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Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015 • pAge 3
Report from
Rep. Pat Grassley
Statehouse Rep
for north Hardin Tobacco and all its kindred products come under local law enforcement scrutiny
Taking the pledge
“The Grassley Bulletin” From Pat
Grassley, 50th district represenative,
representing north Hardin county.
Can be reached at 515-281-3221.
(Edited for space available)
I will be chairing the Ag committee. I also will be serving on Ways
and Means, Economic Growth, and
Commerce Committees. Feel free to
keep in touch with me, whether it is
in response to my newsletter or any
issues facing the Iowa Legislature
Governor’s Budget Proposal
The Governor’s budget spends
$7.3 billion in FY 2016, an increase
of 4.95%. Each of the past four
years, the budget passed by the legislature has spent less than what the
Governor proposed. The FY 2016
budget will continue this trend.
90 percent of Iowa’s budget goes
to three areas - school aid ($2.9 billion), wages and benefits for state
employees ($2.1 billion), and Medicaid ($1.6 billion). Over the past
decade, state revenue has grown by
4.1% annually, state spending on
K-12 education grew by 4.2%, and
Medicaid grew by 11.7 %. 55% of
the Governor’s FY 2016 budget proposal is targeted to education.
Education Funding
State Aid to Schools over the last
four years (FY 11-15) has increased
16.28%- to 21.74% (depending on
progframs included.) This is a tremendous investment considering
statewide enrollment has been relatively flat. The state’s share of education funding is at its highest level
in the last 30 years. Increases of
$84.8 million raises State school aid
funding to $3.0086 billion. For community colleges, the Governor increases community college general
aid funding by 1.75 percent. For Iowa’s private colleges, the Governor
increases funding increases 8.26%
over the FY 2015 level. The tuition
grant for students at for-profit colleges is increased by 10.1 percent.
To address the continual growth
in Medicaid ($200 million in FY
’16), the Governor is proposing
major reforms. He wants to lower
state expenditures by $70.2 million
in FY 2016. The Governor funds
the rebasing of Medicaid rates for
hospitals, nursing homes, and home
health agencies. The Governor is
not recommending a supplemental
appropriation for Medicaid in FY
2015. Medicaid is the second biggest program in state government,
and without major reform it will
continue to take funding away from
other priorities such as schools.
In addition to my Listening Posts,
I have produced this newsletter “The
Grassley Bulletin” distributed to local newspapers and interested constituents
By Rick Patrie
News Editor
HARDIN COUNTY – The Hardin County’s Sheriff’s department is
signing on to the state of Iowa tobacco and – what with new technology
nowadays – alternative nicotine and
vapor products enforcement effort.
The Sheriff’s people have taken
the pledge to keep tobacco, alternative nicotine and vapor products out
of the hands of young people.
It’s an old, old project, but due to
change in Iowa law, alternative nicotine and vapor products are now also
considered age-restricted products.
The project not only involves enforcement authorities, but retailers
who sell the products, and who are
encouraged to have their clerks successfully complete on online training course deigned to impress upon
them the need, and ways to insure
they don’t sell to under aged customers.
There re penalties for the clerk, the
store where the sale is made, and
authorities regularly test for compliance be sending in designated underage youth to attempt to make the
If a store does have its clerks successfully complete the online training it gives the store one free pass on
civil penalties that are applicable to
the store itself. The clerk is nonetheless fined
But the stores efforts to educate
its clerks are give some consideration in the enforcement effort.
That is one free pas every four years.
Criminal penalties for selling tobacco and the other related products
include a hundred dollar fine for
the first office and #250 fine for the
second, and $500 fine for a third offenses.
At the local Hy-Vee the computerconducted class is part of any new
hire that involves a person working
on the cash register and potentially
making sales of cigarettes and alcohol and nowadays with vapor production products that mimic cigarettes.
At any given time they could be
put to the test.
And it’s true that authorities do tend
to find young people whose appearance leaves open some question
about their age.
The store says essentially, the
word it to always error on the side of
telling someone you think they are
younger than they might actually be.
Those who are beyond the restricted
age will more often than not be flattered.
The I-PLEDGE Retailer Training program is free of charge and
completely online. The Iowa Pledge
retailer training (I-PLEDGE), is developed by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division, asks Iowa’s kids
to pledge not to use tobacco, alternative nicotine and vapor products,
Iowa’s retailers to pledge not to sell
tobacco, alternative nicotine and vapor products to kids and Iowa’s law
enforcement to pledge to enforce
Iowa’s tobacco laws.
The focus of the program is alerting and educating Iowa’s tobacco,
alternative nicotine and vapor product retailers so they are more aware
and informed of changes in laws in
order to work with their employees
to ensure illegal sales are not made.
The overall goal of the program
is voluntary compliance with the
state’s tobacco, alternative nicotine
and vapor product laws through education and enforcement.
The I-PLEDGE retailer training
covers Iowa’s tobacco, alternative
nicotine and vapor product laws,
valid forms of identification and how
to spot altered and fake IDs. Participants will also learn techniques on
how to refuse the sale of tobacco,
alternative nicotine and vapor products with minimal confrontation.
Establishments that participate
in the I-PLEDGE retailer training
are granted an affirmative defense,
which may be used once in a fouryear period. A business may avoid
civil prosecution if a tobacco, alternative nicotine and vapor product
sale-to-minor violation occurs in
their establishment. In order for the
business to take advantage of the
affirmative defense, the employee
guilty of the violation must have
been I-PLEDGE certified at the time
the offense occurred. Though a business may avoid a civil penalty, the
guilty employee will still be subject
to a fine.
First violations for illegal sales of
tobacco, alternative nicotine and vapor product to minors include a $100
criminal fine to the clerk, as well as a
$300 civil fine to the retail establishment. Subsequent violations result
in higher fines, as well as temporary
and permanent loss of the retail license. Minors under the age of 18
are also subject to fines and community service if found using, attempting to purchase or in possession of
tobacco, alternative nicotine and vapor products.
The overall goal is to perform tobacco, alternative nicotine and vapor
product compliance checks on each
of Iowa’s approximately 3,400 holders at least once a year.
The state says that 34 percent of
Iowa teens report the use of tobacco,
alternative nicotine and vapor products.
During FY14, 93 percent of Iowa
retailers were in compliance with
Iowa’s tobacco product sales laws –
7 percent of Iowa’s retailers sold tobacco products to minors during the
last round of compliance checks.
Move-in ready
(continued from page 1)
street from the original home site,
you find something rare in Eldora
these days – their new house – come
on site with everything down to
the door knobs affixed, arrived by
truck last week, hoisted into place
in a matter of hours, and now a home
short only some last bits of interior
finish work. Design Homes in Prairie du Chien Wisconsin dispatched
the house all but done, but only after
the couple spent a good deal of time
going over construction options with
the company designers and engineers. Kelly Kendall Construction of
Eldora will be doing the finish work
for the couple, Marvin says.
The home builder company of almost 50 years has several construction factories, and although each
specialized in certain sizes and types
of homes, the process is basically
the same, its web site says. Image a
house being built all under roof, and
though not exactly assembly line
fashion, certainly in the step by step
process of a factory where different
tasks are designated to different shop
floor areas, the house progressively
taking shape along a route.
“The home begins at the floor
stage and progresses through the
wall stage, roof stage, finish stage,
and trim stage. At the floor stage,
each section of the home is framed
out with 2x10 joists (doubled on the
long sides) and reinforced with 2x4
bridging. Then 3/4” T&G plywood
is glued and nailed down for flooring
(screws are used under vinyl flooring).
“The floorcoverings are also put
down and protected with a plastic
film during floor construction. The
walls are built on flat tables and lifted
into place with overhead hoists. The
exterior walls are 7” thick (2x6 studs
and 7/16” wood sheathing on the
96.42 Acres, m/l, on SE Edge of Hubbard
89.4 crop acres with CSR2 of 80.9
Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 10 a.m.
Hubbard Library • 218 E. Maple St. • Hubbard, IA 50122
800-593-5263 • 415 S. 11th St., Nevada, IA 50201 •
1/20, 2/3/15
outside--1/2” gypsum on the inside-screwed on--R 20). Interior walls
are 2x4 studs with 1/2” gypsum-taped and plastered and sprayed with
plaster texture & prime.
“At this stage, some plumbing
and wiring is also started, and the
home begins to take shape. The roof
is also built on a table and hoisted
into position on top of the walls. By
building the roof on flat tables, they
say they are better able to keep them
straight and square. The truss rafters
on a standard ranch are 24” on-center with 16” of insulation for R-55!
Story & 1/2 homes have rafters that
are 16” on-center. Once the roof is
on, the home is moved up to the finish stage where it will be sided and
shingled; windows and doors will be
installed, and the interior walls will
be taped & plastered & sprayed with
“At this stage the home is structurally built, and finishing work begins. The last stage is called the trim
stage. Here the kitchen cabinets,
counter tops, and interior woodwork
is installed completing the home.
The floor plastic is also removed and
the house is vacuumed and loaded
with the furnace, duct work, and
other materials which, by necessity,
must be installed at the site. When
everything is finished, an undercarriage is moved in, the home is bolted
on, and moved outside to a staging
area to await delivery,” the company
A Time of Loss
Eldora Library
Losing a friend or relative is devastating. The sadness can truly overwhelm you. We can’t take away
your pain, but we hope to make things a little
for you. Our professional
staff will be sensiby dan Gehring
Librarian tive to all your
Public Record
Iowa Assessments
Feb. 9-12 at SHHS
Eldora – The Material Girls To commemorate Valentine’s
Quilt Club enjoyed a meeting fea- Day the library will again offer a
turingspeakerHeidiKaisandofthe blinddatewithabook.Wewillhave
Hen and Chicks Studio in Conrad. wrappedavarietyofbooksselected
TheMaterialGirlsQuiltClubisan bylibrarystaff.Youmaycheckone
905 Edgington, Eldora, IA out,andunwrapitathome.Youare
are no
walk out on a blind date.
Who Care”
be 7 p.m. Monday,
Or would you?
Blind date books
will be available
for your long arm
New Books: Cane
and Abe by James
coming up at the
libraryareImaginaSaint Odd by Dean
tion Library bridge
Koontz. Check the
game fundraiser 1
online catalog hot
p.m. Monday, Jan.
list for all new ti26,JoyFisher’sprotles.
gram on her bodyRegularhours:
building experience
2 p.m. February 8,
Wednesday 9 a.m.
and a Valentine’s
to 8 p.m.; Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday, 9
and fifth grade stua.m.to6p.m.;Satdents at noon on
Heidi kaisand of the urday 9 a.m. to 3
February 14 (lunch Hen and Chicks Studio in p.m.
and show, reserva- Conrad spoke at the Ma- TrIvIa QuEstions required, call terial Girls Quilt Club on TIon: According
ahead 939-2173). Monday, Jan. 12.
to my source the
All events are free
capacity of Iowa
except for the Imagination Library State’sJackTriceStadiumis56,800
fundraiser that costs $5 going to- spectators.Isthatmoreorlessthan
wards the purchase of books for U of I’s Kinnick Stadium? The anyoungchildrenintheEldoraarea.
swer canbefound on theclassified
Toddler time is each Tuesday at page.
One thing for stressed students
mentsdo nottesteverythingthatis
important. While the Iowa Assessment results can compare reading
skills that are equally important to
a student’s success in school and
in life. Creativity, problem solving, writing ability, speaking skills,
listening skills, and relational skills
Students should prepare for this
at work and to save the late night
movie for the weekend. Teachers
to focus on the tests by having the
homework load be less challenging
The following citations were issued in Hardin County.
Josephat Njoka, Charles City,
Cynthia Morgan, Union, speeding.
David Yoder, Lincoln, CA, fail-
Brent Uitermarkt, Leighton,
Librado Agullar Ahuacatitan,
Ackley, fail to have valid driver’s
ceivedtheMarthaEllenTyematch- programsonnoschooldaysorearly
inggrant.Thisyearweareusingitto outs. Flyers will come home from
improveourbasementmeetingarea. schoolandthroughyouremails.
Wecanhavemeetingsfromtwoto Adulttravelprogrammingisnow
20 participants. New chairs will be in progress. This month we visited
arriving.Thedeskandlightingarein BahamasthankstoDawnandShou905 Edgington, Eldora, IA lyBrekke.Monday,Feb.2,Iwillbe
Johnson, Funeral Director
“Professionals Who Care”
FebruaryisValentine’sDay.Go- us.Thecoffeepotison.
ingalongwiththatthemethelibrary We have our email list complete
has a “Date With a Book” month. now where all patrons will be reLeah sets this up and we have fun ceivingourflyersandnewslettersby
is not receiving these, please let us
We are saying bye to Leah and
Olivia this month. The Library
to thankboth ofthese youngladies
for the help they have given the library, myself and our patrons. We
wish them both the best. Shouly
into the library Saturday mornings
for coffee. 2) If you have pictures
Creps - Abels Funeral Home
and Monuments
#1 2x6
The Mystery of Life
We never really know what lies ahead.
Life’s twists and turns promise new
challenges. Sometimes life’s mysteries
by laura newby
with your comments. I’ll send out
leave us asking,
a flyer
that will explain how this
struggles, and
We are
so excited
to announce
We continue
to planit.
that once
again the
re- when
you need
During the week of February
administered at South Hardin High
stress and anxiety, but testing is a
normalandexpectedwayofassessing whether curriculum has been
learned. In reality, children have
always been assessed throughout
the year to ensure they know the
academiccontenttaughtintheclassroom. Testing once a year using a
gives an independent insight into
both the child’s and the school’s
and Monuments
#3 2x6
WEDNESDAY – 10:00 A.M.
Chair Lance granzow called the meeting
to order. also present were Supervisors Ronn
Rickels and Reneé McClellan; and Cindy Litwiller, Jessica Lara, Tina Schlemme, Lee gallentine, Machel eichmeier, Lori Kadner, James
Nehring, Matt Jones, Daryl albertson, Rick
Dunn, Steve Pence and Nancy Lauver.
The pledge of allegiance was recited by all
in attendance.
McClellan moved, Rickels seconded to approve the agenda as posted. Motion carried.
Rickels moved, McClellan seconded to approve the minutes of January 2, 2015. Motion
McClellan moved, Rickels seconded to approve the January 7, 2015 claims for payment.
Motion carried.
at 10:02 a.m. the Chair opened the public
hearing regarding the transfer of property to the
City of Buckeye - Lot 6, Block 2, City of Buckeye. There being no oral or written comments
or objections, the Chair then closed the public
hearing and the following action was taken:
McClellan moved, Rickels seconded that
Resolution, No. 2015-03, Conveyance of Property to the City of Buckeye, be adopted. Roll
Call Vote: “ayes” McClellan, Rickels and granzow. “Nays” None. Resolution No. 2015-03 is
hereby adopted and on file in the auditor’s Office.
Rickels moved, McClellan seconded to approve the hiring of Cheryl Lawrence as Deputy
Recorder, effective 1/2/2015 at $39,803. Motion
McClellan moved, Rickels seconded to approve the auditor’s monthly report for December 2014. Motion carried.
McClellan moved, Rickels seconded to approve the contract with “Solutions” Inc. for the
auditor’s Transfer Book. Motion carried.
Rickels moved, McClellan seconded to approve the Sheriff’s quarterly report, quarter ending 12/31/2014. Motion carried.
Rickels moved, McClellan seconded to approve the hiring of Kim Lee Bruce, part-time
dispatcher, Sheriff’s Office, effective 1/7/2015
at $12.36/hour. Motion carried.
Rickels moved, McClellan seconded to
table action on sending a letter to the DNR until
a later date. Motion carried.
Utility Permits: None.
Secondary Roads Department:
County engineer, Daryl albertson, discussed renting an excavator for cutting brush.
No action was necessary; informational only.
Other Business: None.
McClellan moved, Rickels seconded to adjourn until January 14, 2015. Motion carried.
/s/Lance granzow
/s/Jessica Lara
Lance granzow, Chair
Jessica Lara
Board Of SupervisorsHardin County auditor
(Ledger – Jan. 20, 2015)
The Steamboat Rock City Council met in
regular session January 5, 2015, 6:30 p.m. at
City Hall. Present were Mayor Marvin Veld &
the following Councilmembers: Kevin Pieters,
Jeff Risius, Carol Williams, Cory Schurman. absent was eric Nielsen. also present was Craig
Mayor Veld called the meeting to order. It
was moved, seconded and carried to approve
the agenda as posted after deleting Janitorial
Services under the Community Center report.
It was moved, seconded and carried to approve
minutes from the December meeting. It was
moved, seconded and carried to approve payment of City bills as presented. It was moved,
seconded and carried to approve payment of
Community Center bills as presented.
It was moved, seconded and carried to pay
Brown-Hurst Insurance $200 annual premium
for playground equipment insurance.
It was moved, seconded and carried to
accept a quote of $1984 from Winpump for a
Franklin soft start.
It was moved, seconded and carried to renew liquor license for Rock Stop.
It was moved, seconded and carried to adjourn the meeting at 8:17 pm.
City of Steamboat Rock bills total
IPeRS-$242.64; Blythe Sanitation-$1659.25;
Kelly Haskin-$392.45; Hardin County Sheriff-$613.54; grundy National Bank-$2115;
USPO-$103.40; Lisa Smith-$175; Kosanke
Hardware-$233.45; Rock Stop-$321.44; Library-$1000; Mid-america Publishing-$271.89;
Marvin Veld-$207.79; Kevin Pieters-$41.56;
Cory Schurman-$13.85; Jeff Risius-$27.70; eric
Nielsen-$41.56; Williams excavating-$1200;
Department of Revenue-$519; Treasurer State
of Iowa-$138; ackley Publishing-$45.40; alliant energy-$254.01; andy’s Paint & Decorate-$1100; Roto Rooter-$280; Hardin County
Solid Waste-$2325; Farm Service-$85.38;
Keystone Lab-$694.60; IMFOa-$40; Heart of
Iowa-$114.61; NaPa-$73.99. December receipts for City of Steamboat Rock-$21,729.86.
Steamboat Rock Community Center bills total
$1936.87: Kosanke Hardware-$105.95; Rock
Stop-$26.86; alliant energy-$1729.06; Deb McDowell-$75. December receipts for Steamboat
Rock Community Center-$1847.20.
(Ledger – Jan. 20, 2015)
The New Providence City Council met in
regular session on Monday, January 12, 2015
at 7:00 p.m. at the Providence Township Hall.
Council members present were Ron Reece,
Jim Martin, Terry Beare, and Janine allbee.
Chris Renihan was absent. Larry & June Balvanz and Steve Teske were also present. Mayor Lou Schafer called the meeting to order.
We Care
During life’s difficult times, it’s nice to have friends
who care. If you have important decisions to make
and you need special information or assistance,
we’re always here.
Margaret Walters, 89
MargaretWalters, 89 passed away onThursday, Jan. 15, 2015 at ZearCreps - Abels Funeral Home
905 Edgington, Eldora, IA
Chad Johnson, Funeral Director
“Professionals Who Care”
and Monuments
#2 2x6
Hardin County Magistrate
January news at Union Public Library
Creps - Abels Funeral Home
Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015 • Page 5
ageNDa- Beare moved to approve the
agenda, second Martin. MC
MINUTeS- Reece moved to approve the
December meeting minutes, second Martin.
FINaNCIaL RePORTS- Reece moved to
approve the financial reports, second Beare,
CITIZeN’S CONCeRNS- 3 citizens approached the council with concerns on the
treatment of animals.
UTILITY RePORT- Martin moved to approve Northway bid to repair pump, second
Reece. MC
CITY IMPROVeMeNTS- New Providence
Pride & Progress is beginning the process to
start accepting donations on future city visioning improvements.
moved to approve the following bills, second
allbee. MC IRSeFTPS, Dec wages, 397.89;
IPeRS, Dec wages, 223.30; Heart of Iowa,
phone, 15.61; alliant energy, utilities, 751.62;
Walmart, ink, 41.70; NP Fire Dept, burn 500.00;
Keystone Labs, testing, 23.50; alliant energy,
labor 431.61; Iowa One Call, phone request
22.00; Cathy Diedrich, Dec wages & mileage,
764.40; Rhonda guy, Dec. contract, 354.00,
Hardin County Sheriff, contract 449.27;Daryl Schoppe Const., sewer, 1035.00; Daryl
Schoppe Const., curb stops, 1263.20; Radcliffe
Phone, phone, 46.42; NP Fire Dept, 1/2yr contribution, 3000.00; Providence trustees, building maintenance, 600.00; Larry Balvanz, wages & postage, 157.80; eldora Flowers, funeral,
55.95; Knight Sanitation, Jan monthly, 801.25;
Brown Supply, supplies,895.00; Mid american
Publishing, publishing, 40.73; Levi anderson,
stump, 80.00; Steve Teske, wages, 457.02;
total of bills 12407.27. December receipts general 2518.32; capital improvements 926.18;
community service 926.18; garbage 1766.39;
roads 828.46; sewer 1854.52; water 2705.09;
vet memorial 350.00; NP Pride & Progress
2850.00, total receipts 14725.14. December
expenses general 2494.60; garbage 2795.23;
roads 1196.13; sewer 472.95; water 1509.00;
vet memorial, 431.61; total expenses 8899.52.
Reece moved to adjourn, second Beare. MC
The next regularly scheduled meeting is
Monday, February 9, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the
Providence Township Hall.
Louis H. Schafer, Mayor
Cathy Diedrich, City Clerk
(Ledger – Jan. 20, 2015)
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gram. We have the equipment; we
just need your pictures. This does
right here. Please share with us. 3)
Our YoungAdult section is set up.
We have books for ages ranging
wanttolearnhow toborrow books
working one on one with our patrons,486-5561.
The Power of Nature
Nature’s power is beyond our control, but
you can prepare yourself and your family
for the unexpected. Getting your affairs
in order before tragedy strikes is the best
way. Call us today for more information.
Creps - Abels Funeral Home
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Chad Johnson, Funeral Director
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