Diamond Upgrade Promo

Global Promotions
Join as a Platinum Distributor, upgrade to Diamond rank for free.
Upgrade to Diamond from a Silver, Gold or Platinum.
Current Rank:
PV to upgrade:
New Ranks:
550 PV
300 PV
100 PV
2015 New Year New Start Promo
Every new direct recruitment of 300PV (Gold)
Every new direct recruitment of 600PV (Platinum)
Every new direct recruitment of 900PV (Diamond)
Every new direct recruitment of 1500PV (DFP)
Every direct Silver downline upgrade to Diamond (550PV)
Every direct Gold downline upgrade to Diamond (300PPV)
3-5pts - Eligible for a special incentive of $100USD
6-8pts - Eligible for a special incentive of $300USD
9 pts & above - Eligible for a special incentive of $600USD
North America ONly
Trim4Life Promotion
-Complete the Registration Packet found in your
Back Office under Resources> Resource Library>
Trim4Life Tab.
-Send the packet to [email protected]
-Once we receive your completed packet we will
send you your Trim4Life Brochure!
Purchase your WAV Products. See the Trim4Life
packs below.
Join us on the support group Trim4Life Facebook Page.
Trim4Life Starter Pack
(Consists of WAVSmart and WAVInvigorate)
Price: $129.90 PV: 130 BV: 78
Trim4Life Pack
(Consists of WAVSmart, WAVMpower and
Price: $199.90 PV: 200 BV: 100
(Bonus product WAVBeyond)
Terms & Conditions for New Year New Start Promo:
-Campaign is open to Disbritutors of ranks Gold and above.
-Silver rank Distributors may upgrade within the campaign period to qualify for the rewards.
-Special Incentive will be issued on February 15th, 2015 with the January 2015 monthly bonus.
Diamond Force Package (DFP)
-Package includes 5 AlphaSpins
- 1 Free AlphaSpin Mini
-Qualifies for 4 complimentary products (Angel’s Secret (Dynamic Set), Alpha Meta, 2 Minute Miracle Gel (2 Jars), or any
combination of these three items ONLY
-Must be a single order
-DFP Promo price: $585 USD (Normal price: $595USD)
Terms and Conditions for ALL Promos:
-All JM Ocean Avenue Distributors are eligible for these promos.
-JM Ocean Avenue reserves all rights regarding the above promotion and may alter, amend, remove and revise the terms and conditions if it is
deemed fit without prior notification.