roam,
play or take a break from human interaction to use scratching posts and
The more social felines are often
happy to curl up on a visitor’s lap.
Han Dang eagerly snaps photos on
it’s comfortable. It’s a nice environment for cats and for everyone to be
here together,” she said.
Not all cat cafes have an obvious
commitment to the welfare of their
The owner of Cuddles Cat Cafe put
his business up for sale in mid-December amid a furore over the death
of seven cats.
Singapore’s cat trend has extended
beyond cafes.
Not too far from Neko no Niwa, the
Lion City Kitty museum is part museum, part art gallery, part shelter.
Occupying three levels, the space
features cat-related art pieces contributed by artists around the world,
many of which are on sale.
Visitors are able to learn about
the history of cats around the world
through the posters and displays.
They can also play and interact
with founder Jessica Seet’s nine cats,
now comfortably living on the top
ϐŽ‘‘”Ǥ Dz ™ƒ–‡† –‘ Šƒ˜‡ ‘”‡ ’‡‘’Ž‡
get the chance to get to know a cat.
I was surprised by how many peo’Ž‡ƒ”‡–‡””‹ϐ‹‡†‘ˆ…ƒ–•ǡ–Š‡›Œ—•–Šƒ˜‡
this phobia,” Seet said.
The second level of the museum
is home to about 12 cats, selected by
the Cat Welfare Society, either seeking
adoption or waiting to be picked up
by their new families.
“I would love to help put kitties
in an environment where they are at
home, so people can see them in the
best light,” said Seet, adding that conventional adoption drives are often
stressful for cats.
Activists hope for a broader
change in attitudes towards cats by
the state, and there are signs it may
be happening.
A pilot project allowing for cat
ownership has been introduced in
123 public housing blocks.
Like the owners of Neko no Niwa,
‡‡– „‡Ž‹‡˜‡• ‹ –Š‡ „‡‡ϐ‹–• ‘ˆ ‹–‡”action with cats, and suggests the aniƒŽ•…‘—Ž†„‡•‡–‘—–‹–‘–Š‡ϐ‹‡Ž†–‘
help with therapy sessions.
“A couple of groups have already
approached me, asking if we would
take some of the gentler kitties to the
old folks’ homes and also with autistic
children,” she said.
“We’re very supportive of that if
we can help in any way.”
— dpa
South Korean Children Navigate Rocky Road to K-Pop Stardom
By Ju-min Park
INE-year-old Kim Si-Yoon has
no time to throw tantrums.
She wakes up at half-past
seven for school, followed by hours
of voice training, dance lessons and
cram school before crashing into bed
at midnight.
Kim is a wannabe K-pop star.
Thousands of Korean children
dream of becoming household
names like rapper Psy, whose 2012
“Gangnam Style” video was a global
YouTube hit, often putting up with
punishing schedules in the hope of
one day making it big in the music industry.
A new generation of younger and
’”‡––‹‡” —•‹… ‹†‘Ž• ‹• ˆ—”–Š‡” ‹ϐŽ—encing impressionable minds, with a
recent survey of pre-teens showing
21 per cent of respondents wanted
to be K-pop stars when they grow up,
the most popular career choice.
Kim, a third-grader at elementary
school, said she recognised the sacriϐ‹…‡•‡‡†‡†–‘”‡ƒŽ‹•‡Š‡”†”‡ƒǤ
“It is tough. So I am trying to have
fun and when I make efforts, I can
perform better,” she said, as she prepared to run through a sample dance
routine, despite a bad cold.
For her performance, she wore
a diamond-patterned pinafore with
black leggings, topped off with a
trendy K-pop baseball cap.
Kim’s desk is decorated with
photos of her favourite boy and girl
A microphone is propped up beside her pens and pencils, and a pink
Members of
girl group
— Reuters
GFriend group
after their
guitar rests on her bedroom wall.
A treasured pair of black high
Š‡‡Ž• ™‹–Š ƒ ™Š‹–‡ ϐŽ‘”ƒŽ ’”‹– Ž‹‡• ‹
her closet. Her stay-at-home mom
drives Kim around Seoul each day,
determined to see her own thwarted
ambition of becoming a singer fulϐ‹ŽŽ‡†„›Š‡”†ƒ—‰Š–‡”Ǥ
“Competition is very intense, and
there are so many good kids,” said
Park Sook-Hee, who spends around
700,000 won ($639) each month on
Kim’s voice modulation and dance
Kim is training for auditions to get
into reputed talent management companies such as YG Entertainment or
SM Entertainment.
Success would bring a tougher
schedule, perhaps even leading her to
drop out of school.
“She knows that she can’t help but
work harder,” said Park.
tainment’s coveted training programme a decade ago after winning a
talent contest.
She stuck to a seven-day regimen
for nearly three years, before giving it
all up to return to a more sedate life.
Now an engineering major, Jang
remembers being trapped in an energy-sapping timetable that included
lessons in Chinese, since many K-pop
bands were trying to make inroads
into China. Trainees had no access to
Jang Ha-Jin made it to SM Enter- mobile phones and each week, about
40 pupils were assessed on camera
for their star potential.
Jang constantly compared herself
to her peers, and felt pressured to impress heavy-handed instructors.
Worse, there was no guarantee she
would be picked for a K-pop debut.
DzŠ‡ ‘•– †‹ˆϐ‹…—Ž– ’ƒ”– ‹ ˆƒ…–
was when I saw myself and felt like I
didn’t grow up,” said Jang, 23, remembering her stressful teenage years.
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The trainees who survive and
make it to the top reap the ben‡ϐ‹– ‘ˆ ƒ†—Žƒ–‹‘ „› ˆƒ• ƒ† •–ƒ†‹—
K-pop is the rage in Asia, especially
in China and Japan, and the industry
is eyeing new audiences in the West.
Overseas sales revenues garnered
by the “Korean Wave” pop culture industry, which includes music and TV
dramas, nearly doubled to $730 milŽ‹‘‹ʹͲͳ͵‹Œ—•–ϐ‹˜‡›‡ƒ”•ǡƒ‘ˆ
Korea data shows.
— Reuters
Printers and Publishers
Oman Establishment for
Press, Publication and
JANUARY 24, 2015
JLo: ‘The Artist in Me
Wants More Freedom’
By Alicia Rancilio
Jessica in no hurry to wed
Chastain says marriage is not the most
important thing to her.
The 37-year-old, who
has been dating Italian
fashion executive Gian
Luca Passi de Preposulo,
has said that they are happy with the way their relationship, reports people.
“I’m not quite sure of
what I want in my life, and
who knows if marriage is a
part of it.
So to me, marriage is
not an important thing,”
she said.
Chastain is delighted
of her scene in “A Most
Violent Year”, in which she
†‡ϐ‹‡• ƒ ‹˜‡•–‹‰ƒ–‘” „›
tossing her cigarette has
already proved to be iconic
as it was an unscripted
She added: “That was a
Chastain invention.
I had no idea people
would be coming up to
and quoting my line, ‘This
was very disrespectful.’ It’s
very cool.”
ENNIFER Lopez turns heads
with her wardrobe choices,
from the green Versace gown
she wore to the 2000 Golden Globe
Awards to the nude sequined
bodysuit she wore to perform at
the 2011 American Music Awards.
Lopez pulled from her closet
for the new movie “The Boy Next
Door,” which opened yesterday. She
was an executive producer of the
$4 million.
“Wardrobe can get really
expensive,” she explained in a
recent interview. “With this movie,
we didn’t have that luxury. It was
about, ‘Who is Claire? What’s the
palette? We’ll use my jeans, my
shoes, my sweaters.’ A lot of things
were mine.”
Lopez plays Claire, a recently
separated teacher with a teenage
son who shares a steamy night with
a 19-year-old neighbour (played by
Ryan Guzman), who then turns 50
shades of crazy.
“The artist in me wants more
freedom to do more things as far
as stories and movies and acting,”
and ways to do that instead of
waiting for people to hire me. (To)
know that I can do different kinds
of movies. Any kind I want. Put my
name on the line, do it for free and
say, ‘Yeah, I believe in this.’ I like the
idea. It’s very empowering to me
that that’s a possibility.”
said recently that she marveled at
Lopez’s work ethic and feels she’s
“a kindred spirit.”
“I cannot believe the type A,
perfectionist, professionalism that
that woman carries. It’s something
that I try to have and it’s something
I admire in women. She’s a strong
woman,” Chenoweth said.
“There’s power in preparation
and so the more I knew each and
every shot that (director Rob
Cohen) was doing, I could feel
said. “I was like, ‘I don’t want to
do this and I don’t want to do this.
I feel comfortable with this. I don’t
feel comfortable with that.’”
Speaking up and saying no is
something she’s learned over time,
said Lopez, a mother of 6-year-old
twins, Max and Emme, with
ex-husband Marc Anthony.
“There were times I
hit the wall early on
and you go, ‘OK I
can’t do that.’ You
don’t know you
have limits when you’re young.
Then you reach the limit and you
go, ‘Oh, I can’t do that. And next
time I won’t.’ Then when you have
kids it’s another reality check. I
have to be the best for them. You
go, ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do that.
No. The answer is no. That’s too
much in one day. Take that out.
Move that.’”
She also jokes that “people want
you more when you say no, this is
in every aspect of your life.”
The 45-year-old singer-actress
is a judge on Fox’s “American Idol,”
which recently launched its 14th
“We have a great roster of
kids. We were superconscious of
how we were choosing (them) and
we talked a lot about it and we
said, ‘This is what we want. We’re
not settling. This is what we’re
looking for. It’s got to be the whole
package.’” — AP
US actor George Clooney and his wife Amal
Alamuddin stand on a water taxi on the Grand Canal
in Venice
A Minute
With Anne
No trouble in ClooneyAlamuddin paradise
and British human
rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin are not getting divorced as being rumoured,
says the couple’s representative.
‘•‡ϐ‹‡Ž† •Š—‡† –Š‡
speculations with RumorFix by calling the news fabricated, reports
“This story is totally
made up in order to sell
their magazines,” he said.
A report by InTouch
magazine claimed that the
couple, who got married
in Venice on September 27
last year, are headed for divorce due to constant egoclashes.
“Amal’s disdain for
Hollywood and many of
George’s pals, her increasingly diva-like behaviour,
ƒ•™‡ŽŽƒ•ϐ‹‰Š–•‘˜‡”•–ƒ”–ing a family, have friends
convinced it’s all gone
wrong for the couple,” the
magazine had quoted a
source as saying.
By Piya Sinha-Roy
FTER winning an Oscar in 2013 for best
supporting actress in the musical “Les
Miserables,” Anne Hathaway is taking on
a new challenge as a producer.
Dz‘‰‡dz‹•ƒ‹†‡’‡†‡–ϐ‹ŽƒŽ•‘•–ƒ””‹‰ ƒ–Šƒ™ƒ›ǡ ƒ• ƒ ƒ…ƒ†‡‹… ™Š‘ ϐ‹†• …‘nection through her brother’s music after he
falls into a coma.
It premiered at Sundance Film Festival last
year and will be released in US theaters.
ƒ–Šƒ™ƒ›ǡ͵ʹǡ–ƒŽ‡†ƒ„‘—–Š‡”ϐ‹”•–’”‘†—…ing experience, her Oscar and Catwoman.
Oscar Fever Has Fans Scrambling to Watch
By Leanne Italie
HERE’S a fever spreading
across the land. It’s Oscar fever, with a reasonably short incubation period but
symptoms that turn otherwise
”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ ϐ‹Ž „—ˆˆ• ‹–‘ „‹‰‡‹‰
maniacs. In a good way!
Between January 15, when
Academy Award nominations
were announced, and February
22 — the movie industry’s big
‹‰Š–Ȅ•—ˆˆ‡”‡”•ϐŽ‘…–‘–Š‡ƒ–ers, beg screening DVDs from voting Screen Actors Guild members
and trek to marathons to see as
many contenders as possible in
one stretch.
…–‘”Ǧϐ‹ŽǦƒ‡” •Š‡” ”‘†man in Los Angeles gets it. He’s
–Š‡ ʹ͹Ǧ›‡ƒ”Ǧ‘Ž† •‘ ‘ˆ ϐ‹Ž ˆƒ•
and counts himself among the Oscar-obsessed, squeezing in all he
can as soon as nominations are
announced to watch and learn
but also because of the pull of tradition.
“I’m about halfway through
the best picture nominees right
now,” he said. “My parents, they
took me to see ‘Schindler’s List’
ƒ† Ǯ”ƒˆϐ‹…ǯ ™Š‡ ™ƒ•ǡ Ž‹‡ǡ ͳͳǡ
when I was a little too young.
That probably should not have
happened, but you go and see
–Š‡•‡ ϐ‹Ž• ‹ –Š‡ƒ–‡”• ƒ† ›‘—”
parents are moved by them and it
sort of does something to you.”
The cast
and crew of
— AP
AMC theaters are oh-so onboard. For the ninth year, the
country’s No 2 chain on February
21 — the day before Oscars night
— will host 24-hour marathons
for best-picture contenders in six
movie markets around the country: Los Angeles; the Kansas City
area; Dallas; Chicago; New York;
and the District of Columbia included.
This year, there’s a twist.
The company is partnering with
the crowdfunding site Tilt to
help people elsewhere whip up
enough interest in their areas for
one of the in-theater marathons
by reserving tickets ahead of time
and spreading the word. If 100
people sign up, AMC will oblige,
company spokesman Ryan Noonan said.
What’s up with the mentality?
Is it mass hysteria?
“They’re fanatical. I think
there’s a genuine excitement and
enthusiasm that occurs when
the nominations come out,” said
Noonan, at AMC headquarters
in Leawood, Kansas. “This gives
them the opportunity to not only
go see all these movies at once
but to be surrounded by people
who are there for the same reason.”
Technically, the 24-hour events
that cost $55 to $65 — and held
the day before awards night —
are more like 20-hour events due
to the lengths of all eight best-picture contenders this year, along
with necessary rest breaks.
“We get a lot of repeat attendees, people who know they’re going to block the day out and show
up at the theater at 10 am with
some blankets and some pillows.
They spend 35 minutes between
movies talking about what they
loved and what could have been
better,” Noonan said.
Not everyone is cut out for the
life of a movie marathoner.
“You see people dozing off
or sneaking away for a couple of
Robin Gustafsson, who manages the dining room of a New
York City restaurant, is the Oscar
party hostess with the mostess.
She puts together a pool for the
big bash she has hosted each year
for more than a decade, complete
with a red carpet leading from
her apartment front door to her
living room.
Her mom serves as picturesnapping paparazzi and the fever
manifests this way:
“Once the nominees come out
I want to see as many as possible. Although I host the party I
really want to win the pool,” she
laughed. “I’ll see everything. I’m
an avid reader, too, so I’ll read the
Q: What does “Song One” explore through
A: Every time I say it’s about the healing
power of music, I feel like I have to dodge someone throwing a tomato at me because it sounds
so sincere, but it’s true.
I am someone who believes in that and I
Q: What producing challenges did you face?
A: The practicalities of ‘If you don’t do it, it’s
probably not going to get done.’ When you’re an
actor, there are so many safety nets under you.
If you’re playing an astronaut and you need
to speak to an astronaut, the producer goes
‘Here’s an astronaut for you to talk to.’ When
this.’ So this just woke me up to how really good
a lot of producers I’ve worked with have been.
Q: Has your Oscar changed your acting ambitions?
A: I think it’s just one of those things where
it’s a question mark — will that ever happen
to me? And it’s a question that has been answered; yes it happened to me.
So I don’t have that lingering question in my
Q: With more superhero movies, as you’ve
already played Catwoman in the “Dark
A: When you play Catwoman, you accept
that you’re not the only one that’s ever played
her, and you’ll probably not be the last one, it is
bittersweet in that way.
So, it’s your role for a while, until the next
one comes along.
For me, my version of the character was so
based on the idea of existing in (director) Chris
Nolan’s Gotham, so I couldn’t imagine reprising
it with anyone else, and I don’t think Chris has
any plans to do that, so I think that’s probably
the end of the ride for me. — Reuters