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THE 2015
national sponsor
Thanks for stepping up and joining our 2015 AVON 39
Crew. We can’t thank you enough for your generosity and
commitment. Because of you and more than 4,000 other
dedicated Crew and Volunteers, we’re on our way to one of
our most exciting and powerful years ever.
It’s time to start preparing for your AVON 39 experience,
and we’ve put together this guide to help you get going.
We’ll be emailing your AVON 39 Participant Number as well
as sign-in information for your Participant Center—where
you can access your online fundraising page and links to
important Crew resources.
Whatever 39ers need, our Crew is on it.
As the backbone and lifeline of AVON 39, our
Crew members do a range of important tasks
essential to the event’s success. As you
might imagine, supporting thousands of
39ers as they crush their 39 is a tough job.
But our Crew is tougher. From marking
the route to picking up trash, from
setting up rest stops to treating
blisters, and everything else in
between, Crew does it all—and
they do it for their fellow
39ers. You can choose
from nearly 40 different
Crew teams. Check out
learn more.
Your Local Coordinator will keep you in the loop.
If you have any questions about your AVON 39 event, your local
Crew & Volunteer Coordinator is always there with answers.
Also, keep an eye out for your local monthly newsletter, Crew
Connection, for important information and updates.
What’s the difference between Crew & Volunteers?
Here’s the scoop. Crew members pay a registration fee, are 18
years old or older (with the exception of Youth Crew), and commit
to participate for the entire event, including camping in our
Wellness Village. While fundraising isn’t a requirement for Crew
members, we ask that you give it a shot! Many of our Crew find
fundraising makes their AVON 39 experience even more rewarding.
Volunteers commit to shorter shifts at Event Eve, Opening &
Closing Ceremony and the Wellness Village. Volunteers do not
stay overnight, nor do they pay to register for the Walk. If you
have family, friends, or colleagues you’d like to invite to join the
AVON 39 family, check out volunteer opportunities at AVON39.ORG.
Meet, greet and learn the ropes.
In many cities, we hold a hands-on training called Crew Training
Day. It happens approximately 4–6 weeks prior to the event, and
it’s required for both new and returning Crew members.
At Crew Training Day, you’ll learn about your Crew Division, your
Crew Team, and your team’s schedule and role in the event. Not
only will you receive the critical information you’ll need for event
weekend, but you’ll also get to meet your Team Leader and the
rest of your amazing team. Your Crew & Volunteer Coordinator
will provide you with the Crew Training Day date and location
details as soon as they’re available.
New to the Crew? Attend a Crew Orientation. It’s a great way
to learn the basics of AVON 39 and all that’s involved in being a
Crew member.
Submit your Crew Team choices. If you haven’t already, discuss
your Crew Team choices and options with your local Crew & Volunteer
Coordinator. You’ll talk through and determine which Crew Teams need
the most support as well as which will be the best fit for you. If you are
crewing with friends or family and would like to stay together, please let
your Crew & Volunteer Coordinator know—we’ll do our best to keep you
all on the same team if possible.
Receive your Crew Team assignment. Approximately 2–3 months
prior to the event, you’ll receive an email telling you what Crew Team
you’re assigned to and who your Crew Team Leader is.
Contact your Crew Team Leader. This person will be your main point
of contact both pre-event and on-event. Team Leaders are volunteers,
just like you, and are a wonderful resource. They may have as many as 20
other Team members to contact, so don’t wait to hear from them—take
the time to reach out to introduce yourself.
Attend Crew Training Day. (if one is scheduled for your city).
Crew Training Day is a critical step in preparing for the Walk
and will serve as your final “big picture” preparation for the
AVON 39 event.
Event Eve Meetings and Check-In. The Friday before the AVON 39
weekend, you’ll attend Event Eve. This is where you’ll check in, attend a
very important All-Crew Meeting, and then meet with your Crew Team to
discuss all the final details and information your Crew Team will need.
Enjoy an awesome AVON 39 Weekend. Without the Crew, AVON
39 simply couldn’t happen, so thanks in advance for your flexibility,
dedication, and hard work throughout the entire weekend. Remember
to take care of yourself and don’t forget to have FUN.
Our Fast Track Fundraising Program makes it easy to raise
important dollars fast. And check out the great rewards
waiting for you:
Even though it isn’t required, we encourage Crew members to
RAISE $100 IN 10 DAYS and receive our awesome 2015 AVON 39 T-Shirt
RAISE $600 IN 30 DAYS and receive a Reebok Water bottle for hydration
RAISE $1,000 IN 45 DAYS and receive our Hydration Pack
Here’s what you’ll need:
• You’re allowed one gear bag weighing up to 30 lbs.
Backpacks or duffel bags are preferable to suitcases
• All gear must be inside of or securely strapped to gear bag
• Please use luggage straps and not bungee cords
• Anticipate changes in weather and pack clothing that
can be layered
• Pack clothes and sleeping bag in plastic bags, in case
of rain and dew
• Label your belongings with your name and participant
We’ll provide the following:
• Hand soap at the sinks
RAISE $1,800 IN 60 DAYS and receive our AVON 39 Tote bag
• Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion in the
shower trucks
For complete information about our Fast Track Fundraising
Program, including detailed tools and resources to reach each
• Hand sanitizer and sunscreen at the Rest Stops and the
Wellness Village
reward level, go to your Participant Center online at AVON39.ORG
Use the detailed packing list in your online Participant Center as a guide and
adapt it to your own needs!
The following rewards are provided for total fundraising efforts and are not
time-specific like the Fast Track Fundraising Program:
RAISE $100: As a special thank you, Crew who fundraise $100 or more are
eligible to complete Early Check-In and have their wristbands and luggage
fundraise. It’s a critical part of the experience, because every
tags mailed to them in advance (please note: $100 must be posted to your
dollar you raise will go towards crushing breast cancer. We have
AVON 39 fundraising account prior to Early Check-In closing in order to be
great tools and programs to help you dominate your fundraising
eligible). This will allow you to skip the check-in process at Event Eve, and
goals, so think big. If every Crew member raises just $500, it will
make your Event Eve a little easier.
mean an additional $1.3 million towards ending this awful disease.
RAISE $500: Any Crew member who raises $500 or more will receive a
Take that, breast cancer.
performance baseball cap donated by our national sponsor, Reebok.
Expect the unexpected
AVON 39 is a powerful weekend where amazing things happen.
Sometimes unforeseen things happen, too. Which means as a
Crew member, you may be called on to do something different
than you’d anticipated. Your team might be called on to assist
another team. Your Crew assignment might change entirely. We
ask for your flexibility. Being part of Crew means being there for
each other and doing whatever’s necessary to support your fellow
39ers in every way possible. That sense of camaraderie is part of
what makes the weekend so awesome.
We can’t say it enough. Your commitment to giving your time
and energy means the world to us. On behalf of the thousands of
people living with breast cancer thank you for taking a big, bold
step. Because of you, lives will be saved. You’re in for an amazing
event. Thank you again—and see you on the road to 39!
1 888 426 WALK
Visit for breast cancer information and resources.