THIS WEEK AT FAITH! - Faith Lutheran Church of Castro Valley

january 25, 2015
Faith Lutheran Church of Castro Valley - ELCA
20080 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA 94546
(510) 582-0818
Next Sunday, February 1st
Annual Epiphany Brunch
ONE Worship Service at 10:00AM
The Service will be in celebration of Epiphany, the end
of Jeff Johnson’s Internship AND Lois & Barney Tiller’s
50th Wedding Anniversary.
During the Service, there will be a performance of
John Rutter’s “The Reluctant Dragon”, a small musical
fable that lasts 22 minutes. It’s a funny musical and is
somewhat reminiscent of Monty Python and British
The Brunch follows the Service.
Lent is ...
just around the corner
It’s hard to believe...but Lent begins with Ash
Wednesday on February 18th.
During Lent, the tradition at Faith Lutheran is to have
a Lenten Soup & Bread Supper each Wednesday. This
begins on Ash Wednesday.
We need hosts for the suppers who are willing to cook
the soup and coordinate the supper. These hosts may be
a family, a Board, a church group, a couple of friends almost any combination will work. The dates involved
are: February 18, 25, March 4, 11, 18 & 25.
If you are interested in
hosting or helping with one
of these dinners, please
contact Teresa Raymond at
510) 538-3321 or
[email protected]
AND, we can’t forget about the
day BEFORE Ash Wednesday Tuesday, February 17th
The Youth will again host a Fat Tuesday or
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner on this
evening from 6 - 7:30PM in Jensen Hall. The
proceeds will go to their trip to the ELCA
National Youth Gathering in Detroit,
Michigan, this summer.
Watch for more information
but please save the date now!
January 25, 2015
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Weekly Calendar
Praise Team rehearsal
Contemporary Worship Service and
Sunday School
Traditional Worship Service
Fellowship Times follow Worship
9:30 Staff Meeting
12:00 Noon - Deadline for Bulletin & TWAF
information & articles
7:00 Board of Stewardship Meeting
Something new in the Sanctuary...
During the Epiphany Season, our beautiful
Baptism Banner is being displayed in the Chancel
area near the Choir Loft. This celebrates Baptism
and the Baptism of Our Lord which takes place
during Epiphany. This Banner is usually hung up
high in the Sanctuary with the other Banners. In its’
new temporary home, you can fully take in its’
beauty and meaning. We will feature different
banners throughout the church year. These banners
were lovingly handmade by our own Gabrielle
Additionally, in celebration of Epiphany, there is a
beautiful Epiphany Banner hung near the Pulpit.
This was given to the Church by the Svibergson
Wonderful Wednesdays
Sonshine singers
Light Supper in Jensen Hall
6:30-8:00 Youth Group (includes meal)
7:00 Explorers
NO Adult Class this week - please see
right-hand column
Handbell Choir rehearsal
8:00 Chancel Choir rehearsal
7:00 Emergency Food Distribution
8:00 Altar Guild/Sanctuary
Wednesday Evening Adult Class
There will be no class this Wednesday, the 28th.
Pastor Wong needs to be in Sacramento at the Synod
Office for a meeting on Wednesday.
HOWEVER, on the following Wednesday,
February 4th, there will be special guest speaker for
the class. The Rev. Dr. Diane Bowers from St. James
Lutheran in San Leandro, will be here. Since the class
is studying Mary, the mother of Jesus, it will be
interesting to have a women’s perspective on Mary
and her role in Jesus’ life.
In our study of Mary we are looking at biblical
passages where she is mentioned as Mary or as
mother of Jesus. And we’ll see where this takes us,
especially in what these biblical texts tell us about
Scout Sunday
Staff Meetings...
Our Annual Observance of
Scout Sunday will be on Sunday,
February 8th, at the 9AM Service.
Scouts (Boy Scouts and Girl
Scouts) and their leaders are
encouraged to wear their
uniforms to church for this
Our Staff Meetings are Tuesdays, at 9:30am.
They may last an hour - or they may last 2
If you call during this time, and no one
answers the phone, please leave a message
and we will call you back.
2015 Offering Envelopes are available
in the Narthex.
Last Sunday:
Ave. Attendance:
January 25, 2015
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Food Pantry NEWS...
Altar Flowers are given by
The Althoff Family in
celebration of Sarah’s
13th Birthday on
January 30th!
2015 Altar Flower Chart...
The sign-up chart for 2015 Altar Flowers is
posted in the Narthex and ready for sign-ups!
Questions??? please talk to Susan Nelson.
The Food Pantry has hired a “Food Pantry
Supervisor” – her name is Patricia (Trish) Ferrari.
Trish and I met, and she is ready to begin work.
Tentatively, Trish is planning to be at the pantry
Tuesday – Thursday mornings. She will be taking
on a lot of the day to day operations that I have been
doing, as well as getting us organized. We have set
up a little office space for her in the pantry. Let’s
please be respectful of this space and not pile boxes
on top of her desk.
Here is a brief introduction of Trish:
Wedding Anniversary:
Barney & Lois Tiller
Celebrating Birthdays:
Christine McKinnis
Shirley Sell
Candice Lozano
Sarah Althoff
New Church Directory...
We’re working on it! We had planned to get
it out on February 1st, but it is just not going to
As soon as we get it done, you’ll all be the
first to know!
Liturgical Workshop
Saturday, February 7th – 10:00AM – Noon
in the Sanctuary
We'll discuss "why we do what we do," and our
Lutheran heritage in a catholic tradition from a
theological understanding and a practical standpoint. It
is being led by Kyle Schiefelbein, from the Graduate
Theological Union in Berkeley.
If you plan to attend, please let Jeff Johnson know
so we know how many to plan for.
My name is Trish Ferrari, I have been a part of the
Castro Valley Community since 1985. I have two
grown children Tess 22, Jeff 36. During the past four
years I have volunteered to bring food, payment for
motels, pay utilities and other services to the less
fortunate in our community through the St Vincent
de Paul Conference at Our Lady of Grace. In doing
so, it has made me well aware of the needs of the
people of Castro Valley and the outlying communities. When the opportunity presented itself to
serve as an administrative assistant for the Faith
Lutheran Food Bank I welcomed the call. Although
it has only been a couple of weeks since I have
begun this position , I would like to say it has been
nothing but a privilege and an honor to serve the
many volunteers that make this ministry possible. Everyone has welcomed me with open arms and
support. I thank you all for this warm welcome.
From Mary Wildensten
Trish will be preparing the weekly and monthly
food pantry reports, helping with inventory, helping
get the food pantry files updated, preparing quarterly
volunteer schedules, and so many other tasks that
have been set aside due to lack of time. The funds to
pay Trish will be coming from the Food Pantry.
Available on the Narthex Counter
“Christ in Our Home”
Copies of Christ In Our Home for January,
February and March, 2015 are available in the
Narthex in both regular and large print.
The LUTHERAN Magazine
The January Issue is waiting for you on the
Narthex Counter.
January 25, 2015
Page 4
“Thank You” to our Fellowship Hosts...
Pastoral Care
If pastoral care is needed, and it is a day when
Pastor Wong is not here, please call the Church
Office. We have people lined up - starting with
Jeff Johnson and other clergy in the area, to give
pastoral care when needed.
Pastor Wong is usually here Saturday afternoon
through Wednesday evening. But, when he is not
here, he is just a little over an hour away in Davis.
This schedule may vary with church meetings and
After 9AM Worship - Gail Myers
Following the 10:30 Service - Paul Goode
The sign-up chart to host
Fellowship Times is in Jensen Hall.
There are oodles of openings
on the chart for the New Year!
Don Reince is the coordinator of the Sunday
morning Fellowship Times. You can contact
him at: (510) 695-5323 (cell) (510) 727-0733 (home)
Attendance Cards,Offering Envelopes...
You know those pesky little attendance cards that you are asked (in the front part of the bulletin) to fill
out at every service? Well, they do serve a our purpose. This is the only way Faith Lutheran Church (and
the ELCA) can really know that you were in fact in church. And, you also need to mark that you
received Communion on the card if you received it.
And, about Offering Envelopes... we get them for you for a reason. It would be great if they were
used! For you to have a contribution of record, you either need to use your offering envelope, get one
from the pew rack and write your name on it, or use a check - something that will identify you as the
Statement of Income and Net Expenditures for May through December 2014
Undesignated Offerings (General funds) for May thru December
Net Expenditures (General Fund) for May thru December
Income over (under) net expenditures for May thru December
Report on Bank Accounts for May through December 2014
Cash in Bank 4-30-14 (checking and savings)
Cash received May through December
Disbursements May through December
-----------Cash in Bank 12-31-14 (checking and savings)
Restricted Funds as of 12-31-14
-----------Shortage as of 12-31-14
-----------------------(All expenses or May through October have been paid. The amount
budgeted to the Synod for May through October is $13,248 and we
were able to make a $5,000 payment to them in December.)