Curriculum - Carr Hill Primary School

Subject Area
Spring 1
Spring 2
Topic/ Focus Question
Topic/ Focus Question
How has firefighting changed since 1666?
How can we encourage our families to lead a
healthy lifestyle?
Fiction- Story-telling for Writing
SA-‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes
MJ-‘Willy the Wizard’ by Anthony Browne
KH-‘Traction Man’ by Mini Grey
Researching ‘Health and Fitness’ and writing
leaflets, booklets and reports to pass on this
information to families and pupils in school.
Non-Fiction-Writing a diary as Samuel Pepys
during The Fire of London.
Non-fiction writing about firefighting since 1666
and fire safety.
As part of our Numeracy this term we are looking
at partitioning numbers into tens and units (and
hundreds for year 2 children) in order to add
larger numbers together. We will also be focusing
on multiplication and division. Children will be
involved in problem solving activities involving =,
-, x and ÷.
Recognise, describe and name common 2D and
3d shapes.
Measuring length, weight and capacity.
Solving problems involving addition, subtraction,
multiplication or division in contexts of numbers,
measures or pounds and pence.
Finding half, one quarter and three quarters of
shapes and sets of objects.
and Technology)
Linked Questions/areas of work
How would your family stay safe in a fire?
Can you design and make a model of a new fire
fighting vehicle with wheels and axels?
What can you find out about the Fire of London?
Who was Samuel Pepys?
What would you save if you were in a fire?
Can you use the computer to make a fact sheet
or film about The Fire of London?
Linked Questions/areas of work
Which food is good for you?
What fruit would be good in your fruit salad/fruit
What happens to my body when I exercise?
Can you plan and write an exercise routine to
teach to members of your family?
Can you make an advert or film to encourage
people to lead a healthier lifestyle (may cover
one area or many)?
Everyday uses of materials.
Keeping Fit and Healthy.
Easter stories, symbols and customs.
Going for Goals
Good to be Me
Indoor- Gymnastics
Outdoor-Invasion Games
Indoor- Dance
Singing ‘London’s Burning’ in rounds.
Using a variety of tuned and untuned percussion
to investigate rhythm and pitch.
Art and
and Technology
Using artists’ images of The Great Fire of London
to make representations in a variety of media,
including clay and ICT.
Using ‘Scratch’ programme.
Film making based on The Great Fire of London.
Digital representation of The Great Fire of
London information.
Singing ‘body’ and ‘food’ related songs.
Using a variety of tuned and untuned percussion
to compose accompaniments. Exploring ICT in
Cooking and Nutrition
‘Beebot’ skills
Developing use of graphics packages.