Cross Examination Jesus died for everyone

Holiday Lessons
Cross Examination (Matthew 27:32-47)
Easter 1
Cross Examination
Jesus died for everyone
Jesus died for everyone! Even as he hung in agony, he spoke life to the
thief beside Him. Jesus truly came to seek and save those that were
lost. The power and work of the cross continues to save all those that
embrace it.
The Scene
at the Cross
Matthew 27:32-47
Luke 19:10
For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. (KJV)
for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost. (NKJV)
For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost. (NIV)
And I, the Son of Man, have come to seek and save those like him who are lost. (NLT)
items you need for this lesson are printed in BOLD text
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Holiday Lessons
Cross Examination (Matthew 27:32-47)
Easter 1
When you start the lesson by holding up a familiar object, the
kids can immediately connect. Starting with something familiar
makes it easier to teach something unfamiliar. Don’t try to teach
a lesson with the object. Use it to create curiousity.
Hold up a nail. Say, “Ever hammer one of these in a board? Hopefully
you never found one in your bike tire!” Hold up a mask and put it over
your eyes. Say, “Now don’t be scared! Who usually wears one of these?”
Say, “I wonder what these have to do with today’s lesson.” The nail
represents the crucifixion. The mask represents the thieves on the cross that hung beside
Jesus. Don’t tell the class this now though. During the review time, ask if any of the kids
remember what objects you held up and why.
Buy a box of ball pit balls. (You can find these at Toys R Us for $19.95 for 100
balls.) Select a ball for each of the words in the memory verse. Write one word on
each of the selected balls. Put ALL 100 balls in a box. Choose a kid for each word
in the verse. Read the verse outloud. On “go” they will dig in the box until each kid
has a ball with a word on it. They must form a line and hold out their ball so that
the words on the balls spell out the verse. Give them ONE MINUTE to complete
this. Read out loud what they have come up with. If the kids are not in the right
order, read the memory verse again and give them an additional bonus minute.
The next week add balls with the new words. This will be harder to do since they
will have to choose which word balls to use.
Lead the kids in a short time of praise and worship. Use songs that exalt God and His
attributes. This time can be enjoyable but it does not need to be silly. It is a time to lead
the children into focusing on the Lord. Reserve the silliness for games or skits. Make this
a joyful time that honors God. Sing to the Lord, do not perform for each other. God is the
audience. You can use music from the CD provided or your choice of praise/worship music.
But don’t feel pressured to structure “professional” music. Kids are just as happy to sing along
with a CD. Simply enjoy singing a few songs to the Lord to express your love and thankfulness.
suitable for
large group
also suitable
for small group
also suitable for
mid-week program
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Holiday Lessons
Cross Examination (Matthew 27:32-47)
Easter 1
This lesson outline is best suited for
breakout groups or Sunday School.
Matthew 27:32-47
Jesus was nailed to the cross at a place called “the skull.”
Two other thieves were crucified with Him.
One hung on His right and one on His left.
Jesus prayed for the people that were crucifying Him.
Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.”
The soldiers threw dice below Him to win Jesus’ clothes.
People yelled at Jesus saying, “He saved others, let Him save Himself if He really is
the Savior.”
The soldiers mocked him, too, by offering him a drink of sour wine.
A sign was fastened to the cross above him with these words: “This is the King of the
One of the criminals hanging beside him told him to prove he was the Messiah by
saving Himself and them!
The other thief defended Jesus. He told him they deserved to die for their crimes but
Jesus was innocent.
The thief then asked Jesus to remember him when Jesus came into His Kingdom.
Jesus assured him this day he would be with Him in paradise.
It was noon and darkness fell across the whole land until 3:00.
Jesus shouted, “Father, I entrust my spirit into your hands!” Jesus died.
The temple curtain split in two.
The Roman officer that saw the crucifixion and all that happened worshiped God.
He said surely this man (Jesus) was innocent.
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Holiday Lessons
Cross Examination (Matthew 27:32-47)
Easter 1
On The Air
Conduct Z Street Live as a live game show being broadcast from Big City Studio, as a distinct and separate segment of the program. If possible, use someone
other than the director to lead this portion of the program. Dim the lights a little.
Start the music. Introduce the MC.
Treat Z Street Live
as if it were a game
show broadcasted
live around the world.
The MC should explain the point system each week even though kids who have
been regularly attending will already know how it works. Explaining the system helps
new kids understand what is happening and reinforces the game show theme of this
Start Z Street Live by playing Shout It Out. Make sure you have
posted the letters of the phrase in a place that is visible to all of the
kids. Letters should face the wall. Allow kids to guess a letter.
Reveal letters by turning them around. Award a point to the team that
correctly guesses a letter. After the kids have guessed four or five
letters, play the game on the next page. Come back to the phrase when
you are done. This simple word game will help kids focus on your main point. When
you have five uncovered letters, allow kids to guess the phrase. Some weeks you
may choose to leave the game unsolved and then finish it during Playback (review
Shout It Out phrase for this week is...
Jesus died on the cross for everyone
DON’T FORGET! in depth descriptions of each segment are provided in the Director’s Guide
Z Street Live continued
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Holiday Lessons
Cross Examination (Matthew 27:32-47)
Easter 1
On The Air
The Springtime Ugly Bug
Taken from Quarter 12, Lesson 13
Because kids are
often under
pressure to grow
up too fast. A fun
game allows a kid
to be a kid for a
few minutes.
Create two teams of 6 players each, boys and girls on separate teams.
Announce that each team is to use their bodies to create an ugly bug with
numerous legs and arms. The leader will call out a number for legs and a
number for arms that the bug should have. The teams will then attempt to
form a bug with the designated legs and arms. At least one appendage
must interlock with another team member to stay connected. Instruct the
kids that whatever appendage that touches the floor is counted as a bug’s
leg. Any appendage not touching the floor but sticking out will be counted
as a bug’s arm. Left over appendages can be used to connect with other
kids (bug body parts). Kids may make crazy facial expressions to make
their bug uglier. Each team’s bug must stay upright for 10 seconds to be
counted. Give each team a minute to form the bug, using a clock or
stopwatch. Let each team finish if they can. The remaining kids can vote on
the ugliest bug.
Then go to the next round. Progressively reduce the number of legs and
increase the number of arms. The leader might start with 24 legs and 0
arms (every arm and leg will touch the floor), then 18 legs and 6 arms, 11
legs and 6 arms, 7 legs and 10 arms, and so on. Have fun and be creative!
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Holiday Lessons
Cross Examination (Matthew 27:32-47)
Easter 1
now filming on location...
The Director narrates the
story as the kids act it out
on stage. The kids
perform the actions that
the director describes.
The actions are printed in
bold text. The Director
should state them with
emphasis so that the kids
understand what they
should do.
EXAMPLE: If the Director
says, “And Jesus lifted
up His hand...” then the
child playing Jesus should
lift his hand.
The Director should
emphasize lines that he
wants the actors to repeat.
These lines are italicized.
It is most effective to
select kids as you go
along. This breaks up the
story and makes it
extremely interactive. The
Director should stand next
to the kids on stage and
prompt them to act out the
Treat this as if you were
rehearsing a play or
shooting scenes for a
movie. Stop if the kids
miss their cue or if you
need to select more
actors. Stop by yelling
“Cut! Take two!” Then
back up and do it over.
You might even want to
repeat a scene for
emphasis. Don’t worry
that it will seem rough as
you stumble through it.
The kids will enjoy and
remember stories that
involve them.
The Scene
at the Cross
Based on Matthew 27:32-47
the world! Save yourself and then save me
while you’re at it!
Note: have 3 boys stand with arms
outstretched as if on a cross.
Thief on Jesus’ right hand: (looks at other
thief) Leave him alone! He is innocent. We
deserve to die. We broke the law! (looks at
SETTING: Jesus hung on a cross. There
were two thieves, one on his right and one on Jesus) Jesus remember me when you come
into your kingdom.
his left that hung on crosses also.
Jesus: (looks at the thief on right hand) This
Jesus: (weary and gasping) Father forgive
you will be with me in paradise! (looks
them for they don’t know what they’re doing!
to heaven) Father I entrust my spirit into
Director: Soldiers directly under and in front your hands! (head drops down and eyes
of Jesus threw dice to try and win Jesus’
clothes. The men laughed and shouted as
they rolled the dice. They looked up at Jesus
and mocked him.
Director: Jesus was dead. Suddenly darkness
covered the earth. The temple curtain split in
two. A Roman soldier shook as he stood
Soldier: (looks up at Jesus and laughs) If you looking at Jesus.
are the savior, save yourself then!
Soldier: Surely this man was innocent!
Soldier 2: (holds a stick with a sponge up to
Jesus taunting him) How’s about a little drink
Jesus…are you thirsty?
Thief on Jesus’ left hand: (looks at Jesus)
Come on Jesus; prove you are the Savior of
(The Director’s Guidebook
contains a more detailed
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Holiday Lessons
Cross Examination (Matthew 27:32-47)
Easter 1
Hold up the knotted rope and challenge a child to guess the Knot
of the Week. After a few missed guesses, announce that the Knot
of the Week is:
Jesus chose NOT to save himself
Take a moment and summarize what you have been teaching.
Speak from your heart. Use simple language and explain in your
own words what you have been trying to say. Keep the message
brief. This is not a sermon time. Tell them how the truth from the
lesson helps you. Keep it short. Make it personal and practical.
Allow time to pray for the kids. Don’t ask for prayer requests.
Instead, ask kids to raise their hand if they want prayer for
school, fear, family, etc.
Ask if any of them want to invite Jesus to come into their
heart. Make the invitation simple and free from any pressure.
Pray with children that respond. Pray in faith. Remember that
God will complete any good thing that He starts in them.
Romans 10:9 and Philippians 1:6,7
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them;
for of such is the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 19:14)
"Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children,
you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)
“For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who
are afar off, as many as the Lord our God will call." (Acts 2:39)
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Holiday Lessons
Cross Examination (Matthew 27:32-47)
Easter 1
Put the lines in your
own words. Don’t
memorize the lines
word for word.
Paraphrase them.
Heather: (looks at front cover) This is
mine..but…but it is all marked up already! Is
this a joke! (stands up) You know how I hate
this part of the job! I don’t have time for this!
Joe: (smiling) A joke…what do you mean?
Heather: (picks the script up) Okay let’s go
ahead, Haywood, and get these scripts
marked up with all the changes.
Because they give
you an opportunity
to illustrate how to
apply the lesson
in a way that
makes it easy for
kids to understand
and remember.
Heather: (looks at copy again) Well, these
are all the revisions already marked up for
me. (begins to smile) Who did this?
Haywood: Joe and I did. It was Joe’s idea.
Haywood: (smiles) Oh, okay, Heather. (picks
up his copy)
Heather: Geesh, I hate this job, there are
over 300 pages here! (opens it up) Let’s see…
Joe: (walks over smiling) yep, a whole lot of
work there.
Heather: (looks surprised and begins to flip
through the pages) I think I have the wrong
Heather: But why? That’s a lot of work for
Joe: Haywood and I got to talking about how
Jesus died for each of us. He sacrificed
himself for all of us. We got to talking about
wanting to do a little something for someone
Haywood: Well, I am not going to die for you,
Heather (laughs) so, we decided to do
something else.
Haywood: Oh really, why is that?
Joe: (looks at his copy) Nope, this says Joe
in it.
Heather: (puts arms around both of them)
That was so nice of you…just for me. You
don’t know how that makes me feel. Thank
you for the gift!
Haywood: (looks at his) Nope, mine says
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Holiday Lessons
Cross Examination (Matthew 27:32-47)
Easter 1
Write the phrase on a note. Tape it to the back of the reel. This is
your last opportunity, before you begin to review, to make the lesson hit home. Hold up the movie reel and select a child to read the
note on the back. Then challenge kids to recall the statement. The
Reel Time phrase is:
Jesus real-ly died for me
Marty comes in with a tool belt on. He reaches into the belt and pulls
out a handful of nails and grabs the hammer out of the belt. He asks
the director if there is some loose trim, floorboard or possibly even a
door frame that needs nailed. He heard she was getting cross about it.
The director shakes her head and tells Marty she isn’t cross about
anything and there is no loose wood that needs nailed. Jesus was
nailed to a wood cross. That is what Marty heard! Marty mumbles
about wanting to use his new hammer as he leaves.
If you are using Big City Bucks, hand them out during Play Back.
Use this time to review the Shout It Out phrase, Reel Time phrase, and the entire Stick to
the Script memory verse. Ask if anyone knows what the Curious Thing had to do with the
lesson. Below are some suggested questions taken from the Make A Scene Bible story
and the Impact Skit. Ask questions and give out Big City Bucks to kids who answer
correctly. Don’t be afraid to repeat the questions. Kids learn by repetition.
Then play a few rounds of Take The Challenge!
(This review game is explained in the Director’s Guide)
How was Jesus crucified? on a cross with nails
Did he hang alone? no, two thieves hung on either side of Him
What did the one thief and several people yell to Jesus? if he was really the Messiah,
the Savior, to save himself
What did one thief ask Jesus to do? remember him in His kingdom
What did Jesus say to him? this day he would be with Him in paradise
What happened from noon until 3:00PM? darkness fell upon the world
What did Jesus say to God? that He entrusted His spirit into His hands
What did the Roman soldier say as he witnessed Jesus’ death? Jesus was surely
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Holiday Lessons
Cross Examination (Matthew 27:32-47)
Easter 1
Select an exceptionally cooperative child to come up front and yell the Shout
It Out phrase into the megaphone. Going “out with a shout” marks the official end of the program.
Distribute the take home paper. Remind kids to take it home,
complete it, put it on their refrigerator and then bring it back next week.
Facts & Puzzles Solution: JESUS
Write additional ideas, lesson modifications or special instructions for teachers.
REMEMBER: The purchase agreement of this curriculum allows you to
make copies to distribute to other teachers and workers in your church.
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